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  • Ollemeister

    is it possible to play league with those filters and stuff?

  • Angel Roa Camargo
    Angel Roa Camargo

    What about karma?

  • олен

    I’m grinding this game mode purely because it’s the only one where patch 11.12 Aphelios is useful I’d even say broken considering I have like a 95% W/R Aphelios on Nexus Blitz, but not really obvious because he has such a low SoloQ win rate, smaller player base & high skill ceiling that I don’t think many would consider playing him, let alone figure out how to absolutely abuse him.

  • Huy Vu
    Huy Vu

    Riot keeps adding broken champions. The community either doesn't care or becomes toxic. The game has too many broken items as well. These are the three main reasons.

  • D1993 H
    D1993 H

    One of the main reasons people suck at ranked is because they jump right into it instead of taki g the time to learn the game in unranked games. Imo anyways. Dont get me wrong ranked is more fun but practice makes perfect. Like you should be able to get into high plat/diamond by just practicing in normal mode.

  • Максим Т.
    Максим Т.

    Diana is definitely Leona's lover

  • Guilherme Weiss
    Guilherme Weiss

    good vid

  • Rc Ga
    Rc Ga

    Its not the champ is the person. Put a noob with irelia = useless

  • Andrew Faubert
    Andrew Faubert

    I’d like to see a whole new ulti 🌳 instead of daisy a tree that spawns displaces enemies and gives team buffs

  • Divine Frisian
    Divine Frisian

    league died after season4

  • pokefriend123

    Yo fuck Lux, her q’s flat rate 2 sec stun is bullshit

  • Elliot Jenner
    Elliot Jenner

    I outright uninstalled this season. The experience just became so bad I couldn't continue. I switched to Mobile Legends, which at least has shorter and faster games, and can be played wherever (WR has the same issues as PC). I would love to come back but I will need to see some big changes to how they deal with behavioral issues.

  • ImRengar OTP
    ImRengar OTP

    Can you make a video about how Rengar has a 45% wr (in all elos combined) and is still a great champ that will rather get nerfed than buffed?

  • Noot Nugget
    Noot Nugget

    Ideas: what if, Riot makes it so that Jhin's pentakill would be called "Quadrakill"... so the announcer would just repeat Quadrakill twice cuz Jhin prefer the number 4. This could be an easteregg or April Fools event

  • Steven Driskill
    Steven Driskill

    damn this video actually made me sad ):

  • Daddy


  • QuarterPounderWithWeed

    What's up with the shaders at 7:05? I want to play on that rift lol

  • Conner

    This is hands down my favorite champion story. A character that was so bad they were deemed a troll pick just for locking them in, turned into a possible pick or ban depending on the other team’s support

  • Joe Mit
    Joe Mit

    "Get good" is an interesting philosophy, but I prefer the old reliable "200 years."

  • Only.a.Simply.Gamer

    First and last time... *taxi garen knock on the door*

  • Fernando R
    Fernando R

    the fact that Irelia and Kai'sa have one of the lowest win rates % just shows that you can't rely on it

  • Vincent Ortmann
    Vincent Ortmann

    Nexus Blitz was great. Fast and you got champ points etc For daily’s or Quest it was the best mode.

  • Vincent Ortmann
    Vincent Ortmann

    I missed the star guardian event. I need a time Maschine 😭

  • lero candy
    lero candy

    Tiamat worked on champions, yes you heard that right back in season 11 :D

  • Vincent Ortmann
    Vincent Ortmann

    Two reasons. Most toxic community ever, even worse then FIFA CoD Fortnight or whatever. I mean it’s a achievement to be number one at someone. And second. China.

  • foodsé

    Season 8 was a nightmare fuel for league players.. Adc changes Akali rework Irelia rework Aatrox rework Kai'sa More cursed champ

  • Michael Tasara
    Michael Tasara

    I miss these times so much I'm crying ☹️

  • Stampftod

    I really loved Dominion and miss it still. Hope someday it will come back as an event.

  • Dr. Verz
    Dr. Verz

    I want mods like Custom Hero and ENFO Team Defence

  • ktskis

    just nerf my dudes not that hard

  • Dr. Verz
    Dr. Verz

    We did NOT EXPEKE that!

  • Dr. Mudarris د. بشير المدرس
    Dr. Mudarris د. بشير المدرس

    I love Ryze, I loved him the moment Faker demolished worlds with him in 2015 and I played him a lot especially in Aram, my friends even know each time they get Ryze in Aram to hand him over to me immediately, but I've always been too afraid to play him in ranked, mainly because I'm D2 adc main and not a mid main, and I don't want to int my team with him lol. So I decided to get a new account and do an unranked to diamond with only Ryze, currently I'm G1 with 70% winrate so that means around plat 3-2 mmr and I'm having a lot of fun playing him. a couple of additions I want to add to your video on how to play him properly is your build, build Everfrost if they have some divers and/or assassins that can jump on you and you can land your active easily, also for the survivability of it's health, it's easier to kite them that, e w everfrost combo is really nice, but if the enemy has a higher range than you and they have a priority target, then ludens is a must, try to flash e w q in on their carry to make sure to burst them, also get deathcap as your 3rd item to make sure to destroy their carry in teamfights. secondly use your ult everytime it's off cooldown, try to shove your lane as much as possible and then roam and tell your jungle to come with you for a double gank with your ult, it's highly effective, especially in lower elo because people don't respect MIA too much, and if you gank then you probably want to e w in 99% of the times to make sure your team follows you. lastly you can make your life easier from champion select by banning the right champs, I prefer to ban either Kat or Zed, the most adcs are afraid of Zed so you can tell your team to ban him for you and you ban Kat, believe me it's 10 times more enjoyable and easier to carry if the enemy team doesn't have these nightmare champs. so do yourself a favor and ban them. GL and HF

  • DatVocals!

    what confuses me about this is that pros usually will always prefer the easier to play strat if its as effective or even more effective, since even pros make mistakes and anything that you can pull of consistantly and with low risk is just superior, the overall value just is higher.

  • Slurrzz

    okay, but what about blind

  • Mark Soliven
    Mark Soliven

    15:29 "Ryze' 73rd rework." 🤣😂

  • Fasel Fasel
    Fasel Fasel

    Nexus Blitz suffers from randomness, removing strategic/tactical decisions + forced double jungle removes it further. The gamemode forces you to take a certain summoner spell. The gamemode and events heavily favour skirmishers and disincentivize supports, so a lot of champions/players are left in the dust. And the super snowball is even more unrecoverable than in SR. There is just so much wrong with this gamemode to be permanent, i don't know where to start and end. Aram, since it's snowball addition has at least 90% of roles pretty viable.

  • 𝚆̶𝚑̶𝚘̶

    I remember that time when my team thought i was trolling in rank by playing ap alistar top but they overly underestimated ap alistar i ended up getting a semi perfect kda 21/1/9 also i did a platinum ap rammus and ad rammus

  • Ștefan Andrei
    Ștefan Andrei

    If I could reach gold 4 with Jhin having between 3-15 fps, you can do it too :))

  • Karim Kazza
    Karim Kazza

    Making me feel old here Exil.. 😎 Remember this troll mid pick with surge and promote and everyone would just lose their shits xD

  • Clay

    I believe, and I might be wrong here but i played a lot around when the alpha of nexus blitz came out and I remember riot mentioning that they wanted to bring ranked to nexus blitz once they made it a permanent game mode.

  • Death Master
    Death Master

    Janna meta was the best meta in the game. :( I made cry those stupid and big faced 0 skilled assasin mains who were in platinum and diamond. I wish that meta back. :(

  • Polinzge _
    Polinzge _

    You're actually fucking joking with that sponsor right???


    Basically he was too op and broken and players used to spam him now hes more balanced and requires more brain usage

  • TheeRepenter AkaTheeComforter
    TheeRepenter AkaTheeComforter

    matchmaking afk win traders no justice no peace

  • tnamesneo

    love the work you put out man, attention to detail we love all that!

  • Letadlo Které spadlo
    Letadlo Které spadlo

    Hello me name Is arelion

  • TheeRepenter AkaTheeComforter
    TheeRepenter AkaTheeComforter

    he likely does win trading or something cuz it's too early sounding not even the best player can win all the time solo

  • not a cat
    not a cat

    i don't play BLITZ because i don't like fast-paced gameplay. I don't like how it's 99% micro and 1% macro. i can't utilize skills i got from Summoners Rift as a Support onetrick, warding spots are changed, etc My micro is really bad, but i peaked at gold 2 just because i know when to roam, i can control the minion waves, i know how to control team fights around dragon and baron, i can make my pet out of enemy jungler, because i know exactly where he is in the jungle. I can't utilize any of these skills, BLITZ is all about fighting, fighting and fighting. i don't like the fighting part of LoL.

  • Christoffer Rosenkilde
    Christoffer Rosenkilde

    If I’m not mistaken, League came from Dota right? And Dota came from Warcraft right? It would go full circle if Riot were to create a campaign with PvE. I agree it would be pretty cool, but wouldn’t it kinda take away everything that makes League, well League?

  • FoxonFire27

    she is back in s tier :)

  • Santa Clause
    Santa Clause

    Cant wait for pirate minions to destroy the lanes

  • Cameron Proulx
    Cameron Proulx

    Any champ before 2019 is literally unplayable in this game riot has just been dropping cancer champs left and right I’m glad I’ve stopped playing this shit fucking game

  • cat -.-
    cat -.-

    “They put their heart and soul into this mode” Me: Being ADC dies hopelessly to enemy bruiser in forced duel circle Me: close the game

  • imora 7024
    imora 7024

    And shes still hated to this day...

  • Phizzhead

    I will say the sylas who stole a kalista ult and used it to save me is a awsome dude

  • Aaron G.
    Aaron G.

    Garen is a great champion I don't know what this video is talking about.

  • Mental Popcorn
    Mental Popcorn

    Acting like talent isn't essential in the top level would be discrediting all the hard work others put in just to never get there.

  • Zackuriah Aketch
    Zackuriah Aketch

    There was also twisted treeline which was a 3v3 game mode on a different map. Kinda wish they didn't get rid of that

  • B Kathy
    B Kathy

    I love this video!



  • KatShotXD

    Katarina story video, when ?

  • Phizzhead

    The people who play yasuo are hilariously toxic

  • Linus Lundqvist
    Linus Lundqvist

    Honestly, Garen is the single worst designed champion in the game... not really, but in terms of annoyingness, he's the litteral holy grail!

  • sharla ho
    sharla ho

    Considering how trashy lol is, i wonder why so many idiots like it.

  • T. Mager
    T. Mager

    Right now garen is one of the most broken champions he is either banned or picked in almost every esports game.

  • Novedad

    From Broken To Reworked To BROKEN again :P ♿♿

  • Sensei Fizz
    Sensei Fizz

    They should make a PvE mode similar to the game Hades. for example with the odyssey game mode. Instead of playing games to earn augments, how about you get augments throughout the game, however sometimes you might not be able to get the combo you want so you have to try something different. This would counter the whole guide thing as it's almost impossible to get the exact combo a guide shows. also making the game less of a grind but different every game. Plus we all know Riot gets a lot of its inspiration from other games.

  • Xfjeej Blyd
    Xfjeej Blyd

    I remember looking up the best neeko player's when i stumbled upon his account. Seeing his winrates i didn't understand why he wasn't more popular.

  • Bhavish Mohonee
    Bhavish Mohonee

    Ascension will always be my favorite mode. Riot and their stupid agenda.. It urks me.. 😩🥺

  • Stolas Medrano
    Stolas Medrano

    I miss old yorick so much

  • Oliwier Półkośnik
    Oliwier Półkośnik

    Did you ever heard of youtuber NickyBoi?

  • Irving Guzman
    Irving Guzman

    i may be in the minority here but i loved season 3 top lane. I knew exactly what 4 champs you were going to mention. I liked it because while yes it was simple champions it felt nice to actually fight with autos and actually be able to see both receive dmg while fighting nowadays its you make one misclick on positioning and in the blink of an eye al your hp is lost and then the lane is just over

  • Erick Robles
    Erick Robles

    Make Ranked Dominion RIOT!!!