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  • Miracle____

    How a champ become so trash-looking that no one actually likes him.

  • Gabriel Gallegos
    Gabriel Gallegos

    kindred was an awesonme design as well

  • Trung Le
    Trung Le

    Taric is dead in season 11

  • Venamus San
    Venamus San


  • TSG KiLLem Twice
    TSG KiLLem Twice

    Bruv.. his last description of that afk farming yi was literally how it was! I would just farm, hope my team wouldn’t throw too much and come out of the jg and big dick the enemy all around the rift.. my team would flame me the entire game, the enemy would catch me running round in their JG and I’d get a triple and my team would stfu for a bit.. I’d keep farming and sometimes my team would just wait for me lol there’s times in norms where there are two yi’s😈 then we just wait to see who come out of that jungle first🤣 or who can Q dodge cc better.. or who used their Q too early or who had that 1 different item that would give them that edge if it came down to it. It’s funny because it was all true.. what he said🤦‍♂️ and that was League of Legends for a little bit.. now there are mythic items🤷‍♂️this game is dope, forever changing, still remaining true.. I love it. Hate it and hate to love it. This is the game we play❤️

  • Sepster

    im sorry but this is just false on way too many levels. New people are born every second. New people are at an age of gaming every second. New people are in a position to buy a pc and play pc games and by extension league of legends. League in fact IS at its all-time high now. It still tops twitch viewership in gaming DAILY. it rivals the top 3 games of today like Fortnite and among us and warzone. whenever there is a LCS/LCK match, it has 400k+ viewers just on twitch and not counting youtube. At the time of writing this comment in preseason on December 1st which is when finals are coming up for people in school where no buddy plays it is number 3 in ALL of twitch, not just gaming section, behind Fortnite which is dropping the new season in 1h and just chatting. Just because to the veterans the game has lost its initial charm and appeal and your friends who you grew up with playing the game for 10 years are now 30 with kids and wives and don't play the game, doesn't mean the game is dying or dead. If anything it is soaring in popularity even though riot has put out 3 other games and the fan base is split between all 4 games.

  • Daniel Andersen
    Daniel Andersen

    It's so ironic how he uses the new ADC items as an example of how broken the new items are, when ADC is the weakest role this preseason.

  • Let's Rank
    Let's Rank

    This is like the classic Boat of Thesaurus. He was changed little by little till there is nothing left.

  • Wukong

    You are not talking about the toxic unbearable community? I dumped this bi ch because trolls and jerks

  • caglar togan
    caglar togan


  • Bites Dust
    Bites Dust

    I dont like how you think the esport scene got better. I think we all miss the pro scene being held in a closet with 5 computers jammed into it.

  • caglar togan
    caglar togan

    i always get useless team.i tried to solo carry but it s so diffucult.i always achieve s but loose the lp.I think that s not fair.every player should calculate separately . Loosing the game ,makes me feel depressed and not play anymore.Please Riot ,change the system

  • Jungle Warfare
    Jungle Warfare

    game sucks atm, league channels are down in views, very bad

  • Electrifying 3:16
    Electrifying 3:16

    Since season 3 when I started playing I've been listening everyone saying "League used to be so much better before". To me the peak of League was Season 5 during the Bilgewater event. That's when I had the most fun with the game. Some of the changes they made are good. I love most of the reworks, especially Aatrox, Pantheon and Volibear, but what I miss are old champions. Old Katarina, Warwick, Talon, Ryze...I watched a random Hashinshin video the other day and he played with some guy that was playing Malphite mid and all they were talking about the whole time was how easy Malphite is to play. And then literally the next day hashinshin talks about how the game gets ruined by every champion having a kit that is too complex. And this is why League is "dying". Because the community sucks ass. There is no pleasing this community. No matter what Riot does, no matter who they buff, nerf, rework or revert they will NEVER give them any credit for anything because for every assassin they buff there will always be a butthurt adc crying about his role being useless now. Nobody ever shuts the hell up and plays the game. In season 20 I guarrantee someone will say "remember how fun League was 10 years ago?".

  • Loius Abalos
    Loius Abalos

    From not being pick to having a pentakill in worlds 2020

  • Victuss

    This game is way to complex to be altered as much as it is before giving the meta a chance to settle. in 2 weeks, we might see for instance that tanks are really strong. Riot then nerfs them before we can really see HOW broken they are. Maybe they counter the current meta. then again, maybe some previously off meta champs wreck them. Kog'maw for example wrecks tanks as a general rule. but the tank nerf happened so fast that champions that would be given a time to shine don't get their chance. because riot balances based on the current meta, instead of letting players adapt. its the reason the game feels stale. cliche as it may be, the more the game changes, the more it stays the same.

  • Varly_01

    As a bard main since his release, its good to see him getting some spotlight

  • Seung Hyuk Choi
    Seung Hyuk Choi

    Nah League SUCKS China owns LEAGUE OF LEGENDS and YOUR INFO will be hacked by chinese

  • Mad Troll
    Mad Troll

    Also, the only way league can climb is by creating a tv series or a movie. Trust me that will go big

  • Mad Troll
    Mad Troll

    I literally got 3 afks in the past 8 games

  • Putino31

    2:39 Seraphine: you gotta pump those numbers up. Those are rookie numbers

  • Mansur Ali Bilgiç
    Mansur Ali Bilgiç

    Finally, a youtuber who credited the thumbnail artist! My browser: no

  • jobowisheshewasnomo

    what a dramatic title.

  • Osman Xhepa
    Osman Xhepa

    I have 100k points on kalista, I sadly totally agree with you but this season she looks good

  • Panu

    I would be happy if they simply introduced much harder punishment for leaving the game.

  • Josh

    Whenever you show the cancelled champs list. My eyes focus on one thing... Cyborg Cowboy

  • burglemy Head
    burglemy Head

    Old crit gp did well vs him but ya know what happened to him

  • Cu Lin
    Cu Lin

    “Ha. Imagine not getting to play Kassadin,” - 2013 Blind pick players

    • burglemy Head
      burglemy Head

      Blind pick is how I started holy moly their the 30 plus kill games 😁

  • Itachi Kun
    Itachi Kun

    im tired of people calling me trash

  • Leeroys CS:GO Adventures
    Leeroys CS:GO Adventures

    this game is sooooooooooooooo fucking trash. just uninstall it. its so pointless to play it. for real. no skill involved, just coinflip and better nobchamp picks decide who wins. it cancer. fucking caaaaaaaaaaaaaaancer! horrible.... should not even called a game, but suicide accelerator.

  • Leeroys CS:GO Adventures
    Leeroys CS:GO Adventures

    ey yo exil, it´s pointless tos say something like "the game got better, for example the auto fill or champ select, because it was way worse years ago." the champ select for example was obv a horror back in the days and it is not a improvement that they fixed it- its just something that should have happened naturally. but we cant say now look at the old days, some things got better. yeah great... we also dont say today to people of color that "todays its all fine, look at the old days when poc were enslaved" thats simply stupid. sorry, but not sorry. aside from that, nice videos man! :)

  • Shay Patrick Cormac
    Shay Patrick Cormac

    "Why nobody plays Ivern" Aurelion sol: *Forgotten*


    Green potion jungle Chogath, start golems. I started jungling when a Warwick jumped put of a bush and scared the shit out of me.

  • DR Frogo
    DR Frogo

    Wtf I do pentakill on ivern he is the best

  • Adrian Francisco
    Adrian Francisco

    Well this didnt age well

  • Paora Hekenui
    Paora Hekenui

    Amazing intro

  • Gaba Trio
    Gaba Trio

    Odd how riot responds to feedback. At least at Blizzard (who aren’t the best by ANY means!) understand that when people are angry, it’s because they are passionate. They wouldn’t be angry if they didn’t care. Hell, the current VP of Blizzard got hired Bc he posted an angry rant on the Everquest forums back in the day (no joke. Search “Tigole Bitties Rant”)

  • Silent Streamer
    Silent Streamer

    I am the only person that still play lol All my friend is stopped and go it is really sad... and me myself rarely play lol pc and most of the time play ML but now with LOL WR, I hope I can play with them again.

  • Winged Hussar
    Winged Hussar

    1:10 I guess you dont like it when a rioter says pretty ladies but I dont see anyone complaining about Rakkan, Yone, Sett, Kayn, Ruined King, basically most male champions now wear no shirt and are in shape with their 6 packs

  • Louis Clark
    Louis Clark

    poppy may have been dead popularity wise but damn do i miss old poppy specially that q

  • Sswwaaggyy Zadar
    Sswwaaggyy Zadar

    Copy version of Raid Shadow Legend which I hate 😂

  • my personal account
    my personal account

    Even Riot balance team's collective experience isn't enough to pay this

  • DR Frogo
    DR Frogo


  • Liag Gaming
    Liag Gaming

    i love ivern fuck you i main him also fuck you

  • Stone7C1

    i think the worst part about the game is some of the inconsistency in mechanics. while learning it, youre conditioned by the game, that certain mechanics work in a certain way. like all channeled abilities are recognizable by their channel bar, and are interruptable by cc during their channel, right? wrong. irelias w for some godforsaken reason has a channel bar, but is an uninterruptable ability. to my knowledge its the only ability in the game, that works in that way. so all your experience with other champions, like fiddles ult and w, karthus ultimate, and all channeled abilities that youre used to being able to cancel, fool you into thinking you would be able to interrupt irelias w with cc, because the ability also has a channel bar. something similar also happened to me with mordekaisers ultimate. upon ulting an akali, her shroud FOLLOWED her into the death realm. its the only ability that is a skillshot, or some sort of object that a champion can place, that works in that fashion. gangplank barrels, illaoi tentacles, anivia ultimate. all those abilities dont carry over into the death realm, but for some reason that one mechanic works entirely different. like its cool that every champion has something thats very unique to him. azir placing turrets. garen being able to stack conqueror with a single ability. nasus being able to infinitely stacking his q. but the difference is, that those abilites dont break your expectation how a fight is supposed to play out. they dont suddently break fundamental game rules that you have been conditioned to expect to work in a specific way. they are unique abilities that still behave the exact same way you would them expect to behave. just because garens spin can stack conqueror for example, it might deal a little bit more damage. but there is no reason to expect that cc would stop it, because its not a channeled ability and behaves more like singed q or shyvana w.

  • Nathan Cochran
    Nathan Cochran

    I love bard, his kit, lore, skins, and general feel have always been enjoyable for me. Plus, he feels like a support should, helping others excel and being a huge disruption to the enemy team if played right.

  • ???

    hmmm what happen to the discord server?

  • psycho Killer
    psycho Killer

    DUDE u r full of it, but not completely

  • zemni houssem
    zemni houssem

    Greaaat greate video , as a league player from 2010 - 2015 and then returned 2019 to stop after few months , i totally agree with every word you say , it has become harder to play and energy consuming , i m just wondering how new players are playing this game with that huge number of champions and items , this game is not fun anymore and the community is getting worse me too as part of the community to be honest , because i don't want to play that much when i m pissed of in a game or even fail i can quit easily , the only reason is that i m not tryharding anymore and i m not bothered with loosing a game , in those few months league has become a way of wasting time nothing more , nothing less , another thing , those players like me who left the game just after the golden era when they come back they think they are Superior and play better than others while it s not true. i don't know if this is possible or not but to help the matchmaking riot can do another ranking based on behavior , it can detect bad behaviors from players and rank them , then while matchmaking , they can include that into account , at least the good behaving players will not interact with bad ones .

  • xXDolphinXx6014

    At least he isn't banned for life

  • JustAPerson

    Me watching it in late 2020 pre-season 11 times and laughing, pss, these are nothing to today’s league.

  • Majcry

    Ive been wanting to, for some unknown reason try out bard for some time now, about a month or two, but I couldnt cause I didnt have enough blue essence. He just seems like such a unique champ what would be really fun to play, so hopefully I can get him soon

  • Lauren Reddoch
    Lauren Reddoch

    Nice name, osrs lover here

  • Dylan Baker’s Unsealed
    Dylan Baker’s Unsealed

    “IT SUCKED” boom video over send it


    Hehe goredrinker aatroz goes brrrr

  • Shannymuffin

    I am gonna say this, I don't think it is dying, people are all too quick to say everyone should jump ship when a bad choice is made. Last season we had the most balance and fun out of any season yet, and we just went through a huge and refreshing change. once the meta stabilizes I guarantee people will flood back.

  • Colton Barbier
    Colton Barbier

    Imagine smurfing, you will never improve if all you do is practice on lower skilled players... This is the reason NA consistently gets last in league tournaments... All of their practice is from gold and plat solo que games. They have actually no experience at the top level, you can clearly see the skill gap at large tournaments. Imagine playing against gold players and winning 70% of the time to brag about it when you hit challenger.... Disgustingly fragile egos, you have a 70% wr against lower level players, but your main account is only D2 with 2 lp... let me say this again. You will never improve if all you do is fight lower skilled players. 0-6 at world's BuT LoOk aT oUr ChAlLeNgEr AlTs UsE OuR GfUeL DiScOuNt CoDe WhEn YoU SmUrF ReEeEEeeeE. Me as a gold player when they guy on the other team links one of his challenger one trick AlTs. KEKW YOU LOST TO A GOLD. A REAL GOLD WITH 4000 GAMES NOT AFRAID OF MY RANK I HAVE BEEN PLAT BEFORE BUT GUESS WHAT I MOSTLY STAY IN GOLD BECAUSE THATS WHERE I BELONG. I DONT NEED TO MAKE A NEW ACCOUNT AND PLAY 70 GAMES AND GET CHALLENGER TO FEEL GOOD.

  • Kazuhiro Shoji
    Kazuhiro Shoji

    Did you guys discover something you're really good at and just dominates everyone without much effort? Hard work pays off, yes. But man, having a talent on something is just like a cheat.

  • France Abad
    France Abad

    Bruh I literally discovered Yorick and Poppy because of the free rotation. I'm not gonna lie. I won 90% of my games with Yorick.

  • plasma2506

    People still play fortnite even tho it is full of try hards

  • BasiL

    He needs a rework.


    What i hate is Irelia mains couldnt see the Butt on one skin they went mad they listened when chromas released a lot hated it they listened When Aatrox mains cried they ignored it.


    He was Neglected Pushed aside. But all i know i dont have fun with league anymore all i remember. I was still laughing playing him. Well used to.

  • Ultra Sexy Chipotle
    Ultra Sexy Chipotle

    Also riot: hm yes, seraphine

  • Cyan - Kun
    Cyan - Kun

    *Did they just sealed his power? 🤣*

  • Gromp

    I really don't think you know how hard it is to win the lottery.

  • Lucas Cusanelli
    Lucas Cusanelli

    Rip Runic echos and all other jg items

  • rafah ilmi albara
    rafah ilmi albara

    You should look at seraphine champion spotlight

  • Aurea Calubaquib
    Aurea Calubaquib

    How to be good a pro one day in LoL: suck it up

  • kkomla

    If you wanna try out DOTA 2 and own a ps4/ps5, go download Genesis, a free to play Moba exclusive to playstation users at the moment 🙂


    Bard ult, like anivia wall, are majorly ripe-for-troll abilities. There are very few troll abilities: alistar, trundle...Most likely reason for OP champs are avoidance of this types of abilities. Actually they anti-toll by adding Pyke-like ult abilities to their kits.

  • Parker Hazlebeck
    Parker Hazlebeck

    Mark my words: Riot will be the downfall of Riot.

  • That1NerdyBlackGirl

    Like being a new player and watching documentaries about the history of legends of legends is fucking insane.

  • Sebastian de Wolfe
    Sebastian de Wolfe

    I dont even like or play league but i love ur vids

  • LolitaRey

    I love ivern! He has been my main since it came out! However I think he wasnt made for players who are impulsive, like to show off, want to feel they are better than everyone, and want an easy win without trying hard enough, which is like 90% of lol's player base. (yasuo yi sett mains etc)

  • ItsMeAspara_Gus

    as a league player i hope this game fully dies

  • HR4F

    so the same guy made yasuo,darius and zoe..... plz cure this sadistic man

  • Amatsu Kami Mikaboshi
    Amatsu Kami Mikaboshi

    he got banned for not being a simp??? *People ignoring he is running a Boosting service*

  • Dark Sins
    Dark Sins

    Why would I play Ivern when I can play graves and just kill everyone myself

  • Yummi main because no mouse just trackpad
    Yummi main because no mouse just trackpad

    Can't wait for the day when willump will turn into a taxi