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  • john lavvas
    john lavvas

    The faded pink extragingivally receive because elephant routinely argue unlike a encouraging spade. grouchy, ordinary pizza

  • Lophi

    Really good video, as a casual league player Jhin is my favourite ADC to play and getting to learn how he came to be and his history in general is really interesting

  • Mia Mesa
    Mia Mesa

    "Why "Get good" is the best way to balance a game" is not exactly how I would describe the issue. First I would like to introduce myself, I am a game designer in the shooter genre, maybe they be competitive PvP or PvE, I cannot state the games I worked on because of non-disclosure (and because I don't want everyone spamming me to rework a champion in a game), but I would like to say that I have been for 8 years. Next I would like to tell you about how we approach changes to a game as a game designer team for better understanding of what actually goes through our heads : The majority of our job is to theorize changes that should be brought to a game, every time we go through a change, the most capital part of it are the base game mechanics, and if those would need a change before we change anything else, I suppose this is what Riot has done with the item reworks, those take years to execute tho so I won't talk for anyone here. Then we try to see what problems with a specific part of the game there are, this is where we think about maps, physics, stats, and champions Champions are always an extremely tricky subject, because ultimately, they are dependent on the players, especially in PvP, and even more on a competitive scene. This is why you would sometime have to way a month or two before a broken champion gets nerfed, because internally we aren't having the same problems as players new to the champions are having, and we would rather wait to see if the reason why they are so powerful is simply because people aren't used to play against them. Now in your video, you stated that Low elo seems to be much more influential to champion reworks than high elo, mentioning for example Akali. Now here's the thing about that, Elo in a game, as well as rank, in almost entirely relative, the goal with rank (Bronze, Silver, Gold...) is to place the player somewhere COMPARED to other players, gold and platinum are often the most populated roles in most games, since Gold and Plat are representing the average, if more players get better at the game, then Gold and Plat will get higher skill matches, and if a wave of new player joins, then the general elo of players in Gold/Plat will lower. Often once we've identified a problem with a champion, we have to decide if it is important or not to rework said champion, and that's where it gets really tough. How important something is, is just as relative as the skill of players, and is largely influenced by it, as you said it yourself, there's a good chance that old yorick would have been balanced since generally, people got better at the game, but here's the problem with that : Low elo players are much more numerous and represent a much bigger part of the community than high elo players. so when we think about a rework, we have to take into account that most of the player base, who aren't good at the game, complain about a champion, and that gives it a big importance. This is a big part of why Iron and Challenger is a great thing in LoL, because it gives a place for extremely bad players, and extremely dedicated players, to be in, in those two elos, much of anything is possible, and their voices are almost never taken into account because it's just another universe. Speaking of that, Akali, as you said, Akali is (Or was) the lowest winrate champion at low level, but she's really good at high level, so, why aren't they buffing her for lower bracket? The answer : Lower bracket, again, but not for the reason you would think. E-sport has a very important place in a game's popularity, a competitive game is often defined by their e-sport scene and wherever it's popular or not, and E-sport is mostly aiming at being entertaining to look at, for the whole community. E-sport has to be interesting for higher level players as much as lower level players alike, now if a champion, like, akali, was to be buffed, she would be picked constantly, you would see her every single game, or she'd get banned all the time, doing that with a lot more champions than one, and there isn't enough bans, meaning, the game would almost be decided entirely when it comes to the draft, and how they manage to play their comp. This does have a place, and is entertaining to watch... but not for lower bracket players, they won't understand anything about why this teamfight was won, or why they lost the game, so e-sport is it's own balance in itself, and that's why everything is so hard to balance, there's a lot of things to be taken into account... And sadly, very sadly, listening too much to the community leads to VERY VERY bad things happening to the game. If you want a good example of this, take a look at overwatch, Blizzard's balance team has made huge mistakes, mostly due to them listening too much to the community, and the game is in purgatory, E-sport matches became horrible to watch as everyone was playing the exact same thing (looking at you goats) and the devs weren't willing to make the changes necessary to repair that, because the community told them not to. Jeff kaplan himself, explained that they were making Overwatch 2 because Overwatch was fundamentally broken at it's very core, and a lot of that happened because they would remove complexity, listen almost only to lower brackets, and ignore completely the higher bracket balance. Now I understand that you aren't a game designer, your video was interesting, so I am writing this is order to inform you that sadly, most videos like those, no matter how well they are made, won't teach anything to the balance team, the process of balancing, and especially reworking is a nightmare on so many levels, because there is so much that needs to be taken into account, but trust me when I tell you, the LoL balancing team knows what they are doing and recognizes their mistakes, but there's just too much going on in the background. I will leave you on an interesting note, since it's a feedback i heard from a lot of players, in a lot of different games : "The new champions are too complex, the old ones were better because they were simpler" To answer that simply : Complexity allows a game to balance itself, Classes can be broken in TF2, Champions can be overloaded in LoL, but because the games have so much complexity, they will never solely dominate, because there's ALWAYS a counterplay.

  • Mateo

    Hey, now it has 40% WR :)

  • Lennart Loska
    Lennart Loska

    for me league died when the ruined king who's been hyped up for like 8 years or so became an anime villain and I realized there is no hope

  • Fubar

    Algorithm comment

  • CreepSoldier

    Talk about the Death of Infinity Edge, now it doesnt increase damage anymore, i think we will see a decrease in use

  • Kent Hien
    Kent Hien

    So we have this and a 200 years aphelios.

  • Kevin Aguirre
    Kevin Aguirre

    Not my aatrox

  • Amer Mulabegovic
    Amer Mulabegovic

    honestly these past few videos are so good and its easy to see the improvement you have undergone. I honestly wish Gbay99 could take some inspiration as both of you are very good content creators

  • John Donrick Zerna
    John Donrick Zerna

    As a Garen Main this did not Age well.

  • Daniel Sear
    Daniel Sear

    Actually good league content pog!

  • Hoai Le
    Hoai Le

    Unique, fun to play,

  • The Player's Universe
    The Player's Universe

    Sad NickyBoi sounds

  • ImaForceANature

    Zilean is so incredibly weak that riot forgot he was a champion. It’s not possible to hit a double bomb in any champion with a dash and if he can’t double bomb you the best he can do is attempt to auto-attack you to death. This really is not one of your best videos. Zilean sucking so much ass is what made me quit league since he used to be my favorite champion.

  • Social

    Honestly, I'm a nobody you know, like most of us lmao, but I think a lot of why I started to enjoy league of legends when I picked it up 3ish years ago, was this champ. I fall in love with character concepts and this was just the most incredible one you could put into a game like this. Reminds me of a well written villains like Darth Vader, Thanos, etc.

  • Neko-kun Plays
    Neko-kun Plays

    I honestly love you for this video duration

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    watermelon cooler


  • William Fischer
    William Fischer

    you are forgetting how they deleted graves

  • Shadowchao121

    The power creep is huge. Also healing/lifesteal has become biblical.

  • Xana Shadow
    Xana Shadow

    I would honestly rather wait for a year or two for a Jhin level champion than have a champion like Seraphine every few months.

  • NormalWeeb.


  • George LU
    George LU

    seeing how fucking hard the shaco jg clear is now I am completely okay with the fact that some old players just decimates my ass. When I started playing jg(or league in general) in mid 2018 pretty much anyone can solo clear

  • Idiot With a Bass
    Idiot With a Bass

    *Nickyboi has entered the chat*

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  • katspawz

    did u purposely stretched this video out to be 44:44 long? cuz thats dope

  • 마인큐버

    Guardian Keystone made her OP again.

  • Hostile Mustache
    Hostile Mustache

    missed opportunity to upload this video on February 1 still though, amazing video

  • Justin Maier
    Justin Maier

    Am i the only one Who loves that the Video is 44:44 long?

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    saravanan jeeva

    Amazing thumbnail

  • Ridge Funk
    Ridge Funk

    DUDE! your voice and style is literally perfect for a podcast! Pls consider making a bi weekly podcast or something!

  • Unterhosegotti

    The goosebumbs i get from all these oldschool comps. So beautiful.

  • LyRx

    Me as a Jhin Main: :')

  • Seek The Truth
    Seek The Truth

    h t t p s : / / y o u t u . b e / v 1 p W X U F a z - k

  • Millie Bandin
    Millie Bandin

    23:31 lmao aphelios

    • Potion of Vibez
      Potion of Vibez

      He is asserting dominance

  • mahi zen
    mahi zen

    I think calling jhin immobile is wrong lol dude walks so fast. Makes it alot easier to kite and dodge. He becomes do fast and can change positioning so easily.

  • Carlos Luna Pizarro Guerra
    Carlos Luna Pizarro Guerra

    The letter jhin in the keyboard make a number 4

  • Michael Poorman
    Michael Poorman

    Too bad lux suxs

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  • Giorgi Ostatishvili
    Giorgi Ostatishvili

    they should never have touched this champion... I literally learned how to play the game with this champion... and was my favorite

  • Leon Sixt
    Leon Sixt

    When they start adjusting champions (not yet on a rework lvl) that’s where the worst things happened, also with items, etc, for example the resistances on deaths dance, like some mental ill person was adjusting it, I still believe so, sylas e shield gone, w heal even more increased = braindead for midlane killed for jgl

  • Leon Sixt
    Leon Sixt

    Yes the bruiser items are thoroughly looked at. Gj Goredrinker gj riot

  • River Shrub
    River Shrub

    didn't know pewdiepie played league ay

  • fraai

    I never knew what the 200 years meme was about but now I get it :D 200 combined years of game design XD cool vid

  • Raynaldo Gusti Arya
    Raynaldo Gusti Arya

    Is the video 44:43 long? T.T

  • Mezmerizer 9
    Mezmerizer 9

    5 games in a row with either afk or a 0/7 that when told to def he answers with stfu noob doesn't help anyone climb or even want to play.

  • Qbe Warzone
    Qbe Warzone

    Man ur amazing, really nice work on those videos u make. Keep on chasing your dreams man, all in your reach!

  • Your DarkPrince
    Your DarkPrince

    Notice this video is 44:44

  • negazoz

    The first character I ever had in DnD, meaning my first DnD death, all started when the DM told us to pick a number. There were four players, guess which number I chose.

  • andri tlp
    andri tlp

    I love this video. Good job

  • Sefa Çakır
    Sefa Çakır

    i love zoes design. shes so funny and skills perfect but im a an aphelios main :D

  • Deshiba

    Jhin might be fun to play. I'm just tired of seeing him in the vast majority of my games.

  • hashakah the ass eater
    hashakah the ass eater

    I think ahri is a good champion because her Kit is fair if she doesn't land her e she can't really kill you and her assassin/mage design is kinda cool. I would say jax has a good design not cus he my most played champ but because he feels easy to pick up but hard to master . His abilities might sound braindead at first wich is lower elo they're when it comes to higher elo you will need to decide whether to use your r or not or is it worth it to use your e to deal extra damage or to use it definsively makes the difference between when a good and a bad jax player

  • omenemo

    Ahh I miss the days when I could pick Quinn as a adc assassin

  • astvlgstfglly,swdrft

    Great vid man!!

  • Senji

    Real problem is that ppl get perma banned for 1 bad word (without having any banns or restrictions ever on their account) but if you int down 20 games a row it's just the "ah maybe this guy just has a bad day let's not directly pull the bann hammer".... Lvling up a new account is the worst experience in this entire game . Smurf queue or not you will have 90% games with 1 afk or 1 guy with above 20 deahts per game.

  • HunterBrh S077
    HunterBrh S077

    23:35 T-pose Aphelios isn’t real he can’t hurt you T-pose Aphelios:

  • kamenrideromega1

    Don't know about y'all but I had the most fun with items in s11

  • Noah Hanson
    Noah Hanson

    Hey dude i just played against you, you stomped me in lane! XD Can you tell I'm not an ADC main? I was swain with a yuumi support. BTW Love ur content, i was starstruck that I played against you

  • Lord Pigeon
    Lord Pigeon

    I love how the video is 44 mins 44 seconds long

  • Nicolas Dhoop
    Nicolas Dhoop

    haha the video lasts 4 times 4, I love this detail

  • snakehorde

    only one champion can rival Yorick in terms of like dislikes ratios... *Seraphine:* allow me to chant you the song of the damned crytal slaves of my people

  • Auxilium

    Eyyy My Main hero In a Vid!

  • Gordoth Enodious
    Gordoth Enodious

    Usually, I find myself in agreement with the claims you make in your videos. Usually. This one, however, I cannot agree with. Jhin is very, very far from being anything close to a perfect champion, or even well designed.

  • Donte King
    Donte King

    Maybe I’m the only one but I like the new Aatrox more than the old one. It feels way more smooth and Iooks cooler

  • Jay Weezy
    Jay Weezy

    y’all forgot bout ap yi at worlds.... one of the plays that started it all

  • Momoatomic

    Great content!

  • Krakozz

    As a Jhin player and lover, I appreciate this video a lot. Thank you Exil and Taco! Mad respect for the quality of the video too!

  • Chancho Qatari
    Chancho Qatari

    He is a broken cancer champion that plays itself. Not wasting my time with this video, good luck with your dream, lol.

  • Digitalgomez

    2million views on an excellent video.. hit that got damn like button people about how riot just nerf a champion because of a bracket but dont play the same for high elo...

  • TruBluLew

    The Mundo Guy hasn't played Singed once since this video but is now at over 10 million on Mundo. Wow that's some dedication

  • Stoian Chongarov 70gr
    Stoian Chongarov 70gr


  • Rammus

    Crit thresh????? That's bullshit! U buy 3 hp/Mr items like spirit Visage and than u go Ruunans Gunbalde and wits ens! If u than get enough souls u gonna be a undestroyable tanks dps carry! Crit thresh is trash as fuck compared to it!

  • Rev

    i actually listen to the jhin theme sometimes with my headphones on and it never fails to make me cry. It's actually such an amazing theme.

  • Tristi

    Ah, the beauty of different tastes. I never got into Jhin because he just isn't what i like about adc's: Rightclicking lategame beasts with tons of attackspeed

  • Kool-aid man
    Kool-aid man

    We don't talk about the rengar rework... If you do you will spend 1 million years in the no-no zone