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  • Ben S
    Ben S

    You wasted your time with this video. Disliked.

  • Markus Reit
    Markus Reit

    Fuck garen

  • Boobiesenpai Moment
    Boobiesenpai Moment

    Exil video my drilla

  • King Ceebm
    King Ceebm

    5:26 didn't think id see big A in a real league documentary

  • Mhayz


  • Plant

    inb4 kraken slayer...

  • IoI wut
    IoI wut

    "of a different breed" lol nice. i see what you did there.

  • Sheikh U
    Sheikh U

    Man I love Jhin, he's just too good 🙌🏾

  • Mhayz


  • KlutzBunny

    Lagit. I am moving to Mid and Sol is on my table for champs to play xD

  • Pedro Rodrigues
    Pedro Rodrigues

    Why the click bait? Just say the name, and make that the click.... Reason

  • TurtleSploodge Gaming
    TurtleSploodge Gaming

    Klepto on wild rift is kinda sick 🤷‍♂️

  • Cabbage ButterFly
    Cabbage ButterFly

    200 MR?

  • Herman Falkum
    Herman Falkum

    Autofill is the singe thing that stops me from playing ranked or at all more than i do, being forced into jungle every 3 games just suck because its ineviteble

  • Davin Böhnke
    Davin Böhnke

    With the next Jungle Changes he will shine rly bright again i guess

  • Alejandro Diaz
    Alejandro Diaz

    You loses me when I saw Yuli on the background

  • Semplex

    Now do Rengar please!

  • Marios Erodotou
    Marios Erodotou

    I really believe that putting the tribunal back and reducing damage from all items and champions will make this game great again.

  • Gianluca Dell'Anna
    Gianluca Dell'Anna

    is incredible how many views this video has (all deserved) but whenever i read that "45 games winstreak" i can't stop thinking about full L9 doing like 70 wins straight in soloq when they were eloboosters

  • Arslan

    now it’s season 11 after the akali ‘mini’ rework and she’s broken

  • Not Telling
    Not Telling

    I've gotten it many times back when revive was a spell

  • Cory Ammen
    Cory Ammen

    This video is 44:44 minutes long

  • Antônio Gabriel Zeni Landim
    Antônio Gabriel Zeni Landim

    Do not let nostalgia blind you. Old Aatrox was a badly designed champion. New Aatrox is much more reasonable.

  • rpk

    Are thou going to do a video on Josedeodo?

  • One Smart
    One Smart

    Hero of the storm is worth a try

  • Ray Stimphil
    Ray Stimphil

    Now I'm mad that Rengar doesn't have an AOE because some mains were whining about it.

  • Chrispy

    Can we just change aatroxs name. And make a new champ named aatrox that is actually who it should be. Since old aatrox passive and ugly was too op. But Viego exists... so logic I guess

  • Robert Bolduc
    Robert Bolduc


  • Ice Candy DF
    Ice Candy DF

    Got inspired by this video and went Aurelion Sol support 5/1/31 so thank you!

  • Mega Blaster
    Mega Blaster

    10:25 happened to me at placement matchens, lost 8 games and was greedy because it was 5 in the morning and had no sleep, i won the 2 games that were leder the next morsning

  • LoStFreeK

    Cries in draven main

  • TurtleSploodge Gaming
    TurtleSploodge Gaming

    When in doubt, play a tank.

  • NukeTheGamer

    Any chance you could do a video on Karma. Someone made a great comment about how she’s the first champion to get a real rework. Then a mini rework and she’s been on a rollercoaster of nerfs as they put it. With mains feeling divided on all of her 3 forms. Now she rarely sees competitive play. Seems like an interesting story I didn’t even know existed lol.

  • Razvan frogga
    Razvan frogga

    rip udyr thought he looked fun until it went meta so i won t miss him bye bye



  • trulyinfamous

    Every video just turns me into a main of the champion discussed. And this one is no different lol

  • Shen Yang
    Shen Yang

    River shen is busted I go shen jg cuz I suck at other jg champs and cuz he's my main xpetu and shending help man helped me improve

  • Andrew I. Kim
    Andrew I. Kim


  • Dominic Yale
    Dominic Yale

    What was in the game......WHAT!!!!!

  • RetroDec

    Just you wait till they buff rumble

  • Philip Marchand
    Philip Marchand

    And then Season 11 came along where we got to see Ivern picked top lane because Moonstone was soooooo busted.

  • Red Dot
    Red Dot

    Riot should be ashamed

  • Hyklops

    I remember Kassadins stacking the ulti in his base and teleporting to a random spot on the map then deletes any of form life with one shot r damage

  • Alief Rezki
    Alief Rezki

    It's funny that lol become more competitive yet dota become more casual. Just give up on ranking, what is the point of chasing fake number The reason you play game is to have fun, not to play better. You are not pro player, don't waste time to play better

  • kawaiiempoleon

    9:05 what's wrong with bronze Caitlyns

  • b a n y a n i
    b a n y a n i

    0:07 lmao the comment where it says "why does ADC exist if assassins are in the game" he / she wrote: "That is why there is a support to help you carry games and that is why you have a team to protect you". Meanwhile this is the exact struggle of lower elo, no one plays around the even / fed adc who deals a ton of damage but dies in the blink of an eye. Like, yes, I myself am a passionate assassin hater but most of the time their kills on me could've been negated if my support did not stay with the 3/7 ahri whos doing nothing anyways while I cant enter a teamfight because I'm getting zoned and later on killed by an assassin. So in conclusion id say that yes I still hate assassins and I probably will never stop hating that I died in 0.1 seconds to a random kayn but tbh most of it CAN be avoided with a decent support. And I am a trusty support main, so I know its not the most difficult task to peel an assassin away from the fed carry.

  • Robin Nilsson
    Robin Nilsson

    perfection is not good enough

  • Rafunzel

    but yuumi was different at release, when yuumi was released the champ would still be isolated.

  • the dezzy dez
    the dezzy dez

    tf happen to the discord

  • Hamon

    The quality of these videos is insane!


    can we get a jacks video, I like jacks

  • C N
    C N

    “Udyr will never be meta” Welp this aged poorly

  • Prince Edward A. Palacio
    Prince Edward A. Palacio

    Well, in Wild Rift (League's mobile version), it's in the game, both announcer voice and screen pop up

  • Jaiden zhu
    Jaiden zhu

    Dopa should be unbanned

  • Pual Liek
    Pual Liek

    what if her R worked like a clone/pet an acted liked zeds shadow? R: pass bonus ms 70/100/130% (reduced based on valor hp). active: Valor will separate from quinn removing his bonus ms, and becoming a targetable. if pass would proc valor will move to target dealing dmg and marking them. while R act Q : quinn will fire bolts(stopping on collision) dealing 80+80%AD+35%AP (increase dmg by 1% based on missing hp) phy dmg in target direction and valor will swoop up then down dealing (Q rank) dmg in a aoe of targeted direction (if both hit same target blinds instead). while R act , when act W valor rises up both granting increased vision from both points, then back down marking 1/2/3/4/5 enemies, when a mark is consumed both get bonus. While R act E will cause valor to dash in target direction, if both hit same target valor will carry(knock up) them dealing 40+80%bonus AD then drop them slowing then by 50% decaying over1.5 sec. at end of R both do skystrike 40/50/60%AD from quinn position, 20/30/40%AD from valor position. maybe charge cast to send valor back to base, when healed returns.

  • Tiago Valente
    Tiago Valente

    FK Riot.

  • Leviyuthen

    Amazing video probably the first I’ve watched from you and I watched the whole thing 💯👌🏼

  • Алекса Додић
    Алекса Додић

    I will never forget when Aatrox came out. I was playing him all day, full crit, attack spead and lifesteal😂. Those were good days. From time to time I come here to watch this video and remember pre-reworked Aatrox :/

  • daniel paxton
    daniel paxton

    I miss frozen mallet

  • Pedro Dot
    Pedro Dot

    Unpopular opinion but ranked roles should only be available at masters or higher. Until masters you don't need to know every match up perfectly and execute it well, you just gotta play your lane to your strengths and play macro. You should have a basic understanding of EVERY role before you can focus on one of them and specialize in it to climb higher. I miss the times that we had pick order instead of role select.

  • Alexandre SPENGOS
    Alexandre SPENGOS

    On the topic of new champs being poorly introduced : can anybody do well (consistently) with Gwen ?

  • Rogar Rabalivax
    Rogar Rabalivax

    The think that probably makes me more sad about aatrox that no one else says is his quotes. Every time the new aatrox speaks he sounds like an edge lord instead of the older, more suave and subtle old self. I really hate how the old aatrox had a different personality when compared to rhaast, but now they sound alike so much is not even funny.

  • Ron Ygo
    Ron Ygo

    I just started playing, so maybe my experience doesn’t mean much. I’ve been trying to learn a few champs, how to manage waves, build, etc. through bot games. My solo intermediate bot experience is fine, but there are like 150 champs? I don’t know what they all do, how to counter them, avoid, etc. I got queued with a group of 4 people and they invited me to join their team after. We ran like 12 games in a row and my play skyrocketed in literally whatever role I was filling. I had people explaining things in real time, offering advice, and calling shots that I just am not knowledgeable enough to call. My experience plummets when we can’t play together and sometimes feels very demoralizing. I think voice could go a long way and I just can’t comprehend why it’s not a thing.

  • Hotdog Jon
    Hotdog Jon

    I cant tell if hes disrespecting summoning salt or giving respect XD

  • Chaos Greed Chanel
    Chaos Greed Chanel

    Now that im returning to this video, i can say that Yoric's Champion Spotlight is nothing compared to Seraphine's. Last Time i checked, it was at 130k dislikes to only 59k likes... Yikes...

  • Fluf Y
    Fluf Y

    Udyr rework incoming...

  • Penk Tarub
    Penk Tarub

    Why nerf kaisa when she sells a shit.ton of skins lmao

  • K K
    K K

    Nobody can tell me TFT was worth adding to league of legends. WASTE OF TIME.

  • RG Devoner
    RG Devoner

    Dom1nant picked garen jg on ggl and has a very good winrate in that champ on pro play

  • shadowlord 17762
    shadowlord 17762

    I picked up bard and he is my favorite support now. Have won most of my games on him and lost 2 or 3 out of 10 games.

  • mostafa mito
    mostafa mito

    Great video I hope you make one for Twisted Fate, Elise and/or Shaco

  • Fabian Keidies
    Fabian Keidies

    More jungle adc's pls @Riot !!!!!!

  • Jaibie123

    Kha'zix is by far thematically one of my top favorite champs (go figure I am a huge "ALIEN" series fanboy) but still he just fits in soooo well and how The Void ended up becoming in the lore it fleshed him even more :)

  • Corfex


  • Louis Isles
    Louis Isles

    Riot is not done yet

  • iglo pop
    iglo pop

    disagree the rework makes him less fun to play but im also a scrub but still literally anything before his rework turned off his stars so it was so easy to just turn off all his damage so i don't really want a revert but i would be open to them doing some other kind of rework

  • Tristan Gabriel Almarez
    Tristan Gabriel Almarez

    I remembered this time kalista was op me myself got a penta with the same trend build

  • I love loona and I forever will
    I love loona and I forever will

    u call that high ping? pathetic, I play from Asia in NA server with constant 200-210 ping

  • x gae
    x gae

    Smurfs are cringe and ruin the game

  • OsuKaylan

    Check akalis rework reddit posts, it b wild