95% Ban Rate: The Most Overpowered Champion Of All Time In League of Legends
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Today, let's talk about highest ban rate champion of all time, when Kassadin had a 95% Ban rate, or even higher. Kassadin's Win rate pick rate and ban rate were at an all time high in league of legends history. This is a video covering the history of Kassadin, the history of league of legends, and league of legends' 10th anniversary. In celebration of league of legends 10th birthday and 10th anniversary, let's celebrate Kassadin's 10th anniversary for league of legends too.
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A lot of the Music in this video is from Epidemic Sound, a service that you can pay for monthly and use a massive library of music royalty free. All music used from Epidemic Sound in this video is rights reserved. Music is owned by the producer.
Songs from Epidemic Sound used in this video -
Dissipate - Gavin Luke
Formations - Van Sandano
Ghosting - Christoffer Ditlevsen
Isle of Mist - Breathing Tides
Ostinato - Vieveri
Particle Emission - Silver Maple
Race against Time - Hampus Naeselius
Rain Dance - Jon Algar
There Must Be a Way Out of Here - Hector Posser
When All Kingdoms Fall - Edgar Hopp
I also used Old Gods - Jeff Music
Please check out Jeffs Music channel on RSloft he makes amazing music and has given me permission to use his songs
Furi Soundtrack -
Waveshaper - A Monster (from Furi original soundtrack)

Sources and Video Footage:
Alex Ich Kassadin
Xpeke Backdoor
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Teodor Burov Why Guys Always Ban Kassadin
Mithin Kassadin Pentakill
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Remus Kassadin Visual Update
►U.GG for Kassadin Mid Runes And Build on U.GG
Patch 9.21 on the PBE on surrender at 20

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  • Bojan Velickovic
    Bojan Velickovic

    Very very very underrated and underappreciated channel, every video is so informative and fun to watch that it's actually amazing that you don't have a lot more subs. Keep it up

    • qrt ewr
      qrt ewr

      @Murasakibara hardstuck plat lol

    • Amit King
      Amit King

      True.. i love this channel

    • Thomas Buchanan
      Thomas Buchanan

      Thank you best channel for history

    • Chanceypoo

      almost 250k (:

    • DrtyDshSoap

      The biggest issue with this channel is a rehash of what everyone else has covered. Running out of original content.

  • burglemy Head
    burglemy Head

    Old crit gp did well vs him but ya know what happened to him

  • Cu Lin
    Cu Lin

    “Ha. Imagine not getting to play Kassadin,” - 2013 Blind pick players

    • burglemy Head
      burglemy Head

      Blind pick is how I started holy moly their the 30 plus kill games 😁

  • Gromp

    I really don't think you know how hard it is to win the lottery.

  • That1NerdyBlackGirl

    Like being a new player and watching documentaries about the history of legends of legends is fucking insane.

  • MrFezfantastico

    I really don't think you understand how unlikely it is to win the lottery

  • link670

    "you were more likely to win the lottery than see Kassadin not get banned." Wait, I have a 1 in 20 chance to win the lottery? Why the hell am I wasting my time with this stupid job!

  • Alekscrusher

    18:41 - 22:30 why did you sound like were about to cry lol ?

  • Zeno Senpai
    Zeno Senpai

    im from the future and i want to tell you that riot released new kassidin adc with 82% ban rate

  • Governor General
    Governor General

    Can you do Aurelion Sol?

  • Butthole TheBarbarian
    Butthole TheBarbarian

    And now its Samira

  • TurdNuggetME

    Wow! 95% Ban rate! Incredible! That could Never be reached again!! Aphelios:

  • Petrescu Radu
    Petrescu Radu

    I am oscillating between funny and amusing about the whole drama and weird background music. it's like i am watching a horror movie or a documentary about a serial killer, but actually I am watching about some nerfs and buffs of a fictional game character :))

  • Raphael Yanni Palencia
    Raphael Yanni Palencia

    Now we have Samira...

  • Xyzen

    I once got kassadin on a ranked game, and it was such a stomp.

  • Xyzen

    Think of it this way... Anyone who had a kassadin had a 99% chance to win the game.

  • Dirik619

    Alexich picked Kassadin in season 2 (ECC POLAND) vs Froggen and completely destroyed him 1v1 mid lane. M5 beat CLG.EU for the first time in forever that tournament thanks to Kassadin. After that, Kassadin was insta banned forever. Alex Ich gets no credit for that.

  • Cu Lin
    Cu Lin

    Imagine blind pick during this time.

  • Mathwiz 314
    Mathwiz 314

    What’s more impressive in terms of champion bans: 1) kassadin’s ban 2) OGN champions spring 2013 twisted fate banned every single game of that competitive season

  • Nigjal

    but there is enemy team that can pick kassa too you didn't calculate it right

  • StarfieldDisarray

    Riot's fear of Silence CC will never cease to amaze me considering they're perfectly fine shoving more crippling CC everywhere (hello year of knockups) but Silence is just 'too oppressive'.


    I don't even play League of Legends and still watch these videos lol.

  • HelloWorld

    I remember looking up in boards after facing this monstrosity and tons of people “he’s fine, he’s fine, just play Caitlyn into him.” This dude was an absolutely nightmare to play against. Ironically, I faced him in my final promo to silver from bronze and won with old Mordekaiser (thank god he existed).

  • Taxtro

    19:00 Not exactly true. The 95% banrate is true in general, but not for the games that include you. Because you are trying to play Kassadin and don't ban him. So this should be something like 94.8% or something.

  • Phreak is OP
    Phreak is OP

    a 27 minute video to say 'e had a flash every 5 seconds'

  • Benjamin Hausmann
    Benjamin Hausmann

    btw i placd kassadin once i dont understand why i cant used q so i never playd him again xd

  • Benjamin Hausmann
    Benjamin Hausmann

    powerof evil counterd kassadin in worlds with vayne

  • Benjamin Hausmann
    Benjamin Hausmann

    so what nunu not hafe a birthday cause old nunu is gone

  • Marko Ercegovic
    Marko Ercegovic

    sadly that kass sucks right now :/,almsot everyone beats him,fkin adc players man

  • JMcAfreak

    >a record that may never be matched Hello, might I introduce you to Samira?

    • That1NerdyBlackGirl

      You mean the Reaper/Dante Love child that's fuckin useless until lv. 6

  • f1r3 hunt3rz
    f1r3 hunt3rz

    Even past Kassadin probably shudders at the insanity that is Season 11.

  • John McCarty
    John McCarty

    Little did you know of the overloaded champ storm that was coming

  • Verysour

    League looked like ass back then

  • Brad Dorcas
    Brad Dorcas

    I'm glad Kass isn't a terror anymore. And thats coming from a guy who likes playing him. Sure you can't body as hard, but you can actually get to play him. And you don't feel like everyone wants to kill you instantly anymore. Allows you to be even more covert than he already naturally is.

  • Grand Priest
    Grand Priest

    "your chances were better at winning the lottery than picking kassadin" yeah the ban rate wasnt 99.999999999999999% they were 92%

  • jean reyes
    jean reyes

    You forgot s1 or beta TF.

  • matheus antonio fontolan
    matheus antonio fontolan

    One of my favorite stories of league of legends, I played kassa in s3 and s4 and yes that games were free win xD

  • Fallen Disc
    Fallen Disc

    22:22 Unintentional Diana reference

  • Shinomiya senpai
    Shinomiya senpai

    Dude your way of narrating is just amazing !

  • Robin Toledo
    Robin Toledo

    Aaah, the dreaded xPeke BD that spawned a cr*p ton of dumbasses that tries to solo backdoor the nexus only to die a dog's death.

  • Nate Reeves
    Nate Reeves

    Whats funny is you can literally find 2020 videos of Kassadin doing way cleaner plays and oneshotting entire teams.

  • Chode Master ᛉ
    Chode Master ᛉ

    never realized kass used to be a complete rip off of anti mage from dota lol

  • Tank Tang ke
    Tank Tang ke

    RIP skins


    I FCKING KNEW IT, I KNEW I KNOW THIS SONG THE "kassadin patch was a mistake let me show you part" MUSIC IS FROM *WAVESHAPER" it is a song called "A MONSTER"

  • Nash Snyder
    Nash Snyder

    no kass ban gg

  • TFC 343
    TFC 343

    it also depends in which team is first pick so it might be closer to a 1 in 200 chance

  • Just a Random Weasel
    Just a Random Weasel

    I'm a simple man. I hear Furi music, I like (12:56)


    Trash game, trash rito

  • okdghd

    what suck now is that every time i get to play mid, the other mid plays either yasuo or zed. welcome yone, i guess. but its still kind of bad.

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache
    Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    *Forgets to ban Kassadin back then* Teammates: "This is why you're hardstuck iron"

    • Voli

      More like this is why you can't get out of bronze V

    • Hōtarō Oreki
      Hōtarō Oreki

      bronze not iron but true hahah

  • zhbuba


  • Zois Antonopoulos
    Zois Antonopoulos

    I still remember that in 2013 i was 13 years old and a stupid master yi stole my first pentakill. And it just so happened that was my first game with kassa. Thats how strong that champ was lol. I ll never forget that master yi. I will find you.

  • X M
    X M

    What’s the music playing around 8 min?

  • Megan McLaughlin
    Megan McLaughlin

    When you pretty much have a built in flash

  • Somoko Animations
    Somoko Animations

    Reminder of the no mana cost for 7 seconds on Presence of Mind.

  • Drexif

    This is probably my favorite Exil video ever. Details galore about the most ridiculously overpowered champion since beta Jax or release xin zao or Leblanc, except this was well into the games life and it lasted for a while. Learning about it and watching it again is always a treat

  • Smort Boi
    Smort Boi

    oh? is this a video about riven? edit: oh nvm its not about the strongest champ in league

  • enis serifi
    enis serifi

    F in the chat for olaf in that xPekes backdoor. Really feel sorry for him. Even tho its not his fault at all he probably feels like he lost them the game.

    • Asma Hasmalaria
      Asma Hasmalaria

      Ocelote wasn't the same after this play. He was dominating the mid lane before and after IEM Katovice he never played as well again.

  • Tarek Tavalla Chaina
    Tarek Tavalla Chaina

    12:43 music?

  • Tungdil_14

    20:30 turned into eminem for a sec

  • M4themann

    Watching this in 2020, hearing he is perfectly balanced.. WAIT A MINUTE

  • Pure Evil
    Pure Evil

    I don’t care. Jax is and always will be the greatest champion of all time

  • holidaze

    Kassadin: I once had a 95% ban rate Aphelios: *Laughs in 224% ban rate*

  • Snow Fox
    Snow Fox

    And then Aphelios showed up and managed to somehow get a 223% banrate

  • Love Hate
    Love Hate

    2.5 second silence, 50% refund mana.. That's a dream T. T If this buff ever get to natalia or helcurt, the community will flip up. Kudos to exil for this knowledge. I love to study about lol history.

  • Pucci

    "the aurelion sol matchup" to bad my old main the cosmic dragon is dog shit now :)

  • Asap Vicious
    Asap Vicious

    after i saw faker use him in LOL finals 2016 or 2017? i immediately purchased him

  • Raphael Rocha
    Raphael Rocha

    I miss the wits end combo with kassadin for massive mana steal

  • Psycho Mantis
    Psycho Mantis

    This champion will never be balanced, NEVER

  • DatboiLogan

    Literally was thinking "hmm, maybe i should try to learn kass mid lane." And then saw this vid recommended

  • Dr. Fragrance
    Dr. Fragrance

    I hated when he had that silence. It was preposterous. He could R in range burst and silence and R away. There was nothing a mage could do against him in lane. Happy that's gone to be honest.

  • R492

    ban rate got rather handily overshadowed by release Aphelios, of course he was added after this upload so hopefully no one comes here and gets mad about that

  • Carlos Raiol
    Carlos Raiol


  • Tactical Toastr
    Tactical Toastr

    I dont see why they couldnt just aatrox him and remove the effects of all of his abilities minus the damage

  • SuperKitty957

    Then: Ban Kassadin Now: Ban Yasuo

  • Acidic Alien
    Acidic Alien

    I would watch so much more if each video wasnt a half hr

  • Nayar Mikhael
    Nayar Mikhael

    I wish I played league back then :(

  • Anaxilius

    Holy crap you said Crystalline Flask and suddenly I remembered just how long League has been around...

  • The 1 Walrus
    The 1 Walrus

    Idk bout you but I can never make it out of early game alive to play all that powerfully mid to late game.

  • AriaL BlinK
    AriaL BlinK

    Fun to see that 6 years after Kassadin is still a broken champ

  • T.T

    I was new when the kassawin was a thing, and i specificly remember to not know what kassadin kit was. One day, after months, i was able to piick kassa, in ranked game and read the abilities in game. I took a penta... My first ever penta, back then...

  • Wanderfull Games
    Wanderfull Games

    God bless presence of mind and seraph's embrace. Kassadins around the world would suffer without you.

  • oh yeye
    oh yeye

    95% banrate «the most overpowered» *aphelios with 210% banrate*

  • Yuki Nakamura
    Yuki Nakamura


  • Mig R
    Mig R

    Kassadin the most overpowered champion of all time Pos release xin zhao laughs at the background

  • mario098760

    Kudos for using that amazing song from Furi. Really fits the moment.

  • Valentin Brunet
    Valentin Brunet

    Exil be like : "kassadin's ban rate of 95% is an unbreakable record. Aphelios : "hold my beer"

  • The Slinker
    The Slinker

    Everything is good agaisnt aurelion right now XD, watch his release preview and look at his star's damage, i miss that damage so bad.....

  • Magus

    Oh god the 3 second silence im still traumatized by it

  • Albus Severus Potter
    Albus Severus Potter

    The silence from kassadin is fucking bullshit that's why

  • HitWalkHook

    Wait... kassadin's w doesn't steal mana anymore? Don't tell me that soraka cannot give mana anymore.


    If there wasnt the unique ban per team rule, aphelios would have been aroung 300-500%

  • Comfort Saliu
    Comfort Saliu

    But he is still powerful.... Late game he literally wins d game for the team

  • yingda wang
    yingda wang

    What if i told you evelyn had a stun?

  • Luis Decenciere
    Luis Decenciere

    I remember that I didn't know the game that well back then. I realized how OP he was and bought him the week before the big nerfs/rework... I never really experienced his power.

  • Leonard Dimo
    Leonard Dimo

    lol you get kassadin then remember you could've won at the lottery instead

  • Pepe Frog
    Pepe Frog

    Overloaded kits are at an all time high... Meanwhile, somewhere near skarner's cave... Slows? Countered. Stuns? Countered. Range? Countered. Mobility? Countered. Early/mid game? Non-existent. Damage? Questionable. Late game with proper items at like 60 minutes and a score of 2/20? *hehe, big scorp goes choo-chooooo!! PENTAKILL!*

  • Viktor Vikeyev
    Viktor Vikeyev

    everyone is a Kassadin main when hes open bud. that pretty much summed up Kassy

  • lone pix101
    lone pix101

    I love your channel! Have you considered making a video about Aurelion Sol? I remember how hyped her was, but now he just...doesn't exist? I feel like he has an interesting story!

  • Julius Eater
    Julius Eater

    14:14 damn you had to blind me? xD

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