A 45% Win Rate Champion Is Getting Nerfed On Patch 9.9
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Today, let's dive into and talk about Akali. This champion has been dominant in LCS, LEC, LCK, and LPL. Akali in pro play is something we all like to see, but we don't like seeing silver or bronze akalis in our games. Soon riot will be giving akali nerfs, and thats what we are going to talk about today. This video is in regards to patch 9.4, patch 9.5, patch 9.6, patch 9.7, and patch 9.8. Also, we will be covering patch 9.9 pbe changes. More specifically, the akali nerfs/Akali nerfs on patch 9.9. Which is upcoming.
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  • Exil

    Oh by the way. If you are wondering how to get data on "how hard a champion is" Riot sometimes releases these cool charts that show win rate discrepancies based on how many games played, so that way there can be some actual data on whether or not a champion is hard, really cool stuff! Here is one for Akali: boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/1fGaKtqV-quick-gameplay-thoughts-december-12?show=flat Here is one for Riven just in case you wanted to see it too: twitter.com/RiotBlaustoise/status/1074749440206954496

    • fabien herry
      fabien herry

      You do realise that you : 1/ Compare differents champions : riven got a lot of CC and can be helpful to the team even if she doesn't roll on her lane while akali doesn't have as much in team help . Don't compare bruiser and assasin that really dumb 2/ Compare DIFFERENT STATS : your stats for riven is on 400 game and for akali it's on 40 game .Real stats would be akali 49.8 (40 game) riven 47+ (30 game)

    • William Coulter
      William Coulter

      why can't this be public

    • KusakaiYT

      Dude miss u

    • Mutant Ray
      Mutant Ray

      I can't find it but if you dig deep enough on reddit, a user made a google spread sheet showing the avg number of games played before a person hits 50% Wr on that champ. Its not exact cause they had to source from secondary sources instead of Riot but it provides a decent estimate.

    • Elijah Avers
      Elijah Avers

      If akali is viable top she should be deleted

  • endiness endiness
    endiness endiness

    Your hate boner for Kai'Sa is crazy

  • No Name
    No Name

    I quit this game after they reworked on akali and nerf

  • Rubyk

    Delete this overloaded champ yeez

  • Banner of command
    Banner of command

    Well she needs more nerfs

  • Nikplaysgames12

    am i special for being good with akali after 5 games because its really how it was

  • Duy Tran
    Duy Tran

    I know this is quite late but seriously, people don't know that her lv1 is insanely strong? You literally can tell just by looking at the numbers. Her Q has 1.5s CD all ranks, it slows for 45%, and trigger your passive, which has 0 CD and buff your next AA. Just by looking at the gameplay showcase I already know that you can just Q at max range, walk slightly back to get the passive then move forward and hit the enemy champ with ease, due to the 30% increased MS along with 45% slow. Like that is supposed to be a "high level mechanic"?

  • Benjamin Baumert
    Benjamin Baumert

    When you talked about what person with a lot of damage was built tank before, I immediately thought of Tanksuo.

  • Great Big Lummox
    Great Big Lummox

    Kog maw mains be like

  • sting raye
    sting raye

    i mean, akali lvl 1 abuse is ez

  • David Mikayelyan
    David Mikayelyan

    Just remove akali from the game problem fixed!

  • SneakyLynx

    I know this video is a year old, but rn i main akali and she still feels pretty good to play

  • NoBrainAkaliMain

    Akali is a fun champion indeed. I started maining her since her kit is exciting and fun (also cause I wanna take a break from Lux). Im still using her nowadays but not in ranked cause she isnt that good. Her abilities are now so predictable and easy to counter specially on the nerfs she's receiving(Shroud movement speed turned to decaying, a targeted ult). If you're really good on her, she's very busted but Riot removing her micro stun back like last year and now removing the free targeted ult makes her vulnerable and easy to gank mid if ur not careful or conscious on when to use ur shroud. I dont know why I have to write this whole paragraph but I kinda just wanna express my feelings with Akali since Riot pretty much gutted her out.

  • Eduard Atonga
    Eduard Atonga

    Does the argument that he has at 4:25 about win rate hold up when you are looking at masters+ win rates ?

  • KLBMason

    I’m bronze and I have a 61% win rate on akali, she’s also by far my most played champion though

  • Justin Quan
    Justin Quan

    Do i love what they did with her rework? Yes it's fun, flashy and has a high ass skill ceiling. Is her rework broken? FUCK YEAH it is. But I say broken not OP, because in reality she has her strengths and weaknesses. But the best parts and players of Akali make her look broken. But on the other hand the worst players and parts make her look like the least capable champ in the game.

  • Tabletdogs

    Akali counter Fizz so hard she zones me with Q+Passive

  • Bigducking

    1 year later and now she just been gudded. oof

  • B Schults
    B Schults

    I feel like just because a champion is hard to play, playing them well shouldn't negate the possibility of counterplay, and akali feels like that kind of champion whenever her numbers make her remotely viable.

  • He Kirb
    He Kirb

    1:08 What the fuck. How did akali not die from that darius ult? She barely took any damage!

    • Nyna Leven
      Nyna Leven

      @He Kirb nah his ult is utter garbage until he gets 5 stacks or gets a reset. but when he does its so cancer lmfao

    • He Kirb
      He Kirb

      @Nyna Leven I know his ult deals more damage with each passive stack but even with one stack I'd expect the ult do deal more damage than an autoattack

    • Nyna Leven
      Nyna Leven

      His ult damage comes from his passive, do you not know what he does?

  • Lazlum

    1 year after this sh*t is 45% winrate total trash unplayable in diamond- and will never get fckin buffed

  • J4kson

    I think these champ can be unfair just because of their mechanics like azir and oriana's ult are very good in team fight, akali is untargetable for all her dashes and her cloud. We can figure that they are OP just because of their mechanics and not their stats unlike stats stick so nerfing their stats or removing an ability/passive is quite useless to balance them

    • J4kson

      @Nyna Leven ok my english is not good but i just meant u could not aa her and its still hard to target her because shes stealth

    • Nyna Leven
      Nyna Leven

      @J4kson that doesn't make her untargetable

    • J4kson

      @Nyna Leven her W dude

    • Nyna Leven
      Nyna Leven

      akali isn't untargetable in anything what

  • Dysluxic

    Legend says that she's still getting nerfs till this day

    • DerLoLKing Aguy
      DerLoLKing Aguy

      legends say she is still broken till this day

  • Masuda

    and it happened again.


    since when is riven hard or high skill cap

  • Choowde

    oh yeah shell be relevant for a while

  • Johnatan The Pack
    Johnatan The Pack

    Still getting nerfed in 10.3 kekw

  • Valerio Borgese
    Valerio Borgese

    Me, an Akali main living in 2020: HOLD MY 10.3

    • Richard Martin
      Richard Martin

      don't you worry my man,,,KDA is coming back so Akali is about to broken af again lol good ole Riot gotta sell those new skins!!

    • NoBrainAkaliMain

      @ParaFuegos and the movement speed isnt constant anymore while ur inside the shroud.

    • Oli DR
      Oli DR

      Akali is always going to be relegated to her current state until her kit is reworked. She has too many tools to win with very little you can do about. Riot removed the most problematic aspects of her kit (true stealth, infinite energy, etc), most of which I question as to why they included in the first place, but even then her kit is still overloaded. She is a hybrid mage-assassin-fighter, who has access to the some of the best itemization in the game (zhonyas, gunblade, etc), who can use arguably the strongest rune in the game (Conquerer) very well, while also having strong waveclear, range to prevent return trades, two escapes, stealth, high burst and high sustained damage, and three gapclosers with damage components. Once people start playing Aphelios to his maximum capacity we will see something similar with him, but as an ADC without access to mage items he won't be as strong. The best comparison to make for release Akali was old Kai'sa, and both are still in a precarious position.

    • ParaFuegos

      @Rinchen .S and remember with the w now you restore energy so its like the same in the mid/late game

    • Rinchen .S
      Rinchen .S

      Dragoman yeah that’s fair, presence of mind does help a lot with the extra 50 energy

  • Camolot

    10.3 is here with even more nerfs kek

  • Get Rekt
    Get Rekt

    Imagine 1 season later they still nerfing her like hell

  • amirhosein balali
    amirhosein balali

    akali is fukin broken bc of her w bottem line

  • Ryku Isaigana
    Ryku Isaigana

    Aah, Akali... Too much too say in the poor choices made by the balance team, so... Just going to say, hi, Exil.

  • eternity cosplay
    eternity cosplay

    All malphite ap mane : i see akalie in this game : party olay 1 shot akalie.

  • Ruan Weiers Britzke
    Ruan Weiers Britzke

    sometimes I think Riot takes the competitive side of the game a little bit too serious, I think they ultimatly should balance around soloQ, you may think it would brake Competitive, but I don't because they are so much better them us

  • Niklas

    I am sad about everything that happened to Akali. Not because I think "Oh no, another nerf!" I just loved the old Akali, I can't play the new Akali because I am just bad at her and I have no motivation to learn her. The new Akali is not the Akali that I love to play and this just makes me kind of sad. :( I wish that Riot will create a RGM where you can play the old champs. I would love to play all the old champions. Irelia, Katarina, Akali. Yeah, they needed a rework. I like the new Katarina but the old one was funny as well. I kind of like Irelia but she is too different to the old Irelia. :/ And I just do not like new Akali at all. There are similarities in her kit but I think the identity of the champ changed too much with the rework. qq

  • Nighn Karnaout
    Nighn Karnaout

    What nerf are u talking about ? They didnt nerf her at all she still runs at u and beat u in her weakest point in the game

  • Andrey Tsankov
    Andrey Tsankov

    Kalista mains: "Welcome to the club" (stolen from another comment about azir :P)

  • Furret

    im surprised no1 make a joke comment about 5:30 since all are easy to learn hard to truely master champions


    Tell me another story papa

  • Raging Potato
    Raging Potato

    Remember when magikarp predicted tank ekko meta way before it was cool. Pepperidge remembers

  • Mr. T
    Mr. T

    Fuck Akali, she can stay at 40% wr imo

  • Paul Brown
    Paul Brown

    Why do you try to sound like Phreak? lol...

  • Antonio

    Im glad to see riot learned something from their mitakes of tracking yasuos winrate as if he is a normal champion... Faster reactuon on akali nerf . Wp Rito

    • Antonio

      And few months later i have to say .. theres a real difference ..being less iritated while playing against her

  • Nightpire

    I expected you to mention the tank-akali build during the tank meta a few years back. A dashing assassine tank that felt unbetable during the midgame.

  • dimitris alisafakis
    dimitris alisafakis

    The champions power level shows by the best possible build/use of him. Pick rate, win rate and being easy or fotm only make it easier to realize. If the kit is overloaded on utility or numbers, it shows. No need to mix statistics that include dcs, not optimal teamwork, internet problems, people chatting with girlfriends during games etc. Win rate has many many factors that affect it. Champion power lvl has more specific ones.

  • nimrod films
    nimrod films

    fyi people (fyi in an fyi, i am an akali main but not a pro player ( gold/ plat ) so maybe don't take advice from me but this is just what has seemed to be true for me) PLEASE DONT TAKE FLEET ON AKALI! now... ok before the conq changes (on patch 9.23) fleet and conq were .. alright on her. but I still stand buy elec being 10 times better than fleet. but now with the conq changes fleet is just usless. it gives you some sustain..... that you can get from just going time warp tonic. but conq gives your a lot of damage, through the ap of course, and it gives your tons of healing, arguably even more than fleet in a trade. and it scales much better. conq is literally just the better fleet for akali.

    • Nyna Leven
      Nyna Leven

      Old comment but fleet gives her so much lane sustain in hard matchups and doesn't let the enemy run away from you once you get a fleet passive proc on them. It's just good into hard matchups

  • TadCool 500
    TadCool 500

    Better Nerf Akali

  • NixNix22

    Idk what this is I got 2S grades in my 3 games...

  • cashfox

    i dont feel very skillful myself when i one shot an adc with only R Q combo while 0-6.

    • Shiro

      cash fox are you talking about akali? She’s a snowball champ. Unless the adc is doing crap as well a 0-6 akali would probably be lower level. Unless you’re fighting against a bot , I don’t see you one shotting an adc. Also no akali is going to one shot with just one press of R and one press of Q(unless you’re like 30/1 but that would then apply to every champion). Her part 1 ult does little to no damage , it’s mostly used for utility and passive and I don’t see just the Q doing 1000?1500?(adc’s hp). You clearly have not played akali over 3 games and have no understanding of how the champion works.

  • pokey

    cringe video

  • Yousor0

    Akali's too hard to play unless you played her for 50 games Fam. The 1st time I used her (with the reworked version) she wad soo easy to play like abuse isn't even in Akali's vocabulary lmao

    • Yousor0

      @Shiro tbh from where I'm playing, having a lvl 5+ mastery means you've basically passed the most agonizing thing you'll ever see because your team is a team full of bronze because kids play this game and fall to bronze/silver so what they'll do is just barrow their friends account if the rank is plat-dia and play like shit. Some even play Yasuo and go 0 20 1. That's not even a player, that's literal cancer playing a game hahahahah

    • Shiro

      Yousor0 okay. Mastery literally doesn’t mean shit lol. I can literally get any champ from 4 to 7 in a day. Yea you might think she’s easy but there’s actually so much mechanics and possible ways you can use her utility , which is why she is hard to completely master after rework. Pre rework akali was more or less keyboard smash. Her early game was crap but after 6 your powerspike is insane. If you’re saying akali is easy to play , I can say the same for 90% of the champions.

    • Yousor0

      @Shiro nah, her rework version was just plain easy to play. The older one was hard for me when I played it for the first time. I got my Akali to Lvl 7 in just a day while I only had her at lvl 4 when she got reworked.

    • Shiro

      Yousor0 Were you playing blind? Maybe a game in bronze?


    You will never convince me that she is hard. I despise going against her

  • GoLikeHell100

    2:49 Cmon dude, good old times when i played on NA servers when Eu didnt exist yet doing it on 200+ ping was challenging but still not imposiible :D

  • Richard Bright
    Richard Bright

    5:33 Since when Yassuo is hard to play ? Why not Cassiopea ? A Sol ?

    • Shiro

      Richard Bright Yassuo? Moe?

  • Oliver Chant
    Oliver Chant

    Akali is broken,also she is not hard...fucking broken easy

  • 420 Hi
    420 Hi

    Id love to learn a very difficult champion, but every time I try to learn it, riot decides to nerf it to shit

  • Gaming Core
    Gaming Core

    akali should just be deleted, that invisibility is ridiculous

  • UserNamedEww

    Holyshit. Minus the team fight thing, I'm an awesome Akali, apparently. Lol

  • Leroy

    Akali needs be delete

  • lazy alpaca
    lazy alpaca

    I love when riven players talk about how balanced and hard she is i came from smite and she felt pretty easy idk where this riven shit comes from but i could tell she gets things hamded to her alot more then other champs its almost like shes the hanzo from overwatch the character makes people believe something they are not

  • Preston Ellebracht
    Preston Ellebracht

    Ryze has had a 45% wintate for 2 years straight and gets nerfed constantly because he is op in pro play.

  • The300Player

    Fuck Akali, this champ is pure cancer and hopefully it will keep getting nerfed

  • 100% Organic Fresh Memes
    100% Organic Fresh Memes

    Here's a crazy idea... change the mechanics instead of just adjusting numbers. For example, give E's 2nd cast limited range.

  • Griffin Gaming
    Griffin Gaming

    Ok I hate to be the bearer of bad new but riots "difficulty system" is absolutely terrible, riven,akali and irelia are not hard champs to play escpecially when you see them abused in low elo games and even more abused in pro play, it is because they are way to strong and the difficulty is not as high as some people think they are, same as yasuo and it isn't because low elo don't know how to counter them because trust me ive done everything possible to try counter them, yasuo and irelia are flying all over the place to even try kill them with dashes, riven just stuns you till you are dead and then the worste of all akalis shroud is so op that nor even a sweeper or red/pink ward reveals her which means she can damage you hid damage hide and by the time you have seen her while she hits you with a q or something she goes instantly invis again, if you try run away while you wait for shroud she simply q auto e e q and you are dead, she can kill without her ult most of the time it is horrible

  • Sub-Zero

    Sounds like a lot of league players are just garbage

  • Soy Boy
    Soy Boy

    CertainlyT should be fired

  • Brett Rigby
    Brett Rigby

    riot should just scrap all items leaving each champions kit unique. There is NO reason why zhoyas should be a thing, or GA! why not a ring that contains a lux ult? or a necklace that splits you into a clone like shaco? because those wouuld take somemthing away from the champs that they were intended for. heroes of the storm does fine without items. it then comes down to how skilled you are with that champ. not how broken the items are on that champ this patch

  • Ilyak1986

    So here's the thing--one cool statistic I've found that really silences the whole "BUT OMFG HARD CHAMP LOW WR" is the "highest winrate players" winrate on lolalytics. Here's its official description: The winrate percentage of games played on the champion in the last 7 days by summoners with the highest elo and best performance on the champion overall this season. Maximum 50 summoners are used per region with a minimum of diamond V and 50 games on the champion to be eligible. In other words, this statistic essentially answers: "is this champion tough to play, or just awful?" As of patch 9.16, in Diamond+, Akali sits third from the top at a 59.4% win rate in this category. That is, if you're a good player and really put in the grind with her, you're playing one of the best champions in the game. The two champions above her? Rakan, at 60.2%, and Kled, at 59.7%. Furthermore, Akali's *base* win rate in diamond+ is 48.4%, with a delta of 11%--literally the highest on the list. Currently, Akali is most likely in a very good place. A champion with slightly low base winrate that skyrockets as players get good with her. In contrast, the prettiest champ in the game, Irelia, is 5th lowest from the *bottom*, with a 51.7% win rate in this category, and 3rd lowest solo queue winrate of 45%. with a delta of 6.7%--pretty middle of the road. If you're new to her, you're just going to get slaughtered--but if you really put in the time, well, you're barely breaking even. Basically, an utter failure in balance, when ideally, Irelia should be joining her ninja friend up at the top of the "main winrate" standings. Then again, what do you expect when Riot's head of balance, Mark Yetter, only has an undergrad comp sci background and is a millennial? This is not the background that should be sufficient for data-driven decision making in one of the most popular games in the world.

  • Die polnische Schlange
    Die polnische Schlange

    Shen is thanos

  • pimketss

    so who is the 45% winrate champ that is being nerfed?


    I hate the fact Akali has/used to have (don't know if they removed it) hybrid damage in all if not most of her habilities. If you build armor she'll go for AP, build magic resist and she'll jusy go for AD. WHAT DO YOU DO?!

    • jÕAÕ mINAMI
      jÕAÕ mINAMI

      @Ram RD I don't know who though that would be an good idea. Seriously why the fuck Riot didn't think that was an good idea???

    • Ram RD
      Ram RD

      Akali still haves hybrid damage, both physical and magical damage in Q, pasive AA, E now haves both ad and ap scaling, AD first R, and AP execution AP.

  • White Bear
    White Bear

    If your ban rate is high it will through off you winrate. just look at Yasuo. A 40% ban rate should tel you something about the champion

  • Stefan

    In conclusion riot cares about competitive play balances

    • José Miguel Muñoz Alcayaga
      José Miguel Muñoz Alcayaga

      Since jungle ward item were removed

  • Hristo Kostov
    Hristo Kostov

    She was being nerfed too often tho...I think they should buff her a bit. Her W should make her invisible for towers again. Pls

  • CHR

    They fucked up akali with rework

  • xman08a

    6:25 q aa q aa? Um all akalis? Wut lol

  • KiddoL


  • The King
    The King

    I've had no real problems with Akalis ever. When you main tanks with low cooldown aoe damage and crowd control, or hyper tanks like Warwick who cannot be bursted by any single person who sustain like crazy and will hound you down, you just cannot understand what the issue is. Of course I play Jhin, Swain and Malz, but since I always focus on survival over killing and let the enemy come to me so I can control the fight, I just don't have issues killing assasins. Especially Swain. Swain is just perfect for beating close range threats because of his Q.

  • a very chronic tonic
    a very chronic tonic

    when i play kai sa i evolve everything gun blade, dusk blade, rage blade the holy trinity

  • Lhundrup Ho
    Lhundrup Ho

    Wait, is waiting on akali e for energy not normal?

  • madmarc22

    Low win rates does not always mean the champ is balanced, not in the slighest. This is what happens when giving champions overloaded and broken stuff/mechanics. No wonder that champion is just a nightmare to balance. I'm gonna say that old akali was better balanced than her current state, even if old akali was unhealthy. Giving her true stealth to turret during her shroud, what was riot thinking...

  • The Oridion
    The Oridion

    eyyy guess what!!! THEY GONNA NERF HER AGAIN F YEAH

  • Scorn

    Win rates can be deceptive if they're reflective of wins across all player tiers, and not just the upper echelons of skilled players. They can get a nerf with a minority win rate if their upper end players are too strong. An across-the-board win rate like that would only be indicative of the champ-to-be-nerfed's accessibility and skill gap.

  • SectorZeroGP


  • Jerry Baton
    Jerry Baton

    that intro reminded me of the time few years back when SSW top "troll picked" pre-rework akali, got like 9/1 (in an over all stomp game) and rito nerfed her like a week later, even tho she was picked only that once throught the entire worlds

  • Michael Moore
    Michael Moore

    A very good video. This is the modern-day version of when Yas & LB were nerfed in seasons past (although both their winrates were even LOWER than Akali's.) I like that you consistently speak against the common winrate sheeple mentality and explain very well why winrates are not the end-all universal number worshiped by League's masses. I give you an 8.5/10

  • angelo ucol
    angelo ucol

    In my home elo(Iron), buy tear of the goddess and run down mid on Kaisa.

  • Roxas

    its happening again LOL

  • Subspicion

    Riot should just stop balancing or reworking champions based around the like 0.1% of the community that are involved in pro play. That will never happen though since Riot really only cares about how their competitive scene looks and who cares about the other 99.9% of players right? They can just suck it up and play whatever we want them to play.

  • tangina

    *sad akali noise*

  • Neelix

    Execute all akalie mains !!! :)

  • Mooseballs

    Fuck both of them some champs are so annoying and you can only ban one

  • CRO Adventures
    CRO Adventures

    The balance team at Riot just puts champion on a dart board. Whoever gets hit gets the nerf.

  • EveryTimeV2

    The problem with a universal win rate is that your champion could be 35% win rate and seemingly cursed, but it is played by one person in tournaments who happens to have a 90% winrate with them, because they are broken; but in a way that can take visionaries or masters of the character to exploit to the max. This makes winrate almost irrelevant for balancing purposes as anything more than a rule of thumb.

  • The Creature from the Seventh Chamber
    The Creature from the Seventh Chamber

    Unless they actually fix the shroud, nothing will change.... she will still be broken

  • pr0jecT

    Just fucking revert like srsly fucking hell riot

  • PoofyKittyPants

    Long story short, fuck most of the people who play this game, we balance for the competitive scene.

  • Shimesa

    I watched this video on release and was very confused and amazed with the Akali clips, but then I became an Akali one trick...and I'm still amazed at the game knowledge needed for situations and trades like that but it makes me so happy to see it and understand what's happening.

  • flygoon

    Remember when Akali was braindead??

  • pan paruwa
    pan paruwa

    You know what? I think that if Akali's ulti got swapped, like instead of R1>R2 we would got R2>R1 then there it could be solution to some of her problems. You used R to escape or gap closer? No dmg execution. You had to play around enemy instead of all-in them etc etc. Would be nice to see how it would play out.

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