A Diamond Player's Advice For Silver Players
In this video I will be talking about what I think are some of the most important tips and advice I can give to players who are of pretty low rank.
outro: rsloft.info/loft/video/dZl6xY6zpJiUe5Q
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  • Xerosey

    Wow! Your points were really clear, the examples and word choice is easy to understand and your video helped a lot you brought a many things to mind that I didn't think about. Keep up the good work your doing great man!

    • JustFrame AltF4
      JustFrame AltF4

      You remind me of that kid in cartoons that always brings an apple to the teacher and tells him all the secrets of his classmates

    • Maxxsteam 1
      Maxxsteam 1

      2:17 ad blue riven s9 is meta xD

    • colpul2

      @Exil I just wanted to say thank you and this advice applies to all team based ladder ranking PvP games. Late to the show but great advice. I just started playing LoL but am high rank in another game and the hardest thing to get into low ranked player's heads is your in bronze/silver/gold because you're a bronze/silver/gold level player. So many think they're in low ELO because they're unlucky or there some little trick so when they ask the answer they're looking for is some trick like changing queue time or just do this simple thing and you'll carry and climb. Just consider that maybe what's holding you back is the Dunning-Kruger effect, maybe just maybe the reason you're asking why you're in ELO Hell when you should be asking 'how do I become a better player'. In the game I main there's a saying 'The META is the META for a reason'. From counters to builds, from roles to positioning; the META is the META for a REASON. The difference between the equivalent to LoL is Gold they don't know the META, Plat they know the META and can follow it, Diamond they understand the reason the META is the META.

    • //PROJECT JT314
      //PROJECT JT314

      Completely agree with Xerosey. Not only that, it's very easy to relate to what you said in the video to my games provided I'm looking at the right areas. When you mention how much much a player improves over the course of three months or so, I only had to look back at a replay I've uploaded in that frame of time to be amazed at how "boosted" I was. lul. But the opposite sometimes happens as well. In a few select games, I've somehow not only dominated the lane, but also roamed very well as a top laner yet, now, roaming/ganking is one of my weakest points. Unfortunately, I don't have the full replay to investigate and recall what my thought process was. What else can I do to bring back those moments?

    • Islam Eltaher
      Islam Eltaher


  • Fizzpop

    “I was in silver 2-4 for 3 months” Me who was in bronze for 5 years and silver for 1

  • yup yes
    yup yes

    Just got to silver today (^_^) I'm ready for bad time

  • Kyle Joseph Crespo
    Kyle Joseph Crespo

    *"git gud"*

  • Leoh music
    Leoh music

    Me in 2020: oh cool an advice video from exil in my recommended Exil: starts talking about the old runes and masteries Me: oh this was uploaded 3 years ago

  • Corkinator

    Silver - a person who isn't that bad, but isn't good either, but thinks he is good, so he starts to blame his teammates for his mistakes

  • nolan pestano
    nolan pestano

    ivern gave me a 15 game win streak haha i went from like b4 to s2 insanely fast

  • PokerSeries WSOP
    PokerSeries WSOP


  • Tamikaze

    Back in the day when runes and masteries were so much more customizable. I truly miss when I can go customize my runes to my playstyle.

  • Not a Stalker
    Not a Stalker

    Rune System back then was brutal for beginners and even the champions. But i'm thankful i saw the transition of the old lol to the new one, it was an interesting experience. My advice for silver players that have been playing this game for too long but still cant get past their elo is...stop playing for a sec and watch a video on how to actually play LoL. Mindlessly grinding is not gonna help u that much in an ever changing game like League of Legends.

  • Teodor Iliev
    Teodor Iliev

    first:feed second:flame third:blame GG EZ

  • Beast

    Im playing this game for like falf year and i just rankup to sivler

  • Vinsmoke Summer
    Vinsmoke Summer

    the advice is good, but it wont work in ph server :>

  • Cyberpunk Spinoza
    Cyberpunk Spinoza

    600 games in silver 3 ?!?! 😮. And I'm 25 games in gold 3 and I feel hard stuck. Man I never wanna experience that

  • Bastian Briceño
    Bastian Briceño


  • Omnipotent Gaming
    Omnipotent Gaming

    I have 2 accounts one of them I got to silver 4 easy I was able to carry games , on my other account I am bronze 2 and stacking losing streaks then I go back to my silver account and do just fine lol

  • AsianGameBox

    Interesting, I'll give you golf lessons and you give me league lessons :D - a plus handicapper and gold player

  • Kavita Yadav
    Kavita Yadav

    You are a riven player. You can get challenger with iron level macro just by building muscle memory for her combos and playing the game like any singleplayer title.

    • Shinji

      Kavita Yadav Found the hashinshin viewer, lmao. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad, considering that it’s only NA that ever complains about Riven.

  • George LU
    George LU

    im a low silver player and honestly i don't care about rank. I enjoy the graphics and jumping onto people more. Also league has a pretty interestingplayer base.

  • Andras Libal
    Andras Libal

    Now that I think about it this is good life advice not just game advice. Figure out what you're doing wrong look at how others do it better learn from it, do it step by step, put in the time. Have a good attitude to it. Those are powerful things for doing anything.

  • CyricRO

    Oh man, you talk about those runes. I had all of the runes, and when they were removed, I got this mediocre blue essence refund. It was a low point.

  • The Takedown
    The Takedown

    Hey Man, I just Started the game a month ago and i got to silver 4 after placements, however i feel a little lost on champions and runes and what to do, so if you can recommend me something or create a how to basic for me to learn from i would be grateful, also am a midlaner playing annie, tried kassadin and Ekko and Malzahar but still couldnt play anything as good as annie

    • The Takedown
      The Takedown

      @Joshua Conrad thank you

    • Joshua Conrad
      Joshua Conrad

      The Takedown I recommend using a tool like FaceCheck to give you a good idea on current meta runes and builds, as well as providing insights on your teams strengths and weaknesses on load-in. On top of that though, some of the best advice I have heard, as useless as it may sound, is to just keep playing. Practice those champs until every time you play them, it’s almost like second nature. Repetition is the best way to improve in something like this, even though there are going to be times where League is going to tilt you beyond oblivion. Best of luck to you, though!

  • majones117

    Back when I used to play the game in 2013, I tried playing ranked for the first time. I played 3 years of blind pick and loved it. I got placed in B2 and started the journey out of Bronze. I never made it to silver because of how much I got tilted by watching the other 9 players play. Sure it was easy, and I could carry a game assuming I wasn't in a role I didn't know, but sitting there and watching people ignore my advice on how to exploit a champions weakness then flame at the whole team about "we're not ganking for then enough" drove me from ranked and I went back to blind pick. I never cared about winning or losing in non ranked and just messed around playing what I enjoyed. Ranked showed me how mad Incan get a game and how much it takes for me to flat out quit.

  • stephen sands
    stephen sands

    Thinking you are X rank so you have no room to improve and you are being held back is toxic mentality I have seen from bronze-diamond.

  • fede siemienczuk
    fede siemienczuk

    wow, i first watched this when i was silver, now im silver

  • S Visuals
    S Visuals

    Team Exil pls ikon.gg/profile/5dd3abb849be9d0017a0794c?referrer=1

  • Ballistic Ball
    Ballistic Ball

    "Fuck you dad this game is way cooler than golf"

  • blitzbeat06

    ahh the golden days of league. the day they removed the runes it feels very bland.

  • i throw rocks not games
    i throw rocks not games

    I'm stuck in Diamond IV, I need help from silver players so I can get to masters.

  • Máté Torda
    Máté Torda

    Ah the time lol was p2w i remember the rune system

  • ItsDunking Time
    ItsDunking Time

    Why am i getting this as recommended , im not even bronze lol

  • DeusXDebauchery

    What can I do to be better? Play something besides ARAM and not be 35

  • Steff Ormeling
    Steff Ormeling

    The key to climb out of iron bronze silver is to not tilt and dont shitalk your teamates

  • Deathhorse

    Well then, it's time to play Shaco all day all long! (Support ofc)

  • Garrten

    This is a great video. You genuinely care & it shows!

  • Pan Keczap
    Pan Keczap

    stuck in iron 4 here, im sad.

  • VenomousCompany

    Basically Anything below Platinum is farm badly for 15 mins and then ARAM mid.

  • Fry

    If u wanna climb just use skins, skins = op pay 2 win

  • No One
    No One

    I miss old runes where you could do some crazy combos

  • Zenks

    I was a Dota 2 player for 4k hours, started playing LoL 3 month ago, i calibrated silver 3 and got gold 3 in 1.5 month, im not gonna lie - Dota 2 is so much harder then league but league has better champions design, objectives are more fun and overall gameplay is significantly better. I did not write this to brag about being good at LoL, by any means i am not good at it, i just want everyone to know that Dota 2 is mechanicly the hardest moba and it's not even close so if you struggle with LoL in microgame not macro - go play Dota for like 500 hours and you either die in the process or become good. Also this video is incredible and one more tip if you want to improve you should play a lot but even more importantly WATCH a lot, i think good formula is 30-40% of the time - actually playing league and trying super hard to actually follow the guides and tips, not just brain dead autopiloting AND 60-70% watch everything educational you can find on LoL.

  • Selin

    I just want to get to gold before season ends :( can someone from Oceania help me pls

  • Wahoe Man
    Wahoe Man

    This hurt

  • JustTony123

    Bronze player looking at a silver *is this a god?*

  • Optidalfprime

    So i was listening to the Video while scrolling through the comments and heard "flat mana reds". Thoguht too myself, pretty old school example, then you said it's a no brainer to have magic pen in your reds. That made me think. "how old is this Video?". 2017. Ty, youtube recommended

  • yea o
    yea o

    Lul i climed out of silver 3 using river shen

  • Aarohunter _
    Aarohunter _

    I’m silver one and in my games I mostly get somewhat fed but I can’t do anything with my small lead since my other four teammates already fed their asses off. Is there nothing I can do about this?

  • Samm

    they don't care about us gold 3 and 4... :((

  • bear 9
    bear 9

    "I was stuck in silver for 3 months" LOL I was stuck in silver for 3 years

    • Pleb Arty
      Pleb Arty

      sry man, i was stuck in silver for abt 1-2 weeks


      @AnimeFreakish78 you're forgetting the possibility of baiting them to engage with using your spell, hitting the creeps and the enemy at the same time and situations you want to push or counter a push. I'm sure there are others, but it's not like that's an actual rule to follow outside of: don't fucking fight when the enemy has an obvious advantage

    • Amkool

      Been in here for couple days and gonna get out in a week

    • AnimeFreakish78

      @David Kordesh here is my advice when i was hard climbing from silver to gold and plat my first time as a top riven main. Take the time to lookup and memorize the cooldowns of every matchup you play as well as the dmg scaling on the ability. This will maximize your trading knowledge as you should NEVER trade with someone who has cooldowns up over you, and ALWAYS trade with someone who is on cooldowns. Never use spells to farm the wave cause of this unless you have to!

    • Gunner_kek

      @David Kordesh i agree with your post. As for your question, i rate my game knowledge as fairly high. Because while i quit league for 3 years, i did play consistently since the game was released prior to that. So i only had to catch up on all the new champions and items. If i count all my ranked games ever since i started playing in season 1, i estimate it's somewhere around 900-1200 games. Add to that another 1900 normal games.

  • ii


  • Kito- Mei
    Kito- Mei

    gg wp in ty

  • Megablademe

    Hardstuck Gold 1,need some help.

  • Krystian Kukielczak
    Krystian Kukielczak

    If you wanna rank up from low elo (iron to gold) pick one jungle or mud champ and one trick him until you rank up to gold/plat. If you can't get at least G4 with kha zix/rengar/shaco or akali/zed/twisted fate then you just belong to your rank

    • YodaOnKet29

      Krystian Kukielczak dude people call different elos low elo but i will tell u one thing-nobody calls only iron-silver low elo usually people call low elo iron-plat and even low diamond

    • clickhead

      Why gold 4 specifically?

  • Daniel Filizola-Ruiz
    Daniel Filizola-Ruiz

    what if I am hardstuck challenger 😔😫😤😞😟☹️🙁😖 actually I suck

  • Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson

    I am stuck and I cant get out :(

  • aCe

    Omg u r a real artist ❤️

  • hdckighfkvhvgmk

    45% CDR nasus :)

  • wdwwadwafwefae

    Fuck you im italian

  • ken Willis
    ken Willis

    good thing im out of silver

  • First Name
    First Name


  • Kinou

    i realy though you'll be like, "i always answer go to proguide.com" and shit but looks like you are not paid for that so i'ts all good :)

  • Denver Kirk
    Denver Kirk

    wow the runes parts are so dated

  • Tiaan

    how the hell do people struggle in bronze & silver? im playing from fkn south africa with 200ms & Diamond. How are you hardstuck in silver with 20ms LOL

  • DavidOfficialLPs

    german import is noway i think

  • Gunner_kek

    0:27 600 games in silver elo? Lol. Just lol. If you seriously played 600 ranked games and you still can't get out of silver elo you're probably not cut out to play ranked

  • NateRS

    I remember watching this back when I was hard stuck silver 3 Im not plat 2 season 9, I'm very happy with my progress

  • music my life
    music my life

    I start playing lol this seasobn and I'm silver 1 Is that good

    • JP

      Yes, aim for gold or Plat next season

  • renux1231

    You're a very smart dude, the foundation thingy troughout time is so major even in life

  • Mr Eccentricities
    Mr Eccentricities

    video ends at 0:51 FAX

  • Kamicali

    This actually answered one of my questions; does getting better take time or skill? Thanks for that!

  • Armani Nguon
    Armani Nguon

    Ive been in bronze since season 3. That's because I rarely played. Now season 9 I'm stuck. I have the right runes etc. AND I main adc role. The problem with me is that consecutively I loose games I should stop playing if I loose one game I should stop. I keep grinding hoping for a win.

  • Kyojin, desu
    Kyojin, desu

    Laning is just fine but then for the love of god the jungler comes by, breaking my neck on top & midlane. But yeah with the trades, it is easy to do, but I got to remind me every 2 seconds of that one auto attack, like vision, jungler & minimap. A complete loss of focus.

  • Suvan Sethi
    Suvan Sethi

    I don’t think a silver 4 should coach anybody 😂😂 what’s this man doing

    • Jimbo Shrimp
      Jimbo Shrimp

      Suvan Sethi he’s not silver 4, he’s diamond 4

  • Vincent Tran
    Vincent Tran

    Diamond: you're my entertainment when i want to smurf

  • Kawaii Kiwi
    Kawaii Kiwi

    I cannot state this enough I may have stumbled onto this video now but your videos are what I need human to human not analytics so thank you indeed Rome was not built in a day

  • Nyle Shields
    Nyle Shields

    This video is so old i cringed when he said *spell vamp quints*

  • David Piland II
    David Piland II

    i miss the old mastery and runes system...

  • Hish33p

    A video about ranked lol turned into a philosophical talk about talent society and hardwork.

  • Wyatt

    I just realized that I honestly dont care enough to climb lol. I'm never going pro (wouldn't even want to if I was good enough) minimum 9 hour a day gaming sounds miserable. Playing with better players sounds nice buuut... the overall toxicity of league at every level just sounds like the game never actually gets better. I feel like league is probably most fun playing/theory crafting with friends and trying weird stuff. Cant do that in ranked though

  • FrozenPissShank

    “I started making this video thinking about how to give advice to low elo players after seeing different youtubers trying to take a crack and this is why my opinion is right compared to theirs” -you and literally every single youtuber who has tried this type of video. Please stop this madness, no one knows what they’re talking about, even yourself, just play the game and have fun

  • Eik Rasmussen
    Eik Rasmussen

    They all just die too much

  • Nguyễn Đức
    Nguyễn Đức

    I played 10 ranked games

  • Danny S
    Danny S

    “If you are truly passionate anduhhh blah blah blah”

  • DabDimmaDome

    Thought this was 2019

  • Kelantyx

    bit late comment but what if your rick fox and stuck in iron 333

  • Schyzox Music
    Schyzox Music

    aaand this video's outdated. god damn you youtube recommendations!

  • DingDongDanger

    If I go 14-4 as khaz get 2 barons and an elder dragon and my team still can't win then I'm not sure what to do lol. I will always get my team baron and they waste it dying 1v5ing in the jungle. It makes me want to rip my hair out.

  • Covalent Bond
    Covalent Bond

    you're either stupid or you're not, if you're stuck in an elo below diamond, you're stupid and you're probably too stupid to realise how stupid you are

  • Ken Q
    Ken Q

    Dude, that riven playing in the background, is dat u?

  • Fabian Roland
    Fabian Roland

    Silver Elo is just glorified Bronze, consistent 56% Winrate Silver 1 RITO PLIS

  • Dog Corn
    Dog Corn

    We are the same tryndamere 1 trick and got to bronze and btw look at my stats ive been plsting since 2015 and im still silver why some dont want me to play rank beacause they hatevgood players

  • Cloutzy

    but to be honest is it my fault if my top and mid is 0/10 already in 18 minutes? no its my teams fault i lost.

    • Tup

      But yeah I know the thing of I played decent my last 10 Games and still lost 8

    • Tup

      Yeah but over a infinite number of games if you allways play well you will climb since in your team 4 players can suck since you play well on the other hand the other team has 5 possible idiots :P so in theory you will climb

  • Ghilan Nain
    Ghilan Nain

    I skipped 2 divisions and now I had 3 games with afks.. it's so demotivating and I'm permanently tilted x.x

  • ziddaine sin
    ziddaine sin

    Rome wasn't built in a day I've been bronze since 1500Bc

  • TheAzorg

    in season4 i've been silver 4 from my placements, and couldn't be gold... by season 5 i was already low plat, now i don't give a rat's ass about ranked, just need gold so i can have my free skin xD

    • TheAzorg

      @Mister Hamlicrazy123 victorius skin for current season

    • Mister Hamlicrazy123
      Mister Hamlicrazy123

      Wait you get a free skin when you place gold?

  • Masoud Shairzadeh
    Masoud Shairzadeh

    I was mad calm, after I had like 10 games straight with bot went 0/8/1 then I lost my mind and from that day I get tilted too ez I don’t trust my teammates at all

  • john madrid
    john madrid

    2014 - 2019 I am still a High silver or low gold player but its weird my friends would pick me as their choice in local tournament or betting matches and I would normally fight Platinum and diamonds but the laning phase is not hard for me to match their trades or out perform the enemy. I am flexible and can take any role except ADC, my main flaw however is I am" not dedicated" to the game and can be considered a "casual player".

    • Harry Styles
      Harry Styles

      not only is this embarrassing to read but i hardly doubt you can fight dia as a s1-g4 player. i play against those people alot and they fucking suck. as a diamond player i destroy them everytime and its only natural because they are silver. your comment is the prime example of the "smart but lazy"-excuse.. if you need to say "I could but i dont want to" you actually just can't

  • Yahzuo

    I do really feel like the players in my team usually are worse than me. I don't understand. We're all the same elo in that game. Why am I supposed to 1v9 instead of 5v5? I understand that carrying a game when you're clearly way better than the enemy team would make it relatively easy to win games. But if you're all that same elo, or slightly better, its almost always a 1v9.

    • Paul Rogers
      Paul Rogers

      Wouldn't that be true of the other team as well?

  • 愚者

    I actually cries after the half of your video.... I never play any kind of game like LOL before in my entire life And the first champion that I trying to main was Akali...I sucks at skills and afraid of the players in front of me Every game I played my damage were not even higher than a tank champion I cried so many time cause I really want to be good at playing Akali My friends feel I am annoying cause I cry so much about I sucks and my lowest damage and economy They don't play with me anymore.. I spent a month barely sleep , practice everyday Just trying to be better , but nothing really changed..I still cried out so many time when I got rekt I really tried..

  • Jaishankar Gm
    Jaishankar Gm

    Great video, honestly I think you're the best league RSloftr.

  • Aashas

    Only mistake im making atm is not dodging games when i see bunch of retards in my team... rank gold2-plat2

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