A Refusal To Nerf Riven
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Today, let's dive into why riot may be refusing to nerf Riven. On patch 9.9 there are no Riven nerfs. This may explain why the community is still upset about Riven not receiving nerfs. There have been plenty of posts by reddit, league of legends twitter, and youtube comments on the state of riven. This video is in regards to patch 9.4, patch 9.5, patch 9.6, patch 9.7, and patch 9.8. Also, we will be covering patch 9.9 pbe changes.
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Twitter, reddit posts about riven:
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  • Exil

    What do you want from McDonald's?

    • John Whitney
      John Whitney

      Just a soda for me

    • Louis

      big chunky hanburgur

    • fabien herry
      fabien herry

      That you start getting your stats right on riven xD u.gg/lol/tier-list?rank=gold&region=euw1

    • Elijah Avers
      Elijah Avers

      If you nerf deaths dance passive bleed aatrox will literally go to a 20% winrate in season 10

    • Goms


  • Nicolas Chavez
    Nicolas Chavez

    Riven is broken in good hands, but it haves a lot of counters, im main riven and i cant win against a good renekton, sometimes i win but most of the times i cant

  • Lightcolt

    Riven in Season 10 LUL

  • Tiger Bonzo
    Tiger Bonzo

    Imagine playing playing riven on season 10 xd

  • Turkeyballz

    she had 2 broken phases when essence was good and when she brutalizer meanwhile she gets even fucked by champs that she should counter thats a sad state of toplane , u got true dmg or selfheal monsters there or just retarded armor stackers , i finish cleaver they got 2 full armor items at that time conq has no true dmg but yeah keep fucking riven to oblivion

  • Alry FireBlade
    Alry FireBlade

    Games where everything is op you talk about dota2, to do you?

  • Draco Sol
    Draco Sol

    Update on Riven: She’s currently sits at a pretty good 50% win rate Riot: WHAT?!?! IMPOSSIBLE!! WE MUST BUFF HER IMMEDIATELY!! She got more health regen, just what everyone wants from an early lane bully :D

  • Chris Chen
    Chris Chen

    Make her shield scale with ap Cool down increase Add an actual animation and not bunch of instant cast bullshit

    • Zacky

      She’s actually in such a bad spot right now... those nerfs will make her literally unplayable and useless

  • Numbskull22

    And they are continuing to buff her now.

  • Krakenator 312
    Krakenator 312

    Riven: has 55% win rate in Masters+ Riot: yOu'Re AlL jUsT bAd

  • h3ll0gudbye

    Who designed riven? She's such a stupid champion.

  • Kamilohbk

    Riven main? Disgusting.

  • Marcos Leite
    Marcos Leite

    Nerf riven = no more money in skins

  • nimrod films
    nimrod films

    my space? FUCKING MY SPACE? wait what's my space?

  • Golden Mairon
    Golden Mairon

    People trying to say Riven is skillful KekW

  • tun44

    320k garen main. get fucked riven

  • AngelsDontKill

    Riven can be op as much as it can I don't care since I ban her every single game for couple years. Best solution for not to lose weebs who smash their q button only to win. You can't chase her, you can't run away from her, you can't outdamage her unless you were snowballed early, she has mobility, she has burst damage, she has sustain damage, she has cc. So I'm better of without her in my life #cancerfreeleague

  • Mars Sweat
    Mars Sweat


  • ScarletSc

    This champion is just toxic.

  • Kozak Hunter
    Kozak Hunter

    Riven = not fun

  • D.G.L S.P.L
    D.G.L S.P.L

    Nurf her sheild and she wont be able to dive; Just nerf her stun, it does stupid good dmg for an AoE ill be it a small aoe

  • Juampito gemplei
    Juampito gemplei

    I fucking hate Riven please delete her from the game

  • TheFisher Guy
    TheFisher Guy

    Aatrox : *is a strong champion with counterplay and is hard to mastet* Riot : NO Riven : *has a 55% winrate in plat+* Riot : she is weak lets buff her Azir : WHAT

  • Meropticon _
    Meropticon _

    Ofc they don't nerf riven, how else are they going to sell skins? Fucking greedy company doesn't care about balance.

  • Blaster

    Remove her dash. Problem SOLVED.

  • Caleb Wessels
    Caleb Wessels

    She really isnt all that hard to play, takes no more games then your average top laner for you to get results.


    what was that?????? 9:31 revin flash or what?

  • Gorrazin

    I've thought about what you've said a bit more in this video Exil. I don't agree with looking at the deaths dance passive. It's not absolutely broken on other champions as it is on Riven. Nerfing deaths dance would be like Nerfing literally every bruiser that builds it because Riven is too good with it.

  • IDFK

    Aight rito. You can do whatever you want. You can keep riven the way she is, you can buff trundle, you can buff poppy. Don’t you DARE. EVER. Buff singed. That bastard needs to stay f tier.

  • MrSoapta

    I don't know if I am a good yasuo, but I always easily rip riven apart as yasuo

  • TheTwizzler

    just change conqueror and buff yas, don't nerf riven.

  • Sebastian Hebold
    Sebastian Hebold

    8:55, that kindred has no clue what she is doing xd. Uses Q Into Riven and huge minion wave.

  • JGNunu Replays
    JGNunu Replays

    Make thE cooldown on her Q Start when she uses her third Q!. PROBLEM SOLVED.

  • Bee Ong
    Bee Ong

    And riots keep releasing new champs while the champion pool is unabalance tsk tsk tsk


    I thought this was for Warframe LMFAO

  • Onur Yıldız
    Onur Yıldız

    Sylas E shield gets hard nerf (only shielding if e2 hits) and they say his E shield makes him hard to catch lol

  • Eku Eku
    Eku Eku

    leave her alone

  • Sufuurin

    They are so much rivens you can fill a river with it.

  • Jonas


  • Leon Coben
    Leon Coben

    Maybe it's because I main Riven but I've honestly never had trouble against Riven. Like ever, laning against her has never been a problem for me even when she is counterpicking me such as when I'm playing Kayle or Gangplank. Granted I can't get a kill on my own unless she overextents and even then she might get away but as long as I farm which I still manage I've never had trouble against her. As for counterpicking against her I've taken Rumble and Renekton for example to poke her down and then all in. As for when I'm playing Riven Jayce, Voli, Darius(sometimes), Garen(Past lvl 6 at least), and Quinn are some of the most annoying matchups I've ever had the pleasure of playing. Riven is strong but I've never felt she's broken. I've played League since Season 2 and not once have I ever honestly thought Riven was too difficult to beat. But that's my 2 cents.

  • ViskaDrake

    A bit ago I saw a Jhin with 4 Infinity Edges. Pretty fitting amount though.

  • Nox Mage
    Nox Mage

    WHY ARE YOUR videos so good!?!?!?!?!?

  • Miki1337

    9:30 what the fuck?

  • Dhero77

    They nerfed her a week later

  • Flamer

    irelia 2010-2019? no, that irelia from 2010 doesnt' exist anymore. reworked irelia is a new champ in this game.

  • Blackpilled Boy
    Blackpilled Boy

    Riven needed buff but got nerfed bc cry subhumans children ( 3/4 of the community) can't use their hands. But probably you hate her so much because she is the only champion that requires hands to be played THE ONLY FUCK**ING ONE. Don't say to me that you tried her and that she is easy, everyone who say that probably played her a couple of times in normal or is a retarded silver/gold/platinum that can't even fast q combo DON'T FUCKING SAY THAT SHE IS EASY TO PLAY IF YOU CAN'T DO FAST Q COMBO AND OTHER FUNDAMENTAL COMBOS, just fuck all handless people that complained about riven, i despise you so much, weak minded subhumans.

  • Adamboulahia17 Adam2015
    Adamboulahia17 Adam2015

    fast worward 3 weaks conqueror is being nerfed and riven is getting micro reworked

  • derrick huang
    derrick huang

    Spoke too soon she’s nerfed

  • Quality content
    Quality content

    just destroy the scaling on her shield. let it be 50% or 30% from her ad done

  • Xyales

    Conquerer - "When fully stacked, 10% of your damage against champions is converted to true damage and you heal for 10% of the pre-mitigation damage dealt." I think it is a serious problem Rune-wise, because on top of on-hit dmg you get true dmg and %healing. They should either remove the true damage or change the healing completely. Whoever designed this rune must have been incredibly stupid to put 10% True DMG and 10% pre-mitigation healing *together* on it. - The true dmg brings the problem that champs (that use conquerer), which are supposed to be countered by tanks are suddenly less countered by these champs anymore. [Being countered less by a champ, only because you picked a specific rune shouldn't be happening at all, the rune should only affect your playstyle or have mild impacts.] - The healing is stupid rightnow because it says *pre-mitigation* which is the worst possible balancing idea, they could simply just change it to post-mitigation which would fix alot. [atleast red-kayn has post-mitigation and its still stupidly unbalanced, but its only unbalanced because they thought that max-health damage on top of around 40+% overall damage lifesteal was an good idea apparently, heck its not even the max-health dmg's fault, its because it scales instead of being a flat value or something that scales with level, but he's a different problem from this one.] - also *constant* healing is generally a bad idea as a rune or better worded => getting lifesteal on a champion without building a single lifesteal item shouldn't be possible.. *yes im talking about you, Legends: Bloodline*. But its not only Riven, or Conquerer that is stupidly balanced, the matchmaking system doesn't works properly/is rigged and the primary problem is that they're trying too hard to keep the unique parts of a champion extremly powerful. thats why they "almost" never nerf main abilities(community complains) that define a champion. For example: Champion X is OP, his ability Y is the reason for being OP but its his main ability, so lets nerf abilitiy Z and change some base stats. [This is usually a stupid idea which just locks the champ in being only playable with a certain build/playstyle.] The example of Power Creep in this video is accurate too, they should rather make every champ weaker instead of every champ stronger. [making champs stronger and stronger removes the ability to play passively/defensive under tower when behind and thus towers get useless as a defensive option - you basically just turn into a minion since they don't give any real protection.] This all is obviously my opinion and its obvious that people that main different roles or play in different elos have a different perspective. I just like to believe that this game will die or shrink so much in 1 or 2 years or gets a total make-over from coding perspective. - because you know "spaghetti code" and current launcher bugs.

  • Saptarshi Bhowmick
    Saptarshi Bhowmick

    i also gotta ask why so many ahri and lux skins.ok some champs have like 12 skins while lux has 9 but they are fkin old like alistar.why dosen't aurelion sol have new skins what about fkin illaoi.

  • Emil Vennerberg
    Emil Vennerberg

    Does Riven still have the highest leave-rate?

  • DstEdd D
    DstEdd D

    Do this type of vid with YASUO! Also, great that you came back with your own vids...you done with mobalytics ?

  • Ransom Messenger
    Ransom Messenger

    Good glad they refuse! Stop being a bitch 😘 only pussies complain. And advice riot return all characters back to how they were at release and stop listening to complaining bitches you'll be better off.

  • Demian Cariello
    Demian Cariello

    I play since S2, and to me, Riven, a bruiser that has more mobility than an assassin, insane damage, execute damage, insane shield, aoe CC, all those with minimal cooldowns is broken. Riven and Janna were unfair 8 years ago, and they still are.

  • Ghostthred

    Just pick the crabgod, he has the most fun abilities of any top lane champ anyways

  • Furkan Kinas
    Furkan Kinas

    wtf is going on at 9:33

  • carlitos el cubanito
    carlitos el cubanito

    Riven mains Press q Penta

  • Utku Yıldır
    Utku Yıldır

    If you want to beat riven, all you have to do play kled.

  • Mangafreak001

    myspace?! srsly? havent heard that term in ages

  • Shanderon Shadow-Seeker
    Shanderon Shadow-Seeker

    All you have to do is increase the CD on her abilities. This way it takes away her mobility and thus makes her easier to deal with.

  • Zerophoenix1

    just change her to q on cooldown after q ends instead of when it starts

  • Thescott16

    Riven is too flashy and popular to nerf. She's the kind of character that makes games look cool in esports and streams; her abilities, animations, and "mechanics" are flashy and fancy and get people hyped to jump in and play a game.

  • Redgrave

    Can they just nerf her so I can play my main and so people stop threatening to kill my family for having her be my favorite champ? It's getting pretty old having everyone hate you at champ select just for wanting to have fun jfc

  • Lucas

    Wanna fix riven? Give her a fucking energy bar.

  • Temonation Playz
    Temonation Playz

    buff aatrox

  • Quote

    This video is dog shit bias fuck off

    • Vulcan Memes
      Vulcan Memes

      Riven main salt

  • Taer

    I am by no means an expert with this game, but I feel that they have so many champions, balancing between them is not feasible in my opinion. A nerf or buff to one character has a huge potential to affect every champion in a myriad of ways of which I'm sure everyone can imagine. At this point, I feel like Riot is simply deciding what META they want their next seasons to focus on.

  • Julius Juukulius
    Julius Juukulius

    I don't even play League😂

  • jestahead

    I ban riven in every game no matter what lane I'm in. I know that if someone on my team picks her then we're all in for 20 minutes of verbal abuse.

  • ship another ship
    ship another ship

    So what you're telling me is America has all the Autismo riven players

  • Jony Tequila
    Jony Tequila

    riven needs nerfs or a rework... you can literally smash your head against the keyboard and make a pentakill

    • Adrian Durlej
      Adrian Durlej

      Not true.

  • Olle Hellberg
    Olle Hellberg

    If someone picks Riven, just pick Garen

  • Random Guy Studios
    Random Guy Studios

    Riots solution to a busted champion: Make more champions busted

  • Mark van der Lei
    Mark van der Lei

    The only thing that should be nerfed is her E, the cooldown should be a bit higher making ur animation cancels less frequent coming from a noob riven main

  • Alexander Skörde
    Alexander Skörde

    Riven has been somewhat strong for years , but before you had to be good to win

    • Bvlee100

      Everyone *should* be somewhat strong, that's what balance is. Not arguing in favor of anything, just pointing out that the goal of buffs and nerfs is to put people on even footing so that no one has a significant advantage/disadvantage.

  • peach assassin
    peach assassin

    Did you just called MW3, MW2?....

  • Jaime Elías Reynoso Escobar
    Jaime Elías Reynoso Escobar

    Main reasons not to nerf her: *SEXY AS FUCK* therefore good skins therefore good money Content creators play her..... A lot Gold players are winning what is broken can be reforged

  • Mike the Milkman
    Mike the Milkman

    Thnx for the video phreak!

  • newironside

    I haven't played this game in 2 years, why is this in my recommended

  • Dat guy
    Dat guy

    Employee's walked out? Better nerf Irelia

  • Lex Avaritia
    Lex Avaritia

    Riven 1997 Good job youtube

  • AFonso MRM
    AFonso MRM

    WAIT WAIT!!! jax and irelia arnt op XD omg ok now i see why the balance of league is so bad.

  • Bryce Howarth
    Bryce Howarth

    lol looks like my 10 min is up thanks for listening to my voice

  • AlphaMammOnth

    Op does not describe it.

  • Flaze


  • Alizer

    riven too op? better decrease 5 movement speed

  • BadBoiBandit

    this game is just trash and we should all just play other games. How about that solution?

  • Brandy

    NA= Denmark 5Head and before you normies come at my neck YES i know denmark owns the land

  • Basuo

    the main thing they annoyed me is, yasuo and zed were just as good if not worse then riven but both got nerfs a patch after they were strong whereas riven didn't get touched. i can understand zed since he is a problem in KR but the nerfs they did to him made him worse then he was before he was buffed. and the yasuo nerfs were justified but same can be said about riven getting nerfed.

  • r3toun

    Just nerv Deaths Dance, would put a dent in those pesky Draven players cockiness.

  • Crowald

    Season 3 all over again.

  • Tatsuhiro Satou
    Tatsuhiro Satou

    You really wanna nerf riven give her a mana bar so she cant spamher kit 24/7 for free.

  • Irumi

    Riven is just Yasuo 2

  • Shinobi

    cancer kids

  • mekklord

    I played LoL from 2012 to 2016 and only started playing again like two weeks ago. Back when I played hardcore, circa 2013-2014, people were already clamoring for a Riven nerf. Come to think of it, I can't think of a point where Riven was ever not top tier, even after her base HP regen was nerfed (IT USED TO BE THE HIGHEST IN THE GAME TIED WITH ZAC). At this point it'd probably be better to just delete her tbh.

  • Kilvik

    The 1.1k dislikes are Riven one tricks stuck in gold

    • Goms

      @SpunkySam You can't even pass silver u dumpster

    • Ransom Messenger
      Ransom Messenger

      Not exactly I dont even play this game and still disliked it. Just not on the nerf train unlike nerfers I actually get good at the game and win. Destiny 1's weapons were ruined by the nerf train.

    • Leo W
      Leo W

      @SpunkySam because they would be in iron if she was balanced

    • Kilvik

      @SpunkySam because they are generally garbage players and everything is "my teams fault"

    • SpunkySam

      if Riven is op how are they in gold?

  • Officer I swear she was 18
    Officer I swear she was 18

    Also,am I the only one who thinks her kit is REALLY overloaded?Kinda like Yasuo's or Lee's.


    300 games on riven here, still can't carry a single game XD (100 ping)

  • AFonso MRM
    AFonso MRM

    hya buffuing some shit to nerf other isnt a sulution cuz you will just help the champions buffed is supost to win the better player not the champ ffs is so easy to balance that shit just remove conquror and all true damage from the game.

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