A Top Lane Champ Goes Mid With A 92% Win Rate In DIAMOND 2
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Today, let's talk about Rumble in the mid lane. Rumble top lane and Rumble mid lane have now become more op champions for patch 9.13. Riot changed Rumble on Patch 9.13. Right now, Rumble build and rumble runes are Electrocute and Arcane Comet, and I am sure he is S tier for the patch 9.13 Tier List. At Proguides, we placed Rumble on our 9.13 tier list, and are looking to place him even higher for the Proguides League of Legends 9.14 Tier List. Rumble Mid is op!
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  • Went Rumble
    Went Rumble

    Hey nice video

    • Quincy James
      Quincy James

      two rumble legends in one youtube reply, Went and Looter, dear god!

    • Official Looter
      Official Looter


    • Brad Gray
      Brad Gray

      Atta boy KEVINNN!!!!!

    • Dawnsday

      Ay my boys worldwide now

    • Exil

      Thanks man!! Nice win rate ur nuts on rumble really impressive my friend

  • My Music
    My Music

    Shhhh ima need you to stop hyping up Rumble I just started playing him cuz of my boy Went so uhhhh... chill thanks LOL

  • flompofoon

    im from the future, he was right. this shit OP!!!

  • #1 Fragi Fan
    #1 Fragi Fan

    Weird coming back to this when he's known as a mid laner who can top now

  • J4kson

    Rumble is not a toplane champ its a mage midlane with traits of a bruiser

  • Brenden

    video actually starts at 0:51

  • Kew The II
    Kew The II

    I'm sad, rumble is actually one of my favourite champs and it's sad to see him getting nerfed probably soon, and really I don't think he should be nerfed at all. U nerf em, you won't see em anymore, cuz no one really knows how to play rumble honestly from what I've seen till mid/high diamond. It's only the otp that uses em.

  • The Best Kind of Cat
    The Best Kind of Cat

    The 1st time I did rumble mid in ranked I faced a ducking barrier ekko

  • Antonio

    TY. i lack interesting picks for mid

  • Weezel

    why people don't play him... he is boring, simple

  • jacky sun
    jacky sun

    Rumble has one of the most impactful ult in game, like a good rumble ult can win any team fight.

  • SuperFlamethrower

    Aren't you supposed to look at the person whose name is across from you, look up their record and ban their most played champion (just as a really basic strategy)? Don't get how opponents could allow you your best champion game after game unless it's a support or something.

  • Jullian Dale Cordova
    Jullian Dale Cordova

    I came back to this after watching DoinB pick it against IG on QuarterFinals. He takes predator which in hindsight, actually good because just like the video said, Rumble is great at pushing the wave and roaming and that predator boots add more opportunities to roam. PS. He only received a slight nerf. Just wow rito.

  • Just another Shaco legend
    Just another Shaco legend

    the fpx prophecy

  • Jsp

    The real secret is having high rank gives you dmg.. When i go on bronze and fire up my Q on rumble. i do like 10 dmg.. But when a master tier player does it, they do 1000 dmg. Ranks give a dmg % bonus. That's their secret.

  • Arturo Garcia
    Arturo Garcia

    My old main

  • Tommy Tran
    Tommy Tran

    Well damn the 8% of rumble players always end up in my games

  • John john
    John john

    please do tf ad, now im really curious XD

  • cr pk
    cr pk

    i used rumble few days ago just to play it casually and wow, enemies dont know the type of damage that rumble can output even in low lvls.

  • rae liz
    rae liz

    That anniebot callout is hilarious

  • Jacob Jimenez
    Jacob Jimenez

    As a Vel main I gotta say that hurt to watch, they were terrible

  • joe guarinoni
    joe guarinoni

    Hashinshin said onces that Top lane is a shit becouse the lane itself is, top champions that are viable in other lanes instantly have higher winrates than in their original lane

  • More or Less
    More or Less

    Gonna try this before the inevitable nerf hammer.

  • Misumi Kaminari
    Misumi Kaminari

    Yeah rumble is total bs. The only time i win is if he picks first and i galio into him.

  • James MacDonald
    James MacDonald

    he was always my mid pocket pick into yasuo, get tabis, win lane, win teamfights, win game

  • Asking Why is Free
    Asking Why is Free

    OMG THIS IS NOT GOOD! I'm going to report you to my riot friend!

  • Andrej Hallder
    Andrej Hallder

    But its flex? So...

  • Trevailus

    Thanks now i now who to pick

  • Lucio Hi im
    Lucio Hi im

    Im in Gold II. Just tried rumble mid. Went 6-0. It’s probably cause I main rumble as a jungler so im familiar with his burst damage.

  • ꧁༒Duchi༒꧂

    *"A Top Lane Champ Goes Mid"* Sounds like Kled Top Ulting to Mid

  • Choi Wonjae
    Choi Wonjae

    I think that rumble is quiet fucking annoying and autistic so I’ll perma ban him from now on

  • Alex Horton
    Alex Horton

    Talk about Orianna next. She always pops up when Worlds comes around, and it's as if everyone forgets she's actually good before then, but you never see her in solo queue.

  • Szgerle

    Amazing how you newbies are discovering the concept of pocket mains in S9

  • Ronald Žiga
    Ronald Žiga

    Ok i Can try this ello gold IV -II xd

  • lu zelazny
    lu zelazny

    I just have 1 question. Rumble is a melee champ... Who has 2 ranged abilities 1 of which stacks..... And he has to constantly spam spells to keep overheat up. Why does no one take conqueror on Rumble? He is literally the perfect champ for the rune (I am assumeing the rune isn't perfect for the champ) he has everything going for him to just perma stack conqueror and never back again.

  • fUzE bOmB
    fUzE bOmB

    Next Patch: Rumble is now a mana champ and his passive is overheat, when he uses his skills too much he gains +20% cooldown Also he is ad now

  • You know Shum
    You know Shum

    What about rumble in the jungle ? Viable ? Anyone try this

    • dish

      Chandler Shumate and whoever does it should buy the skin Rumble in the Jungle

  • Se7ens

    wow all 5 stars huh? completely perfect? interesting.. fake news

    • Weenie Bop
      Weenie Bop

      or its like uber where you get 5 stars for getting someone to the location without being annoying

  • james ultima
    james ultima

    Subbed for no adverts. Great videos too!

  • Elliott Colon
    Elliott Colon

    Nobody talking about how good Kled Mid is??

  • Matas

    0:17 he doesnt use a mouse?

    • Cheyhey


  • Yoshida Saki
    Yoshida Saki

    Me as jg/toplaner: Ah... I want to try mid YT: Why Rumble good as midlaner *Thanks YT*

  • Paradise prime
    Paradise prime

    Its the same logic to why Illaoi mid is probably good. Smaller area where tentacles are more condensed. You out push every other champ early if you start W. You can harass them under tower with E and push at the same time. The lane is smaller and much more active than top so ganks are more likely to happen which is what Illaoi wants. You can rush tank items and still do damage before mid game where you start building damage if you want to be safe. The original issues Illaoi mid had before are gone. One of the biggest issues was ranged champs contesting and shredding your E timer which is now not a thing. Champs with a lot of attack speed or auto resets killing tentacles mid attack now is not an issue since they will still slam even after killed and can be chained slammed if you do it fast enough. People cant stand near 1 tentacle after it spawns and be safe since the time between tentacle slams has been shortened. She can be aggressive without having to ever really be aggressive since E lets her get essentially free damage.

  • H1SD

    One of my friends started playing Rumble mid as a joke, he carried himself to D4 (last season high gold/low plat)

  • Adam Usher
    Adam Usher

    Iceborn Gauntlet + Rylais Scepter Nasus nuff said

  • hewhoslapshoes

    How the fuck does kass not crap on rumble when his q isn't going to stop rumble as interrupt

  • Oscar Poscar
    Oscar Poscar

    Champ with no good escapes mid 🤔 ok I'll try

    • Turtle

      Oscar Poscar shield and ms but other than that theres no dash or anything

  • Phoenix Fire
    Phoenix Fire

    Can you do a vid on Aatrox?

  • Le coût critique
    Le coût critique

    Azir really punish Rumble really hard, it's the hardest counter I've had on my little level (gold 1)

  • Z Parke
    Z Parke

    "try it out in normal games"... ha! who practices before ranked?..... maybe this is why im gold

    • JJmoiser

      at some point playing long enough if you know the basics of the game you can actually try out champs in ranked. Mechanics are way easier to get behind than the basic mechanics of league

  • OracleThresh

    Kled mid. Freelo or forfeit? I've seen a dozen of Korean Kled Challengers and Masters play and win with him

    • Мотов Василий
      Мотов Василий

      he is counter pick for some champions, just like renekton mid. And he is similar to Talon/irelia, Ad mid who relies on early snowball.

  • George Lucas
    George Lucas

    When champion is overbuffed you can play him almost anywhere and rumble can be played jungle too and i guess you can play adc/supp rumble cus he is overfuffed xD

    • piotrj333

      He is not overbuffed, because every meta bruiser on top lane can just force a fight vs him and win, and champions drain tanking like Aatrox are hard counter if both aatrox and rumble knows what to do.

  • Flamer

    rumble is a shit champ, last time when i played this trash was in season 3 on ARAM and never again.

  • Jon Genova
    Jon Genova

    I'm hard stuck silver I'm going to try this and gain freelo

  • Louis B
    Louis B

    I got a high wr as Bard mid in gold, must be op

  • Spartan SC
    Spartan SC

    That shit needs hard nerfs,like akali ones. All the Game is: He can kill me but i can't kill him.

  • rbrtz

    Sssch its my secret weapon

  • Kneester D.
    Kneester D.

    He counters Mordekaiser very well.

  • Unhealthy Humor
    Unhealthy Humor

    Hey Exil, i just watched your video on what it actually takes to be good at league, and i have a question about it and i assume you would be more likely to see it in this video. You mentioned playing champions and playstyles that boost your strengths. I wanted to know how to identify my strengths as a player, as i struggle looking objectively/recognizing my strengths and weaknesses.

    • ok

      examine ur games and see what ur bad at

  • Aaren Mitts
    Aaren Mitts

    Normal games? You know we're all just going to go buy rumble from the store and go straight to ranked son

  • Gabe K
    Gabe K

    "on paper and in theory" redundant

  • Richard Valli
    Richard Valli

    Hey Exil thanks for the video ! Always nice to discover some new picks with you ! I think that the best way to counter Rumble is to match his waveclear and avoid early trade when his damage are quite high and do not cost mana or others ressources. But I am not a mid main so let me know if I'm wrong ;p Also since the buffs to Illaoi, do you think TK is still freelo ? I was use to pick TK and ban Morde (to get free laning phase in most cases) but now it feels like Illaoi is the go to champion to counter my favorite Catfish Demon. What is your oppinion on this ? Thanks again !

  • TheGermanGuy

    I really enjoy all of your videos !:D

  • Jose Rene Ticsay
    Jose Rene Ticsay

    With Dong Huap gone Exil is now my source of lecture-style League content

  • Cow

    Let me sum up this clickbait video that's been dragged out to 10 min rumble doesn't have a 92% w/r but there is 1 player who does. 1. rumble has good push 2. rumble has above average ganks because of his wave priority 3. rumble is very defensive and has the damage of an assassin when you dont expect it 4. he says rumble has no bad matchups, which is a lie, he does. especially in >diamond1, people arent retarded and know how to counterpick and play their lanes 5. '''he gets to lane quicker''' ok so here's where it gets repetitive 6. he mentiones how you can push waves fast again?? 7. he mentions your kill pressure again???

  • Josh Wekony
    Josh Wekony

    So were all gonna forget this was already, meta for a long time over 2 years ago?

  • The HandProject
    The HandProject

    Nothing about rumble is cool or impressive, thats why no one. Gave or gives a shit. All he does is infinite q, and attack you constantly at range. If his win rate was low, it ed be sad, but even if it was low, that would just mean, the ppl playing him are trash retards, because he is just too easy to do bad on

  • Professor Duck
    Professor Duck

    ""annie works in all roles because I'm anniebot" special" too goddamn accurate lmao.

    • Nick Wolf
      Nick Wolf

      And then me as Garen Darius aatrox mord sett top just destroys you bear or not I denied your farm. Stun me? Tiny scratch big whoop. Spamming me wasting all your Mana because I have lane up to tower and if I hit you 2 time you die? Man Annie top op. Almost as op as Lulu top heimer top and my personal favorite ezreal top. Big brain moves guys too op please nerf XD

    • Jordan Whitehurst
      Jordan Whitehurst

      But it's the truth.

  • Samar Woody
    Samar Woody

    Anyone in diamond wanna duo on euw? Cool vid btw, rumble is fucking broken if the player is experienced on him.

  • SolgerLemp

    you keep bringing up comparative play you don't realize solo queue and league championship pros play styles are completely different

  • primaacca

    My man WillieP on the dyr in the jgl.

  • mrzoro105

    Now he's getting nerfed because of this video

  • Icy A
    Icy A

    pog time to test it, good video :)

  • Jon Martin
    Jon Martin

    That guy got like 5 10 stars a day must be working rough hours sure they are not botted or fake.


    A: *WHAT 92% WIN RATE? OMG THIS HAS TO BE NERVED!* B: hey, chill A: rly????111 B: rework will come

  • JadedTrekkie


  • Queen

    Proguides is shit just use skillcapped or watch vods

  • FidschiWasser

    Pyke Support next please

  • chuckles de clown
    chuckles de clown

    rumble is good. me: ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLLLLLEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stefano Rigato
    Stefano Rigato

    Played him in mid during Season 6 and 7, I was getting flamed for picking him even tho I had a 70% win rate with him

  • Dylan Costello
    Dylan Costello

    One on Kled mid?

  • Zippidis X
    Zippidis X

    Rumble beats most champs mid. It is just a rough early but most cannot scale or be as useful in teamfights

    • piotrj333

      That is his weakness, rumble always used to be played mid by some players almost since S2. But game now is more early game then ever, and team setting up jungler to carry wins games - suprise rumble is perfect for that.

  • Dawnsday

    Yo I'm a diamond mid Rumble OTP with a 61-65% winrate over 200 games, Just some things, Rumble doesn't have to rush Oblivion orb, it's kinda a noob trap since it delays Liandrys + Zhonyas which is your true powerspike since Zhonyas let's you make hyper aggressive plays.

    • Dawnsday

      @Kendrin waht

    • Kendrin


  • Justus Forsberg
    Justus Forsberg

    Tried this and went 20/3/2 first game (with DH)

    • San3

      Don't feel too good, playing in low elo doesn't make it that special.

  • Aditya Ihza
    Aditya Ihza

    0:16, when you don't have the clip of someone unironically plays league irl so you have to edit it in.

  • SgtYTube

    My counterpick for rumble is rumble.

  • David Willi
    David Willi

    Rumble.Is.Not.A.Top.Laner he blongs mid

    • vincent dube
      vincent dube

      that is true my man

  • SAG 300
    SAG 300

    I got a 14 day ban but when im back i know what i'm playing

    • Misty Diablo
      Misty Diablo

      SAG 300 2 week vocation

  • xeaglex47

    rumble kinda sucks top Ryze Kennen Vlad so much better Ap

  • Suicidal music addict XDXDXD
    Suicidal music addict XDXDXD

    Ivern mid-full crit! Freelo? 😈

  • Shrixers

    True, but Rumble is a boring champ that is why nobody plays him

  • BigAzi

    what do you think about mid land kled

  • r.m. renfield
    r.m. renfield

    I've lost to a Zed in top lane. Afterwards I couldn't decide if I hated him or myself more.

    • Peter Geramin
      Peter Geramin

      Who were you playing

  • Agent Smith • 2 years ago • edited
    Agent Smith • 2 years ago • edited

    9.14 "rumble mega nerf"

  • Demee Jon Cymon Oracion
    Demee Jon Cymon Oracion

    No nerfs for 2 yrs? didnt they nerf his ult cd and his Q? 🤷‍♂️

  • Nathaniel Inc.
    Nathaniel Inc.

    Infinity edge garen Freelo or forfeit

  • Sean

    Rumble mid? You want 2 week vacation?

    • Doctor Sarcasm
      Doctor Sarcasm

      I'll call my riot friend

    • Armistice

      Unless u int hard and is below diamond/plat

    • CayBietDi

      Sean ok then u too

  • Healz

    RIP to every silver player thats gonna pick rumble mid after this video

    • Durr

      @Orestis Tza If your winrate was as crazy as you say it is, you wouldn't be Silver still

    • Orestis Tza
      Orestis Tza

      I play rumble mid since last season in silver and my winrate is crazy. Only his ultimate is a bit hard to hit.

    • Kevin Lu
      Kevin Lu

      Savage LMFAO....or perhaps...u mean iron?

    • Themis


  • Firellius

    "AP itemisation is good!" "Irelia and Talon screw over your comp when played midlane because literally every other position is already filled by AD." MFW Rumble is a good midlaner because it's one of the few remaining AP characters that's passable.

  • Clearly Chris
    Clearly Chris

    “I wonder if Rumble will get nerfed soon” Me asking Magic 8 ball - Will Rumble get a skin soon? Also Magic 8 Ball - No TIME TO GET FREELO FOREVEVR

    • Joshua Cordovez
      Joshua Cordovez

      bro that was cringe dont do that ever again

    • iggy

      But if he's not getting a skin that means he's gonna get nerfed and if he is that means he's not gonna get nerfed...

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