Aatrox Rework: Animation Cancelling Guide | Riven Player Plays The "New Riven"
Hope you enjoy this new Aatrox rework guide! He is really fun and is kinda like the new Riven rework LOL either way the new Aatrox on PBE is dope!
Set to be released on Patch 8.13 the New Aatrox Rework is currently on PBE
Here is the full post about his update!
Music is from the Runescape 3 soundtrack!
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  • Exil

    Please subscribe to my ASMR channel I really need money

    • Jakob Böhringer
      Jakob Böhringer

      das faq same

    • jehad al-hasan
      jehad al-hasan

      when that aatrox will come ? and how did you used it ? if you told me i will sub and give you like in every video

    • TsaR

      @exil tryna copy poki after she muted you to get attention hei. I LIKE THAT!

    • das faq
      das faq

      this comment made me subscribe.

    • Dráco

      Is he gonna start moaning and breathing to get us all tingley. I wonder if that’d make us gay 🤔

  • Brad Neavor
    Brad Neavor

    “Aatrox doesn’t have an auto reset” Hashinshin: Hold my beer

  • Kostas

    just saw a guy in aram playing aatrox and he could q and move how is this possible ? the 3 q atcks and he was moving forward while doing them

    • Amesoko

      q + e

  • Gierch Dekuma
    Gierch Dekuma

    Other players: Goes lethal/crit meta me: Mortal Reminder is enough

  • γιαννης καραγ
    γιαννης καραγ

    So many months and still this is the most useful aatrox guide I could find after they nerfed his e

  • Definitely Not Shanque
    Definitely Not Shanque

    Damn listening to you was really soothing. Take thst as you will but I calmed down right before a Biology Exam.

  • Lost Mind
    Lost Mind

    So you are disappointed cause Aatrox is not Riven basically? Good lol

  • Dylan Brooks
    Dylan Brooks

    is this the mobalytics dude?

  • Dave Russel
    Dave Russel

    Oct 2018 and ghostblade black cleaver sterak's (?) is the way to go

  • Darkin Kılıcı Aatrox
    Darkin Kılıcı Aatrox

    29. Saniye doranın videosu :D

  • pablo astorga
    pablo astorga

    Wtf how do u kill dummies?

  • Sidney Andrade
    Sidney Andrade


  • Goldberg Sam
    Goldberg Sam

    How do u kill a dummy...

  • Freya Lukavitch
    Freya Lukavitch

    the real question is how many mutilator procs you can get in a full combo

  • 村田晴人

    He is not Ment to be Riven seriously... you people..

  • My Heart Is Hollow
    My Heart Is Hollow

    zamorak boss lol

  • Devout Blade
    Devout Blade

    Would Trinity Force be better now that they made his E an AA reset?

  • Given Blythe
    Given Blythe

    Aatrox got a buff and his e is an auto attack reset now. Can you make a video about it?

  • Akram Mekersi
    Akram Mekersi

    You are disapointed in his Q because you expected a riven 2.0 . no man Aatrox is Aatrox he is a sustain tank/bruiser whose job in teamfight is not to deal as much damage as possible like riven but to be as useful as possible by attracting enemy focus and cast cc's . the moment people will think of aatrox as a unique champ there they will be able to enjoy him at his fullest

  • Hooray

    how did u get this cursor?

  • Eze Vilardi
    Eze Vilardi

    In a perfect world, reworks like this do not exist. But this is not a perfect world

  • Xuan Bach Lai
    Xuan Bach Lai

    wait, you can kill the practice dummy?

  • James Huang
    James Huang

    Disappointed that riot didn't make aatrox mechanically identical to riven? Lmao please.

  • thered Gojo
    thered Gojo

    u earned my subscribe on this video.


    E W Q combo is harder to do than W E Q but it is better since your w will have more range

  • Kyoriosity

    i sparked out from him

  • Tuấn Anh
    Tuấn Anh

    Is this riven 2.0?

  • Daylon Pritts
    Daylon Pritts

    Zamorak boss reference and then uses priffdinas song from rs3? Someone respects runegame:)

  • AFonso MRM
    AFonso MRM

    atrox is a bruiser u just need to build a black clearver dead dance and the build tank: spiritvisage is good for the healings, dead man plat is good for hit the Q, cdr in atrox is good because he is a speel caster like riven


    You can Q - dash - flash and land a good distance, did it with 3rd Q and it felt amazing.. although new aatrox sucks in mid to late game

  • awais anwar
    awais anwar

    Riot is running out of ideas. Taking out unique creations and replacing them with the same generic bullshit voice over and over powered crap with no interesting personalities to champions.

  • Uchiha Obito
    Uchiha Obito

    Is like camile not riven XD

  • Its. romero
    Its. romero

    Im a riven main when I saw aatrox rework I was so hyped. You can build tank items with him and still do tons of dmg I believe riot will buff his q it’s very overpowered. What do you think?

  • someonewhoexist

    He just added sustatin

  • someonewhoexist

    Aatrox copied rivens homework

  • Fine Mouche
    Fine Mouche

    how you changed the skin of the mouse cursor ?

  • Karl Spasst
    Karl Spasst

    Did you really killed dummies?? Why i cant do that

  • PapaValhalla

    Hes too damn clunky right now, their gonna have to do some Quality of life changes to him, instead of just messing with his numbers. You can mess with numbers all you want but that won't change how easy his abilities are to dodge due to how slow and predictable they are.

  • Csongor Meretei
    Csongor Meretei

    Aatrox is definitely not op Kills the unkillable target dummy

  • Mald Lions
    Mald Lions

    New aatrox ... trash aatrox goodbye good old aatrox ...

  • crandor6

    Runescape background music

  • BukovTervicz

    What do you think about him compared to her tho. Is Riven just a better him with the larger learning curve of her more mechanical combos? Does he bring anything different? Is there anything more fun about him then her?

  • Chatoic Chaos
    Chatoic Chaos

    “First Aatrox, pro” I quit

  • Motecasa

    Definitely will smash something.

  • Kyoto Zaky
    Kyoto Zaky

    ok no problem.

  • ragadaDeath

    Or u can be boosted like me and dont care about combos and just faceroll

  • Rodney Arcega
    Rodney Arcega

    I think he's gonna proc Shiv and RC charges fast. Can his Q proc those charges? Like Ez's Q with IG?

  • Rodney Arcega
    Rodney Arcega

    I think Q-E is better because there's a small time before his Q lands and E will help his Q land at the right spot.

  • Shiraori

    i think I will like LethalTrox

  • Chris

    Thank you for not having a title in all caps.

  • Jeff Emmoth
    Jeff Emmoth

    haha love the runescape backround music

  • sir LoseAlot
    sir LoseAlot

    First I hate the Aatrox Rework Gameplay, but after you tell about all his combo now i am Interested to playing it.

  • Yasser Fawal
    Yasser Fawal

    As we all can see Riot rise her middel finger to all Aartox main or even who love play Aatrox his voice disgusting his accent making me want to throw out his q like Riven but guess what 10000000000 time worse why the fuck he have cast time like if you use your q you root your self idiot and omfg I don't want talk about the dash how to fuck he can get to people if he don't have a fucking dash he don't even have an ultimate people wait his fuck bloodwall to file and kill him are they stuipd? Give us the old fucking Aatrox gimme the Aatrox I loved mother fuckers when Aatrox becme good you wanna rework him wtf you could make him tankier and increase his q knock up range and the cycle range and that's it mother fuckets

  • Sameer Yachouh
    Sameer Yachouh

    liking the lofi you play

  • Starker Geist
    Starker Geist

    I kind of like that it feels clunky, part of being a greatsword duelist means slow arching strikes with a decent amount of downtime between swings

  • Hexxecon

    Please no :(

  • Singady l
    Singady l

    I…didn’t know you could kill the dummies.

  • widowmaker edits
    widowmaker edits

    We don't even want a riven 1.0 so I'm glad they didn't make him riven 2.0

  • Terror

    His Q isn't fast paced enough for animation-cancelling skill to be relevent.

  • gytux0258

    I almost wish they didnt rework old champions.

    • gytux0258

      so often they end up too different to their old selves.

  • Pilavını Gömeyim
    Pilavını Gömeyim


  • Kerrkeneez


  • Inyuasha824

    Runescape music haha I also thought aatrox looked like something from zammy

  • Forrest Evans
    Forrest Evans

    Enjoying right clicker Aatrox before he gets removed )':

  • Hawk-Nightcore


  • Memmoumilas

    Very useful, thank you.

  • Ravenous Basilisk
    Ravenous Basilisk

    If it's not Riven v2.0 then it's freaking melee Xerath, that's for sure. So 95% of those who play him gonna miss like 90% of their Q's

  • Ravenous Basilisk
    Ravenous Basilisk

    If it's not Riven v2.0 then it's freaking melee Xerath, that's for sure. So 95% of those who play him gonna miss like 90% of their Q's

  • SoldatNavi

    What song is that? @8:05

  • momo the Avatar
    momo the Avatar

    daddy i wanna smash you

  • David Kyle Limco
    David Kyle Limco

    my aatrox rework: passive: bloodwell (cd) + ad q: 1st cast: dash 2nd cast: like new aatrox 3rd q w: psv: heal on your basic attack (cd) actv: next basic atk deal bonus dmg e: like new aatrox w r: big wings, longer q 2nd cast, atk spd

  • L3gueYolo-Chan

    New skin to Riven ^^

  • Nappy

    Me > Aatrox

  • KillRiegn

    i hate your map placement

  • GeninGeo

    why is it the 'new' riven and not the useless version of riven. akali shroud has 3 times aatrox e range on the teleport

  • PotatoPlayer Made in China.
    PotatoPlayer Made in China.

    this new atrox make riven look like trash a part of being trash...finally I can see the reworked riben I wanted so hard.

  • Brent Bennett
    Brent Bennett

    I feel like the sion q and aatrox cc box would be pretty boss since they wont be able to escape his maximum charge when it pulls back. Theyd be forced to engage, and they both have a strong 2nd life state.

  • metabee113

    Bro, you won my like. You are a great teacher.

  • SteelsCrow

    Swain needs these wings.

  • REYteo

    your voice is like asmr pd:no homo

  • NightSky Games
    NightSky Games

    I just feel Aatrox needs a 3rd E

  • FeedToPlay

    I just came for the animation Cancelling not to watch a whole spotlight

  • Nick Moro
    Nick Moro

    This video is pointless, the only way to cancel an animation with aatrox is using the hydra so it's totally different from riven

  • Just A User
    Just A User

    You can kill dummies. How? I never managed to.

    • RazeKi

      Urgot can kill dummies

    • Geoszux

      Grievous Wounds kills dummies.

    • hkannx

      Just A User i think the aatrox passive is buggy and can kill the dummies

  • Insertar Nombre
    Insertar Nombre


  • Ryan Hasan
    Ryan Hasan

    Loved the referral to runescape

  • Flexy

    I barely ever felt the urge to like a video like for this one, good job exil! Love your stuff man, keep it up :)

  • LordVeral

    learned something new...trying to learn shit by watching aatrox pbe games but...having an informative video on him really helps. Cant wait to break out my main again

  • Straba3

    Well the new Aatrox is good, but it's kit Aatrox anymore. I would love, as an Aatrox main, that Riot keep the old champion and make an other one with the rework

  • RN J
    RN J

    Wtf is this title

  • Lord pretty flacko
    Lord pretty flacko

    Came here just to dislike, degenerate ass riven players

  • TsaR

    4:55 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Lo X
    Lo X

    Its like this: Aatrox:Ugh mate I haven't finish my homework yet can you help me out? Riven:OK, but make sure dont copy like exactly the same! Aatrox:Ok mate.

  • Mashiro Shiina
    Mashiro Shiina

    01:30 In a perfect world... Men like me... do not exist... But this is not a perfect world...

  • Gabriel Read
    Gabriel Read

    How did you kill the target dummies?

  • Aaron R
    Aaron R

    QQers: "I liked when Aatrox was like Tryndamere, Xin Zhao, Trundle, Yi, Udyr, Nocturne, and Olaf... Now he's like Riven. SO UNORIGYNUL" Aatrox was too cool to stay in the right-click camp.

  • Burtaliano

    Does no one noticed,that he killed those Dummys? Lul

  • Albino Raven
    Albino Raven

    Riven is a bug

  • Florence

    His abilities are on point like 3 stack Q some cc on W(pretty similar cc but i think Aatrox is better) and Dash on E luckily their ultimates are quite different.

  • Dawyson

    i would say new aatrox e is more like feiora q than akali w

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