ALL IN At Level 1: One Of The Most OP Items In League of Legends History
Today, let's talk about the most overpowered item to ever exist in league of legends. This item broke the balance of the game, broke the patch notes, and broke op champs into being impossible for league of legends to balance. Many low elo players could win with starting this item, and champions and fighters such as Kha'Zix Riven and Renekton were the perfect mid and top laners for climbing and showed how to climb in low elo. Let's talk about Fort Pot, otherwise known as Elixir of Fortitude.
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Patch 9.16 on the PBE on surrender at 20
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  • TheEmperorOfDrifts

    Probably the best kleptomancy users. Kayle: am I a joke to you?

  • Alfonso Palacios
    Alfonso Palacios

    So its like a more broken version of faerie fire in DOTA then

  • Whimsy

    *Item:* Pilfered Potion of Rouge *Exil:* "Pilfered Potion of Rogue"

  • Jonas Kircher
    Jonas Kircher

    You forgot the most op champion with that pot. Ashe! Back then her passive was crit chance on the next auto stacking up to 100% over time. If you sat in tri brush at lvl 1 with Ashe and her red pot she had a guaranteed crit, doubling the damage of the pot on the first auto, now imagine that with a Janna shield and you could kill some of the lower hp champions in 4 shots because supports only bought pots plus wards at lvl 1 back then. If someone face checked you, it was a guaranteed kill. Oh I totally forgot, back then there was a rune that gave you higher crit damage! Giving up to 46% extra damage on your critical strikes, kinda like an infinity edge. You can imagine how much damage the first auto crit from Ashe did.

  • Not Dross
    Not Dross

    Wait, what is Kleptomancy?

  • Kingsley SLDG
    Kingsley SLDG

    I remember playing udyr top lane and spam this item every game.. the good ol days

  • Matt D
    Matt D

    S3 fort pot rengar I still miss u

  • RR Z
    RR Z

    I hated and loved this Rune as Kayle. It was sooo good for saving Gold in stopwatch, cookies and Cdr. Not to mention the gold from Klepto itself.

  • wingeddanny

    why does this guy sound like gbay?

  • Mannerless Entertainment
    Mannerless Entertainment

    It’s pronounced rooshj

  • WetToast 115
    WetToast 115

    You saus you cant all in at level 1 with naut draven bot? Rhetorical question. You always all in level 1

  • Mc Jesus
    Mc Jesus

    R.i.p kleptomancy

  • Matt Cygnus
    Matt Cygnus

    Man I miss the old map so much.. so dark and somber yet so nostalgic

  • MelonHead1848

    so if dude has 20hp and I kill him you call that a one shot?

  • kataz

    4.20 was so fucking fun bro LOL

  • Tatianna Velez
    Tatianna Velez

    wrong playlist

  • ThePowerOfGems

    Udyr with 1% crit rune and Elixir of Fortitude

    • Qeijz

      nigga stfu no one cares about this virgin ass game.

  • Epic Lightning
    Epic Lightning

    Ah yes, back when League of Legends was Legendary. Another great video, Exil!

  • Loxus 0_0
    Loxus 0_0

    Who is here from the xxxtentacion’s playlist

    • Straffy

      Meee lmao

  • Old man stan - brick hill
    Old man stan - brick hill

    Think xx x if a fan lol

  • RobinMusic

    Around 6:40 doorbell sound.. Me with alcohol at 5am was scared shitless

  • Suppository

    Am I the only one who came from the xxxtentacion song playlist

    • Mario Santos
      Mario Santos

      Lol same here was wondering why this was in there

  • Dportillo18

    Last time I played league Obama was still in office, solo laner kha Zix was kinda viable and elixir of fortitude existed

  • ilia katritch
    ilia katritch

    I guess the new potions are the new version of boot enchantments

  • Rayaya

    4:07 wtf is that champion, malphite lookin one

    • Falcon II
      Falcon II

      Old Maokai^^

  • Hunt3r

    8:00 Omg this old warwick so clunky

  • BigMOO123

    Heh, he pronounced rouge, which is red in french, as "rogue"

  • Exlisity Gaming
    Exlisity Gaming

    I frickin miss klepto so much 😫😫😫

  • Solitude4me

    Whats the name of the ending song ?!

  • Practitioner of Diogenes
    Practitioner of Diogenes

    Item's title is "Pilfered potion of rouge". Says "Pilfered potion of rogue". Rouge is the color, rogue is state of an individual. Anyway, Corruping Potion is literally this item, and just like that item, Corrupting potion should also be removed.

  • timotej lovrec
    timotej lovrec

    I think 90% kayle in high elo had clepto

  • Quinn Lin
    Quinn Lin

    Pls do a video on the removal of Klepto and the addition of Omnistone!

  • Twisted

    I remember 1 v1 with my friend where we are arguing who's the best, khazix or rengar. Ofcourse I won as kha'zix with this item. He doesnt know this item yet back then haha :). I don't know that this became meta.

  • Jerry Kuo
    Jerry Kuo

    ok a video on 15 health potion starter hahaha

  • 420Blazican Productions
    420Blazican Productions

    I disagree new elixers are garbage and irrelevant 90% of the time

  • Peantud


  • The Goth King
    The Goth King

    RIP Cleptomancy!

  • Jamie Jackson
    Jamie Jackson

    And now klepto doesnt exist

  • Zan'kir

    Haha loved the part when he spoke about wows elixir 😂 I saw that there wa ssilver in the sell price and that it was a guardian elixir and I was like " Waaait... that's not right.!" XD

  • ulas o
    ulas o

    I can't believe I'm doing this. It's not rogue, it's rouge.

  • Ziad Allan
    Ziad Allan

    It's not pronounced rogue, rouge is pronounced "rooj" like the french word for red (rouge)

  • DonMapache

    Ohhhh! that itemm... I love to destroy Nasus in early with Riven uwu

  • Felipe Augusto
    Felipe Augusto

    So that's basically the potion that the potion seller didn't want to sell

  • urias134

    Should have included a Rengar top Lv1 with this item. What a nightmare it was!

  • TheEmperorOfDrifts

    Its funny how just a small little elixir can break the game so hard

  • Kangoni

    that khazix scared the fuck outta me

  • Da Master
    Da Master

    the game still had less broken shit than it has now

  • DaWhipofJustice

    grasp is still better on Gp than klepto

  • Dauth Eldrvaria
    Dauth Eldrvaria

    Hated this shit when I first started the game and didn’t understand why riven was destroying me and glowing red at level 1. I just thought “fuck riven is so damn op...”

  • Nick M
    Nick M

    I used to get this and paired it with my summoner spell Surge with my ADCs...good times

  • Anonym

    I still remember the good old Elixir days. Riven and kha'zigs weren't even a thing back then and contrary to the video they were never able to one shot. They got unfairly strong, yes but they took at least 2 combos to kill you. back in the day the elixir was even stronger. it gave 20(or even 25 not sure) AD and was discovered by, of all people, shaco players. Back then Shaco used to have a granted 150% dmg crit on his vanish. With elixir of fortitude any squishy was literally one shot and in combination with ignite even tankier champions died at level 1. who cares about jungle, just sit in a bush, wait for somebody to set a foot into the lane and oneshot them till ur fed and carry the game :-D My record back in the day was 3 ganks and 3 kills within the first 3 minutes of the game. This led to a series of shaco nerfs and made him one of the most infamous champions ever.

  • Ueno54

    rouge rüzh Definition of rouge (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : any of various cosmetics for coloring the cheeks or lips red 2 : a red powder consisting essentially of ferric oxide used in polishing glass, metal, or gems and as a pigment

  • ipkandskill

    That outro.....Welcome to the show this is gonna be great it's PKA 178.

  • Chris Koo
    Chris Koo

    hey! Exil here! Have you ever wondered...


    Elixir of Agility would let ChoGath jungle. Start golems and enjoy an easy life.

  • William

    the thing is, riot wanted people to stop just buying boots (base movement speed sucked ass pre s3) so they buffed movement speed, then everyone just bought red pot 10 hp pots lol.

  • Jan-Niklas Korte
    Jan-Niklas Korte

    The brutalizer was not as strong as pre nerf reworked duskblade

  • Ryan Casey
    Ryan Casey

    Watching this brought so much nostalgia

  • Ryear

    this kassadin at 6:36 makes me sick, JUST AUTO HIM

  • YourStigma

    Ahh the good old days

  • AlBrokenWing

    No mention of lvl 2 Voli 100% kill with this bad boy?

  • Santa Sørensen
    Santa Sørensen

    @Exil when are you going to make the video of Wriggles Lantern, the item that actually defined a bruiser, and introduced bruisers to the game?

  • Overlord Izoni
    Overlord Izoni

    I main Kalista

  • Kiss-Shot

    bruh has such a fucking hard-on for kha, but has the audacity to make a video saying how garen is the worst in the game. im not even subscribed to your scrub channel why do I keep getting your suggestions

  • さんまどか

    Fort Pot Khazix into Sword of Occult 20 stack was the real nightmare. Also Devourer Warwick wasn't a problem if you built Quicksilver Sash.

  • James Saiki
    James Saiki

    The most Annoying thing i saw is AP Master YI

  • Yamete やめて
    Yamete やめて

    Ahh god i miss the old warwick

  • Christian Johnsen
    Christian Johnsen

    i remember using this on erlygame ad champions

  • oxStr8upGrEeKxo

    You know unpopular opinion here but I enjoy the times when champs, gods, heros even items are ridiculously op. Like with LoL specifically I wish we had a game mode where we could use the Doom Bot kits. That'd sound like a lot of fun. (This is fun for a little while but gets annoying obviously after months of no attention)

  • Wild Wolf
    Wild Wolf

    i want old league back.

  • Dyz iken
    Dyz iken

    Waiting For abysal meta 😅

  • I'm Just Another Comment
    I'm Just Another Comment

    Can't beatem joinem 😉

  • Eric Chun
    Eric Chun

    where's the season 3 cleaver stack

  • Rita Rubary
    Rita Rubary

    I did it before it got viral

  • Hi guys my name is Miguel
    Hi guys my name is Miguel

    I remember when people used to buy the elixir and play ashe on mid, at lvl 1 they would come and just hit you to death

  • Queto

    My favorite item on khazix when he used to be a mid laner

  • Positif

    God I remember playing red pot wukong top Good times..

  • Azazel

    Riot needs to restart on all their items, it's just a giant mess. There's so many armor items that a tank can pretty much always be useful even if braindead. There's so little MR items that if you're caught in a matchup against 3+ AP champions and you're an assassin, you lost. There's literally only 3 assassin items, duskblade, youmuus, and edge of night, and way too many AP items. Obviously it's always come down to the skill of the player, but if there were 6 items for each buff (armor/ap/mr/lethality) it would make things feel less like "You lost because your jg pathing was slower than mine" and more like "You lost because I'm a better player and know how to use my champion/items" right now with the way the game feels, I'm pretty sure it all comes down to who gets fed quicker. Since botlane's experience set back is so crazy, it's literally a coinflip for whoever can gank first. After that it's just a steady snowball of winning cs and lane until they're just unbeatable. I hate that purely for the fact that when we all decide to come together and teamfight, I get to lose purely because my team inted me without even a glimmer of hope that I can recover this game myself. Why would I waste my time on that? Knowing I'm always going to lose because my team is always braindead and doesn't make the play first? Should I just start jungling so I can gank botlane first and carry every game? Or can Riot step up their shit, teach players how to play, fix their broken ass items and champs, and make the game a game and not a loser simulator?

  • Azazel

    I didn't even know the 500g pots existed and I've been playing for a good 4 years now I swear they just expect you to learn the game magically without telling you a single thing about it wtf Im about to play a game just to see if anythings different just bc I buy the pots before teamfights lmao

  • AhegaoComics

    It was a hard time being a WW main in season 4. It was so fun though.

  • fhgbv

    I'm pretty sure it's even more hilarious before because I remember OLD old masteries giving extra 40 starting gold (475 gold was starting gold before) so you had like 515 gold starting AND thanks to that you could start elixir of fortitude and the attack speed one at level 1 and cheese so hard.

  • ༺Luchσ༻

    Love your videos

  • Tsukushi Ikeda
    Tsukushi Ikeda

    That moment when he doesn't know how to pronounce Rouge and says Rogue instead. Oof.

  • Go Throne
    Go Throne

    Rouge is pronounced “rooj”.

  • Jack Pasta
    Jack Pasta

    The old footage compilation is awesome. Thanks for the hard work.

  • WashedUpAzir

    Nice intro, 14 seconds

  • Janos

    Lee sin utilized it the best. I had so many mirror matchups back then, and we would kill each other with a few autos and one Q.

  • takumi mirisho
    takumi mirisho

    You know what other item that also has B I G history? M A N A P O T I O N

  • KERNAl

    4:05 lee does a ward jump wtf was he like the first guy to ever do that jokes aside people freaked out the first time that was done in a pro match and this looks way before pro matches even existed

  • MoreInsane

    You should make a playlist of this "series"

  • Jacois

    Rouge, not rogue. It's french for red.

  • Shreyas Kanna
    Shreyas Kanna

    Remember trick2g's elixer with double tiger dot one shot of enimie at their buffs?

  • Q 3000
    Q 3000

    Riven is weak early game hahhahaha what a joke

  • Basti ludovice
    Basti ludovice

    Wish they can do tha same with akali tho

  • Thomas

    Yo Exil bro, can you tell me why the Graves at 4:27 got knocked away upon firing his ult? Thought that was implemented only after his rework

  • Sylas Oce
    Sylas Oce

    i remember doing something along the lines of this with time warp tonic earlier this year, was mostly in mid lane when two assassins would all in level 2 or 3, and without it you would go one for one, the first person killing the laner with the last tick of ingite shortly after he dies, how ever, just chug a pot and boom you survive that last tick of ignite and snowball of a very specific scenario, which given being in silver elo, happened way more often than not

  • Ichael

    The primary rune build on Nasus is Klepto? Whatever you say, liberal 😎

  • Wat Simp
    Wat Simp

    have you heard corrupting potion with warp tonic?

  • Mason Copic
    Mason Copic

    Yea but dude gangplank and ezreal take alot of skill amd only people that play gangplank sre one tricks which is why his winrate it high

  • bintu kabba
    bintu kabba


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