ALL TIME Tier List Of OP Champions League of Legends | From Beta To Patch 9.11-9.12
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Today, let's talk about an all time tier list, a tier list from the beta and old seasons of league of legends, to patch 9.11 and patch 9.12 tier list. These should be some of the best champions of all time and most op champions ever with the highest win rates ever. This should be a list of the best champions in league of legends and in history.

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Patch 9.12 on the PBE and riven changes on surrender at 20
Patch 9.12 Tier List, Patch 9.11 Tier List
Tyler1 plays against tank fizz
Pantsaredragon Skarner
Jeremy's Video on Highest Win rates ever:
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  • Exil

    Let me know what you guys think of the video if you liked it and if I missed anything huge. Obviously I could go on for hours about this, specifically mid laners that were strong such as Season 3 Akali, Release Diana, Ziggs during season 4 meta where you perma waveclear, Zoe on her release, Yasuo in season 4 and again in season 8 with conqueror, etc. Limiting this list was super tricky for every role but I tried to talk about some things that maybe you guys didn't know!

    • Mathijs S.
      Mathijs S.

      nice video, i used to play on quite a high level back in the day, overall great list but some you missed are. Beta morgana Beta Nasus beta sion ap yi udyr Akali sona support on release

    • Nowaylikeconway TTV
      Nowaylikeconway TTV

      I'm super late, but no mention of beta morgana and locket sona? Beta morgana's shield was oppressive, and locket sona got broke support because you had all sona buffs active simultaneously.

    • KingSpoderMan

      you forgot about jinx which was able to penta kill afk with auto attack on.

    • Ethan L
      Ethan L

      Season 3 Kayle tho

    • Mickey

      Devour ww

  • Mr. Animemeguy
    Mr. Animemeguy

    "98% ban rate in all solo queue games" *Shows screenshot of it saying 99.55%*

  • Dorken Doddel
    Dorken Doddel

    Exil in the supp section you messed up, Zyra was a mid mage on release.

  • Dorken Doddel
    Dorken Doddel

    Support: threshthreshthreshthreshrhresg Alistar janna soraka

  • De Mi
    De Mi

    Release-camille top champ at 4 positions

  • Wallr

    I wish riot added a game mode of summoners rift that was just the most OP versions of champs to ever exist, beta jax, tf, xin xhao, etc. It would be aids but i think itd be cool to see how everything compares to now and different times in the games history

  • Jerri Coloma
    Jerri Coloma

    Where's release Illaoi at???

  • shademan224

    "with his ult giving him more health" AND BEING FREE LETS NOT FORGET IT WAS FUCKING FREE LOL

  • Jason Mack
    Jason Mack

    Sunfire eve tho

  • Jente Oosterhaven
    Jente Oosterhaven

    If AP YI is not here..well...that would be fcking bonkers...

  • Giacomo

    I was the guy that didn't ban kassadin in his first ranked game and got flamed by 4 people before someone dodged. Could've made it in the 2%

  • Philipi Oliveira
    Philipi Oliveira

    Mano, o Hydrogen ali, mds, br é br

  • Rafał Teresiński
    Rafał Teresiński

    7:53 Hai casually playing old urgot

  • Mathijs S.
    Mathijs S.

    nice video, i used to play on quite a high level back in the day, overall great list but some you missed are.Beta morgana Beta Nasus beta sion ap yi udyr Akali sona support on release

  • Luca Prestidge
    Luca Prestidge

    What’s the song at the end of the video

  • nyep

    Season 11 will overwrite this tier list realquick

  • Xillia

    Blue ezreal with elder lizard *shiver*

  • Pedro Araujo
    Pedro Araujo

    5:40 krl o hydro kkkkkkkk

  • miguel tc
    miguel tc

    Ezreal ap mid with smite s5 or 6 i dont remember well

  • Red

    This is so hard to follow

  • Jasper Österlund
    Jasper Österlund

    How can you talk about Op stuff In top lane without mentioning Korean akali?

  • Legend Gaming
    Legend Gaming

    "Ryze's 73rd Rework." lmfao i like how nonchalant you said that.

  • Dancho Stoyanov
    Dancho Stoyanov

    "Ryze's 73rd rework..." 😂

  • DapsuUuUu


  • Julius Degener
    Julius Degener

    Sad stacking veigar noises

  • Кристина Живановић
    Кристина Живановић

    And nobody's talking about my girl Vi?

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache
    Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Moral of the story, Riot may be amazing at making music, trailers and promos for the game but their balancing skills need some work. Typing this currently as Samira is as broken as Dante playing on easy mode

  • HELLcopter TS
    HELLcopter TS

    Honorable mention: Veigar's old Ultimate. It dealt some damage from your AP and some damage based on how much Ap the enemy had. In other words, if the target had enough Ap and low MR, Veigar could One Shot him with his R alone.

  • HELLcopter TS
    HELLcopter TS

    Just to clarify: 19:00 Corki, Graves and Ez became meta because Riot greatly buffed Trinity Force right before worlds that year, to the point any other adc that could not abuse Trinity would not be able to keep up with their DPS.

  • ilia katritch
    ilia katritch

    "Evelynn had a point and click stun and 60 seconds of stealth, anything else I need to say?" Uh, what about the part where sunfire cape damage didn't break stealth and could be stacked, so you'd have an invisible Evelynn running circles around you as you burned to death. I think that should get a mention.

  • Arti

    "no champion will ever even go near the 65% winrate of skarner in the juggernaut meta" S10 Sona (with lux and pre nerf) and s8/9/10 taric mid (with yi jungle) : "allow us to indroduce ourselves and our peak 64% and 68% winrate"

  • Nikola Petrovic
    Nikola Petrovic

    I love how OP champ depends on meta and iteams so there s no OP champions there was only op iteams and guys who can use it the best way thank me later.

  • Sanatea *No Sana No Life*
    Sanatea *No Sana No Life*

    I played since season 1 and people used to joke that riot plays tryndamere. Same with Darius when he came out.

  • Nitoke

    I see this now, and I feel sad about the current Xin Zhao status He is so bad, he is supposed to ve an early duelist but can't win almost any early matchups

  • Faezy


  • DaddyJay

    11:07 That’s straight up just a video game dunkey clip

  • David Aleksidze
    David Aleksidze

    Gragas was stronger on initial Cinderhulk release than Sejuani.

  • IGSA101

    Anyone remember when kog,maw's w doubled your range and attack speed, and you could have a 5 autoattacks a second kog at all times because it didn't have a cooldown either.

  • Jakub Dołowy
    Jakub Dołowy

    "Let's move on to the all-time best adc's now. Just to be clear, I won't be going over things that were in very very short bursts in very short times such as the mage botlanes" huh, that aged badly

  • FearPwnage

    Watching these video's, it's always nostalgic having played through all these meta's over the past 9 years.

  • Perry B
    Perry B

    didnt watch the video yet... Season 3 kass was the most broken thing to touch league

  • trunkphant

    anyone else didnt know that rek sai is a she?!

  • HakkY

    I feel offended by the fact that you did not include Galio who had like a 100% AP ratio on all his skills

  • LonelyWulf

    Funny to hear about broken caitlin now... Since we are in it again sigh*

  • MAndre Gaming
    MAndre Gaming

    When you build talon with tiamat mobi boots the 3 hits sure crit and ie , good days hahaha

  • Empress Sarah
    Empress Sarah

    What about Syndra in 2017? she had like a 70% banrate and a 60% winrate

  • Brian Lyers
    Brian Lyers

    When aatrox was s+ Nice

  • not a cat
    not a cat

    Soraka healing minions

  • Joe Usakowski
    Joe Usakowski

    Anyone remember 2600 AP Karthus from seasons 1 and 2? Back when AA was stackable, or the 1:1 AP Ratio on Fling where AP Singed would just delete shit

  • Flavio Rodrigues
    Flavio Rodrigues

    This is not a Tier List, it's just a list...

  • colbs10

    Beta Ryze before the nerf was what nightmares were made of...

  • Aras Özkaymakçı
    Aras Özkaymakçı

    Ghost+tp feeding meta

  • Mawootad

    Soraka was probably strongest at the end of S1, just before the big support rework in S2 preseason. Her heals had insane ratios on a low CD and she could restore mana to her teammates as well, so it was almost impossible to either teamfight against her or poke against her. You could effectively just group mid at 20 minutes and end the game in a single extended push.

  • Potato

    We got gunna talk about machine gun Ashe. That was the WORST

  • Khorn II
    Khorn II

    Forgot OG rework gp 100% ban rate at worlds

  • Kazuyatheshellbullet

    i'm suprised AP yi, AP trist, and was it tiamat or hydra stacking og fiora and shyvanna are not even mentioned.

  • Ec Aea
    Ec Aea

    Im one of those people who abused that Infinite rune prison Ryze rework.

  • Luke T.E
    Luke T.E

    Hashtag Bring Urgod back. Games not the same since urgod was removed

  • David Kabar
    David Kabar

    Wait till someone tells this guy about Aphelios

  • NJBeast 3
    NJBeast 3

    I'm shocked Zoe isn't mentioned she was one shooting everything from squishy to tanks to barons the champ was scary when she was released

  • cristian moraga
    cristian moraga

    i think that ap yi and ap sion were two of the most unfair things to play against... i mean... they had everything you need to 1v5

  • Pastasauce

    Alright so i play Ivern and whenever a Lee sin tries to invade i literally destroy them

  • Ireedui Geser
    Ireedui Geser

    season 9 ? he doesnt know the season 10 200+ years

  • Prince chase
    Prince chase

    3 words, AP Master YI

    • SMILE

      gonna ruine you joke, but AP is 2 words

  • KingSpoderMan

    he forgot about jinx which was able to penta kill afk with auto attack on.

  • Matt D
    Matt D

    ap yi, reworked aatrox, old akali all 3 of these had no counter play (felt like executioner/mortal did nothing to rework aatrox/ap yis heal..)

  • Teaguen Stanczak
    Teaguen Stanczak

    Shout-out to release Draven with his bleed passive. He could half health a Sona level 1

  • Matias Karhu
    Matias Karhu

    Where is iceborn gauntlet taric "support" who could just solo invade at lvl 6 and 1v2 enemy mid and jungle?

  • chaton roux
    chaton roux

    thank you, finaly someone recognize his power!

  • Random Video Lover
    Random Video Lover

    The one champion I have consistently feared throughout my years playing league, started in 09, and the one champ I have hated playing against is Katarina. She was one of the few champs to have an instant dash back in the day and my feeble, slow 10 yr old brain could just not track Kata through fights. I straight up sometimes didn't even know she was in a fight until she'd gotten a penta kill because she was just dashing from person to person before pressing R and murdering my entire team. I have no idea if she was that ridiculously strong for other people, but every game I played with a Kata in it was a wash.

  • LucidEspresso

    Didn't hear Akali.... Why do everyone complains and cry that Akali is OP again?


    Early rework akali anyone?

  • patmcgroin4me

    I feel like the presentation order is really bad in this video. You should've went by season when going down every lane.

  • Maektar

    I gotta say, i abused the shit out of iceborn gauntlet sunfire cape spirit visage grasp ekko and fizz top. It was so fucking op and fun lmao

  • Elijah Marsan
    Elijah Marsan

    13:50 so, just zoe, but without the sleepy bubble who doesnt get multiple flashes and free item actives?

  • drazirahcLoL

    Don’t miss the days where people ran sunfire on twitch and eve and stood on people with no counterplay if you didn’t have a pink ward

  • Xamxar

    Im sorry but this isnt par at all.

  • Snuggly Pichu
    Snuggly Pichu

    AP Tristana mid. That shit was nuts

  • Roy Flores
    Roy Flores

    Newsflash: if every champion is the best, no champion is the best

  • Roy Flores
    Roy Flores

    This video : [Champion] was one of the best of all time!

  • Tommy Pham
    Tommy Pham

    Did he really skipped Season 3 Zed?

  • konoe yoshito
    konoe yoshito

    say what you want but the king of all time most broken champs is the Kassadin of old.

  • TheLoLSoul

    oh shit im in this lol @exil

  • Unknown Person
    Unknown Person

    that xinzhao lol.. I still remember the days where you build fckking AP and be practically unkillable..

  • kelso kk
    kelso kk

    i like the idea and the style of the video, but way to many wrong decisions for me.

  • Shendelzare

    runeglaive ez tho

  • Thomas Palazzolo
    Thomas Palazzolo

    But what if your lactose intolerant 7:39

  • John john
    John john

    you should have put kaisa in S tier :(

  • Joshua Venus
    Joshua Venus


  • babaNic

    A little late but you could’ve mentioned release ekko r didnt even cost mana

  • SonOfOdin

    Where's the pentakill king, old AP Yi in mid?

  • Ferret Queen
    Ferret Queen

    My first penta was with Devourer Shyvanna. Good times.

  • GNEC productions1
    GNEC productions1

    Btw now ahri has the damage amp as well as ms. Fun.

  • Nick Cannon
    Nick Cannon

    Didnt say "tons of damage" once. Wth. And wheres AP Yi at?

  • Antonio Kon
    Antonio Kon

    Better nerf Irelia.

  • Sean Parker
    Sean Parker

    ap yi, ap trynda olaf before nerfs old sion

  • RainyMood

    You forgot one role: river...Shen, rivershen.

  • jse230379

    And remember when ekkos ult used to cost 0 mana for some reason???

  • Flamm

    25:00 and now he's a clickbait trash channel lol

  • Unknownn qqq
    Unknownn qqq

    What about AP Aatrox?

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