An Outdated Champion Surprisingly Broke League of Legends
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Today, let's talk about the story of the champion that broke league of legends season 11... A champion that reached a whopping 60% Win Rate? How did that Happen?
Special thank you to my long time friend Kyle who helped out with editing some parts of this video!
0:00 - Intro
2:27 - Amumu History
4:30 - Something Incredibly Rare
6:40 - How He Got A 60% Win Rate
11:19 - Conclusion
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  • Exil

    Support my channel by downloading Mobile Legends: Adventure Use this bonus code: UYXPDM2223M to get 5 Premium Summon Scrolls. It's the best time to join the Christmas adventure!

    • Just your typical Wildrift player
      Just your typical Wildrift player

      Mobile legends is trash

    • Pika Achoo
      Pika Achoo

      @lalala You got a point that is a completely different game genre, however you are ignoring the fact that the assets of ML: Adventure like the characters are complete ripoffs of League. Layla is a rip off of Jinx, Ruby is a ripoff of Kayn, Leslie is a ripoff of Caitlyn, the list goes on and on. Moontoon was already sued by Riot, that's how severe their plagiarizing is. This is a known fact to any Moba gamer person that isn't living under a rock. Despite the controversy, he still decides to sponsor ML: Adventures, that makes him a SELLOUT through and through. Also, LoL:Wild Rift exist, why not help Riot and sponsor that game lmao.

    • lalala

      @Pika Achoo i never said its ok to support "plagiarized" game, but you're calling people sellout is the problem (to me). its a different game genre and i think its fair to support it. no offense its just my point of view.

    • Pika Achoo
      Pika Achoo

      @DisplayAway Being a successful RSloftr like Exil results in a decent income, if it wasn't profitable, he wouldn't even continue RSloft in the first place. Also, there are numerous other games that are unrelated to League that he can sponsor (like Raid: Shadow Legends lmao). Also you are forgetting that LoL:Wild Rift exists and is just dumping ads on a lot of videos, why not help Riot and sponsor Wild Rift himself? If he chose to sponsor a copy paste garbage game like Mobile Legends over Riot's Wild Rift, then he is obviously doing it for the money rather than true loyalty and that is what you call a sellout.

    • Pika Achoo
      Pika Achoo

      @lalala So you think supporting a game that plagiarizes another is ok? Look at myself? You think that everyone has problems that require self-reflection lmfao. Why don't you reflect yourself? Since you think that the illegal act of plagiarizing and copying another's work is fine. League of Legends is the foundation of his Career, its because of that game that he has a career off RSloft. Despite that, he decides to sponsor a game from a rival company(Montoon) that plagiarizes and copies Riot's work. What do you call that? Its called a sellout. Get that thing through your extremely thick skull, your brain is probably 90% bone 10% brain tissue.

  • trip


  • Βαγγελης Μπατζιομητρος
    Βαγγελης Μπατζιομητρος

    The truth is that all seasons of league of legends were broken so there was no stability :)

  • Tabzz the Cat 123654
    Tabzz the Cat 123654

    Beyond and Yondu are the same player lol

  • Vengeful Fruit
    Vengeful Fruit

    Whenever I see clips from old league. Attempting to reconnect is always there

  • Corex

    Wasn't the all time highest winrate Galio after his rework? Only lasted for a day or so until his hotfix but wasn't he at some incredible 70-80% ?

  • Bar Davshi
    Bar Davshi

    When the enemy have amumu jungle and im mid i always run cleanse 🙃

  • Jeffrey Siaron
    Jeffrey Siaron

    Big yuck that you support MOBILE LEGENDS lol not gonna watch any of your videos anymore.

  • YungTyeTheFox

    This looks like gameplay from when i used to play ap amumu way back in the day so im happy for it

  • Ian Gehrt
    Ian Gehrt

    Finally us morgana jungle players seeing some sunlight

  • Rafa Bellini
    Rafa Bellini

    Beyond and Yondu are the same player he just changed his nickname that year

  • MerlinCross

    Between this, and Udyr, League just can't balance Items. The older guys are basically just stat sticks; they revovled around getting ahead and snowballing pretty hard back in the day and those lurking numbers are still there. Newer champs might have far more complex kits and plays and could very well be overtuned on some of their numbers but the old guys need the items to swing in their favor and they can body people. Too bad the old guys don't sell skins or get people to buy RP.

  • Pokololo Tanginaser
    Pokololo Tanginaser

    your a trator how dare you support mobile legends

  • James Morseman
    James Morseman

    Amumu is the ultimate noob buster and has been since season 2. I remember the first time i claimed to plat in season 3 I just eventually started playing amumu and ended up going something like 24-5 on him.

  • Kaleb Davis
    Kaleb Davis

    Runes reforged broke the game in a bad way, and too many things are designed/balanced around them. Combined with the lack of build variety now, balancing is at an all time low.

  • Seccsy Cabbage
    Seccsy Cabbage

    To this day I still don't know what they reworked about morgan, she seems literally the same

  • Exodia

    Well, amumu is 211 years, so he's 11 years stronger than today's meta

  • MrMintyfreshsmell

    Leagues decline is what's pushing riot to create new games.

  • OJLT

    Season 11 is the worst season ever, change my mind.

  • Double Vision
    Double Vision

    Riot is a shame, this game could have been balanced years ago but they keep changing items and nerf Champs that are good with them, then they need items so have to buff Champs. It's all a joke that, I'm glad I quit playing over a year ago

  • Blake Wiggins
    Blake Wiggins

    How did I quit right when my main was op I hate this trash game

  • caleb carreira
    caleb carreira

    11:51 my boy jeremy in da exil video???!!!!! and me in da call!!!!???? im famous

  • Kem Odom
    Kem Odom

    I love it when u told story about LoL, but advertise Mobile Legend.

  • Shuckle User
    Shuckle User

    same thing over again but with rammus

  • Kenneth Velazquez
    Kenneth Velazquez

    I'll never forget seeing the enemy Amumu solo baron in preseason.

  • Quacky

    I just find it funny how champions like Skarner, Amumu and Udyr were laughed at for years for being useless and people demanded a buff and as soon as they just shine for one patch, people demand that they are useless again. Meanwhile they enjoy their Seraphine, Kai'Sa, Ekko, Olaf, Senna, Sett and so many infamous names for years.

  • J A
    J A

    That Username at 10:55 tho.

  • Pancreas Dragonheart
    Pancreas Dragonheart

    It's the items. Always has, always will be. Same story every time.

  • Lonely Chainsaw
    Lonely Chainsaw

    I haven't played this addictive trash in a while, but i'm grateful our little sad mummy had a brief moment in the sun

  • Jalent Core
    Jalent Core

    the head of Bronzodia

  • Draken

    Omg he got a nice buff on his "E" 2 days ago 😭😭💗


    Months later, another dated champion broke the meta and might be the next Amumyu, udyr

  • Panik

    I played 110 ranked games this season and I have not seen one amumu ever. Nobody even bans him

  • Padakor

    It's funny cuz the title talks about a champ' that might have broke the game as if the game was ever well-balanced one day

  • Quentin Quin
    Quentin Quin

    Omg the sponsor *wheeze*

  • Hyokins

    09:54 ah yes, the infamous DFG burst at the very end.

  • Gentleman Dog
    Gentleman Dog

    0:45 Speaking of Udyr >->

  • Music Lover
    Music Lover

    Ima keep commenting from now on till I am heard! Shyvana video when? The top laner turned jungle queen turned debatably one of the worst junglers in the game Even now with the new items I face this issue of playing my absolutely best and losing not because of myself but due to Shyvana's raw limitations. To the fact she loses to too many matchups, to the fact her build is stuck as a squishy AP bruiser rather than a semi tanky AD bruiser. There's a story here, and after Udyr completely overshadowed her in the vote for a rework. She deserves some love, some attention, some anything aside from being forced into a specific playstyle of AP Shyvana because rito keeps forcing it onto us shyvana players. Spamming E to win is not considered enjoyable by ANYONE except the lazy. So please draw attention to her issues and her history.... I will beg till the death of the universe!

  • Depressed Panda
    Depressed Panda

    Exil: Making LoL videos with the sponsorship of moonton riot:

  • Artūrs Tumovs
    Artūrs Tumovs

    Amumu just been underrated. That champ is big deal, if you master plays with him

  • James

    Amumu's biggest issue is his E and W are too close in terms of what they do, so he feels like he only had a passive, Q, aoe damage and ult. If they would rework either his W or his E into something more modern it would fix his kit and he wouldn't need a total ground up redesign. Maybe instead of his W doing %hp damage, give it a stacking, but fading slow. It does damage every .5 seconds, so make it slow 5% every .5 seconds, stacking up to 50%, fading over 1 second and being refreshed every .5 seconds. Then make his E a cone shaped skillshot rather than a flat aoe that lowers champion AD equal to what his current E negates. Not only would this make him more of a tank and less of a mage with some hp, but it would also open up amumu support

  • Frankie He
    Frankie He

    I’m an amumu main lol and my win rate is 60%+ but was 70%+ pre-season

  • Fiddlesticks

    ANd tHe SaD mUmMy wanted... a friend.

  • A2

    Lol I remember the Talon days you mentioned. Would build black cleaver, Infinity edge and the rest would be blood thirsters.


    The problem is that lil fucker is tank af and instead of damaging him you heal him in a 1v1 situation

  • George Indestructible
    George Indestructible

    4:04 yes they are, this is the reason i fucking hate balance team beyond what a human is capable of hating, they don't take skill enough into account, an easier champion should have a lower win rate to compensate since the frame work doesn't allow for actual balance changes. Easier to play champions have it easier no matter the elo, period, it's basic logic, they have no chances to win and even when they don't directly, they don't have as chances to fail as hard, still unfair af.

  • kamenrideromega1

    Don't know about y'all but I had the most fun with items in s11

  • rahul11cheta

    Why does every league player seem shocked that tanks are broken in pre season and start of the season like it hasn’t been happening since the beginning of the game

  • Jacob M.
    Jacob M.

    Not sure if anyone mentioned this yet but I'm pretty sure Beyond and Yondu are the same person.

  • Funky Pepe
    Funky Pepe

    Attempting to Reconect

  • Clinton Griffin
    Clinton Griffin

    I had a 55% winrate with amumu support throughout this timeframe.

  • Matt

    How did he break something that didnt even start 😂

  • Loel Rodrigues
    Loel Rodrigues

    We need to raise our voice for poor little Amumu. Its just so sad , he already has a sad backstory but atleast he was played. Now he`s truly alone by never been picked :(

  • nick spartanshld
    nick spartanshld

    I hope you really play mobile legends the moba

    • Patrick / EFS
      Patrick / EFS

      If he upload

    • Patrick / EFS
      Patrick / EFS

      As MLBB player no I think it will effect him badly

  • JJ Van Slaminstein
    JJ Van Slaminstein

    Well I didn’t predict they’d give him a 2 sec aoe stun

    • GrumbleGrows

      you mean the ulti he's had since the beginning of the game?

  • Resh / Vrylle Jovani Otor
    Resh / Vrylle Jovani Otor

    *Hmmm* Mobile Legends sponsoring a League RSloftr. *I feel a disturbance in the force*

  • raven80wolfx2

    Amumu never stopped really being good. I think the meta just favored other champions and his kit isn't that exciting to play. I played him for last 5 season and always a top tier when I played him. Funny that people are finally seeing it. Not like rammus where they gutted him.

    • GrumbleGrows

      It's funny how many people think only technically hard champs are good. I'll play whatever the metas dishing. amumu is sweet.

  • Lili Dili
    Lili Dili

    Boooooooooooooooooooooooooo, sponsored by moneytoon.... downvoted

    • Lili Dili
      Lili Dili

      @Pierce Duncan exuse moi?

    • Pierce Duncan
      Pierce Duncan


  • *h *
    *h *

    *makes video about the broken amumu* :D *sponsors a copycat of league* D:


    Why does Exils LoL look so good?

  • Im Just Lucky
    Im Just Lucky

    Hahahahhaha ngl it suprised me when ML is sponsoring this vid ahahah

  • citizen nappa
    citizen nappa

    As an amumu player when forced Into jungle this was my prime xD

  • leni Gambino
    leni Gambino

    Even though I haven't played in like 5 years, I am so happy my little guy is getting some love

  • Brandon R.
    Brandon R.

    I've been playing amumu since beta....he is amazing.

  • Fatboi_raid

    Ok, please mlbb, just talk toxic with League of legend, like they talk we copy the game.

    • Patrick / EFS
      Patrick / EFS

      @Fatboi_raid Your Welcome from a MLBB player

    • Fatboi_raid

      @Patrick / EFS finally, my answer is here , also my friend were an asshole after all , they just argument about ml was the right thing, but you were here, thx .

    • Patrick / EFS
      Patrick / EFS

      Type of MLBB Player 1)Being a Idiot 2)Avoid agrument to other moba players (espacially LoL player) 3)Already know other moba game exist -MLBB Player

  • Huni CLG
    Huni CLG

    Now it’s the worst champ in the game, good work riot

  • guy ?
    guy ?

    Stat checking is your fave buzzword

  • Enziz

    Apparent powercreep happening in MOBA is the most funniest shit in gaming.

  • Asher Gape Anima Mundi
    Asher Gape Anima Mundi


  • Fuc DMCA
    Fuc DMCA

    elder lizard was more powerful that cleaver easy.

  • Asch Aurora
    Asch Aurora

    Moonton have taken steps to take away potential LoL : Wild Rift players I see.. (This is a joke, don't take it too seriously)

  • O Soul_bolt O
    O Soul_bolt O

    A Gnar video? 😅 🤞

  • voiys

    anyone remember ap splitpush tynda?

  • axl jake villafranca
    axl jake villafranca

    remember you, proguides and even game leap said that tanks will fall off? and yet here you are stating tanks broke the meta

  • Hichard Renshall
    Hichard Renshall

    3:38 looks so good. How did you do that?

  • Hichard Renshall
    Hichard Renshall

    + Malphite.

  • LongoTV

    Why can't we just face the fact that is inevitable for their not to be broken champs or items. Riot (as high staffed as they are) will never have enough people to help with the game balance because they simply just can't help it. The game has come too far and there is too many champs and changes that have been made and that are going to be continued to be made. What you get is what you get and that is /muteall every game unless you have a full party. With the game being as popular as it is I don't ever see them fixing lots of the core issues in the game that weren't present in the first few seasons. Simply because they have gotten this far with the changes they've made. So if you're going to play the game and constantly bitch about champs or items then well you might wanna just stop playing immediately xd

  • austin wilcox
    austin wilcox

    i just want to say that i FUCKING CALLED IT! i thought tanks were gonna be stupid this season with all the damage they give tanks on items like sunfire and titanic. classic 200 years tanky spanky.

  • Joe Butler
    Joe Butler

    don't know how anyone watches this guy. He's so fake and he flames people on low elo accounts all the time linking his and youtube its kind of pathetic.

  • Mihael Bošnjak
    Mihael Bošnjak

    Lol put wild rift as ad not mobile legends

  • Guinevere

    Moonton knows how to troll League of Legends huh.

    • Patrick / EFS
      Patrick / EFS


    • Patrick / EFS
      Patrick / EFS

      Why I'm starting seeing you

  • Jimmy Kornelije Gunnarsson
    Jimmy Kornelije Gunnarsson

    3:20, what do you mean? Beyond is Yondu.

  • FlippeR FlappeR
    FlippeR FlappeR

    No History of Tryndamere yet?

  • Arfor Afro
    Arfor Afro

    You would think that after 11 season Riot would learn not the nerf the champion but the items.

  • Colin Woodward
    Colin Woodward

    Until you realize the season hasn't started yet. (at time of the video being made)

  • Lotuss Beats
    Lotuss Beats

    damn the solo baron is insane

  • MrWhatever006

    tyler1: existed *A summoner has disconnected*

  • Martin Craig
    Martin Craig

    The rightful company sadly fail because behavior intraorally strengthen mid a resonant spade. typical, clear grass

  • Jon M
    Jon M

    You wanna know something really broken. Brand with liandrys, demonic, and horizon. Half his kit procs horizon and then the burning that follows is increased in damage by 10%

  • John Mokeypants
    John Mokeypants

    The reason why amumu sucks now is because they just fucked him over. The reason he had the highest winrate was because he has the best synergy with bami's/ sunfire and since it was broken, he also became broken.

  • cliffripburton

    you put a lot of useless words in there, we know what happened, his R is now a stun and his ult is now even more of a game changer...

  • Ninchan Rai
    Ninchan Rai

    i would really love it if u make more videos on history of heroes on heros like thresh, braum,raksai,etc.

  • Ninchan Rai
    Ninchan Rai

    hi i really like ur content. i have watched your videos on the history of heros and i really love to know the history of heros that i like

  • Facundo Cardona
    Facundo Cardona

    Can you make a video on how boring the new meta is?, After 5 or more years of playing i just hate how bad the game is

  • Randell Jan Evaristo
    Randell Jan Evaristo

    its funny how Mobile Legends sponsored a League of Legends video

  • xCs_Wolfy

    Btw, MLA is from the Mobile Legends:Bang Bang check it out xd

  • Benji Jägermeister
    Benji Jägermeister

    I didnt play lol that much but i like the vids you make. I like the complexity of the game. I myself play wow arenas and wished some would do vides for wow like you do for lol.

  • Philippe K
    Philippe K

    shoutouts to Testicles69 9:04

  • Six Th
    Six Th

    Let me give you a hug.

  • Uganda Zimbabwe
    Uganda Zimbabwe

    I hate riot games

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