AP Malphite Is League's New 1v9 ELO Machine
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Today let's talk about league of legends new 1v9 carry, AP Malphite. You can take Dark Harvest, Electrocute, or even Predator rune page, and hard carry every game and get out of low elo. Malphite is the perfect champion to help you climb out of elo hell and climb ranked in league of legends. Malphite is a low elo hard carry and low elo ranked S tier champion. Malphite is S tier on the tier list for patch 9.18.
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    Didn’t DarrkManne do this 4 years ago or something

  • Dom R
    Dom R

    akali is cancer

  • SunRedux

    He's pretty solid now; rock solid.

  • Max

    rip presence of mind 😔

  • Wind Nguyen
    Wind Nguyen

    I love how i dominated the bot lane, got first turret gold, get em tilted, etc etc just to get blew up by some 1 ITEM MP WHEN I DIDNT HAVE FLASH

  • Arvex

    That monologue about constantly trying to improve with a champion ending with the Malphite ult was great.

  • begone thot
    begone thot

    Exil, I'm sorry but I'm gonna have to ask you to use the phrase"Advanced Slap Technology" more often

  • Cameron Smiljan
    Cameron Smiljan

    "You could do all this cool shit and be the best like noone ever was! ... Or - *AP Malph Combo*" In all fairness though, like some other champions (looking at you GAREN and SHYVANA), Malphite needs more than a couple tweaks and a VGU... he actually needs a full-scale, full-kit rework. Even with AP Malph, he's not fun to play as or against, and tank Malph is just as good, but a little less annoying. They need to bring something fresh to his kit cause he's soooo damn 1-dimensional. He's honestly just a tanky Diana at this point, and let's face it, Diana does his job better with just a Rod of Ages and Conqueror. I really wanna see what they can do with him, and I'm hoping that they give him as much love as they did for Fiddle (yes, I know, his start after the rework was god awful, and he's super broken right now, but he's still so much fun).

  • Somekind of Dude
    Somekind of Dude

    Yes he is

  • KHfan0011

    Funny how it took Riot 10 years and a LCS Worlds championship for them to finally realize this build is stupid as fuck.

  • ifrook

    good video but i click dislike because the advertising

  • Julio Madeira
    Julio Madeira

    READ THIS COMMENT XD For context: rsloft.info/loft/video/mtuZ0azRyHS7gaQ AP malphite is good and all, but I reached diamond 2 from platinum 5 spamming malphite jungle going full ad and stealing farm. You rushed sword of the divine and infinity edge, if you had these 2 items, you WOULD kill any fucking champion with one ult, w, sotd activation with HUGE Aoe physical crits I even got a 1v5 baron penta with an ult. They literally didn't even hit the ground after going up.

  • KingSpoderMan

    you get fed ap malphite: ah so you have chosen death

  • Sal J.
    Sal J.

    0:47 Am I the only one who finds it ironic that Skarner, the Crystal Vanguard is not actually a Vanguard?

  • max noyes
    max noyes

    That “or” at the end, I felt it and it hurt

  • Kout

    Dude! Was that Weather Report in the beginning? It sounded so much like them. Also great video production, as always, especially in your more recent videos.

  • Alry FireBlade
    Alry FireBlade

    This dialoge of how hard you can train to Master your Champ and then... R+E = Kill AP Malphite... I love this Part xD

  • Cody Brown
    Cody Brown

    reminds me of the good old golden garp days

  • Doran Clerinx
    Doran Clerinx

    As an ADC main I get nightmares from ap malphite, only thing you can do is stand back and wait till he uses his ult on your team and than go in.

  • Vlad Rep
    Vlad Rep

    As a Malphite main, can confirm.

  • Alex Sedmak
    Alex Sedmak

    "High quality champions such as Jhin"

  • Korominas

    _Noo you can't just press R and E then kill people, that's disgusting and unskilled_ Haha Malph R goes vuush

  • Got Eem 6969
    Got Eem 6969

    I tried it today and are currently 3-1 and got promoted, he his the easiest champion for low elo climbing.

  • jj

    When i first played lol my friends needed an adc, so the first champ i played was ashe. But she was shit. I missed my skillshots, i died. All the time. Than, one day, a friend of mine told me about malphite. I played him and tbh i was dissapointed. I wasnt as strong as i would have expected, laning was so hard, missed a lot of lasthits. But than i reached level 6. I pressed R. And i smiled. And it was good. Up to this day i never play anything else than malphite. I play him tank, i play him ap. I play him top, i play him jgl, i play him mid. I even play him when i get support. Hes simply rock solid. I love him. I would die for him. (And yeah, i am 100% serious, if i might ever get into a match where someone bans malphite i would surrender instantly, i would not even know what to play besides him)

  • DxnnyLude

    I ignore every Raid Shadow Legend ad... But when I hear it from you... I’m downloading it 😂

  • Purriah 101
    Purriah 101

    Ap malphite is an assassin

  • Sanguine Aurora
    Sanguine Aurora

    And then get 4 clouds.

  • MellonINC

    #OPchampions ? HOW?

  • Romulus


  • nad leeh
    nad leeh

    i see Raid Shadow Legends and i auto dislike. Like this if your like me.

  • clubstep

    Phase rush crackphite aka smash and pass hit and run

  • luisgo2

    i live him xD " high elo or korean = predator " " NA = electrocute"

  • Killersai

    that raid bullshit is a horrible lie lmao. "i wouldnt accept a sponsorship i didnt believe in" cmon bro. everyone knows they paid your and every other youtuber handsomely to spew shit out their ass.

  • Eduard Weber
    Eduard Weber

    pls nerf the r of malphite! PLS! i cant do it anymore. i have to ban malthite every game to prevent this shit of a cheat.

  • Rock Balancer
    Rock Balancer

    "just NA" fuck you bud. thats fair tho

  • Tuoff

    ...and then the enemy builds edge of night or banshees veil or, they have flash, oh well, go next.

  • Adam0193

    To skip ad: 3:27 You're welcome.

  • BrianTheCanadian

    Raid is garbage.

  • ReadySetPrepper

    Rip PoM

  • Internet Alpha
    Internet Alpha

    Enemy champions are more op because I ulted the entire enemy team and killed 3 but the two where alive killed my entire team after I died

  • Austin

    That talk about practicing akali and rising above the rest of NA was so inspiring specially when you reached the OR part. I subbed because of that!

    • Raihaan _Games
      Raihaan _Games

      same XD

  • darkskyx TFT y LoL
    darkskyx TFT y LoL

    5:05 Ehm... No.

  • Christian O'Connell
    Christian O'Connell

    A 3 minute advert at the beginning of this video made me almost stop watching the video. This trend has to stop.

  • Galavis232RO

    Everyone that has raid shadow legends sponsors: Just installed the game Exil:I'm already level 12 and I would never accept a sponsor from something I don't believe in. I respect that a lot

  • fatrat600284

    He's been good for years, yall scrubs just found out about it.

  • Please, call me Snekkerz
    Please, call me Snekkerz

    AP Malth is still broken s10

  • Cala Content
    Cala Content

    AP Malphite is cancer.

  • Allan Workman
    Allan Workman

    20% of the video is an ad

  • Alejandro Nuñez
    Alejandro Nuñez

    Hate playing ap malphite. Still could try him in jungle xd

  • Arcile

    So Malphite/Yuumi bot incoming, right?

  • Nicholas Hartle
    Nicholas Hartle

    I remember playing 'assassin' Malphite a couple times to snowball. Picked up Iceborn Gauntlet and Abyssal Scepter for damage and tankiness and then Zhonya's just for the stats. Was still mostly a tank but could one shot squishies.

  • Reinhardt

    Gotta love 1/3rd of the video being an ad for a shitty mobile game!

  • Mah Elbad
    Mah Elbad

    u should have done like other youtubers and fixed ur math to get click bait mad people saying its not 1V10 its 1v9.

  • Wojciech Ślawski
    Wojciech Ślawski

    Why even play mallphite AP if shyvana does the same better?

  • BROMembers

    2:32 minutes of advertising on a freaking 11 min video + youtube ads. That really sucks a lot, even for marketing experts like me. Please choose your sponsors more wisely next time, otherwise you will get punished for that pretty quickly by the community.

  • Rich Burmond
    Rich Burmond

    not anymoer tho

  • Ryan Landers
    Ryan Landers

    Funny how the AP rock has his ult nerfed right after your video with the urf game mode ended. I really enjoy your videos keep up the good work. Maybe do one on removed League items idk just a thought. Fun fact when malphites basic/classic skin uses his e slam, you can see a riot fist icon sometimes on the ground.

  • Theophilos

    Rito just nerfed his ap ratio at his R to 90% :/

  • Abzan Bant
    Abzan Bant

    This is why I play midlane. Everyone feels the need to skill check you in midlane so they all play Zed or Yasuo or Qiyana. Granted I do as well, but at least this way it’s arrogant player one vs arrogant player 2 in a skill test, not Garen vs Ornn top.

  • Abdellatif Abdelouahab
    Abdellatif Abdelouahab

    Thank you......Thank you....Thank you.

  • DqsHidden

    Alright boys, AP malph got nerfed... fun is over. (0.8 ap scaling on R, instead of 1.0)

  • More Reason
    More Reason

    me as a Malphite main: "Why am I even crying?!"

  • Anthony G
    Anthony G


  • Darkness19Z

    A player that worked hard: You're all beneath me. I am a hard working God you dull creature and I will not be bullied by- Malphite: 10:05

  • skinnymon123

    Whats his build

  • MILAN 23
    MILAN 23

    Malphite reminds me kinda of Tiny from dota1, love Malph!

  • Dani S.
    Dani S.

    Hey bro, nice video. You just misscalculate something. If you run ultimate hunter and pom you won't be able to get 45% cdr. Keep up 😁

  • Space Pirate
    Space Pirate

    They murdered my boy

  • Michael Hery
    Michael Hery

    AP Rockman gets nerfed a month later. Thanks Exil

  • Leon Shirogane
    Leon Shirogane

    why u show everyone my secret of "THE BIG SLAM" ? now everyone know it or the big slap now ? hmmmm

  • DeboSc2

    This is a terrible pick lol ive seen this in a number of games now please stop spreading mis information like this


    im pretty surprised how long it took for people to know AP malph. ive been playing him since late season 3 and i was really careful not overpicking him since people might know whats going on. literally a 1v9 champ.

  • Simon Titus
    Simon Titus

    AP Malph jungle main here. You forgot the main thing about my Boi: Nearly every player underestimates the Q Damage. If you see an ADC with 25% Health, Flash then Q and its over for them. I even see so many people trying run away, or even trying to flash, but the cheesewheel of Doom is gonna getcha.

  • FlynnWinch

    Malphite S1 : BE good, BE strong Malphite Now : Pizza Master race.

  • Daniel Machado
    Daniel Machado

    o well,it was good while it lasted...

  • Scrub Placeholder
    Scrub Placeholder

    People like vman play ap malphite for years..

  • Fernando

    i tried this a lot, i can get really fed, but you cant end the game, many times i lost the game like 19/1 , my average is 9.3/4.4/6.3, but my winrate is 37% in 43 games, and i played a lot at normal game before going ranked, the champion is really nice to play , but is not super strong at all.

  • Flapat

    Im playing him for 2 years now with ap bomb and friends were always laughing at me. WHO LAUGHS NOW HUH

    • Daniel Machado
      Daniel Machado

      yeh,but now riot will do something about it,god have mercy on or maphite...

  • xxBanditoDoritox

    gj he's getting nerfed now


    I got from PLAT IV to GOLD IV in about a week judt because i was playing so freaking bad and bad teammates too, guess what, at GOLD IV 0 LP, my very last match before getting demoted to SILVER I, i got carried by a AP Jungle Malphite, since that, in about 3 weeks, i got to PLAT IV by just playing AP Jungle Malphite with an Insane KDA xd, i even play some low elo riot tournaments with some friends and 70% of the games, enemy team always ban Malphite because of my win rate

  • Yo

    Old ap malphite mid was even stronger due to his stupid ap ratio on Q. This malphite's burst piwer is lower than old's one :(

  • Plamler

    U hypin me up with that pep talk

  • CyberPolice

    I've played Ap malph since Season 1 so this ain't nothing new. 😎

  • Wiktor Kun
    Wiktor Kun


  • Matapavosgamer

    I got one shot by a malph at level six without items, i was full hp and just his q did 25% of my max hp

  • Cytryz

    Trololololol. I want to try this. xD

  • Smithen Dales
    Smithen Dales

    "Unless you're 25 ping is very hard to dodge or flash" .. bro, I'm actually garbage at this game and I easily flash malph ult. I think the biggest reason people don't climb out of iron/bronze/silver is because they play with their eyes and not their brain. The second my D3 friend told me to play the game constantly thinking how I could beat my own champion I started thinking about what my opponent wants to do and not what I 'am doing right now and will do next'. Malph is on the other team? Yes? What does malph want to do..? Ult me. Always ult me. If you get hit with a malph ult and you have flash.. you deserve to stay in bronze. Start thinking, always, what does my opponent want to do next? I promise.. i promise you if you start being cerebral and not simply reactionary you will hit gold. And seriously, i don't just randomly troll youtube videos with nasty and insulting comments, but that remark kind of got under my skin. It really, really isn't hard to flash that ult, and definitely not if you have a camielle dash or something. That really is a sign of someone hardstuck silver mmr

  • kristen0009

    is this the dude from halofollower

  • Daniel Perez
    Daniel Perez

    NO NO NO Exil !!!! I wanted Jungle Assassin AP Malphite to be a secret!!! :c (with ultimate hunter and cdr runes you get ult at 36 seconds)

  • Big_Brain_Kai’sa_Main

    Or as one of my friends beautifullly summarizes: “ooga booga me press button me win game”

    • Andrea


  • Tron

    5:00 gameplay of someone playing charge barbarian in diablo

  • Alejandro

    His 10 year splash art is fucking awesome.

  • In a Box
    In a Box

    R A I D S H A D O W L E G E N D S

  • Lucio Sema
    Lucio Sema

    Such sad video. I cried

  • Raigen Arosa
    Raigen Arosa

    >Secret >See him so much win so many games for free I had to permaban him for a week Yeah, it's no secret...

  • GamingPhreak

    THE NA TROLL xD now during worlds XD

  • Amir Hafiy
    Amir Hafiy

    He's actually a nuke bomb with a speed of thunder

  • FlailoftheLord

    "...or maybe you're just NA" an arrow to my heart

  • Queto

    I still remember the old days of Sword of the Divine Malphite

  • oh hah
    oh hah

    I've been playing malph whenever I don't feel that good or after a long day and it's honestly so relaxing

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