"Barcode Killer" - A League of Legends Story About Faker And His Legendary Riven Mid
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Today, let's talk about the best player of all time, faker, and him in league of legends history. From a star who was known for outplaying his opponents in challenger, to now being a globally known name in eSports. This is a video covering the history of faker, the history of league of legends, and Season 10 League of Legends, Rise of the Elements League of Legends.
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Faker's S10 Placement Match EP.2 [Translated] [Faker Stream Highlight]
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Season 10, 10.1, 10.2, Patch 10.1, Patch 10.2
Patch 10.1 Tier List, Season 10 Patch 10.1, Season 10 Patch 10.2
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Patch 10.2 on the PBE on surrender at 20
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  • Exil

    Do you remember when Faker shocked the League of Legends world and trashed all of NA with Riven Mid? Also check out my last video on Azir! Because Faker is included in the story of that champion as well :) rsloft.info/loft/video/aslokYiulF7QsaA

    • coyoteuglly

      Even when he was with the Wizards Jordan was still arguably the best player in the NBA. rsloft.info/loft/video/Zdtk26ey0GGrf6Q

    • malter87

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    • Tăng Tuấn Kiệt
      Tăng Tuấn Kiệt

      Faker Master Yi mid too

    • Kris Doyle
      Kris Doyle

      @Dragon Wolf what

    • Just chilL
      Just chilL

      Na is simply trash

  • Jamil Angon
    Jamil Angon

    Fact: when there is a faker vid, so does Ryu... 😁

  • d i o x i d e
    d i o x i d e

    "Faker didn't care because he is faker" Is this the true isekai manga?

  • Thomas alberto
    Thomas alberto

    Right after watching this video, I got a riven champion shard. What a coincidence

  • AriuS

    Free Apdo

  • rootin tootin
    rootin tootin

    You should have added the clips of the top streams running into barcode killer “faker” in soloque. Scarra had some iconic dialogue.

  • Just wanting to make people smile.
    Just wanting to make people smile.

    Faker turning down the 10million dollar offer was respectable for staying true to Korea. honestly its respectable

  • Paula267

    2:29 His Name is Corona- What.

  • Tasha Florence
    Tasha Florence

    tbh, no one can take fakers spot because nowadays, trying to invent new things in league is pretty hard ;w;

  • Anthony G
    Anthony G

    Twitch sponsor? Whoa!!!

  • Michael Flatt
    Michael Flatt


  • Whimsy

    *Everyone:* Exil Presents Remember When Ep. 1 *Me, an intellectual:* Remember When Exil Presents Ep. 1

  • random person
    random person

    tf is twitch ? that rat champion in league? he got a brand now

  • guilhermekfwst

    I Remember I was a recently "main Riven" player at D1 in season 3 (I say recently cause I got to D1 playing mostly Lee Sin and Rengar at that time), when I saw Faker playing it midalen for the first time. GOod old times.

  • Jonas Kircher
    Jonas Kircher

    I happened to catch Fakers first professional game back in 2013 because he already was talked about for a few months at the time as possibly the new best player, tearing up Korean solo q and I wanted to see what the hype was about. I have seen a lot of rookies hit the stage and seen very mixed results. Seldom a rookie performs to their full potential right away but when Faker got ingame CJ Blaze didn't even know what hit them. His skillshot accuracy was out of this world, certainly Nidalee was broken back then and her spear quite a lot easier to hit but if you compare his performance to any other Nidalee ever you would come to realize that this guy was playing on a level that other pros simply couldn't. A rookie making all the pros looking like noobs and he replicated that from his first game until he won his first world championship. The best in the pro scene needed about 2 years to catch up to his level, he was that far ahead of anyone else.

  • Justine Janoras
    Justine Janoras

    Having to see this makes me feel sorry about those people who were bashing fakers because of his performance without even considering the contributions that he made to the game.

  • Baxi Tabaxi
    Baxi Tabaxi

    Remember any bronze iron or silver player watching this you are not faker. You are not even at the level of a decent player you will never be. You are in bronze due to your own inability to learn the game proper. You do not have what it takes to climb and you never will. You are here watching these videos thinking you can get some sort of trick or inspo,becouse you can't face the grimm reality that you are bad. You are so bad in fact that statically you are actually FAR below the average player. As the avrage player is mid to high gold. You are so far below the level and ability of an average player in fact. That when you talk about game machincs or anything relating to those things. it is a joke with no punchline. You will always be bad and there is no trick or inspo that will make you better. You either have what it takes or you do not. That's how it is. There is no champion,trick,item or strategy that is holding you back. You are just not good enough and you never will be. Time to wake up and deal with that. While you are dealing with that do the rest of the community a favor,and shut up about strageys,item picks or "op champions". You don't know what those things are. You are like a child coming up with fanciful story's to make sense of the world. No one takes your words or ideas seriously. You do not have the credentials to back them up. Higher level players are allowed to talk about these things because they earned the privilege of doing so,they have the credentials to back those words and ideas up. Outside of your equally horrible friend groups. You do not. The real world works the same way. You do not walk into the NBA or the NHL as low class ghetto baller or street hockey player and try and tell them whats correct. You shut your mouth and earn your place,and only the top 1% get to do that. This is why we enjoy watching athletes play. They understand the game so well and so deaply that it's an amazing thing to watch. We don't pay street trash to play ball or hocky. Why should we listen to you?

  • Nowill

    2 Minute long twitch ad at the start, jesus...

  • Aamir Qureshi
    Aamir Qureshi

    Caps vs Doinb. whos better overall?

  • IamNinjaDodo

    "no one else can be called the greatest LoL player for this long" *angry dapo/apda noises*

    • IamNinjaDodo

      @Neil Panganiban sure buddy

    • Neil Panganiban
      Neil Panganiban

      not even close. even Rookie is greater than Dopa

  • The Only Shadow
    The Only Shadow

    I hear there’s a pretty good riven main called exil 🧐

  • alksdjf;alsdjf

    2:06 This is something you say about middle-aged athletes, the fact you're talking about a 24 year old is ridiculous.

  • Ben Passlow
    Ben Passlow

    Not once in ten years have I heard someone complain riven is clunky to play... nor have I ever heard anyone cry she has low damage. In fact I vividly remember riven main memes pouring forth second only to Yasuo mains for their level of disappointment. And yet they still sometimes fucked your entire team up.

  • Mixalhs Anagnwstou
    Mixalhs Anagnwstou

    Look at corki name on 0:25 and the scoreboard on the next clip , it all adds up now

  • zXon3

    Tyler1 is the best well can all agree on that


    i just saw barcode killer and thought its a hitman video :(

  • Wolf Treetruck
    Wolf Treetruck

    14:00 exactly.

  • GG Glenn
    GG Glenn

    nice video but you should've shown his riven dodging cass ult. nobody does that that time. everyone couldn't believe it even me haha

  • Tasha Florence
    Tasha Florence

    the 1 reason why faker is my god

  • SongForYall

    Imagine baiting faker into playing riven then taking cass a riven counter and getting dumpstered

  • Fathallah Alaoui
    Fathallah Alaoui

    Rediscovered your channel after like 3 years or so, it's just, great !! continu !!

  • Ahma Nin-nin
    Ahma Nin-nin

    wow. i dont play lol nor do i know a lot about it. honestly just started watching lol vids cuz i found magikarpusedfly’s old lol videos. But faker seems to be rlly awesome and makes me want to know more about him

  • UjnebzKie D.
    UjnebzKie D.

    8:31 Uhmm.. Faker using a skin?

  • Kraedos GG Gaming
    Kraedos GG Gaming

    Seems revisionist. Yes, he was one of the first to pick Riven mid as a counter to assassins being popular and Gragas, but his mechanics were above average at best compared to the OTP when he first brought it to solo Q. CDR Riven was already on the rise Faker is Faker, and he improved, but the narrarive isn't as click baity if that was told instead.

  • James

    you left out fakers insane runepage that he used with riven. life steal quints and flat cdr blues, an important part of his strategy and not what was the meta at the time

  • Travis LoneBear
    Travis LoneBear

    Faker the play maker

  • john surba
    john surba

    It's 2020 and he's still playing at a high level of skills

  • Kyle Gualberto
    Kyle Gualberto

    Am i blind or something, did I just saw faker using a skin on riven? 8:50

  • Cheekers

    "should be taking money" well he is the most paid league player anw, but he doesnt do much with it, and the fact he's so humble that he will spend the money donating is just respectful

    • Sameer Hasan
      Sameer Hasan

      his monthly expenditure is 200$

  • fap kaptain
    fap kaptain

    next one should be how he changed Ryze and made one champion get 4 reworks Xd

  • M. K
    M. K

    Hez the goat

  • Ryan Tan
    Ryan Tan

    I think your video is inaccurate. Faker never played Riven domestically in 2013. You can (easily) tell because in 2013, his team was called SKT T1 #2, and the rebrand to SKT T1 K was in 2014. A quick look at the statistics on gamepedia seem to back me up. He debuted Riven in 2013 Worlds, and then continued to play it domestically in 2014. From what I remember of the time, he was known more for winning losing lanes. Quite a few games where he was up cs as Orianna vs Zed, at a time when Zed was so strong you usually saw 10+cs advantage for the Zed player in most lanes. The biggest thing was the Leblanc debut, where he played it as a counterpick to Karthus vs MVP Blue.

  • Javert

    ''seminal to faker'', erm what?

  • Goldfisher 9000
    Goldfisher 9000

    This was super interesting. As someone who came in at the end of season 8, the first worlds I saw didn’t have faker, or SKT. I came to learn about him in season 9 through MSI and worlds but mostly just thought of him as a very good midlaner. This (and the fact that you mentioned there was a lot more) explains a lot of the hype he got that I didn’t understand.

  • Bearly Koalafied
    Bearly Koalafied

    4:36 why is there 2 zeds? I dont remember being able to play dittos in ranked

    • Kyubei

      I don't know the specific rule but back then, LCK final game or something was a blind pick not draft so you can end up having two of the same champs

  • Luis Felipe Bautista Bello
    Luis Felipe Bautista Bello

    Your videos are amazing! Keep doing this haha

  • CREK RiFt
    CREK RiFt

    I miss kleptomancy

  • Vara

    8:48 faker with battle bunny skin wtf

    • Kyubei

      Funfact: "Game 1 of the OGN Winter Grand Finals 2013 where he used Battle Bunny Riven. Faker went on to state that this was a mistake as the OGN staff check the players accounts before the games, and the tester of his account selected the skin - which Faker didn't notice in Champion Select."

  • HelpQuarantineMadeMeAWeeb

    how bout oce, dyrus, regi, alex ich for old time's sake. props to exil, your docus are always so damn good.

  • Meije lips
    Meije lips

    Faker POG

  • Arthur

    When "Fakur" picks an "off-meta" pick, he is "legendary" and "revolutionary", but when I pick my AP Attackspeed Varus Mid I'm "Trolling" and "Inting". This is unacceptable. Gamers, Rise up

  • MrHashi

    Still preferer toyz on orianna

  • ryba537

    This video just reminded me how much I disliked Reginald.

  • Alyas Jeboy
    Alyas Jeboy

    why not master yi

  • Armelo Flordeliz
    Armelo Flordeliz

    dopa was better

  • Legend Beat-it-up
    Legend Beat-it-up

    How to play Riven? RivenMains: Be FAKER

  • Hi Im Andicus
    Hi Im Andicus

    I'm so offended that Exil didn't show Faker sidestep Cassio ultimate. That was such a sick play.. xD Amazing video nonetheless. I always get chills watching these videos, and honestly, I respect Faker more than I have any other person. It's crazy, and kinda saddens me that I'll never be that great.

  • Well Hello
    Well Hello

    “We all age, we all slow down” he’s only 23 😂


      But you know how kids are... everyone thats more than 3yrs older than them is old and out of touch... until they are that age and then they go "oh man im old now LOL" and think about how the people 3+yrs older than them are so old and out of touch... until they hit that age and then go "oh now im really old LOL" and think about how the people 3+yrs older than them are...

  • Maxx TV
    Maxx TV

    Remember he used Master yi on mid lane? 😂

  • D L
    D L

    14:50 nah fam, the rest of my life, taking care of my family and generating generational wealth > LoL Give me that check, korea will still be there.

  • Brendan Jay
    Brendan Jay

    "now, faker was screwed." Lmao

  • Maulik Ranolia
    Maulik Ranolia

    But you didnt show that cass ult on faker where he dodged so beautifully by sidestepping that even in slo mo it would be hard for any one..it was in the same mayvh agaiast nagne

  • Maulik Ranolia
    Maulik Ranolia

    I enjoyed it.ty

  • LeLo

    Dopa: "Hold my beer"

  • Valentin Bonchev
    Valentin Bonchev

    Great video! Make another for Remilia and her tragic story.

  • errol fancis Julian
    errol fancis Julian

    The man who puts the Legend into the League of Legends

  • Daniele Zeme
    Daniele Zeme

    The GOAT.

  • Mike Clayton
    Mike Clayton

    Lmao is it really a shocker that the best player in the world could do well on a broken ass no skill champ that artificially enhances your elo?

  • Wolf Rider
    Wolf Rider

    If only apdo never boosted...

  • Homeless to Greatness
    Homeless to Greatness

    When he solo-killed ambition's kha'zix that's my favorite Faker moment.

  • K3m P3
    K3m P3

    Who is barcode killer

  • Colossol

    this is awesome!

  • Norman jamille Luarez madera
    Norman jamille Luarez madera

    Skt riven i hope so

  • George Li
    George Li

    Where's Faker's play on Riven where he effortlessly side stepped Cassiopeia ult? rsloft.info/loft/video/ZpinvJ_el5ymsYY

  • HOT _vaios
    HOT _vaios

    Haha by the way i was riven main season 5 and had 30wins 0 defeats in diamond 2 with 18/4 kd prnt.sc/r348mb

  • Rachel Reformado
    Rachel Reformado

    I don't know why fakers haters always saying fakers only wins because players back of the days are bad. Faker revolutionised the game that's why we have this strong players today

  • ChinChillin

    Lol yeah faker made the flash stun pfft pre sure people would do any of this eventually

  • Islam Idrisov
    Islam Idrisov

    This nigga turn down $10 million and a blank check check you got me fucked up

  • i love jokes
    i love jokes

    I wanna marry him

  • Yahomboi

    One thing i learned from this video is that faker actually used a skin

  • Deity

    What if faker is a time traveler lmao

  • Doug Mertz
    Doug Mertz

    When I first played riven it just felt natural to auto attack between abilities, not sure how people thought it was difficult at one point in time

  • Martin Torres. Navarro
    Martin Torres. Navarro

    his loyalty to korea? are serious ? he got family and friends in korea that more logical ... but i guess u do videos for the hyped

    • Martin Torres. Navarro
      Martin Torres. Navarro


  • Andrew Lee
    Andrew Lee

    Damn didn't show the cassio ulti dodge. Great video it brought back a lot or memories lol

  • jan michael de castro
    jan michael de castro

    When faker uses riven skin 😂

  • Useless ADC
    Useless ADC

    Video starts at 1:48

  • omer fridman
    omer fridman

    1 minute and 50 seconds of twitch advertisement ... honestly disgusting, you're lucky the video is about faker so i can't dislike it.

  • Agronatar TN
    Agronatar TN

    Hashinshin be like because he’s playing riven.

  • tristan mac
    tristan mac

    Does anybody know hotshotgg? He is the first legendary who take down alot of players lol its called Nidalee lol

  • Eduard Weber
    Eduard Weber

    Hey Exil, what do you think about Bard? I think he is the most balanced supporter ingame. Doesn't have to much damage, inportent abilities for teamfights and small matchups. Can be outplayed and is constintent trought out the entire game.

  • Guy on YouTube
    Guy on YouTube

    2 min ad about twitch when every fucking person that’s gonna click on a Faker video already knows what it is

  • Haxagonus D
    Haxagonus D

    0:26 666 damage

  • The Crispy SaladWizard
    The Crispy SaladWizard

    Faker is a god. Change my mind.

  • Lil Yomp
    Lil Yomp

    Yo exil, was just wonderin if you were planning on making a video about the current state of toplane. Soraka top being the highest winrate in the game makes it seems like that role is just irrelevant. I’m not a toplane main, I’ve literally never played a bruiser in my life, but ik that ranged toplaners are basically a meme at this point. I think it’d be interesting to learn abt how you feel about the role and maybe what you’re hoping they’ll do about it.

  • Core Lui
    Core Lui

    Can we have a another video about akali PLZ. The last nerf make her so worse

  • Jean Ibrahim
    Jean Ibrahim

    one minute 45 seconds of advertising twitch after youtube ads were too much for me to watch the rest of the video.

  • Where is Ja Rule
    Where is Ja Rule

    This video is not that great tbh. He didn't go over why the name "Barcode Killer" existed in the first place. It was because back then Riot gave every pro diamond accounts with differing barcodes as their name. That's why it was so hype because every pro in the world was playing with barcodes as their username and then Faker comes out with "Barcode Killer".

  • Bugi Bugi
    Bugi Bugi

    Hes like Nikola Tesla of LoL.

  • Snow Flake
    Snow Flake

    Hey summoners it’s Kellen’s birthday! Show him some love! #proudgamermom #apriven #exilsmom

  • Emperium

    Lmao showing Doinb when you're saying there are other players in contention for the title of best player in the world Are you an idiot or just lazy?

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