Climbing Ranked With "Smurf" Champions
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Today, let's talk about why smurfs play the same overpowered champions in league of legends. It's funny that it seems all smurfs play khazix, hecarim, rengar, shaco, and riven. I want to talk about why that is, and what makes some of the best smurfs from elo boosters to the L9 clan so good at climbing through low elo.
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Patch 9.10 on the PBE and riven changes on surrender at 20
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  • Exil

    All smurfs may play the same champions but IG is smurfing on MSI

    • Bart


    • Vladi Minderlen
      Vladi Minderlen

      @Oliver Indren not only did he say not every game is winnable but also these games are winnable , if someone isnt running it down intentionally , if ure good enough u wil lwin the game

    • Petr Matoušek
      Petr Matoušek

      @Oliver Indren If you are in a role of carry and you are a win condition of both teams (your team should play around you) and enemy should find a way to remove you at any opportunity you should build the way you scale, but also deny the ability for the enemy team to focus on you. if I am ahead with bruiser, adc or melee hypercarry I try to build GA /steraks/phantom dancer (items that scale with me, but also are defensive) so that it is really difficult for the enemy to shut me down and remove me and they also need to put more abilities and resources to get me. If I am fed and already deal tons of damage I simply focus on building the way I dont get punished so easily, but I can still feel being ahead If you are ahead in role of AD assassin and you already deal reliable one shot dmg I find it good to get some base form of lifesteal no troll at all, the kit of AD assassin is mostly built that if enemy goes defensive you will waste your abilites your cooldowns, sometimes summoners, because assassins are play dependant, but as the game becomes more midgame and lategame oriented people will cluster way more and you will more certainly get hit and get your healthbar depleted even if you time your follow up to your team well (you don't engage as assassin on your own at this point in game - you follow up) after teamfight won or lost you find yourself exhausted of resources (health cd) and are forced to do recall regardless of if you need to go shopping or not if you have lifesteal you can simply recover by jungling or crearing waves at this point you can plan ahead to recover and apply more pressure that is also reason why khazix and rengar are in this video and is not mentioned these assassins can recover very easily and that way you dont have to recall each time you get squishy I would like to give some advice as ap or ap assassin, but I find these to be more reliant to team or not so able to recover fast

    • Alry FireBlade
      Alry FireBlade

      You saybreak the rulesfor climbing...

    • Jogih

      @Fallen Deus proguide videos on RSloft. that's where you know it from

  • gay luigi
    gay luigi

    glad i quit this dogshit game, just gets worse and worse every year. no regrets, definitely recommend :)

  • johny _k
    johny _k

    dumb that trash game guys its addictive and wastes time

  • No0bm

    you forgot kassadin, god i hate kassadin smurfs

  • Ababei Robert Petronel
    Ababei Robert Petronel

    guess what master yi s11 just gt so buffed for this that it maybe like 1v9 and he will like the odds of getting 9 kills in a raw, he will get so strong early game that affter half clear he can gank bot and get a double

  • Luis Soto
    Luis Soto

    When I play agaisnt a smurf I take it as a challenge and also to prove that I can learn fast and not giving my lane for free

  • KromcK

    Im playing shaco now and I have 199% 300000000$ and a girlfriend, thnks

  • captaine flow chapka
    captaine flow chapka

    a team game where u need to play like all people are trash and u are the only human i n your team and where play as a team make people so sick that u need to creat a special queu .. they made this environnement possible cuz of it so thx to riot to let us destroy a team game to become a solo game

  • nekit

    just dont play adc

  • Internet Alpha
    Internet Alpha

    I played funnel with my friend in norms as a joke because I hovered yi and said "funnel?" My friend went taric mid and what followed was hilarious.

  • Riccardo Riva
    Riccardo Riva

    its only me that when im vs a smurf i want to outplay him?

  • Lesba Zyra
    Lesba Zyra

    So you are telling us that you approve smurfs and boosters instead of making solo queue a healthy place again.

  • Rico La Muerte
    Rico La Muerte

    peace Exil

  • ship another ship
    ship another ship


  • Staka Duggan
    Staka Duggan

    so you're saying I should play kha zix

  • RygzGaming123

    Well theres in wild rift

  • Arda Anıl Ergin
    Arda Anıl Ergin

    10:19 nope, if the pro players were 1 in a billion, there would only be 8 pro players as there are 8 billion people in the world.

  • _SargentoCoelho _
    _SargentoCoelho _

    Other khazix: * literally deletes the oponnents account on kill * My khazix: "oi i need a leash for the scuttle, fucker got nasty damage"

  • Mercylles jd
    Mercylles jd

    There are literally few of people who play rengar/twitch and are smurfing

  • Noneofyour Business
    Noneofyour Business

    9:39 "if you dont have a friend" ... sounds like a smurf alright ^^

  • Kisuke323

    So... League of Legends is by definition not a strategic/tactic game anymore. It is a messy BS. Also, a beat-them-up genre

  • Sckeleton Lord
    Sckeleton Lord

    hey these guys who smurf in this game, do you know how to play "real life"?

  • Douglas Soares Coutinho
    Douglas Soares Coutinho

    These funnel strategies only work cause the game itself is designed to work a diferent way, so broken strategies become even more broken by exploiting the very own mechanics that are there to make the game work like riot wants it to

  • Samo Gledam
    Samo Gledam

    Smurfs are cringest players ever, whenever i get "smurfs" in my team, they feel so entitled, after one bad play they just want to go next and dont care about their account bcs they got too many already Riot should make so every person has one account thats verified with your ID, and once u get banned from toxicity u can fuck off from game and play dota, im sick of delusional retards trying to act cool in my games...

  • Vladimir Jovanovic
    Vladimir Jovanovic

    Im zed main and zed one trick

    • JustUgnius


  • Jimmy Russell Uher
    Jimmy Russell Uher

    I am now determined to climb from Iron3 to Iron1, and possibly even Bronze4, by asking every person I play a game with if they will try a "new" strategy with me... Hear me out here bro... Me, mid lane, Yummi.... You, jungle, master yi ... as long as I can leach xp, save it for the Yi. Also, I will request bot lane to lock in Yasuo and just perma-fight, win or lose doesn't matter, hell create chaos and hit a 2 item spike anyways. Support Zoe, because Im just like her, always root for her to win, chocolate cake is cute. And then who cares about top lane lol

  • Kriegi

    Good thing I don't use still someone rarely says an enemy is a smurf and we proceed to stomp the game. I finally decided to play ranked and climbed from silver to plat in weeks, an important factor in this is tiltproofness

  • Caiuslmn_ _
    Caiuslmn_ _

    9:43 wtf was that Kata doing LMAO

  • Matthew R
    Matthew R

    I'm a 4 year chogath main stuck in silver elo from feeders but my plat and higher teammates can't 1v1 me or make me lose a tower

  • alex S.
    alex S.

    I had to think about those teemo one tricks....

  • Piede Sinistro
    Piede Sinistro

    I’m bronze and got matched against a Lucian, my teammates were all gold and this lucian was Unranked, level 30 with only 1 game with lucian, he 24/6 us

  • WowJocke


  • David 4253
    David 4253

    master yi lookin like a snac though

  • Kobemane

    Are people ignoring the 600 gold bounty on the 0/0/0 Irelia top lane at 5:12

  • nimrod films
    nimrod films

    i main akali, and alot of the smurfs i fight (around plat) tend to play hyper aggressive, as they should. but then what happens is they go slightly, ever... ever so slightly too aggressive, then i get one good e auto e auto q auto w q auto combo on them and the lane is mine. they either stay and i tower dive them, or they lose a massive wave. it doesnt alwasy happen exactly that way, but the important thing is they get tilted because they just lost hard to a plat player.

  • Yilteh

    When i play against a smurf i usually play better, i pay more atention to the minimap, i turn off the autopilot and focus on trading and farming and I ask the jungler to gank me so the enemy smurf won't get prio and free roam

  • KingSpoderMan

    If i would ever play aginst a smurf i will just play as i normally do.

  • Bloater Snake
    Bloater Snake

    lol he called Riven a "SMURF" champion

  • Fulgencio77

    conclusion: smurfs are cringe

  • Chibro

    When i play against a smurf i test my limits and compare what can I do at micro strategy. i think everyone who plays league decently has macro gameplay good enough, the rest depends of your decision making

  • pao_10

    Lmao that runescape wilderness

  • Y̴̸̴A̴̸̴N̴̸̴ s
    Y̴̸̴A̴̸̴N̴̸̴ s

    Darius: ._.

  • Joao Pedro Monteiro
    Joao Pedro Monteiro

    0:14 is it just me or master yi is lookin' kinda T H I C C

  • destroyinglight

    Exil: "You only have to rely yourself and only yourself" Me as a support main: I guess I'll die

    • Luis Soto
      Luis Soto

      Play crit thresh ha

    • Nostalgic Player
      Nostalgic Player

      @Do you even Rift This probably will trigger a lot of people (myself included kekw).

    • Do you even Rift
      Do you even Rift

      EUW Rank 1 Challenger plays ONLY Janna Support. Just saying ;-D

    • Jouke van der Woud
      Jouke van der Woud

      if adc knows how to right click play blitz

    • 5krypt

      l u x

  • WItherstalk

    Rengar, kha'z , twitch, kindred, kata, riven, fiora and jax. typical smurf champs.

  • Craig

    genderbend master yi.....

  • Jocasta

    How tf would u carry as support without trusting any teammates lmao

  • Floorgang Ouh
    Floorgang Ouh

    I used to elo boost (i boosted like 7 friend accounts 5 to gold 2 to plat 5 euro each rank) plus like 5 other accounts that someone duo with me, i used to play only katarina, kha zix and jhin all with over 80% winrate, because i also got a tons of enemy smurfs almost every game

  • O8SOL3TE

    He's right, I do enjoy bringing my jax toplane in silver. I actually enjoy it so much I'm staying there forever.

    • Mintbeef

      That's the way to play, make a smurf account and just become hardstuck in a lower elo than your main and question whether it was all luck or not lmao

  • Deprived

  • Percy Jackson
    Percy Jackson

    YO what is that, a female Yi? t h i c c

  • John Ford
    John Ford

    ah yes, when I think of smurf champions I think about Aurelion Sol

  • Marko Ercegovic
    Marko Ercegovic

    by the way,is shen a good smurf champ?l played kass/fiora/shen ... and im doing really well,with 69% winrate in gold 3,started from iron 4,so that means shen is a good champ for smurfing?

  • Marko Ercegovic
    Marko Ercegovic

    wait lmao,why not master yi as a male,sure hes skinny as fk but hes nice looking champ,and l love how he looks ;D but its no problem,btw nice vid

  • ZeR0

    Im best jhin mid na boi

  • Dewezord

    Absolutely Shilling

  • Ice Dog
    Ice Dog

    I appreciate the osrs reference

  • Ncryptd Face
    Ncryptd Face

    Adc's are strong because of their skill, but Supports also need a bit of credit :(

  • Deven Szlachetka
    Deven Szlachetka

    triggered you pronounced kirito like that

  • Chloe! Transgirl Femboy Thing
    Chloe! Transgirl Femboy Thing

    I’m that Soraka... oof

  • Ec Aea
    Ec Aea

    Except , doesnt exist on garena server. So how do we check ? :D

  • Ubayd Ar'rhman
    Ubayd Ar'rhman

    9:38 "So if you don't have a friend don't be too worry" idk Exil.. I'd kinda be worried if I didn't have friends

  • Mr. Boomguy
    Mr. Boomguy

    I love playing Illaoi, because her early lead are so strong, she almost counters all of her counters, and even counters ganks! And it will Dominate a squishy team comp.

  • Alexander Fam
    Alexander Fam

    Well i basicly play against smurfs every day so i am not nervous anymore lmao.

  • Andrew Barzu
    Andrew Barzu

    *cries in main support*

  • Catonzo

    I consider myself a shit player. Even though I was Platinum and played with low Diamonds at one point, which *would* by the standard make me well above average (even though everyone seems to claim Challenger level skill on social media) I decided against ever letting ego get the better of me. Thus I consider Platinum players trash, with me included. We're the lowest of the capable players.. but the only ones to truly try climbing out of 'low elo'. People happy in Gold don't bother climbing. People happy in Silver don't bother with climbing. Platinum requires a mindset to climb. To grind. Gold is easy.. Platinum is easy, just takes much more time. I know many in Platinum tend to love trash talking on Silvers, Bronze or Iron, but the only difference between Platinum and lower ranks is the factor of time spent and shits given. Because of my "high skill" against the average player, I tend to always want to be the one playing against Smurfs. I can't do so if they are the jungle, but I can request the lane after we spawn in. I *like* to play against smurfs, but only if they are against me specifically. It's no fun to see your toplaner die 10 times to a Jax, which might not even be that high of a smurf -- but a Bronze 10-0 Garen (or Jax) with ignite and Nimbus cloak could destroy a challenger player that is 0-0-0 since there is not actual room to outplay when all he does is spin in your face, silence you and hold a 3-4 level advantage and Merc threads/tenacity to deny you any CC to hold him back. If that Garen happens to be a Diamond or Platinum level player.. I'd stand no chance no matter what. Garen is, what I like to call, a smurf killer. Can't outplay when silenced. At least not if you're playing a glass cannon. So yeah, this is why I request to play against them, even if the lane matchup of a Mage top might not be the best. Experience will have me then at the very least know that "This lane is lost, I just have to farm and stay relevant to match my opponent". If it's a decent matchup I play as I normally would.. just on a different lane.

  • ZeeDrakon

    I know this is an old video but by god I cant stand people saying that RatIRL "invented" gold funneling, which is literally a strat that at that point had been meta in 3v3 (with largely the exact same champions too) for literally years. It's legitimately copy pasted from 3v3.

  • FlameIsMyStyle

    Rat is actually reformed i dont know if u even noticed it ....

  • chaton roux
    chaton roux

    aheum, aheum, VLADIMIR

  • Bee Ong
    Bee Ong

    Ow wow your climbing guide clearly defies pro guides ^^

  • IWP Absentee
    IWP Absentee

    I think Lucian is more smurfy than people think

  • Aaron Yoon
    Aaron Yoon

    random diamond smurf in bronze: noooo u have a negative winrate u cant just randomly dominate this game me: haha yasuo go hasagi

  • Tibs

    I sometimes want to play with my brother and sister and since I'm a higher rank than both of them I have to play on the other's account. It's insane how some of those games can last up to 39 minutes. When I play on there on either adc or top it's absolutely confusing to see junglers not use their on my way pings and assistance pings and vision pings. Then your 50% hp Janna decides its the perfect time to trade when the enemy is slow pushing as Xayah and Blitz.

  • Sun Rise
    Sun Rise

    Honestly, I already know im never going to use these tricks. I just find that if i try to one trick ANY champion for too long, the entire game starts being just... boring. Theres no real value in one tricking if i cant enjoy the game, so even though it isnt good for my climb i prefer to play a wide variety of champions and roles.

  • cALiBr0

    gets inspired by this 0/6/0

  • Kamen Petrov
    Kamen Petrov

    Man fuck these d4 peekers. I hate smurfs

  • Kobie Bowman
    Kobie Bowman

    I was playing OSRS while watching this video and it felt like a 4th wall break at 1:14

  • Robbie Holmstedt
    Robbie Holmstedt

    ive faced 15 smurfs this season and i have won all 15... i play like a god vs smurfs and actually tryhard, usually i smack lane and have a third eye on the minimap 2 try keep my team from inting, but when i play vs just gold plat players im just brain afk cuz dis game has been so trash dis season... the only thing fun have been those 15 games for me and i have 300 total xd... i want a challenge, not challenged teamm8s who wont do anything but feed. i think that when u face smurfs u just try harder and it makes your team go from normally being braindead 2 trying to smack dem boosters

  • gulden

    Incentivating funneling yikes

  • Tadas Riebzda
    Tadas Riebzda

    Tbh i play a lotta different champs and slowly master them.

  • George Smash
    George Smash

    So is smurfing allowed?

  • Qiukae


  • AgustinBre

    1:13 what game?

  • TheKaneECO

    If you one trick and your champ is constantly banned should you just leave the lobby?

  • shader301202

    5:10 Why does the 0/0/0 Irelia have 600g shutdown?

  • GGWP

    How did I get out of silver? Thresh support. I was a main support, which means that no matter how good I was, I could never carry 1v5. If my teammates were to stupid to win even after I gave them all the wars, all the healing, all the shield, all the CC and peel I could, then yeah the game was lost. That is, until I started to play Thresh only. I never did so because of a strategy, just because I really liked the champion and got into a period of just playing Thresh. Still, it was a strong pick regardless, and I got so good with Thresh for a silver that more than half of the games I played we were leaving botlane with a fed ADC and the enemy's adc and sup were behind in gold, XP and most likely tilting. If the ADC was braindead or toxic, I'd just wait for lanephase to be over and stick with whoever was most fed or could be snowballed. Id hit every hook, get every lantern in place, build better items and control the team fight as best as I could. Sure, whenever we won the glory always went to whoever was fed, but from time to time I saw those rewarding "GG Thresh" in chat or get friend requests. Still, I was there for the ELO, and after several games I got from Silver 4 to Silver 3, jumped straight into Silver 1 and finally Gold V and even Gold IV. With my skin at the end of the season guaranteed and seriously burned out from being a tryhard, I went back to do what I play this game to do: play troll builds in normal game. And every year I just do the same exact thing: season starts, wait a few weeks for things to get calmer, grind with Thresh until I'm gold V, and then go back to enjoy the game.

  • Cookie Cow
    Cookie Cow

    All you saying about dodging, duo, checking In season 8 I hit d4 with 51 wins and 3 losses. All games solo queue. No dodges unless my champion was banned.

  • Hopkick -
    Hopkick -

    Why does the enemy team always have a smurf

  • Uxaen Arrhythmia
    Uxaen Arrhythmia

    Exil sounds like a chill Phreak.

  • Coughy

    If you think being a challenger shitting on a bunch of silvers is cool you are whats wrong with this game

  • IoI wut
    IoI wut

    love how the kha at the end is just button mashing... maybe that's a reason those champs are picked. they're somewhat brain dead. stealth too for sure.

  • GunshyBean

    "Smurfs are good at the game because they check for autofils and camp them" LMFAO no. Its because low elo players are dog shit at the game even on their main role and champ and trying their hardest ???

    • Briixus

      He didnt said that lol he said: "smurfs are smart cuz they watch for autofilled players and camp them" Just hear what he says and write it its not that hard buddy

  • Willi Marx
    Willi Marx

    Gold funneling is nerfed now

  • Fizzle

    i climbed with over 80% winrate as tank shen and usually end up with most of my teams kills anyway, you dont HAVE to use a hard carry

  • GalloViking

    I'm a support main. I don't rely on anybody, but everybody relies on me...

  • Hải Nam Nguyễn
    Hải Nam Nguyễn

    dat 1 T H I C C yi

  • Isaac Baker
    Isaac Baker

    6:28 "In the bottom lane you have two people that you can kill rather than just one" galaxybrain.png

  • Night Ink
    Night Ink

    Blue Kayn works too, I could roam in the entire map in a minute with predator :p

  • Harry Monoro
    Harry Monoro

    Smurfs are the cancer of online gaming. The way to destroy others game and experience because they want to relax or have more fun in the cost of others

  • Lirco Reeza
    Lirco Reeza

    Me, being a new player to the game: *nods* *in* *agreement*

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