Complete History Of Yasuo: League's Most Despised Champion
The History Of Yasuo, Starting from Yasuos release, to his development, to Yasuos champion spotlight, Yasuo in competitive play and Yasuo as an overpowered Solo queue champion. Is Yasuo Broken?
Previous History Video!
Edited, Produced, Voiced, Directed, Researched By Exil
Edited, Produced, Directed, Researched By Psyklone

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Intro Song: Eternal Youth - Rude
Outro Song: MGK - Home ft X Ambassadors and Bebe Rexha
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  • Exil

    I really hope you guys enjoyed make sure you let me know what champion or even role (like history of top lane) you want to see next? History of Urgot Kappa? ;)

    • Diego Ferreira
      Diego Ferreira

      @Mer Lin m look like on

    • Daniel

      Yasuo is most hated because his kit attracts the most obnoxious players in the LoL community. Hence the reason why Zed, Pyke and Riven follow closely behind him.

    • Linards Ž
      Linards Ž

      Watvh this now and laught that Yasuo is one of most played chempions in pro play again.

    • Linards Ž
      Linards Ž

      Yasuo has two parrys Infinite dashes and infinite amount of strikes

    • Rowen Hayes
      Rowen Hayes

      you made me wanna play yas... maybe main him thanks...

  • HR4F

    so the same guy made yasuo,darius and zoe..... plz cure this sadistic man

  • jeramahia123

    Because he's a generic century-old trope - the wondering loner alcoholic warrior - and nothing else. There's no substance to his character (a comparison of this trope done WELL would be Qrow from RWBY or Zoro from One Piece). He's what Riot THINKS is cool, but doesn't actually do anything by LOOK cool. And you just know they're going to force Ahri into a ship with him in The Ruined King game because Riot hates its long-time fans and only caters to its 13-year-old fans.

  • Angshuman Choudhury
    Angshuman Choudhury

    19:22 lolz

  • Jorge Huertas
    Jorge Huertas

    Yasuo is an adc that has exchanged range for double crit chance, excessive mobility, a knock up, armour penetration, cdr bassed on attack speed and a windwall that can stop every proyectile in the game from autos to ultimates. Balanced

  • _Gabriel Baino_
    _Gabriel Baino_

    If i play yone, is it fine? Or i will be killed by someone?

  • jaki chane
    jaki chane

    12:58 heres a new tank meta my friends .... And it's worste

  • Shin Murata
    Shin Murata

    Yasuo is just too difficult to understand that's all

  • shockkd

    Yasuo is only op when you put him into the right hands. Yone however is just Yasuo but easier to use

  • Marik Mag-isa
    Marik Mag-isa

    That's why I created an OC Champion that ignores Wind wall. 💅

  • hehe xd
    hehe xd

    So the point is: people dont hate yasuo cuz of design so much, they just have nightmares of older seasons when he was truly broken, i must say, imo he is not broken anymore, more-like annoying, super frustrating to play against.

  • Fais Faizal
    Fais Faizal

    The only champion that is hated in lore and in game

  • Abuu Dabu
    Abuu Dabu

    everyone: "ree yasuo" me: *new player that just thinks yasuo looks cool* "But why?"

  • Lazidimir

    Not fast in terms of velocity but in agility? Boy someone failed physics

  • Shin Murata
    Shin Murata

    One who hate yasuo is idiot

    • Shin Murata
      Shin Murata

      I've experienced that too but it's because maybe lack of nimbleness

    • Hai Nguyn
      Hai Nguyn

      @Shin Murata I know but somehow some Yasuo players still managed to go 0/6 to 0/10 each game (with their mastery 7 btw)

    • Shin Murata
      Shin Murata

      @Hai Nguyn and besides you can change your runes to enhance the sustain

    • Shin Murata
      Shin Murata

      @Hai Nguyn hate the cancerous people who used yasuo not the hero itself tf are they thinking

    • Hai Nguyn
      Hai Nguyn

      People used to hate Yasuo due to his sustain Now they hate him cause he go dashing and feeding and afk

  • Nope

    The Lucian at 0:46 MIGHT had won had he just autoattacked the Yasuo and not turn his back like a headless chicken.

  • Nikola Jokić
    Nikola Jokić

    I hate yasuo mains. I fucking win against 2 million mastery points yasuo and he says bullshit to my mother. All yasuo mains should burn in hell for eternity.

  • Theodor Luminshield
    Theodor Luminshield

    He is hated, bc he is pretty overloaded and frustrating to play against, and when a teammate, that plays him just gets 0/10 and then flames everybody, its not a pleasant experience. And as Dopa said, people get really cocky, and just dive in the whole enemy team, bc they think they can just 1v5. I started playing him, and its so much fun, he is really skill expressive like Aatrox, but Yasuo isnt an shit champ.

  • BobbybubuBear

    I like the thing Arkadata is introduce ❤️

  • Christopher Sabados
    Christopher Sabados

    People say he’s broken cause he is lvl one 1v3 invade against a lulu John and nunu in plat and don’t get me started on samira

  • Svudle Dudlan
    Svudle Dudlan

    Before nerf: dodges all skillshots and survives with 1 hp. After nerf: Running around like a headless chicken while missing every skillshot.

  • Svudle Dudlan
    Svudle Dudlan

    The windwall seems fairly uncreative and boring. For a parry ability, couldn't they just give him Genji's deflect ability (Without the actual deflection), would've been so lit.

  • Emy Scarlet
    Emy Scarlet

    I love how in development Yasuo ult became Yone's ult. Edit: Thinking on it, I wish they gave Yasuo the reduced crit damage thing Yone has as a tradeoff for double crit chance

  • Midnight Shield
    Midnight Shield

    I understand Yasuo is cancer. But he's alot of fun. I just never take him into ranked because he's broken.

  • Eric Yang
    Eric Yang

    I just found out certainlyT developed all of my mains. Funnily enough, I don’t play Yasuo.

  • Sinister Witch
    Sinister Witch

    he was designed to jump constantly and dodge great so he already have mechanics to reists dmg lets give him pasive shield and shield on ability insane dmg and croud control as well .. yes he is asasin XD its so bad desing surviv ability tnx mobility 2 shields bloodfeed and croud control he implify . thats just disgusting for ad hero. just get rid of his shields ( they r for tanks and mages ) and he will be fair to play against. its hyghly frustrating when asasisn PASIVE shield dont let u even haras him as a mage. bruiser / warior role should never exist if u r mele and have croud control or shields u r tank ! if u have mobility and dmg u r asasin . if u wanna warior go ad tank or tanky asasin . but warior class itselve its just toxic cus its always hybrid of few classes . RIOT NEVER UNDERSTOOD BALANCE AND THEY NEVER WILL

  • José Ricardo L. F.
    José Ricardo L. F.

    The problem with Yasuo is that League is solidified in a NON-polarized system with little rock-paper-scissors mechanics (I'm not talking about match ups here). What it means? It means something like this: while in Dota you have an item to make you immune to magic damage for around 6 seconds (5? I don't remember), league has items that gives you magic absorbing shields like Hexdrinker and Banshee's. League took the more "absolutes" designs from the genre and "diluted" them to make it more "smooth". It means that a scenario in league tend to be more about "additive factors" which makes you came up on top, then a trump buttom that turns everything to your favor. Lower cc's durations, fewer invulnerability scenarios, few invisibility at disposal and so on. If you compare dota's Rikimaru to Evelynn it becomes very clear the difference. It does not mean League don't have "polarized" scenarios, but it's very tuned down. Heck you can even compare league's patch history. It started more polarized but it solidified itself like this. So what it all have to do with Yasuo's wind all? It's a very polarizing mechanic in a Hyper Carry, which by design is not expected to have this kind of tool at its disposal. It's even more polarizing then the majority of supports which are basically a "toolkit" class of champion and that's it. But now with Samira... I don't care anymore. We're probably going for power creep and the polarization of the game will only go up. It's the evolution curve right now and it's not showing signs of stopping. We gonna see a lot of reworks and absurd items.

  • Neskuick

    that eune polish yasuo. you know who im talking to

  • RebeccaBlackVirus

    I cant stand Yatchuo

  • Sejdr

    im addicted to your channel

  • Edilyn Folloso
    Edilyn Folloso

    I'm older than yasuo LOL

  • Giacomo

    the frustrating thing about yasuo is that in soloq you can't win against him without your jungler permaganking him and in soloq you want to be in control of your game, you don't want to rely upon your teammates

  • Joshua Dirksz
    Joshua Dirksz

    and this new gen,we only get 2.0 champs like seraphine :)

  • Zouhair Ghazi
    Zouhair Ghazi

    Coming in 2020, I see now that Hotshot was the reason Riot came up with Samira, a melee AD carry with a projectile blocking.

  • Rizzi Monleon
    Rizzi Monleon

    Huh. Yasuo's scrapped ult went to Yone.

  • Verysour

    No one can play yasuo change my mind

  • Manuel B. Camacho
    Manuel B. Camacho


  • WinsPlay'sYT

    If garen vs yasuo garen is the winner lots of yasuo lose couse of garen i think

  • Uncle Daniel
    Uncle Daniel

    thought that was master yi. love the clickbait titles xD

  • Away in my Mind
    Away in my Mind

    Probably one of, if not THE highest skill cap champion in the game, because he has the tools. An elite Yasuo player makes the champ look broken, but I wouldn't say he actually is.

  • Kashi

    Little did we know, HotshotGG's suggestion became a reality.

  • Judge

    league's most despised champion? teemo would like to say hello

  • Funko Memes
    Funko Memes

    now we have yone and samira what the hell happend?

  • Nizumashii Eri
    Nizumashii Eri

    ah yeah one long dash on his ultimate like what yone do now

  • Fernando Soto Garcia
    Fernando Soto Garcia

    and now we have a windwall in area and in an adc. lol

  • Find the Beauty in Everything
    Find the Beauty in Everything

    From my experience, Yasuo is not inherently problematic, but he breaks some of the gameplay features designed specifically to balance the game as a whole, not balance individual champions. His windwall CAN be played around, you CAN kill Yasuo with relative ease in lane, and he isn’t overly oppressive, but the fact that his windwall exists at all creates a gameplay situation where people become too afraid to play the game in ways normally deemed standard. The wall alone breaks team fights, it breaks standard comeback opportunities, it breaks standard objective play, it flat out cripples champs who are usually deemed “high skillcap” because their actual skill-based directed/aimed “skillshots” are entirely avoidable... it’s presence in the game is fair in some aspects but is not inherently “balanced” around anything, it is just an oppressive, consistently game-changing ability available as a one point wonder and with a comparably low skill threshold to use, compared to other true game-changing abilities like Zoe’s E, Janna’s R or LeeSin’s R.

  • Asylum Escapee
    Asylum Escapee

    I'd rather stab myself than lane against a Yasuo

  • BlueNoodle


  • halibitch

    I swear I can't fucking stand blind pick because there's always a goddamn yasuo

  • RYRY

    and now yone takes yasuos spot lmao

  • Eroe

    i never played yasuo, but as a yasuo you're expected to be 24/2/0 (no assists cuz you always ks) and so when you do its normal, or if you go 0/5 you're considered really bad since you're plying the champ with the strongest early game , plus most yasuo players are toxic... i dont see the fun in this champ, i'd say dont nerf him, leave him the way he is, if enemy team knows what they're doing the moment you pick yasuo you get perma ganked and end up 0/10 and 3 levels behind because you wanted to pick a champ that people hate . it's league of legends .

  • Tekno

    7 years later... yone is released

  • KingWalf

    Everyone: we hate yasuo! Riot: did you say make a character that is just yasuo but better?

  • kidrenato

    CertailyT literally said he likes creating champions that are frustrating and fun only for the person who's playing it. So, yeah, there you have it: Thresh, Zoe, Akali rework, Darius, Aphelios.

  • The Lonesome Wanderer
    The Lonesome Wanderer

    his windwall is just cancer for a mid laner/ there's next to no outplay potential against it for a classic mage like xerath lux etc he just counters their whole kit with ONE ability.

    • Hai Nguyn
      Hai Nguyn

      Azir aa still counter it pretty well

  • patrick is a star
    patrick is a star

    It's sad that's yasucide quit he was prob the best mechanical yasuo

  • Lioneriod

    >Well deserved love The only thing yasuo deserves was to be kept on his lowest and be forgotten.

  • SenzawaVirus

    So we can stop hating on teemo now

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache
    Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Now that his brother Yone is in the game *"Allow me to introduce myself"*

    • Hello there
      Hello there

      Riot said they are satisfied by how he is, they only nerfed his q so they won't nerf it later

  • STARTGaming

    Yas fucking sucks rework his bitch ass already

  • Marcin zly
    Marcin zly

    Yassuo is so despised because he is soooo OP. He's got super strong broken kit and practically all of his abilities are no skillshots. I know teoretically his Q and windwall are skillshots but how many times someone dodge his Q? It's only happening when Yass messed up. And how difficult is to put windwall right? And his R which is not only dmging You with lifesteal for him but also stunning you for a quite of time, and can be proc by any other teammates. Bullshit champ beloved by Rito. Fuck You Yassuo.

    • Hai Nguyn
      Hai Nguyn

      He has little to no good play against that are also mobility but tanky(Shen,...) or have alot of cc(Annie,...)

  • Wave Emperor
    Wave Emperor

    18:38 ... no Jax would beat him

    • one one
      one one

      Now imagine if he had a real weapon.

    • Hai Nguyn
      Hai Nguyn


  • Joshua Zapata
    Joshua Zapata

    i come from the future, now he is overpowered

  • Erbert Adonis
    Erbert Adonis

    I see Yasuo on 2017 I use Morde or Darius Ez win...

  • AngelBird

    Wtching the complete history videos one thing has become clear. Patch 5.22 seems cursed. The Brutalizer split, the Ireli buff, the Yasuo buff.. the change of crit items..

  • Ricky R3tardo
    Ricky R3tardo

    0/10 powerspike

  • Branden Pedersen
    Branden Pedersen

    The yasuo paradox is my favorite thing about league

  • Der Herausforderer
    Der Herausforderer

    8:03 overstays, misplace shield, gets charmed *"YASUO IS SO USELESS"* xD

  • NightShocker03

    2:55 yea.. yone's ult definetely

  • 12Hermes

    ı realy realy hate this champ ı hope one day they delete this shit

  • 12Hermes

    A fucking rocket coming A boi whit long hair and swor: HAHA WİND GO BRRRR

  • Sean Boglio
    Sean Boglio

    Unfortunately neckbeards love katanas and cute animey ironclad wahmin and that's the demographic with the most cash wales. IN MOST GAMES there will be the neckbeard pandering... LoL's redesigning is there and it works. Neckbeards think katanas are capable of cutting other weapons. So anything wearing a jatana has to have an advantage or the players drawn towards it will need to learn and that's a big reason for outrage. Wtf devs... let the katana dude be bad. There are a lot of other champs that suck and those who love them make them work let yasuo players wotk for it. Katanas in most games do the same thing. A big example is Monster Hunter. The "Long Sword" noobiest of the weapons and very effective and it has high skill ceiling, sure, but you don't need to achieve it to find success (and trip the hell out of your commarades with your shitty anime swings) "But it's a playstyle" Sure... then nerf it and let the people who play it learn styles have weaknesses. When your opponent depends on your mistakes to have a chance in neutral there is a problem. Oh... then there's yone, now...

  • Caol

    Yone might finally take his throne for the most hated champ in league (actually yuumi might have already)

  • Rianne Magtuba
    Rianne Magtuba

    So he's old ult is basically Yone's ult right now

    • Hello there
      Hello there

      *no more

    • Hello there
      Hello there

      His Q gor nerfed (yone's, however, no nerfs coming for Yone)

  • Ferenzzyy

    i look at this then at yone and wonder.. wtf ?

  • VeNoMziV

    So yone's ult is yasuo's discarded one lol

  • Jonas Kircher
    Jonas Kircher

    Never flame a Yasuo that just reached his 0/10 powerspike.

  • Shark Lover
    Shark Lover

    5:00 im reporting hotshotGG and hating all his channel and some day when i grow up and go on tournaments IM GOING TO END DISS MAN WHOLE CARRIER

  • That One Person You See Everywhere
    That One Person You See Everywhere

    Now im afraid to buy and use him ;-; Toxic players probably gonna hate me fore using him :(

  • Erfworm Sniffle
    Erfworm Sniffle

    Yeah he’s got a spin move

  • Floddy

    As a yasuo onetrick ,there is a golden tip on how to make yasuo useless : Bruisers :) Especially Renekton or Sett

  • Jason Eissayou
    Jason Eissayou

    And now there’s Yasuo 2 😐

  • Hijam Dibiya
    Hijam Dibiya

    Wht is the name of the app 😁

  • The Wolf
    The Wolf

    I thought going 0/10 on Yasuo was normal, thats his powerspike..

  • shadownumber13

    U know whats worse than a top yasuo? Jungle yasuo

  • Mehmed Cavas
    Mehmed Cavas

    my biggest problem with the champ is that I see him every fckng game

  • TheDragoti

    Hey :) I am currently crying in advance bc of this yasuo buff comming with yone release ._.

  • Manny Thelazyguy
    Manny Thelazyguy

    as a new player, i think his power spikes are too big, imagine if fucking malzahar got double the Ap like yasuo gets crits, it would be awfull to play against, you, like playing against yasuo, will have to either stomp him early so you are so ahead the ie and the storrazer dont even matter or be undertower until 20 minutes into the game when you go toe to toe, not butter knife to katana

  • Gorand007

    I'm relatively new to the game and tbh I don't care if people will call me edgy or some other nasty thing but I really like Yasuo. Even when he'll get finally nerfed I'd still play him. He reminds me of my childhood past times when I'd watch Samurai Jack and such. He's got some genuinely smart lines of dialogue and I guess you can call him bland but I see more to what he represents as a concept of what a person can become when broken but not scattered. (Why do I keep writing this kind of stuff specifically at night? xD)

    • Hyden

      I started playing in December 2014 and I really like Yasuo, there's nothing wrong with it.

  • MrDino

    Riot:Yasuo has been removed from the game My five bucks::( why betrayed riot

  • Elton John Tubola
    Elton John Tubola

    BTW who is here when Yone is released.

  • Elton John Tubola
    Elton John Tubola

    Now there are two of them...

  • Szorc PL
    Szorc PL


  • No Comment
    No Comment

    Why do we hate yasuo? Well. If he win, he solo win, if he loose, he solo lose. In a team game, who want to play against, or even with this kind of characters? That's why I hate yasuo. When a single person can handle the result of a game, why would i play this game? Fact is, i don't.

  • Nate Jones
    Nate Jones

    I respect this video

  • Squat MAster
    Squat MAster

    i hate this champ and everyone who plays him

  • Shockmaker Petrov
    Shockmaker Petrov

    the only problem with yasuo is his Q. it has to be nerfed a bit. 3 hits untill tornado instead of 2 and a little cooldown between tornadoes like 10 sec.

  • Betar

    I remember playing Lux support with a random yasuo adc. he goes 5 0 I die once because yea they had a talon mid. He goes: "Bruh my support is so bad." "uninstall Lux".. after 12 minutes he decides to 1v5 the enemies and obviously dies. His reaction to that was: "Ff15 not winnable" When we didnt give up on 15 the then 9 1 Yasuo disconnected and never came back. We won tho.

  • Twines

    Quite honestly if Yasuo wasn't such an edgy piece of manure I wouldn't be so angry at him. Say he was more along the lines like Taliyah (you know, the person who he tutored but is a million times more skillful and the better written character trope).

  • Tyler Mango
    Tyler Mango

    The thing i don't like about yasuo is that his skill ceiling to play as him and play against him is really high. This means that either the yasuo sucks and feeds or they're really practiced and shit on their enemy laner with some TILTING mechanics. Either way, if there's a yasuo in your game, somebody isn't having fun.

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