Complete History Of Irelia: The Nerf Queen
The History Of Irelia, Starting from Irelias release, to her development, Irelia champion spotlight, Irelia as an overpowered champion, Irelia in pro play and competitive play such as LCS and LCK, Irelia in solo queue, Irelia's gameplay, and Irelia as a mid lane and top lane carry. This is her story from 2010 to 2019 in League of Legends.
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Edited, Produced, Voiced, Directed, Researched By Kellen (Exil)
►Music is from Jeff's Music, Excellent music source please go check it out:
►Special Thanks to Riot, Kevin Macleod, Riot Games, Tencent, Special thanks to Gbay99 and Ireliacarriesu.
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Irelia Season 9
Irelia Rework
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  • Exil

    Welcome back.

    • Destination X
      Destination X

      I thought this was because you knew we come back to your old videos XD. Still scarred from the -5 movement speed patch 💀

    • T h I c C B u R g E r
      T h I c C B u R g E r

      Damn, this game has changed so much since I stopped playing in mid season 4

    • Jorge Javier Baroudi Ortiz
      Jorge Javier Baroudi Ortiz

      oh my, thank you.

    • Jinx Fortune
      Jinx Fortune

      please make a video about evelynn :)

    • zhoon

      you have discord or something?

  • Winged Hussar
    Winged Hussar

    1:10 I guess you dont like it when a rioter says pretty ladies but I dont see anyone complaining about Rakkan, Yone, Sett, Kayn, Ruined King, basically most male champions now wear no shirt and are in shape with their 6 packs

  • David Brachmann
    David Brachmann

    What is the song that starts around the 16 minute mark?

  • KingWalf


  • lolol50735

    10:35 sykkuno?

  • SoulDevoured

    You didn't mention it but irelia had ap ratios because ap Irelia was briefly viable. Though not as briefly as ap Irelia on the pbe after her rework. It was fun that rito tried to give every champ build options but frankly that's usually how it went. If alternative builds were viable they would be nerfed. And usually the champion would be restricted anyway or worse just become unworkable with their wonky kit. Though I admit I do kinda miss trolling around with ad crit support nunu.

  • Mr. Reese
    Mr. Reese

    8:29 wtf am I reading? What has this gibberish to do with LoL coming to Korea?

  • Nepals

    You mean the nerf whre

  • Verysour

    most Irelia players int

  • Bradley Dragon
    Bradley Dragon

    yea and now she is pure garbage. i havent seen an irelia do anything in any game. ive been able to 3 shot her at lvl 3 with pretty much any champ ive played vs her. mainly kled. she just feels USELESS. she needs like a 200 hp buff or something. she dies so damn fast.

  • Henkeza

    Now she's op again xs

  • MBacc

    Bacc then, I was more worried about them keeping her phat ass. Well my brothers, they most certainty did and even upgraded that ass from wow to DAMN!

  • Rafael Almeida
    Rafael Almeida

    24:10 Rework on Irelia? BETTER NERF IRELIA

  • Daffty

    "Make sure their players dont hate their reworks" Yeah, ask Aatrox Mains. They look quite happy.

  • Délcio Rogério Moreira Junior
    Délcio Rogério Moreira Junior

    Horrible Rework

  • Rex Klint
    Rex Klint

    I hate the new Irelia. But then again, i hate most of the new champions&reworks they do nowdays. I miss old League.. When every god damn champ didn't have a dash.

  • SFlidd GDoni
    SFlidd GDoni

    i cry for days when they rework my heart now im broken

  • FoxMatty

    someone please get me the song at 20:00 it's killing me


    28:07 look at the minion come closer lol so fkin lucky

  • Marco Rubio Artista 3D
    Marco Rubio Artista 3D

    OOOOOODGASM at the last

  • JoeMama

    Still cant forgive the rework if we had legacy servers id play just to play my old gal 😔

  • Duothimir

    Got a Nerf ad at about 24:00, right before you mentioned a nerf to Irelia. How appropriate.

  • Cupcaké

    I don't care the old Irelia but the new one is just OP

    • Shinji

      Cupcaké Stuff only bronzies say.

  • Paul Hermeneanu
    Paul Hermeneanu

    You know what they say: You either rework Ryze or you better nerf Irelia

  • Jonas Kircher
    Jonas Kircher

    I played Irelia as one of my few toplane champions and she was always a fun pick and ever relevant because she had no core items apart from trinity force. The fact that she had literally no scaling apart from indirect scaling for W with attack speed (more attacks, more sustain and true damage) and Q with attack damage (higher execute threshold means easier resets) gave her huge flexibility in her build. If ever I was losing lane hard I could always build full tank after sheen and complete trinity later on to still become a relevant source of damage while primarily I could just dive in and stun the adc. Her E was an extremely cool mechanic, all it needed to become better in todays game was a clear visual when it would stun, making it both easier to use correctly and easier to counter (even though countering it wasn't easy as the e would stun you even if you flashed, kinda like Garen ult). Also using a skillshot ult to get targets low enough to get resets made for fun gameplay, especially in midlane where you could use the raptor camp to do so. For me Irelia's primary role was a drain tank fighter, basically what conqueror makes out of every fighter today. You had enough damage to threaten the enemy carries but not enough to oneshot them, enough tankiness and tenacity to not instantly die when you engaged into 5 enemies and you were the ultimate Rammus, Malphite and Maokai killer, champions that were unkillable back then when your adc had died in a teamfight, meaning the could often stop you from getting objectives after a won fight. But not when you played Irelia.

  • Rune 9630
    Rune 9630

    ‘How many men did you kill?’ “Not men... Noxians.”

  • Nixahma

    8:29 Hey Exil? What the fuck am I reading?

  • Aleksei

    i remember the time when irelia was best champ in the game with epic blue skin

  • fakejin

    But to be Fair when she was first realsed she was mostly played mid/top so faker pulling out Irelai mid was nothing visonary by any means .. back then it was allways Irelia you want mid or top .. Today what Irelia mid Report hat guy she is no meta anymore troll pick..

  • YanelArez

    This video is over a year old and I only played Irelia for a short time but I will miss her old kit probably forever tbh. I understand that as a pro player you might be able to do the same things after the rework as before, and see similarities that I don't between old Irelia and new Irelia. But to me it's like they made a brand new champ and then gave it Irelias Q (the ability I was the worst at using) and Irelias name. It sucks and I just want to be able to play old Irelia again but I probably never will.

  • André

    I was a main Irelia before the rework and never touched her again after it. She was one of the funniest champions out there and I really miss that playstyle :(

  • SmoothMusic

    Old Irelia was much better.

    • Shinji

      SmoothMusic She really was not.

  • Konyei Tetsuya
    Konyei Tetsuya

    13:14 What is up guys ..its Sykkuno here !

  • LEC 18:57 0-6 in Finals Got Reverse Swept
    LEC 18:57 0-6 in Finals Got Reverse Swept

    Better nerf Irelia no longer relevant in 2020 xD

  • Sakana

    I can't tell if he's being ironic when he complains about the "pretty ladies" comment. Does he think it's sexist, or just clunky sounding?

  • Daniel Clarke
    Daniel Clarke

    So they didn’t wanna piss Irelia mains off and invited the most famous Irelia main over to test the rework out for his opinion? But with Aatrox they just didn’t give a fuck😂


    5:52 voy approves

  • Destiny Opara
    Destiny Opara

    appreciate the ammount of work u pu t in ur vids g

  • RPGaming

    I still don't like her new W tho, I just feels kinda off having to stand still on a highly mobile melee champion. Also miss her true damage, but besides that I agree she's probably one of Riot's best reworks.

  • Τριαντάφυλλος Τσιακίρης
    Τριαντάφυλλος Τσιακίρης

    5:30 That didn't age well.

  • darkrulerbob

    I hate how new Irelia is just a completely different t champion. I wish you could play on older patches in custom games.

  • PokeCrafter02

    bro looking back at old league of legends gameplay i feel like im looking at wow

  • rry 64x
    rry 64x

    From thin zombie twig girl with snakes for hair to by far the absolute booty queen, it be quite the journey.

  • Senhor Passaro
    Senhor Passaro

    Better nerf 5ms

  • existingdark

    Didn't even play a clip of Badministrator's "Better Nerf Irelia" League fan music is truly dead.

  • Death Lotus
    Death Lotus

    she has the lowest wr rn

  • Rob Noble
    Rob Noble

    Rework killed irelia for me.

  • Jazz P
    Jazz P

    I want her true damage back..

  • aYuWuPsyk

    omg C00lStoryJoe!! what a throwback to some of the og leagueTubers 🤘🏼

  • Anubis

    I didn't see a second of this video, but i must say: "Better nerf Irelia!".

  • Janosch Frutiger
    Janosch Frutiger

    I would love to see Vladimir next ^^

  • Dragonia Divine
    Dragonia Divine

    Ive only played for a week and Im already tryna learn her lol

  • Jamesfloatyhead YT
    Jamesfloatyhead YT

    22:00 Aatrox mains: Are you sure about that?

  • プディンセス

    I would add two things that make melee carries less of an issue in DotA is turn speed, so kiting takes more time, giving range less advantage, no scaling abilities, so melee characters' health pools scale better over-all

  • Krzysztof Milański
    Krzysztof Milański

    3:15 mm mm Rafał Ganowicz vibes

  • SM Malu
    SM Malu

    i hate irelia's current E, such a high skill ceiling for a simple stun while theres other champions that have super easy skillshot or pointnclick stuns.

    • Shinji

      SM Malu It’s not a “simple stun” as its main advantage is the fact that it can apply reset marks to multiple people in one go, which is an extremely strong trait.

  • a g
    a g

    faker "invented" irelia midlane.... just because unflexible idiot players don't try some experiments, while other freaks just scream at you, if you pick something offmeta... but if faker does that yaaa he does "invent" it.... i call BULLSHIT

    • Shinji

      a g There’s a immense difference since low elo players don’t even know why what’s meta at a specific time actually works, so their experimentation is worthless, surface-level stuff that could only actually work if it was a complete accidental fluke. Meanwhile, high elo players and especially pro players actually know how the game works beyond surface level understanding, and thus their experimentation has actual value and can become “inventions”.

  • Sucks Fourier Transformation
    Sucks Fourier Transformation

    Fun Fact. The Boss of FPX used to work for the riot's balance group, and nerfed Irelia 7 times.

  • Aun Skyrim
    Aun Skyrim

    History of Irelia: from bitch to BITCH

  • Gustav Farenthide
    Gustav Farenthide

    Sigh, the Irelia rework is just not doing it for me. I find her incredibly boring to play now...

    • Shinji

      Gustav Farenthide I actually cannot fathom how someone could think the new Irelia is boring compared to the previous one. Like, there’s no logic to it. Unless a factor in your fun is things just being easier.

  • Dick Trickle
    Dick Trickle

    irelia was insanely broken on rework. what was that shit she had that removed shields lmfao

  • 73MPL4R

    If Riot Ezreal designed a lot of the champions, does that mean Ezreal the champion is technically God?

  • Astrophel

    5:28 -5:32 damn 315 cs lol 🤣

  • Roth: The World Ender
    Roth: The World Ender

    "irelia players and adcarries are the most vocal players by far" so back there, adcarries were crybabies

  • Taramungo Ognumarat
    Taramungo Ognumarat

    I completely agree with you in that Irelia's rework was a success. I've been playing and loving her since S2 and she's been one of my favorites ever since. When I heard about the rework, I was afraid I'd enjoy her less as it happened with Shen. But jeez, I play her more than ever. Much love for the Ionian dancing queen

    • Taramungo Ognumarat
      Taramungo Ognumarat

      @Logando Hardkiller I do feel you. She's less sustaining than before. You now have to think before jumping into 4 enemies and and micro your way around. But I like her overall kit a lot.

    • Logando Hardkiller
      Logando Hardkiller

      For me it was the other way around, i still like shen but never liked the assasin type gameplay she has now. I didnt see her once in ranked toplane this season

  • PacNat _
    PacNat _

    I’m pretty sure Irelia made me bisexual

  • Player Named Juju
    Player Named Juju

    Thanks for these vids! They are keeping me most entertained during this quarantine, do evelynn next! Lol! Keep up the great work!!!!

  • Roco Pika
    Roco Pika

    Ah yes, Olaf, the bane if old Irelia's existence

  • Matías


  • Dusan Bursac
    Dusan Bursac

    Every champion that has milion dashes is unbalanced in this game and that's the fact. Tho if you got hard CC champ. You balance them somewhat. But cmon. Akali, Katarina and Irelia are champs that no one likes laining against. Oh and Yasuo. Because why not.

    • Shinji

      Dusan Bursac The entire community doesn't say they're op. It's only low elo players. And dominating the game? Champions like katarina and yasuo don't even have a 1% presence in pro play, lmao.

    • Dusan Bursac
      Dusan Bursac

      @Shinji your argument makes no sense. Entier community agrees on them being broken and you come here saying ha low elo argument. God pls dont nerf my Katarina and Yasuo even tho they dominated the game for so long. Jeez.

    • Shinji

      Dusan Bursac Maybe for low elo your thoughts have some truth. But not for people who actually know the game.

  • Χρήστος Νατσίκος
    Χρήστος Νατσίκος

    "irelia the nerf queen" Akali : hold my kunai

  • Thought i looked cute might delete myself later
    Thought i looked cute might delete myself later

    I honestly hate playing as the new Irelia, I liked her much better before her rework. Same also goes for Akali. After both of their reworks they became unplayable and not a type to champion I would play and that sucks so much since I used to be a Akali one trick at one point and at another point Mained Irelia top lane and when champs you love get reworked it hurts. Remembering my firsts pentakill was with Akali and now ill never play her like I used to, spamming Irelia top lane because I loved her kit and all but now both of them are unplayable. I tried to play both but I just can’t :((

    • Shinji

      Thought i looked cute might delete myself later Git gud.

    • Logando Hardkiller
      Logando Hardkiller

      Yeah i liked akali and irelia before the rework, but inow i dpnt play them at all

  • ambathabros
    ambathabros Gamerrr

  • Gremory

    I saw the words "Faker Irelia mid" and just, oh no

  • Golem Golden
    Golem Golden

    "yes morgana toplane" me with 66% morgana top in ranked: *what do you mean its special?*

  • George Matchkov
    George Matchkov

    and most of all SHE THICC BOOOOYYYY

  • ADC Vivan
    ADC Vivan

    I am sad because two of my all time favorite champs (pre rework) were, you guessed it, reworked. I used to main the "unplayable" Evelynn and Irelia.. Good 'ole times...

  • Daniel Frankowski
    Daniel Frankowski

    I miss old Irelia, I wont forget you... New one is unplayable for me.

  • R A M
    R A M

    Irelia was nerfed to the ground so that irelia mains will give in to the changes she'll have with the rework

    • Logando Hardkiller
      Logando Hardkiller

      I still liked her in s7 as a counterpick into ranged, now i dont have one^^

  • Fishrack

    I mis the old Irelia. Seeing the gameplay makes me mis the old days of league

  • GurionGreysun

    Irelia... I miss you my love 💖. Even since we met I haven't been able to date normal girls anymore.

  • Marvin Amor
    Marvin Amor

    Seeing the old rune page just made me feel some nostalgia for it

  • The Forest Witch
    The Forest Witch

    Tbh all well deserved, she is still so stupidly strong with little lead

  • Anh Vũ Hoàng
    Anh Vũ Hoàng

    irelia, the blade cancer

  • Dankstar Skishe
    Dankstar Skishe

    Honestly, the reworked irelia seemed too much for me. But, she is actually quite simple to play. She just has high skill ceiling, higher than yasuo even.

  • Szilard Szarvas
    Szilard Szarvas

    Why you hovered out my boy tf blade.

  • Délcio Rogério
    Délcio Rogério

    Irelia's rework was an abortion of the champion.

  • StuffToyFox

    Now I realize, that old irelia's hairstyle is,, Ring" reference :0

  • Dominick Destine
    Dominick Destine

    This video is 30 minutes long. Better nerf Irelia.

  • Cheshire Neko
    Cheshire Neko

    I was an Irelia main until the rework. I just prefer the old Irelia. The new Irelia is more efficient and effective against team fights while the old one is more ideal for one on one. Nevertheless, I enjoyed playing the old Irelia since I get to strategize more on how to cut down the enemy team one by one. My gameplay with Irelia, although predominantly top, was more like a roaming assassin like jungle. And it was always fun to cull the enemy team number for a better fight. That being said, everything the old Irelia could do, the new Irelia could do better and I only speak because of sentiment and my inability to remaster her.

  • alecrizzle

    Man i hate theoddone. hes rude and toxic and i hate looking at him

  • Barnesofthenorth

    I mean bruisers still can't deal with ranged champions today really, it's just not a complete white wash more of a slow fuck you now

  • Phnxkon

    Exil, on hit abilities scale with attack speed. Just because small brains dont see +100 damage doesnt mean it doesnt scale.

  • Revnge911

    Better Nerf Irelia

  • 湛藍天

    This makes me feel more sad about Aatrox

  • Quinn Lin
    Quinn Lin

    Irelia is one of the most mesmerizing and beautiful champions league has to offer and I've wanted to main her due to her fantastic skins and smooth animations, even though her kit is not my playstyle and I don't play toplane often.

  • James Lanoza
    James Lanoza

    Akali: Am I a joke to you?

  • Martín Rodríguez
    Martín Rodríguez

    This is exactly the problem with riot. They create new champions or they do new reworks where everyone has a skillset that is broken and/or overpowered just because is fun to play with. But what about the other champions that do not have that kind of abilities? Being fun to play with is a problem when is not fun to play AGAINST. If you are gonna make something broken or overpowered, do EVERYTHING ELSE ALSO. Either you have them all like that or you have none of them like that, but do not make exceptions, otherwise is completely unfair.

  • Delta

    "Better nerf Irelia" - old joke "Better nerf Akali" - new joke

    • PerfectExecution

      Both my mains ;_;

    • SM Malu
      SM Malu

      @Tunahan Karatay the game shouldnt be balanced around pro players only tho, majority of league players are bronze to gold only. So just because pro players are abusing her doesnt mean they have to completely ruin her theme which was mobility for everyone else.

    • Tunahan Karatay
      Tunahan Karatay

      @SM Malu She is just hard abused by pro players. If you play her well enough she is still prominent.

    • Dragoljub Obucinski
      Dragoljub Obucinski

      Better nerf aphelios now

    • SM Malu
      SM Malu

      @Benjamín Barraza no she doesnt. shes basically garbage now due to all the ppl qqing.

  • alexTHEfireblaze Lord
    alexTHEfireblaze Lord

    make a fiora history

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