Complete History Of Riven: A Sword Mirrors Its Owner
The History Of Riven! Starting from Riven's beginnings as a jungler in season 1, to her popularity in season 3 with players like Boxbox, to Faker at worlds, Huni's Riven Quadrakill, the Tank Meta, and Season 8 Conqueror Riven. League's most Toxic Champion!
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Previous History Video!
Edited, Produced, Voiced, Directed, Researched By Exil
Edited, Produced, Directed, Researched By Psyklone

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Intro Song: Foster The People - Sit Next To ME
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Riven Sources:
Riven Season 8
Season 8 Riven
Riven Montage
Riven best plays
Boxbox Riven
Viper Riven
Adrian Riven
GTT Riven

  • Exil

    After.. 3 weeks of research 1 month of filming and directing 2 weeks of procrastinating 40 cups of coffee 14 redbulls A 15 hour editing session And a side of Rice Here is the video.. I have been awake for 30 hours. I am going to sleep now

    • Seb Led
      Seb Led


    • WARRIOR OF GOD 2084
      WARRIOR OF GOD 2084

      Still a biased video

    • Linus Heinz Hirschi
      Linus Heinz Hirschi

      red bull is digusting, and Hitler was also from Austria. think on that

    • Richard Valli
      Richard Valli

      Hey Exil thanks again for your videos ! Even one year later going thought your channel's videos the content stays relevant all along ! Here are a few suggestions for futures videos that I would enjoy to see : _History of Gangplank, since I was a main GP before he became overpowered due to klepto and nerfs on his barrels vision. I feel like he was already strong before but under the radar and got nerfed because of his oppressive presence in proplays. I also feels like he is inspired from Cervantes (Soul calibur) which have 2 sword and a gun. Please make his tale great again ! ;) _I'm always looking forward for a new freelow or forfeit video but I guess right now there is not much thing, just Kled on the toplane and fizz mid but they are not as overpowered as TK was ^^'. _History of Sion. Anyway thanks for the good work ! Cheers

    • Bozso Erik
      Bozso Erik

      Actually im pretty happy cause im the 1000th person to like this❤️❤️

  • ShadoSpartan

    Really good video, top quality. But riven can burn in hell. I hate playing against that champion

  • GeRick El gatipex
    GeRick El gatipex

    Bro im a riven main and i'am not that toxic :( i just flame everybody who flames me like (most likely bc Im a lulu main too and most of the times im like: but we can win, we just need to try, don't ff at 15 :((((

  • Ouma Shu
    Ouma Shu

    i can play all champions in league to some succes but there is one champion i cannot play for the life of me and thats riven i dont know why but it just is that way.

  • Gabriel Parot
    Gabriel Parot

    "a sword mirrors it's owner" Ah, now i get it, a broken blade for a broken champions, it all makes sense now.

  • Bass-D C
    Bass-D C

    On the marth part: That shield part is a huge streach. EVERY character has this shield. A more fit comparison would be Marths side-B and Rivens Q. Both being multi-imput combo attacks with flashy finishers and the ability to weave other inputs inbetween.

  • Verysour

    Only person who can play Riven is Boxbox

  • Robert Peters
    Robert Peters

    Riven fell in popularity because people realized they could feed harder with Yasuo

  • Ruben Gonzalez
    Ruben Gonzalez

    We are so lucky that she cannot chaingrab us to death

  • DoctaPhill


  • Trinity Fate
    Trinity Fate

    A drop by 4% doesnt sound too bad, but the graph exaggerates it

  • Find the Beauty in Everything
    Find the Beauty in Everything

    Like all other champs that are difficult to balance, it is because their kits are not designed well for league of legends. An overloaded kit means there is more to master and it means that when mastered, they are not possible to balance. A low elo riven player is dogpoo, a high elo riven player abuses her overloaded kit, you cannot balance a poor design, ever.

  • This1sPink

    Looks like she went from playing like Marth to playing like Fox...


    Just remember sept 14

  • Diana French
    Diana French

    I never knew that Riven was based off Melee Marth. She should've been able to grab people from really far away.

  • AlexAnastaso

    Practise tool could make a mode with spawning monkeys, for skillshot users

  • AlexAnastaso

    Auto skill exists to every champ even for olaf is an advice when you are meele q aa e aa, when the hydra became popular everyone could do the same thing, just muscle memory. Strategical improve ofc is another thing, every champion decreases his damage if they dont do correctly the combo, but for riven players the damage reduction is worse

  • 123 321
    123 321

    Fuck this champion iam out peace

  • John Hand
    John Hand

    Riven is one of the "feast of famine" champs. Where if she gets fed, she is a monster, if she dies early and gets behind, she is behind forever. Riven overall is a garbage champ, she is good vs an ever shrinking pool of champs she counters, with an ever growing pool of champs that counter her. The real issue is riven players not understanding this fact and continuing to try and build damage when behind or feeding. Instead of being smart and shifting to tanky items to allow her to live and survive better so she CAN get kills and turn things around. Things like DeadmansPlate and Merc treads are good solid items on her that give her some surviveability so she can get the combos off or survive being CCed.

  • Andrext 超
    Andrext 超

    Love it ^-^

  • Svonan

    The valkiry in tera is a new class

  • Jose kom
    Jose kom

    sorry, but as riven player, all that faker did to riven was destroy her

  • Fire Hunterz
    Fire Hunterz

    Of course it's Faker. Who else could a person that good be lol

  • SgtMaggi

    Riven is such a weird champ. Because of these gods who made her famous. She's just useless to everyone else. I wanted to play Riven years ago but never wanted to put this insane amount of time into one champ when I play this casually. I like her concept but it's way too much to learn to start being useful for your team. Why spend this much time in the practice tool when I could spend that time playing with my friends and enjoy my time way more.

    • Andrea Pellegrin
      Andrea Pellegrin

      It's too fuckin funny and broken that's why

  • Kuronosa

    ZionSpartan. Now that is a name i have not heard in a long time.

  • Wind Nguyen
    Wind Nguyen

    everybody: World 2015 is a mess, stupid and unfair to watch Me who enjoyed the rework because of it madness: *WHY?*

  • Arnaldo Manuel
    Arnaldo Manuel

    Dat Kerbal Space Program music at 2:00.

  • Philip Hartman
    Philip Hartman

    You can do "Complete History Of _______" league players, former and current, would be interesting

  • Philip Hartman
    Philip Hartman

    This champ... I was never good at playing her and never put in the effort to learn her properly, but she will always have a soft spot because she was the first champion released when I started playing league of legends.

  • jeremy garcia
    jeremy garcia

    people who like to comelain:You oversexualize your characters Me: my game my intellectual property I will do with them As I see fit XD

  • LazyBTD

    ""...Riven had no sustain built in her kit..." This reminds me of my friend who actually invited me to play League. Back when Riven was new, builds were really dfferent, you could build same few of item and still be effective. So he played Ninja Tabi + 5 Bloodthirsters. Bloodthirster was a stacking item back then, capping at 70 or 80 AD and 20% lifesteal. So at full build he had 350-400 bonus AD and 100% lifesteal and was totally unstopable. He managed to outlive most of CC and get back to full health in 2-3 hits even if he got low. Only thing that could stop him is 2-5 seconds of constant stun and not all compositions had this or execute it properly. And I miss that time when most ADCs built boots, IE, 2 BTs and 2 PDs :D

  • Traxes

    Imagine being a random diamond us player and not knowingly facing off vs faker

  • Tasha Florence
    Tasha Florence

    i play riven and im in the middle of toxic and taht good? xd

  • charles vvv
    charles vvv

    The harder the champion the more toxic the player

  • Ezzo

    Why did I feel offended in " from faker to feeders " 😂

  • Kappamoo

    8:43 I was freaking out FAKER!!!!!

  • J3rry

    Jus started league who else is here in 2020 as a riven main🙋🏻‍♂️

  • J3rry

    Jus started league who else is here in 2020 as a riven main🙋🏻‍♂️

  • Gerald Mariscotes
    Gerald Mariscotes

    Ok, i legit cried for those who tried to practice on an actual game. R.I.P. flash

  • Alejandro Alonso
    Alejandro Alonso

    My favorite champ ever

  • Emerosky

    Oversexualizing females? Gragas been showing double Ds since the start and noone bats an eye.

  • Dominic Survine
    Dominic Survine

    the clip at 0:59 made me laugh too hard

  • Lyubimov89

    One thing that you could've added is that her first splash right upon release received several reworks because it was just too darn awkward. It looked like she was riding a bike. Otherwise - great vid!

  • Jimmy Carbonel
    Jimmy Carbonel

    Ahhh season 5 when i was acc good at the game

  • Lukaz Garza
    Lukaz Garza

    Make a video of Shen plzzz

  • Quacky

    It is funny how a broken champion starts to fall when a even more broken champion gets introduced.

  • Prezii

    I think its time to get some animations on riven

  • sonti yo
    sonti yo

    20:40 me as dota player sitting here like these guys serious?going mental over wtf mode haha

  • Violent

    Yasuo is basically the new Riven as far as reputation goes.

    • Lord Paul Philipp Fernandez
      Lord Paul Philipp Fernandez

      @T Bone should be. The ratio of yasup players that I played with or against is 3:1 compared to riven players..

    • T Bone
      T Bone

      @Lord Paul Philipp Fernandez well there's also more yasuo players so there's a bigger sample size;)

    • Lord Paul Philipp Fernandez
      Lord Paul Philipp Fernandez

      @T Bone I find Yasup mains more toxic, since unlike riven mains that would give way when convinced properly, yasuo mains normally type mid or feed in the chat, or outright dodge when their champ is banned. Plus, if you manage to get mid and there's that Yasuo who wants to go mid, you either give way or risk having a singed/teemo running it down mid.

    • T Bone
      T Bone

      Personally I find yasuo mains less toxic than rivens. Rivens tend to rage quit more in my experience

  • Zion Sairin
    Zion Sairin

    7:33 Now that’s a name I haven’t heard in many, many years. What the hell happened to my fellow Zion, anyway?

  • Juani Falc
    Juani Falc

    hey, you completely forgot about that potential rework she was going to have adressing a secondary resource bar and removing the execute damage on her ult during october of 2015

  • Auris Vocator
    Auris Vocator

    For those who did not get it: the title means that she is broken

  • Arturito Burrito
    Arturito Burrito

    You say junglers had to start doran's blade... that shit never happened even in your video it shows her buying a cloth armor because that would build into the lantern which was the jungle item back in the day.

  • Itzsk8

    Funny. She released on my birthday

  • Cheeseburguh Gaming
    Cheeseburguh Gaming

    its 2020 now

  • iVMi

    5:40 whos the champ with the axe

    • Dylan Walsh
      Dylan Walsh


  • miniNE

    i reckon you should have included the evolution of riven from pre-animation cancel mechanics vs post animation cancel mechanics.

  • steveminero

    The toxiest champion is vayne i've seen more vayne's Flaming than riven's

  • Franzores

    Marth the Altean Prince

  • asddfjkkl

    Riven the E X I L

  • Mynadar

    "Why she is struggling now" Because Darius is even more broken than her for a while now. Does not make her weak tho.

  • keith Noir
    keith Noir

    i'm a bit late but this video is really good ngl

  • Melstoast

    I still prefer Seju top. Good video, though

  • Jewel-Kun

    She broke my dicc tho...

  • fabien herry
    fabien herry

    The real problem with riven is this : you NEED to train with her . All other champ you can do fairly well and be in the top 20% without as much as trying . Other champ got mechanics that require you to press a button or position yourself but fairly easy to get , riven mechanics require you to pump out the APM and if she is just balanced tif you do. You have on one end someone chilling and someone putting a lot of effort doing similar stuff. That the reason riven are though to be toxic : you NEED to give 200% of what the enemy is doing to even achieve standard play and that taxing.(Compare games played % win rate of riven , renekton and garen) In terms of reward per effort riven is the worst champ (except maybe some support) and with the release of so much new champ with high reward mediocre effort (the new one just being: having the good gun on hand) .It's the reason why riven have fallen out of play : she is fun but require to much to reliably win.

  • Hadouken OCX
    Hadouken OCX

    ey i'am not toxic. i'am ehm yea special i can carry let me alone :) here since 2011 :P and no faker was not the best riven player he was the best pro player but i was and i am still today a legend and the best riven player fun fact are i still to this day dont get payed for playing lol or played sad things are , if you living in a contry waht are no e sports contry you have no chance to becomme a pro and get payed no matter how good you are.

  • sasa elzohirey
    sasa elzohirey

    damn there is no history video from you without passing through patch 5.22

  • Plasmapanther 444
    Plasmapanther 444

    Now she is broken again XXDD

  • Sonny He
    Sonny He

    Honestly a biased video. Never spoke about how overloaded and overpowered this champion is, which it literally was and still is. It doesn't even take that much skill anymore. It used to be seen as a hard champion, due to the playerbase being dogshit in the past. But currently it's not hard on a general standard.

  • Dom MCMX
    Dom MCMX

    Damn just before essence reaver and spear of shojin in video timing

  • Louise Echoes
    Louise Echoes

    A sword mirrors its owner: B r o k e n

  • Clover

    better balanced version of yasuo

  • Davi Furtado
    Davi Furtado

    I climbed from silver to Diamond 5 in 1 week back in season 3 by simply banning renekton and playing riven, or, if the other team picked up riven I'd pick up renekton

    • I sing like an ass
      I sing like an ass

      I was almost master by using Trynd against those Riven mains in S3 (almost no animation cancels)

  • Greensabr200 | HCF & MineZ 2
    Greensabr200 | HCF & MineZ 2

    riven is broken as fuck. hope she's removed in s10

  • Antoine A.N
    Antoine A.N

    i played her for the new skin, it's now my second champion after fiora

  • Balladyna Słowacka
    Balladyna Słowacka

    As a retired Riven main, I'm still pissed at the removal of the Brutalizer.

  • William Andrews
    William Andrews

    the reason why riven-mains are so toxic is quite simple actually. people who pick up champs because of pro play, mostly do it for 1 reason. They only care about wining. It's not about the fun of the game anymore, but purely about winning. When they pick up a champ that has such a high skill-level like riven or yasuo, they are not winning, because they lack the skill to play the champ at a level where they compensate the weaknesses of the champ. So they play a champ, that they know can be insanely good, but they lose all the time and that get's frustrating. Now you have a frustrated player, who only cares about winning and not about fun, so they sure as hell don't care about if other players are enjoying their time on the rift...

  • William Andrews
    William Andrews

    "there is a new god in town" - "it was faker" ... i had to pause the video, because i was laughing so hard. amazing.

  • Lucdera

    9:16 dat Skype sound

  • Nick Jr
    Nick Jr

    nice to know

  • PauloSSBM

    As a melee player I didn't realize that riven had Marth inspired moves that's pretty sick

  • RandyPig

    Take away 1 early game item. Riven mains literally dont know where they are. lmao

  • Phi Delta
    Phi Delta

    Yo someone's gonna need to spot me the picture at 23:12

  • Orange Waffles
    Orange Waffles

    the valkyrie in tera came out long after riven came out, just to make it clear

  • Jay Sin
    Jay Sin

    Yasuo before yasuo

  • Ryku Isaigana
    Ryku Isaigana

    Thanks for the history on my main champ!

  • Corrado Lupo
    Corrado Lupo

    19:04 looks like the green dude is breaking riven's sword with his fist lmao

  • Miguel Rivero
    Miguel Rivero

    Faker just practicing in NA and ends up becoming one of the best riven players there is is just super funny

  • Trajče Donev
    Trajče Donev

    Why did you remkve the video where you spilled coffie on yourself against nasus and you went infinity edge :(. Was a rly fun video i miss it

  • Hero apollon
    Hero apollon

    As yasuo says in his quotes *ahem* broken sword broken champion

  • Acecard1137

    Dark skinned and white haired character with a cool sword? No wonder why people went for her bunny outfit.

  • aquarian Gnostalgic
    aquarian Gnostalgic

    Just saw this video and thank you for this, Riven is one of the most fun to play and unique champions in this game i love her so much

  • Metal-Spark

    Man I was a Riven one trick for years, I eventually moved on to other champs when she started to fall out of meta and I'm currently a Camille main. Though I play the game a lot less now this video made we want to pick up Riven again.

  • Red

    1:13 OMG I didn't expect to see my video here! I remember me and my buds tactic was to tilt Riven by camping her :D

    • Zanacca 99
      Zanacca 99


  • hello world
    hello world

    The fucc you talking about them valkyries? Riven is Dante from DMC open ur eyes

  • Tom O
    Tom O

    After watching this video it makes me hate the champ even more..

  • Ambee Gaming
    Ambee Gaming

    So best Riven NA was never the best Riven NA?

  • Ronnical

    I hate and despise this champ so much but this video was really well made, nice job!

  • AC Fake
    AC Fake

    riven rised when they rise other champ ability cool down .

  • AC Fake
    AC Fake

    garen is perfect counter pick tho

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