Do You Remember The Champion So Broken Riot Tried To Hide It? | A League Of Legends Movie
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Today, let's talk about the most broken league of legends champion of all time, the old yorick, and him in league of legends history. From a champion who was known for being so broken, so overpowered, and so unfun to play against, that he was removed from riots and league of legends free week rotation, to now being a champion that is great for climbing in low elo. This is a video covering the history of yorick, and the history of league of legends, and Season 10 League of Legends, Rise of the Elements League of Legends.
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Intro Song:
Is This Love a Waiting Game - The Big Let Down
Songs in the rest of the video:
Calling Me - Ooyy
Chicken Got No Head - River Foxcroft
Diversion - Brendon Moeller
Dusk Movers - Alexandra Woodward
From Here We Can See - Rannar Sillard
Like Mermaids - Roof
Manhattanite - Frook
Morning Haze - Andreas Boldt
Owls - Ebb & Flod
Progressive Progress - Howard Harper-Barnes
Red Head - Pro Reese
Shapes - Toby Tranter
Sky Walk - Molife
Solaris - Marc Torch
State of Play - Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen
The Unveiling - Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen
Togetherness - Bonn Fields
Vandring - Strom
Patch 10.8 on the PBE on surrender at 20
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  • Exil

    Hope you are all safe and doing well. It's been a while since I was in the process of making this extra long documentary for you guys. Stay safe and enjoy :) See you soon-

    • Benjamin Hausmann
      Benjamin Hausmann

      besides after his reework yorik was beatable in a 1 vs 1 as darius but know i loose anny time in a headon fight the only thing left to try would be aftershock

    • Benjamin Hausmann
      Benjamin Hausmann he doged his champ and not play him after the reework xd

    • john mark pampolina
      john mark pampolina

      Can I ask a question here ? . Does the "ARCADE" event have Easter eggs ? . 🤔🤔🤔

    • Fulgore

      it's Leblanc but spell witout the c

    • Bart


  • Putino31

    2:39 Seraphine: you gotta pump those numbers up. Those are rookie numbers

  • France Abad
    France Abad

    Bruh I literally discovered Yorick and Poppy because of the free rotation. I'm not gonna lie. I won 90% of my games with Yorick.

  • rafah ilmi albara
    rafah ilmi albara

    You should look at seraphine champion spotlight

  • W帅

    You see the new record holder is seraphine

  • Elias Khalil
    Elias Khalil

    I don't want to get good. I want to have fun and enjoy the game in my free time. There's a difference in that. Most "low elo" players don't give a shit about their rank because they either have jobs, or a family to take care of, and League is just a free time catch. Compared to high elo players? They're nothing more but living in their parents' basement while grinding to challenger. I never liked the idea of ranked to begin with. Adds more toxicity and ego in players.

  • Suon Thavorak
    Suon Thavorak

    seraphine : hold my ethwal

  • JuPoo

    i miss destroying toxic players with the old yorick and the old urgot

  • Toby Wheeler
    Toby Wheeler

    Illaoi is the same

  • KiritoAsimax

    Then in autumm of 2020 Seraphine exists

  • random guy
    random guy

    I played from season 3 to early 5 mostly playing top normal and ranked for skin i remember easily beating yorick with jayce, olaf and rumble but as i said it was mostly in normal

  • Boris The Beast
    Boris The Beast

    Talkin about like/dislike ratio... just check this new champ spotlight. Seraphullofshit or whatever her name....

  • agi gun
    agi gun

    Yorick is one of those champions like Darius or Evelynn. A lot of times people will climb just because nobody knows what to do against them, which makes it hilarious when they’re in a good matchup and get shit on.

  • Matthew Vaughn
    Matthew Vaughn

    I was really upset when I logged in to see that they had changed my man Yorick. When my mom was killed in a car crash, I fell into playing league to dissociate and because death and all that stuff was on the forefront of my mind I played yorick almost exclusively. It was a morbid comfort to just raise the dead after a tragedy like that and when I came back after a few years of down time I was super tilted they totally changed him to some bullshit he has now. I get he was bad, but the way things lined up it wound up being important to me.

  • Para0234

    "Impossible to lane against" And then the enemy top was a nasus. And yes, he had 450 stacks at 10 minutes. And no, he will not show mercy.

  • Jordan Higley
    Jordan Higley

    A game can't have competitive play for money and be fun for casuals. Why not just have two versions? One that caters to "pro" players and the other balanced based on voting of casual players.

  • Nemesis

    How I suddenly felt the urge to nuke tencent

  • KinkyPinky UwU
    KinkyPinky UwU

    Seraphine: 👁👄👁

  • Keervee Isiah Jungco
    Keervee Isiah Jungco

    Seraphine just beat those likes/dislikes numbers

  • ULT firefox
    ULT firefox

    XD I queue on aram and i get yoric when i was looking this video

  • Muhammad Baihaqi Saragih
    Muhammad Baihaqi Saragih

    I dont know, i just like old yorick in 2015/2016. That my favorite champion, especially if they pick garen

  • Anonymous

    This video is so wonderful i am a Apex Legends Player ( Predator in Season 2 and Master Season 6 ) sometimes i find myself asking to my friends and also myself what happened to my skill i use to dominate Lobbies back and forth non stop while we all have different opinions on the matter one thing we did agree on ALL Players got good all players learned positioning, gun skill and game mechanics where as in Season 1 it could be considered the beta state of the game where no one knew what to do but overtime people adjusted became more sweaty and smarter and i realize everything i needed to know about the game i know and i had to find brand new and different strats to clutch or secure wins so while my skill may not have grown my Game IQ just like other veteran players also did this is a AMAZING VIDEO and i love it completely!

  • Agustín González
    Agustín González

    If only we knew about Seraphine ...

  • Cxrrupted

    lmao seraphine's dislike count surpassed old yorick's champ spotlight dislike count

  • milosstajsic

    I main yorick and no one know how is he boroken...

  • adreas Diodonis
    adreas Diodonis

    your understanding of the game is so off lmao

  • Luca Berg
    Luca Berg

    Remember katarina in 2015? If u dont heres a quick recap. R=pentakill

  • Yasuo

    What if watch dogs 2 blume is tencent irl but not as advanced

  • mixedtruth EQlies
    mixedtruth EQlies

    Agreed, i olay yoric if only i have nothing better to do except winning... 😂

  • Nam Nguyen
    Nam Nguyen

    I used to main the old yorick, and i would pvp with my friends 1v1 no one could beat me, ever. Those were good times

  • Marcos Pérez
    Marcos Pérez

    5:28 Nintendo Fans: No I don’t think I will

  • Alicja Retecka
    Alicja Retecka

    i guess u didnt remember old sion who has 200% attack speed and life steal from ult then leash to enemy respawn do pentakill and then quit this respawn for his own

  • Tyler Bleivns
    Tyler Bleivns

    I am now a Yorick main.

  • Fernando Vasquez
    Fernando Vasquez

    I'm gonna say it: Your description of the New Yorick is kinda wrong. This Yorick is amazing at low level but underwhelming on late game, much like the old one. Spirits still have a massive bully capacity, specially now that they have much longer lifespan. Avoiding a potential E while having a good CS can be a pain, specially for like 90-95% of the players. In answer to your last point I have to say: SoloQ and competitive are completely different worlds; one has the massive playerbase and the other is the side Riot shows to the world; nerfing is a necesary thing for both sides, as well as buffing if a champion is not good on neither side. Yorick is a SolpQ champion like Garen, and is not popular because his style is everything but flashy and because it faces heavy competition with Nasus who has a oneshot button and is much older. Of course a character should aim for both but it's totally fine to be only one of those.

  • PerseveranceTheGreat

    Yorick helped me win top lane, the reworked one. I realized how easy it was to dominate as yorick

  • Soulblitz

    I remember maining this Yorick for a season and it was really fun

  • Rohan Agrawal
    Rohan Agrawal

    One comment from Yorick's spotlight was "Yoricks gay. Why? Because he digs Graves." LMAOOOOO

  • Elmakhfi Hamza
    Elmakhfi Hamza

    building AD while you ability do magic damage, and that's called bad champion design, Mmm... Do you mean Katarina ?

  • KIBO

    Joke's on them, I mastered Yorick in 3 days

  • Aaron Limoges
    Aaron Limoges

    Yorick was my favorite champ until he got reworked, i still say the old one is better. Manamune, ice born, sunfire, spirit visage, mobility boots. Total brawler and enemy tilter lol. Trinity force for hybrid dmg because of kit if I was stomping lane. Runic bulwark was a go to when it existed.

  • daniel da silva
    daniel da silva

    Rainman started playing Yorick mid. Though this champion was never as op as portrayed in this video lol. He has terrible mana issues and an actively bad kit outside of his ult, (yorick cassio) being a prime combo. You want to talk op champions at the time, that no one played, not knowing how unbalanced they were? Lee Sin, LB, Olaf. Specifically Lee Sin.

  • Lucien Lachance
    Lucien Lachance

    Old yorick was pure cancer and I remember after picking riven seeing enemy pick yorick... Pain..

  • Kálmán Széll
    Kálmán Széll

    Yorick play rate is low enough so playes don't know how to lane against him. He is a lane stomper but don't pick against any champ that can jump/leap throu walls.

  • Sfynx

    This is a random opinion but i gotta side with you on that Exil. As a game Dev Graduate i was always pissed off at how inherently divided and toxic the players are to one another. After spending time in Overwatch(i could absolutely carry higher ranks with a well placed ult because of the power) i finally realized that it's the result of riot riding too far down the line of nerfing to bring everything into balance instead of giving players the tools to win their games through skill. Instead, unless you refine and grind a hyper carry play AND understand at least gold - plat level game knowledge. You have to rely on your teammates to climb out of low rank, who obviously make mistakes. The whole dynamic means that unless you can predict and macro. You don't really have control over how to be a team in solo queue. The first thing you learn in game design is that the inherent emotion for not feeling in control over your wins in a SKILL based game. Is anger and frustration. Which is why after i finished watching your video on season 11. I think i'm happy with what they are doing item wise. More variance in the game means that ALL players have more options, meaning the skilled people should be able to capitalize and do more instead of losing to things that are out of their control. Means people might have an easier time improving their game introspectively and overall the game will be less toxic to teammates. There is a time to Nerf and while i haven't exactly figured out a golden rule, generally in a pvp team game, unless you are playing pro teams. i think that overloaded power isn't a bad thing, heck even in a pro game it might not be, because at the end of the day if everyone has overloaded power. Because then it's truly up to skill of the player and not mechanical limitations. Edit: ( i figured i should add an edit to this because i think it is worth mentioning that making the most money possible for a game means being as inclusive as possible, to the pros and the casuals, so maybe through their statistics, they figured that Yorick wasn't going to get more popular than he is and that meant that players would most likely never get to know his kit well enough to play against him, or would forget by the time they actually got a Yorick in their match so this balances it out. Otherwise you could end up in the scenario where he has too high of a win rate for his pick rate, meaning that for people, it will just feel like they lose everytime there is a Yorick and it would "FEEL" broken. Doesn't mean the nerfs are necessarily a good idea though. Props to whoever reads all this... i was bored, and it's an interesting topic.)

  • I love Rieri
    I love Rieri

    I always get recked by a yorick top after his rework but that's because I don't know the match up, even until now I still don't know him but now, I can beat him because of the nerf thrown at him. And I feel sorry for the champion. Just because we don't know the match up means that they have to nerf the champ. We just have to get used to it

  • Ahmed Benkhalfallah
    Ahmed Benkhalfallah

    The Chad Ghoul user vs the virging new Yorick

  • otter youngjae
    otter youngjae

    Seraphine watching this: Hahaha Dislikes go brrrtttt

  • Kiriakos Kanatsaris
    Kiriakos Kanatsaris

    Riot Saw your video and decided to make Seraphine. Its currently at 45K likes and 88k dislikes

  • The Big Tex Brawl Stars
    The Big Tex Brawl Stars

    As a guy who mains Yorick nowadays, damn I wish I played back then

  • Jaiden Lucero
    Jaiden Lucero

    What about sera lol

  • lolo kun
    lolo kun

    2:45 seraphine: hold my skarner Crystal

  • Sohei

    i swear to god tencent's owner is time traveler


    Now we have Seraphine. I just wanna punch her face so bad everytime I see her.

  • Yuni Wusky
    Yuni Wusky

    This the type of Documentary we need

  • 3xtasyy1988

    mi old yorick :(

  • Kazuto Narusaka
    Kazuto Narusaka

    I'm watching this and I'm not even a LoL player.

  • Jherwin Bautista
    Jherwin Bautista

    lol now we saw seraphine and the dislike is higher

  • Dice Dice
    Dice Dice

    Real video starts at 9:00..

  • chimcken samdwich
    chimcken samdwich

    they sold them selves fk sake riot why u do this

  • Sevbi

    and then there is Seraphine

  • important videos
    important videos

    when i tanked that season i remember whether to build armor or magic resist, very frustrating

  • Angle

    Like/Dislike Ratio ? One word : Seraphine

  • Nao Kimaji
    Nao Kimaji

    then we have adcs getting one shot left and right

  • Arrie Firmanza
    Arrie Firmanza

    then = Yorick is the most disliked champion and now there's Seraphine

    • arupichu

      Nah not true

    • 星街アメHoshimachi Ame
      星街アメHoshimachi Ame


  • 0 _MEGA
    0 _MEGA

    Lol came hear after seeing seraphine's like to dislike ratio

  • lepruk86

    Yorick was my main go-to for top lane. I really loved his gameplay style (always loved pet builds in games, and he felt like a pet build champ).

  • Eu odeio ser bipolar é tão bom
    Eu odeio ser bipolar é tão bom

    When a game is "free to play" it means they are selling YOU

  • Sadib Ahmed
    Sadib Ahmed

    Lol aphelios is broken 6 months ago......this did not age well aphelios is useless adc now

  • Creepix TC
    Creepix TC

    *laughs in Seraphine*

    • endiness endiness
      endiness endiness

      Seraphine is underpowered.

  • Wei Hai Goh
    Wei Hai Goh

    I miss old yorick T.T

  • Żydson to ziomal
    Żydson to ziomal

    2:07 why isn't sett there

  • ぶにbuni

    I remember killing Yorick bot with my cousins when my first time playing :l


    Id use broken fiora to kick hes ass

  • Cam Crysler
    Cam Crysler

    Urgot was one that was so shit, people would ban him just for selecting him in que. People would instantly get toxic and throw a match if you went in with him. He was my favorite champ to play, he was so easy to carry with in low elo's. Nobody even knew what his kit did, and peoples reactions when you were 10-0 at the 20 minute was just too priceless. Kinda ruined the game for me when they reworked him. Killed the underdog factor

  • Matthew Anderson
    Matthew Anderson

    seraphine has just been released and her champ spotlight currently sits at 33k ups and 33k downs

  • Nico Lopez
    Nico Lopez

    I love you Exil

  • HelloQro

    LOL man, you tied so freaking hard to avoid admiting LOL is a pay to win game, i'm dying

  • strawb13rry jam
    strawb13rry jam

    Damn I miss the old yorick my favorite champion. Used to rank me up till diamond back then.

  • Crusading Aggron
    Crusading Aggron

    I liked old Galio.. Even tho my Mana was gone after 3 q's

  • d4ydr34min

    'aphelios became a new yasuo' what about yone now?

  • Morgan Poston
    Morgan Poston

    Cho gath, never had a problem with Yorick

  • Otaku Plaz
    Otaku Plaz

    I am telling you xin zhao and master yi in wild rift is damn unkillable

  • FriKooK

    5:22 that building looks ugly af

  • Cyrus

    1:25 They can't just do that, or can they? _vsause intensifies_

  • Fetal Mistake
    Fetal Mistake

    i loved og yorick :( also loved og poppy. i played both of them a lot before their rework and after i still main poppy and yorick :D i love both of them because if you know your champ and know your matchup you can play anything

  • Solitude4me

    I used to love playing Yorick it was so fun i remembered 3v3 map years back at lv 1 you could have 90-100 ad similiar to sion it was so fun and those summons were cool to and they completly changed Yorick like they did with Aatrox from cool simple concept 1v1 play style to difficult land this or you wont have dmg splitpush bs yes he needed new visuals but riot didnt rework Yorick they removed it from game completly same Aatrox ult different ghouls aint ghosts anymore and wtf with that w similiar to J4 ult bs not chamion no wonder no one plays it cuz it sht atleast back in the day it was fun to play it now its just like playing Nasus only worse...

  • Matty_reschi


  • LT Wang
    LT Wang

    and now they release broken champs without caring anymore

  • StarfieldDisarray

    It's also worth noting that InvertedComposer understood something that a lot of other people who'd pick up and play Yorick for a few games didn't understand about the champ. For as strong as his dueling, sustain, and damage reduction passive were, they were not good enough to let Yorick excel in teamfights like other tanky champions. Yorick's role during teamfights was to be on splitpush duty (where his incredible dueling potential shines to deter the enemy team sending people to him) or to play as a tanky backline caster that eats skillshots and spanks assassins for your ADC/Mid. Lesser Yorick players would apply their "run them down" mentality from laning phase to teamfights and just get kited, CCed, and blown up either forcing them to ult themselves or just dying without using it which was a big part of Yorick's perceived "win lane, lose game" mentality of the time.

  • englishjake

    I played league along time ago like there was 10 characters when I started. There where alot of guys back in the day that had to be nerfed to obvilion. I remember mordakai, Shen a bunch of guys that could solo Penta kill quite easily by LVL 6-7. It is unfortunate that alot of older characters are losing relevance tho.

  • iRoppa

    Just started playing LoL. Was top lane with Akali against Set. He owned me, but I understand why: I don’t know either champion well enough. It would be insane for Set to get nerfed because I’m a dumdass.

  • ZodiacalAtom

    I'm one of the few modern yorick players, all we do now is make ghouls and push tower

  • NanashiAlfarr

    30:25 almost the reason to nerf all enchanters with heal mechanics.

  • NanashiAlfarr

    Sated devourer yoric also was a bit broken, he would ult himself spam his ghouls and then you have 2 yorics for the price of 1 hitting fast and hard as a wall.

  • Mustache

    I played yorick (old) for probably 4 games but i though that the enemy team was garbage turns out his minions are busted asf

  • NightSky Games
    NightSky Games

    This is what I hate from Riot, not the idea of hiding a champion unless that one gets reworked but the idea of nerfing a champion because they don't have any idea of how to handle it so that champ is basically dead. More examples at this point: Tahm Kench, Azir... I think even Trundle struggles.

  • Tony C
    Tony C

    I remember the trio reveal of Skarner, Leona and Yorick. Those 3 were being worked on at the same time and when Yorick was released he was super underpowered until they buffed him and finally he became really fun.

    • Samuitsuki

      Leona rework?

  • Benjamin Hausmann
    Benjamin Hausmann

    right now its hard to 1 vs 1 yorik even as darius and his playrates are low in euwest

  • fi34

    Why not buff Akali but nerf Yorick. Because she's another OP champion that Riot are trying to hide. She have bad winrate in low elo because the bad player have no idea how to play her and bad at lane phrase. Plus, anyone who good playing Akali is probably smurf, and every jungler know they must camp her to the ground before her first item where she can just win 1:1 almost anyone or delete adc in less than 1s if she fed and start snowballing to the point of unstoppable because she too high mobility. As a main Akali both old and rework version, i can say, the rework version is more fun to play with, but too toxic to against, when old version is not fun to play but more healthy to against because she have no escape tool so she is gonna things more before drive in. She's just another Zed which do magic damage.

  • Grog Philip
    Grog Philip

    I got to old yorick late so only got to play him for 6 months before the rework and I loved him new yorick can eat it.

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