Do You Remember The Champion So Broken Riot Tried To Hide It? | A League Of Legends Movie
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Today, let's talk about the most broken league of legends champion of all time, the old yorick, and him in league of legends history. From a champion who was known for being so broken, so overpowered, and so unfun to play against, that he was removed from riots and league of legends free week rotation, to now being a champion that is great for climbing in low elo. This is a video covering the history of yorick, and the history of league of legends, and Season 10 League of Legends, Rise of the Elements League of Legends.
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Intro Song:
Is This Love a Waiting Game - The Big Let Down
Songs in the rest of the video:
Calling Me - Ooyy
Chicken Got No Head - River Foxcroft
Diversion - Brendon Moeller
Dusk Movers - Alexandra Woodward
From Here We Can See - Rannar Sillard
Like Mermaids - Roof
Manhattanite - Frook
Morning Haze - Andreas Boldt
Owls - Ebb & Flod
Progressive Progress - Howard Harper-Barnes
Red Head - Pro Reese
Shapes - Toby Tranter
Sky Walk - Molife
Solaris - Marc Torch
State of Play - Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen
The Unveiling - Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen
Togetherness - Bonn Fields
Vandring - Strom
Patch 10.8 on the PBE on surrender at 20
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  • Exil

    Hope you are all safe and doing well. It's been a while since I was in the process of making this extra long documentary for you guys. Stay safe and enjoy :) See you soon-

    • Case Alan
      Case Alan

      @Maximus Danny checking it out right now. Seems promising :)

    • lii lulll
      lii lulll

      Yorick could lv1 solo dragons in urf

    • lii lulll
      lii lulll

      1 word, viego. Instead of yorick ult cloning people Virgo can play as them.

    • Jerry Kangas
      Jerry Kangas

      Last 5 minutes almost made me cry. Lel. Thanks for the vid.

    • Diego Grajeda
      Diego Grajeda

      @Walker Red Um, he has a couple, the fact that he can't cast his R without his tornado and his passive. Keep your distance every time he has the visual indicator of his tornado in oŕder to make it harder for him to land it, and make him waste his passive with basic attacks, he won't have it on a while unless he walks a large distance when roaming or backing.

  • Chaos Greed Chanel
    Chaos Greed Chanel

    Now that im returning to this video, i can say that Yoric's Champion Spotlight is nothing compared to Seraphine's. Last Time i checked, it was at 130k dislikes to only 59k likes... Yikes...

  • Sylvester Dark
    Sylvester Dark

    33:40 There is a simple reason for that I think. Basically, having an overpowered champion is a much bigger problem then having an underpowered champion. If a champion is underpowered, people won't play him. If a champion is overpowered, everyone will play him and around him, he will define the entire strategy, which is much more disruptive. Therefore, if there is an overpowered champion at any elo, he should get nerfed, even if he will be underpowered at other elos.

  • Jesse James
    Jesse James

    Im a shit silver scrub. I wiped the floor with a confirmed diamond teemo before. He was broken as fuck.

  • Bendzsike

    Imagine they nerfing Yorick because he stomps low elo, but they don't nerf Yi, because he is a problem only in low elo. (I don't have a problem with Yi, before every Yi main attacks me, it's a straight fact by Riot.)

  • Montiebekkit

    Yorick is a god damn work horse

  • zeromechdragon700

    I can still remember when Yorick was in the rotation and gets "hot fixed" removed from the rotation even though he was supposed to be in the rotation and the page rotation. Just randomly disappear.

  • Can Erkin S.
    Can Erkin S.

    Yorick in 11.8 Mobile tower, ohmwrecker, ultlimate death and destruction

  • Aaron

    Disliked you use filthy redditor language

  • MidnightDarkness666

    OGSwain main, die hard fangirl, despises NewSwain and thinks he's the anti Christ crazy person here. Can anyone elaborate on how OGSwain's spotlight was false advertising please?

  • Traktorizzed

    i liked oldschool urgot and yorick. I was playing seasons 1 - 4 and just recently tried the game again. Gotta say i prefer the old champs before reworks

  • Csákay Benedek
    Csákay Benedek

    Still broken they should hide it

  • No &
    No &

    "Teemo has the worst like to dislike ratio out off any champion in the game " Séraphine be like let's "gotta break that record even harder"😗💅🏻

  • Anglorius

    Its funny because i learned yorick wenn i was new because i wanted a champion nobody knows..... little did i know what was awaiting him. He is now my Main and i love him

  • Aiden Shanton
    Aiden Shanton

    Watching this during the yorick buff screaming in pain

  • dks

    and almost a year later, yorick is the most broken champion in the game lol. How things change..

  • domin4ik 4ik
    domin4ik 4ik

    Old and new Yorick. In my heart forever!

  • Mr. Plague
    Mr. Plague

    With yorick i had a 18 winstreak in the good old days


    "what if getting good, is the best way to balance your game." best quote about gaming i've ever heard

  • Trinity

    And to this day they do the same thing Over buff him and then nerf him the next patch...

  • crisisASP

    11.7 yorick: *laughs in ghouls*

  • I'm Mikey
    I'm Mikey

    Here after Riot buffed Yorick and less than a month later is already looking to nerf him again

  • Loaf Breed
    Loaf Breed

    the whole bit about tencent is very informative but feels incredibly nonsequitor to the point of the video

  • Кристина Живановић
    Кристина Живановић

    Here after rito buffed him few days ago and now he's so busted. Cringe.

  • honking stonks
    honking stonks

    2011 Yorick: Likes 12k, Dislikes 9.8k 2020 Seraphine: *Haha dislike button goes brrrRrrr*

  • Dennis

    Really dislike the takeaway of "nerfing pubstomp champs is bad, they should learn how to play against it" 1. low elo often dont even know all the spells or spells passives 2. why arent champs like akali buffed? you'd have to simplify the kit and lower the numbers. 3. you cant spend time to learn playing against it when you only do 4 games a week 4. oftentimes highelo players make the argument that only in and above high plat-diamond people learn about matchups 5. low elo is like 70% of the playerbase. You cant alienate them, loses too much money. Seems like another slight case of "blinded by long playtime / gathered rank"

  • Mr Elo
    Mr Elo

    hey yorik is coming back bye

  • Kyle Manning
    Kyle Manning

    I feel like this man has never played the game? 🤔🤔

  • Blumy the Vlogger
    Blumy the Vlogger

    It used to be so fun to annoy Akali players with the old Yorick

  • nabil arctica
    nabil arctica

    helloooo seraphine

  • michał

    17:18 I feel like ignite meta toplane is constant.It was always good pick.Specialy now in s11 when riot decided to add to ignite 60% heal debuff.

  • michał

    15:15 That's what I'm thinking when jhin with galeforce in s11 deal 1k dmg nuke pre-minigation.

  • Artie the Swolest Man in the World
    Artie the Swolest Man in the World

    Alas, poor Yorick

  • SpiceQuake

    Ok but like tencents building looks fucking amazing

  • maxthall

    You will remember Yorick Mori

  • JD Maxey
    JD Maxey

    I sincerely miss the old Yorick. I always loved ulting teammates and having them runaway trying to survive 🥰

  • Can. Comp
    Can. Comp

    Why was the Swain Champion Spotlight false advertisement?

  • Can. Comp
    Can. Comp

    I am glad they reworked him, even new yorick is trash but still way better than the old one. Kinda miss the old champs tho (Especially urgot).

  • Jacobi Stein
    Jacobi Stein

    "Yorick walked into a bar but there wasn't a counter" thats great I'm gonna have to use that

  • Jeremy Stinson
    Jeremy Stinson

    Watched this video almost a year later, but thanks for it. I love Yorick. Best champion. It was nice to see his history.

  • John Mckinnely
    John Mckinnely

    The sleepy string spindly share because crawdad identically judge modulo a waiting birthday. used, mindless dill

  • Cruelty

    when he said Yorick i actually start thinking if the champ is in game or not because i havent seen for like half a way or something

  • Sameh S. Mohamed
    Sameh S. Mohamed

    I remember the first time I encountered an ally Yorick ulti. I recalled right after I died in the teamfight thinking it's a reviving ability :3

  • dankdungeon

    The cautious coat additionally peep because pillow problematically occur unlike a optimal organ. spiffy, fat faulty wealth

  • Hamza Ahmed
    Hamza Ahmed

    Yo u don't know fortnite u caping

  • Most Valuable Pig
    Most Valuable Pig

    I remember the take away from the Yorick rework, was that Nasus OGs had access to an alt pick if they got banned out of Dog King. If Nasus was Mario, then Yorick was Luigi. Served the same purpose, and more or less played the same. Not convinced it was a bad thing, either. Old Yorick almost as much a disaster as old walking toast Sion.

  • peracar


  • BiteMe

    Player: **Bad at game** Dev: Get gud? Nah i'll make it easier

  • Josh Brown
    Josh Brown

    Old Yorick was my favourite champion 🥺 I found out how strong he was after being stomped in a twisted tree line and got lvl 6 so fast in Rift 🥺

  • KurZei Suzaku
    KurZei Suzaku

    I mean tho technically Yorick wasn't op until 1 player revealed his true power

  • Scrim

    Simpler times just started league back then was as every new player incredible bad but with yorick i could really win way more often and have first successes

  • Travis Powell
    Travis Powell

    old yorick would be a good counter to many top laners nowadays, i think it was intentional tbh, so that other champs, that would get skins, thus money, wouldnt be countered by this. they could have reworked him but kept his ghouls as fun as they were but it was easier to take him outta the equation. manamune/fh/visage was generally my go to. theres so many ranged top laners now we need something like him again. i feel like his identity is even more muddled now tbqh, hes just another top laner split pusher. i do think it was a "good" rework, similar to eve, nunu, and even urgot. all good. and yet, i had more fun with the old kits. i honestly think he was VERY similar to what ranged tops are nowadays, very counter picky. but back then no one thought about it like that, especially casual players. chogath and heimy could handle his push for the record, as long as you could hit yorick and at least 1 ghoul, or simply multiple ghouls and keep yorick kited. his ulti is what allowed him back into the game if he got behind, and gave your carries another chance. man i miss him. he was such a fun utility top.

  • Kikk oman
    Kikk oman

    I was so pissed off when people starting figuring out yorick was OP. He was sleeper for a while, nobody played him.

  • Gabriel Souza
    Gabriel Souza

    You don't have to buy/use the AK, and making it easier to play bc you're bad WITH it, won't make it easier for you to play against it. I mean, you're still getting shot by opponents who can wield it. There are many dungeons in other games that are difficult to beat, but are not required to. Many of those who can beat it, may have acquired gear/lvls elsewhere to be able to do so. Meaning, if you don't want to, you don't have to deal with it. Not the case of the nerf Riot did to him. If you don't know what a chanp does, rather because you're new to the game or because their spells are unclear, WHICH ARE BOTH IMPORTANT FACTORS IN LOWER ELO, you will get bodied. A champ that is ok will get out of hand quickly. It's not wrong to adjust his power level there. Personally, after I came back to league and tried Yorick first time, his kit was so filled with text and full of "if this, than that" that it's really unappealing, difficult, and boring to play and master. I felt like I was doing everything wrong and got schrecked. Understandable, I was new to a champ, piloted it poorly, was bored to play it, therefore I was defeated. However, you can't have a champ that it's unclear what you're doing yourself, and it's unclear for the opponent as well. Riot either has to add clarity to his skills or outright nerf it.

  • TheOuterLimits

    Old yorick was my guy. He was soooo goood.

  • Josh Hsu
    Josh Hsu

    8:00 Oh Irelia’s weight stats were reworked?

  • Gregory Gonzalez
    Gregory Gonzalez

    Man oh man, i really abused Yorick. Bought him on release day

  • Metalchemist2

    Key component here, making the game curtail to the haters. This game is actively trying to make older players hate it with their fixes like those mentioned in this video. that aside, Yorick's lane was easy with Vlad since his entire kit was based off of how many enemies you could hit at once and Yorick just kept me nice and healthy by summoning more. but that's no longer a thing since both their reworks and the near complete removal of spellvamp.

  • Wolf Treetruck
    Wolf Treetruck

    So Yorik has very low play right now because he just doesn't get played, but I have an insane idea. Could the way to fix modern Yorik, be bring old Yorik back?

  • Xyamato16


  • AberrantReptile

    >Yorick spotlight has the lowest like/dislike ratio >Seraphine spotlight comes along and destroys it

  • Senses

    Yorick mains RISE UP

  • Dude your the sexiest man alive But
    Dude your the sexiest man alive But

    That emote got me dancing too

  • Sean

    At least with old broken OP champs their kits were still relatively simple and counterable. With new champs they are OP and have an overloaded kit giving them a strong answer to nearly everything.

  • Raphael Merino
    Raphael Merino

    Who would have guessed they would manage to make a Champion with a worse Champion spotlight than yorick.

  • Blazing rebel
    Blazing rebel

    RIP to OG Yorick and Galio

  • Ev0ltion

    Well answering why "get good" is not the best way to balance the game. Its all about the money! You balance the game for the majority of the players not for the pros because the average Joe is the one founding the game by buying content, if he doesnt enjoy it he will quit playing and not buy skins and belive me not every player is competitive or even have the time to be competitive.

  • davidh1156

    This is what they are trying to do with AD Shaco except he's not broken he just shits on low elo players

  • Gabriel Battais
    Gabriel Battais

    i miss a lot the old yorick ult, it was so fun to see the drake coming on your lane and starting to push with you

    • Asriel Dreemurr
      Asriel Dreemurr

      You mean mord

  • Ayush Wahi
    Ayush Wahi

    "SmAll iNdI GaMe

  • carson ridington
    carson ridington

    You dumb you don’t k ow the game or what your talking about I’ll to a day job man

  • Jonão Pensativo
    Jonão Pensativo

    The answer to your question. Most players of the game are low elo and bad, if you make their game frustrating they'll stop playing, if they stop playing they stop spending, if they stop spending the company makes less money, and the company doesn't want to make less money.

  • Georgi Petrov
    Georgi Petrov

    Fun fact, the Yorick picker Hyllisang played vs Fnatic, but now is theur support

  • Uthael Kileanea
    Uthael Kileanea

    Now we have a Yone, dealing both damage types and scaling from AD

  • Alex Van Sant
    Alex Van Sant

    His q hit like a shovel

  • halfpotato

    Your argument that nerfs for low level play are bad but nerfs for high level play are good is some weird shit. I'm learning the game now and making specific characters very hard to learn to play against makes the game even harder to learn than it already is.

  • Jonathan Abate
    Jonathan Abate

    Yorick's counter or equal was pre rework Mordekaiser. At that time in the game Yorick was a backdoor champ that could sustain or leave and waste enemies time. You could camp him and slow him down but the end result would be the same, him just farming top lane and pushing.

  • nick farrugia
    nick farrugia

    they never tried to hide yasuo tho

  • Baron Pyke
    Baron Pyke

    I’d like to see a video about illaoi for her first year or so, back when the E debuff was one minute. She used to bully lane so ridiculously hard, that’s why I mailed her lol

  • Carpaccio112TV

    I loved old yorick

  • Jumpcat Kick
    Jumpcat Kick

    Little does this man know that Samaria was proper busted...

  • Youman

    Seraphine: hold my hover board

  • joe Hernandez
    joe Hernandez

    hey we make pieces of shit champions now, hope you didn't like causal play.

  • Peter Odskoč
    Peter Odskoč

    Terrible video, it's so long and mentions so many unimportant things.. This could be fit in 5-7 minutes and not be so boring

  • Juan Maldonado
    Juan Maldonado

    Is that you, Samira?

  • steeveewuzzheer1992

    Never thought it was going to see an osrs reference here

  • G Rid
    G Rid

    rito: get in the pro mud along with master yi. Tbf if they have to go one or the other they do need to go with they vast vast majority. They have so many champs, some of them are going to fall into the gaps, of one sort or another.

  • Csapi TheOne
    Csapi TheOne

    Wait what ? Not Tencent games made pubg mobile ? Or im just stupid ?

  • nighthawk475

    I don't think it's really fair to say that "from day one of release, every champion that eventually got reworked had always deserved it, and should have just been released this way from the start" Riot's design philosophy/principals/values has just changed over time. Things that were totally acceptable back then just aren't now. I've been playing since Season 2, and it wasn't like in season 2/3 everyone thought half the roster just needed total reworks or didn't belong. It was fine then. They slowly picked various types of abilities to pull back on: like when they started patching out all the global passives (TF, Zillean, Janna), and when they started removing (some of the) point and click stuns. (old irelia E, old urgot ult, old sion q, old soraka silence, old taric e, old kass q, and more) None of these were things that should never have been in the game, they've just raised the bar over time with what they release, and old really is just getting updated to match new expectations.

  • Jakob Moiirers
    Jakob Moiirers

    me watching this, just seeing the old Aatrox makes me miss him so much.

  • John Paul Rufo
    John Paul Rufo

    *_I still remember it like it was yesterday_*

  • Jibblitswallower

    i miss him everyday

  • Wenyi Tim
    Wenyi Tim

    400 million tencent get it back easily by make some new skins on every game it owns

  • Furlow Torent
    Furlow Torent

    Well, I now know why LoL bows down too China so heavily. I thought was just money, now I know they are owned by CCP. Yes, CCP owns them cause they own all Chinese companies

  • xabe

    I really miss the old skarner i would build him attack speed hybrid so when attacking hero his Q could be used every 0.5 sec. Also riot only changed trundle skin, they didn’t touch his kit.

  • Evan Kapantais
    Evan Kapantais

    Damn, I really wanted to see how that dragon fight went at 25:37.

  • Mateusz Kucharski
    Mateusz Kucharski

    This one, Sion, Aatrox and Urgot reworks were by far the best reworks in the game. Unfortunately Rito don't such a good reworks now. New Morde, Voli, Akali and Irelia are simply made to be op. They have really overloaded skilset which makes them literally unfair to play against.

  • FluffyOrca 1st
    FluffyOrca 1st

    Me watching this video after Seraphine comes out: oh, if only we knew...

  • sam rhoton
    sam rhoton

    1:00 Louis Vuitton senna e

  • Joe Helland
    Joe Helland

    I used to play him mid with manamune and force of nature. Every other item was a warmog. It was godlike