Everyone Is Spamming Tahm Kench Top For Free Wins In Solo Queue
Today, let's talk about Tahm Kench Top Lane. Plenty of challenger players and top laners have been abusing TK for quite some time. Lets go over the history of league of legends for tahm kench top lane as well as look at his builds and runes. Tahm kench top lane is one of the best op top laners for patch 9.11 and for patch 9.12. Tahm kench easily makes the tier list for top lane.
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Patch 9.12 on the PBE and riven changes on surrender at 20
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  • Exil

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    • Michael Kertianis
      Michael Kertianis

      aatrox Midland

    • Joshua Attard
      Joshua Attard

      I have been playing a lot of Morgana jungle. This pick may seem troll but really it is quite strong. With this build in most cases I max Q and W compleatly skipping over my E. I know Morgana's black shield is by far one of get best abilities though as a jungler in most cases it is not needed until later into the game. How ever if the enemy team has a lot of CC I will put 1 point into this spell. Morgana has quite decent jungle clears and extreamly healthy jungle clears. Infact morgana can face tank ruptures level 1 and not lose hp. The build for this can change game to game. If they have a pesky tank then lyandris is extremely useful and allows you to shred tanks. I tend to build her as i build Eve. I focus jungle item followed by sorc boots and oblivian orb this gives you a lot of dmg! The best part of Morgana jungle is her ganks. If you gank a lane that has CC then it is almost always a free kill. Binding to follow up your team mates CC with a full duration pool makes for insane damage. Another great thibg about Morgana's binding is the fear of being binded. When ganking as morgana it is usually best to hold onto binding as long as you can. In most cases the enemy will try to juke your binding and juke them self to death. If they decide to not try and juke then they die to binding anyway. Ether way they are in a bad situation. On top of all this lane pressure you can creat a lot of junglers see a morgana and think this is easy invades and try to bully you out of your jungle. This is VERY VERY WRONG! As I mentioned earlier Morgana actually has very healthy clears. So if you are beibg invaded odds are you will be close to full health. And as long as you land your binding you are almost garanteed to win the 1v1. If somehow you are not able to win the 1v1 or you simply are low health for what ever reason landing a Q will allow you to almost always get away. This is a great pick over all and made even better then duo with your top or mid. For example if you play with a malz every time his ult is off cooldown it is 100% a guaranteed kill. Infact any CC will almost always guarantee a kill. Even when against a tanky top laner your base damage on Q and W are extreamly high. This is why I tend to skip E in most games. I have been doing this in mid diamond, so not top tier but also not in low elo games.

    • GamesAndGains

      Garen or warwick!

    • superCattaz

      It's thanks to people like you that this game is flooded with meta slaves who don't even enjoy playing the champion aside from the fact that it gives free wins. Thank you for making the game worse.

    • Alessandro Noci
      Alessandro Noci

      talk about Poppy

  • Benjamin Baumert
    Benjamin Baumert

    I have seen some ashe or cait top, would love to see an episode of this with those guys.

  • Alec Harrington
    Alec Harrington

    1 year later, I am only seeing Kench vs Sett top, Sett is on my team and always dies

  • Jonas Kircher
    Jonas Kircher

    Tahm Kench however is not easy as a toplaner, because while he cannot be 1vs1 pushed out of lane, it is so easy to gank him. He is very slow with no dash and no good cc to help him escape apart from a single target slow. That means when 2 people are running him down a long lane, he will easily die, his grey health only delaying the inevitable. He has some decent tools to manipulate the waves so that they will stay in the middle of the lane and he can trade into a stacked wave of enemy minions but if the toplaner he is facing has a good gank setup he will struggle. I actually like playing Cho into Tahm, you will never win trades but you can set up free ganks, you can stop him from using his grey health with your silence and then simply execute him with ult, Cho can farm from range with q and can trade his hp for cs if he has to plus it's not easy to dive him, so Tahm can barely punish you. Cho will heavily outscale Tahm in terms of teamfight usefulness but his max hp gain mean that he will not win sidelanes, even later on so be warned if Tahm catches you alone, dont try to fight, just run. You will be tanky enough to run for like 30 seconds and give your team time to help you. :D

  • Nick Wolf
    Nick Wolf

    And he's still a top he ain't needed enough then because he's still a super op top

    • Nick Wolf
      Nick Wolf

      But you hug tower the whole time and lightly farm he really can't do shit no matter what top you are as well

  • Nick Wolf
    Nick Wolf

    Fought a tahm as Garen he was gold IV I'm iron1. He kept doing bitch shit so I did the same held my 1st tower for 30mins with him and the jg attacking me I'd die I see my tower. He'd die under my tower and eventually my team won the game while he was trying to take my tower they lost me but the enemy team lost thier jg for not farming and constantly trying to tower kill me and occasionally die too XD

  • Liko lapo
    Liko lapo

    He is back!

  • AbstractVaporeon

    Not gonna credit www.deviantart.com/mirthspindle for the thumbnail art?

  • Fry

    I really want a support tahm kench buff. Maybe nerf his Q damage and give it a longer cooldown but to buff him they should make it where when he W's a teammate he is not slowed at all but he still can't use flash.

  • Gunner_kek

    6 months later and tahm kench top is back to being a troll pick.

  • Minh Phạm
    Minh Phạm

    removed passive stack if stunned by Q reduced shield by a bunch reduced Q hit box now reduce movement speed if devoured an ally champion Q no more stack passive thank you riot, you have completely deleted my top main

    • Vladymir John Estudillo
      Vladymir John Estudillo

      look how they massacred my boy

    • Peter Zamuda
      Peter Zamuda

      Even after all that, his hit box is still relatively big, and he's still a very big lane bully..more often than not you can 1v2 the jungler and the laner during ganks or at least kill one, plus his ult and w are just great. I mained him after the release and after getting used to the changes, I still main him now

    • Carlos Perez
      Carlos Perez

      Minh Phạm they really destroyed our Tahm didnt they

  • Bjorlame le fourbe.
    Bjorlame le fourbe.

    I think I have never seen such a stupid team working on a game before i was interested in League. Trying to equilibrate the value of a champion who is made to be played in team, so that he will not be strong in those situations and stronger in solo q is just the worst thing I've heard in a long time. The problem isn't the strenght of akali, qiyana or ryze in solo q. It's the solo q itself. The concept of it is just an aberration of the game. Making the possibility of playing alone with people you don't know in a game where coordination is 60% of the victory and where a poorly skilled mate can cost a game is obviously stupid. But way less players will be interested if this wasn't implemented, so why not throw away the quality of the game for some F****** money? At the end, they are facing the same problems as the MMOs. They make money on a fanbase that wish to play in team but want's to be alone while doing so.

  • Zephyrod

    It’s actually funny, because facing a Kench toplane is always a free win for me. I autolose lane, and will probably be down a lot of CS and maybe die once or twice, but he becomes incredibly useless later on somehow. You don’t fight him solo, you just play around him

  • FlynnWinch

    Was playing the dude when there was still this item granting +20% heal from all source ... getting back even more shield and regenerating a lot of HP .. Even play as midlaner against Azir and win by overpocking with Mana tear x)

  • Mäxchen Musterhausen
    Mäxchen Musterhausen

    OKOLI. Cant handle it. In nearly every video.

  • Cinnamon Panda
    Cinnamon Panda

    *When you hard CC an assasin you can kill them* Everyone hitting Yi with a 4 sec stunt and he is alive, I as a tank get CC 2 seconds and will be lucky to survive with 1 hp, Quinn too, and heck most assasins survive more than ADC while hard CC'd

  • Tyler Runyan
    Tyler Runyan

    As a tryndamere main I’m going to have to ask u to stop

  • victer

    the time of tehm kenh was a time of death there was nothing could do either dodge or ff these where time of ancer free elo I still remember it man i have ptsd

  • Psychonian

    tfw 4 months later tahm kench no longer exists as a champ

    • PushForIce

      Me: Laughs in Tahm Kench support main

  • ssbbSephi

    every champion that has high base dmg is destined to be broken. But how would a company that fails to balance this game since 9 years know

  • FOF Swampert
    FOF Swampert


  • Ento: The Chesnaut Knight
    Ento: The Chesnaut Knight

    Song at 1:00?

  • Подай Виното там Жено
    Подай Виното там Жено

    AP MF on mid

  • 12 Straight
    12 Straight

    I want to see if Sion bot lane works as the adc


    still broken

  • Jupiter

    Can we look at the OnHit Neeko craze? I got so much freelo playing her top.

  • NerdyPro

    I did this back in season six and seven and was called a mad man. P.s. I only read the video title.

  • More or Less
    More or Less

    Tahm is my go to Darius and Fiora pub-stomper in top lane since he was released. Always take ignite and get level 2 first. No numbers nerfs will overcome his kit being able to completely decimate these 2 champs.

  • Rampage Gaming
    Rampage Gaming

    unkench the bench

  • Michael Kertianis
    Michael Kertianis

    Aatrox midlaneee

  • ItsMetaphor

    Tryndamere lethal tempo going 40% cdr. You just can’t run from him and has stupid damage.

  • Admirał Hax
    Admirał Hax

    I still abuse it. God, I love this champion, he is so fun.

  • Dirkei

    TK is still strong. Deny opponent, roam a lot with ult, steal enemy junglers buffs, scuttler, stay ahead. Focus carries in fights to stay relevant

  • Nishihara

    If someone watches this, tries TK, mained the champ, gained freelo. I just want to say from the bottom of my heart. I hate you now.

  • Tassen


  • PerfectChaoX

    Somehow managed to deal with him after going 2-11 top as Udyr. Could literally do nothing against him. Early that is. By the time I managed to get my Trinity and frozen heart all that attack speed and eating of his was kinda meaningless. He doesnt seem to be able to burst you so ignoring him after dying a few times and just pushing is the only way for you to do something useful. Still there is literally no counter play. Even if you never die early, he will still dive by the time he reaches level 5. Even getting ganks wont help. Just tell your jungle to help the other lanes win and pray he doesnt take your tower early

  • New Times Roman
    New Times Roman

    Tahm is a disgrace to the game. He is BM and he ruins every fun aspect.

  • Shuglee

    Gragas top please, it is really fun to play and it works extremly good tho not many people do it as far as i know.

    • AirborneOsborne

      It's very popular in Gold and Silver rn, the barrel / bodyslam electro combo is too tempting for some people to not cheese aha

  • Disturbatore

    And now he is dead

  • CreatureOfHabit

    Tank Ekko was a monster and in the tank meta sometimes a guy has gotta slap on a frozen heart and gauntlet

  • GeninGeo

    people dont know how to burst tahm and back off then call him busted.

  • Demon Lord Gaming
    Demon Lord Gaming

    It's amazing how people who don't play Tahm Kench don't really know what he's capable off, nor how to use him properly

  • The King
    The King

    Did Tahm vs Morde post reworks when I was experimenting on Morde builds. Shit, that went terrible. I was running a q into E max build with After Shock hoping to force people close and pummel them while taking low damage. It worked in theory. Tahm bloody well W and I lost every time. Which is my problem. I think part of why he does so much is because the W is a large percent max health attack. If we fiddled with it a bit...

  • Penguiking

    This dude is basically the whole reason renek and blitz are getting the first ever, sheild breaking abilities....

  • Mituq

    Mordekaiser toplane

  • SaborTooth Spike
    SaborTooth Spike

    AP Illaoi?


    The only champion I could find that counters him is attack speed kayle. IT'S pretty hard in early game but if you Just farm and damage him from time to time with your e you will destroy him in late game

    • Tim Mannet
      Tim Mannet

      isnt that so with almost every matchup for kayle :)

  • Paythedragon

    Ivern, any jg ivern build idc

  • Manuel Toney
    Manuel Toney

    I recenlty like a few weeks ago fought against a kench that destroyed my team cause he was so tanky and did so much damage, he took smite top and was wracking kills.

  • David Cardenas
    David Cardenas

    To all who play tahm kench in the top lane (im extremly salty) FCK YOU

  • JoshuaTimez JTT
    JoshuaTimez JTT

    When i'm gonna play tahm kench i always ban vayne because of the broken tru dmg after that go full tank and tahm is unkillable

  • rokYYs


  • Jake Sands
    Jake Sands

    Can we get a Veigar

  • Po Prostu Przemek
    Po Prostu Przemek

    Lowest support winrate: Tahm Kench Yuumi: Hold my book.

    • Facts vsCommunism
      Facts vsCommunism

      @truli91 Fucking inbred. Except what? If you actually watched the video, you would know the comment is refering excptitially to the buffs, they gave Tahm as riot claimed he needed them and was to weak.

    • truli91

      except tahm has a highest win rate from all the champions right now.

  • uh.aperson

    he got me to diamond

  • Wolfalpha

    Want to counter Tahm with even more broken champ ? Yorick is here. From a Jax main with 500k points now I am going to change to Yorick. This champ is broken. Dealing both magic dmg and physical dmg. And don't forget his % dmg from the Maiden and the E.

    • Makuhita Samurai
      Makuhita Samurai

      Yorick is Tard guard. Me like.

  • Ornn

    no one is getting free wins in soloq with tahm. you have to play well and our team has to be good also miss one of those and your chances are low

  • My99xx99

    Wait! I just saw that video and noticed that you posted my Reddit post!!

  • Mason Schmidt
    Mason Schmidt


  • Satomi Zukutomekitoari
    Satomi Zukutomekitoari

    I’m praying for a Heimerdinger support video 😩

  • Anthony Hernandez
    Anthony Hernandez

    Aatrox rushing life steal make TK obsolete

  • Swizza

    Please do Illaoi. She was broken before but it is beyond now

    • Quacky

      @Swizza 3*

    • Swizza

      @Quacky they litterally buffed all the abilities. And she was already strong enough even a bit too strong even back then. Now its like you are fighting 2 tank champs :/

    • Quacky

      Haven't played much lately, how is she more op now?

  • Ryu Juanito R. Pagkaliwangan IV
    Ryu Juanito R. Pagkaliwangan IV


  • Bruh Sound Effect #2
    Bruh Sound Effect #2


  • Xhoni Deda
    Xhoni Deda

    Tahm top is BS dude!He is so op.In a 1 v 1 you just cant beat him!

    • Raven Wolf
      Raven Wolf

      You can, Pantheon has been pretty good for me so far, Garen, Darius and Nasus so long as I am careful or the right amount of aggressive.

  • Alex Kezeš
    Alex Kezeš

    Darius can kill him easly

  • Sebastian Szanto
    Sebastian Szanto

    Can you do bard support or aurelion mid?

  • Colton Shields
    Colton Shields

    Lmao who plays gangplank

  • Light

    2:34 best riven na ?

  • Oskar Klingest
    Oskar Klingest

    why do u call ryze for rise

  • League Of Wimps
    League Of Wimps

    rakan jg

  • Milos Rakic
    Milos Rakic

    urgot counters him hard cuz urgot can execute hi while he do his e.Another thing is that after lvl 6 tham cant do anything after that.And during laning phase urgot can just poke him while being behind minions.Np guys if u see tham just pick urgie free win trust me!

  • Milos Rakic
    Milos Rakic

    do azir

  • Kyojin, desu
    Kyojin, desu

    I would like to hear your opinion to vel koz support. I kinda think that I can climb with that.

  • Louis L. / Noteseton
    Louis L. / Noteseton

    Is Mordekaiser ADC Freelo or Forfeit?

  • gregorio buenagua
    gregorio buenagua


  • Richard Bright
    Richard Bright

    freelo till brand main locks in

  • James Allison
    James Allison

    Melee Support champs like Tahm and Pyke always make their way top because they're overs-statted, and Over-Kitted because riot wants them to be good in botlane but nobody takes them botlane because they do so much more as core/carry role then supports and can destroy the other laner with their insane starting armor and abilities.

  • Cala Content
    Cala Content

    Don't promote this cancer please.

  • Cala Content
    Cala Content

    He was released on 2015??? Heck time pass so fast...

  • Gutsu

    Trick is doing this long before this video gets uploaded

    • Gutsu

      @TheSpore35 mah man!

    • TheSpore35

      el truco

  • Sbreddragon

    Mfw I’ve been doing this for 2 seasons already

  • Bad Tower
    Bad Tower

    Teemo !

  • David Henderson
    David Henderson

    Dr. Mundo also should use approach velocity it really helps for chasing down people or ganking

  • BOHOMAZdesign

    "Not really hard to play" - are u srs? That champ is freakin braindead. A stupid unfair antifun champ. U dont even need to farm properly on that champ bcoz ur freakin tank items are super cheap. Just walk up to the enemy and deny the farm from the enemy and you win the lane. If you walk up he kills you. Even if you go for a really good trade he will just regen his HP with dorans shield/cor potion and his E passive. I dont really care if Im winning my games, but playing against is so antifun I get already tilted in champ select. The worst part is that even if I ban that braindead champ there are many other OP/borderline OP champs that stay in the pick pool (like Morde, Aatrox, KaiSa - also braindead with the manamune build, Sivir - another braindead champ that auto wins lane, freakin Karma - another overbuffed support champ abused Toplane, Talon - easiest to play assassin in the game, Lux Support - oh dear, support items have way to much mana sustain, just spam your abilities brainless, something will hit) The worst part is that a lot of the OP/borderline OP champs right now are super easy to play. Imagine once they get nerfed and people switch to champs - fiestas everygame bcoz people climbed not bcoz of improvment of skill, but bcoz of abusing easy to play champs.

  • Piotr Żwirowski
    Piotr Żwirowski

    I think he should just be removed firm the game altogether


    Unbench the Catfish from Kench


    O hail the mighty FROG KING

  • The Creature from the Seventh Chamber
    The Creature from the Seventh Chamber

    It's clear to me that riot doesn't know the first fucking thing about balancing their champs. They can't even identify the most basic of issues with their kits nor can they restrain themselves from completely gutting champs while ignoring the ACTUAL issues with the champs. It's just incompetence and arrogance mixed together to make a completely unmanageable roster of champs.

  • Lucas Rodriguez
    Lucas Rodriguez

    I have played AD Tahm Kench since last season, and I see no sign of stopping

    • AJSmalls187

      u must be very good at the game

  • Thomas dgfhf
    Thomas dgfhf

    Dam trick has done it again

  • Andjelo Sazdov
    Andjelo Sazdov

    I love that tk is getting respect Release troller s6 god s9 god at top

  • narcissist

    Ap cho’gath top :P

  • Vincent Santiago
    Vincent Santiago

    Seriously, I played Tahm Kench for like 2 weeks and surprisingly winning each lane every game. Although, once your other teammates fed like crazy, you can't do shit and lose the game no matter how fed you are.

  • Danny Reyes
    Danny Reyes

    May I suggest something? Freelo or Foreit - The Thanos Sona (Klepto/FM AP Sona)

  • Lazy

    that ks from tom kench

  • Sky Lee
    Sky Lee

    Can u talk about Heimerdinger?

  • TOP TV
    TOP TV

    not using ur e when tanking tower shot in the intro made me not trust you

  • Kled

    Kled mid? that shit was Faker's pocket pick mid s8, and i succeed a lot with it nowdays too, kled's underrated.

  • Dead Inside
    Dead Inside