From Broken To Reworked : The History Of Diana In League of Legends
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Today, let's talk about the history of diana, and her new diana rework in league of legends. Diana is one of the best champions and is one of the best champions for climbing, as well as getting better at league of legends. Diana was one of the most broken champions in league of legends history. Here's the history of league of legends, dianas history. Here is her story in league of legends.
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►U.GG for Diana Mid Lane Runes And Build on U.GG
Patch 9.24b on the PBE on surrender at 20
Patch 10.1 on the PBE on surrender at 20
Patch 10.1 features a LOT of changes and also comes with the new champion: Sett.

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  • Exil

    Let me know your guys thoughts on the new Diana rework, do you agree or disagree with me? Do you think it's cool? Also how is your 2020 so far?

    • Bearly Koalafied
      Bearly Koalafied

      Diana should have a skin that turns her into the orianna ball since thats basically what she is

    • Sun Rise
      Sun Rise

      I think the rework is very good for her viability in soloQ, but for normals i really like the old diana, it wasnt nearly consistent enough but it was a LOT of fun, and the way your whole playstyle changes before and after 6 was also kinda cool. Im kinda split on this one.

    • B D
      B D

      in season 5-6 i use to play hybrid ap/ad diana assassin and went around 80% win rate.

    • Leonardo Tralongo
      Leonardo Tralongo

      @Δημήτρης Φούκας luglio kmzz

    • Mathieu Andri
      Mathieu Andri

      Clearly a good thing they rework her, pre lvl 6 id now exiting !

  • EarthmeisterIndigo

    And now she's back to 1v9ing. Good times

  • asamblea hei
    asamblea hei


  • Queen Diana
    Queen Diana

    I miss the old diana. I played her starting in s4. There was a year where I played Diana only. In every role. I love this champ. Now she isn't the same... The new ultimate sucks. And although people say the old e was bad, in my opinion it was better.

  • S.O.L

    Continue the legacy of fiddle supp with fiddle supp


    Just like how they killed my boy TOP SWAIN :(

  • Darklightdiana

    I hate it.

  • Tina Marie
    Tina Marie

    I play Diana in the jungle. I'm still working on it but shes been great for me

  • LoveChaac

    I know this is an old video but I feel the same way about shaco. They took his season 5 self and murdered it in season 6 and they completely brought him back to the champ i love with the most recent patch.

  • Hernando Garibaldi
    Hernando Garibaldi

    I build Diana in so many ways throughout the years, this mine rework doesn't surprised me. I'm glad her original R kind of back again since this is the game of the super ultra movility and "sick gameplays" now Diana could do some new jukes for the modern times.

  • Nhung Trần Cẩm
    Nhung Trần Cẩm

    So, how about swapping Kassadin R with his E?

  • Sharde

    Any other *boomers* out there who remember fiddle jungle

  • Sawyer Rains
    Sawyer Rains

    Clearly you've never played Fiddlesticks, I've easily played him in nothing but jungle and I've found nothing but success (pre-rework)

  • Stephen McDonald
    Stephen McDonald

    As far as mini-reworks that don't feel great, I can kinda see Aurelion Sol being there. He feels a little clunkier now, and more importantly there's no more "Boop" lines- or, at least, way less often.

  • france roy
    france roy

    2:42 Ah yes, how to counter any champion. just kill them before they kill you.

  • Mr Rats
    Mr Rats

    Yeah, here's an idea. Replace Rammus' Tremors with his Taunt, bringing back an old Galio style AoE taunt. Maybe highly reduced damage to towers and champions on Tremors and cause it to slow and or Grounded due to the shaky land. Too overloaded?

  • Don Kun
    Don Kun

    hahaha jungle fiddle is good now

  • Lynxsis™

    this is a better guide to new diana then all other videos on this platform


    It is so weird seeing videos about lol, when it was an older version. He said remember when fiddle was a jungle and I was like how old is this video.

  • Diana

    revert diana, pls

  • Alexander Failoni
    Alexander Failoni

    Going through some of your old videos and figure I'll mention this as someone who learned and mained Diana during the "Veigar Ult" years (Plat 4 scrub). Scuttle crab. If there was something blocking her success as a jungler after rework, it is this little bugger. Previously Diana could E it and clear him in under 5 seconds b4 6. Now, unless you sac an ult (WHY!), her clear on it takes 15-20 seconds even past lvl 6. I'm ecstatic that I can flex her top and not feel like I'm trolling, and glad she's stronger pre-6 and can fight the mages that gave her so much trouble.

  • Sean Fulgosino
    Sean Fulgosino

    Diana main here during s5 and s6

  • Mr. Reese
    Mr. Reese

    The Diana rework (I didn't even know she had a visual update, it almost looks the same as before and the marks are better visible on the old one) is great, except for the fact that when you ult and die, your ult does not go through. Super annoying and it makes no sense, why should it disappear when you finished casting it? BS!

  • Tactical Toastr
    Tactical Toastr

    Aurellion sol needs to have his q and his ult reversed. Make it so he can break distance with his q and set up for his stars. Give him some kind of self peel outside of his ult he can rely on. But most of all, make it when he runs a full scale galaxy the size of a lane down the row that it actually hurts. Make it an ult that scales stun and damage based on distance travelled to compensate making it an ult ability. Make it a full on game changing engage ultimate or an ult he could change a losing fight into by flying in half way through.

  • Erik Andre
    Erik Andre

    Oh! I have an idea! Yasuo W swaps with his r, but the windwall sends skill shots backward. Any takers? Also his knockup combo is singletarget maybe? No armor pen, less CC?

  • Teriell

    Anivia should be reworked

  • KHfan0011

    11:43 oh Fizz~ O.O

  • ScarletSc

    The worst Diana nerf was Riot changing her first skin.

  • Moonfall

    oh stfu this champ sucks ass.l

  • ranga

    I mained her so fucking hard, though it's been years since I've touched the game but the new champ and diana would be the only ones I'd be down to play as ahaha

  • TheCrossBoy

    >annie >struggled to be a viable midlaner >54% winrate, highest midlane winrate hmmm

  • Calivire

    Anyone know the song at 12:30?

  • Jose Luis Perez Fernandez
    Jose Luis Perez Fernandez

    Make a change so leona can aply his pasive to minions and jungle camps, that would change the all champ

  • Ionut Wicked
    Ionut Wicked

    and back to broken

  • AngelBird

    My issue with Diana is, No matter what shes a walking Nuclear warhead. Its hard to balance something that just 100-0's you when you have a 3 item advantage. Diana's passive is At level 1,2,3,4, &5 shes a cannon Minion at level 6 your whole team is a single minion.

  • Bqrd UHC
    Bqrd UHC

    *Insert tyler1 getting one shot clip*

  • Diana

    I don't like this rework, she is now the most ez champ ever. his playstyle and lane phase changed a lot and because that its way too easier. revert diana pls

  • Henryk John
    Henryk John

    Broken, reworked, broken

  • Tunahan Karatay
    Tunahan Karatay

    I know, the version of diana now fits in the design better, but the old diana was the absolute best champion for 1v9. If you hit 2 items before your enemy, you just oneshot everybody and you don't have to worry about wasting stuff before a teamfight. And also the w and passive damage were double, so you could just stack up your passive and do W+R+AA and deal over 2k damage to a carry. The passive had over %90 ap scaling.

  • Shiranui Raccoon
    Shiranui Raccoon

    Diana is like my top 3 champion, and i really loved her mini rework

  • Gabriel José Ozanan
    Gabriel José Ozanan

    Makes one really wonder what would've happened if Kassadin had gotten this treatment when he got out of hand, instead of what they did to him.

  • Jiro Weiler
    Jiro Weiler

    4:05 " I've never seen so many consecutives nerfs on a champion" -Kassadin: Am i a joke to you? -.-

  • Aligator nomnom
    Aligator nomnom

    It's more like "from broken to more broken"

  • Alexandre

    I used to play diana as my main. I stop play league for 3 years and then i start to play again,and i can not play her properly. Weaker in any role honestly,for me.

  • James

    Oh boo hoo, your champion is now viable and has literally the same kit as before with some abilities swapped locations. I still want the real Aatrox back and this red riven with wings to go away.

  • Zachary Romano
    Zachary Romano

    One small change I think would make Yasuo feel a lot better to play against would be to make his wind wall directional (only block projectiles from the front). Right now wind wall is extremely hard to play against as a ranged champion and leads to a lot of feelsbad moments, making the direction of wind wall matter would open up a lot more counter play.


    5:55 Diana saved Zac and they he still died lmao

  • Aziz Kash
    Aziz Kash

    conquerer abuser

  • AW W
    AW W

    Ew no XD give me old ashe back any day That extra gold

  • AW W
    AW W

    From broken to broken but the other way around

  • Kathanis

    If they just change Skarner's passive he'd see more play. Going back to old Skarner would be much better than the garbage we have now. I miss my scorpion :(


    19:30 okay as an aurelion sol main i feel highly disrespected that you chose him

  • HaMiD MoHaMMaDiaN
    HaMiD MoHaMMaDiaN

    diana can dash on marked champs as many as they are. so wtf u say tripple dash needs that style. play once at least then make a video

  • Emanuele ragno
    Emanuele ragno

    Teleports was nerfed because 6/10 people used it... Flash still vibin

  • Aidan Weiss-Rice
    Aidan Weiss-Rice

    13:09 I literally only use Hextech Sion in ranked because of this. His q animation is just so much smoother and feels cleaner to me

  • Yefim

    "From broken to VERY broken"

  • Mimi tzy
    Mimi tzy

    About the changes I think SUPPORT Soraka needs some help maybe don't have cost of Mana in w or give it a bit more range because why play her when yuumi is easier and better

  • Mimi tzy
    Mimi tzy

    Thank you for the tricks said at the end I'm learning to play her and she is so so fun I love her

  • Shualaba labashua
    Shualaba labashua

    me stting here tryna learn why i ban her each mach i play mid, now i know why

  • Rin

    She's still broken, I main her and can easily 1v3

  • T Bone
    T Bone

    Was broken, still is

  • Hristo Kostov
    Hristo Kostov

    I liked the old Diana and I was suprised when i found out that she is not good in the meta at all. i played her mostly jg and i got my first penta with her which is why I continiued to play her jg even after the rework. In my opinion tho after the rework everyone now sees that she is broken bc before she was more of a sleeper op champ with carry potential if u knwo what u r doing, but now everyone says how she is broken and takes NO skill to play and that´s very annoying.

  • Matthew Moran
    Matthew Moran

    can we get a taliyah vid, i feel like shes as forgotten as ivern is

  • Danirin Things
    Danirin Things

    History about Fiddlesticks? :>

  • James Ashlee
    James Ashlee

    I don’t know how to feel about the Diana rework... I absolutely loved the old Diana and she carried me through many games. As long as you played well early game and hit level 6 first, your power spike would often be enough to get a kill or force a recall and start snowballing from there. I’d gotten pretty good at the old Diana, and even now I can barely play her because she’s banned a lot, and while I understand her kit is healthier, I miss my old Diana :((

  • K Draws
    K Draws

    Well,... I played her in the jungle, and as you said, she wasn't a champ till lvl 6. I loved playing her and I love how they changed her, but I don't like her not being a jungler anymore, since i like playing range mages on mid.

  • しらいしく【CleanClouds】

    from broken to reworked broken

  • Ereder

    i miss old aurelion...

  • Jebeno doba
    Jebeno doba

    I think Aurelion sol could use a huge benefit if they put his passive as his w passive and made him a whole new passive. When you think about it, if u wanna invade enemy jungle at the start of game, you can't have aurelion sol in your team because his stars can be seen outside of the bush. If u put it as his w passive, you can be hidden in bush whitout revealing yourself as long as you dont take w as your first ability.

  • godssons 69
    godssons 69

    Alright look guys I know y’all hate us but can we start agreeing to stop banning yasuo every game? It’s hard out here for a yas main. I haven’t gotten my one trick in over 20 ranked games no lie. It’s not like he’s just amazing in the meta anymore like bro right now even malphite ekko Darius talon Cassio and qiyana are all wayyyy better hell even Lucian is a better ban lol. I know you all ban him out of spite but honestly that ban waste is most likely costing some of you bans. And on top of that the amount of people who still really one trick him or play him well enough to warrant a ban is really low right now. Lol hell even I have a new “main” now really but it’s still annoying cause when I purposefully play a normal draft game just to play him for fun I still get fucked by the scared kids who play their main 1.5m mastery point akali in a normal game whose scared of ranked. It’s just kinda meh lmao

  • Asurager

    @exil One change that needs to happen, Let yorick control R with r clicking

  • Bromatick


  • Pico Cassio
    Pico Cassio

    You should just swap Karthus Q and R. I never hit those Q´s, bad design

  • Evan Conley
    Evan Conley


  • styroraptor

    Very good work you videos are captivating I thank you sir!

  • BasedLucinaMain

    I’ve been a Diana main since season 4, but due to computer issues I haven’t been able to play league for about a year, and I’m dreading getting back and having to play new Diana. I loved her as a burst assassin and enjoyed the struggle of Diana pre-6. I’m really hoping I’m wrong, but riot has made me despise a lot of my old favorites with reworks. Hopefully this will be an exception.

  • Elina Vance :3
    Elina Vance :3

    I think diana is one of these champions that didn`t need a rework at all...

  • Rafael Pinheiro
    Rafael Pinheiro

    Actually, if you skip de rod of ages and use conqueror, she is still a nuke, and a bit of a bruiser too, this champion is like, 2 things and i love it

  • Luca_Maggot

    Im Diana main (not anywhere near pro or something ^^) and I think she's just so versatile and a lot of fun.

  • AligatorRIP

    I started to use diana mid recently and let me tell you, she is frickin' awesome!! She has poke, extra dmg on b. attack, shield, mobility, pull. Op as Hell!! And i love it! 😁

  • Bloater Snake
    Bloater Snake

    Diana on mid wrecks all kinds of assasins like Zed, Fizz, Talon, Yasuo, Ahri and Leblanc. Diana on jungle gets wrecked by all early game strong junglers like Lee Sin, Kha'zix, Rengar, etc... Also Diana was always good even when Deathfire Grasp was around, people were just meta dogs and played more mobile and meta champs like Leblanc and Zed instead.

  • Taha Khan
    Taha Khan

    they should've just removed diana rather than reworking her

  • Path Lastname
    Path Lastname

    do taliyah plz

  • PhoenixSaturn

    Exil: Not being a champion until level 6 isn't healthy *cries in Kayle*

  • Rsktek

    Did you just call me a boomer, wtf

  • TheWeeaboo

    Diana now after the rework is crazier than on release Diana basically. And On Release Diana was famously crazy. I was there early in the game when I sucked pretty hard at the game. But with Diana I could suddenly carry games. But, while I really don't like the current Diana because she is just such an easy champ with so much damage that can even get stomped and/or play safe and still come back into the game especially in this ''meta'' where everyone is just constantly fighting. It's almost as if this is the better way to go with champions in general. It's better for them to all be on the strong side than for most champions to be nerfed to unviability. And let me stress again, I absolutely am disgusted with these fake new 'diana mains'' even changing their names as if they had been a Diana main all along. Like boy, nobody is impressed with your new maiun. :P

  • taichibi

    Probs to the redditor that called/suggested the ability change to diana btw.

  • shadowmetroid18

    Old Mordekaiser was one of my favorite champions in the game. I know he was awful but something about bonking your opponent to death was so satisfying. He isnt even funny anymore.

  • Purga Hyuuga
    Purga Hyuuga

    It would be nice to give Quinn some attention. Her E should have an added mechanic that would let the player have some control of where her Vault bounced to. Everyone knows where she will land from the direction her E was used making her a sitting duck for anyone how has ANY form of CC. Even thirty degrees to either side of the casting spot depending on where the player's mouse was could add in some element of unpredictability.

  • Arlee Regencia
    Arlee Regencia

    This champ take me to diamond even tho she's not reworked yet, but by now having 68%winrate in my last 50 games. Im pretty sure The scorn of the moon will take me to master or gm this season.

  • bartle

    i really want riot to touch kindred because in an interview a couple of rioters said "kindred had a great concept but i dont think we did a good job of executing that in game" and thats kinda true cuz kindred is kind of lacking and only a few people know how to play them well

  • Nodoken Starcanine
    Nodoken Starcanine

    Would you also someday talk about the history of mages on how dominant they were in every way, their ridiculous versatility (yes I am looking at you dirty AP support mains) and how this role nearly killed the traditional adc role in the botlane. Please I would like to hear.

  • Lmao Rofl
    Lmao Rofl

    Ahri is cannon minion because she doesnt have a dash before 6

  • Talarkas

    Her being reworked to a more bruiser playstyle worked perfectly for me, because I never enjoyed playing full AP Diana to begin with. It was Always an abyssal mask rush mid vs other ap champs, or a IBG for those pesky ad assassins. It's been wonderful actually playing her the way I always did and seeing even more success with ehr

  • Carlos Sanchez
    Carlos Sanchez

    From broken to rebroken

  • GccThemakas

    "I've never really seen so many consecutive nerfs to a champion" Akali is laughing and crying rn

  • Jalent Core
    Jalent Core

    i like the new diana overall. makes her more viable while some would say shes too strong in some cases. in my case ive always played a diana that wins through having more hp and defenses than offense though that strategy for her fell off in later seasons. used to be able to win fights by having nothing more than a couple giants belts

  • iLucasZ

    Exil do you plan to make a video about the Yorick rework? That seems like a interesting case to have a documentary to me.

  • Ismael Lopez
    Ismael Lopez

    Exil, I mained her back in the day in jungle. It was when the ration to lich Bane was 100% ap, she was instant 1v5 and BD was better than yi and tryn.

  • Louis-Charles Nadeau
    Louis-Charles Nadeau

    Alot of champ could be changed from 125 range to 150 range to help them work vs champ with dashes a twad bit more. Also, I think Corki could use something similar as Diana. I'd combine his W and E for an ult, put his R as a basic ability and find a new third basic ability