Garen: A History of The Worst Champion In League of Legends
Today, let's talk about the worst champion in the game for patch 9.15 and 9.16, and in league of legends history, Garen. Garen is the worst champion in LOL Esports History, and garen is the least successful champion the history of League of legends pro play and league of legends LCS competitive play. LOL Esports has almost never seen Garen being played.
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  • SAMCLAN Esports Club
    SAMCLAN Esports Club

    It was an honor for us, for a player of ours, help you make this video. It was a good ending for Garen, maybe the future smile an shine bright to him. =D

    • WinsPlay'sYT


    • Gustavo H Gomes
      Gustavo H Gomes

      BR fazendo mais história aqui do que no mundial. Obrigado.

    • Maskkog 7
      Maskkog 7

      Tinha que ser feita historia pelos pts

    • Mike Schuchhard
      Mike Schuchhard

      you regret saying this. garen is broken in iron 5 to bronze and up

    • Caleb Freed
      Caleb Freed

      The broken English is honestly adorable

  • Jeremy Gliksman
    Jeremy Gliksman

    I have only watched untiil the middle. This video is so stupid. This video makes low elo players hardstuck. I started playing LOL 1st time in April 2020 and watched literally all of a macro god challenger player's shared coachings (from top lane) and because of him, i started playing Garen. Before his videos, i was actually bot main with winrate of 15%, in BRONZE! I switched to midlane, cuz i didnt wanna listen to him saying i should main Garen... Mid winrate 30%........ I was literally stuck in Bronze 3 for months. Then i switched to top, Garen... Without any private coaching yet (i will do so in a few days) and the reason i want those coachiings is cuz i win my lane 80% but i cant carry and thus we still lose the game. I even started banning junglers INSTEAD of Garen's counterpicks just in the hope my team would win more often.... That is the power of garen. You NEED garen if you wanna climb out of low elo. As of now, i hold with garen a 60-70% winrate. And, i ended s10 in GOLD 2! Literally in 4 months maining garen top/mid lane. Now, hows that for "the worst champ of the game"? This is the most retarded video ive ever seen online. Also, considering most people are below diamond and there are many challengers playing Garen, even in D1 and still OWNING the game.

  • Venamus San
    Venamus San


  • t'noD ekaF
    t'noD ekaF

    I got recommended this after watching the God king Garden special interactions.....

  • Kyle ron Castro
    Kyle ron Castro

    Not being picked in competitive and pro play doesn't mean its useless and worst

  • Psicópata Mexicano
    Psicópata Mexicano

    5:42 G2 hasn't been the best team in the world ever, second best yes

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover

    Dude Garen mid is on fire in challi right now.

  • Nepals


  • El chapo junior
    El chapo junior

    5:15 people are chering for garen? Really??

  • lukabakua

    Lets be real darius is the most broken top laner ever

  • ToxiCore

    rebort garen pls ...

  • Francis Juat
    Francis Juat

    they should have change Garen than Aatrox

  • Kuya Sensei
    Kuya Sensei

    SRO every thumbnail: "NERF GAREN PLS"

  • Manaswin Pipatponglert
    Manaswin Pipatponglert

    using Undertale music is kinda cheating mannn, you get instant like from me LOL

  • Deloon

    why people hate garen: he’s cancer why people like garen: he’s cancer

  • Man-eating Squirrel
    Man-eating Squirrel

    until Wildrift released, everyone go Garen

  • Justine Urata
    Justine Urata

    Rework garen and let's see

  • João Lionço
    João Lionço

    Portugal Caralho!!!!

  • Banov R
    Banov R

    Garen mains : Haha Q E R go brr

  • Miku meow
    Miku meow

    Your video is so full of fluff to fucking waste time for ad views, reiterating the same fucking statements over and over instead of explaining why, excessive pauses, using cutscenes to stall time. Why not try reading at half the speed as well? That'll turn it into a 30 minute video! Win-win!

  • Giorgi InstantRamen
    Giorgi InstantRamen


  • IKA

    Yo NGL that ending brought a tear to my eye :')

  • Diamond

    Never playd season 1 to s5, but early leag looks so much nicer. Its allways like when some changes are done then the original was better

  • Clayton Kranik
    Clayton Kranik

    Garen can suck my ass, that charecter exemplifies white supremacy and anyone who mains him doesn't deserve basic human rights

  • ZK 950
    ZK 950

    As Garen Enjoyer, i like this vid

  • Legitimate0073

    What the fuck did you just say garen #1

  • Shawn Senpai
    Shawn Senpai

    Imagine now that garen is like the twirling broken Titan

  • Galactic Gaming&rl
    Galactic Gaming&rl

    Garen: *is op* Me who plays teemo: oh he beats alot of champs, but I would like to counter him.

  • frost

    Joe Biden mains Garen as he is the Champion of Dementia

  • mudang tado
    mudang tado

    Sad Amumu tear

  • Caspr Corleone
    Caspr Corleone

    Garen, AKA Darius’ slow idiot brother

  • Aziz Abdul
    Aziz Abdul

    Fast forward to 2020, Garen has been revamped so many times than even his current iteration is still powerful. How powerful? He can be played safe even when buying an ASPD item first, so much so that it's best to haste Trinity first even when fighting Teemo.

  • Netska T.
    Netska T.

    I mean, it's fine, i still think Garen is just a begginer champion made for newbies. Not all champions has to be competitively viable

  • Modh Khan
    Modh Khan

    Shit man Garen is more miserable than Amamu

  • Bladerune

    As a portuguese you shouldnt really take our league championship seriously, we're as bad or worse than the brazilleans or the legendary female teams that no longer exist, but hey i guess it made the records....

  • Mystic Dragon
    Mystic Dragon

    In my opinion when you said that pros prefer new champs over old ones is true but some champions like tryndamere,jax,master yi are good as hell but if you don't know how to play them you are kinda useless

  • SomehowEveryNameIWantIsTaken

    This uh aged like milk

  • RoddyTee

    I bet Sylas liked this video.

  • abdelhadi farhat
    abdelhadi farhat

    I started playing 2020 so I was like wtf is that guy saying garen is absolutely broken. But I understand now he was buffed. I don't see much of him in the current worlds probably cause he is braindead and really doesn't have that longass phd level effects on his passive and abilities unlike the others.

  • ocab

    of course garen would in the brazilian region lmao you cant make this up great video!

  • WalterJames Buena.
    WalterJames Buena.

    Now Garen is a Monster

  • びんびんごはんケーキー

    -Me being a happy Garen main in 2020 *See's this video -Me continuing to be a happy depressed Garen main

  • Verysour

    All Garen mains are brain dead change my mind

  • Natan1300

    What an ending!!!

  • Noir HF Tam
    Noir HF Tam

    I think he could dominate the low elo land... that's the trade off. This champ has zero skill-shot literally.

  • Jerry B
    Jerry B

    Crazy that Garen is so shit in pro, yet he’s 6-0 before 10 min in my ranked games :)

  • Polygon Death
    Polygon Death

    oh god as this aged poorly

  • Ich Iel
    Ich Iel

    Qiyana is a fine champ tbh

  • CarKeyNosGR

    It's actually a low elo champion but very good for player who doesn't have many Toplane picks to play and it's always a safe pick even against the worst matchups... Trust me garen learned many bad players how to be better and that is a very good thing for a champion... Not a competitive champion it still very useful one for new players... Most of us learned the game with garen, yi, ashe, ryze and jax

  • Hristijan Dimitrov
    Hristijan Dimitrov

    that changed dude i know players who have reachet grandmaster with garen

  • Komoruler Mauridi
    Komoruler Mauridi

    This video aged very well

  • SuperKinahead

    His entire kit is built for him to run in balls deep, ham asf. You just build armour/MR run in take all the cooldowns ults and dmg. Then just press Q and run away. Its ez asf

  • Nathan Trance
    Nathan Trance

    one month after this, the VCS abused the hell out of it to win the VCS championship

  • nikolygtx

    Im surprised how pros mess up Garen, its ez to play with farm power, good escape, and ultimate should be almost as Darius

  • Jelly Plays
    Jelly Plays

    Lol, this guy just got fucked from a Garen on top, and now he is making a video to cry about that.

  • Choky

    Now you can play full Crit Garen mid and 1v9 the whole game.

  • SWIM

    Do you main Garen?

  • Sultan Montaño
    Sultan Montaño

    Well, how the turn tables

  • XtroCty

    Garen is garbage champion even now

  • Josip Horvat
    Josip Horvat

    That's why we all need cats. It just make our lives easier

  • london grinstead
    london grinstead

    I main garen...I never knew he used to be this crap

  • Talkat1ve

    Yuumi Garen watching this video..😁

  • Auda .
    Auda .

    Im laughing watching this its my first season playing league of legends and i have a 80% in gold atm

  • Ceyss

    Well, id like to think that this video is responsible for the current garen....

  • Keenan Bartlome
    Keenan Bartlome

    BUFF GAREN!!!!

  • Manuel Ortega
    Manuel Ortega

    16:05 As a Garen main I felt so moved and actually cried. Big fan of your documentaries!

  • Dong Choi
    Dong Choi

    i just wanted a few minute explanation not 16 mins not even going to watch

  • Isa

    Garen is now scary

  • Chris Pirillo Is Eboola
    Chris Pirillo Is Eboola

    Bruh my main

  • REYteo

    Wait garen yuumi was after this video or what?

    • genious

      After this video yes

  • Alex Koskelin
    Alex Koskelin

    2019: Garen sucks 2020 Garen: *allow me to introduce myself*

    • Dragonlord350

      @Xavier CHARLES yes of course u wait for his abilities. When he farms with q etc. 1. He attacks u He q. So now u can stun or slow him. Because his w does only give tenacity when he press it before the stun or slow. When he q and w then u wait 2 sec for his tenacity to drop and then stun or slow him. He maxes w very late. U can punish him also very hard because he has no shield. 2. U attack him. U just wait for his q. When u do it correctly then there is no way he can react to it in Time an press w. When u are to aggressive when u have half live and he has lvl 6 then i can do nothing for u. U always respect someone if he Hits lvl 6 before u. And yes there are Champs that are weak against him but there are also Champs that are very strong against him. So u have to know if u can play agressively in the beginning.

    • Xavier CHARLES
      Xavier CHARLES

      @Dragonlord350 what do you mean cc? you stun him he press W and gains tenacity, you slow him he press Q and just runs away, he decides to go on you you're silenced and his conqueror gets up to 12 in 2 secs thx to E, you're 50%hp and if he has ignite and/or ult you are dead, i'm sorry but if there's any counterplay then the window to do it is really small, and it's really up to him to missplay very hard for you to get away with your life

    • Dragonlord350

      @Xavier CHARLES let garen be strong. Mimimi spin OP........ U know that it is really easy to predict what garen does. Really easy to outplay with mobilty and cc. So pls dont say he is to strong lol. There are wayyyy more stronger Champs out there. If u lose against garen then YOU did something wrong. Played wrong to agressively Missed farm Etc. A Champ dont have to be weaker than others because he doesnt need mechanical skill. That is also his weakness, because u know he just runs straight at u. Yes he is a Fighter so it is his role to be a good 1v1 champ

    • Xavier CHARLES
      Xavier CHARLES

      @Alex Koskelin i don't think he needs any reworking of his abilities, but i mean if i could stack conqueror as fast as garen does with E, i'd be happy xD

    • Alex Koskelin
      Alex Koskelin

      @Xavier CHARLES yeah, but Singed is also in need of some buffs/reworking

  • Camrin


  • bastonciTo


  • Jvstm

    I could have sworn that TSM picked Garen as a troll pick in season 1 or 2 because they were up a few games and could afford to throw one. I'm 100% sure of this. They still lost, though.

  • animekitteen001

    the fact that you used Hopes and Dreams at the end of the video lol

  • Kirusan *-*
    Kirusan *-*

    Did really in season 9 in competitive play EVERY SINGLE CHAMPION was either picked or banned atleast once (except garen)? That seems highly unlikely

  • rednekdashie

    Love the use of hopes and dreams, still one of the best damn songs in gaming.

  • Wraith

    Haha garen these days >^

  • worm

    i quit league in 2017 but i always remembered garen to either curbstomp the game or be the absolute worst piece of shit in the lobby

  • Gamer.netLP


  • Dude Fortunate
    Dude Fortunate

    Your video format and story telling are so good I have literaly felt like watching a happy ending to a sad story at the end and teared up a bit. Even though I honestly despise Garen you actually made me cry for him. Wow.

  • gabriel cornejo
    gabriel cornejo

    As a LAS player I can asure you Garen got peacked on a lot of matchs, there is a thing called Etc that is a gaming focused TV chanell and they have E-sports broadcast. And they did pick Garen on some LAS matchs

  • Dark Snow
    Dark Snow

    this didnt age well

  • Legendary

    Funny how garen became insanely broken when yuumi came out, and is pretty good now too because of his broken base stats.

  • tinman 001
    tinman 001

    u made me cry :( then smile some legends never die :)

  • tinman 001
    tinman 001

    cries in 2.3 mil mastery garen :(

  • Edar Game
    Edar Game

    Iv seen garen win in bronze

  • Red Risus
    Red Risus

    u can free win with garen without skill or a brain

  • Grzesiek Jakubowski
    Grzesiek Jakubowski

    This moment when u are cryin bout garen's luck.

  • Jake Bentley
    Jake Bentley

    Agreed let's nerf irelia

  • João Pinto
    João Pinto

    Portugal caralho

  • Ari P
    Ari P

    When a Garen can build trinity force then pure tank item (no ad except tri force. Legit full tank) and can finish a game with 30k on the damage charts. That's when I call BS. He's too broken now.

    • Hai Nguyn
      Hai Nguyn

      His Q is broken af

  • Lawrence Ly
    Lawrence Ly

    I remember when it was normal to have 2 top laners and no jg

  • Mr. Obtuso
    Mr. Obtuso

    Que mal ha envejecido este video

  • Cλmilø F
    Cλmilø F

    Garen, the worst champ. cut it there

  • Michiel Smals
    Michiel Smals

    Yeah that kinda changed

  • Robert Li
    Robert Li

    Well this didn't age well

  • Federico Pisa
    Federico Pisa

    This video didn't age well

  • Aby Tamang
    Aby Tamang

    As a new player, I don't get a thing you saying😂😂

    • Hai Nguyn
      Hai Nguyn


  • Cameron Smiljan
    Cameron Smiljan

    The one thing people have to realize is that a champion can still be good, op or even broken WITHOUT having a high win rate. Yes, there are champions that can do Garen's job better, I am aware. But he's still insanely busted right now, despite his "low win rate". When Garen can build exactly ONE COMPONENT of an item (this being Phage going into Trinity Force as the meta suggests for him now) at level 6 and deal 40% of your hp on a Q, then finish off the last 60% with his E.... that's grounds for a nerf, 100%. Another good example is looking at people's winrates on certain champs. Yes, people can have a low winrate, like my Akali with 38% (or something like that). I admit, I have my bad games/matchups where I don't perform as well as I should, but when I have those hypercarry games where I absolutely STOMP and play Akali like a badass, the "low winrate" I have on her doesn't do my exact skill level with her any justice. It's for that reason that basing the balance changes and entire meta around winrate as most of the deciding factor, especially in a game like League, is a remarkably stupid idea. Win rate never has been, and never will be the "Be All and End All" of balance changes for any game like this. Take a good hard look at DOTA, which is arguably the most balanced MOBA in existence right now. I can almost guarantee that winrate isn't the most important thing with that one. Please stop basing all of your so-called "facts" about champs and players around win rate. There are more factors that play into win rate than just "this champ is good/bad, and played/not played". SO much more.