High Elo Riven Beats Tanks With Kleptomancy! OP Masters/Challenge Riven Strategy
Thank you to my masters EUW friend named AloisNL who helped me with the video!! Here is his youtube channel and Opgg

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  • imrane production
    imrane production


    • kleinth

      nice!!! you're first!

    • Daggers hurt
      Daggers hurt

      nice!!! you're first!

    • Step

      nice!!! you're first!

    • UraniumFire

      Nice youre firstt

    • Nananake

      Nice!!! you're first!

  • ToyGloves

    I personally prefer conquer.

  • Cody Pinks
    Cody Pinks

    Does this still work after the klepto nurfs?

  • Spiridon Iliadakis
    Spiridon Iliadakis

    Is klepto still good in s8?

  • Windslash Gameplay
    Windslash Gameplay

    is this strategy still worth it?

  • Estriam

    conqueror is much better now against tanks i think

  • Savvas Katsidonis
    Savvas Katsidonis

    Can it still work 23/3/2018 ?

  • FixYourFingers

    missing an R in the tittle for challenger

  • Chiri

    The thing about fervor vs tanks is that tanks should NEVER at ANY POINT win 1v1s in any game, not just league. Fervor was the only way for CARRIES to fight TANKS? If anything, tanks were broken. Tanks are designed to absorb damage and frontline for carries in teamfights, not win 1v1s against champions with no armor, simply because they take no damage.

  • Kiyomei

    i blocked you how the fuck are you still showing up in my feed trash riven...

  • 4HeadLOL

    @exil maybe you should give credits to that intro, adding your name and different music over this guys edited championship riven login screen rsloft.info/loft/video/qKhntHzLr6OUb6Q. nice dude. nice. you didnt even ask. rofl. reported.

  • Zolro

    Hmm... still viable after klepto nerf?

  • Crippling Depression
    Crippling Depression

    The best one i tried so far on riven is Arcane Comet.that sh*t is fckin broken on Riven since she has a lot of CC + the arcane comet's cooldown can be sped up by just Your Q alone unlike Electrocute who take ages just to finish the cooldown and you need to hit your enemy 3 times in order to proc. It unlike arcane comet.Gotta try that klepto riven next :)

  • SpaceMan

    works perfect ty a lot

  • Lemon

    watching this Video a Month after release klepto still not nerfed

  • The shy
    The shy

    lmao I pretty sure he duo with someone because this strategy wont work if the enemy jg is camping you so..... plz dont brainwash the bronzies and silvers player to take Keptomancy. TQ

  • Ye

    you didnt explain the part as to why you would interchange spellbook and klepto in some matchups.

    • Lemon

      Who am I? against Poke matchup and Champion that scale really Hard like Jayce lvl 1 - 6 can be hard but you can Change Ignite to TP or something

  • Tuan Kiet Nguyen Le
    Tuan Kiet Nguyen Le

    Yeah i tried it. Totally broken i was a monster when vs sion he can’t cs. This help me a lot

  • ValyrianShadow

    Your explanation as to why Fervor was "broken" (which it was definitely not) is really stupid. Of course youre meant to ramp up your damage the longer you attack and EVERY bruiser in the late game is supposed to kill tanks in a 1v1, tanks are not made for 1v1s in the late game, theres a reason they're tanks and have so much cc, all they have to do in the late game is peel for your carries and be a meatshield, in no world ever (maybe low elo) are they supposed to win 1v1s against full item late game bruisers. Leona took fervor sometimes because her base damages were stupid anyway and got nerfed already.

  • stewart anderson
    stewart anderson

    very nice yet again :)

  • brandon lee meng wee
    brandon lee meng wee

    I've been taking klepto since I've been meeting tanks and hard matchups,in my time using klepto on riven alot of people doubt the keystone but honestly it works as even if your behind you'll still be able to get ahead on gold and catch up faster than your teammates or enemy.so yea my opinion on klepto is its good :)

  • Schmueliii

    can i ask you something you say fervor is op because a Riven could 1v1 a tank in lategame but in my op. tanks sould never be able to 1v1 anyone in lategame i think tanks should be good in: -setting up a team for dmg (malphite ult) -zoneing with cc ( maokai W and Q) -sokeing up dmg for the team when a tank can 1v1 a fighter like riven than the meta is fucked up...

  • E Kaman
    E Kaman

    At some game I got the wrong runepage and played klepto riven, and since then I really like it and prefer playing klepto riven against tanks :D

  • Ich

    high elo diamond 5 ?

  • houssam el
    houssam el

    can u add me to your discord..im an euw player and want to main riven i want to ask him some thinks...ty

    • houssam el
      houssam el

      nvm lol

  • boycold

    Those fucking 'self-claimed' riven mains in my games just feed their asses off and blames jungle for not ganking in 3 minute

  • MagicznyGimbus

    He gets only 35% cdr with these runes and items tho, no full cdr why not sorcery 2nd?

    • AloisNL

      MagicznyGimbus cleaver 20%, youmuus 10% and dd 10% ^^

  • Moritz

    The problem is, you can't really take someone serious with 2k ranked games.. mostlikely they play worse then the average person in that certain elo

    • AloisNL

      Moritz I dont mind criticism, unless its misplaced and basically hate. Critism is like advice to improve, yours was nothing close to that. I never replied with any hate towards you, so i dont get why u portrait me like hateful or toxic.

    • Moritz

      Love how triggered you are by my first comment... you seem to be the typical Riven OTP, insanely toxic if someones says something you don't wanna hear.. :-( Judging by several comments, if someones says something positive about you, you're kind, if someone says something against you, not even something really bad, just criticism you flame him and want to see his op.gg, pathetic xd Dude if you managed to get up there with ~200 games, good winrate and all, how did you manage to not get any further then that with 1800 more ranked games? And how did you managed to make your winrate drop from 64% to 51%? Doesn't make sense :)

    • AloisNL

      Moritz i stsrted in gold 3 this season and got master after exactly 196 games with 64 % winrate, you should either do more researsch or just dont talk shit, would u be kind enough to send me your op.gg?:-) biggest diff is that i spam games on 1 acc only, will change that next season:-)

    • Moritz

      still a difference between someone who got to Master with 200 games and ~60% winrate compared to someone with 2000 ranked games and barely having 10 wins more then loss...

    • AloisNL

      Moritz if id play worse i would drop, your logic doesnt make sense.

  • akajohn14

    you've truly become the new phy, sad to see this

  • Jonathan Power
    Jonathan Power

    Okay not to be a hater... but I’ve been watching your videos for about a year now. I’m kinda done now. Why should we listen to what you have to say when we can get help from people like Viper, Adrian Riven, Dekar, etc.. You talk to us about improving as players when you’ve been hardstuck low diamond claiming that this is “high elo” for views. I watched you and I didn’t improve a bit. I wrote down your tips and studied and played accordingly. I was stuck at silver 3 for 6 months. Then, I started watching better Riven players. I went from Silver 3 to plat 4 in 3 weeks. So, whoever is trying to get better at the game and not just Riven, you should watch someone else who actually improves and is not hardstuck low diamond.

    • AloisNL

      Jonathan Power how can you call somebody hardstuck low diamond, when youre lower elo? :-)

  • Trozy

    Wants to talk about Kleptomancy spends about 1 minute talking about Fevor of Battle lul Just pointing that out nice vid ! xd

  • FijiWater ONLY
    FijiWater ONLY

    Wtf Exil? I remeber watching you 6 months ago when I still played league, now I wna get back in the game and you suddenly have 90k subs u had like 2k subs back when I watched you wtf.

  • UberstrikeProNumber1

    Can you post the notes he sent you?

    • AloisNL

      can you like add me on league / discord? would make it easier for me, sorry I forgot

    • UberstrikeProNumber1

      i got no email bro!

    • AloisNL

      UberstrikeProNumber1 ill send u it when im nome, is in 10 days tho:3

  • Ale Scognamiglio
    Ale Scognamiglio


  • Karim Kirolos
    Karim Kirolos

    how good is eletrocute? because in season 7 i always used to take thunderlords vs squishy matchups

  • Garen Demacia
    Garen Demacia

    4:25 i mean, arent tanks supposed to lose 1v1 against carries? as a tank if you can win a 1v1 vs ing a carry, able to teamfight well, waveclear well, etc, then how the fuck do you counter tanks

  • Garubo, Jan Chester E.
    Garubo, Jan Chester E.

    nah, not too much Tanks in my Elo (Plat 2). mostly assassins and fighters and sometimes adcs(vayne and lucian). going assassin riv is my most success but the lethality nerfs is bad, i think imma go back to Phase rush or Comet, will try this someday


    then they pick ornn and you have a great time >.>

  • Lentize

    i love the double dorans but the triple pot synergizes better with the rune passive feelsbadman

  • Emry

    shit on this with my main garen, i am so proud i can cry

  • Alex Ye
    Alex Ye

    TBH if the rune build GTT was using worked, Kleptomancy Riven should be the same or even better, since the only difference would be not being able to change your summoners in-game in exchange of more gold and sustan in lane.

  • Akaidi

    ye it s good but actually i want u to see this comment to make a video abt cuz it really depressed me when u said that u think it s not good in the ' RIVEN Pre Season 8 runes update ' i think that aftershock works so good with riven espicially when u go half tank and half ad u can easily reach 400 ad and 3k hp and get like 150 armor and 100 MR it s so good vs squishies in early it makes u win lane so easy it even wins the electrocute riven plz exil make a video abt ill be too happy to see u trying it cuz i just found Yommus YT who made a video abt that rune ( btw he is not a riven main ) play it and then tell me ur opinion abt the rune page after trying it in the video and ty

  • Calvin Shannon
    Calvin Shannon

    awesome video! Just what I was looking for

  • Nico Nuppnau de Sousa
    Nico Nuppnau de Sousa

    thank you so much for this :D it's actually op 6 win streak so far

  • P0V3R 69
    P0V3R 69

    i tried klepto riven 3 times and first game 20/1 and 2 others i feed soo much :V

  • Loren

    i had tried it long time ago and i though i was the only one riven using it x) feels good to know theres people that found that thats op too. 1 time i got 200G just by aaQaaQ

  • Cezar Mathe
    Cezar Mathe

    yo exil can i have a brand new all for myself on your discord server? i wanna be the king penguin thanks lmao

  • JeTo Jedno
    JeTo Jedno

    This klepto riven is busted i had on first back bc in 9 min vs yasuo matchup :D

    • AloisNL

      hell ye

  • Simon Gentrave
    Simon Gentrave

    When you play Maokai and get rekt by a Klepto Riven. Why did you show this strat Exil... :'(

    • Exil

      lol sorry!

  • Yobama

    Same for fiora, klepto is easily procced by hitting a vital, and the future's market rune is just so good

  • Divine Confetti
    Divine Confetti

    I love Riven

    • Exil

      me too

  • I.D.G.T Joker
    I.D.G.T Joker

    lol what do u think high elo is ur d5 and talking about eu

  • D-Times

    I really don't know about Kleptomancy, I don't feel it gives you that much (Or maybe I just played it wrong/got unlucky in my loots) and you loose some early power as well (Electrocute and the other runes in Domination tree + Sorcery tree are really interesting) Probably just not my playstyle in reality : I think Lethality Riven is just the best and easiest way to go (And lethality just scales too well to be ignored into mid/Late game) wich is not as strong with Klepto. But I totally understand why and how it is that good against tank, as you can freely trade them most of the time if you combo well to get that loot/Gold and rush armor pen before he can even finish his tank items. I might still learn how to play with that properly to grow an even better lead whitout necessarily killing my opponent before 1st back so I don't rely on that snowball to really win my lane hard + I believe in diamond elo + it'll get harder to flank to their carries and burst them

  • Wesley Martins
    Wesley Martins

    Tanks are already a boring class, and little by little, unviable if you wanna have fun, being beaten by almost everyone.

  • XiiYeon

    can you tell me please when i need to use spellbook, klepto or electrocute ? .. im despair.. nice videos !

  • Appie B
    Appie B


    • Appie B
      Appie B

      started with youmuus into mr boots XD

  • David Dahlstrom
    David Dahlstrom

    tanks shouldn't be winning lane i don't know why your complaining about fervor???

  • Eric Sharp
    Eric Sharp

    You're just a click bait bitch nice show more which does not even matter.

  • Paul Krupa
    Paul Krupa

    Watched the video as I was in champ select vs a poppy. Went 14/0 with 250 cs at 30 minutes. Amazing rune set and I'll use it more often.

    • Exil

      glad to hear it :D

  • Instances RotMG
    Instances RotMG

    the reason you start dorans is because youre bad at the game lol

    • Instances RotMG
      Instances RotMG

      vs tanks especially... you use the added health to force trades to make them miss cs/exp and gain lane position/advantage. it's insanely integral to using klepto/inspiration tree aswell. buying 1 potion when youre taking %potion gain just makes no sense and you need lane position and control with klepto

    • Exil


  • TRIQ

    Ayyy AloisNL

  • zamorentill

    Noob Riven hardstuck masters 1800 games Kappa

    • AloisNL


  • dumplingdude

    i just want kelpto to work with azir's q ::::c

    • Exil


  • Emir Ceylan
    Emir Ceylan

    I totally agree that fervor of battle was a really strong mastery on bruisers olaf for example which I used to play top I would always take that mastery it was pretty good. I also dont agree taking klepto for situations where everyone is going to be full build. ofcourse klepto will give you an early game advantage and your gonna end game faster but if the enemy manages to not feed/get zoned all that mutch he probably win cuz of his mastery advantage over you since klepto will not give you any items and gold cuz of the full build I have also used it on swain and it was pretty good and late game it sucked actually if enemy team managed to survive so yeah I dont take that mutch anymore some cases it is good though sure.

  • Rafael Teixeira
    Rafael Teixeira

    Trusday (English) Donnerstag (German) can you guys help me with the rest :P Have a good day.

    • Exil


  • MasterMindMax

    Tried this in my gold promos and it worked like a charm i'm gold now thanks to this build! ;)

    • AloisNL

      congrats buddddd

  • Ekko Man Highlights
    Ekko Man Highlights

    oh i know alois nl he used to be a booster i think he still is.

    • AloisNL

      where did u get that from ? :^)

  • Emir Ceylan
    Emir Ceylan

    I want you to ask a question about swain vs riven matchup about the runes to take im the swain player hehehe can you give me advise about that lel ?

    • Emir Ceylan
      Emir Ceylan

      I take glacial augment on swain along with hextech glp and righterious glory I usually always take roa but ofcourse it goes well with the rune. I can easily dive in enemy teams and rekt them. I dont know how it will go against a riven or renekton like teams though.

    • Exil

      dorans shield + hex drinker

  • Boris Joksic
    Boris Joksic


    • Exil


  • Bogdan Grosu
    Bogdan Grosu

    Works always get fed vs tank


    He is d1 lol


      AloisNL :)

    • AloisNL

      check again! dropped and got back and reset my mmr ^^

  • Artur Babajev
    Artur Babajev

    Whenever you talk about riven's versitility it sounds like an SJW comment xD "But it's okay, every riven is different and all of them have their own choices"

  • Hoàng Hà Trương
    Hoàng Hà Trương

    I take this page before this video and i go lethality and the first 30m i was stong but after 30m u start to fall off

    • AloisNL

      Try to swap around to deaths dance /cleaver /GA, these items will help u be really stronger and gives u good sruvivability in teamfights. U also still do alot of dmg ^^

  • Repiv Viper
    Repiv Viper

    Klepto is kinda OP sometimes when it procs and gives u tons of gold, but still depends on how u trade and control ur wave. Exil can u do a video and show us how to trade well and win our lane in different match ups? Like against tanks,fighter,mage,etc...

  • Nathan Tarrosa
    Nathan Tarrosa

    Senpai exil, notice me >_

    • Exil


  • Vukašin Božić
    Vukašin Božić

    ty Exil for nice idea I will try klepto

    • Exil

      np :"D

  • Andy Wdrgt
    Andy Wdrgt

    He has been challenger in the past Gold,Plat,Plat,Plat,Diamond ehm no challenger to be seen here

    • AloisNL

      What does ardent and janna have anything to do with this when im a riven otp? Are you drunk?

    • Andy Wdrgt
      Andy Wdrgt

      u ending a season with challenger instead of playing ardent janna to get challenger 566 lp lul

    • AloisNL

      He showed the tiergraph of where I peaked 566 LP challenger... what else do u want to see ? :^)

    • やまだ 剣士
      やまだ 剣士

      he probably didn't finish the season challenger... maybe decay or something else... cmon pls use ur brain

  • hehe

    not even ranked so it doesnt proof its decent or good cuz people in normals dont play their best

  • Aiden Lin
    Aiden Lin

    I've been using comet on riven ever since the preseason began because I thought the qwaae trade combo can secure the hit of comet, do you think it's a good idea?

    • Evan Martell
      Evan Martell

      Lishen Lin I’ve ran phase rush into insight, gives me a free stormraiders and a stopwatch. Plus you get a lot of ad in cdr with the sorcery tree.

    • Aiden Lin
      Aiden Lin

      thx for your advice!

    • Exil

      Yeah i think its good vs squishies

  • Nver End
    Nver End

    Runes at 3:00 WELCOME

  • Marcus Ly
    Marcus Ly

    Klepto saved me from a minion once xd.

    • Exil

      Marcus Ly haha

  • Akuma Sanzu
    Akuma Sanzu

    I played klepto riven before this video and i need to say its my favourite rune because even if u accidently die 1 time u still are even or just a little bit behind rather than completly behind so yeah 10/10 would take klepto again

    • Exil

      AkumaSanzu yeah!!

  • Frankie Doodle
    Frankie Doodle

    Can anyone give me a quick rundown on why he takes unsealed spell book while starting to against ranged lanes?

    • Exil

      Dysfunctional Dumpling you wont be able to proc klepto hardly at all

  • Roger Murillo
    Roger Murillo

    This is so usefull, thank you so much. Keep doing this.

    • Exil

      Roger Murillo :) glad to hear it!!

  • wargumbyx

    im much happier with grasp vs tanks or bruisers and its still one of the higher sustained dps runes in any game where your gonna go bc and titanic and lets you make even better use of steraks

    • Exil

      wargumbyx i think grasp is okay too

  • Daniel Razman
    Daniel Razman

    holy.This actually darn good.Try it as soon watching this video and it works against tanks match up.Thanks alot man and your friend too for sharing this knowledge. LOVE YA EXIL

    • AloisNL

      anytime :3

    • Exil

      Daniel Razman

  • Cosmin Lupu
    Cosmin Lupu

    how do you manage to read that fast ?loll

    • Exil

      Cosmin Lupu i am very experienced!

  • Fernando Mario
    Fernando Mario

    New intro? 😱😱😱 FABULOUS

    • Exil

      Sunny :)

  • MprKillz

    Nah it works thou I tried it and went 9/1

    • Exil

      Tech Show ahh

  • AloisNL

    Thank you :3 gl to all of you trying the klepto setup ^^

    • Savvas Katsidonis
      Savvas Katsidonis

      Can klpeto riven still work 23/3/2018 ?

    • RonS

      how about aftershock riven? is it good againts tanks?

    • DreamingQ

      AloisNL now black cleaver doesnt build out of cauldfield or whatever its called but what do you buy first after firstback now?

    • Andy Wdrgt
      Andy Wdrgt

      marijn kant bdo = lol?

    • marijn kant
      marijn kant

      gamatzu bs

  • Myron Ellis
    Myron Ellis

    The only problem i have with this rune set up is the lack of transendance. It feels so nice being lvl11 with 45% cdr with coulfields and black cleaver. I think i will take sorc secandary tree

    • Exil

      Myron Ellis i think so too but i like everything else

  • Patrick Corpuz Jr.
    Patrick Corpuz Jr.

    Do/Can you go unsealed vs garen?

    • Exil

      DC3_REDDUSK you can yes

  • Raiなきり

    actuality for me.. klepto makes me stronger even im a PH Riven Player works great for me..

    • Exil

      Bacolod Riven nice!

  • Orani

    rip miss the old intro already with the jazz music

    • Exil

      Milk haha ill bring it back some day

  • Mencemeat

    Gotta love these vids do more plz

    • Exil

      :D okay ty

  • Andy Faull
    Andy Faull

    another vid??????????

    • Exil


  • Fraxiin

    Hello can you make video about how to engage with riven?? W and wo flash :)

    • D-Times

      Try to Space your Q's at max cooldown before Q3 into them so you already have your Q's up for comboing And depending of your build and sums, you want to flank them a lot and reach their backline from their blindspot, use the map to your advantage. 3rd Q that turret/Wall into them if you can and abuse that :P (gonna save you a Flash and also surprise some people. You can even 3rd Q the inhib if you're doing it right) So basically, most of the time you want to E R1 (tiamat) Q3 through a wall/turret/inhib or flash right after you casted tiamat (it will be casted after your flash if down correctly) and there you can combo (W R2 Q1 aa right after Q3 for a quick burst into their carries for example, if you have the damage to)

    • Exil

      maybe in the future yeah!

  • Roasted Lemon
    Roasted Lemon

    fervor being able to win lane was the entire point, tanks had to earn their win in lane. If you were a bad maokai player you didn't deserve to come out of the lane ahead to tank for your team. Now every tank can go into lane playing with their feet in order to come out ahead in CS if not kills too, AND be more useful than most bruisers in team fights.

  • Roasted Lemon
    Roasted Lemon

    Klep riven is a meta strat. What a time to be alive

    • Exil


  • Nick L
    Nick L

    free tyler1

    • Exil

      free em!