How 1 ITEM Broke The Balance Of League of Legends For YEARS
Today, let's talk about the most overpowered item to ever exist in league of legends. This item broke the balance of the game, broke the patch notes, and broke op champs into being impossible for league of legends to balance. Many low elo players could win with these champions and mages such as Ahri Veigar and LeBlanc were the perfect mid laners for climbing and showed how to climb in low elo. Let's talk about DFG, otherwise known as Deathfire Grasp.

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Adrian von Ziegler's Celtic Moonsong, amazing song and great music, please go check it out!
►Music is from Jeff's Music, Excellent music source please go check it out:
Music is also from Kevin Macleod!
U.GG for Ahri Top Lane Runes And Build on U.GG
U.GG for Veigar Top Lane Runes And Build on U.GG
U.GG for LeBlanc Mid Lane Runes And Build on U.GG
Music is also from the runescape soundtrack!
Patch 9.14 on the PBE on surrender at 20
Source footage and sources:
Pentakill Song
Ross Boomsocks Video
DFG Veigar
DFG Ahri
DFG LeBlanc
Akali Montage
TGN Lee Sin Jungle Season 3
League of Legends beta gameplay


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  • Spectrum

    4:58 *sweats nervously

  • Henrik

    AP yi got me to platinum, shit was nuts.

  • Thomas alberto
    Thomas alberto

    I still don't understand why the old black cleaver was white

  • Souksanh Phoummavong
    Souksanh Phoummavong

    So open riot made a song about the item

  • Skater Boyfriend
    Skater Boyfriend

    Knew it was DFG as soon as I read the title

  • Kyle Joseph Crespo
    Kyle Joseph Crespo

    _Before watching:_ It's DFG, isn't it? I bet it's DFG - what else could it be? _After watching:_ Heh. Deathfire Grasp. *Good times.*

  • David

    @Exil I keep searching for the song used at the start of your video, but I can't find it. Do you remember it's name?

  • haythem ben souissi
    haythem ben souissi

    Death fire grasp will be back in season 11 XD

  • Tobias Keil
    Tobias Keil

    You get a like, for reminding me the pentakill songs exist and how awesome they are. And watching... documentaries... of a game that i have played for some time but haven't for quite a while, kinda makes me want to try it again with the new (pre)season

  • Elliott Domokos
    Elliott Domokos

    This dude deadass has a healer main gf

  • 16klamca16

    The song at the end gave me shivers.

  • Kata

    0:48 jjsjsjsjsj esas no son "O'" son Ceros xD

  • Periklis Dosis
    Periklis Dosis

    We really need a video about the "Force of Nature" 😅®️


    Is no one will talk how broken veig 3rd

  • xW3rder

    I still cry some nights thinking about DFG remove :'( So much memories... Playing since s2

  • anameon

    Ap yi also loved this

  • Find the Beauty in Everything
    Find the Beauty in Everything

    Ha I guessed DFG from the thumbnail dates alone. I miss old league honestly. Sure there was a lot of broken stuff... but there still is now. At least the game was fun back then, it is the most boring game I have installed and has been for quite a long time now 😭

  • Mr Rats
    Mr Rats

    Blackfire Torch on Singed.... so fun. Rip The Twisted Treeline. I still rock a Vilemaw summoner Icon and emote to always remember my map. I'll always be a refugee on Summoner's Rift. It will never be my home.

  • Andre Öhman
    Andre Öhman

    Kassadin q can't silence anymore...? Wut

  • UrStax Fetish
    UrStax Fetish

    Jokes on you it coming back lol

  • Max

    I miss my Deathfire grasp teemo with lichbane and full AP. These DF + Q + Auto were delicious.

  • Mercman1010

    Im fine its gone because now we have a kick ass pentakill song about it

  • Tako

    One item? Riot's about to break their own record with the entire item shop I can't wait for the 2021 clown fiesta called "pre-season"

  • Greifvogel

    Pfff. I still miss it, old LB with DFG was so awesome

  • bell end
    bell end

    DFG garen was bae

  • SkaTe

    The summoning Salt of LOL

  • Horkerkiin

    Ahri didn't have damage amp on her charm when DFG was around, it was added after they removed it to compensate.

  • SuperG

    How the hell do you get 35% from runes??? Cosmic Insight 5% CDR rune - 10% Transcendence - 10%

  • Coby Creative F
    Coby Creative F

    anyone noticed that crazy airborne on mundo on 4:56 ?

  • John Ford
    John Ford

    I somehow already knew it was DFG even though I don't know the timeline

  • Panda

    4:50 pretty sure that's 25% CDR (at lv1 being 5% from Cosmic Insight, at lv10 being around 20~21% from Transcendence and the passive CDR rune and finally 25% at lv18 from the full CDR rune) and never were those runes changed to give a total of 35% CDR. Correct me if I'm wrong tho.

  • Bored Student
    Bored Student

    The song is a nice touch

  • ZeroMuramasa

    I miss Milady....

  • urdimsum

    I adore this item and was destroyed when it was removed. I'm glad it's come back in Nexus blitz and ARAM.

  • KHfan0011

    DFG? More like BFG!! ...I'll go now

  • Felipe

    Wait leblanc and kass dont have silences anymore? Lol Leblanc is understandable, but kassadin is the "antimage" of the game, they should have kept silence as his signature jux like jax still have his dodge

  • José Alberto Souza Abdon
    José Alberto Souza Abdon

    I miss DFG Garen haha

  • Hope Basden
    Hope Basden

    2:52 "Mana regetaion"

  • VEVOAlexis

    11:25 leblanc can jump on you silence then dfg+Q+R then go back with W. This is wrong her q or mimic q silenced. You couldn't just instant silence... still broken tho.

  • Timmy O'Toole
    Timmy O'Toole

    Dang. I was playing league on oct 1 2009. I feel old

  • Lucas Penadés
    Lucas Penadés

    I remember with Swain simultaneously casting DFG, E and Q in an instant and people telling me I was hacking. Good old days

  • Sakutaro〈3musik

    as an Ahri main I feel like this was the best time and Ahri has become weak after the removel

  • oniich_n

    DFG is my favorite track off the Pentakill debut album

  • Zoe Gee
    Zoe Gee

    imagine if zoe existed when dfg was released...

  • Pawel Jakub Knebloch
    Pawel Jakub Knebloch

    Imagine being such a nerd you actually make videos about LoL history or watching LoL history.

  • Yoshikage Kira
    Yoshikage Kira

    I started playing a little after DFG was removed so I never experienced it.

    • Xyllia

      It's good you didn't , I still miss it, it's kinda sad

  • Spencer Jackson
    Spencer Jackson

    To be fair veigar was a busted mid laner without dfg like his ult is based on the enemies ap???? So guess it doesnt matter if i have a lead he will just ult me

  • Firefly 707
    Firefly 707

    Ah, those days when I remember never worrying about DFG.

  • OPX_06

    Ah.. I was waiting for that pentakill reference

  • Yama

    Deathfire Grasp? That's an item so old I can't even remember its stats, all I remember is that you used the active and you won. I miss you DFG... Oh, and you too, Brutalizer. You will always live on in our hearts, 1337 item.

  • SnugNap

    Dfg is my favorite pentakill song

  • Tugstin

    I miss 3vs3...

  • Powerhauz

    Talon with silence. RIP

  • Andrey Tuzov
    Andrey Tuzov

    "Was op on veigar, ahri and leblanc"...

  • Manuel Lanthaler
    Manuel Lanthaler

    Sometimes you are so gay and craving for peoples approval i dont find it so cool

  • Patryk Boduch
    Patryk Boduch

    5:00 why are you talking about this build like it would be strange to build right now?

  • shawn d
    shawn d

    ur channel is so underrated. been subscribed for a year now and the content just keeps getting better and better


    Exil.... 2 items: - DFG and White Cleaver))) And actually not many knows that both items have perfect counterplay... 1) Awareness. 2) Wearing DFG and etc. by your self.

  • hotdudeletVLOG

    Kage is "Kah-gay", not "Cage"

  • Almighty Snail
    Almighty Snail

    Veigar's WR went up after dfg was removed, because nobody was utilising is as it should have been. Xd

  • Breenori

    DFG has been removed cuz unfun and no counterplay, yet we have AP Shyv who oneshots you without an active item on a 4 second cooldown E. Nice. Ty hypocrit rito.

    • Lord Paul Philipp Fernandez
      Lord Paul Philipp Fernandez

      @Roi Try dodging an ability that has a travel time on the same level as Lux's Q, but a hitbox twice as large...

    • f1r3 hunt3rz
      f1r3 hunt3rz

      @Roi Antopina you're not helping 5head

    • Roi Antopina
      Roi Antopina

      Just dodge it 4head

    • yoruichixX

      and if you get ccd under her fireball-ground bullshit it has ridicoulus burn dmg worse than teemo shroom teemo shroom has coumterplay

    • Black

      AP Shyv is so terrifying lol she jumps from river and a fireball makes you lose 1500 hp

  • MKG_Static

    In an era with edge of night and banshees as an AP otem it would have a nice place. Its removal gutted certain champs. Lissandra, Ahri, and Syndra (until recently), Veigar have never hit their former glory without DFG. LB seems to be the only surviving one and even she is meh atm.

  • Breno Pejon
    Breno Pejon

    I used D.F.G on my ap malphite mid

  • Pegasus Richards
    Pegasus Richards

    dude nami’s ctrl+4 was my absolute favourite original taunt spam even before i saw this video... now i feel unoriginal bc the video was posted way before i started playing league

  • Tasha Florence
    Tasha Florence

    kass lb and talon were my nightmare, i played kat and couldnt do anything to them lol

  • M Stormzo
    M Stormzo

    Bring back dfg

  • Undead clone
    Undead clone

    I really dont get the season 3 was the best i just sounds so dame horrible and like and looks like most of the time a comeback just didn't exist and with everything so broken it just doesn't even look fun or fair

  • 170skeith

    I miss Veigar with a dfg

  • t07minas

    League had balance to be broken ?

  • WrittenInShadow

    As an Ahri main, I loved that damn thing. Made her so much of an assassin.

  • secretsofmyenigma

    I'd rather trade in every champ since kalista for dfg, Then anything those chucklefks at riot are thinking. It all went to shit when they brought in Ghostcrawler.

  • Skeleton

    At least the song will remain forever fantastic No need to balance amazing metal

  • BetcoTime

    rest in peace

  • Mel Lxmn
    Mel Lxmn

    Even after 4.10 Leb was still darn OP

  • Wesley

    Ap Tristana mid with dfg first item, good old days

  • marcus villarosa
    marcus villarosa

    I remember the 100% dodgerate well defying Jax

  • iCaptain Deniz
    iCaptain Deniz

    Rest in peace nexus blitz

  • The Angledsaxon
    The Angledsaxon


  • Jakub Chalupa
    Jakub Chalupa

    Let's stop for a second and imagine, how would Zoe look with DFG :D

    • Lord Paul Philipp Fernandez
      Lord Paul Philipp Fernandez

      It wouldn't be that good, since DFG has a travel time due to it being a projectile, so there's a chance that you'll either miss your Q, or it will hit before the projectile from DFG hits your target.

  • Mohammed Shaker
    Mohammed Shaker

    Anyone know the song at the end?

  • Allen Han
    Allen Han

    I remember when DFG was added. I thought it was so hard to use. Back then I was a noob. So I never bothered getting it. I remember walking into my own jungle and all I saw was a viegar trap and a spark of the DFG and my 3400 HP singed died in one combo. That happened 9 years ago. It's still in my memory. Never even saw the Veigar...

  • YearsLate

    This video, and particularly the Veigar gameplay, was particularly interesting to me. I haven't played League all that much, but by coincidence, when I was playing it this particular item was in its prime, and... I almost purely played mages- especially Veigar. The great majority of the time when I watch your videos, I am not entirely sure what champions can do and don't really 'grasp' everything going on on screen. With Veigar though, that wasn't the case and I was carefully watching the cooldowns, enemy champions, how much time was on the clock, the damage they were dealing... It was very interesting seeing how a very small part of me that still recollects this game rose to the surface. Thanks again for the great videos, Exil.

  • GalloViking

    Nami was the champ I've been the most excited for.

  • Милош Bелики
    Милош Bелики

    Feral Flare: Yall musta forgot

  • Drackand

    i been playing this game since release. cant believe its been 10 years lmao

  • M DC
    M DC

    " a sack of 300 gold ", pretty accurate description of a support back then :p

  • Adrian Castillo
    Adrian Castillo


  • JacobAF101

    The first minute and a half is completely pointless, bye

  • Jacob Patterson
    Jacob Patterson

    Nice touch to play deathfire grasp as the end music.

  • Arnav Iyer
    Arnav Iyer

    What is the song at 2:12? I think it is from Runescape, but i don't know the track.

  • Guillermo Escobar
    Guillermo Escobar

    Bruh, remember when Conqueror gave true damage?

  • GamersBienvenidos

    S3 and 4 were the golden times...

  • Elijah Stone
    Elijah Stone

    The second I read the title i knew

  • Beet Roots
    Beet Roots

    yo whats the song at 7:06

  • Random Random
    Random Random

    Veigar is one of the most op champ with DFG that time. 50% health is gone in a flash.

  • Walter Clements
    Walter Clements


  • PuteBordDelux

    where have i heard tis guys voice before

  • Roronoa Zoro
    Roronoa Zoro

    All this complaining about getting one shot and nothing has changed. Except they hate when mages do it. But khaz grengo zed talon etc etc etc all do it and thats fine. Riot claim they want balance but they won't know what it looks like if it smacked them in the face.

  • Im Phanta
    Im Phanta

    They added DFG to Nexus Blitz. Wasn't built as much as modern items. But there is definitely no powercreep in LoL... I mean, ADC obviously cant get oneshot by a fuckign tank now, who should tank, not assassinate the enemy dd...

  • José Castrillo
    José Castrillo

    I was hoping you include the song somewhere on the video. So I was happy I heard it in the end.

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