How A 15 Year Old Hit Challenger In League of Legends
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Today, let's talk about a challenger player who is only 15 years old. He gives us his best tips for climbing and climbing ranked in league of legends, and challenger tips for getting out of low elo. We will be covering why he plays hard champions and give a guide to play akali irelia syndra zoe leblanc riven and yasuo. He will also be talking about what his parents think, and what his thoughts are on a 16 year old winning fortnite tournament for $3 million dollars.
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16 year old wins $3M as 1st ever Fortnite world champ
Bugha wins Fortnite World Cup
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  • Exil

    Let me know what you thought of this video and if you'd like to see an interview with other young high elo players like General Sniper, 12-13 year old challenger Riven main (vipers brother) Please go check out Busio's stream!!

    • Haywood Jabloami
      Haywood Jabloami

      @Jesse Mueller HAHAHA! I was thinking the same thing. In what world is sitting on your ass playing vids, even at the competitive level, considered a sport or requires athleticism? LOL

    • Haywood Jabloami
      Haywood Jabloami

      ​@SneakyMcPete Is it even the same game it was in S1? I started playing at the end of S2 and got to gold 2 in a matter of weeks playing as support. I started playing Jng in S3 in order to have more presence on the map, to better impact the game for my team and to help the lanes that were struggling (or starting to tilt). I ended S3 in platinum... Then, EVERY single season after 2-3, Riot would rework the champions I mained and the Jungle itself. Like, COMPLETELY changed how jungling worked... I basically had to relearn how to play every season, which became extremely frustrating and difficult to continue to improve. Mostly because my attitude towards the game soured around S6-7 when every solo q game I played had toxic spaz kids, feeders, afk'ers or I'd just get destroyed by Riots newest 'OP champ of the week' because of all the ridiculous Buffs/Nerfs and unbalanced broken new champs they'd pump out. Jungling aside, the more you practice, the better you'll be at virtually anything in life. So if this kid spends every free minute playing league, of course he'll be better than your average person with a life away from gaming...Until acute carpal tunnel syndrome strikes at the age of 25 and he's left with a mangled claw for a hand.

    • William zhang
      William zhang

      @Exil Sure it does espeically in physical sports. Genetics plays a huge part on how well you respond to recovery/rest from training. Your ratio of fast-twitch vs slow twitch muscle fibers. Your also underestimating mind sports as well. Grand champion magnus carlsen beats kasparov at 13 years old in practice matches. Von newmann was the only human who has made significant contribution to 13 fields of mathematics(Still the only human and physically quanitified his ability to understand 70% of all mathematics currently in development at his time) and surpassed mathematicians in intellectual might when he was just a 11 year old. Sure anyone can improve but can anyone be the best? Absolutely impossible otherwise you are not the best anymore. The difference lies in your genetics/upbringing.

    • Lu han
      Lu han

      Love the vid, very interesting ohoho

    • Ruben Moreira
      Ruben Moreira

      @Exil Exposing the hard work behind legends is very smart, but to say that genetics play a little to no factor is plain dumb, im sorry to say but if you have 100 IQ or less there is no chance you´ll get to challenger.

  • Pilot Brawl Stars
    Pilot Brawl Stars

    welp now ima spend my entire life playing league 24/7 and someday I'll be faker right? LOL

  • Francisco Marques
    Francisco Marques

    The top 1 of the Brazilian server is 16 lol

  • Emerald Knight
    Emerald Knight

    12:58 look his teammate blocked lucians ult his team mates helped too

  • Dawn

    "Legends aren't born, but made"

  • Sven

    I thought the super bowl was a league, like la liga lol

  • Mousse Playing
    Mousse Playing

    There is nothing unusual in the statement at all. Let me know if there is a 30-40 years challenger there, i will be more surprised and would really appreciate his advice on a livestyle etc.

  • Mr. Spleens
    Mr. Spleens

    I know a 16 year old challenger (don’t know when he started playing) he actually wants to go pro

  • stephon

    This mans has been playing when he started Pre-K

  • x GATTA
    x GATTA

    everyone needs to watch this video

  • Zac MC Power
    Zac MC Power

    This was informative. Thx

  • Its Gergoo
    Its Gergoo

    im 14 and im not that bad of a player, but i couldn't play like a pro, too much for me :D and tbh my dad is 49, and he plays fifa on my brothers ps4, he played other shooting games on xbox360 years ago too, just because of my brother, he plays league, fifa, csgo, my sister played league, but she isnt very good at it, she does have knowledge but doesnt understand roles and stuff, and my mom doesnt really played any game :D

  • mega dude
    mega dude

    I have to disagree, of course some people have a bigger talent by just having a better understanding of what they are focusing on. Some of us could've been one of the best baseball player in the world, but we never tried playing it. There is and always has been talent. Which is just good material you have to work with. 80% work 20% talent. Roundabout. Other studies have shown that talent is a factor. Way more studies.. and we all know that.

  • Darekia


  • Mikas Barkauskas
    Mikas Barkauskas

    “He hit Challenger at only 15” “Wait wha-..” “In NA servers” “bruh”

  • Kill All Politicians
    Kill All Politicians

    I got challenger at 13 years old, EU west season 5

  • Pedron

    This video changed my mentality completely in relation to games in general

  • Ima fat dog
    Ima fat dog

    Lucky boi i started playing when i was 7 season 5 i will go challenger 1 day im still "ATOM"23

  • johnson yip
    johnson yip

    dad: are ya winning son? busio: yes!i am winning against froggen!

  • Hi Im Andicus
    Hi Im Andicus

    Wait he started playing in season 1? But he's only 15? So he started playing when he was 5?


    UNDERAGE PLAYER!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr. Boomguy
    Mr. Boomguy

    I don't see much deference in sports and e-sports. It just depends where the effort is being put into it. Like, sitting in front of the screen all day, I find no different then kicking that soccer-ball day out in the field. Or tho, you burn less calories with e-sport, having to do other workouts along the way. Note - Coming from a non competitive player.

  • T3EM0

    Thats true i am diamond 2 and my parents dont approve of it and btw i make money from selling league of legends accounts with high elo

  • Emarie Schweikhardt
    Emarie Schweikhardt

    Yeah, Micheal Phelps was not the best example for that..... he didn’t start swimming until 11 or 12. Most swimmers started way before that. (For example I started at 3)

  • carlos danger
    carlos danger

    my kids gonna be playing league when he's 3

  • apenas um nome de canal
    apenas um nome de canal

    Well if you play the game a lot and study it you can reach challenger, your age don't really matters. Any kid with more than 11 years can master any game if they want too.

  • Habsel Keiten
    Habsel Keiten

    this is cool but having a gamer dad helps

  • seimoun

    This dude started playing lol when he was 6

  • Sam De vooght
    Sam De vooght

    Man gotta love elon musk

  • Dennis Damian
    Dennis Damian

    love these vids keep it up

  • Sperin Master
    Sperin Master

    such a wise kid !! gg

  • Ereder

    Maths says you are bound to climb anyway if you have an average skill. you only need 51% winrate, since season 3 it's really hard to drop by having a bad day (i remember going 1500lp => 700lp in two bad days (gold => bronze V)) And with 4 other people on your team: you have one less chance to have a bad/inted player than the other team. (also have 4 people who can also be carrying you unlike a 1v1 type of game) you can get high plat and even diamond by just playing a lot and doing the statmath game. If you include Queu dodge based on team comp, it may even make it faster since league is much less IG strategy focused than games like dota (were you have to cut trees, use high/low ground, etc). Meaning team comp (aka: draft) plays a big role since League is a more instant, action and fight oriented MOBA.² ²eddit: in a sense that there is no "Pyrrhic victory" in League. you can press B anytime to heal and come back and you do nto lose gold or exp on death. The only question you ask yourself before attacking an enemy is: can i solo him? is he isolated or can i manage his allies? if yes to both then go in.

  • sumsar01

    Your not an athlete if you play chess. Your not an athlete if you play computer games, even if you make money from it.

  • Void

    I think more than anything, he has the right mentality. That is the simple key to success. The right mentality

  • 4uitoo

    I'm 12 years old and play LoL. My brother taught me to play, right now I'm in Silver. Imma try and get to challenger earlier than him xd

    • apenas um nome de canal
      apenas um nome de canal

      You just need to study about the game and play a lot. I just don't know if it's worth it, there are WAY better games that you can play out there.

  • Mj Lorino
    Mj Lorino

    OK SO, If he started playing during season 1, and is 15-year old at the time of this vid, then that means he was 5-6 when he started playing, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand SO how?

  • Armistice

    One of my senior was also 15 when he hit challenger.

  • mschecter 007
    mschecter 007

    Congratulations mate! I stumbled upon this video and was absolutely taken by surprise when I saw that someone about my age already hit challenger. I could never get there. I may be able to farm close to 10 cs a minute pretty much every match, (I have hit 10+ cs/min a couple times before), but I could never pull off the necessary clutch plays in order to win and rank up. I have had well over a year of experience with this game, and I still suck. I have learned many champions. Hell, I am a mastery 7 Katarina player, and I am still hard-stuck Bronze. I could never pull off the pentakill that you did starting from 12:30. I even made up this quote once to convince myself that there is a lot more to League of Legends than I thought: "It's not the mastery level on the champion, or the cool skins that makes a player good, it is the player who plays the champion that makes all the difference." Even though I realize that it is the player that makes the champion perform, I don't have the natural talent in League of Legends in order to play at that level. I guess I will just enjoy being hard-stuck for life. But whatever. This game is still one of, if not my favorite PC game I have ever played. So I hope you continue to shine and thrive in the challenger ELO you are currently in. I wish you luck, and hope that you may make it big someday, like the pros.

  • mael alcaide
    mael alcaide

    Im hardstuck bronce beat that

    • mschecter 007
      mschecter 007

      I only beat is last season in s9. I hit Silver III. But I suck no matter what I do. You will probably pass me up.

  • Fabijan† Kajic†
    Fabijan† Kajic†

    This how played 24/7 my man ez haha

  • Sergiu Trifan
    Sergiu Trifan

    there are a lot of kids that hit challanger at 15 . Xerxe for example hit challenger at 14 and we wass on top of euw for so long before he get a contract on turkey league .

  • Draboo !
    Draboo !

    Have you ever heard about Hans Sama, who got challenger in EUW at 14 years old by playing Draven most of the time?

  • Boyce Ma
    Boyce Ma

    Every high elo player has the same tone of voice. This video confirms it.

  • Darduel

    well its no surprise he plays the game since he was 6, its obviously not about talent just about playing a lot and playing a lot of video games over all, grown up pros also play from like season 1 and have previous experience from other games.. I play league from season 1 but I was never that focused on ranking up, I also played WoW before.. people are surprised there are teen pro gamers nowadays as if seeing kids play video games is so rare, im 24 and i remember playing video games as a kid too (6 years old and such)

  • Furret

    Busio is legit like me 15 started league in season 1 loved sc2 but I just suck and I am still gold xD

    • mschecter 007
      mschecter 007

      I almost hit diamond in SC2. That is a game I played since I was like 9. I started the Brood War version when I was like 5. So that has been my main PC game. But now I came into lol in the recent years, and am hardstuck.

  • pasta is yummy
    pasta is yummy

    this was the motivational talk i needed

  • GamesGirlsMovies

    damn coming from dota i kinda feel a tiny bit of cringe when i hear about hard to paly champions considering how easy league is compared to dota lmao, still league is good no hating

  • Sofoklis G
    Sofoklis G

    Champion spotlight features Riven, the lp booster

  • moonshadow941

    wait... if he's 15 and he started playing in season 1 that means he was essentially 5 right? ...Tbh not suprised cause most bronze players play like 5 yr olds anyway

    • mschecter 007
      mschecter 007

      Yeah I see what u mean. I even play like that 24/7.

  • Ishii

    damn bro im just really watching some lissandra montage now coz of u and the book emma go play some piano now

  • Epicscore Eu
    Epicscore Eu

    me and my irl friend hitt challanger in a cupple of weeks never understod why its so hyped, just adc / support and win your games..

  • Otto Bangsgaard
    Otto Bangsgaard

    why is this so calming. its such a nice video

  • Kira Yozuro
    Kira Yozuro

    I don think its bushio talent in LoL that got him to challenger at the age15. Its his unbelievable grind starting at such young age.

  • Jakub Koper
    Jakub Koper

    Its not about LOL, its about life.

  • Blindfire

    He definitely talks like a lot of league pros? Where at the end of almost everything he says? It just adds a question mark? As if every sentence was a question to begin with? Almost like a white valley girl ordering her starbucks?

  • Reymond Mchati
    Reymond Mchati

    before i even watch the vid im guessing his using the champ wher u hit yourkeyboard with your head and get a kill.... aka riven

    • mervyn winn
      mervyn winn

      you're completely wrong hater

  • Brian Andrés
    Brian Andrés

    why no one did a video of me i was challenger since 15teen at 5 years ago lol

  • Infinity

    Although i agree that most of what it takes to be this good of a player is effort and actual practice there is definitely an undeniable DNA factor. We all agree practice makes you better but how much better? that depends on how quickly you pick something up. To be at a pro level there has to be something unique about you that nobody else is able to reach. For every single pro, there are thousands or millions of others that practiced every day just like them and pushed themselves to be the best player but never reached the same level. A certain set of traits and genes are the true difference between pros and other challengers.

  • Flame

    Nunca viu o jean gado pelo jeito kkj

  • GW100Gs

    I have a 16 year old friend who’s in challenger. He mains Katerina and plays for my schools playvs team

  • PjGameZ

    Your voice sounds familiar from another channel

  • Eirik Lindmoen
    Eirik Lindmoen


  • Artur Rekstad
    Artur Rekstad

    Peng is also a 15 year old challenger on euw

  • urso polar
    urso polar

    Jean mago

  • The legend A512
    The legend A512

    I'm 13 yrs old im challenger

  • OnlyReplay

    Very nice video overall, subject , execution , nice, you inspired me . Keep up with good stuff !!

  • Luka Ivšić
    Luka Ivšić

    i have a fried that hit challenger when he was 15 or 16

  • Patrik Housepian
    Patrik Housepian

    vipers brother (general sniper) is 13 years old and top 20 NA rn ^^

  • Andre Xablau Fraga
    Andre Xablau Fraga

    Jean mago kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Nathan Yared
    Nathan Yared

    were just gonna ignore the fact that fiddlesticks support took aftershock at 1:37

  • Diceroll

    Amazing video!

  • Adripro Adripro
    Adripro Adripro

    Nobody going to talk that this lady said Fortnite world champion??? 0:18

  • Fyriiee

    What's the Superbowl again

  • Dragirionh

    me playing league for 6 years and still gold haha

  • Ricardo Aguiar
    Ricardo Aguiar

    this fake season 1 he would've been 5 years old

  • Valkaneer

    "How a 15-year-old hit Challenger"? He has the time.

  • OspreyBravo18

    You do know that the prime age range is 14-21? And that above 25 skills start to decline.

  • FuN

    So your telling me this kid started playing league at 5 years old

  • Josh K
    Josh K

    "uncountable amount of hours" BRUH they are VERY countable

  • Doido Doido
    Doido Doido

    Só digo uma coisa: Jean Gado mandou abraços

  • J Man
    J Man

    Can we just appreciate how amazing 12:30 was, especially that last kill holy shit.

  • Kyle Young
    Kyle Young

    Immediate mass of respect for this kid at the mention of Starcraft. Respects for the game.

  • Destroyed Mexican
    Destroyed Mexican

    nice video

  • Destroyed Mexican
    Destroyed Mexican


  • Gabriel Luiz
    Gabriel Luiz

    jean mago from brazil is 15 yrs old and already is the top 1 from the server

  • Maxxximus

    5:56 mamba out

  • Joy

    Listen kid you were not born to be this good cuz you are supposed to play football outside with your friends at the age of 15

  • AzuhifysSon

    My friend is 13 years old, and just hit Challenger! not sure if this is a world record but his account is called "Report" and proof is on @soappyson on instagram!

  • baloon man
    baloon man

    look i am 11 years old and i am challenger pls share this

  • Olle Calle
    Olle Calle

    This is actually weird im hardstuck gold but i still have the same story, i started 2009 with my dad and played alot and then i started playing solo queue ranked and now im kinda good xD

  • BakedPotatoYT

    I'm 16 still at D2 while this dude is at Challenger. Tell me mortal, what power do you posses?

  • Tap Tap Events
    Tap Tap Events

    So he was 5 years old ...

  • Wolf Of Dawn
    Wolf Of Dawn

    I barely understood how to use a computer at 6 and the only games I played were cheesy web flash games. This dude was playing league at 6...

  • Jesus Castillo
    Jesus Castillo

    too many facts and inspiring quotes its boring :v

  • Sameer Jain
    Sameer Jain

    15 years old Started playing since season 1 He was 5-6 years old when he started league EDIT: IDK but I spend on league more than this kid. $40-50 per month.

  • lil Roach
    lil Roach

    Bro i was master and im 14

  • Kamil Kamx
    Kamil Kamx

    play in NA and thats how

  • Jesse A
    Jesse A

    that ericsson quote is awesome, can someone link me it?

  • Pepper and Snowflake Adventure
    Pepper and Snowflake Adventure

    12:30 holy sht, the moves

    • B-i-C

      Yeah ... That made me my jaw drop.

  • Pepper and Snowflake Adventure
    Pepper and Snowflake Adventure

    No matter what you do to get better, you will never beat Asians