How Challenger Players Smurf With 70%+ Win Rates And You Can Too
How did these challenger level league of legends players get such a high win rate while smurfing to challenger? What are their secrets to climbing? Their tips? How do you get to be that good...
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Patch 10.16 on the PBE on surrender at 20
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  • Exil

    Here are the links to the interviews I had with the challenger players if you want to read their full responses! Spent more time on this video than any other I've made, I hope that it shows and I hope it's worth the wait, let me know what you think. Thank you! Join my discord by the way

    • raejules


    • nemanja markovic
      nemanja markovic

      lol i studied a chellenger funneler for a year and in that year i did from silver 2 to diamond 1 called tavin

    • lolmanboss

      The way is the goal not your final destination.

    • Zero Ghost
      Zero Ghost

      1800 games, that's more or less 900 hours, thats 37 and a half days to get to challenger being a challenger already like you said game knowledge is transferable, thats isn't impressive at all, just kind of shows tyler is addicted lmao also he scraped by to get to challenger then lost it shortly after,pretty sure you aren't considered challenger unless you can maintain until the end of the season, thats why it shows your last season rating that you END with not your highest made rank and also why they used to give out challenger jackets, taking 1800 games to only scrape by with a 52% WR he wouldn't have maintained, its really that simple.

    • Savagenerds

      Hey Exil, think you could do a mini doc on poppy? I have a lot of fun memories from playing her back when she was either completely useless or hypercarrying the team and 4 hitting your tanks because of that broken ass Q.

  • Colton Barbier
    Colton Barbier

    Imagine smurfing, you will never improve if all you do is practice on lower skilled players... This is the reason NA consistently gets last in league tournaments... All of their practice is from gold and plat solo que games. They have actually no experience at the top level, you can clearly see the skill gap at large tournaments. Imagine playing against gold players and winning 70% of the time to brag about it when you hit challenger.... Disgustingly fragile egos, you have a 70% wr against lower level players, but your main account is only D2 with 2 lp... let me say this again. You will never improve if all you do is fight lower skilled players. 0-6 at world's BuT LoOk aT oUr ChAlLeNgEr AlTs UsE OuR GfUeL DiScOuNt CoDe WhEn YoU SmUrF ReEeEEeeeE. Me as a gold player when they guy on the other team links one of his challenger one trick AlTs. KEKW YOU LOST TO A GOLD. A REAL GOLD WITH 4000 GAMES NOT AFRAID OF MY RANK I HAVE BEEN PLAT BEFORE BUT GUESS WHAT I MOSTLY STAY IN GOLD BECAUSE THATS WHERE I BELONG. I DONT NEED TO MAKE A NEW ACCOUNT AND PLAY 70 GAMES AND GET CHALLENGER TO FEEL GOOD.

  • Yhunie

    Challengers are the top 1% and the other 40% on smurfs, and thats why it's impossible to climb up.

  • Ralph 4647
    Ralph 4647

    I thought he was gonna bust out a proguides sponsore part

  • Jabez Bush
    Jabez Bush

    Playing casual arams with “friends”. What’s that?

  • Joao Melo
    Joao Melo

    This video is already old, but godamn man your channel is amazing. Not only the content but the work you put into production. Every video is a pleasure to watch, both for the information and your skill of editing. Keep it up

  • Panos Padelidis
    Panos Padelidis

    6,642 rank yas eune

  • Sinister Witch
    Sinister Witch


  • Randomness Gamer
    Randomness Gamer

    "Poop smoothie007" what a chad

  • Trung Vũ Đức
    Trung Vũ Đức

    This video works for my irl studying and working xD

  • Mark Robs
    Mark Robs

    Let's look at the 99%, proceeds to look at the 1% in challenger players... Love your vids btw

  • Xiyea Official
    Xiyea Official

    Heres the trick I did, So I was a silver midlaner back in like 2015 (I started playing lol in like 2010 or 11, my highest rank that I reached all those years is silver 2. Before the season ends, I took a month break( I got a job). But the next season, after the rank resets, I decided to make a new account, this time I only played as a jungler, I reached platinum 5 that season. I was playing 4-6 matches a day and once I lose two in a row, im log off. Next season, I still play jungler but this time I was talking to myself while playing, I'm surprised i actually improve, I reached diamond 1. At this day I'm not playing lol anymore but that's how I improve

  • Nigel Diones
    Nigel Diones

    Was nebula the Zoe that destroyed Rav?

  • Philong Hoang
    Philong Hoang

    Im hardstuck in gold and im watching so many "how to.." videos but can't climb.. its so frustrating because i dont get any better even if i want it so badly..

  • Lajsna

    Hm question is what rank are YOU????

  • Lasse

    This feels like a self-help video to get you life in order and get sober. But it’s about league 😂😂 loved it

  • Alster Am
    Alster Am

    Thanksss Man 👍

  • BarryHallSack

    entire game is a casual fest. high skill ceiling my ass

  • SimpleGamer2019

    *"Play 1-2 champions (annie and tibbers)"* Omg I should try also, Aphelios and Alune

  • Badalaa

    Smurfs ruin the game

  • farooq Rasheed
    farooq Rasheed

    I used to watch your videos to improve my Riven back in 2018. I have played 1200 games in season 10 to reach gold 4. But now, after watching this... I hope to spend my time with attention to improve and become worthy of reaching Plat. So, my aim is to reach Plat in season 11 with 200 games max :) Grinding normals ^ _ ^ Thanks for the video

  • tirius66

    Most valuable video in this topic

  • the Turtle
    the Turtle

    A.J.A.B. all junglers are bastards

  • Damnit Cheesecacke
    Damnit Cheesecacke

    Im playing Dota 2 since 2015 and i took highest rank and even was in EU mmr board. Now im playing Lol since the end of season 9. I am really, REALLY good in top, slowly, but im gaining my lp, but... 1. Game find time - it's terrible. Awfull. 2. When i have winrate about 50-60-70%, game sometimes match me in one team with peoples, who have unbelievable 30-40% wr. Its ok to lose lanes or jungle, you just need to stand up and think another tactic for this currently game. Cant fight? Then farm. If your team doing good. Dont feed, do something useful, avoiding dangerous fights. But even if you play 10-0 and two of your teammates is 0-8 - you lost. And they can play like that, even if you are successfuly roaming 24/7. They just feed and smash sur button. At this point where you do your best and your teammates are trash - you going mad and tilted. Its gg.

  • Thunderstruck electronics
    Thunderstruck electronics

    19:00 he managed to do it in na though

  • Kasiri

    In the end... It's only a game... After literally describing what would be a full time job :D (not including actually playing the game)

  • Pollito

    video mostly about attention People with ADHD: allow us to introduce ourselves

  • Brady McDowell
    Brady McDowell

    I go back and forth on music. When i want it tho, I keep Lo-Fi on.

  • Luke

    It's all bs. Well not everything, but most of it. League is game based mostly on luck. You either get the team or not. People saying it's akillbased. Your skill matter. But still, even when im superfed. One good lissandra mixed with one good hight dps can stop you pretty easily. How can you beat 5 people, when you can't beat two? All that matters is team.

  • Nøxturn

    < Dont played since months Still watches LoL videos like casual

  • Nøxturn

    < Dont played since months Still watches LoL videos like casual

  • Dawntilnight

    When youre Dominating your game and 3 players go afk

  • Jeremy Kwak
    Jeremy Kwak

    I recently got back to League of Legends to remember that I place S4 in the beginning of the season. Nowadays, I can only play between 10pm and 2am because of school n stuff. So depending on homework, I play between 3-5 games a day, and just close it until tomorrow night. I have a 70% win rate in the past 20 games, and I climbed from 0lp S4 to 52lp S2 in a week and a half. I just have a big brain

  • Louis Robitaille
    Louis Robitaille

    The saying "it takes 10 000 hours to master a skill" is wrong. It takes a lifetime in the best cases and it's impossible in others. 10 000 hours is the "milestone" to become an expert. Mastering a skill and being an expert is VERY different. if you've mastered a skill, no one can be better than you, they can only be equal to you. If you're an expert, you still have some things to learn. Here's an example: I've probably played over 15 000 hours of minecraft up to now and I still have no idea how to use advanced commands. In those 15 000 hours of minecraft, I became an expert, but I didn't master the game.

  • Downhill

    A lot of times I find myself playing on my friend's accounts and I don't care as much per se when I play ranked from their account. This I think makes it psychologically easier for me not to focus on the results of the game just like you said apdo/dopa tried to make a habit of.

  • Christopher Sabados
    Christopher Sabados

    God your videos are so professional and grabbing love em

  • Rodolfo Marin
    Rodolfo Marin

    Such an incredible skill to make ur videos. Keep up the good work man!

  • Katarina Love
    Katarina Love

    Because the game is not 1 v1 but 5 v 5. Well. Most of the time its 1 v9

  • Benjamin Boss
    Benjamin Boss

    Never looked at it this way, great video! keep up the good work!!

  • Charger

    I am probably not the only one but I feel like my toxicity is what is holds me back from climbing. I don't even KNOW what my initial rank could be because I get banned before I could get stuck in a rank.Just these 2 days I got 1 lvl 35 account permanently banned , and another 133 lvl account banned for 14 days.I am sure i have more than over 40 accounts banned, and I am not bragging . The worst part is ,i'm aware that my toxicity is unhealthy both for my gameplay and my mental health , and even if I watch videos like this one that reminds me how great it is to not be toxic and not get tilted , I will always break again and flame. I've tried battle-ing toxicity and anger problems for years but the best i could do is just hold it back longer. On League for example, i've tried /fullmute all , unbinding the chat with 3rd party software , disable ing all chat and normal chat via settings yet i STILL break and turn everything back on so I can flame, waste me AND my teams mental & time and in the end, not improve and not learning anything. I've started to begin thinking i am doomed to be a toxic person. A hole i can't get out of.

  • S T A L K E R [ZackDen]
    S T A L K E R [ZackDen]

    Good bloody fuckin' shit my man. One mean reality gut punch But it won't be enough to stop me from wanting a shy scottish fawn waifu

  • Vindex 730
    Vindex 730

    I’d like to add that people who play ranked are also too caught up in third-party stat analysis. Mobalytics,, etc. these are not indicative of good play. They keep track of in game actions and such but good play can be misrepresented by low stats and bad play can be encouraged because you were the “ace” of your team. It is important that within your games you have a plan going in of how to win your games, pick a champion that can execute on your plan and properly adapt when things inevitably go sideways. Like was said in video, it is impossible to win 100% of your games but so long as your losses don’t discourage you and you focus on how you could have done better you will eventually climb... until you get to high elo, then it’s just a matter of better decision making and making no mistakes.

  • growingoaks productions
    growingoaks productions

    To improve skillshot accuracy, there is a click based game called "Osu!". It's an extremely small game in terms of size on disk and I highly suggest starting with 1 star beatmaps (some are there but I suggest downloading some for extra variety) and turning the "No-Fail" mod on! It's really helped me improve my clicking accuracy. I swear by this game and play it a few times a week to keep my edge on. Also, play with the DPI settings on your mouse if applicable.

  • growingoaks productions
    growingoaks productions

    13:20 I listen to lofi or a specific dubstep playlist, and I stg when I turn this playlist on, I get *IN THE ZONE* and I usually fucking smash everything. I'm convinced it increases my win rate to listen to it. It helps me focus by not having vocals all thruout

  • ShinKenMW

    all that aside ranked in low elo is trash no matter what

  • Tarcisio de Oliveira
    Tarcisio de Oliveira

    25:00~25:30 so i am waiting for this 2 hours video.

  • G MT
    G MT

    Well i climbed from iron 2 to gold 3 in about two months i was playing league normals and arams and that stuff for about 4 years then i learned a friend how to play league and he got silver 1 in just 1/2 year so i think u definitely need good knowledge in lol just helped him in his games by telling him what his abilty´s does and what his enemy laner can do what items he should buy and that stuff he learned very fast and he know can even beat me in a few rounds so i think the best thing u can do is just search a friend who is playing lol for a longer time and try to learn from him should be one of the best ways.(I know gold 3 is not very high but the season is almost over so i just wait for the next and try to improve at that time.)

  • Marek

    This is simply brilliant. Thank you. As a long time hardstuck d1-d2 player I definitely had the problem of focusing on the results too much, not realizing how crucial it is to live with a mindset focused on the process. This might seem like a small thing to others but to me its just huge. I cant even count the hundreds of games that I analyzed with the keyword in mind "winrate, winrate, winrate, whats the average for this whats the average for that in my playstyle". Instead of trying to realize whats the right general practice of doing this, how should I change and adjust my overall playstyle so that its objecively better even if it causes me to lose next 20 games due to me not being used to it. In short words I would focus too much on playing what Im good at even though I knew objectively there are better META solutions, just because I knew I would have lower winrates if i switched my gameplay. And therefore, lower winrate = bad choice. You made me realize my approach was so wrong... I will try my best next season not to be a result-oriented players and perhaps finally thats what will make the key difference for me to become a better player. Thanks again, amazing content.

  • Ouma Shu
    Ouma Shu

    this season i started at bronze 3 wich was a massive hit to my confidence but within 20 games or less i got to s1 but then i got into a brutal cycle of losing placements and quilifying for placements over and over and finally after 80 games i got into gold 4 again. i always stop playing after reaching gold wich might not be a smart thing to do becaus i wanne improve and not start every season at bronze and having to make that brutal climb again.

  • Ouma Shu
    Ouma Shu

    i play a lot of league and i get gold 4 after around 80~ games then i stop i think i am capable of getting to plat but dont try to i dont improve if i make a mistake i just do things whenever i never reflect on my plays and mistakes i pretty much just autopilot through games. in the last 2 years i have gotten gold 4 previous years i got silver 4 to 1 and barely improved becaus i dont remember stuff i am too caustious and dont take risk i dont want new i want to do what i know and thats a huge problem for me. if i acteully follow these tips and keep it up i think i can hit high plat maybe even diamond in a few years but i am scared of new thats why i dont improve.

  • alt acc
    alt acc

    RTS games like SC2 suffer so heavily from this. I think they are great for spectating, but once you stop playing, you have to relearn so much shit. Your builds are shit now, your apm ~200 max and you don't really feel like you have a feeling for gamestate. Now you're stuck in low diamond while knowing you were a master-ranked player. And you know you have to fucking WORK to grind up there again. Not fun at all. Now with LoL, I haven't played that shit in years and I actually feel like I play better than before - I probably don't but you sure as hell don't see me touching an activision game :")

  • Paradox Asma
    Paradox Asma

    1:38 did he just call league competitive ?

  • miniNE

    It's crazy how Result-Oriented thinking is a lose-lose and Progress-Oriented is a win-win. If you constantly want to look at results, you won't ever get better and you'll feel worse everytime you lose that coin flip. If you only look at progress, you can only get better and every game is win bc you'll always have something to learn from

  • Tweek Wellensteyn
    Tweek Wellensteyn

    The thing is i can't climb cause i play with a ping of 300 +

  • SoulDevoured

    Play a thousand games of ARAM and pay attention to team comp. You'll notice that composition and playing to the strengths that composition matters WAY WAY more than if most players only have a passable understanding of their champion. I can't tell you how many teams cockily poked the enemy to death all game only to get destroyed in the late game. All the late game team had to do was hold onto their towers and try their best not to die too much. The early game team needed to aggressively push their advantage to win before it came to late game. But it's ARAM so 9/10 the early game winning team trolls until they lose.

  • Juanfo

    This video isn't only about LoL, it's a life motto

  • Mr Sandwich153
    Mr Sandwich153

    that dunning kruger effect is a legit thing. swear to god like every guy i know has an above average length penis

  • killer.aviles

    for these type of videos i think youtube should have an "awesome" button

  • Sunny

    14:40 Because your mastery points ar measured by time spent on a champion not performance on it

  • thomas blevins
    thomas blevins

    Title sounds like a hot milf 5 miles away ad. Hehe

  • Lumination but this is for video viewing only
    Lumination but this is for video viewing only

    I want to get into playing ranked but the issue is that I feel like my gameplay is letting others down. I feel like until I'm capable of 1v9ing every game, I'm not worthy of playing ranked. I know that's not possible, but tell that to my anxiety XD

  • lKassio

    -watches the video -hype -queues for ranked -gets in game gets champion and role -top goes 0/3 at 4 min and afks -ff 20 true story btw

  • Nuclearzed22

    Just got dumped on by a smurf kayn

  • Brendon French
    Brendon French

    most people don't realize they would be better if they actually wanted to be. the reason there are so few challengers is because no one wants to practice. they just want to play well

  • SheepGolden3

    Hmmm I am still scared but maybe just maybe I'll try to one trick Ali in comp. He's hard and wins will never be a given but if i become really good at Ali I learn better game mechanics that then can be transferred into my Rakan or Yuumi. Recently i was so stressed about getting my Karma chest I didn't think about if I should learn Ali BETTER than I know him. I understand him well and can 1v1 a top laner from time to time as him but whats stopping me from making that sometimes becoming an always it's kind of simple I don't spend enough time on Ali and I can still learn more about him.


    look at the champs that have those win rates NOTHING BUT STRONG CHAMPS there was literally one weak champ jinx everything else was strong

  • Jan Grzenkowicz
    Jan Grzenkowicz

    26:43 I have never seen a video with that many likes.

  • Lazy Makara
    Lazy Makara

    turning into my late 20s i just feel like i am way to old for this elo claimbing and getting a good rank thing hahah~

  • Leonardo Lion
    Leonardo Lion

    Hey, Exil! Your videos are amazing! Congrats! However, one thing you said about the drivers is not exactly true. If all but one of them are 10/10, but one of them is 9.9999/10; them all the 10/10 are above average. Even if by a tiny bit. It is not mathematically impossible! But still highly unlikely. But the video is amazing! Just thought you slipped. Keep up the great work, man!

  • Cyberpunk Spinoza
    Cyberpunk Spinoza

    The problem with ranked (As a jungler) is this: You can make great desisions and have full control over the whole map. Yet when 3rd dragon is spawining (Good win condition if you have the other 2) 30 seconds before my Bot lane will dive enemy tower and mid will have 1/3rd hp and decide not to reset. Then they will want to force a fight and we all get shut down. Or they will start chasing kills in enemy jungle for no reason and give shutdowns and objectives. Thats the problem with ranked. That LEAGUE does not teach you how to play the game. You have to go to yourube/twitch or coaching to learn. League needs an actual practice mode with full tutorials.

  • Jack Chase
    Jack Chase

    This video kind of long, but I (Herogaia) need to get out of ELO HELL!

  • Nikolić Pavle
    Nikolić Pavle

    I can tell you how I climbed. I hit challenger with my duo friend on North America and EU West with a 90%+ winrate in season 8 and 9. How? Well I camped my friend who is a Xerath 1 trick (he plays a few more champs, but moslty him) with my Udyr. My job was to make him 10/0 by 15 minute mark, take 2 dragons and a Herald. My team would most of the time be dogshit and we would end up carry or forcing out a surrender. Since I was never a meta slave, nor was he, we played just the things that we loved, it's just that my champs are really bad and he is a mage main. First we hit it on West, I got a perma, we went on America, hit the rank, both of us got a perma. Back then I had all the time of the world, had a few classes in college so I studied a bit, had mono so I couldn't go out every night, couldn't train so I got another 3 hours a day and couldn't work so we just played those 2 months like retards. Now it's harder, more trolls, more people that will power int, better players are better, my mains are even worse and I get to play 5 games a week and when you get 3/5 games where yoy lose you get Plat 4 and you don't climb since you don't play. Tough luck Anyways I wanted to share this dumb story since it was on me for a while and it made me feel really bad since I watch people that I demolished in ranked before are now better than I ever was (good for them, sad for me). Thank you for reading wall of a text.

  • james bartana
    james bartana

    5:30 the hype is real

  • - Zerenity -
    - Zerenity -

    Avoiding looking at results is kind of blue billed. Being blind to an inherently flawed system isn't a good effective use of your time and energy. Keep feeding people with lies about league being a perfect system.

  • - Zerenity -
    - Zerenity -

    How about constant feeders

  • Jody Rivera
    Jody Rivera

    Lol I quit ranked almost a year ago. All my friends who used to play, all quit. No use in climbing if there's no one to talk to about it. I'm now the only person in my friends who plays League

  • Hans W
    Hans W

    since im a gold 4 , in my view the only way i can play ranked without wanting to do ugly stuff to another human beings, is not caring at all. afk ? ok i got another game, raging? bitch i cant even see the chat window its to the side completely. the rest is with me.. think im gonna try a ranked game now. its been a while

  • Hans W
    Hans W

    WOnderfull work as always. also TY Lopez is fake .

  • Hans W
    Hans W

    i ve been playing aram for the past 5 years. also events and TFT. but ranked? im out.

  • Gregory Wright
    Gregory Wright

    Thing is Riot knew and promoted smurfing. When they made it so you couldn’t see the other teams rank in load up. I’ve played games that didn’t show there rank but then after you see there diamond who was against a fucken bronze.

  • fabien ANDRAUD
    fabien ANDRAUD

    Everytime I watch one of your video, i feel amazed by the quality of it. Thanks for your work and i can"t stress this enough

  • ももこ

    I don’t play ranked bc it’s toxic af. I get massive anxiety and had many bad experiences with guys diminishing my ability and skills because I’m a girl and I don’t play support, or just straight toxic in general. I stay to normals, arams, and other game modes, mute all, and avoid ranked like a plague.

  • bob the builder
    bob the builder

    I have never played ranked because I just thought it would make the game less fun, after this im gonna start

  • The Fanciful Gun
    The Fanciful Gun

    holy crap this is too much information to handle. thank you so much for the work exil this is definitely a master peace

  • Abdulrahman Subhi
    Abdulrahman Subhi

    I came here looking for silver, and found gold.

  • Lyance

    My comment made it into the video and it took 2 months for me to realize... god I'm slow xD Much appreciated man

  • Alex A5ylum
    Alex A5ylum

    Final message: play less ranked, but highly focused, and with a small champion pool

  • Trallo43

    This is one of the best videos i've ever seen on this topic. Good job keep it up

  • gamer fritzchen
    gamer fritzchen

    im pretty sure that he wasnt able to reach challenger and only made it to masters, off stream, with that jungle only account lol

  • MrLulz9000

    I cant believe you just implied ARAM is casual.

  • emmirr

    I am Plat 2 at the moment and i'm going for that Diamond !

  • Jerry B
    Jerry B

    Your videos are the best man!!! It’s amazing how you tie in all these life lessons and ideas

  • nemanja markovic
    nemanja markovic

    you need to play more over time

  • nemanja markovic
    nemanja markovic

    psz + ap0

  • Fausto Santovito
    Fausto Santovito

    Funny how this entire video applies to life itself and not just this video game.

  • S A
    S A

    If you start thinking about "why" or "how" certain games were win/lost instead of the win/loss itself, you will start to climb. Having quick fingers and reaction times sure is important, but you can't react to plays that you don't know are coming.

  • Adrian Garcia JANY
    Adrian Garcia JANY

    2:09 lol I wish it was that ez


    I read some comments and i see people that write "this help with other games too" and yes mates i fill the same way. Very good video as always!

  • Marshall

    Me: *not interested in climbing ranked because of anxiety* Exil video: You're still gonna watch me, right? Me: of course :D

  • KingJH 0510
    KingJH 0510

    'if that sounds challenging to you, youre absoutely right' you missed the opportunity to say 'thats why its called challenger'

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