How Challenger Players Smurf With 70%+ Win Rates And You Can Too
How did these challenger level league of legends players get such a high win rate while smurfing to challenger? What are their secrets to climbing? Their tips? How do you get to be that good...
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Patch 10.16 on the PBE on surrender at 20
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  • Exil

    Here are the links to the interviews I had with the challenger players if you want to read their full responses! Spent more time on this video than any other I've made, I hope that it shows and I hope it's worth the wait, let me know what you think. Thank you! Join my discord by the way

    • Márton Szabó
      Márton Szabó

      Crazy high learning curve means it is ridiculusly easy to master. AKA you get GOOD FAST. The y axis show how good you are, the x axis is time put into practice.

    • raejules


    • lolmanboss

      The way is the goal not your final destination.

    • Zero Ghost
      Zero Ghost

      1800 games, that's more or less 900 hours, thats 37 and a half days to get to challenger being a challenger already like you said game knowledge is transferable, thats isn't impressive at all, just kind of shows tyler is addicted lmao also he scraped by to get to challenger then lost it shortly after,pretty sure you aren't considered challenger unless you can maintain until the end of the season, thats why it shows your last season rating that you END with not your highest made rank and also why they used to give out challenger jackets, taking 1800 games to only scrape by with a 52% WR he wouldn't have maintained, its really that simple.

    • Savagenerds

      Hey Exil, think you could do a mini doc on poppy? I have a lot of fun memories from playing her back when she was either completely useless or hypercarrying the team and 4 hitting your tanks because of that broken ass Q.

  • Mega Blaster
    Mega Blaster

    10:25 happened to me at placement matchens, lost 8 games and was greedy because it was 5 in the morning and had no sleep, i won the 2 games that were leder the next morsning

  • x gae
    x gae

    Smurfs are cringe and ruin the game

  • AaronRyan OwO
    AaronRyan OwO

    I actually got a 62% winrate in ranked after watching this. Not 70%+ but good enough for me

  • An0nYmuS

    Loved the insight of the video. realky didn't expect the video to go into this direction - but I'm not disappointed at all. Thank You! lets climb out of Bronze and get to Plat and higher! wish me luck guys.

  • Jovan Borokic
    Jovan Borokic

    The moment he said "perfect balance" at the beginning of the video, i left

  • Project Szymon
    Project Szymon

    Only 1 reason really: 1) Algorithms (which Activision sued Riot for stealing despite it being patented) that make you lose by giving you unbalanced teams - i.e. people with a history of feeding/afk/leaving in your promos particularly - the game makes you lose on purpose to keep you at a 'desired' win rate i.e. close to 50%. Win too much or go on a winning spree? Get ready for a lot of losses, often setting you back even farther than when you started to keep you hooked in the game and invest more time which benefits and profits Riot as this increases your chances of spending money for cosmetics to sate your desire to win and enjoy the game as you aren't getting it through your own achievements. This is a parasitic company. If you play hundreds of games, you SHOULDN'T be hard stuck unless you have a severe learning disability. You get better the more you do ANYTHING, even if your IQ is below 100. You naturally get better at every aspect of the game the more you play, you learn from mistakes, at varying rates of course - sure SOMETIMES you find unfair teams and often people better than you, but the more you play you should naturally climb. No one has ever stayed at the same level that they started at after months of doing it. The game prevents people from climbing with their algorithms to make your process a grind. Never listen to any dismissive smug asshole who says 'get good' or 'maybe it's just you'. If after 100 games you haven't really gone anywhere, that's the game's fault holding you back with unfair, unwinnable games, not yours. A friend of mine keeps getting feeders teams and he's almost always the top player on his team when he loses with the best OP score. When I duo with him he gets such unwinnable games even worse than mine sometimes. He has honor level 5 and has played a bit longer than me. When I duo with him he often has a better score than mine, but I have a higher rank. I've played this game for 6 years, posted on the forums and noticed that I wasn't the only one noticing these obvious patterns - win streaks then lose streaks, lose your promos several times, get demoted after getting promoted, hit a hard lose streak after your win rate goes up then it gets even worse. Riot is essentially forcing people to lose, in no realistic scenario will the average win rate be 50%. that is the definition of FIXED and RIGGED, dismissive shills will even say 'that's not rigged that's the algorithms serving its purpose' - um having an algorithm with a purpose to keep you at 50% despite your skill is literally what I'm saying... and no 50% isn't what would happen in a game where every player plays eachother just because of the playerbase, not everyone is on at the same time and not everyone is playing eachother (every single other player at least once) because of said skill brackets and leagues. Not everyone plays ranked. 50% is not what you'd get, there are clear shills on reddit and in the youtube comments.

  • HideSide HS
    HideSide HS

    I play more cuz I want to win, I want to have that pleasant feeling from winning game.

  • Levi Elric
    Levi Elric

    What are you saying? I am winning every game. It might read "defeat" for my teammates when our nexus explodes, but i learned something and practiced something. I win every time, no matter what happens.

  • fakejutten

    I will copy the link to this Video and post it all the time i face toxicity.

  • emonte

    They don't play support.

  • Some dude
    Some dude

    Your doing exactly what you said not to do when explaining dopas result oriented thinking????

  • mixas_R

    At 11 mins in he literally talks about solo q with a 60% wr I haven't seen a single game with out inting or feeding loll

  • Bier Muschi
    Bier Muschi

    Smurfs always take those specific champions. There is no challenger rammus smurf with 70%+ chance... same with ziggs or somewhat else... they always pick those sneaky cheese pick 1 enemy out win teamfight champions. you can't do it with every champion. no matter how good or dedicated you are.

  • Yuichiro Hyakuya
    Yuichiro Hyakuya

    You know someone's toxic when they main irelia

  • i go in the way i go everyday
    i go in the way i go everyday

    So all I have to fucking do is use Conqueror nothing else?

  • Khoa Le
    Khoa Le

    You can play 1000+ games of league but don’t put in the time to learn about the game then all the times you played the game useless. Watch your own replay, learn to itemize, mechanics, wave management, and tempo. There will be game that are not winable but you should win more than you lose if you perform better than everyone around you.

  • Spoky200

    If you are a smurf, congratulations for being the most pathetic excuse of human being in this world

  • A Youtube Channel
    A Youtube Channel

    Look let's be honest here, if your team forfeits even though your carrying then there is no way around that.

  • Lucius Reygaert
    Lucius Reygaert

    I love how he placed jeracraft in his video for that alone it gets a tumbs up

  • dankdungeon

    The plausible beautician concomitantly plant because body uniformly screw failing a easy target. quiet, lamentable angle

  • dai grizi
    dai grizi

    i am a gold player ive been gold for 3 seasons and never climed more or less this season i got in gold in less then a week which i stoped playing when i lost a game if i won 6 games in a row then lost 1 i just stoped for the day and just played aram or normal or tft made me a better man

  • DerOhneLeben

    Smurfing should be banned.

  • Thorubas Mahelfi
    Thorubas Mahelfi


  • WetToast 115
    WetToast 115

    I just can't climb because I'm not good enough to carry yet lol. My main role isn't fun to play in low elo because I can't trust my adc to follow up or even attempt to do anything in lane, so I have to play other lanes and get better at those. I'm a fill player but I have my clear strengths (support/adc) and my weaknesses (jg/mid)

  • The Zectorian
    The Zectorian

    Exil: Confidently gives statistic showing effect Dunning-Kruger Effect. Also Exil: Assumes a Gaussian Driving Skill distribution.

    • The Zectorian
      The Zectorian

      The Zectorian: points out the Irony of Exil's Dunning-Kruger effect example. Also The Zectorian: Assumes Driving skill can be meaningfully represented on a numerical scale.

  • Nate Vu
    Nate Vu

    The rank of *Faker* should be after Challenger.

  • Frostspork 69
    Frostspork 69

    Pro guides is the definition of the dunning Krueger effect. They think they are for high elo players but tbh their content will keep you in gold elo. Virkayu is a solid channel if you wanna climb as a jg main

  • fipi ntugyi
    fipi ntugyi

    The tough mind regularly fence because pentagon demographically raise circa a remarkable russian. comfortable, unused spring

  • fipi ntugyi
    fipi ntugyi

    The lush rest specially welcome because island philly destroy like a panoramic helen. broken, uptight database

  • Chef Vidraru
    Chef Vidraru

    i can watch 100 videos on how to climb, my bot will still go 5 24 in my promos

  • XQuickScopeServus !
    XQuickScopeServus !

    „Easier Champions like Warwick“

  • Nick Morris
    Nick Morris

    This is very motivational not even about league just love in general

  • 이혜주

    The immense library broadly worry because stamp topically deliver following a succinct airbus. grumpy, messy freeze

  • Sasha

    I played Normals to have fun and i get flamed because i just wanna get a fun moment but everyone is playing Meta champs right now

  • Lucas Biermann
    Lucas Biermann

    according to Lol being iron is as rare. hard to believe but true.

  • xTheIceKinGx

    Fantastic content! It's all about the mindset!

  • iTz_Me!

    No. I cant.

  • iwanttodie

    Kda xd

  • assassin assassin
    assassin assassin

    this is one of ur best vids can we have more of this?

  • Krato

    Good video but your math is off. At 20:57 It is very possible for more than 50% to be above average. If you have 9 people aged 100 years old and one person age 1 the average age is 90.1 years, however 9 out of 10 people are above average in this case. Works the other way around too. Dont wanna be nitpicky but thats a fact

  • Thomas alberto
    Thomas alberto

    Me with ADHD: :)

  • MercilessGamingYT

    I've actually played many matches against SHERIFF BUFORD and honestly the biggest fault is the guy runs Heal and Teleport and it's so incredibly easy to abuse Mundo Top when you're playing champions that can handle Mundo early (as he is a Stat Stick Champion). With no Flash, there's literally no way for him to outplay his opponents or escape potentially lethal situations like when Darius grabs you or when Garen grabs you with Stridebreaker. The man also runs at you and hard commits to every all-in no matter what. (He ints with no awareness or plan.)

  • Axel Carré
    Axel Carré

    As a former hardstuck D1 promo player, I can tell I really got better when I figured out the following (be careful, it's already hard to do in micro lane gameplay and even harder in map macro gameplay) If you really want to be master or even reach challenger one day, focus on the two following things: 1) make no mistake so the enemies can exploit 2) learn to recognize mistakes to capitalize on ; this is basically the definition of being pixel perfect. You can apply these two aspects to both micro play (~lane) first, and then macro play (map). To beat soloQ you need to never let your direct opponent breathe, then transition your acquired lead into midgame by being 1v5 and still crushing everything in front of you. This is done by knowing your limits. Yet yes it's really hard to do and you need to invest time in League. (I was a enchanter lane bully main but it still applies to every role except jungle which isn't a lane but it's the same idea)

  • Axel Carré
    Axel Carré

    Incredible one

  • HerO's lPoint
    HerO's lPoint

    I very much agree with the advice, I noticed that after a full year of grinding that I can only play up to a max of 5 ranked games after this my score is ok but I can not carry like somehow I am missing something.

    • HerO's lPoint
      HerO's lPoint

      I just go ranked for a few games then I have fun in normal.

  • Daniel Min
    Daniel Min

    nah the reason i can't climb is because of these dogsh*t teammates

  • One does not simply
    One does not simply

    17:20 na challenger lul thinks he can 1v1 a rumble with double buffs a level down. How can he even think for 1 second that he wins this.

  • WhitePum4

    I slaughtered a team of diamond-challenger when I was silver, I have been avoiding results oriented thinking for the entirety of my time playing league of legends because it was blatantly obvious that teammates heavily affected winrates in a team game. I came here to see how challenger players smurf with 70%+ winrate and instead there is an entire bunch of irrelevant shit again. I have 2 accounts, one is plat 4 and the other is edging on bronze while I play the exact same way. The players are worse in the lower elo's but the game results are still clearly biased depending on team variance. Meaning that luck is a huge part of the result. good luck = lots of wins without doing much balanced luck = if you play better you will get more than 50% wins and bad luck = the worse your teammates are, the less of an impact you have in the game. The balance of luck can change but if you already had the bad luck, after those games of bad luck then that becomes your starting point, which could result in a continuation of bad luck. It seems when I have balanced teammates I can get like an 80-90% winrate. This never lasts though so I pretty much give up. I will wait until they bring out a team based game that rates you based on your performance, not your teams.

  • SkillBasedGamer

    This was just a "bla bla" compilation of other videos you made. You still haven't touched on the actual "HOW" from your title. I give this video a solid IRRELEVANT!

  • Nathan

    Give me all the toxic players as long as they aren't feeders, I will still win.

  • IiIlAkS


  • Lucian Cojocaru
    Lucian Cojocaru

    I just can not describe how much this video could posibly mean to me for LOL and life thank you for this 😭😁

  • Pax19

    This must be the third time I'm watching this, and I keep finding it better than 98% of the "how to climb" guides and channels out there.

  • mów mi Dred
    mów mi Dred

    fuck it from now on im gonna stick to one role and champion whetever im losing or winning i hope this will work

  • Janek Krawiecki
    Janek Krawiecki

    yeah its that accesible that i cant play normally because i olways get to match at 4 min due to crashes

  • Destiny Opara
    Destiny Opara

    So much information man.

  • Destiny Opara
    Destiny Opara

    Indeed complicated.

  • Isaiah Mcleod
    Isaiah Mcleod

    *last 3 seasons its been a jungle diff and elo hell get it right jk, but its true

  • Kevisevol Thore
    Kevisevol Thore

    Seeing that win streak roll made me happy, seriously

  • Rob Kolehouse
    Rob Kolehouse

    So if you are gold 4, what percentage of players do you surpass? That is to ask: "Gold is better than X percent of players"?

  • Hansel Finn
    Hansel Finn

    Here i will give you a tips when I play any games i watch a lot of games and then i play until i lose if i lose the first match of the day that's it and if i win 4 and lose 1 that's it for that day, but sometimes i make an exception

  • zilo

    Me watching this video playing the game for 3 months and about 30 ranked games: ah yes I totally understand your problems so now I know lots of things that I should not forget but ... I think I have to play more ranked to get a higher rank ? If I will ever come back I will comment my rank that I am at this point now I am bronze 2

  • Tasha Florence
    Tasha Florence

    i dont get 1 tricks if youre just gonna improve in league with 1 champ youre better off not improving at all like, why burden your entire team and force people to wait for a longer period, just so u can be inflating your actual rank. like, im sorry, but does no one else this is considered inflation? considering how you learn 0 other roles, nor do you learn the other champs

  • ImRengar OTP
    ImRengar OTP

    If you are stuck in anything below plat and you want a higher rank just make a new acc to make it way easier. You get tons of lp if you win a lot of your first games and you just need some luck for it. Also the starting mmr is pretty op and a good normalgame wr can make it even higher. One of my teammates some days ago was gold2 with 20 games played 14 won and 6 lost without ever playing before and its not that unlikely to get that luck. And if you start in gold anstead of silver or bronze your mental also gets better because you get better randoms.


    This video has value far beyond league of legends. Very insightful

  • Memes of Legends
    Memes of Legends

    Bro that video is so usefull and full of great things , but tell me just a thing , how could i rank up from gold , if i always have ad mid lane and the enemy is a super tank , by that , i mean how could i win a game if i'm already losing it from champion select , some people are really so bad in team match making ... Anyway , you are doing a really great job with editing and bringing that kind of content , keep it up 👌🍺✌️

  • Evan Kraft
    Evan Kraft

    This is also, in general, really good life advice. It reminds me very strongly of a book called PEAK by Anders Ericksson. Great book.

  • kri4o

    Stopped at 4:31 to write this comment: Why is it so hard to climb: 1. You're not as good as you think at your lane/champion. 2. You do not understand the game well enough/you have poor game sense. 3. You're making bad decisions. 4. You're tilting. 5. The community is a toxic pile of garbage. EDIT: Stop listening to anything but in-game sounds. Completely disable music in League of Legends, do not play outside sounds and leave League sounds on. The sounds in the game are audio ques and are EXTREMELY useful when it comes to your gameplay.

  • McLolzable

    But is it as good as Dota 2?

  • alan moulet
    alan moulet

    Lol when i play 15 game solo q in silver a day i only win 14 :/

  • Rowan Clay
    Rowan Clay

    I gotta admit that this video has really nice editing, not to mention the information is top tier as well

  • Zero F15
    Zero F15

    As a new player i started to hate the game bcs of smurfs

  • Switch207

    "Play 1-2 Champs. Stick to 1 or 2 roles" me: mains every role

  • Victor Hansen
    Victor Hansen

    In season 10 i got placed silver 3 as a bad Camille player. Then i decided that this season should be my thing since spending 550 games as a hard stuck bronze wastn something i enjoyed. So I started to watch some streamers learn some combos and tbh it was fun, but i didn't know how to play toplane as a role. Then half the season i spent in gold trying to figure out why I couldn't win even tho my mechanics were much better than gold players. Then i got the idea of watching minion guides. And every matchup for Camille one day at a time so I constantly learned something. Then summer hit and i just woke up one day saying that if I can hit plat 4. Then i can freaking hit diamond 4 how hard can it be tbh😂. And only 57 games later spread on 8 days i reached diamond as a Camille otp that never gave up. I hope this is a good message for all of you that say they are hardstuck. Instead of watching reddit montages take a look of what you suck at and make it decent or good. Then take what you are talented at and maintain it and perfect it. Then I'm sure you can reach your dream rank. If a hardstuck bronze can change in the course of a season and hit diamond. then so can anybody else. I got to play 380 ranked games that season just keep your sessions 3 hours max and make sure every single game you take teaches you something and make sure to spot the little details.

  • Mezmerizer 9
    Mezmerizer 9

    5 games in a row with either afk or a 0/7 that when told to def he answers with stfu noob doesn't help anyone climb or even want to play.

  • TruBluLew

    The Mundo Guy hasn't played Singed once since this video but is now at over 10 million on Mundo. Wow that's some dedication

  • Devon Leach
    Devon Leach

    I'm gonna give you 100 games, 60 wins and 40 losses but those 40 losses will have afks, toxicity, trolls and ragers and feeders...... LITERALLY NO DIFFERENT than how it is now. Look, i dont care about rank but when i go into ranked i try my hardest, give what advice i can and ping and be the teammate i wish i had, but it doesnt mean i have an amazing record. but the game is only ever as good as the support it receives and this game has by far the worst support i have ever seen in any game. Ever. and another, the only advice 99% of people say is mute all? how am i supposed to communicate and help my team if i cant communicate, write exact times of flashes, do all i can, when the whole team is muted, i tried it for an entire season... didnt help me whatsoever and made me hate the game even more due to being put in a position where i go from my teammates likely not listening to them not being able to hear my input The game you see is not the game I play. This game is the only game i am able to play with certain friends, and with those friends, i dont play a lot with at all anymore because this game is honestly so GD infuriating when you do try your hardest after a streak, you are doing amazing and you do get those afks, trolls, ragers etc, regardless of what you do, you can report, send video footage as proof, and your report goes ignored. I had riot remove my lvl 300+ account i had for seasons and seasons because this game ruined me mentally. I cant play it. If i cant control how high i climb and how well i can present myself because i count on teammates to not run it down or rage, why play. I focused on cs, focused on wave manipulation, focused on when to rotate, and deny myself exp to help a jungle help a laner , ive tried everything i can think of, nothing makes the game as enjoyable as it was when i started years ago.

  • Der Z
    Der Z

    Such a good video!

  • Diavolo The Boss
    Diavolo The Boss

    "In those 40 games you will get toxic players, trolls, afks , feeders" So basically every 40 games in EUW ?

  • Xingyu Zhang
    Xingyu Zhang

    When you explained the Dunning-Kruger effect... You can have way more than 50% to be better (or worse) than the average. Consider these numbers: 1, 1, 1, 1 and 1,000,000. The average of them is 200,000.8. All but one of the number (80%) are lower than the average. Still, 88% of people (should roughly follow a normal distribution) believe they are better than average is quite funny.

  • Somekind of Dude
    Somekind of Dude

    “It’s always the junglers fault for not playing good enough”

  • SgtMaggi

    And that's why I play casually lmao

  • Wiell Nyan
    Wiell Nyan

    FPS is a factor, plays on 30 fps.

  • pare mpoooliii
    pare mpoooliii

    Humans will mever stop bragging about their label. Even if it's the rank in a video game.. When AIs are winning the best pros in the most difficult games and in some that actually have tactics not like this shitjoke called LOL, you get the idea that it's all about basic calculations.If you don't believe this you are just a victim of those fake channels that trying to establish their position in society as "THE HIGH SKILL GAMERS".You can also all check how machine learning is working.There are hundreds of papers showing that in the highest level of chess play, practise is the most dominant predictor of success.Also in gaming.But if i make you throw a ball in the basket just to throw it, that's not practicing shooting. That's league.It boosts naiveness.So people don't listen to these gurus who have laughably connected intelligence to rank. They are pathetic and clueless about the subject.

  • Aura

    The whole "1800 games for Tyler1 to reach Challenger on JG" just shows how awful it can really be autofilling. Of course there's nothing Riot can do to prevent players from being forced to fill since in higher ELO queue times are far too long, but I seriously couldn't imagine being a Challenger ADC or Mid laner and being filled to Jungle. Jungle is probably the most difficult role in the whole game, so if you're autofilled in Challenger.. well.. RIP LP.

  • Aura

    Pretty sure all it takes to reach Platinum (or higher) is to simply one trick one champion and become decently good on that champion. I feel like a lot of lower ELO players who are desperately trying to climb by watching guides and trying different 'meta' builds won't really improve because of the fact they will constantly have to adjust their playstyle completely. A lot of players from Iron until Platinum or higher try to play whatever the professional players and guides and other sources deem 'meta' which means consistently playing different champions and positions. If you are playing in lower ELO it is probably because you don't have enough experience on the game or have never really found the best way to climb. I think it's better to learn how to play the weakest champion in the game well enough to climb with that champion then it is to switch mains each patch. Sure, past a certain point meta is very important which is why professional players like Faker for example don't simply one trick and are able to flex if needed, but the skill gap between Iron-diamond+ and a professional and challenger player is very large. I think sticking to one lane/role is always a good idea for climbing (but not forgetting you can always flex to whatever champion or position you feel like playing in norms) or picking 1-3 champions you enjoy playing and becoming the best you can on said champion. Honestly, my advice may not work for every one and I feel like it's boring only playing one single champion, but having a 'main' is a great idea. Just an example of this if you wish to keep reading: I personally don't play ranked and am fairly new to the game (I've been playing for 2 months now); but my boyfriend is another story. My boyfriend has been playing for about 6 or so years now (2014-2020, not including 2021), and has been ranked in every season since then. He picked up a few different champions to play in ranked such as Warwick, Annie, Xin Zhao, Lucian and a little Kayn later on. He'd play pretty much anything except for top lane. Anyways, for about 3 years he was stuck in Silver III - Silver I playing a large variety of champions. Finally, he decided to say screw it and simply one trick his all time favourite champion, Katarina. At the time he had about 40k mastery on Katarina because she was one of his favourite in draft pick and blind pick. He did play her fairly often, just never was confident enough to play her in ranked. He decided finally to just one trick her since he had a lot of fun with her, enjoyed carrying games from time to time and he was tired of playing champions he didn't necessarily find fun to play. It took him a couple of months but he managed to climb up to Gold III. He spent another two-ish years playing in gold and FINALLY in 2020 managed to hit Platinum II. He spent 3 years in silver while flexing, and it took him about another 3 years to climb from silver to gold and then platinum aswell. After all of that time he's at around 450,000 mastery points on Katarina. 3 years may seem like a long time, but considering how complex this game is, I think it's a pretty good time. He also plays a good amount of draft pick so he doesn't consistently grind ranked which also may be a factor. Either way, his goal has been diamond for a while and he's getting there. While I already knew quite a bit about the lore, champions and a few game mechanics from watching him play for a few years; starting to play for myself was complete torture. He had been trying to convince me to play the game for a good 2 years (Games like League weren't really my style as I prefer FPS games like Overwatch and CS:GO) and I finally gave it a try. I honestly don't know where to begin with choosing my favourite champion to play, so for the past two months I've been flexing in draft pick onto different champions and positions to find the one I like best. When I find my favourite champion and have a 'main' I'm definetely going to be one tricking in ranked aswell until I'm confident enough to be flexible. I think it's a pretty good way to climb aslong as you are trying your best each game and not purposely ruining the game for others. But with one tricking comes autofilling *cough cough* Lulu jungle *cough cough* so I suggest dodging the game if you are auto filled to save you and your teammates 30 minutes. It's always unlucky to dodge since it does have some consequences, but if you are unable to be confident enough to play a certain champion or role especially once you've started climbing to higher divisions, you're better off just taking one for the team and dodging. At the end, it all comes down to preference and how much time you're willing to put into the game. You'll see progress no matter what when you play more frequently, but one tricking may just be the best way to climb quickly. Also, finding a streamer or RSloftr who one tricks your main to watch and get tips from is also a good strategy!

  • Aura

    Season 11: "Jg diff" Season 10: "Always has been"

  • Xahrie

    The best video about this topic I could find.

  • corridos.editz_

    me watching all this reazling what ive been doing wrong knowing im going to continue to get tilted

  • Banana Cat
    Banana Cat

    "fuck anyone with more than one comma in their bank account" -Marx

  • nikolygtx

    i'm Renekton main, but i'm making change to jax, first game me 27-5 my COMPLETE TEAM 4-11 like score and some how i won, i'm cool Renekton player but i need leave him because out this world retards in game, bot lane its the worst i don't understand how with Ranged ADC someone can have 4-11, in 15 min.

  • Sharkshimi

    u have a negative winrate in life

  • milky way
    milky way

    lmfao maybe if you were good at the game

  • Julien Rüttimann
    Julien Rüttimann

    i started playing with my duo partner on bot lane a couple weeks ago, he is mid main, i jumped from ADC to Jungle to Top everytime, i started being his supp, even while getting him 10 kills on jinx before 15min (he was 10-0) we ended up losing game because mid, jng and top didnt perform. A 2nd game we won bot, mid, top and "jng" but the jng was more focused on kills than objectives and we lost due to him not getting any Rift Heralds or anything else

  • Drage

    All I got from this is that that mundo guy finnally got his mastery 7

  • xpox ZzZ
    xpox ZzZ

    plot twist they are good at the game

  • 𝙼𝙺-𝚄-𝙽

    There is so many players in normal draft games with 200k mastery points and still Mastery 5 on a single champ that keep explaining how good they themselves are and how bad others are. On those players, you can really see their skill. Where it gets harder tho, is a Mastery 7 champ with 200k points. Not so easy to judge anymore. Still keep talking shit tho.

  • Carlos Moret
    Carlos Moret

    Smurfing is annoying to the players that actually play in that tier they will get destroyed. The ranked system is there for a reason i don’t understand why ppl smurf in the first place

  • Enzo Sperandio
    Enzo Sperandio

    Tyler1 also became a Challenger Top Laner. Next step is mid.

every bronze yasuo
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