How Did Lux Become The Most OP Support In The Game?
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Today, let's talk about Lux Support. Plenty of challenger players and supports have been playing lux support for a long time. Lets go over the history of league of legends for lux support as well as her runes and what to build on lux support. Lux support is one of the best champions to play in patch 9.12 and she is one of the best supports in patch 9.12. Lux is S tier for the tier list for patch 9.12 and the support tier list.
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  • Exil

    I have really enjoyed seeing all the great feedback both in my last video about Tahm Kench and for instapro on proguides, thank you guys for watching!

    • Christopher Mauro-Barias
      Christopher Mauro-Barias

      How come you dont work for Mobalytics anymore.

    • Sebastian Vang
      Sebastian Vang

      Pyke top or mid A Chinese challenger made a pyke mid work against a yasuo and got 45 kills

    • Richard Valli
      Richard Valli

      Hey Exil thanks for the video ! I really like that Freelo or Forfeit serie ! What about Camille or Rumble mid for the next one ?

    • deadli

      i wanna see aatrox in it haha

    • Luke Garner
      Luke Garner

      please do camille middddd

  • Mr. Reese
    Mr. Reese

    5:16 I just played against that red Jayce skin yesterday and thought the exact Same thing, haha :D.

  • Alry FireBlade
    Alry FireBlade

    4:10 Okay I am building Ludens and stopped building Athenes because it was wasted money too me, and I am quit successfull with it xD

    • TheBroeiegg

      this video is old

  • Alry FireBlade
    Alry FireBlade

    Forget it, I will never buy something like InstaPro. I hate it when people tell me what to do. That ruins the Fun for me. I mute everyone who does this. When i want something to know I ask.

    • TheBroeiegg


  • Wouter Horjus
    Wouter Horjus

    The reason lux became rly good in proplay was that she countered the xayah/rakan lane, where you would q the instant rakan e'd back on xayah for an easy double root.

  • Jason James
    Jason James

    I would of liked you to mention she was already a high damage mid lane mage with no real nerfs to her damage on her change bot lane.

  • Bill Zou
    Bill Zou

    Jesus i hate you, you don't have to get in the character and cut to a new point every 3 seconds. ;-;

  • Falk Fink
    Falk Fink

    LUX IS NO SUPPORT Change my mind.

  • Daymon Baker
    Daymon Baker

    Garen yuumi incoming

  • SF BS
    SF BS

    E-girls : idk what’s all this math you’re doing Lux is good because she’s hot like me!

    • SF BS
      SF BS

      Fenikkusu san ↓

    • Fenikkusu san
      Fenikkusu san

      imagine hating on e-Girls in 2019 lol

  • christos leonidou
    christos leonidou

    Really helpful, thnx

  • Cande Rivolta
    Cande Rivolta

    I came from the future where Garen is being played in the botlane in competitive.

  • Ainsley Vergara
    Ainsley Vergara

    6:44 Garen right now is being played in he Worlds stage

  • Jessie M
    Jessie M

    I think you predicted the garen and shaco buffs..

  • LuboBeast Bg
    LuboBeast Bg

    I am main lux. An overpowered combo is lux + neeko on bot. 99% winrate

  • Paul Tremmel
    Paul Tremmel

    Isn't it funny that he mentioned that Garen and Shaco are not interesting for pros but now they are the 2 most OP Champs in the whole game?

  • Ace Copper
    Ace Copper

    Another thing crazy, gold is really good on this champion opposed to something like Janna which only really needs 1 or 2 core items. So this champ is great for solo q climbing.

  • Anthony Kim
    Anthony Kim

    Then there’s me running dark harvest Lux with precision secondary......800 damage ults on a 27 second cool down is just too much fun

  • Rimaiuna play
    Rimaiuna play

    i play ux supp since season 7, when i started lol

    • Rimaiuna play
      Rimaiuna play

      and played her aftershock since the rune came out ^^

  • Jack the Doctor
    Jack the Doctor

    Actually laughed out loud with the forsaken jayce skin rant! those moments are great. good content as always.

  • Filthy Casual
    Filthy Casual

    I hate the "Just Dodge her skillshots LUL" argument. The size of the hitbox on everything in her kit is the size of a fucking bus.

  • Jesper Christensen
    Jesper Christensen

    Biggest problem (Maybe not the biggest) with League now is that basically ALL the old mid-laners have been turned into supports.. just shows how obsolete they have been made by the new champions. Another reason to have an oldschool league server.

  • Heber Chaile
    Heber Chaile

    God damn it , as a main support i got bored of endless braums and started messing around with lux from season 5 , that said i also played zac , nocturne , rumble , ezreal , malphite , and the most obviously broken champs , *GAREN* and *NASUS*

  • Never Reformed69
    Never Reformed69

    Wow this exil video is a little quiet let's turn it up, "LIGHTING THE WAY!"

  • SaltyWaffles

    Why is it a good idea to get into a champion whose newfound viability is dependent upon a rune that everyone knows is broken?

    • tarod3

      Viability? No. Her EASY WINS is dependent on it. She’s been viable since they took the delay away on her shield and buffed Athene’s. You only like playing broke champs?

  • Himisuda

    cant be op if you cant hit your skillshots

  • Jordan Miles
    Jordan Miles

    Created to be a support, starts getting a high win rate with resolve builds, riot nerfs shield so she will never see support play again. Thanks riot her shield is now a skill shot that when maxed cant save they tankiest of players.

    • tarod3

      Right? Nerf her base damage and up her scaling like they did with Other mid lane supports.

  • Lemonade

    I was lux main so long ago and quit for a while... now i find out she’s popular because of a rune and now she gets nerfed. 🤮 what a terrible fate... it makes me cry.

  • Trolling soul
    Trolling soul

    Take leo and fck her

  • Soso UAE
    Soso UAE

    I rember when i was playing support lux and get flamed af cuz she is mid laner on s6,7,8 and now hhhhhhh no comment

  • Ld Alexandrite
    Ld Alexandrite

    It’s so dumb that ranged mages like lux and lissandra benefit so much from this tank rune. You already can deal a good amount of dmg and/or cc from a safe distance but as a tank i have to risk leaving my teammates on the open and dying in order to create an initiation. It’s just, it gets under my skin.

    • Ld Alexandrite
      Ld Alexandrite

      Also; Please just revert Lux’s q cooldown (and maybe mana costs too.) So it’d mean something if you miss your hard cc. It’d still make support lux viable, just renders her more risky if you max q last. I don’t care about aftershock at this point because giving her snare a longer cooldown might make it more healthy.

  • M Dr
    M Dr

    like 3455

  • Ismael Lopez
    Ismael Lopez

    Lol I’ve gone ap lux support since season 2 it’s beast, and free carry when someone else sucks or gives up in solo que.

  • Kirk Añonuevo
    Kirk Añonuevo

    Is caitlyn a freelo? coz' seriously, the assassin items are really good at her after the recent buff to her.

  • 2000 D
    2000 D

    Victorious Lux this Season?

  • 129das

    no she never did most annoy maybe, Lux is the teemo of bot lane.

  • Sr Bolainas
    Sr Bolainas

    -1 for the add

  • Orbital Potato
    Orbital Potato

    "The sun is a deadly lazer"

  • viera

    What tilts me about Lux being a good support, is that when I play adc my support picks Lux... with Arcane Comet... and builds Dorian's ring and Luden's Echo...

    • King Abalos Films
      King Abalos Films

      and steals your cs


    this is the first time iv'e hear people with the same pronunciation as my name just spelled different but back on topic i've been fighting noting but lux in the bot lane for about 2 months now it's getting really annoying

  • tim hoevenaars
    tim hoevenaars

    The question on my mind is: should she be nerfed? Because lux midlane is in a great spot but not OP at all and honestly I like her more as a burst mage than a support so I would hate to see those qualities be nerfed as well

  • llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

    Your videos are fantastic!! Keep like this!!

  • Sato

    That bit about Jayce's red skin and "Riot come on you mother f***ers" made me laugh out loud, good little bit of humor

  • vincent lee
    vincent lee

    Damn good explanation Really helpful as insight for someone who hasn't been playing the game

  • HiBoBiH

    Make your videos 10 minutes you should be getting paid for up your hard work


    Meanwhile I been playing support Lux for ages now and from time to time I get the classic "uH lUx iSn'T sUpPoRt".... WHY DO YOU MAKE ME STEAL ALL YOUR KILLS, IT DIDN'T HAVE TO BE LIKE THIS!

  • MildlySeasoned

    ive gotten quite good at perfectly skipping the paid ad just by randomly clicking further ahead on the scroll bar

  • Brad Potter
    Brad Potter

    The reason is because riot allows squishy ap mages to be classified as “supports” Ap mages = protected character types never receiving nerfs and has best item builds in game

  • Veit Schweikhardt
    Veit Schweikhardt


  • Martin Holck
    Martin Holck

    As a Lux mid main i'm glad that she is getting some attention, but sad to see that a ridiculous keystone like Aftershock is being spammed on her.

  • Elnelia

    The only bad thing about this is that they are probably going to nerf my main. :'(

  • Kingsley Ekechukwu
    Kingsley Ekechukwu

    I love playing my lux she was the first champion i played and has been the only champion i have every played been playing for a year now even though my younger brother makes fun of me for always picking lux i tell i want to be a pro as lux great video took some screen shot was fun to watch 🤣🤣😂😂😭

  • easily offended
    easily offended

    No wonder I used to be so annoyed when my friend was maining lux support the last few patches. he was building q second, ludens sometimes before finishing remnant, and sorcery tree then complaining that he always dies without getting assists...

  • Florian Schröder
    Florian Schröder

    Prefer ap Lux supp, more fun and more chances to carry yourself if the adc sucks

    • tarod3

      Ardent, dark seal, twin shadows?

  • Frederik Seerup Nielsen
    Frederik Seerup Nielsen


  • gmaxmcik456 Official
    gmaxmcik456 Official

    You should try electrocute lux q e aa. With that electrocute proc u can half hp. So use this combo Q E R E. Boom they are dead. Land Q throw your E press Ultimate Press E to get the electrocute proc. Make sure to prees e after u press ulti.

  • Diego León
    Diego León

    Actually they started to pick her in midlane because she is a hard counter for zoe , then they realize how good she is

  • Kinjry

    I remember people getting mad at me for trying to play Lux support. Was a while ago, but it's fun to see how league changes over time.

  • kailianglf2

    darius is a tank?

  • Adam Xue
    Adam Xue

    I remember playing Lux as a support like a few months ago, but since I am bad at the game and somehow didn't know how to even play Lux correctly(Long story short, I poked with Q and not E for the longest time, and was maxing Q because I thought it increased root time), it was just more or less fun than viable for me.

  • Cyanide

    You can't go aftershock and Ardent in low Elo. You are suppose to carry yourself not trust in some randoms that will let you down.

    • Adjusting

      Cyanide so don't play supports (you are trolling yeah?)

    • Dom

      @Cyanide I'm pretty sure you're trolling but okay

    • Cyanide

      @Dom dude until mid gold it's not worth playing actual supports.

    • zandrom ex
      zandrom ex

      "you're supposed to carry yourself" "They got carried" I... The contradictions... It's just too much...

    • Dom

      @Cyanide So it's easier to believe that those people just got lucky in 50%+ of their games while you can't be? And they continue to get lucky and never fall back down? Maybe the real reason is you just jell better with a Lux Mid play style rather than a Lux Support play style.

  • Cyanide

    Every time I find a hidden gem and play it, people literally steal it. I was playing it for 2 seasons now xX

  • Rando Karatajev
    Rando Karatajev

    In order to become a pro you must download instapro wtf

  • Ginga Ninja
    Ginga Ninja

    This is the aftershock lux video I’ve been looking for, thank you!

  • AcciorraOfficial

    Riot refusing to nerf/stop buffing her.

  • King Arceux
    King Arceux

    You exposed all Lux-main secrets 😩

  • DuckBoi

    I think you should put freelo or forfeit in the title, might boost the views. idk



  • Daisen Ds
    Daisen Ds

    Azir support is the Best thing

  • Karlberg

    do roaming teemo support

  • Volkain10

    Lux is a worse Morgana. Morg does the exact same thing but with better utility. The fact that lux is being played more than morg indicates that either lux's numbers are overtuned or morg is severely undertuned. -morg/lux player since season 2

    • Alvin Huang
      Alvin Huang

      Volkain10 What are your builds and rune pages for both of them, may I ask?

  • Abe P.
    Abe P.

    Ahri and Leblanc vids would be good

  • Robin O'Donnell
    Robin O'Donnell

    What ELO are you?

  • adonakas

    Isn't riot bored of making lux skins, like this champ has 20 skins or something....

  • LivingAsABraker

    Song is Adrian von Ziegler's Moonsong

  • Adam Gibson
    Adam Gibson

    Yes!! More lux skins! Im so excited for more lux skins! Can you see how excited i am for more lux skins!?!?

  • allen legaspi
    allen legaspi

    Can't we just agree that karthus is the best support you can ever have

  • Yann Pacheco
    Yann Pacheco

    Hey Kellen, do a video about the story of Mordekaiser, since when he was a low elo beast season 1 and got fairly well known by being #1 choice by br players, even making the HUEHUEHUE BRBRBR speech known worldwide, until now. I know you weren't playing then, but i'm sure there's a lot of content out there. Even this video can help (great cover btw)

  • hossein mehdipour
    hossein mehdipour

    Says "competetive play", shows KT vs. JAG. Lmao

  • Velcho Shalamanov
    Velcho Shalamanov

    I have recently had the chance to see the bugsines of the lol client and I was wondering if could do a video about the clients history and its greatest bugs?

  • Gustav Gunbelm
    Gustav Gunbelm

    River Shen.

  • Som do Brasil
    Som do Brasil


  • Jesus Marin
    Jesus Marin

    If she gets nerfed I'm blaming you XD

  • Isaac Yip
    Isaac Yip

    morgana or lux? cant decide which one is better

  • せいそう

    cause it's a trash champ

  • Zanodia

    Me taking aftershock a few years ago l: screaming mob. Pros use aftershock: Omg best build ever "dic sukkin sounds."

  • Jay Ryan
    Jay Ryan

    Got myself from plat 3 tot diamond 3 with lux in less than 2 weeks 🥳

  • Lord Akke
    Lord Akke

    Warwick pls

  • Hai Hai
    Hai Hai

    Feels bad seeing Lux get all this attention. Now they're gonna nerf her.

  • Derek

    This is the problem, a high damage ranged mage should not be able to take tank runes and succeed with it. Aftershock needs to be a scaling rune in terms of base numbers and current MR and ARMOR. That it’s okay early but strong late.

  • Clement

    do ap nautilus

  • fantasticfoil92

    obviously because she a cute redhead now, redder is better

  • Joshua

    do a video on tryndamere

  • Richard Bright
    Richard Bright

    Heres another thing you probably dont know is Glacial agument + glp is ridiculous on Lux 1 you do extra dmg in your burst 2 another tool for catching up or escaping if you miss your q 3 glacial items slow is so borderline strong its nearly impossible to sidestep your ult

  • Pyjama

    Kalista Mid pls

  • Flasfire Blaze
    Flasfire Blaze

    Yas top?

  • Unknownn qqq
    Unknownn qqq

    As lux main since season 3, i’m a bit worried because she might get nerfed in the near future

  • SakuraFox

    I'm better as lux mid than supp, I can't supp as lux i just end up getting the kills lol

  • BillyTheGreat

    How about ryze

  • AmbientDisguise

    Advertising click bait. T_T

    • AmbientDisguise

      Doesn’t end up staying that way though, guys. Just a bad start with and execution of it and leaves a bit of a bad taste on the mouth because of it.

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