How Kalista Fell From Being The Best To The Worst Champion In League of Legends
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Today, let's talk about one of the best champions of all time, when Kalista had a 95% Ban rate, a 90% presence in league of legends competitive play and worlds, or even higher. Kalista's Win rate pick rate and ban rate were at an all time high in league of legends history. This is a video covering the history of Kalista, the history of league of legends, and league of legends' 10th anniversary. In celebration of league of legends 10th birthday and 10th anniversary, and worlds 2019 season 9 worlds league of legends. Let's Celebrate G2 vs FPX and league of legends worlds 2019 by talking about one of the best all time champions at league of legends worlds
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►U.GG for Kalista Bot Runes And Build on U.GG
Patch 9.22 on the PBE on surrender at 20

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  • Osman Xhepa
    Osman Xhepa

    I have 100k points on kalista, I sadly totally agree with you but this season she looks good

  • Ultra Sexy Chipotle
    Ultra Sexy Chipotle

    Also riot: hm yes, seraphine

  • ajthe blueninja
    ajthe blueninja

    spoiler alert she kinda didnt

  • Celestial Enigma
    Celestial Enigma

    Idek if it was just a good player or a fed Kalista, but I've seen Kalistas straight up go 1v2 even recently.

  • Celestial Enigma
    Celestial Enigma

    Enemy Kalista: 1v2 throughout the entire game. My 'support' Kalista: Engulfs me at the wrong time and I get so shocked that I shoot right out and into the enemy team's Garen. Yes I died.

  • BN Gerodias
    BN Gerodias

    I can't wait for this to happen to Samira.

  • Kormit The Frag
    Kormit The Frag

    Dude, I swear with this video and the Ivern one, you are just taking the piss out of us players who play 0.2% pick rate champs. feelsgoodman Blame riot for ruining them ;/ Gotta love how kalista came back slightly in s10 and got nerfed again

  • aids

    Save 21 minutes and just read her patch history

  • I am the father
    I am the father

    i hope she stays as the worst adc/ her kit is cancer to deal with and ppl who play kalista top lane deserve perma

  • hfg

    S11 Pre-Season update: still trash in solo queue.

  • krystal meth
    krystal meth


  • Simeone Iside
    Simeone Iside


  • Jung Kookie
    Jung Kookie

    I literally forgot that she exists lmao

  • Hashirama

    The caption says Kalisto.

  • Thomas alberto
    Thomas alberto


  • Orthane

    It's 2020, I've played about 200 games this year (Yeah not much but still) I have seen Kalista TWICE I have seen more Cassiopeia bot than I have Kalista

  • cursedex

    I still recall when Kalista's champion spotlight was released. Neither the melee junglers/top laners, nor the community denouncing the growing "mobility creep" in the game, could believe that passive passed the tests to go live.

  • Vladimir Jovanovic
    Vladimir Jovanovic

    im zed main and zed one trick

  • Darkness Dash
    Darkness Dash

    "in season 10 there might be some hope for her" that didnt age well

  • Dinar

    I had totally forgotten that we had to pay for homeguard

  • Benji4 Sir re
    Benji4 Sir re

    ily 🥴😍

  • Venus

    its like they wanted her to disappear, all those nerfs and then regretted it? like figure out ur shit riot xd

  • Adepta Potentia
    Adepta Potentia

    >a little hope for her in the next season. The next season: No

    • _NainPorteQuoi_

      I mean, she WAS good for a few... no nevermind she was good for a patch then nerfed again when she was picked top lane.

  • Dark DICE
    Dark DICE

    in season 10 i even forgot she exists lol

  • Rosca Alexandru
    Rosca Alexandru

    Nope,no hope


    Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nerfs

  • Josiah Thieme
    Josiah Thieme

    heck you were right

  • - Zetskeith -
    - Zetskeith -

    actually, Aphelios has taken the place for worst adc winrate

  • Slender

    I enjoyed. Nice vid !

  • Jeroen Hak
    Jeroen Hak

    Thanks to you I’m buying a new laptop ‘cause I want to play again!! Kalista here I come!!

  • Build a WALL
    Build a WALL

    What are u talking about urgot is sexy

  • Jeerus

    You know what I despise? The fact Kalista has 90% total attack damage while all new op ad carries fly around.

  • Tanguy Trevisan
    Tanguy Trevisan

    UPDATE : Still trash

    • Adam Schwager
      Adam Schwager

      She had a 54.9% win rate in pro play S10, but okay

  • David Aleksidze
    David Aleksidze

    Imagine how unfair she was from a bruiser's perspective. Not only you depend on that dog shit role so much, now it has a champ that literally kites you to death with autos. Fuck ad carries.

  • Fun time
    Fun time

    Well i play kalista like every game and its so good

  • Shane Klein
    Shane Klein

    She didn't fall she was beaten there with a hammer

  • VocaMew

    I love watching this video now cuz she did come back Just as a top laner

  • bigcubslover97

    The problem with Kalista is that she wants to build attack speed, but if you utilize her passive with high enough attack speeds you lose so much DPS. She wants attack speed yet it can't even be fully used with her passive.

  • Nami Cat
    Nami Cat

    Video about Janna too please! 😂

  • Mathias Valentin
    Mathias Valentin

    12:57 the "sorry Jarvan" just had me screaming with laughter!! im not even sure why i found it so funny, but holy crap that was a good one dude!

  • Erebus

    Bro if I'm watching your stuff to chill during tedious work the last thing I want is an extended section of God awful rap that makes me grab my phone. Cut that garbage out or develop a taste god damn

  • Brian Lyers
    Brian Lyers

    Wait but picking yuumi support wouldn't fix the problem? She stays 24/7 glued to you

  • VivaMC

    This aged poorly 😂😂

  • KHfan0011

    She also came right back in 2020 lol

  • naz five
    naz five

    they could add back the longer backward leap cuz now a days all the champs are hella mobile

  • Jaxx H
    Jaxx H

    I’m not a league player, but the quality of your videos, and storytelling keep me coming back! Bravo!

  • - ToastaLP -
    - ToastaLP -

    I actually play kalista as a support together with my friend right now, who is playing adc. It kind of works with the new ad-support item. And its pretty fun. Just not really strong

  • Dinca Eduard
    Dinca Eduard

    So fake, check PAW Kalista youtube channel...

  • Yana Bisuña
    Yana Bisuña

    I'm Kalista main. How I wish I played LoL sooner so then I coud've played her when she was so OP... how frustrating :'( BTW, she can really outplay the enemy with a good support, like Thresh.

  • Trinity

    Where my Kalista mains at?!?! Oh... Noone? Ok.....

  • Mercivrii

    The funny thing is that my name is Kalista

  • pablo ramos
    pablo ramos

    Xayah overloaded? I mean, throw feathers here and there... Pull them back... I actually like the fact that she's rather straightforward. Unlike yasuo 2.0 now with Akali R.

  • Menacing Boi
    Menacing Boi

    It’s like wan wan In mlbb

  • Marcello De paula
    Marcello De paula

    And now she is a top laner, yep riot pretty much destroyed adc's especially with these faster games and duper tanks and dumb assassins. But okay kalista with grasp on top lane is simply super strong, she outlays most of bruisers while getting tank and still with a nice damage output.

  • stagenine

    kalista was the very first champion I played. I haven’t picked her since season 5

  • Richard Martin
    Richard Martin

    Tell that to to Teddy, Deft and Theshy 😂😂

  • Zr Hakeem
    Zr Hakeem

    For a moment, I thought Phreak was Exil

  • Cs505

    Aphelios be like

  • legendarystar

    I still watch this video, becauase the production quality of your content is unbelievable. Btw player from my country (czechia) named Freeze. Got rank 1 world. Thanks to kalista. He had around 1800 lp on west. which was the most

  • Yeeesh

    First league vid I’ve seen using actual fire music and not using non-stereotypical “gaming” music

  • Paul Jeleanu
    Paul Jeleanu

    It's funny to see this, as a Kalista main barely getting back into the game, like she's soooo goood with a good supoort match-up

  • Skain

    Well she did come back in competitive in the end. Cool.

  • Thomas Gallagher
    Thomas Gallagher

    Watching this after destroying a kalista as kai'sa prompting a surrender at 19 minutes

  • Lord Mikihisa
    Lord Mikihisa

    At the end, Kalista was a dominant champion in competitive play in S10, but not because of Conqueror ha

  • Bliss Magic
    Bliss Magic

    HDBeenDope in Exil video

  • A Sperm Whale Spontaneously Called Into Existence
    A Sperm Whale Spontaneously Called Into Existence

    The stupid montage in the middle was nice i guess but the song is shitty

  • Orichalque

    Exil : Kalista could come back in 2020 Me : Laughs in Aphelios

  • Ayse Naz
    Ayse Naz

    the music on this video is way too calming, i love it

  • He need some milk
    He need some milk

    Bro... I really feel that 😔👌

  • Somekind of Dude
    Somekind of Dude

    She did

  • Loki

    Bruh in 10.12 Kalista is OP on adc and top Lane in mid-high elo but in 10.13 she receive again a small nerf ad per lvl down be 0.5 sadface😭

  • Allen Walker
    Allen Walker

    Kalista's gameplay (especially her passive) is suitable for wild rift.

  • Kappa

    Her ult and w i think, sucks

  • Irene Mochi
    Irene Mochi


  • 123 456
    123 456

    We all know what happend. Riot gave her a Kit that was ro overloaded and now she is almost impossible to balance, so they had to cripple her with nerves.

  • Keaton Hughes
    Keaton Hughes

    I'm so hungry, why did I put that hot sandwich in the fridge?

  • Defolo: Ruben egelund
    Defolo: Ruben egelund

    and then she became a top laner.

  • maroon

    Season 10: People realise Kalista to be the antithesis of her design - the most aids solo-laner.

  • Kuro Kenshin
    Kuro Kenshin

    simply bcs riot discriminate shadow isle

  • Kallig

    Can somebody tell me what is the name of the song playing at 5:32

  • Jonathan Lo
    Jonathan Lo

    kalista top riot : oh no lets nerf her

  • Justus Charlton Ong
    Justus Charlton Ong

    Exil: *posts this video* a few months later TheShy: I would like to introduce myself

  • Platypus

    Yuumi + Kallista

  • tormarod

    I think kog'maw would be a nice video to make!

  • KillaBunny17 .Hououin Kyouma
    KillaBunny17 .Hououin Kyouma

    also as a low elo (i suck) kalista player, i can say that a problem with low elo supports down know how to use kalistas R... you pull them in... then they shoot off in a random direction.... like wtf? i have only messed up like 1-2 kalista ults as support but as adc i only have like 1-2 successful one out of like 5 a game... its strange...

  • Kristóf Nyitrai
    Kristóf Nyitrai

    Tbh I don't want to see Kalista picked ever again. I still crap my pants on sight when they pick that blue monstrosity and even though it was years ago I had enough of her for a lifetime.

  • Kai Bock
    Kai Bock

    The moment when "The Beginning" is at 5:50 xD

  • James

    Kalista's biggest issue is she has two very distinct kits in one kit. Her passive, q, and e is one kit/playstyle and her w and ult is another. Its damn near impossible to balance because its like balancing 2 champs in one, and they have the same issue balancing kayn and now aphelios. They nerf her passive but buff her w, its like nerfing blue kayn and to counter it, buffing red kayn, then wondering why blue kayn suffers. In a way, she would be better off seeing a big ole rework, funneling in on her passive, q and e, and getting rid of the entire oathsworn mechanic, and either introducing it to another champ or abandoning the concept entirely (considering a kit revolving around your teammates skill is just not balancable, ahem yuumi). Kalista has so much damage tied up in her W (and ult) that if her support is either dead, or never near her, or just bad, she loses a huge portion of her kit. 2 normal teams can easily 4v4 with both supports dead without issue, but if a kalista's support is dead, its more like a 3.5 v 4, and in higher levels of play that half a champ is magnified greatly. Give her a mini rework, make her kit independent from her support (new ult and new w) and now you can really start to balance her. Maybe replace her W with a toggle that increases your passive range at the cost of mana per basic, and her ult be an aoe root that does some base damage and applies several stacks of her e on everyone hit.

  • Bryan

    Took me 5 minutes to realize that it was just only the intro. 😅

  • Dane Burton
    Dane Burton

    ...and now she's played in the Top lane

  • AW W
    AW W

    I loved seeing kalista in pro play She needs one more major buff and she'll be good to go But it's gotta be pretty major major

  • dragonslair951167

    "An AD carry with infinite dashes... what could possibly go wrong?" -Riot, probably.

  • electrified0

    One big reason she was so good was because the crit power-curve, the only viable build for most ADs, was pretty weak back then (requiring 3 whole items to do damage) while Kali would powerspike at 1 by being able to just build BORK. In competitive, it was basically a 4.5 v 5 if you were playing a regular ADC vs Kalista in the mid game. These days, there's many build paths for ADCs, so one of her biggest strengths just evaporated.

  • Andrew Sun
    Andrew Sun

    Who's watching this after TheShy decided to casually try Kalista top one day?

  • Diego

    That's sad

  • ASuddenRedFox

    Soooooooo...has she come back now?

  • Julix Pinguimon
    Julix Pinguimon

    Directly to top

  • Alvin Santos
    Alvin Santos

    I'm back Now she's back at the meta 🥰

  • MaxxVII

    She's top tier rn

  • Asariel TnG
    Asariel TnG

    Tbh fuck kalista she was and still is annoying to play with and against