How Lee Sin Changed League of Legends: The Most Important Champion In League of Legends History
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Today, let's talk about the best league of legends champion of all time, when Lee Sin dominated the new summoners rift and league of legends. had a 95% Lee Sin's Win rate pick rate and ban rate were at an all time high in league of legends history during season 3 and season 4. This is a video covering the history of Lee Sin, the history of league of legends, and league of legends 10th anniversary. This is a documentary about Lee Sin.
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  • Exil

    What if Lee Sin was never released in League of Legends?

    • Lava Cube
      Lava Cube

      His lore really fits his difficulty in game. It's like you are mastering a martial art when playing him.

    • Vyra

      I would be happy and I could farm Jungle in peace without getting buttfucked by a tryharding Lee Sin "main"

    • Guido Mista
      Guido Mista

      We wouldn't have lee sin

    • Luke

      I would br a happy man, and be 7 ranks higher since my jungler wouldn't be 0 10

    • DucksAreScary

      it would be better

  • Josh

    Whenever you show the cancelled champs list. My eyes focus on one thing... Cyborg Cowboy

  • Dan Thoral
    Dan Thoral

    I'm still waiting on that Sion video v:

  • Freddy Salazar
    Freddy Salazar

    I only know that i hate him

  • Matias Moreno
    Matias Moreno

    Dude you forgot wrigles lantern

  • who dat boy?
    who dat boy?

    I remember that Lee Sin April fools video... Damn, time flies.

  • not a cat
    not a cat

    5:10 what the hell are those little green balls

  • StanWolf Studio
    StanWolf Studio


  • Tenma

    My friends are the reason why I played League but Lee Sin is what made me stay.

  • Malevolent Hero
    Malevolent Hero

    Strawhat and staff is Jax

  • Bryan Glover
    Bryan Glover

    These are so fucking good!

  • CpActivity

    I haven't played LoL in I think 6 or 7 years now. Alot of your videos hit the Nostalgia-Spot very hard and the productionvalue of your Documentaries is so good, that it makes me wanna try the game again after all these years.

  • Punda Z
    Punda Z

    5:38 hey thats not lee sin thats aphelios

  • Aceee

    Lee sin is my main i think its fair

  • Waszka G
    Waszka G

    who dont like jump to ward


    i remember season 5 being so painful as a lee sin main specially later on with the tank meta and sejuani taking over

  • Hikoshi Oné
    Hikoshi Oné

    Exil: -the story of Lee sin. Subtitles: Wait, so it's not Lisa?

  • Carlos Cîmpeanu
    Carlos Cîmpeanu

    3:33 Ao Shin the Storm dragon was a scrapped champ but know he got a whole event coming..

  • TSkillzX

    Sad time fpx didn't make it to worlds ooof

  • Lëë Sin Only
    Lëë Sin Only

    Thats was beautiful

  • Dako

    Love your content

  • Vinh Nguyễn Trần Bảo
    Vinh Nguyễn Trần Bảo

    Lee Sinderella

  • Gavin Anguiano
    Gavin Anguiano

    I saw that ghost kick and i was like wtf!

  • marvin metellus
    marvin metellus

    Riot tend To over buff then over nerf then over buffing then nerf into the ground

  • Snpu

    "maybe they should release traditional soraka" cries in sleep paralysis.

  • Bl4ckDr4co

    I hate lee sin so much.

  • KingCole TV
    KingCole TV

    everybody should have to watch this... every. body

  • Vuk Rascanin
    Vuk Rascanin

    report yasuo feeding

  • Luis Monroy
    Luis Monroy

    Oh my God, as a main Lee player for LAN, bro, that video is awesome, respect, you're a beast making content. Thanks for this bro. Sorry for my english haha.

  • Dougie phresh
    Dougie phresh

    "Arguably the most famous champ ever" only one has risen above. Only one is as swift as the stars and quiet as a shadow. Only one is a troll and rodent at once. Astronaut, sniper, Easter bunny amongst many more, a true hero of talents. CAPTAIN TEEMO

  • guilhermekfwst

    I think that one thing you missed in the video, was that time when Riot announced they would remake Lee Sin, and all the community and of course pro players cringed about it, like Diamond Prox and many others, so Riot ended up giving up on the idea. For the rest, awesome video.

  • Marike Jacobs
    Marike Jacobs

    Now I get why that skin is called traditional lee sin...

  • Thanks You
    Thanks You

    Lee sin 10 / 10, From bronce to d4 2014 playing lee sin

  • Mr. Reese
    Mr. Reese

    Ho Lee Sheet, that ghost kick is buggy AF :D.

  • PizzaZeit

    Lee sin is not the most famous champ lmaooo

  • Ayden Ross
    Ayden Ross

    What if we could complain enough they would fix stuff, like client..... andyummi .... seriously just remove her and remake her y’all fked up

  • Jonathan Carmo
    Jonathan Carmo

    8:47 Damn man how far competitive play has gone, arguably the best team in the world at that time and arguably the best jungler and still he took like a whole freaking second to react after he flashed, nowadays not even the worst regions like LCL do something like that, not even close.

  • Vasilis Z.
    Vasilis Z.

    Exil: "what would league of legends be without Lee sin?" Me: better

  • Kamitsuki.

    What would be League of Legends without Lee Sin ? Much easier game, when this monstrosity isn't around, guess who I ban every game...

    • Lautaro


  • Joseph Sabry
    Joseph Sabry

    lee sin is the one champion i never feel angry or pissed dying to

  • DucksAreScary

    broken af champ. whys he allowed to be top play rate for years and everyone else gets nerfed down

  • David Lemos
    David Lemos

    Correct me if I'm wrong but he didn't mention sightstone right? I mean a video about his history and didn't even mention sightstone?

    • Lautaro

      Yes he did

  • Cespenar

    That KSP soundtrack is still haunting me to this day...

  • hoang le
    hoang le

    INsec did not invented the move. He was the first guy who can do it properly in the competitive

  • Khang To
    Khang To

    5:02 Hell no hell no

  • mega dude
    mega dude

    I cried a bit

  • KingSpoderMan

    Lee sin flying to you at full speed is the funniest thing i see.

  • Egreat !!
    Egreat !!

    1.5x for the best experience

  • Restrain is GG
    Restrain is GG

    2:46 i had to replay this twice lmfao xD

  • Chauncey Moore
    Chauncey Moore

    If you remember the old and retconned Journal of Justice, I wrote an email in because I wanted to know if the “Blind monk who immolated himself” would make a recovery. I was positive we would be getting him as a champion at some point or another and I was glad my question was featured and answered with a quote from Lee Sin.

  • Yuki Rose
    Yuki Rose

    Watching these videos and seeing the old UI is jarring. I have played since 2009 and have always been a support main/top secondary. Particularly Thresh since his release where he was a top initially. Seeing all the old graphics shows how much they have changed.

  • Mad Hatter Guy
    Mad Hatter Guy

    Reporting in from 2020 the fpx skin line has been released and Lee sin is in fact represented in the jungle.

    • Lautaro

      Sad he didnt mention bengi lee sin skin

  • ac0rpbg

    IT is so sad that league graphics turned from great(during beta early seasons) to retarded. I kinda stopped playing when they went for this anime retarded kids style of graphics.

  • One million flowers
    One million flowers

    5:38 that's Ornn's spotlight

  • malter87

    a chinese jungler - and you think he won't be able play lee sin... LMAO... you think this is funny? He's probably played more lee sin during season 7 and 8 than the whole EU and NA servers combined 😂😂😂

  • JamesNicholl

    You forgot about the no-mans land after S2 worlds and before S3 when Froggen started playing Lee Sin mid rushing brutalizer and it was so oppressive and overpowered that riot had to make seekers armguard to give ap champs an option for itemising into armour without completely deleting their early game

  • Miguel Hidalgo
    Miguel Hidalgo

    In an alternate timeline, Lee Sin was never made, and LoL and Riot flopped spectacularly

  • aitch3

    this is such a cool series, keep it up

  • Evang3lium

    The insec kick wasn't invented by insec though, he was just the first guy to pull it off on the international stage.

  • Makaron16

    Great vid, but it hurts me a bit that you didn't mention another thing that community had huge influence in lee sin. He was meant to be reworked, his rework numbers were even released, but community jumped on the case and made riot stop the rework and they finally cancelled it.

  • AroenX


  • Robin w
    Robin w

    Lee Sin mains unite. He made me come back into league after a break. Now he’s my favorite and best champ. Thank you Riot !

  • marco diaz
    marco diaz

    Bro your sound game is on point. I like the music you use and the background you play, you make a good job overall. Props to you.

  • James

    Imagine how much better league would be if riot still listened to the community and not just tencent? We would still have the good pre rework aatrox and probably a functional skarner

  • Thigh Highs
    Thigh Highs

    "lee sin is the most popular character in all of gameing" what even is a lee sin

  • Alan Bartkowski
    Alan Bartkowski

    8:30 RLY? Never heard of Insec? REALLY?

  • who8myfish

    I don't play him because he's cliche and he looks like a fucking homeless person

  • FeedMeSalt

    For me I knew about fiddlesticks before any others. Probably because his lore could have been its own fucking Movie and Game.

  • Maxwell McKinnon
    Maxwell McKinnon

    24:16 what is the point of wasting flash like that? Does it offer any advantage, like an animation cancel or something?

  • Buggy TheClown
    Buggy TheClown

    Damn perfect story!! thanx.

  • Tobias Ferreyra
    Tobias Ferreyra

    I know is too late but if some see this coment pls check the unreleased champions of the min 3:38 and see "Cyborg Cowboy" and "Omen" they both r now in Valorant, its soo cool see how riot was thinking about those characters since 10 years

  • Boldişor Dorin
    Boldişor Dorin

    Can't believe he still has the same model and animations from beta

  • Sum ting Wong
    Sum ting Wong

    Every cancelled champion created an alternate timeline... what if an NA team could've actually won worlds with one of them o__O

  • Murrowboy

    What is up with the Melancholy music?

  • Nico Körner
    Nico Körner

    More accurate title hidden op champ since years now

  • Hycix

    Am I the only one, who feels super nostalgic while watching this, even tho I didnt play in that time?

  • BeMooL

    23:18 i haerd about this lee sin passive on champion spotlights

  • Søren Svarrer
    Søren Svarrer

    I feel like Lee Sin is the most balanced champion in the game. :P

  • pidol baragas
    pidol baragas

    19:15 i saw that!

  • fopperer

    these pathetic video... omg

  • RenzJohn Constantino
    RenzJohn Constantino


  • KShao

    I'm not sure if this personal or not, but I remember that Lee Sin's fake spotlight made everyone doubt he was going to be released. With a loss of the forums, it's hard to track now - but I distinctly remembered everyone arguing how elaborate the joke spotlight was, whether they actually made him. People almost celebrated when the actual spotlight was released, because he was teased for so long that no believed he would happen.

  • Ereder

    why and how can you say lee have an overloaded kit? it does not make sense. hit kit is simple but allow for a big variety of movement. that's not overloaded. Each skill can just do one thing and one thing only ...

  • jllemin4

    Most gold, plat, and silver Lee sin players I know use macros to ward hop and insec.

  • Владица Алексић
    Владица Алексић

    I thought this is a video about Bruce Lee! But instead I got lore from some random video game.

  • k680B

    riot wanted to cancel one of the most fun champions ever? why am i not surprised

  • fanboi chuck
    fanboi chuck

    Insec didn't invent the move, he was just the first one seen using in a pro game. But koreans have been using it in solo queue for a long time.

  • Christian Blake
    Christian Blake

    I'm going to main cyborg cowboy

  • James Slone
    James Slone

    the funny thing is that now omen is coming out as a character in valorant

  • Rasmus

    The best Lee sin ever will always be xayoo for me

  • Axner

    Hey riot keep him cancelled

  • Kebein

    rip ao shin :( and yes i know they made aurelion sol, but i was there in the forums when they announced working on ao shin and showed some concepts.

  • Stitch Gaming
    Stitch Gaming

    That Lee Sin's Ghost is slick!!

  • akzx 0925
    akzx 0925

    they won next year

  • Ghost

    "easier to clear jungler" is this guy high? I remember the MASSIVE buff riot did to the jungle that forced all player who wanted to jungle to take hunters machete and smite. I loved rolling with ignite in the jungle to help damage enemy players when i gank and until riot fixed those god awful items that machete built into you basically only had 1 spell. Compared to og jungle the current jungle is fucking over powered and shit.

  • Ej Vergara
    Ej Vergara

    Godyr is all I think about this

  • Javier Soruco Lopez
    Javier Soruco Lopez

    talk about the most hated champion and why is it teemo

  • Jonas De La Huerta
    Jonas De La Huerta


  • A guy with random convictions
    A guy with random convictions

    The first time I practiced that Ghost Kick in the tool took me hours to get the pacing right. It's especially haunting how by the end of it, my finger joins legit hurt for quite awhile.

  • Caioboladim

    Best lee sin player TETARONE

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Kao Kokain
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