How Riot Games Created A Champion NO ONE Likes - A League of Legends Movie
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Today, let's talk about highest league of legends least played and least popular champion in league of legends history. Ivern used to be an OP League of legends champion, but after being nerfed and new jungle changes in league of legends, he is now their least played champion in the game. This is a video covering the history of Ivern, the history of league of legends, and Season 10 League of Legends, Rise of the Elements League of Legends.
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Celtics in Disguise - Trabant
Isle of Mist - Breathing Tides
Light Breeze - Jon Algar
The Celtic Flavour - Alysha Sheldon
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Elven Sunset
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Forest of the Elves Celtic Music by Jonathan Segev
Free Elven Music A Time Forgotten by Jonathan Segev
Adrian von Ziegler's Celtic Moonsong, amazing song and great music, please go check it out!
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►U.GG for Ivern Jungle Runes And Build on U.GG
Patch 9.24 on the PBE on surrender at 20
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    • channel69

      man, I would watch ur documentaries all day.i hated but still played LOl when i first played it with 180ms ping.some of low elo players are not bad just very low ping.i cant play my main account on ocenia casue it has 450ms ping.i had to move to garena.its like a whole new lol world being the ping is 50-70ms

    • Knockoff Mjolnir
      Knockoff Mjolnir

      4:15 Tell that to my friend who plays Alistar jungle and makes it work. 🤣🤣🤣

  • IoI wut
    IoI wut

    "of a different breed" lol nice. i see what you did there.

  • Philip Marchand
    Philip Marchand

    And then Season 11 came along where we got to see Ivern picked top lane because Moonstone was soooooo busted.

  • Jonah Arnold
    Jonah Arnold

    Funny tree man

  • Oga Blue
    Oga Blue

    Idk I just think he is ugly and creepy

  • the dezzy dez
    the dezzy dez

    8:32 he worked his way back into the meta

  • sciencefiction

    Solo killed brand with standard ivern, no daisy. Guess grass wins against fire afterall?

  • knightofnightside

    the only reason people do not like him is because he isn't an overtuned faceroll like sett, viego etc. Nobody cares about the design or lore of a champion anymore, it is all about how easy it is to dominate with it.

  • drukenhobo

    hes currently sitting at a .3% ban rate........sad

  • Xynthar Gaming
    Xynthar Gaming

    HEY, I still love him

  • Gregory Baraghimian
    Gregory Baraghimian

    I don't think it's that he's buggy, veigo and old morde (I'm sure there are other I'm forgetting) were more/are more popular and are buggy. It's not the flame too, lots of champs (yummi, bard, even yas) are hated in champ select, but are more popular. Honestly, they took the lowest 2 play rate roles (jg and sup), and the lowest play rate class (enchanter) and threw it all together. I think the bugs and the flame are symptoms of the unpopularity (see azir), while the class and role of the champ is the cause.

  • I Forgot
    I Forgot

    I love having an Ivern on the team because it means I don't have to leash and we get Daisy and free bushes and buffs. And some pretty decent ganks.

  • Taipolar

    I knew a Diamond player name God Oak Ivern, They were an absolute monster. It's a shame they stopped playing.

  • Adam Henry
    Adam Henry

    Dang this didn't really age well

  • dankdungeon

    The old-fashioned armchair lily clip because son microscopically inject inside a secret canvas. fearful fearless, domineering slip

  • Jacob Gifford
    Jacob Gifford

    I main Ivern at Diamond 1 and the hardest thing about him has gotta be starting a new account and trying to get out of Silver. He literally cannot 1v9. He can make someone else on your team 1v9, but he can never put the whole team on his back. His job is to make someone else put the whole team on their back and in Silver that skill isn't really there. 1v1's he can surprisingly cheese though. No one ever tries to kill Daisy.

  • Marto4ka

    I like Ivan

  • markus hyytinen
    markus hyytinen

    Kaisa is definetly not a succesful release. No is best i can give. If you want a champ that tilts enemy by doing it all by being stealth and ranged with dash and assasinlevels of burst there you go. But god damn that misses the mark for good champ for me.

  • Valentin Thevoz
    Valentin Thevoz

    I am an Ivern main because I played him as a joke once and the way he walked made me so happy. I lost that game but his walk and nature still makes me happy!

  • BedBugKing

    Ivern is THE champion to play if you 5 stack with friends and are the “bad” player. Splitting buffs, clearing quickly for more ganks, a SUPER good cc for your teammates to follow up, and a built in shield that also does extra damage. And don’t get me started on daisy, litterally peel, chase, and a bullet and tower sponge. I just love playing him with my buddies (because i fucking suck cough). And yeah, I still play him in solo q and have decent sucess but its not the same as the 5 stack experience.

  • Lil Gip
    Lil Gip

    people really like ivern now in s11

  • Josh Brown
    Josh Brown

    I stopped playing Ivern when they took the MS off his shield 🤙🏻

  • Jasper Vermeer
    Jasper Vermeer

    ...I'm planning to buy him next, uh oh

    • Slushy

      Aaah, no worries. Ivern is not a Trollpick anymore ans makes a great jungler in current meta.

  • Kyle Frear
    Kyle Frear

    He’s really the most unpopular character? I’m new and he seems like a character I’d really enjoy playing I’m sure I will still play him when I eventually do get to play league

  • Rowan Simpson
    Rowan Simpson

    He’s my second favorite character design but in game it’s hard to see him as any good in lower Elos because it relies so much on your team mates

  • KurZei Suzaku
    KurZei Suzaku

    Bruh I love Ivern, I don't know what your talking about his a good old twig

  • Cyto Kirigawa
    Cyto Kirigawa

    I liked playing ivern but immediately dropped him.Its bcuz i suck at jungling and supporting.So i stick with mid lux

    • Cyto Kirigawa
      Cyto Kirigawa

      His ult is extremely buggy and sometimes it doesn't respond😞

    • Cyto Kirigawa
      Cyto Kirigawa

      Plus when ppl talks about jungle.Laners would rely to them especially in dmg and utility.Ivern has them all but sadly his kit for others is lackluster.

  • Sirvanic

    I loved Ivern pre runes change. Always took 5% movement quints and trackers knife for that 10% movement speed. With boots of mobility it instantly gave you his amazing bounce around animation. I also bought old morello for that 20% cdr. Loved this fast movement %/max cdr/ap hybrid build I built. People whined of course because I didn't build the "right" items and can't think outside the box but I became almost diamond with a 70% winrate almost 60+ games that season. Release Ivern was bonkers with that rank 1 70% slow and being able to hide dragon in a single bush. Kinda lost interest after runes reforged and trackers knife and movement quints got deleted but he's still one of my favorite champ designs.

  • Erwin van der Leest
    Erwin van der Leest

    Now 1 year later, moonstafffffffffff, he revived

  • Akureisenshi2

    He may be a support jg but he can also be a jg carry if you play his runes right. I'm m7 Ivern and it takes practice. You can play him 3 ways. A mage assassin/ a support jg who helps a lane stalling the opponent and OR What I like to call.. "Peekaboo Ivern". Alacrity and max attack speed and ambush. This is how I got to m7.

    • Miller Gee
      Miller Gee

      how many points ya got? I swear rn building anything other than moonstone is throwing. It sucks but its true.

  • A Flying Starly
    A Flying Starly

    I just visually don’t find him appealing, seems boring when in the same pool there’s mor interesting champions.

  • holidaze

    It's funny to see this video today

  • Dragons Blood
    Dragons Blood

    I love Ivern though :( i wanted to main him at one point. Someone even gifted me him and said "be the best ivern player, make me proud"

  • Darkking Ice
    Darkking Ice

    Q.Q after watching this, I am going to play ivern. Sorry team XD

    • Kacper

      He was very strong like a month ago

  • Tyrone

    this didnt AGE well

  • Jared

    this video has not aged well lol

  • skknIreeKer

    I left LoL at the time Jinx was released and came back on Wild Rift a month ago. I feel like i missed nothing today...

  • sageturtl


  • Hichard Renshall
    Hichard Renshall

    He became popular. I'm glad.

  • Mystic Legion
    Mystic Legion

    One of the main reason I stopped playing league is because of the constant nerfs and buffs. Just makes the developers lazy.

  • Turoksar

    Please, the blurs. They hurt my eyes.

  • 123DJ321

    Ivern is one of the most unique designs in the game ... in the worst way possible. Even if his basic attacks dealt a million damage to everything, was available in Ranked and you wouldn't get banned if you played him... I would still never play him (even in Ranked). The champion design is awful. Just like how Exil put it: it's much more just mass killing minions as 0/10 yasuo than to auto-win

  • tahsin999999999

    Its not the players did not like ivern RİOT did not like ivern. Anytime anywhere in the world when a yasuo could't kill ivern with 2-3 hits they immediately nerfed ivern so he can. Because we can't have yasuo player to be upset, they are covering the 70 percent of the game's community

  • Erdet Kertusha
    Erdet Kertusha

    And he cost 6300lmao reason am here btw what will happen if ivern get a camp but he has no hp for that camp

  • Mehostein

    Where are my Ivern mains at 💚

  • Trike Phalon
    Trike Phalon

    And now we are here in the ivern moonstaff meta xD

  • frøstic wind
    frøstic wind

    Amumu is not the only lonely now

  • Plague Doctor Raven [Not SCP 049]
    Plague Doctor Raven [Not SCP 049]

    Forgot this guy even existed until this vid poped up in my recommended

  • Xen Zer
    Xen Zer


  • Joshua Clinton
    Joshua Clinton

    And then MoonStaff meta happened

  • Ace

    That didn't age well

  • Knoray098

    Make Daisy permanent like yoricks maiden? Or a different ult... may fix him

  • Space Ginger
    Space Ginger

    I think the reason ivern is so unpopular is bc junglers want something agressive like warwick or kayn, and support mains usually don't like playing jungle, because it's pretty much the opposite of what they prefer doing. There is probably a very low percentage of players, whose favourite roles are jgl AND sup, and that 1% plays ivern lol. Honestly, except for his R (which takes a bit of practice to maneuver around) ivern is super fun to play and can also do a lot of damage.

    • Kacper

      Who wants to play two of the most underappreciated roles at the same time

  • Space Ginger
    Space Ginger

    Ok, I'm really shook right now. I bought him some time ago because I had an eternal set for him & I've been loving him ever since. I never knew he was _this_ unpopular.

  • The Player's Universe
    The Player's Universe

    Sad NickyBoi sounds

  • Idiot With a Bass
    Idiot With a Bass

    *Nickyboi has entered the chat*

  • Rescal

    ah yes season 11 Play ivarn on every lane

  • micheladax

    The problem with him is that you can be hard countered by aggresive junglers

  • Diego Tapia
    Diego Tapia

    The fact that he is (I think he still is) S rank jungler this season

  • iUnderMirror

    Hey, im main ivern

  • mari234

    Anyone watching in 2021 with current ivern meta ? :D

  • Der Alllerechte
    Der Alllerechte

    And now he is S tier again

  • ata kavak
    ata kavak

    nearly 1 year later and ivern is the most broken champ in the game

  • Даниил Цепеш
    Даниил Цепеш

    And now Ivern is at 54% winrate.

  • Paul Glandorf
    Paul Glandorf

    but tbh i like ivern

  • geof -
    geof -

    Me who abuse Ivern in solo queue boasting a 73% winrate

  • Club Sandwich
    Club Sandwich


  • Ekman20

    Ivern is S tier atm POG

  • o ro
    o ro

    I love ivren

  • Savannah The Ivern
    Savannah The Ivern

    I love Ivern so much! He’s so fun & definitely deserves a chance among players who don’t normally play him. If people gave him one shot instead of judging him on a surface level, they’d see just how awesome he can be!

    • Manuel

      I got him for 3000 blue essence and realized that I was basically carrying games by giving my shield to the carry. The items ivern buys make him a very good buffing support while giving your whole team an engage tool in the form of his q which is kind of busted really.

  • Sesame

    I love ivern With s11 he can get pretty broken when you build full ap like a normal person You can play him mid Or top And he is strong in all of those roles You just need skills and to know the ins and outs I encourage everyone to try ivern especially in silver gold elo or lower. If you know the basics in those elos you can easy carry a game

  • Brus

    I am an Ivern Main, and i am happy Riot took time to make him. He is tons of fun to play, and his gameplay is really really relaxing. Sure you need your Team in order to win, since you are a support, but still, i find myself not tilting even when losing the game because champ is just so much fun.

  • Bernhart Schmieder
    Bernhart Schmieder

    That argument you made about Elwyn forest makes me see you never played it, otherwise you would have said Teldrassil or Ashenvale. Or the warcraft 3 ancients, or maybe even Val sharah.

  • Khánh Quý
    Khánh Quý

    Welp, you better make a video about seraphine lol

  • Morty's Trap House
    Morty's Trap House

    We love I vern u fool

  • Zebstan17

    This video Is such a bullshit! Check Ivern winrate now in s11

    • Mc8 Tv
      Mc8 Tv

      You are bullshit,check the goddamn Date of this video

  • BobbyNooby

    Of course this video pops in my reccomended now

  • Obekovbuti

    I really do love playing as him. Our personas fits.

  • Robert Swanger
    Robert Swanger

    Watched this then decided "I should try Ivern" then played one game and went, "yep that's fun"


      Same love this came. Ps first champ I ever jg with m7 189 games Been a year and a half no on league and nom I’m 259

  • LilaEismann

    My mastery page of Ivern is named "Daisy and her crap" btw

  • Monitor cyborga
    Monitor cyborga

    Why like ivern?

  • Master Wu
    Master Wu

    I like him, To not play

  • Kyle Kessler
    Kyle Kessler

    Hey now, ivern was my favorite jungle after they ruined it last year. I made it to gold 2 using him, heimer, and yasuo. Lol he is fun and my favorite troll pick people underestimate.

  • Trump Send Nudes
    Trump Send Nudes

    Dude you understand something rong just god like Player play ivern

  • Emerald Knight
    Emerald Knight

    I luv that champ

  • Flooko

    I just got elderwood ivern... not even fun

  • Aziz Abdul
    Aziz Abdul

    Fast forward a year later and Tyler now mains Ivern and shows the world that Ivern is actually fucking busted if used as a roaming engage support.

  • Mustafa Baykoz
    Mustafa Baykoz

    Farewell, you magnificent beast.

  • G33kaholic

    I wish I could have seen his face when he found out that Ivern is doing really well in season 11 preseason AND got an elderwood skin 😂

  • Satsuki Kiryūin
    Satsuki Kiryūin

    No one plays him cause he looks so gay.

  • Jannik U.
    Jannik U.

    I´m an Ivern Main and I dont think he is weak. He just needs a good carry to support.

  • Dowllet

    This video is old, may I ask you what do you think about the Spirit Blossom skin line?

  • DgX DreamZzz
    DgX DreamZzz

    my friend is an m7 ivern lmao he plays him top lane and wins

  • Herr damakama
    Herr damakama

    As a solo Ivern main, I feel as if people often underestimate his jungle clears aswell as his ability to gank with Daisy and his Q

  • Velt

    Congrats, Ivern is now viable and I mained him since his elderwood release.

  • Isaac Dickinson
    Isaac Dickinson

    Season 11 ivern be like:

    • Zebstan17

      s11 Ivern be like: Bruh what did you said to me?

  • Xx mateturbo xX
    Xx mateturbo xX

    Ivern is the only supportive jg in the game Me:Sad Bard noises

  • Ba

    What is the name of the first song?

  • johann

    Ivern is one of the Champs I love to have in team.

  • Jan Solil
    Jan Solil

    Ivern S11, biggest winrate XD

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