How Riot Games Created A Champion NO ONE Likes - A League of Legends Movie
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Today, let's talk about highest league of legends least played and least popular champion in league of legends history. Ivern used to be an OP League of legends champion, but after being nerfed and new jungle changes in league of legends, he is now their least played champion in the game. This is a video covering the history of Ivern, the history of league of legends, and Season 10 League of Legends, Rise of the Elements League of Legends.
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Celtics in Disguise - Trabant
Isle of Mist - Breathing Tides
Light Breeze - Jon Algar
The Celtic Flavour - Alysha Sheldon
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Elven Sunset
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Forest of the Elves Celtic Music by Jonathan Segev
Free Elven Music A Time Forgotten by Jonathan Segev
Adrian von Ziegler's Celtic Moonsong, amazing song and great music, please go check it out!
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►U.GG for Ivern Jungle Runes And Build on U.GG
Patch 9.24 on the PBE on surrender at 20
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    • Knockoff Mjolnir
      Knockoff Mjolnir

      4:15 Tell that to my friend who plays Alistar jungle and makes it work. 🤣🤣🤣

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    • Rezeki Z
      Rezeki Z

      Congrats! Well deserved, this is the second video made by you that I'm watching and boy they are well constructed! Congrats!

    • Lucas Fisher
      Lucas Fisher

      Buff daisy but making her deal more damage to ivern’s targeted enemy.

    • Aske Valbjørn Carlsen
      Aske Valbjørn Carlsen

      but you can go braum jungel a main supp but olso can be used jng

  • Shay Patrick Cormac
    Shay Patrick Cormac

    "Why nobody plays Ivern" Aurelion sol: *Forgotten*

  • DR Frogo
    DR Frogo

    Wtf I do pentakill on ivern he is the best

  • Liag Gaming
    Liag Gaming

    i love ivern fuck you i main him also fuck you

  • BasiL

    He needs a rework.

  • LolitaRey

    I love ivern! He has been my main since it came out! However I think he wasnt made for players who are impulsive, like to show off, want to feel they are better than everyone, and want an easy win without trying hard enough, which is like 90% of lol's player base. (yasuo yi sett mains etc)

  • Dark Sins
    Dark Sins

    Why would I play Ivern when I can play graves and just kill everyone myself

  • CloudShifter

    The only mechanic that would make Ivern remotely fun, would be to be able to instaclear jungles just like he does with smite. So he can move on to help like a support to the lanes for a while since every other jungler beat him easily

  • Victor Hugo
    Victor Hugo

    boring my fuckin ass you fuckface yasuo is boring fuck you

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      Victor Hugo

      @ItsMiteenMC 👍👌👏

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  • Noedig The fantabulois
    Noedig The fantabulois

    You will be exited to know that there is an elderwood ivern skin coming out

  • Timo

    I love playing ivern he’s just really weak so I don’t often

  • gqumdori


  • Bram Steenhoek
    Bram Steenhoek

    Clickbait title i like him

  • Parasol

    When I rewrote my own lore for Seraphine and design, this bad boy was included.

  • Meitantei Kevin
    Meitantei Kevin

    I loved him since minute 1 tho. I rarely play jgl but when I do, chances are good that I am going to play ivern

  • quantaplusplus

    now youtube suggests me so many videos about ivern. unsubscribed kappa

  • Sava Evtimov
    Sava Evtimov

    I like ivern

  • arp

    Champions that actually no one like: A thing with pinky hair that's kill a scorpion and look like Belle Delphine >:D

    • Hai Nguyn
      Hai Nguyn

      #permabanSeraphine Not because she is strong, but let's just kill her

  • MrNoobGamer lp
    MrNoobGamer lp

    While watching a rondom lockt ivern

  • Chester E. Dizon
    Chester E. Dizon

    What about Sejuani she's also a least playable champ

  • Carl Adams
    Carl Adams

    too bad, tyler1 plays him

  • jjef

    I hate his voice

  • Emerald Knight
    Emerald Knight

    I like Ivern.

  • Joe Ocallaghan
    Joe Ocallaghan

    Tyler 1: And thats when things got personal for me

  • Gercho-San Andrade
    Gercho-San Andrade

    I think that he needs a new ultimate, or at least make daysi better if you have any jungle buff active, or at least some kind of benefits around the jungle camps.

  • Dominik Udovic
    Dominik Udovic

    3:34 yea... I'm not so sure about that anymore

  • Kormit The Frag
    Kormit The Frag

    ngl, lee sin and kai sa feel so generic and boring to play

  • Elamigo

    You can say Riot couldn't get to the RIOT of Ivern's problem

  • snz

    It’s so weird for me that stopped playing league around 2017 (played mostly during S3-S5) to watch these videos. I remember ivern being considered extremely OP when he was released and so many people picked him.

  • Sativo 3212
    Sativo 3212

    kinda like ivern

  • Bojan Popovic
    Bojan Popovic

    Whos Ivern

  • jerzyk kremuwka
    jerzyk kremuwka

    what the fuck, a lot of people I know play ivern

  • Klaus Goldfisch
    Klaus Goldfisch

    Hm... there will allways be a champ at the end of the list... so you will do everytime a video, a "new" champ falls down to the bottem?! :)

  • Klaus Goldfisch
    Klaus Goldfisch

    I like this tree... he just needs a new good skin, that fits to his lore... he just has 2 fun-skins... candy-ivern and slamdunk-ivern...

  • Gabriel Filipiuk
    Gabriel Filipiuk

    As an Ivern main, I must agree with this video. But I think that is because jungle and support are least played lanes in league. Ivern is the combination of these lanes. The play ratio is sad and I’m not that suprised when I see that people still want to help me get the first buff. I though to myself that I will play Ivern as much as I could only to teach as many people as possible how Ivern works. Its a sad job, but I won’t stop doing so.

  • Dallas Scandling
    Dallas Scandling

    People love him. Majority of league players are too damn dumb to have him on a team.

  • Nicolas Giliberti
    Nicolas Giliberti

    If this video were made today the hated champion would be seraphine xD

  • Pitudo Gaming
    Pitudo Gaming

    When i am ahed and iven is on my team and ivern give me 2x buff i feel happy

  • Henpai Desu
    Henpai Desu

    Now: How Riot made the most hated champion in history. Seraphine

  • Edward Bach
    Edward Bach

    I like Ivern.

  • Eduardo Fernandes
    Eduardo Fernandes

    Ivern is one of those champs that’s great at engages. In lower Elos, players are waaay too afraid to engage in fights even if their champ can easily pull it off. Ivern is a champ that is very skill based, he’s one of those champs that people who main Shen may like. Not really focused on damage, but on providing utility shield buffs, and empowering their teammates in a fight. One reason people may not play him as much is because of his price, people who like playing League without paying for skins or champs, which are the most of the player base, will be put off by the fact that he costs 6.3k BE, and that’s before they’ve even had a look at what the champion does or how his play style feels like. Plus having a prerequisite of landing a skill shot in order to dash is kinda off putting compared to Yassuo, Yone , Thresh, Nautilus or Kai’sa.

  • El Done de Coburza
    El Done de Coburza

    Cuz league players cant play pos 4 lol.

  • YourSinisterDoge 27
    YourSinisterDoge 27

    so if we add a hitmarker every time ivern claims a camp, he will be played more?

  • Syahrial Arif
    Syahrial Arif

    people are violent, why play a pacifist champion when u can kill with others

  • CpActivity

    Ivern is part of the Ministry of silly walks, and that's why he's special.

  • XTheConX

    I remember myself just constantly winning With Ivern when he was released. Managed to get to top 199 Ivern even though I was in silver. Then they nerfed the shit out of daisy. Even renamed my account to the forest god because of him.

  • Jeffrey Saldaña
    Jeffrey Saldaña

    Maybe a little bit late, but I play Ivern I got to Gold with him, he does work especially with hyper carries like Vayne and Jinx, having Ivern and a Janna,Karma o Nami makes the adc unkillinble, also, you can start the game by stealing the enemy jg and if you steal Blue you get a huge advantage on jg, ivern it’s not a fighting champ, you go, counter jg, and run to lanes to support, is so easy to kill all jg camps with him and it gives you a lot of time to gank, he is not but, he just have a wayyy different play style than regular jgs

  • Rein

    I started playing 3-4weeks ago and already know most champs, around 40 champion abilities (not names of the abilities), but watched lore and pro analysis as well as just music videos etc etc. Made me learn quite a bit about the game, without being related to the game itself lmao :P But out of my 100 games, i have seen around 5-6 Iverns, so i wont exactly say he is dead or disliked the most

  • ᚛Chͥunͣoͫ᚜

    I didn't watch the video yet, but I really like this champion. I'm here just to see my beautiful good looking tree guy and his huge rocky friend.

  • Pedro G Cominal
    Pedro G Cominal

    Ivern. A ent that plants grass as his best ability. And his ult summons a mob... In this game have the WORST controls for It ever.

  • ReKo WEO
    ReKo WEO

    I love ivern

  • Mushi

    Trade Ivern instead, how? If your support don't want to use support champ then tell them use support/mage(Velkoz, Lux, Annie Etc.). You will use Ivern as jungler/support and that's how it works.

  • Ryan

    No jokes, as an undercover shaco support main, Ivern is op if your f;?!kn adc doesn't have the IQ of a foot....

  • Mitchatito Tacoa
    Mitchatito Tacoa

    Ivern was the first champ that I played on jg and I tried to expand my horizons by playing other jg. Some day I’ll get back to you, buddy

  • Zineb Zahraoui
    Zineb Zahraoui

    u mean seraphine now

  • Dice Dice
    Dice Dice

    Thats because everyone is so stupid to use ivern

  • Skere skeet skeet
    Skere skeet skeet

    Oh boy this video is gonna get dated really fast now that Seraphine is out.

  • jerry the gremlin
    jerry the gremlin

    I love my tree boy

  • petscop3

    Even he forgot about the old morde

  • Andy Zhang
    Andy Zhang

    i didn't know Tyler1's nickname was "NO ONE"

  • Michael Mayr
    Michael Mayr

    Ivern just looks shit

  • jomsart

    You forgot about old nunu. He was literally an enchanter jungler to the adc mid-late game. That was a real support jungler.

  • Avery Johnson
    Avery Johnson

    Ivern is the only champ I've ever refunded lol

  • Sapphire Ashes
    Sapphire Ashes

    i have an essay due in 40 minutes (:

  • Mt_SQ24

    Riot change jungle in s11 and support items what makes problem for them but not for ivern it's all + to him

  • hunnie

    I've seen way more iverns than jarvans, I also have yet to play with or against a jarvan.

  • MrWhit

    The last time a champion was forgotten this* much was the old Aatrox and we know what happened with him.....

  • Klemty

    *looks at Seraphine* Oh boy they did it again didn't they?

  • bruh moment
    bruh moment

    ivern mains punching the air rn

  • Zekth Zekth
    Zekth Zekth

    I mean Tyler1 likes him :)

  • shargø†h

    4:15 .... Janna is a valid support who can jungle tho same with lulu can do a degree but janna is better

  • Noah Woodhope
    Noah Woodhope

    Isn't Aurelion Sol another example of a champ with "ivern syndrome"?

  • ted B
    ted B

    Sad bush’s noise

  • Pavle Petrovic
    Pavle Petrovic

    Urgot was OP for few months before rework. I had 90% winrate with him that season, no one played him and no one knew how to deal with him, but he was strong af if you got to land your E.

  • Human Fighter
    Human Fighter

    Make a new version of this video talking about Taliyah. As a Taliyah main, when I found out nobody plays her, I was astonished. She's soooo fun

  • Arda

    Bruh i watched the spotlight and i absolutely fell in love I was like: this champ has everything i like! From simple farming to npc ally summoning Seeing this destroyed my heart

  • Giacomo

    If you ever played against rengar ivern bot you knwo why nobody likes that tree

  • TheLast Shaken
    TheLast Shaken

    And now... There is Lillia

  • prometheus 11905
    prometheus 11905

    And I’ll keep banning him

  • Jeerus

    8:10 Except when your name is *Kalista*

  • ZsörbiPvPHunTM


  • SoulDevoured

    Wonky pets would put anyone off of a champion. Did anyone play mordekaiser more simply because he could turn dragon into a pet? I mean yeah they might for a few games and then stop because it was a buggy awkward mess. Does anyone play Annie because of Tibbers as a pet? No they play her because dropping a bear on someone's head does alot of damage (and it's funny.) Thematically I feel like Ivern is a jokey character in the whimsical category. He's not majestic or give off deep vibes. He's a goofball. And I think league could use more characters like this. But when pairing that with bugs and an awkward playstyle... you're just further reducing the amount of people that will even seriously try to learn him. People still played old mordekaiser because he was ya know fucking metal and people will still play Ivern because of his character... but there's a much smaller number in this community. Because of the type of game league is. We have enough edgelord characters. But it seems like every time we get a particularly whimsy silly character it's only a matter of time before they're gutted. And I think maybe it just might be because people that like that type of character are willing to put up with more. Especially because their options are limited. Daisy is a clunky buggy mess. But you're already playing a clunky silly character. (riot sucks at coding pets.)

  • Velcon X15
    Velcon X15

    3:39 I see what you did there

  • Mamae votei XD
    Mamae votei XD

    he doesnt deal any damage . thats the main reason.

  • Jente Oosterhaven
    Jente Oosterhaven

    I love playing Ivern! Hes awesome. I love the compliments you get when you snowball your lanes..or the salt when you fail 1 Q and everyone seems to have had sex with my whole family....but anyway..hes a fckng potsmoking, shroom using olt man, whats not to like about him!

  • Lenalee Walker
    Lenalee Walker

    i never saw a sejuani in my life played in game and i play since 2015

  • Laatikkomafia

    I like Ivern. He is actually quite fun :P


    if ivern's daisy ss could also have items instead. kinda like lone druid in the dota2. then i bet thatd be OP

  • Nekominori nya
    Nekominori nya

    There exists ivernmains sounds strange but I know one of these rare breads

  • Meents

    People would rather run it down then play support,playing a suport in the jungle isn't what you'll find em do

  • Miroh Uana
    Miroh Uana

    Still praying for the day ivern gets to s tier. Ever since maining ivern , I can't get my head out of ivern buffs. - Ivern can't buy any Jungle Item .At level 5 , Ivern gains blue smite and other jungle item passives , plus he can choose which ally to give buffs to( like click on them on the right) and He gets buffs instantly when allies take the buff - Revert Ivern's old brush range .His passive on W procs NEAR brush ,he can make thickets with normal brush . And enemy wards apply to one brush - at level 11 , groves and brush grants vision ONLY INSIDE them

  • Ken Kai
    Ken Kai

    Every time I play Ivern, I always get the highest damage dealt for some reason I don't even know

  • Ken Kai
    Ken Kai

    Ivern is a nice champ. I mean you act like a second support roaming around the map. but yeah everyone blames the jungler and support and he's both of them.

  • Kartik Saha
    Kartik Saha

    There aren't any supports that can go jungle zyra cries in solo dragons and rift

  • Verysour

    Someday i will do ivern.exe

  • Verysour

    Because everyone wants to carry

  • agus sanchez del val
    agus sanchez del val

    mains ivern whe they see a non sucked dick

  • PinkSmile

    I know three vegans that play him and that’s it

  • perry gorissen
    perry gorissen

    Enne jongens, like ff als ge dit zeet via de discord link xd

  • Sapphire '-' '-'
    Sapphire '-' '-'

    I never knew ivern even existed lol

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