How Riot Ruined This League of Legends Champion
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Sources (please check out these creators!)
Midbeast Challenger:
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Magikarpusedfly Actual Champion Spotlight:
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Vars made a good video recently about Aurelion Sol breaking down the champion abilities and mechanics, check it out:
0:00 - Intro
2:31​ - Ao Shin
4:10​ - Release
9:05​ - Problems Start To Show
12:42​ - The Rework
16:25​ - Reverts
21:10​ - Conclusion
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  • Exil

    Let's grind to get Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol together at

    • Sir Pansylot
      Sir Pansylot


    • TK45236

      @Undomaranel That's cool and all, but this is an Aurelion Sol video.

    • Undomaranel

      Everyone here saying Swain needs a good partner to carry him, though every time I play Swain I carry. Literal sup carry when bot, still when in solo lane I carry after a slow early game. Always feed my ADC early kills and I steamroll team fights later. Q is the trashiest move. Yay Sith lord, ur so evil. The W is super versatile for sniping, recon, nabbing assist gold, punishing groups (especially with a burn or slow). Watch the jg limp away after a gank, read his movements and know where he's recalling? Free kill with Liandry's. Team fight top and you're warding? Stroll a bit and W the group to slow or behind them to prevent runaways. Walking back to lane? Why not go through jg and W their mid laner, get some cc and possibly deter a gank. E. *E*. So tricky dealing with minions but so useful for setting up for your adc. So nice pulling that Lux into your ult radius; can't get away sunshine (sorry, I once had a Lux whine all game about how OP Swain is, how it wasn't fair I was playing a champ that needs to be nerfed... said Lux with her 20s ult cd and aoe control and insta stuns lol). Perfect for stalling and heals during retreats. All you need is to get inside your opponent's head and predict their movements, and anyone who knows all rolls and how the champs play will know how to stop them with E. That. Ult. Is. Amazing. To. Play. Seriously, every time you press R you feel so powerful. The wings go out and the enemies recoil and run, but you W their path and E their escape and Q them in your clutches all while draining their life force. Compare to a Yorick ult or Mega Gnar or Morg and they aren't nearly as satisfying or effective. Fun, sure, but that Swain ult is a mobile Anivia/ Fiddlesticks ult with immediate effects you can combo with... and strategize that flare for heals or kills or tanking. Swain just plays different. You aren't a damage dealing brawler, you are a strategist that gains ability with every time you out think your opponents. You react to their attacks and turn their planning against them. Try using the W right behind an opponent then E to their side. Do they choose to get rooted or tank Sauron? He's no Vlad or Yone that is 100% offensive, he's not gimmicky like Ekko or Rengar or Lillia, he's not straight forward like Amumu or Nasus. Swain is for the overthinkers to punish the anime protagonists, to control the map and make the opposing team always need to know where you are... because if they lose the Swain that W will come out of nowhere and steal Drake/Baron, that ult will penta in the jungle, and he'll waste all the time necessary auto-ing scuttle to regen mana.

    • Snarky

      As a Half a million mastery points Aurelion main, the champion feels underwhelming, What I want for Aurelion sol is to be this battle mage that scales like kayle and does great damage while having the ability to macro manage the game and other lanes. So in other words you are in control of the game. A good Aurelion player masters both of these and just gives the enemy team a feeling of inevitable doom. It suits the champion's aesthetics. Right now Aurelion feels boring I don't feel powerful or smart while playing him. I just feel "meh". He doesn't fulfill that power fantasy I know he can give me. I WANT MY STAR FORGER. Not some dancing danger noodle. You basically covered exactly what all of us 10 Aurelion mains want in this video. Keep up the good work.

    • Rui Ribeiro
      Rui Ribeiro

      Guys it's been 3 weeks I'm losing hope ;-;

  • KlutzBunny

    Lagit. I am moving to Mid and Sol is on my table for champs to play xD

  • Pedro Rodrigues
    Pedro Rodrigues

    Why the click bait? Just say the name, and make that the click.... Reason

  • One Smart
    One Smart

    Hero of the storm is worth a try

  • Ray Stimphil
    Ray Stimphil

    Now I'm mad that Rengar doesn't have an AOE because some mains were whining about it.

  • Chrispy

    Can we just change aatroxs name. And make a new champ named aatrox that is actually who it should be. Since old aatrox passive and ugly was too op. But Viego exists... so logic I guess

  • Ice Candy DF
    Ice Candy DF

    Got inspired by this video and went Aurelion Sol support 5/1/31 so thank you!

  • LoStFreeK

    Cries in draven main

  • iglo pop
    iglo pop

    disagree the rework makes him less fun to play but im also a scrub but still literally anything before his rework turned off his stars so it was so easy to just turn off all his damage so i don't really want a revert but i would be open to them doing some other kind of rework

  • OsuKaylan

    Check akalis rework reddit posts, it b wild

  • Adrien MAYEUX
    Adrien MAYEUX

    I'm a new asol main i didn't play back in the days of his pre rework and i enjoy playing him. I feel like whatever you'll do to change his stars there will be leftovers within the community Maybe the change was realy bad but he is still a good champ that is fun to play

  • Domain

    I know this somewhat unrelated but the fiora rework just killed my enjoyment

  • Chueko Loyo
    Chueko Loyo

    "as good as riot is for a triple A developer" hmm, that aged very poorly

  • mono

    they didn’t almost ruin him, they did ruin him

  • Augusto Mizuno
    Augusto Mizuno

    Ok i was climbing my rank, and suddenly my client crashed in the loading screen, not my fault cause I have really nice pc and all. The match got to remake and I lost my rank and 25 pdl, ok tried another match, my jungler got autofilled and locked yummi jungle. Dodge, more pdl in the trash. Next match I lost ok it happens but I got even another punishment for quiting the other matches. BTW that was the first time I abandoned a ranked, I mean I really got frustrated, now I am trying dota 2 and I am back at the cs go much happier not gonna lie.

  • Viktória Szumper
    Viktória Szumper

    Everything beats Sol in lane. Mages cause bigger range, bigger dps and sometimes even spells you don't even have to aim yourself. Assassins just jump on him, if he ults them back they just come back cause second jump or item, no need to aim for them, they oneshot you even with 2500 hp..either buff his dmg cause it would fit in the oneshotting nature of this season or give him tools to escape.. or even both but that would be a dream only..


    Left the game in season 7 , fk this company and the way which game going. #keepmeleecritusersinmind

  • XANi

    Last few years ? They literally have decade+ history of bad balancing decisions

  • Asain Man
    Asain Man

    When they limited aureliond W instead of a toggle, that made him so weak.

  • GameWave

    And at the same time, esports is ruining a lot of champions too... I mean I love Tahm Kench so much because he was such an incredible support but then he got killed and is now a stupid top lane champ that deals way to much dmg and is one of the worst supporters out there -.-

  • Cinder Psycho
    Cinder Psycho

    This is how I feel about shyvana the champion designed around being a brawler jungler. Now she is basically unplayable until 6 and only a sniper and they try to buff her ap instead of ad. It's almost like League hates auto attack based champs like her Aatrox and even jax abit but he is still atleast playable.

  • Lost Robot
    Lost Robot

    0:58 There was a 2-patch period of time in which Tahm Kench was rendered literally unplayable due to two major bugs, but then also had a bug giving his devour infinite range *in live servers.* While we all suffered, they absolutely refused to fix it until we started megaspamming them about it on all their social media accounts and finally bullied them into making the change mid-patch. It's worth noting that NONE of this ever made it into the patch notes.

  • David Figueroa
    David Figueroa

    Pyke nerfs :)

  • Henry Hammerhead
    Henry Hammerhead

    Aatrox be like: First time?

  • JoseLeonardoMP

    Man.... I remeber those good old days.... That "annoying" management of the stars and the W was the thing I loved the most, I still have it as one of my most played and try to keep it like that.

  • Dionisis Kef
    Dionisis Kef

    Laughs in Shaco main

  • Monika Camile
    Monika Camile

    Sona mains •_•

  • Yuen Q.
    Yuen Q.

    awesome vid!

  • Cory Keelan
    Cory Keelan

    Cosmic Creation dragon is 1000* cooler than storm drake

  • trip


  • Jules b
    Jules b

    This is what happens when you churn out new champs for money etc. There’s nothing wrong with innovating but there comes a time when you hit a wall and you start having to sacrifice champion playability and overall game mechanics for money. And that’s what happened to league imo. Forgetting they made champs years ago and creating new ones to cover it up.

  • Shen yi or dodge Kira
    Shen yi or dodge Kira

    I'm not a pro at sol but I love picking him for fun because how his kite works when ganking but I agree the w was the worst I would prefer them bring the old w back even if the mana problem are there.

  • jack ripper
    jack ripper

    Main problem with league is the constant release of new champions. They focus their resources into that, making some cool, flashy, OP champion so they can squeeze people's money for skins. That makes balancing all the 140 champions extremely hard, if not impossible. When they completely stop releasing New champions, and dedicate few years into balance changes and fixing existing champions' kit, how items interfere with it, only then league can become balanced and have most champions viable.

  • eɪQ

    He was perfectly fine before they changed him. They changed him from a champion liked by few dedicated players to a champion liked by no one. Yes! I am salty.

  • Hai Nguyn
    Hai Nguyn

    Ah yes, the same champ that like to gank 24/7 and go on with his even K/D/A and still dealt the 2nd highest damage in the game, I see what you are doing there Riot

  • Wet Eyes Ocean Machine
    Wet Eyes Ocean Machine

    Play dota then lol, most characters there are monsters

  • Pual Liek
    Pual Liek

    idea i had after watching Vars "why no plays" always thought of his pass as a worse version of karthus E(52.5-192.5+35%ap). Pass up dmg to 50-190+35%ap, 3+lv stars rotate around him at intervals of 3 before next ring at +range= to hitbox of stars (A-Sol has hitbox of 130(radius 65), smallest hitbox size is 110(radius 55), lowest nat AA range is 125 (amumu) the min Amumu can be from A-Sol is 120(amumu HB range= 120-175)(depending on their hitbox, i couldn't find, so lets say 55) so best min range for them would be 170)7*55=385 range at max lv. W: would then have to increase size of stars for range so would also need 2nd line of stars, instead of dmg would give 3/6/9/12/15 stars to new line (100 ap= 1 more new star)( change back to constant mana drain). if unseen in bush A-Sol pulls in his stars, when reseen the stars reappear an expand to their increased size an spin faster depending on time spent unseen(1.75 sec=33% faster,5.25sec max). E: doesn't retract stars while dashing, take reduced dmg from front, cc from front will only slow him down 1:1 based on dmg that gets through, sends out stars in a 120 degree trail every 1.75 sec to 770 range stopping on impact, ap increases movespeed, deals dmg if head collides w/ enemy, recast to end, if bonus move speed is reduced to 0 also ends (slows take out move speed till end) . R: Heavenly Body: A-Sol ascends to space and replaces himself w/ a star , enter star hitbox does dmg= pass every 0.5sec, A-Sol becomes immune to dmg draining 100 mana each sec, the star can be dmged further draining A-Sol's mana at 3/6/9(+1 per 100 ap):1 ratio. if need to balance try allowing stars to be attacked by enemy.

  • The Beyonder
    The Beyonder

    That's just sad.

  • Yuki Shiyoji
    Yuki Shiyoji

    Riot struck jackpot with KDA and refuse to look at anything else

  • Kai Crow
    Kai Crow

    O phew, the end almost scared me but difference is my champion actually GETS PLAYED lol so I don't think he's going anywhere anytime soon.

  • DaggerCatz

    When his W was still unlimited I mained him.. stopped maining him after the 3nd W as all the fun was kiting with the W

  • EpicDBagger

    I picked up playing A sol like 2 months before the Big W change lol It wasn’t hard for me to drop him, he was really cool tho I liked/like him a lot :) Kill his E idc I want W on a toggle.

  • HeraldofLimeandWoad

    I was a Zac main for a LONG time. I remember the feeling of one of my favorite in game abilities be DESTROYED. And how many games I lost because blobsecing got harder. Good luck to the Asol mains.

  • sensen9900

    So this Video is about "Balacing is shit, dont balance Riot Please"...... Why do i always get this Shit NA Player videos from Exile...... I know you got algorythm and such but meh..... The Reverts happen, for the same reason Sol got changed.... These Champions were just straight up BROKEN. Like Dopa said you didnt need to know anything beside Champion Mechanics, which was true for New LB, New Rengar and even NEW Kogmaw aswell..... And Therefore they got Changed Back for the better of the Game. Riot is a shitty Company when it comes to balance decision but Rewroks and Reverts are something they got at least most of the Time right, because it never matters what a hand full of OTP Player Thinks, which abandon a Game only because their "Low Effort" Champ got Changed or Nerfed so they actually need to learn the Game.... i mean u can see that with Azir and Aatrox Player aswell..... all that OTP´s Play again and again but ONLY the Few Weeks/Months their Champ is again Busted Strong or Broken.

  • Nebresto

    Fuck Riot Games and their garbage "reworks"

  • Gabriel P
    Gabriel P

    Just a little nitpick, but you said that Oldschool Runescape has about 100k players, but that's not true. It has about 100k players at a given time, but over 2m players daily, which is quite similar to LoL's 8m players daily.

  • squirrelbuddi

    The toggle change is a minor neucence that I barely noticed except one play and isn't that big a deal. I cycle the toggle on off anyway so it auto offing just saves me a click. The only time I'd want it kept on would be for 2-4 sec after a stun or ult. Most champs die in that time and if they don't then I'm dying anyway so it doesn't matter. The only angry people are ones that didn't use his toggle effeciently or people who mana regeneration max to have it permanently on and just afk star push.

  • TrueSai GT
    TrueSai GT

    Aurelion Sol is actually good it just doesn't have the gameplay for some players but not going to lie it needs changes.

  • Jay Hong
    Jay Hong

    Ironically its still a viable off-meta play: Aurelion Sol is fun and good to use in low elo with a team who can set up really well for him. BUT WHY DID RIOT REMOVE INFINITE SPINNIES UGH

  • Wen

    Rengar rework is what made me quit league. And the revert is a big big fail too because they didn't fix the bola going ape shit in midair bug.

  • Vanshika Jakhmola
    Vanshika Jakhmola

    I will stop playing this game if aram got removed

  • Carl Saaby Schmidt
    Carl Saaby Schmidt

    honestly, I just miss the old akali

  • Khánh Bảo Đoàn
    Khánh Bảo Đoàn

    Pantheon, Aatrox, LeBlanc, Sona, Aurelion Sol,...

  • KuRo Rami
    KuRo Rami

    In my full opinion as an OTP aurelion even before the rework! I more enjoy the new Aurelion because its literally skill based than a champ who is too overpowered and has 0 skill based plays! Auerlion now requires so much skill to play with his kit! Old aurelion forced the diamond/plat players into challenger with literally no effort whatsoever! And pretty much 90% of the Aurelion mains are those of low elo who abused the champ to reach higher elos! But the other 10% who have the game sense knows its much more balanced and skill based than being a champ who was just abused! Im literally against the revert! As the champion in its current state was forced by the low elo abusing players to be forced into this rework so they cant abuse it anymore! And those who actually have the full game sense of the champion plays it at their top skills with the champ! Just my opinion in the end 🤷‍♂️

  • Darren

    For the algorithm!!!


    hes op/broken in wr then he got nerf and nerf now he is a b tier or good tier he got nerf because hes easy clear waves hen rotate and hes w is faster than in pc and only last a few second but its op beacuse its only last 3 secs i think but low cd and you will get a bosst if you turn it off earley

  • Mr. Cauliflower
    Mr. Cauliflower

    >because they don't cancel champions anymore xD

  • Maxwell Synard
    Maxwell Synard

    Not a fan of league or mobas in general but video was interesting good work.

  • GodSent

    Even though asol is technically the best mid lane champ rn


    Yeah, I really didn't like that W change. My boy A-Sol needs a good ol' mini rework

  • JChamp 00
    JChamp 00

    Honestly the LeBlanc rework was so fun. The revert took the one unique thing. (the R+R clone) But yea people complained because counter play became apparent and most assassin players cant handle that

  • Torys Account
    Torys Account

    All Mages in LoL are burst. Aurelion Sol was the only one who did damage constantly, the one where keeping the right distance mattered. Then his W became a burst ability. Thanks, Rito.

  • inplane

    As a Karma main all the way from Season 2, this longstanding issue no longer shocks me. Reworks are such a hit or miss and Riot really needs to be careful who they alienate.

  • Nanaten

    Lmao I had forgot about Aurelion

  • Erion _YT
    Erion _YT


  • Jéraymy Morteau
    Jéraymy Morteau

    One of the best design in the game but one of the hardest champ ever

  • Dakota Ford
    Dakota Ford

    Talking about being on the back burner. Us OG kindred players didn’t want some weeb bait anime skin for her. We want a dark and gritty skin (at least that’s what I heard) and we will probably have to wait another three years to attempt to get a new skin that actually resonates with us.

  • RagnarokInfinity

    They butchered my sassy space dragon boy, and I just don't enjoy playing him post re-work. All that effort and time invested in the pre-rework version doesn't carry over to the post-rework version. He had a unique identity and clear weaknesses to ranged CC and mobile diver champs. The fact that as a zone control mage he had to position like an ADC was interesting, and took time to master. Was he oppressive when he got ahead? Yes, just like most champs when they get snowballed. I just want to enjoy playing him again, but league tells me I can't.

  • Kyrie Dunkelwasser
    Kyrie Dunkelwasser

    As an asol main, thank you.

  • Pedro Neto
    Pedro Neto

    Dopa was just mad he couldn't play the champion

  • It had to be a name
    It had to be a name

    So uhm...why isn´t Graves reworked yet then? I just never heared anyone saying that the new graves is better I wish they would just have "2 Graves" in the Game...who´d be hurt if we still had Graves with his old kit?

  • Zafar Bajwa
    Zafar Bajwa

    That’s what I hate most about the game right now. The fact that Riot is just completely Ignoring, and nerfing old champs, and create OP new ones. And once a champ gets nerfed they usually don’t get touched again cause they are not popular. As someone who plays Aphelios a lot, it is so hard to do good and have fun because he was nerfed to the point of no gameplay unlesss you are a god at the game. I’m taking a break from right now, and I hope I don’t get dragged back Into this and again

  • cashinowt

    Rengar wasn't a full revert. They only changed his q back and removed the ult crit. They kept the w and most importantly how his passive with the ferocity stacks and the bone tooth necklace functioned. I seriously miss stacking 5 ferocity, and i hate how the trophy mechanic works now because how on god's green earth are you supposed to kill a malphite or darius or a yuumi on either

  • Rexy Fulgencio
    Rexy Fulgencio

    Zac as an example... He's now a useless champ 😂😂😂

  • Pls uninstall
    Pls uninstall

    Just revert his W man, it is stupid that you have to pray for teamfights to end fast, because if they dont, you have to go melee range or sit behind while doing nothing.

  • Indie Pixels
    Indie Pixels

    I have recently been mailing aurelion and he has been ruined but not to uselessness. His aoe damage is great and he is very funny for me

  • Black Spear
    Black Spear

    I think Aurelion is pretty okay with this skills he have now. Aurelion is really hard but also funny. I started playing him after relase but he wasn't that good for me. After his last reowrk i decited to play him again and I really, really like his playstyle. Even when Im assasin main. The overtime DMG, just flash into teamfight, then R, W zhonia and boom! Enemies dont have half of they HP. Unfortunetly, there is a small problem with him. Small DMG on early, before Mask as Mythic. Also I prefer to max Q for longer stun and better poke on lane. It combs cool with this on time W. Q, W and enemy have no hp, and we are full. Its really nice after Mask. For me Riot should: * Buff his stars: more dmg, I think 5 or 10 points of basic DMG more on each W Lvl. He can keep the W he have now. I won't mind. I like hard champions. * More, a lot more DMG on R. Now its just like: "Please! Don't touch me!" But also R can be use to win TF. But its in late. In early game he need more DMG maybe just +100 on first lvl and +50 on second and third lvl? Maybe it will help him more? Cooldown is not that long, but its far away from Lux R. Lux have big DMG and also small CD. * A Sol passive. It should be more dangerous. Minions belowe 25 Hp are executed. Its kinda weak I think? Maybe it should be buffed. On 6 Lvl 30 hp, 11 - 40 and on 16 - 50hp? Or maybe more? If we look in his lore he is one of the strongest! Just like his Q. This ability can be grow untill map end. Sound cool, right? Q DMG is good. This spell dont need changes, also for me, E is good. But maybe... Lower cooldown on early, two first lvls have to big CD. We cant help our teammates that fast, its harder to escape enemies and there is one more thing... More stars! If Sol had 5 stars on normal, not only URF. Or maybe just 4? Its not much but I pretty sure it would bring him back to life. He is orginal and cool! Riot dont ruin my dreams and dont rework him. Aurelion need just buffs!

  • Unholyspirit

    I want old Volibear back... Min maxing his pullover head move and E semi stun semi knockup was so fun to learn/master

  • QueenMuser

    LoL became a mainstream game since they sold off to Tencent. Of course the Chinese Communist Party is behind all this. OF COURSE!

  • Chancellor Palpatine
    Chancellor Palpatine

    Just buff his e and it's fixed flying roaming dragon EZWIN

  • apokalyptios

    /cry in yorick

  • Xavier Dupont
    Xavier Dupont

    I used to play old aatrox only...

  • Arbiter Vildred
    Arbiter Vildred

    No it's not about playerbase, the changes are based on proplay they don't ruin anything, pro players still know how to use them

  • kunikien

    Really great video, quite enjoyed learning this

  • JerryCash

    Son pick rates after this video: 📈

  • Zwei

    I get the feeling Riot doesn't like A Champions, every champio that's starts with an A (not the broken trash Akali) that get reworked they just don't change them back

  • Grande Senhor Dos Likes
    Grande Senhor Dos Likes

    Hey Exil since we are talking about a champion that riot doesn't care, why not talk about a champion that no one ,but his 3 players, rememebers that he exists? Kog'Maw.

  • trav w
    trav w

    I get hating changes to your favorite champ but if you quit a game because of one champion when there is a ton, why are you playing the game? You clearly don’t like the game

  • Krahesticks

    RIP aur sol one tricks. I feel for you homies

  • Eleos

    I played like probably around 5 games of Asol back when he was released. It was hard, clunky but he does deal alot of damage. I think they should revert back his W since its probably the only "fun" and rewarding skill to master in his kit (since its one if not the only skill that he deals damage continously in fights) The q was clunky AF not sure if they fixed that and i rarely used E only to use q and e to get back to my lane and get the minions farm with it.

  • Alec B
    Alec B

    The music you use is amazing.

  • Autumn

    This champ problem stem on his stupidly clucky play style. If you fix the awkward control you can max min his balances with his stat after. The more consistent he can control his ring with attack range the less you have to buff him. For example akali was fucking toxic champ with protection under your tower and does ass shit insane damage. The player base got good enough where the protection from tower really isn't necessary anymore and can be remove. Then they can balance out her damage without rework her kit completely.

  • Autumn

    I got a really good fix for sol this fix without make him more consistent. Just change his attack range based on his w range. If you ever play sol you know that his max auto range is the same as the outer limit but it really horrible when he is cc and the comic return. If the attack range get smaller it would help him kite easier but still help him at optimal range so he land ring easier. This change alone would help you easier to balance the champion. His auto damage would help make up for ring damage but not making to op where the ring could be active 100% of the time. It a give and take where he can maximize his damage but open him up for punish but also give him a chance to push the wave is small increment until the mid to late game.

  • Joseph Hahn
    Joseph Hahn

    Eve rework was both good and bad and also EXTREMELY divisive with Eve mains. Even now, there are lots of old Eve mains that would love for her to be reverted. But that’s never going to happen because she’s stronger and more popular now.

  • skylar thompson
    skylar thompson

    I’ve had more success with aurelian sol jg then mid. Love the champ but every time I go in lane the enemy has to just be worse at the game than me to lose

  • Benne MY
    Benne MY

    Buff is a fucking scam. I had the application since last December and not one day since then I could buy anything from Buff. Such bullshit.

  • Scumz Wolfperson
    Scumz Wolfperson

    5:05 LOL

  • Jonathan J
    Jonathan J

    I'd make his roaming tool his ultimate like Sion, Ryze, and Tf

  • Co Haines
    Co Haines

    The fact that lee sin got the legendary storm dragon skin enrages me. Yeah let’s give lee another legendary and have a storm dragon fly around and say I am a star dragon

  • Pascal Bär
    Pascal Bär

    A sol is one of the worst champions in the game Tft a sol laughting in the background