How This ONE Thing Single-Handedly Ruined Competitive League of Legends
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Baron Cinematic
Cyanscape Garen
Banner of Command OP In EU LCS
Fierik Trydamere Mid Banner of Command
Alex Ich Plays Syndra Mid Historical Video from Season 3
Imaqtpie Blitzcrank Banner of Command Historical Video From Season 3
Rock Man Historical Video about Promote Being Removed
Matthew Edwards Shen Banner of Command
4.20 Warwick MLG Montage
PapiLoco best of Kassadin Season 3
Season 1 World Championship Finals League of Legends Esports
Risti Banner of Command PBE
Redmercy's Necromancy Malzahar
Tyler 1 Banner of Command Rage Quit League of Legends

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  • Exil

    Oops I accidently said Banner had 200 Magic Resist instead of 20. LOL. Everyone is welcome to join the club! Join here to compete

    • Bart


    • Linards Ž
      Linards Ž


    • A simple commenter
      A simple commenter

      Every time I click the link I get Error 1020: "What happened? This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks" FeelsBadMan

    • Nick Person
      Nick Person

      Is this site no longer available?

    • Critticle

      I'm getting a "access denied error 1020" when I click the link? searched the error and It says I breached the websites firewall rules?

  • Leeroys CS:GO Adventures
    Leeroys CS:GO Adventures

    this game is sooooooooooooooo fucking trash. just uninstall it. its so pointless to play it. for real. no skill involved, just coinflip and better nobchamp picks decide who wins. it cancer. fucking caaaaaaaaaaaaaaancer! horrible.... should not even called a game, but suicide accelerator.

  • O Fenómeno
    O Fenómeno

    Sometimes I wonder if this people test the ideas they make before putting them into the game...

  • WiseWeeabo

    I used to love Zz'Rot , won a lot of ranked games by playing shen support and dropping the portal to where i ulted. >carries don't have a spot for it >a gank turned around with ult opens lane

  • jesse john
    jesse john

    This item is Exodia realized

  • Mats Yoo
    Mats Yoo

    I always went chogath full tank with banner of command and zzrot splitpush and i had like a 75% winrate lmao (in season 4)

  • Sebastian Björnhierta
    Sebastian Björnhierta

    Deathfire grasp?

  • Phil Bourn
    Phil Bourn

    This was my favourite item league has ever made, BOC/ ZZ ROT and push push push lol

  • growingoaks productions
    growingoaks productions

    3:50 omfg i remember mastery pages and *actual* rune pages, not the stuff we got today. The rune pages where you had to buy that shit with IP, back before they deleted runes and deleted IP :(

  • growingoaks productions
    growingoaks productions

    I fucking miss Dominion. It was always super fun for quick games. Twisted Treeline too smh why the fuck did they remove the 2 least toxic game modes? People didn't give shits playing those, but a 5v5 draft will get you more toxic than an asbestos factory.

  • I Need You
    I Need You

    Honestly, I don't get why s7 Banner was such a terrible thing. If you can't win an outright teamfight, you don't deserve to win the game. A mage sitting on his stupid little ass at his inhib/nexus tower and stalling out the game for 15 minutes just by waveclearing is FAR worse than a cannon creep killing towers in 8 shots.

  • J.ASMRGaming

    I used to love this on heimerdinger too

  • Mr. Reese
    Mr. Reese

    All they had to do was adjust numbers a bit again but they just removed it, lol. I am not sad about it being gone though, just as ZZ rot portal it was just utter BS.

  • Robert Syrett
    Robert Syrett

    Didn't it become the rift herald?

  • Hiệu Nguyễn bá
    Hiệu Nguyễn bá

    and now riot is making canon minion raging when attack towers imagine if you hold a really big wave with baron buff

  • Table Top Games and Loot
    Table Top Games and Loot

    I remember all this. It makes me feel old.

  • Emerald Knight
    Emerald Knight


  • Abdulrahman Subhi
    Abdulrahman Subhi

    ye no one understand how broken ash r is, she literally sees all ur path, cs, position, ip address, birth certificate, dna info, family name, and literally anything else u don't want the enemy team to know for free by using 1 global ability at level 3

  • Jorge P
    Jorge P

    During a time, my core items as bard were redemption and banner, honestly bards kit is not empowered that much by normal support items, that is why usually his build is more creative, with his high mobility pushing waves and creating pressure points was a really interesting way to play, not overpowered or anything but I did live this item

  • Dziban Art
    Dziban Art

    I remember lulu with banner of command rush :3 it was actually good on her, you could easily turn a gank around.

  • Fabian Bravo
    Fabian Bravo

    Funny how Neace used it on trynda before he went to waste time in Fortnite

  • Mundy2


  • devilluv_

    Now that it has appeared between the items in the refurbished shop... I'm scared.

  • HoukouUkage

    Ah, I remember the Promote Summoner Spell, I took that every game to meme.

  • Matcine

    And now it’s been confirmed to come with the shop rework in season 11

  • LeaveLeague

    Everyone misses revive summoner spell with teleport on kathrus. Remember phantomlord 😂

  • Monkey King
    Monkey King

    You member the days? Singed members...

  • Salem B
    Salem B

    Riot removed the item because they didn't like the idea of LCS not being flashy plays , meta is nothing more than what they like to see , only cares about pro balance while leaving 90% of their player base behind .

  • Gabe Hill
    Gabe Hill

    i forgot that item even existed. jeez this gave me ptsd of that meta lol

  • Banner of command
    Banner of command

    Hi there ...


      your coming back next season pls wait till then I can wait to use you again

  • Rob

    18:10 Why is the Barrens music going on in the background?

  • Mahmoud Mzali
    Mahmoud Mzali

    did you all notice how the r*pe in the chat @ 6:27

    • Nyloflake

      I thought that said KAPE :|

  • HalfTangible

    Hey So Guess what item is in the New Items Systems teasers for the new preseason?

  • Cory Morgan
    Cory Morgan

    Spell Vamp still technically exists for Morgana as well via her passive.

  • inot ćitelab
    inot ćitelab

    Why not make Banner give you HP and the active w/out the dmg cancel/reduction? It would be WAY more ballanced that way...

  • SAD _ Project
    SAD _ Project

    lmao, "HotFix" r e m o v a l They could've just experimented with it somewhere else and have a team play with it, Disable the spell temporarily and nerfed it, the item has many great potentials, they could've reduced the dmg reduction to 10-50 ish percent, they could've implemented something that nerfs the boost given to a baron boosted minion and so much more. This is also a potential idea to a support type hero that boosts something about the environment such as turrets, minions, temporary summoning factory, just skill. I mean why stop there? you could make a hero that could copy ultimates somehow and maybe now is a good time to approach that item?

  • Dillon White
    Dillon White

    I mained jungle sion for a while, I would get my junglr tank item, build banner of command and zzrot portal and apply pressure on every lane. It was such a fun and effective play style, I ended up with over 300k mastery points on Sion. Until.they removed banner and could no longer enjoy ranked, tank junglers were ruined. RIP banner.

  • Goorilla Grodd
    Goorilla Grodd

    16:00 that would be... yikes.

  • MystOnYT

    I love the old utility tree

  • Old Dohko
    Old Dohko

    they are adding it back lmao, Riot is toxic af or just plain dumb. Probably both

  • Brian Lyers
    Brian Lyers

    Mfw they are going to add it back in

  • Xaius

    Yeah, I remember the days of unkillable siege minions. Support dif ftw

  • Xaius

    I still don't understand how Riot removed half of the summoner spells and kept ghost, but okay.

  • ItZaBunni

    I was around for the summoner spell

  • Toga Himiko
    Toga Himiko


  • Adam Soos
    Adam Soos

    theres a high chance its coming back, when they showed the new item shop banner of command was there

  • Soviet Lettuce
    Soviet Lettuce

    and now its coming back XD

  • DualDarkElu

    Welp I watched the new riot item video and I came here. Literally everyone: BANNER OF COMMAND IS BROKEN DELETE IT Riot: K deleted Also Riot 2021: Hey guys look at this dope new item called Banner of Command Everyone: bruh

  • Eherostudios

    Anyone else notice at 6:20 everyone spamming "RAPE" in the all chat? Glad to see the community was still the same back then as it is now lol

  • PixelS

    And it's coming back in preseason 2020.

  • lolmanboss

    Oh man i played teemo top or sup with boc and zz. You where unkillable and fast. the dmg output was bad but tower pushing was so strong and shrooms protected zz

  • Connor Schalm
    Connor Schalm

    What if the buffed minion (and to a lesser extent, minions around it) simply gained heavy damage reduction against other minions and turrets, but it can still be cleared fairly easily by champions. Drop it in a side lane when you predict a 5v5 elsewhere, and you are almost guaranteed to take a tower, but there is obvious counter play. make it so that the buff aura that the target minion grants to others doesn't stack, so your whole team COULD buy banner and drop it on one wave, but it would be a waste of a lot of stats. It would be more effective to have two people promote two consecutive waves in one lane or two simultaneous waves in different lanes. To balance it, you would just have to tune tankiness and damage. You could increase or decrease both, or trade one for the other so it doesn't survive as long but deals more damage, or so it will last a long time if unattended, slowly chipping away at the turrets.

  • Frost Libra
    Frost Libra

    cant click the link and join the club....i get an error page

  • Giulio Rivera
    Giulio Rivera

    I'll be honest, those look like some pretty fun games °>°

  • Omar Fonseca
    Omar Fonseca

    I'm so old

  • Satisfied Skull Servant
    Satisfied Skull Servant

    Why not just reduce the damage reduction to 25-40%? That seems to be a pretty easy fix

  • Emil Gilger
    Emil Gilger

    Bro you cant just put Jirayas theme as background music. You almost made me cry :(

  • Mozart Di Auditore
    Mozart Di Auditore

    Oh dude the old Solaris please

  • What is mana ?
    What is mana ?

    *Laughs in Singed Builds*

  • 123 321
    123 321

    They just removed viable play style they could ve just changed something about the stats it gives

  • Dougie phresh
    Dougie phresh

    You should make a video about the strongest and most op summoner spell of all time. How riot hasn't adresses this issue is beyond me. Flash. Think about it.... when was the last time you played a game without it?

  • Sérgio Rodrigues
    Sérgio Rodrigues

    Dude your intro os small but incredibly boring. For a moment I forgot what was this video about and was about to skip... But other than that good videos

  • Vasotha

    Didn’t even talk about how you could promote champions with it lol

  • Ricky To
    Ricky To

    I do miss this item, why can't they just reduce the dmg reduction to 50 %?

  • Ricky To
    Ricky To

    Did he say 200 mr?

  • Remast203

    i liked Comander Yorick it was so nice to play

  • Paul Hermeneanu
    Paul Hermeneanu

    Miss banner with zz rot on my int sion strategy or with singed

  • Mihai Muntean
    Mihai Muntean

    How the fuck did Ekko get the kill at 14:20

  • Tommaso Dell'Uomo
    Tommaso Dell'Uomo

    15:55 è fievik

  • LongSchlongRami

    6:22 can we talk about the guy who kept spamming rape in chat?

  • Marcelo Vinicius
    Marcelo Vinicius

    the solo queue destroyer was the reworked Yorick, it didn't matter how weak they were in the game, once yorick had his ult, zz rot and banner of comand, he could rush your entire base from the T1 completely alone, you team just had to delay the enemy recall

  • Chase Wooldridge
    Chase Wooldridge

    Just bring back zzrot that’s all I ask

  • KHfan0011


  • Joshua Oke
    Joshua Oke

    I really liked banner of command on Elise, because it buffed her spiderlings

  • Baxi Tabaxi
    Baxi Tabaxi

    what is the point of haveing multple items in this game. You are only allowed to build a small number of them on your champion to avoid being reported.

    • Roomet Kirikall
      Roomet Kirikall

      Every champ uses different items

  • Baxi Tabaxi
    Baxi Tabaxi

    Imgaine this. Promote comes back BUT AS A CHAMPIONS ULT. Perhaps some sort of minon mancer champion.

  • Taco Meme
    Taco Meme

    12:00 what champ is that???

    • 10 - Đăng Nguyễn Hải
      10 - Đăng Nguyễn Hải

      Old Warrick, His R just a ponit click Skill and tele him not dash like this day.

  • Alexis 1
    Alexis 1

    6:26 ah yes old chat

  • socksamazingchannel

    still miss my "Surge" summoner spell just for the swag when I ulted with ezreal lol

  • Jonathan Rochette
    Jonathan Rochette

    I got made fun of for running promote in season 2...

  • Gerhard Obermeir
    Gerhard Obermeir

    They could just have removed the dmg reduction...

  • John Brunner
    John Brunner

    "take a look at this picture" ;~; ap yi I miss you.. Promote the siege minion on top lane, teleport bot lane, get the triple and take a tower on top (while getting all the gold for the minions)... Less than 1% knew of promotion... And less than 1% could ever realize its power in tandem with Ohm Wrecker.

  • Brandon Humbert
    Brandon Humbert

    Although not even close to being pro, I ran promote after rework as support Alistar. Always was able to push a side lane and it won many a game when I got flack for taking it...then came the told you so’s.

  • Charter PK
    Charter PK

    This music is from Runescape 3's priffdinas!

  • meri stem
    meri stem

    emblem of valor was my favorite item during those times haha

  • Hermes 1
    Hermes 1

    good old times when i just run aroud with singed like crazy with banner

  • CagadeJohnny

    and when soraka was able to heal the empowered minion

  • jorge luis de bortoli
    jorge luis de bortoli

    Error 1020 Ray ID: 5b0d7330bd7df66b • 2020-07-10 21:41:38 UTC Access denied What happened? This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks.

  • Ziyi Jin
    Ziyi Jin

    in my opinion the only thing riot did that actually ruined the fairness of the game is it constantly introducing over powered champions that beat old champion that actually takes time and skills to master, such as riven. Now every new meta tank cc champion can easily beat my 1M point riven. what is the point of me spending thousands of hours to practice one champion then?

  • Casper Bruhn-parry
    Casper Bruhn-parry

    bro your videos are really interesting, pure, keep it up you got something here

  • HitWalkHook

    I feel sad, i was one of the first people to use banner of command, and it was always funny just casting it on top minion as a support and watch as it gets gold for me because those dongs couldn't farm lol. also when it gave magic immunity to minions, veigars cried xd. I literally gave minions that power when enemy was full of ap champions and send it on their lanes(mostly it was mid, but when top was ap i sent it there too) xd.

  • bdimp

    When the MVP in a competitive match is a minion, something's really gone wrong.

  • Skain

    15:54 Wait why is Fierik over there lmao

  • nami seven
    nami seven

    Exil stop spreading disinformation banner of command plus zz rot on heim was incredible i used banner ecery chance i got

  • Tess

    Yeah, you see, I enjoyed the vid, but I'm 11 minutes in, and the second qlub shoutout... Sorry mate, not gonna sub.

  • NJBeast 3
    NJBeast 3

    It was actually funny watching banner in the pros with the fans counting as the baron up cannon minion hitting the tower and tanks hitting it 50 times just to kill it lol

  • DaJM NoCoast
    DaJM NoCoast

    cant acess the link

  • OD

    They tried, but it was not to be.

  • daniel ardila
    daniel ardila

    this item was so good with tahm kench for trolling lol

  • James Hammond
    James Hammond

    This was one of my favorite items. Heimer with this item and zz'rot was damn near unstoppable

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