How To Understand Watch And Play The New LoL Game | Teamfight Tactics Beginner Tutorial
Today, let's talk about TFT or Teamfight Tactics. This is a game mode on the PBE right now, and it will be coming out on Patch 9.13. These upcoming changes and upcoming game mode for patch 9.13 on the PBE will be available soon! TFT is league of legends auto chess, and is a brand new game mode and new game developed by riot games. Its a new league of legends game!

►Music is from Jeff's Music, Excellent music source please go check it out:
Music is also from Kevin Macleod!
Music is also from the runescape soundtrack!
Link to Scarra's Video on Teamfight Tactics
Link to Scarra's Cheatsheet for TFT!

Patch 9.13 on the PBE and changes on surrender at 20

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  • Exil

    If you want to play TFT, its available right now on the PBE. PLEASE let me know if you want to see more teamfight tactics from me, just respond and like this comment!

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      Elliot Keaton

      can you make a video on the tft meta and how to adapt to it your explanations are the best

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      Please make more content! You're so easy to follow and you give great well thought out explanations. It's perfect!

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      thanks for the video, this game is very confusing at first glance.

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      Holy shit dude you took so long to get to the point I forgot why I was even came to watch this video In the first place. At least it was interesting enough to keep me watching.

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    Nice name, osrs lover here

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    Nice job on that video , big like , that my last build i used and im very powerfull , and is very easy take a look guys :) Enjoy

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    So its like TABS but less Sandbox?

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    It sucks, like LoL.

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    Still don’t really understand it, but it looks cool :)

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    Can you remove items? is the only way to upgrade champions, buying 3 of the same champ?

  • Holypikemanz

    You talk like you are fking 5 years old. God damn moron just show us the game. Your definitions are dumb af.


    Thanks. I hate it.

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    everything wrong with

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    i think normal chess is easier to understand

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    Basically Red Tides? Or many other games like that except it has a little twist. It’s totally unbalanced 😂

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    oof I cant see the option to play that game mode. is it because im only level 15?

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    You used one of my favorite Adrian Von Ziegler songs for this ❤

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    Thanks so much for explaining this so detailed xD Gave me some push to start playing it again and get a cute pet :P

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    Suri Moreno

    you explained nothing to the non LoL players, you didn't say if you should keep buying the same champion all over, you just made a video of the tutorial we all had to see to start playing

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    Too much history talking, but yo, I started kicking ass after this.

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    Gimme back set 1

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    I keep readying up my party, but it never directs me to a TFT game. Only league games.

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    TFT is so damn boring....even when ur playing kills the streamer's stream cuz it's so boring.

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    I don't like TFT, I wish for it to be something different, it's too complicated and random for me...

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    you speak too much\

  • Marcos Barrós
    Marcos Barrós

    i'm new in LoL, i download the app just for TFT. and i tray to play this game and is lack of information at the moment of the battle. I try other games of auto battle, and in this games i don't need to know the characters because i have the sinergy info and visualisation of the characters at the time of buy a champion, and when i start tu organize them. in TFT, there are cards representing the characters and doesn't show the synergy between the champions. you are obligated to know them for you can select them quickly. This sucks.

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    Yeah well looks like my army is a melting pot.

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    Thanks for the video! I was curious about this game mode since someone just told me about it. Now I understand it a bit

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    How come the game doesn't have an INGAME solo tutorial to teach you this stuff?

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    Shut the fuck up with your league history and explain the game jesus christ.

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    I played it yesterday for the first time and HOLY SHIT it's so bad

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    3:30 to skip the "10 minute mark" video filler

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    So disappointed with tft. Ml magic chess is much better. Game is lagging in thr mid game and music makes me sleepy, also heroes voices are lagging. Booooring

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    What about the bells on the the left side. How do you get them!! They give you coins.

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    thanks for the info. that said...boring...thanks also for saving me the waste of time. Riot makes such fun modes then ends them, yet brings us this? wonderful. didn't become a moba player because I was looking for an auto-chess game *smh*

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    I have a potato pc and i can say it dosent work that well

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    Chess and risk... these two should never be placed in a same section

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    looks like a boring mobile game

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    How do u combine the same champs

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    I never played lol should if i play the normal mode will it help me play this?

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    3:34 - starts here ,

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      This is such a crappy long winded tutorial, go watch TSM's tutorial for a better more concise video.

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    "Free to play game" - technically not wrong; but you're unable to play and practice on a certain champion without buying it or winning the lottery. Also unable to try and not-purchased-champions in practice mode; to test before you buy. League is also heavily match-up reliant, so good luck one-tricking Rammus, Leblanc or Alistar. League is not free to play.

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    So pay to win.

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    the meta is pray to the RNG gods

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    So far its a little too much rng for my liking. Gonna keep trying but if I wanted to just roll dice I'd go to Vegas

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    This is unbelievably boring

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  • Paul Lorenc
    Paul Lorenc

    In the simplest way possible, someone explain this game's basic gameplay loop for someone who's NEVER played LoL/games like FF Tactics? Half the words this guy says literally make no sense to me, but I still want to know what the basic point of this game is. If all the fighting is automatic, then what you, as a player actually *do*? Give your guys items and hope that your composition of guys & items are better than your opponents'? Is there any strategy in the positioning of your guys, outside of basic things like tanks in front, melee assassins in the middle, and ranged assassins/healers in the back? I've played HotS, Warcraft III DotA, and Hearthstone, but this video did little to clarify the basic gameplay. How is it at all similar to Hearthstone? Thanks!

    • Doja

      Did you even watch the video? He explains that all fighting is automatic. You position them before the round starts, but they attack automatically. As for your other points, it sounds like you are looking for more in-depth direction, as this video just covers the basics of the game, i.e. how to play your first match. If you want team comps, positioning, curve etc. go find other videos. I've only played 5 matches.