I've Played 8000 Games of League and Had No Idea This Was In The Game
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Today, let's talk about a hidden league mechanic that I had no idea existed even in season 9. I have played league for 5 years, and played more than 8000 games of league of legends and I had no idea this was a real thing. This hidden secret league of legends mechanic and thing is really interesting and one of the coolest things I have learned in season 9 league of legends.
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Patch 9.12 on the PBE and riven changes on surrender at 20

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  • Exil

    Hope you weebs are having a nice day

    • Chris Pirillo Is Eboola
      Chris Pirillo Is Eboola

      What you call me fucker?

    • I_ NK
      I_ NK

      Legendary Kill was removed when they redid the voice acting for blackmarket brawler.

    • PnoyDisabilityRider


    • ka ni
      ka ni

      Check this Legendary Kill 1 day ago imgur.com/au4y3QR

    • AHFAN11

      I've played since season 1 (got kayle skin to prove it :) ) and I have seen a legendary kill, twice in fact. but I played like 100x more league then vs now and I also really sucked at league back then, even with a bad comp setup. I was sad to see it go. Really took the fun out of seeing someone utterly crap on a team 1v5 and not even lose half their hp bar. People were also more cooperative then. if a guy who destroyed a team managed to get a penta, sometimes an enemy who respawned would give the legendary kill.

  • bram ism
    bram ism

    Penta kill Legendary kill Legendary killl Legendary killll and so on In wild rift

  • speaker freak
    speaker freak

    "an legendary kill"

  • Izzat Aiman
    Izzat Aiman

    alright i’m late but now you can find this in wild rift which the announcer shows it on the screen

  • Ad Victoriam
    Ad Victoriam

    It is doable in wild rift.

  • Jannuel Lauro Dizon
    Jannuel Lauro Dizon

    legendary kill is possible in wild rift i was practicing oriana there and was spamming the ai in base and got to penta kill then after that i became legendary kill dont know if it is possible in real match tho

    • Ad Victoriam
      Ad Victoriam

      Yes it is possible in real match I just did it normal game though.

  • Bar Davshi
    Bar Davshi

    When ill die i want that instead of rip there will be golden gg ez written

  • CRBats

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    • CRBats


    • CRBats


  • Daniel

    The solution is that the kill count stops after an ace is scored.so you have to get the penta when the first person you killed respawns,so the penta wont score an ace.killing the respawned player should give you a legendary kill.

  • Zane Grauel
    Zane Grauel

    So I know this is an old video right but there's this thing in overworld called killer voices and it just changes the voices of the announcer but I wonder if it says legendary kill

  • Fabian Acosta
    Fabian Acosta

    im kinda late, but, when you fetch a match via the Riot API "{server}.api.riotgames.com/lol/match/v4/matches/{match_id}", the data returned inculde something called "unrealKills" [...] "kills": 8, "deaths": 16, "assists": 24, "largestKillingSpree": 2, "largestMultiKill": 1, "killingSprees": 3, "longestTimeSpentLiving": 327, "doubleKills": 0, "tripleKills": 0, "quadraKills": 0, "pentaKills": 0, "unrealKills": 0, "totalDamageDealt": 125459, [...]

  • Chris Pirillo Is Eboola
    Chris Pirillo Is Eboola


  • Mercman1010

    Any checks if this has been added back into the game a year later?

  • Ghabriabdou

    I live on 153 ping and I find it smooth and really playable. Yall're just so privileged with good wifi.

  • IGSA101

    "We were doing what we normally do while laying in bed, watching league of legends streams." what unbridled degeneracy.

  • Raphael Rocha
    Raphael Rocha

    how do i miss the attempting recconect bug

  • Nøxturn

    "Atempting to Reconnect" *Gets EUW flashbacks*

  • Szabó Borsa
    Szabó Borsa

    Boiler for sale

  • Saint Peignoir
    Saint Peignoir

    I remenber that one time, on URF mod, I do a pentakill and then kill another dude but that say "pentakill" again and I see "hexakill" on my opgg

  • Zellersalátaa.

    7:10 cheers from hungary!

  • Felix Pettersson
    Felix Pettersson

    this is the only reason to bring back revive

  • gamerul anonim
    gamerul anonim

    I did one legendary kill like 2-3 months ago

  • Mathieu Lalonde
    Mathieu Lalonde

    It possible just test in a real game 😂

  • king_sishui

    Where is the sexta xD

  • Deven Szlachetka
    Deven Szlachetka

    ...did you thumb up emote the bots

  • Nguyen Bao
    Nguyen Bao

    I enjoyed the video until he mention NightBlue. Just dislike.

  • Piripiri

    I knew about this when revive was a thing.

  • Javeton

    Ping doesnt work the same in each country. I used to play 80 ping in PR and it played the same as 24 ping in the US.

  • Ace Anthony
    Ace Anthony

    Same. Ive only played 7 games though

  • Frank Jiang
    Frank Jiang

    opgg doesn't just track up to the legendary kill, i've been playing some intro bot lately for s and giggles, and it turns out that it goes up even further to things like hepta kill for a 7 kills in close proximity. If the number get high enough it will just show up as the number for example I got a 23 kill marker in one of the game where it would say legendary kill in a game where I got 82 kills but I am not sure about where exactly the cut off is

  • Ferky Ferky
    Ferky Ferky

    These are fairly common in urf back in the day

    • Ferky Ferky
      Ferky Ferky

      I think I saw 2, sadly never had one myself

  • Edo Masic
    Edo Masic

    Lol i play league for 4 years and i realise you can go to shop with P

  • chunnin33

    Pretty sure it was the change in penta timings that removed the feature.

  • Aleksei Smyshliaev
    Aleksei Smyshliaev

    There is legendary kill in a ranked game clips.twitch.tv/GorgeousDifficultWolfEleGiggle

  • Dependent Many
    Dependent Many

    Teemo always feed man.

  • Michael Sigut
    Michael Sigut

    I Manage to get Hepta kill with yasuo and 76 kills no one says it but in my op gg history it show up

  • SgtMaggi

    I stand by my point. Fuck smurfing even tho I don't play ranked

  • max

    in urf i got an octakill with cassio. i got a normal penta and then everybody kept using the cannon to come back and i just killed them all in 2 seconds or less because of her W. they even had a yuumi so it was easier, but i didnt see legendary kill anywhere on the screen or the announcer saying :/

  • Jacob Moore
    Jacob Moore

    When your kled 1v5s and then ults to your bot laners to reclaim his property

  • Robert Lorenz
    Robert Lorenz

    Is it just like the game mode where you can get a hexakill?

  • Alex Berger
    Alex Berger

    There was a hexakill back in the early days too.

  • Auris Vocator
    Auris Vocator

    I mean "Legendary" is after large killingspree is a thing

  • Joao Felipe Siqueira
    Joao Felipe Siqueira

    Just got my first one a couple of months ago

  • Richy Rich
    Richy Rich

    only OG league players know about legendary kill. seems like you grinded most of your 8000 games after season 3

  • Golden salt
    Golden salt

    I remember this in 2013

  • Hohrhamikai Olaf
    Hohrhamikai Olaf

    best i ever did was a hexa in dominion still proud

  • Stefanmlgpro

    Maybe it's called like that because of how you get "legendary" in the normal game. You need a total of 8 kills,so pentakill(5) and 3 more kills that makes 8. Maybe you have to do it after a streak reset but I haven't tried. My friend got one in urf this season and it was pretty hype.

  • Katarina Du Couteau
    Katarina Du Couteau

    Back in season 1, 2, and 3 I saw a few of these Legendary kills, and even got one myself. I was wondering why I didnt see it pop up anymore. Now I know. Sorta.

  • bozy0

    i’m guessing when u get a quadra u HAVE to wait for an enemy to spawn in before u kill another for a penta then kill the sixth

  • Docyument

    I just had a buddy get two legendary kills back to back in URF!

  • S.A.I_the_A.I

    Its still there I've seen it in the newest season

  • 29cfs

    have you check if the audio track is still in the files of the game? :o

  • Renato Marques
    Renato Marques

    tbh legendary kill wasn't even a finished concept.. they must have come across it when updating something circa 2015 and just shaved it off the code.

  • Vincent L
    Vincent L

    Christian squad bois.

  • RichThe1Kid

    Just do this with GA. EZ

  • Mr. J
    Mr. J

    They say pentakill is the highest anyone can reach in a killstreak I say they're very wrong

  • Jakob Pedersen
    Jakob Pedersen

    Everyone knew about that in the old days...

  • Benjamin Perković
    Benjamin Perković

    I Will prove you wrong coz ther is a way

  • Piotr Kościński
    Piotr Kościński

    I remember playing old Twisted Treeline (RIP) and killing enemies in base with fed champs. Because of the lower downtimes you were able to get 6 kills quite easily

  • A Literal Piece of Wood
    A Literal Piece of Wood

    Its actually possible to get this in URF, but only in the beginning. You would have to plan this out and it wouldn't be possible in normal play

  • Kyle Dawson
    Kyle Dawson

    Can we get some Fs in the chat for Twisted Treeline?

  • Jenika Alexander
    Jenika Alexander

    You mean 122ms is high ping.😂😂😂 We play euw server around 150-220ms ping

  • Telavus

    I remember very clearly that thry removed the feature when hexakill was released. I havent thought about it since then though. It might be that the in game client isnt interacting with 5+ multikills anymore, but it could very well be that the Riot APIs that sites like op.gg uses still tracks legendary kills.

  • John Lawson
    John Lawson

    without revive the only way to get one is to camp the fountain, idk if rito wants to encourage that...

  • Fiirow1

    I think I got my firs legendary kill in season 1.. or 2... It's been so long that I can't really remember though. I was Nasus top before the game had strict meta and toxic children everywhere, big fight happended mid and morgana revived tp'd back into it to pop ult (I used cleanse to clear it and almost 1shot her).

  • Prekus

    7:40 imagine getting legendary kill with sona

  • ToxicShroom

    But it shows itself multiple times in the chat: "TWITCH IS LENGENDARY" wtf?

    • Sauce

      That's just kill streak, not the type of kill. Pay attention to where it says "X has slain Y for a penta kill!" in some cases it says "for a legendary kill" and, in others, it doesn't say anything

  • Sir Red
    Sir Red

    I learned bout this change in a ranked game...prettymuch I got fed as Darius and there was the push to end in their bade where I got a pentakill but the spawns were spaced jut enough for me to get that sixth kill... i was so excted to have hexakill pop up while not suring the game mode and was super disappointed when ijust said legendary... like ffs

  • Tecnica21 Gaming
    Tecnica21 Gaming

    I have no knowledge as to if this still is a thing in 2020...But i absolutely remember getting Legendary Kills in the past...

  • Ahmed Al Junaibi
    Ahmed Al Junaibi

    She’s a 304 I can tell

  • Victor Henrique
    Victor Henrique

    No, no no no, no, no! You doing it WRONG! You need to do the PENTAKILL, and then in order to get a LEGEN you wait for it...

  • BredPills

    I'm not even going to bother dropping a red pill on this man... Find out for yourself

  • Sir Rezzo
    Sir Rezzo

    Digging that subtle flex in the beginning with your big tiddy gf.

  • VHenrik

    Eyyy a magyar Yasuo klip. xDDDD Váratlanul ért.

  • Diesel Marcus
    Diesel Marcus

    Tbh. Nothing gets me harder in video games like the sound bites "PENTAKILL!" and "NEW RECORD!!!" From Melee

  • yogi546

    Today It's just called "Legendary", and you get it by being on a long killing spree

  • Mixy

    i mean i got it today in a bot match so you doin somethin wrong bruh

  • Oculus Infinium
    Oculus Infinium

    no joke though, can we get hexakill again its a fun gamemode cause you have one extra person on your team that can feed mid lane

  • Melquisedec Bermudez
    Melquisedec Bermudez

    i got one yesterday, kled mid is op

  • Keith Enguito
    Keith Enguito

    Dota2 be like: oh yeah you mean double rampage and another rampage and another more because of buyback?

  • ky Chan
    ky Chan

    4:10 Clearly, we have some time line being off. Show a ekko clip

  • Cyrus' gaming
    Cyrus' gaming

    Hmm I just played a game my announcer girl says it all the time she says LEGENDARY! Or is that something different??

  • Matthew Moran
    Matthew Moran

    clickbait title

  • Juan Vasquez
    Juan Vasquez

    jeremy spoke of this 3 years ago lol

  • HarunVelagic

    lol if you didn't know for legendary kill than you for sure don't know what is hexakill

  • Fred Esch
    Fred Esch

    1:34 I'm just doing my job, as a brasileirinho, of pointing out that a brazilian video showed up there. (vai brazilian!)

    • Henrique De Lima Gonçalves
      Henrique De Lima Gonçalves


  • niemand ist hier
    niemand ist hier

    i had a legendary kill in urf last season

  • Spencer Newman
    Spencer Newman

    Damn I started playing league in 2012, ending of season 2 beginning of season 3 and this was a trip I completely forgot about legendary kills.

  • d3af

    how to stretch a 2 min video on 9 minutes.

  • Foranger Star
    Foranger Star

    i played lol since season 2 and yes legendary kill existed back then for sure its real i did it lot of times in bot games its was near impossible to do in normal games only if the enemy running revive and came back so fast after u did a penta which is so rare to do but i've seen it once or twice in real severe ( not against bots ). and in the last years i don't know when exactly they removed it ,but shit this is prove how no life i have to witness such thing it's giving me a nostalgia .

  • Pieton

    I wish he had just made a custom instead of fucking around with the bots

  • Sloth

    Ive been in an game where my vladimir got an deca kill, on op.gg it says deca kill

  • mnemosine itahncristos
    mnemosine itahncristos

    So legenary kill is HEXAKILL, i just watched a 2:53 video instead of the complete video


    that was so mysterious hahhaha

  • Daniel Neubert
    Daniel Neubert

    I've got the legendary kill multiple times in some different ways. 1. Kog maw glitch (you could kill his passive with jack in the boxes) 2. Yorick glitch his ult would get the affected to die a infinite amount of times without dying 3. The good old revive as mentioned Unfortunately I don't have any video recording of these. But there should be plenty of video recordings of Yorick and kog maw glitches Here's a link to an example where you also can see and hear legendary kill rsloft.info/loft/video/fpR0tou8tZKxZ5w

  • Toni Serra
    Toni Serra

    that draven ate like 5 turret shots for free xD

  • Solo

    What and e-girl

  • THE best GAMERs
    THE best GAMERs

    i knew about the Hexa kill game mode and the hexa kill but legendary kill is really a new thing but it would be an amazing feature to see nontheless

  • Lopilops

    No. You be fucking

  • Dóra Antalovits
    Dóra Antalovits

    6:58 oh yeah that Hungarian client xdd

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