League Of Legends Champion Who Was Cancelled Twice! | Azir Documentary Season 10 League of Legends
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Today, let's talk about most broken champion in league of legends history. From a champion release that had so many issues, to now being hard to balance once again in league of legends season 10 with the release of sett, leagues new champion. Azir used to be an OP League of legends champion, but after being nerfed and new changes in league of legends, he is now one of their least played champions in the game. This is a video covering the history of azir, the history of league of legends, and Season 10 League of Legends, Rise of the Elements League of Legends. Check out league of legends new cinematic, Warriors - Lux Cinematic!
Season 10, 10.1, 10.2, Patch 10.1, Patch 10.2
Patch 10.1 Tier List, Season 10 Patch 10.1, Season 10 Patch 10.2
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Patch 10.2 on the PBE on surrender at 20

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  • Exil

    Sorry for the delay on this video guys, I will make sure that I never do that again. Hope you enjoy! Check out Twitch.Tv, thanks to them for sponsoring this video! bit.ly/Q1-Exil

    • GJ Well played
      GJ Well played

      Any chance for a nocturne video. He is kinda forgotten

    • Lisa Watson
      Lisa Watson

      When nashers was op fr because of azir

    • Xeakpress

      All these Azir stats are uhh..umm yaknow uhh a coincidence....yea a big ol coincidence he was ....slightly over tuned yea... slightly All hail the emperor

    • K i t e
      K i t e

      Can you make a video about Jarvan IV? The champion is SO WEAK right now, he is supposedly a tank with shitty scaling in all of his abilities and is condemned to build as an assassin in order to not be useless.

    • Mayo Linist
      Mayo Linist

      I hope that soon you will upload about Leblanc. She's my favorite champion and I think she got some interesting lore and history. Good day!

  • InfinityRift

    Personally love the bird boi! He’s got one of the more interesting kits to this day imo, and his potential leaves so much room to get creative.

  • Oxndv Vfkuhl
    Oxndv Vfkuhl

    i wish i had played azir back in 2015... i only know the azir nowadays



  • Matias Moreno
    Matias Moreno

    I stoped playing Azir after the mini rework. i dont feel it anymore, even if its supousedly stronger than before.

  • AntwnaKYS

    Mmmmm maybe maybe maybe

  • Electric Speedkiller
    Electric Speedkiller

    5:21 Let me help you: He's the Water Elemental from W3. Just like most things in this game, it's stolen from WoW or W3

  • Zachkills4

    I don't play azir that often, I do enjoy him though.

  • Giacomo

    It's ok for him to be 45% wr, he's just more of a niche pick

  • Nemolicious

    This Seth guy sounds a lot like riptide from HonN

  • TheEmperorOfDrifts

    My absolute fav champ

  • Morgan K
    Morgan K

    i was shattered when Conqueror got nerfed for azir

  • Chocobo

    i can't even believe we're having twitch advertisements in these vids lmao who the fuck is watching vids like this that doesn't know about twitch

  • Smugron

    Who would think a bird champion would cause the biggest amount of bugs ever.

  • Joel Wrubel
    Joel Wrubel

    I haven't kept up with actually playing League since Season 3, but I have watched the main pro matches since that time. The one bug I remember him having at launch that didn't cause any actual in-game issues was in regards to how his Sun Discs were coded. As they were destroyed / self-destructed they would add to the overall turret destruction count, so games with him may have had somewhere in the neighborhood of mid- to high-20s (or more?) destroyed on one side.

  • Waleed Khalid
    Waleed Khalid

    Honestly, I think it would’ve been really cool to get a champ like ‘sand mage’ Azir. The Gara-like abilities would feel really good to play I think.

  • Star blame
    Star blame

    Micro management? Heard of starcraft players?

  • R4Z0R

    Yeah, the Illustrious Azir: The Emperor of Bugima...

  • Leoh music
    Leoh music

    Azir was the first champion to ever release after i started playing league. Own all the skins n always had a soft spot for him. I picked him up as soon as he dropped and i remembered thinking after the first week like “damn nashors tooth would probably be pretty good on this dude”. Today 6 years later and i got a win on him this morning with nashors ludens into rylais, good times. Oh god and that Fenix play under tower...now thats a memory

  • TJ Rysanek
    TJ Rysanek

    I know this is irrelevant but, did he just call t1 humble?

  • Favs

    18:24 "Azir has always been regarded as the hardest, if not the hardest champions to learn and master" *Laughs in Lee Sin*

  • Wells Lee
    Wells Lee

    Whats the song at 14:50?

  • Lawrence Ly
    Lawrence Ly

    Lol I'm the guy with a decade old 200 dollar laptop I got from my dad. 15 fps all day

  • Jesse Overbey
    Jesse Overbey

    Less overall players to please, back then I didn't have to wait 8 minutes for a queue to pop.

  • Joshua Okusanya
    Joshua Okusanya

    They should put the water champion in the game and say he's the god of the water like how there's anivia and orn and u get it and Namis tribe worship him and he is nakekebaoroaus and the bearded lady it would be really cool and he'll be jg sups like Ivern his q would be a wave unlike nami it would be small and instead of knocking up the wave the wave would continuously move the champion for 2 seconds after hitting an npc or champions silencing them and if they hit a wall while being moved by the wave they would get stunned the w would be a whirlpool that slows npc said or champions that run away and away from the centre and quickens people running to the centre from a range of course and the e would be the ability to look at everything in the river in the jg for 5 seconds and the champ would be very unique because when the champ upgrades it won't boost damage it would boost the duration of the spell and the cool down and the ult should be the ability should be the ability to increase their cool down reduction for all their spells maybe even summoner spells and make all the cool downs except the ult 3 seconds for 10 seconds but increase mana use by 20% or something like that last last but not least the passive has to be increases damage in water inside jg and also every time the player does 1 of their ability they'll get slower for a few seconds it'll be called the wetness debuff and their overall speed will slow the debug will and can be stacked if hit multiple times and but the debug will subside after the character is a certain distance from the champion

    • Hai Nguyn
      Hai Nguyn

      Imagine most "god" in the game not being play XD

  • Mr. Reese
    Mr. Reese

    They should just make that water mage now, the technology is here by now and the 200 years of combined experience will surely make it happen without any problems.

  • Evan Jordan
    Evan Jordan

    I keep forgetting that this isn’t a proguides video

  • AJ Garalza
    AJ Garalza

    What’s the name of the song starting at 14:27? I can’t find this specific remix anywhere online!

  • Mikkel H
    Mikkel H

    Hunter S. Thompson would be rolling in his grave if he knew you’d use his life-affirming quote to describe the release of a character in a children’s video game

  • FlufflyDimpsey

    tyler is a humble person LOL OK BYE

  • CoolCubeFilms

    The order is given!

  • KHfan0011

    Imagine being an Azir main in 2020 lol

  • Dylan Londrigan
    Dylan Londrigan

    Azir is my number one favorite champion of all time. I was super bummed when they reduced his Q range.

    • Dylan Londrigan
      Dylan Londrigan

      The shield change was also disappointing, but didn't ruin the champion as badly.

  • LivingDew

    Exil: Azir was the THIRD iteration of the champion we have today Ryze: Ah shit here we go again

  • Nguyen Hoang
    Nguyen Hoang

    Azir is special, which it value most in his kit is speed, reaction and painful harass

  • Charles Dennison
    Charles Dennison

    What's the name of the song played during the highlight clip?

  • Furkan Ünsal
    Furkan Ünsal

    00:00 "unless you have been living under a rock for a very long time, twitch is live streaming interactive platform." Hmm this twitch thing that is known by only rock people actually sounds cool!

  • Foolishcious

    I know I'm late, but also his W used to do damage directly to towers if you summoned a soldier on the tower

  • Jacob Wilske
    Jacob Wilske

    Azir has been my main for about 2 years now and he will always hold a spot in my heart above all other champs (except for Jhin :p). I think what terrifies me the most is the same thing Riven mains are afraid of, which is an unwanted rework that riot pushes in the name of healthier gameplay. While he may not always be the most fair or balanced champion, in my eyes he perfectly captures what it means to be a control mage and his theme/lore/aesthetic are absolutely incredible. Like seriously, Azir is one of if not the only champ to have a base skin more epic than any other skin he’s ever received and maybe ever will receive. Please Riot, don’t change the emperor.

  • Quicksilver_Cookie

    I think it's worth noting that at the peak of his power and popularity Azir was only dominant in pro league and in higher levels of play of ranked. In casual and in anything below high ranked diamond players Azir was causing more grief and losses than any other champion. Great power came with extremely high difficulty, and requirement for finesse and mechanical execution. He's certainly way above my pay grade so to speak, yet he is still one of my all time favorite champions. He's just so interesting to play and watch being played by a highly skilled player.

  • Skylent Games
    Skylent Games

    This guy would be the coolest with a few changes and fixing.

  • Thomas Gallagher
    Thomas Gallagher

    hold on did he just describe tyler1 as HUMBLE???

  • Zabdiel Bunquin
    Zabdiel Bunquin

    Ah our very own bird jesus

  • Eduardo Cambiaso
    Eduardo Cambiaso

    hey Exil! love your content as always. If you want to see a modern day champ with a completely ridiculous amounts of bugs, find out how many of Kled's we have had to deal with since release, and how Riot STILL refuses to bugfixhim

  • missquprison

    As an azir main there is still a bug wher if you try to cancel Q animation with normal soldier attack, sometimes the first soldier attack won't deal dmg and usually it's not a big deal, but sometimes it just made u loose 1v1 when enemy walks away on 5hp and that makes you want to donate riot, cause after all they're just an indie company.

  • Chief_Gor

    Azir has been my favorite mid lane champion. It was awful when all of those nerfs started. I mean I knew he was strong and deserved some but I didn't like that they took away the w on towers. I would have much rathered they take away being able to resurrect a tower. It doesnt feel THAT useful. And I also wish they would take the attack speed passive off his w and make it to where he can convert cdr into as again. You'd be able to buy some mana items like ludens and that would help out his early game a little bit. Most of his damage is supposed to come from autos with soldiers , but for most of the early to mid game his main damage is his q but he only has enough mana to use that like 2-3 times and then he is oom. I do personally think he needs more mana.

  • Seung Yoon
    Seung Yoon

    Also Fun fact.....Faker struggle with this in 2014/2015....now Azir is Faker most Played Champion

  • jonas k.
    jonas k.

    rito games only patches for master and higher. they give a sh**t about the rest and fck solo q. if the 200+ players are not balanced they change it right by the next patch but if solo q (the 99.999% of the player base are not) they dont care.

  • ཡའཇང།༨ཧ ཾ
    ཡའཇང།༨ཧ ཾ

    Imagine what if he didn't got betrayed by xerath and got the extra power in lore, maybe he look like the water champion but instead of made out of water, he is made out of howling sand with lightning (sand storm with Thunder)

  • Skelet0 Ic3
    Skelet0 Ic3

    I really cant imagine league without thresh lee sin and azir

  • ItzTouki

    Ah yes, Twitter is a wonderful thing.

  • Andreas Jäger
    Andreas Jäger

    cant stand people support tyler1. The most toxic asshole in league who gets the community even more toxic

  • Dr. Duck MD
    Dr. Duck MD

    Yeah if you’re interested in twitch. Make sure to check out them titty streamers. It’s basically soft core chatturbate.... and they don’t even get banned for tit flashes!!!!! Also make sure to donate to them egurl’s or else! Only because they’re hot and you should pay for their next Gucci bag hahahaha. Oh wow twitch is great!

  • Marcin Siniarski
    Marcin Siniarski

    2:25 rip login screen

  • FlippingFlipflop

    Not gonna lie that water mage sounds kind of cool.

  • ephialtes

    feel attacked i play on walmart laptop :( lol like the vids

  • Etienne Fafard
    Etienne Fafard


  • James

    I am surprised in their quest for infinitely more complicated champions, the hydrosoul hasn't come back in development. The kit is different enough from azir to where they could healthily be two different champions. (Hell kayn is 2 completely different champions with one kit that's only differences are the scalings, the passive and minor changes to the W). Also riot has talked about crazy development ideas to things as crazy as an olaf rework where where they really focused in on his ultimate, "Ragnarök", which would be a game ending ultimate. If memory serves me correct, it was something like it would do trace amounts of %hp damage throughout the entire game, and get progressively worse until the game ended. Basically forcing you to win fast or die trying. Riot obviously said there would be 0 way to balance it in the real world, but ideas like this are no stranger to the dev team. For some time now, they really REALLY wanted some type of god that can just throw the game upside down. From what I read on the volibear rework, it seems they tried to do something in his kit along those lines, and from what i've seen with pbe gameplay, they took a shot at it anyways with this new bear. Really the sky is the limit with new champions and I hope they can make not over the top kits (aphelios im looking at you) while still making innovative champions

  • Ethribin

    Azir IS one of the most unique champions in League. And that, in a game where most champions feel effectively the same, makes him special.

  • Drago Djordje
    Drago Djordje

    little to no pay to win? why little i dont get that.

  • Chaos Gilleon
    Chaos Gilleon

    8:56 players back then used lower end PCs... I still us a potato lol

  • Teo

    So many ads on this video :-/

  • Mannerless Entertainment
    Mannerless Entertainment

    Personally i think Tyler is a walking errection.

  • The Meme Lord Bobbeh
    The Meme Lord Bobbeh

    That bit about the dumpster laptop sounds like you have a story.


    T1 is your favorite twtich streamer what the frick

  • max

    sincerely nobody cares about your sponsors

  • xKelp

    If they rolled with Seth we would have Zed, Seth and Sett right now

  • apenas um nome de canal
    apenas um nome de canal

    I remmember to this day that I was playing Aram with my friend and he was Azir. We're about to lose and he was the last alive with no health. 1 good ult, triple kill and we won.

  • Vanory

    Remember when his q worked on turrets as well? those were the days

  • Jesse Leos
    Jesse Leos

    “Dancing would break the soldier’s basic attacks” holy shit

  • Keenan Evans
    Keenan Evans


  • Mehrtzziaa Bicocoingigin
    Mehrtzziaa Bicocoingigin

    "League runs so well on lower end pcs" my windows 7 laptop begs to differ

  • Sin Tupoy
    Sin Tupoy

    Twitch is the worst platform one could possibly have.

  • Lman

    Calling Tyler1 humble is a stretch. I like the guy, and I used to hate him, so he does have a certain charm, but humble is the wrong word.

  • Azir

    I deserved better

  • Scyclo 4189
    Scyclo 4189

    "Log in screens" I cry every time...they don't make them anymore

    • McSpiderMan

      They were so good when a new champ would come out it would look so hype and I never had enough IP to buy em so I'd see every now Nd then one dude in a game tear up as the new champ.

  • Fake

    "humble person" bc he scared to be a dick irl

  • AgustinBre

    1:09 whos the girl

  • Aiden Burgess
    Aiden Burgess

    Tyler1 "humble"

  • tomettuce

    he still feels op to me

  • mike johnston Bob
    mike johnston Bob

    fullsand is a otp and builds "suboptimally" to discover new builds for azir in which he has many. using him as a benchmark for how strong the champ is is kinda stupid

  • Shadow Master
    Shadow Master

    Arent you the guy from pro guides?

  • Arci Carry on
    Arci Carry on

    He wants magic and mana power, but what he got is a huge empire

  • Flancito

    Not everybody is ready for a king´s life

  • Quinton Lee
    Quinton Lee

    SWAIN Swain from not sure if he should be mid or Top laner but was not bad at either. To a complete remake and different champion. To a champion who excelled at everything. From top mid sup and bot (apc). To a champion that does not make it on any tier list in any position than lower Tier Support. SWAIN the Support Leblanc had a complete revert and Swain deserve one too. Keep all the looks and VFX upgrade but change back to his former glory

  • Hi Im Andicus
    Hi Im Andicus

    15:38 Recent champs would beg to differ.

  • John D. Rockefeller
    John D. Rockefeller


  • Takoyashiki Sushimi
    Takoyashiki Sushimi

    Exil:"SETH Me:"U mean SETT?"

  • Antiquo

    High quality animations,textures Flashbacks to Udyr

  • Alistair Kaname
    Alistair Kaname

    ryze or morde next

  • letras y números
    letras y números

    Azir is my favourite champion to play

  • Talaras Gaming
    Talaras Gaming

    I think the biggest complication when creating a new champion is working out how they and their abilities synchronize with every other character in the game. An example, Camille can grapple onto a wall, and then get launched away by a Poppy ult. She will actually remain grappled to the wall and suction back to it after the ults effect has ended. Working out things like that would take a long time.

  • altoid345b

    "This champion almost never came out due to technical limitations" Ao Shin? Oh no its azir

  • The 25th Baam
    The 25th Baam

    Video starts at 4:30 No, really

  • Sudden Lee
    Sudden Lee

    Back in 2016 i accidentally buy Azir, I thought it's Leblanc and my IP is just for one champ. At first when i play him i suck and get angry of his abilities like what the hell he's hard to play. In the past months i practice Azir alot. Thanks to Azir i manage to get out of gold & platinum elo. Accidents is good sometimes.

  • Ellie Johnson
    Ellie Johnson

    Champions are pay to win though, since they're super expensive and if you're new, it's a hell of a grind.

  • Sick Nostalgia
    Sick Nostalgia

    2:23 this is the type of meeting where every players dreamed of. For sure everyone will overparticipate.

  • Bilegjargal

    Jayce next? The Champion That No One Plays Nowadays kek

  • Nathan Gehman
    Nathan Gehman

    Azir is so much fun to play. He is tied for my number 1 favorite champion to play, with Riven.

  • Nathan Gehman
    Nathan Gehman

    Wow, that's a minute and 30 second sponsorship.

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