League of Legends' Worst Champion Instantly Became Broken
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Today, let's talk about the story of the champion that people used to call the worst in the entire game... now he's actually S tier and amazing for climbing solo queue ranked. How?
Special thank you to my long time friend Kyle who helped out with editing some parts of this video! instagram.com/_kylekiss_/
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Clips and pros featuring - Doublelift, Caps, Santorin, Pyosik
Dumbs Samira Video - rsloft.info/loft/video/d7yqsHCxpX_Uh2k
MetaSolaray Predator Udyr - rsloft.info/loft/video/qNt_yqvNu2q1ln4
Deadlydan Skarner - rsloft.info/loft/video/m7CA1I-blXTLfYI
Trick2G Udyr - rsloft.info/loft/video/ZNdoqJvXuYbTsYo
BlitzGG Skarner LCS breakdown - rsloft.info/loft/video/ibNmloq2yKatr3o
Track List -
Tomorrow is Another Day by Jo Wandrini - 0 -2:24
Spiral Drift by Major Tweaks - 2:25 - 3:27
Glooming by Dreem 3:30 - 6:33
She’s a Badass - WaveSaver 6:33 - 8:14
Goblinized by Adrian Von Ziegler 8:14 - 10:32
Wedding Bells by Paper Twins 10:28 - 11:47
Seredina Zimy by Adrian Von Ziegler 11:47 - 13:49
The Druid Stone by Adrian Von Ziegler 13:49 - 16:49
At Long Last by Yi Nan Tiro 16:49 - 18:16
Minion by Peten Music 18:15 - 20:26
Soul Temple by Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen 20:26 - End

  • Exil

    Get 20% OFF + Free Shipping @Manscaped with code EXIL20 at → www.mnscpd.com/EXIL Your balls will thank you! ❤️

    • Plant

      this guys dog thanks him

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      Snow Flake

      Thinking about taking a quick trip there for just a couple of days. Would love to see you and Marie and the puppers.


      That's nuts bruh

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      Mert RUC.

      Can you make a vide for Aurelion Sol pls

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      Jeffrey Lee

      Hey Exil, i am also in Texas and hope you are doing well man

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  • Fluf Y
    Fluf Y

    Udyr rework incoming...

  • Sol'

    11:16 why do people even play this fucking game if they don’t even care about balancing it so fucking annoying all just to make more money.... billion dollar corporation and the client still ass come on at least use the money to improve the game not just hoard it in your pockets

  • TurtleSploodge Gaming
    TurtleSploodge Gaming

    Pretty interesting you know

  • Chueko Loyo
    Chueko Loyo

    I hope they keep this move speed identity after the rework

  • Remo Rento
    Remo Rento

    If they pull back Udyr Rework then respects to the old Aatrox... I still want him back.

  • Yuen Q.
    Yuen Q.

    great vid as always

  • izul

    udir was always a shit champion to play against and play with sometimes he was always broken now people just play him

  • trip

    jkjl, sersf

  • Juan Camilo Suarez Suarez
    Juan Camilo Suarez Suarez

    I love tour videos

  • Menny moto
    Menny moto

    It's not op, one just need to dodge his skillshots.

  • Kiyoshi Knight
    Kiyoshi Knight

    I don't believe in dead champion.

  • Areno

    12:00 Bobqin be an ancient one

  • Lukethebaron

    Holy shit this video is so fucking drawn out and ad stuffed

  • Ryan Krenisky
    Ryan Krenisky

    they need to just cap move speed befause udyr is far too fast.

  • Leonidas

    I fear they’ll repeat the aatrox fiasco with the rework, making it an entirely different champion class that will alienate the original player base, I hope I’m wrong and that they’ll be capable of correctly addressing udyr’s problems and make him resemble his original play style but we’ll see

    • Nikko Vher Cadornio
      Nikko Vher Cadornio

      Yeah I hope It's a fiddlesticks level of rework

  • _ emarr
    _ emarr

    I definitely think there's more fun with these new items it leads to dumb fun builds like prowler claw

  • Felipe Bueno Aliski Alves
    Felipe Bueno Aliski Alves

    You are wrong, Its not broken now, Its balanced.

  • Blutseuche

    The only reason he is good now is cause is numbers are overtuned and he can use items as a crutch to fix his problems. He is boring to play as and shitty to play against. A champion shouldnt need to have an item fixing its problem, to be actually playable like in his case. His kit is terribly outdated and changes to his items, which already happened, can be so damn volatile, by either pumping his winrate higher or making drop into obscurity.

  • adam marano
    adam marano

    Singed main here... S11 is HORRIBLE for me. (For most AP bruisers, tbh...) Udyr and Singed used to live in the same "time waster" universe, only Singed is still left in the dust. Sure his win rate is good, but quickly checking the pick/ban rate on Singed will show that it's all one tricks. Nobody is playing him, and nobody bans him, because they know better. Might be a fun video idea: Singed - first champ created, last champ banned.

  • Monkey D. Evanthie
    Monkey D. Evanthie

    oh, udyr , sick op , especially early hes maybe in the top 5 dps'ers , extreme jgl , solo drake at 4 , E > FLASH > AA > Q > AA > AA = easy kills, really ? i used to play him just for the free wins lmao , i only lost 1v9 or 2v8 matches lmao

  • Diondros

    Well, appreciate this Udyr for another year or so cuz in 2022 he's getting a rework

  • Natalie Boyd
    Natalie Boyd

    The dark gasoline exclusively memorise because hyena surgically wrap above a different vision. garrulous, acrid pig

  • friendly Joker
    friendly Joker

    to summarise: Udyr trained with Hecarim and gained the Horse stance to move fast

  • Claudio Graf
    Claudio Graf


  • Fenchell Forelle
    Fenchell Forelle

    the moral of the story? "FLASH. BEAR. SLAP, BABY!"

  • Piña z
    Piña z

    Riot has always said that if they buffed Udyr they can broke the game. They were right

  • By Pedro
    By Pedro

    1:28 woh.lol

  • Dead Bones Brook
    Dead Bones Brook

    Riot philosophy as stated by Skooch: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it If it is broke, don't fix it If it gets fixed, change the meta"

    • Dead Bones Brook
      Dead Bones Brook

      @Ruz I actually don't remember. I know it's in one of his "Can we talk about this?" Episodes

    • Ruz

      Which video did he say that in again


    Ah yes. 200 years later we’ll start seeing crazier things. We might even get more buttons.

  • King Ston
    King Ston

    the intros are better then most movies

  • George Ivory
    George Ivory

    No one escapes THE BEAR MAAAAN!

  • The One
    The One

    Imagine making something that so many people like and is so entertaining that strangers in no way related to the project, are not part of the company or anything can somehow make a living off spending their free time talking about the things you created. That's crazy. Time and money. Lol

  • Just a guy that really loves Yut Lung
    Just a guy that really loves Yut Lung

    Riot's "balancing" has gotten *so bad* that I don't even care what the new champs do anymore. I just play my main (Lux) every game and do my best. For me it's okay because I dont play ranked and my main didn't get fucked over & honestly I dont actually care about the game anymore. Im just bored. But for others who still want to climb in the ranks, God. Good luck.

  • Un shitposter genérico
    Un shitposter genérico

    11:19 could that be gwen's passive?

  • I only did this channel to comment on vids
    I only did this channel to comment on vids


  • Krahesticks

    Udyr was busted before the item rework. get this POS champ out of the game along with ekko, senna and lee sin.

  • NikooLP

    Brooo the old Midlane Gragas

  • JadedTrekkie

    ...yes but he's braindead.

  • Naser Alomoush
    Naser Alomoush

    These videos are so well put together and they are so informative. one of the best lol yt channels right now!

  • Floyd Kavanagh
    Floyd Kavanagh

    I hate udyr he kills me

  • Andrea Pedroni
    Andrea Pedroni

    I honestly feel that samira was kinda weaker than aphelios at release. I mean she had the same dmg but needed to go into melee range to kill people.


    He was never the worst champion in the game xD.

  • Angelo Märki
    Angelo Märki

    I swear your videos are so fascinating.

  • N P
    N P

    Predator, prowlers claw, urgot, adc.

  • Kenny's Meme Archive
    Kenny's Meme Archive

    I knew maining udyr for 4 years would pay off

  • Ігор Нагнибіда
    Ігор Нагнибіда

    obviously god work at riot and they are just trolling you noobs and not balancing the game perfectly. it's obviously so easy to please everyone and make everyone OP. with 150+ champions and everybody maining just a bunch. what dumbasses are these riot guys. you have a choice: don't like the game - don't play. another thing: "it made some champs rise and other fall".....dude, it's not the game, it's how life works

  • Leonoy Douglas
    Leonoy Douglas

    Why you tryna get udyr nerfed

  • Zsolt Láng
    Zsolt Láng

    Collector is still f*cking bugged tho, 40-50% of the time it does not execute under 5% hp

  • silvia pruna
    silvia pruna

    10:00 yes we romanians are very creative in gaming, sadly half of our creativity is in swearing Glad to be noticed tho

  • Cloude

    I think unlike Aatrox, Udyr actually still needs a rework. He's strong in a really unhealthy way. It's the same as always, when Udyr's strong he's unstoppable and when weak he can't do anything. It's a really difficult kit to balance properly.

  • Shikaschima

    The song "Minion" is not by Peten music but by Jeff Music. Unless they work together or are the same person which I doubt.

  • Kyle Gallagher
    Kyle Gallagher

    Aphelios is the only character I hate because of how it feels to play not play against.

  • Shikaschima

    Ryze is struggling. Me: I don't see a problem here.

  • 619Slipk

    Dudes been bullying the imobile champions for years with their endless dashes, now they're all butt hurt that they can't escape fucking Usain Bolt with their cheap leaps

  • Max Beierle
    Max Beierle

    Udyr is my true love thanks to Trick2G, so I never left him down. People just play him the wrong way, in the fights his only role is an annoying bruiser cc machine

  • Michael Reyes
    Michael Reyes

    whats the shader mod you use in the begining

  • They call me tiger
    They call me tiger

    can't stand the community lmao? "W-wAHHH 200 YEAR SAMIRA WAHHHH DASH AND STEALTH AND AOE AND WAHHH REMEMEBR THE GLORY DAYSS!!! WHAT ABOUT UDYR!!!" *Udyr get absolutely busted* "W-w-w-whAAAAAtttTTT??? 200 YEAAARRRSSS WAAAAHHH" Please shut the fuck up

  • GuardianHalberd

    The one instance I never truly understood was evelynn pre-rework. I don't play the game anymore, so it was something old, I'm not sure, 4th/5th season? Evelynn was the worst champion in the game, people reported you just by picking her. She never got buffed or anything. Then, one day, without any change, she became the most broken champion in game. People would pick her, go full invisible with her... w? Don't remember anymore. And then she would popup at your side and 1sec stun you. Rinse and repeat. Everyone from enemy team would hug tower the whole time, because old invisibility could only be detected with elixir, if I'm not mistaken. I don't think pink wards existed at the time. Like, she always had that stun when hitting after leaving invisibility. Besides not getting buffs, I don't remember even items being changed. All was the same, but suddenly you couldn't play without banning evelynn anymore. IIRC there was a nerf a few weeks later remvoing the stun when leaving invis, and then the rework after that. But how had she went from garbage to god tier after another morning? To this date I don't know.

  • António Fernandes
    António Fernandes

    Playing vs udyr? Pick rammus, free lp

  • Shizuroki Tadashi
    Shizuroki Tadashi

    when rank became more relaxing than normal games, because you could at least ban heroes

  • Enver paşa
    Enver paşa

    It is really fine honestly, there have been shit tons of champions out there who were just broken for weeks,months,YEARS and well riot didn't really do anything let my boy be happy for a while smh

  • Misscklic

    300 cs. Udyr game with 300 cs. I am permanently scarred.

  • Hugo de Groot
    Hugo de Groot

    riot: we finally make aatrox viable also riot: we will then remove him from the game also also riot: we finally make udyr viable also also also riot: LOL too bad he doesn't sell skins though

  • Aidan Weiss-Rice
    Aidan Weiss-Rice

    I love that multiple times in this video, the floating bug is shown, which they still haven't fully fixed

  • Lucas Siqueira
    Lucas Siqueira

    Riot is just filled with a bunch of idiots who don’t know what they are doing.

  • x x
    x x

    Is that gestalt music 7:00?

  • Remember White
    Remember White

    Exil and 2x speed, name a more iconic duo. Took 24 minutes to say something that could have been said in 5.

  • Tyran McGrath
    Tyran McGrath

    I hope they don't change his Melee stance style.

  • Alex S
    Alex S

    good video, shit champ

  • fipi ntugyi
    fipi ntugyi

    The immense south america unexplainably whine because smoke lovely sparkle barring a five doctor. breakable, dispensable humidity

  • Ersika


  • Theukrytyzubr

    Gamer time

  • Kain Kage
    Kain Kage

    200 years of RIOT experiences, was it planned for Udyr to come back with the new items or it was just random ? KEKW

  • Pancreas Dragonheart
    Pancreas Dragonheart

    Udyr will probably be reworked into a actually beast. Like Nidalee becomes a cougar, Udyr will become each of the spirits with some fancy op mechanics.

  • Higashikata Hikaru
    Higashikata Hikaru

    Bobqin playing Jax on the old Udyr clip kekw

  • The Fiddle
    The Fiddle

    I made this champ actually popular by playing him mid all the time. Now people don´t call me troll anymore

  • FruFru

    Damn, the adrian von ziegler music is beautiful, so glad you use it!

  • isak

    New champ will have Gragas ult as Q, Veigar E as W, Malphite ult as E and his ult will be Pyke's ult.#200yrs!

  • Vlad Rusuleanu
    Vlad Rusuleanu

    The Udyr situation just shows us how stupid the game has become. First, it started with champions that have everything needed to carry and yet be immortal due to how op those tools are (samira being the best example). Then the new item rework came in and made Udyr, the worst champion in the game, the best champion in the game BY FAR. If this doesn't showyou how stupid this game is then I am sorry mate but you are out of your mind

    • Vlad Rusuleanu
      Vlad Rusuleanu

      Forgot to mention other things as well, one of them being Riven, my main. Before this season even if you were behind the enemy in exp and gold, you could still come back pretty easily, now it is almost impossible, BUT, now, when you are ahead of the enemy with Riven, you become an impossible to kill assasin through your sustain, shields and infinite dashes. This is just insane

  • 》N0 N1CK《
    》N0 N1CK《


  • AngrySlime

    That udyr chase though LMAO

  • Vicious

    I don't know why they didn't just reneg the atrox rework and then turn the rework into a new champ. Seriously would have saved a lot of money and there would be one more champ in the game

  • The25k

    Trick2G always makes me laugh KEKW KEKW

  • Basically Trixor
    Basically Trixor

    Movement speed the movie

  • Valcron6

    The Phoenix rises.

  • George Bush Baura
    George Bush Baura

    GOODYR -Magikarpusedfly

  • Atlas A
    Atlas A

    I despise playing against tanky movement speed champions. Early game and early-midgame, you can position yourself in lane and on the map relative to teammates and towers so it’s much more difficult to be chased down, but later on it feels almost impossible without the help of others to get away from them, no matter where you are. No matter how many dashes or blinks you have, they’ll always catch up with you by breaking the sound barrier. I’d much rather be one shot by or outplayed by a champion I know I have the chance to one shot or outmechanic myself, than be killed by a brain dead movement speed champ that just sits on me. It doesn’t seem like people talk about the ease of dodging skill shots that these movement speed champions have either, basically negating any skill shot CC as well, and the zone you can put on other team’s carries by just threatening running into them. And even if you do botch your engage on them, you have the ability to run out virtually unpunished. You don’t need your team to be 100% on the same page either, with skarner pull being the green light to kill a carry or udyr just terrorizing the back line and leaving the rest of your team to their own devices. I’m not saying that release Samira or ophelios were okay, far from it. But I believe that the counterplay offered to tank movement speed champions currently is harder to pull off (especially in soloQ) than for knife-fight champions.

  • Ex-Casual

    At least Udyr mains can enjoy the strongest version of they're favorite champion for a full year instead of a month.

  • Kaleb Davis
    Kaleb Davis

    The entire rune/mastery rework was a failure, but unfortunately it's here to stay.

  • Nina Cochrane
    Nina Cochrane

    Yasuo and Yone have 100% crit with two items and have 3 - Infinite dashes. Riot: "Prefect, beautiful, frame it." Udyr is a fast boi but still stat-sticks. Riot: "Nothing personnel man-bear-pig."

  • Kevin Kohoutek
    Kevin Kohoutek

    I love udyr , he was the first champ I enjoyed playing since coming from GW2 in 2017 . I could blind pick him in top or jungle and play either ad or ap damage based on what the team needed . This season has kind of screwed me , I’ve gotten to hold the past 3 seasons on udyr and on clash I would use him . Now he’s perma banned and I’ve had to jungle with some other champs I don’t enjoy playing . Personally I don’t understand why everything has to be in pro play . I love top lane and I played udyr , teemo , garen , illaoi and ornn. I don’t want them changed to make bro players happy . I didn’t like the Aatrox and mord reworks as well as volibear, I have not played them in a actual game since the rework . The rework for udyr makes me nervous , liked the video but don’t like how everything needs to be top tier or viable for pro play to be a good champ

  • Jonão Pensativo
    Jonão Pensativo


  • Hamza Saber
    Hamza Saber

    The 2 minute paper comment was insane 😂

  • Fiskerino

    Came here for my daily drama, NEVER disappointed.

  • JoZe

    thats the final form the GODYR

  • amano yukiteru
    amano yukiteru

    Listen..dont touch my Udyr please RIOT

  • Александр Бирюков
    Александр Бирюков

    This video just oozes negativity, holy shit. I mean, sure it's informative, but it just OOZES passive-aggressiveness. We get it, power creep is a thing, the "200 years" reply was bone-headed as hell, and y'all just want unoriginal cookie cutter shit like Neeko and Seraphine instead of any actually unique champions.

  • Siang Hnin
    Siang Hnin

    I played against Udyr and I was using Yi. I was beyond fed that I could kill anyone on the other team. But Udyr killed me once and HIS freaking team started winning. I was so surprised cause I never played against him. Then I see this video and other that show udyr is broken and i was like ok.....

25 хиљ.