League of Legends Has Changed Forever... Welcome To Season 11!
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Today, let's talk about Preseason 11 / Season 11 for League of Legends. Has riot games cone crazy? Is League of Legends going to be super different? How are the items going to interact with the whole game and what about power creep? Let's talk about the craziness of Season 11 and do a Patch Rundown...
0:00 - Intro
2:58 - Explaining the changes
5:23 - Game Systems / CDR Rework
7:24 - Removed Items / Jungle Rework
9:47 - Starting Items
12:39 - Fighter / Bruiser Items
26:58 - Marksmen / ADC Items
35:00 - Assassin Items
40:00 - Mage Items
49:08 - Tank Items
54:23 - Support Items
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PBE Notes and Wiki Page that has all the information if you want to read it - leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/V10.23#
Celtic / Fantasy Music Royalty Free by Alexander Nakarada! Please check out his channel his music is awesome - rsloft.infovideos
Elder Scrolls Music - rsloft.info/loft/video/q7R42IjYrWTLZHo

LoL Slow Motions Full Build Fight - rsloft.info/loft/video/Z8aAlnzFpX7MZ2U
Jerm Season 11 League of Legends Jungle - rsloft.info/loft/video/ZtOfu6nZpImoeGU
Zoose League of Legends Duskblade Breakdown - rsloft.info/loft/video/d6ecnJHYs5eabnY
Vandiril has some great videos about Season 11, check out his channel - rsloft.info/loft/video/l9WDsoWqsaK0p5w
Katlife Katarina Season 11 New Duskblade - rsloft.info/loft/video/dt1nym6t3aioemE

  • Exil

    Check out NordVPN using my link and thanks to them for supporting my content! nordvpn.com/exil ALSO - Let me know what you thought of the Season 11 Item rework! Craziness.

    • Mr Kalish
      Mr Kalish

      Unrelated about video but didn't know a way to ask other than this. Why was I banned from the discord?

    • Marko Petrov
      Marko Petrov

      Those who have some knowledge of networks,know why you shouldnt use VPN....

    • MrAlam


    • Lam Dung Nguyen
      Lam Dung Nguyen

      Ezreal Crit should be viable. His kit, especially his Q should be Crit related or otherwise no Mythic Item will suits him.

    • Snow Flake
      Snow Flake


  • MerlinCross

    I'm kinda coming back to this again just for giggles and boredom but do Riot just not like Mana Regen anymore? It feels very difficult to upkeep my spells in lane and team fights.

    • NuclearIsOk

      I feel you

  • Gamingwithyou

    I feel left out am I the only one who likes season 11

    • Gamingwithyou

      @Yennefer of Vengerberg I'm a support main with almost 70% winrate ;=;

    • Yennefer of Vengerberg
      Yennefer of Vengerberg

      Yes ur the only one and ur probably an assassin player :D

  • Joey Flowers
    Joey Flowers

    I havent tried it yet but I wonder... Jinx + tiamat & hurricane..

  • I'm A Garlic
    I'm A Garlic

    Coming back to lol from season 8. I was like where's league of legend?

  • Emil Vistisen
    Emil Vistisen

    68%🧐 So close to greatness

  • Dante Von Crowlley
    Dante Von Crowlley

    *The fall of LOL is finally here, then remember how much I've spent in this game in both money and time it gets me depressed*

  • Zerum

    "for whatever reason mages get the most options for Mythics" I can almost hear Hashinshin screaming top of his lungs

  • Ruz

    Dont mind me, just watching this again to feel nostalgic of the time when i thought this season was a good idea

  • Lucas Estevam Sanches Bessani
    Lucas Estevam Sanches Bessani

    same game, same meta the things that broke and worked are the same

  • Oscar

    well, they fucked everything up.

  • Yanis Moussaoui
    Yanis Moussaoui

    my god... 1 hour of video to talk about league, amazing work

  • Will de Noble
    Will de Noble

    Tbh. I think the victor mini rework is the legit best option. As a main since S4, I’m fine with no +AP if I can just build another item, that with Rabs, gives that 180 amount.

  • Had Money
    Had Money

    It’s league of legends 2 but ice toboggan corki is still in the game

  • Jason

    So, I’m not really sure what exactly I think about this season, but what I can conclude is that just about everyone can kill everyone in seconds.

  • Little Moon Fae
    Little Moon Fae

    changing items way too fast. I just can't understand anything now

  • Christopher Sabados
    Christopher Sabados

    S11 is trash idk how u can disagree

  • Online Alias
    Online Alias

    Does anyone else never seem to end games without one team forfeiting nowadays? I swear 2/3 of the time one team ffs.

  • Fezix 123
    Fezix 123


  • Dauth Eldrvaria
    Dauth Eldrvaria

    Id often forget to use blade of the ruin king active... The change to pure passive is really helpful for me.... sad...

  • nine

    I came back to the game a week before Season 11, after not playing the game for 5 years, now take a wild guess just how confused I was when suddenly the shop changed entirely.

  • GarrettOhYeah

    I played league of legends a lot from season 2 to season 6, reaching diamond rank in a couple of those seasons. and on and off again since then. coming back to season 11, I have no idea wtf is going on with all the item changes. new champion kits are very overloaded. 90% of the time in a teamfight I have literally no fucking idea what is even killing me. I don't even have fun when my team wins the game


    This season is so fucking bad. My opponents don’t know what they are doing my team doesn’t know what they are doing and I have no clue what’s happening

  • nniiixx

    why do have i not heard the kama item ever

  • Elijah Polen
    Elijah Polen

    i joined league in september and i just got the feel of the items and then this happened... getting one shot by a 0/6 akali

  • Hells

    2:05 q go Preslav

  • Fat Beee
    Fat Beee

    There’s no reason to build critt now unless you are tryndamere, Yasuo or Yone :-(

  • A A
    A A

    moonstone meta, where every champ is building it. yep, definitely not op

  • R A M
    R A M

    These jungle changes are what they introduced in WR. totally different than what we got used to

  • Ryan Sheffler
    Ryan Sheffler

    We're still not in Season 11 yet, but it's still cool to see just how much has changed since the preseason started a few months ago.

  • Brim Ski
    Brim Ski

    You know that nord vpn got hack ? I would not trust those

  • diokos a
    diokos a

    will you do a video on what preseason was like with all these items I didn't have time to play league thus missed out on all the craziness and I feel the items have become fairly standardized at this point.

  • Jay A
    Jay A

    They couldn't have done more damage to a game.

  • Calin Horatiu
    Calin Horatiu

    yes yes...guess what,tanks are still op as fk.gg wp.rito did nothing to get me to play again...did not expect it either.

    • Pius Pichler
      Pius Pichler

      its cool when you play a bruiser champ, that supposedly should be able to theoretically deal damage and fight, gets stomped, oneshot and outdamaged by a tank.



  • Amadeus

    i like this

  • Nursultan Tulyakbay
    Nursultan Tulyakbay

    The simple fact that you did your entire sponsorship ad at the start made me subscribe. Thanks. It is infinitely annoying that after a long and thought provoking video some dude wants to sell me stuff. At that point I don't care. I just want to keep going on with my day and think about the stuff you said.

  • Jamaal

    >lock ornn >build warmogs >never back

  • Sharkshimi

    go take a shower

    • milky way
      milky way

      deadass can smell him through the screen

  • Viggo W
    Viggo W

    I dont like that the only ap item with vamp is a mythic. I dont think the item should be legendary i just think thwy should make another one.

  • Multi Vitamin
    Multi Vitamin

    Riot:" I see this game won't die on its own, so I will do it myself. "

  • Rammus

    Tbh I doesn't cares what Changes are coming...... League is and will always be the greatest game of all times! Sure it isn't what it was back in the days but I still love it! But Riot pls give us twisted Treeline back. I need a ranked mode that I don't care about that much!

  • Jackie Casterton
    Jackie Casterton

    i hate playing the game, now, win or lose its no fun anymore

    • Pius Pichler
      Pius Pichler

      good time to take a break

  • ChefButterz

    I just came back after 8 years I was plat 1 in 2012 and I have been digging league !

  • IrishLemur

    Dude gimme my mana back bro. Literally a total of 3 mage items have mana on it.

  • Nedio Petrov
    Nedio Petrov

    I like that you put Aetheltryth for 2014. He is bulgarian btw

  • Mad At Gas Car
    Mad At Gas Car

    Wtf 1 hour

  • Matthew Showalter
    Matthew Showalter

    Imagine still playing league still lmao. Quit back in 2018. Went to runescape, and man... its relaxing and 100x more fun.

  • Jacob Smith
    Jacob Smith

    Riot said “F it give them this and see if they like it we will work the kinks out later”

  • Janluke Ceballos
    Janluke Ceballos

    Holy moly this is one hour!

  • SoulDevoured

    I wish they didn't reuse the rod of ages icon because people were telling me "roa has a replacement." It doesn't.

  • daniboi_27

    watching this now feels strange cause alot of the names and icons got switched around

  • Panos Mp
    Panos Mp

    Download smite , by far the most fun game

  • Max Noyes
    Max Noyes

    hello im from the future its fun and I want to die

  • Klean V
    Klean V

    Season 11 legit feels like league of legends 2

  • Manol Georgiev
    Manol Georgiev

    What ever happened to the spear of shojin?

  • PlayerOne Lycren
    PlayerOne Lycren

    Yeah season 11 items are trash, after the weeks playing riot don’t even know how to buff or nerf items probably, so screw lol, rather jump to WR and if i lose a game that took 15-20 mins i won’t think it was a waste. Plus WR ranking system is MILES better then lol ranking system.

    • PlayerOne Lycren
      PlayerOne Lycren

      @awesome dog who is watching cocks videos wild rift. The lol mobile game that released.

    • awesome dog who is watching cocks videos
      awesome dog who is watching cocks videos

      what is WR?

  • Running Tiger
    Running Tiger

    I'm from the future and guess what? DUSKBLADE DOESNT FRIGGEN MATTER! all about those dumb tankmythics 😂

  • Thee Lamer Gamers
    Thee Lamer Gamers

    Great comprehensive guide, thanks man!

  • Sean Kirk Dela Cruz
    Sean Kirk Dela Cruz

    Can you make a video about the fall of taliyah?

  • Adam Alami
    Adam Alami

    idk man the fact that exil thought starting tear would make ryze and ezreal early game champs just proves to me he didnt research this at all lol. really dissapointing video

  • Jungle Warfare
    Jungle Warfare

    game sucks atm, league channels are down in views, very bad

  • ???

    hmmm what happen to the discord server?

  • VK

    Veigar mains 🤢

    • Jungle Warfare
      Jungle Warfare


  • Cris's Thoughts.
    Cris's Thoughts.

    When will you come back :(

  • jian bonnet
    jian bonnet

    How can you create a hour long vid and still be entertaining

  • ThundernerdMC

    Wanna see the players laughing at the new remake just like how mobile legends players laughed at their own remake.

  • Gremical

    THe game is shitly broken now champs 2 shots with just 2 items they literally were like why not break the game cause we aint doing shit right

    • focodoco

      I mean a month later it doesn't feel like that anymore. A lot of the over tune items got fixed. Ofc someone with 2 items in the mid lane and up 4 levels on the ADC will one shot them but that's always been true.

  • M D
    M D

    37:35 LOOOOL we are here now and yes, it's broken af on Yi

    • Thomas the Tank Engine
      Thomas the Tank Engine

      Its beyond ass

  • Noah Lim
    Noah Lim

    Do a vid about ziggs

  • Fighter Lm
    Fighter Lm


  • Increasingly Verbose
    Increasingly Verbose

    This didn't age well

  • The Lizard Man
    The Lizard Man


  • Matze Matt
    Matze Matt

    how is there no fizz video yet???

  • Q Kodoku
    Q Kodoku

    I have a suggestions Exil, can you made a video about seraphine? What you though about it since it can be said that champion is maybe the worst ever than zoe in my opinion

  • Aurelion

    s11 IS SHIT

  • Julius Amadeus
    Julius Amadeus

    We need Reel documentary the new tank anti tank support

  • Julius Amadeus
    Julius Amadeus

    Heey where are you 😔😔🥺

  • Chris Hatakeyama
    Chris Hatakeyama

    Im sad :(

  • ZH 65
    ZH 65

    Excuse me Mr.Kellen uuuuhh ur discord server disappeared and ur link to it expired wut happened ? 😟

  • Tony - BestByDate
    Tony - BestByDate

    Please keep posting I just found your channel you deserve a hell of a lot more attention for this content

  • Ashley Keyser
    Ashley Keyser

    did you delte your discord

  • yes yes
    yes yes

    Vayne with an item that makes vayne even more cracked

  • Simon Jones
    Simon Jones

    Is there a way of giving feedback to RIOT ? I've been playing this game for 10years and its probably the first time i've wanted to complain.

  • lukas nilsson
    lukas nilsson

    This skyrim nostalgia from the past to pesent music is killing me

  • Erik Vogl
    Erik Vogl


    • ???


  • Achintya Jain
    Achintya Jain

    That's Skyrim Music!!!

  • Absolute Newt
    Absolute Newt

    illoai feels weak and strong rn which is strange

  • Daryn marc
    Daryn marc

    well they trying to be as good as dota but will never be

  • Slimey Shady
    Slimey Shady

    Pyke with prowler's claw is nutty

  • lazomaniac

    we dota now

  • Deve De
    Deve De

    have played straight for 5 years... iam out

  • Klaus Goldfisch
    Klaus Goldfisch

    Me, Idiot, did buy RP one day before the patch... waiting one more day... would have safed me money... fuck off this new crap system, with items, you cant combine anymore, items, you cant buy, because u have another "forbidden" item (guinsoos and blade of infinity)... No more cent ever for this crap.

  • Mỳ Gà
    Mỳ Gà

    Exil still owe us a part II video?!? . . . . ...I am still waiting

  • TonyT

    And we tought covid was bad haha😁

  • Silenc3

    i haven't played league the last 2 seasons. i see an hour long video with a clickbait title. i consider watching it. i consider working out. i reconsider. I AM A HIVE MIND. I WATCH.

    • Silenc3

      it's all about items Sadge i quit

  • Levi Hackerman
    Levi Hackerman

    League of Assassins baby. No adc fun for ya. PS: They REALLY love their assassins bro.

  • Austin Richard
    Austin Richard

    The ability haste is a lie in the end theres a cap because they made it so you can't get 2 or more of the same legendary item/s so you can't stack on specific stats like before. Builds are less versatile now and you're limited to one mythic and non repeating legendaries which is the part that passed me off the most this season

  • Austin Richard
    Austin Richard

    Riot keeps ruining the game more and more every year

  • Razorbboy

    1 Month later, what have they done..