League of Legends Has Changed Forever... Welcome To Season 11!
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Today, let's talk about Preseason 11 / Season 11 for League of Legends. Has riot games cone crazy? Is League of Legends going to be super different? How are the items going to interact with the whole game and what about power creep? Let's talk about the craziness of Season 11 and do a Patch Rundown...
0:00 - Intro
2:58 - Explaining the changes
5:23 - Game Systems / CDR Rework
7:24 - Removed Items / Jungle Rework
9:47 - Starting Items
12:39 - Fighter / Bruiser Items
26:58 - Marksmen / ADC Items
35:00 - Assassin Items
40:00 - Mage Items
49:08 - Tank Items
54:23 - Support Items
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PBE Notes and Wiki Page that has all the information if you want to read it - leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/V10.23#
Celtic / Fantasy Music Royalty Free by Alexander Nakarada! Please check out his channel his music is awesome - rsloft.infovideos
Elder Scrolls Music - rsloft.info/loft/video/q7R42IjYrWTLZHo

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Vandiril has some great videos about Season 11, check out his channel - rsloft.info/loft/video/l9WDsoWqsaK0p5w
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    Check out NordVPN using my link and thanks to them for supporting my content! nordvpn.com/exil ALSO - Let me know what you thought of the Season 11 Item rework! Craziness.

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      Unrelated about video but didn't know a way to ask other than this. Why was I banned from the discord?

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      Those who have some knowledge of networks,know why you shouldnt use VPN....

    • 1000 Subscribers without any videos it's challenge
      1000 Subscribers without any videos it's challenge


    • Lam Dung Nguyen
      Lam Dung Nguyen

      Ezreal Crit should be viable. His kit, especially his Q should be Crit related or otherwise no Mythic Item will suits him.

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      Snow Flake


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    Jungle Warfare

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      Jungle Warfare


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    THe game is shitly broken now champs 2 shots with just 2 items they literally were like why not break the game cause we aint doing shit right

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    M D

    37:35 LOOOOL we are here now and yes, it's broken af on Yi

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    Noah Lim

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    Is there a way of giving feedback to RIOT ? I've been playing this game for 10years and its probably the first time i've wanted to complain.

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    lukas nilsson

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  • Absolute Newt
    Absolute Newt

    illoai feels weak and strong rn which is strange

  • Daryn marc
    Daryn marc

    well they trying to be as good as dota but will never be

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    Slimey Shady

    Pyke with prowler's claw is nutty

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    Deve De

    have played straight for 5 years... iam out

  • Klaus Goldfisch
    Klaus Goldfisch

    Me, Idiot, did buy RP one day before the patch... waiting one more day... would have safed me money... fuck off this new crap system, with items, you cant combine anymore, items, you cant buy, because u have another "forbidden" item (guinsoos and blade of infinity)... No more cent ever for this crap.

  • Mỳ Gà
    Mỳ Gà

    Exil still owe us a part II video?!? . . . . ...I am still waiting

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    i haven't played league the last 2 seasons. i see an hour long video with a clickbait title. i consider watching it. i consider working out. i reconsider. I AM A HIVE MIND. I WATCH.

    • Silenc3

      it's all about items Sadge i quit

  • Levi Hackerman
    Levi Hackerman

    League of Assassins baby. No adc fun for ya. PS: They REALLY love their assassins bro.

  • Austin Richard
    Austin Richard

    The ability haste is a lie in the end theres a cap because they made it so you can't get 2 or more of the same legendary item/s so you can't stack on specific stats like before. Builds are less versatile now and you're limited to one mythic and non repeating legendaries which is the part that passed me off the most this season

  • Austin Richard
    Austin Richard

    Riot keeps ruining the game more and more every year

  • Razorbboy

    1 Month later, what have they done..

  • davidovich

    Season11 will Kill League, remember this words.

    • man tas
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    The V


  • Marik Mag-isa
    Marik Mag-isa

    Me before watching: I wanna learn how to play Lol pc. After watching: 👁️👄👁️ I'm staying in Wild Rift Thank you very much. I hope that those "Items" won't be added to Wild Rift.

  • Donat 14
    Donat 14

    I dunno bro 6 year player here and I don't think I'll be able to adjust to that change I think I might just quit if 1 month from now I still have no idea what I'm doing in the S11 rift.

    • The V
      The V

      Same. Every item is OP. It doesn't even feel like I'm building, it's just a bunch of chaos. Haste bull shit is stupid, and unnecessary. Ovnivamp? Lame.

  • Kohari

    This game will nerf everything or die till 2022

  • Claudiantonio Loconte
    Claudiantonio Loconte

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  • Ficcator

    You are stupid, you only talk nonsense. Kraken slayer is not replacing Vayne, Stormrazer is legit even season 11 version and Duskblade is the worst AD assassin mythic etc.

  • Iverson Espiritu
    Iverson Espiritu

    Aatrox is god in season 11

    • awesome dog who is watching cocks videos
      awesome dog who is watching cocks videos

      Lol he sucks

  • Agustin Pomares
    Agustin Pomares

    So, 3 more items that give dashes. 'Cause that's EXACTLY what we wanted and BEGGED for, right? It's not like everyone's been complaining for the past like 5 years that now every champion seems to have a dash. Remember when protobelt came out and everyone rolled their eyes and wantes to uninstall because annie didn't need to flash to stun your whole team with 0 counterplay? Why not do that again, huh?

  • Ali Türk
    Ali Türk

    Stormrazer and rapidfire cannon on jhin starts the game for me.

  • Erik Mello
    Erik Mello

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  • sheeyeng Lee
    sheeyeng Lee

    That Skyrim song in the background really set the mood lol

  • Urban Pozeb
    Urban Pozeb

    Wow rly amazing how this year turned out first is dogshit now this game is fucking itself over... and rip gunblade im a kata main...

    • awesome dog who is watching cocks videos
      awesome dog who is watching cocks videos

      Katarina is better now without gunblade

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    The Skyrim background music was a nice nostalgic touch

  • Sean Jason Loyola
    Sean Jason Loyola

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  • Jonathan

    It just feels like im playing a dumb rotating game mode, instead of actual league... I don't like it...

  • NoMoreEnerGY

    I just wish that they kept the same item design so they don't look cartoony

  • Mike Reamico
    Mike Reamico

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  • ツTruePvP

    Worst Season EVER made! Only the fucking UI in shop is fucking confusing and bad. Champions are coinflip, tanks are useless, adc are buffed to the sky, midlaners are coinflip too. I hate this so much. Items look doo doo af. Im done.

  • CB

    I hate how poppy is classified as a tank and not a bruiser

  • Игор Марковић
    Игор Марковић

    Ok guys, they have less than one month to do 2 things: "OK lets shut the game down" or "Ok guys, lets listen to accual players of our game"

  • Adrian LL
    Adrian LL

    Watched this. Still knows nothing.

  • Cennix

    personally I think the changes and new items were unnecessary, the last season, in my opinion, was reasonably balanced, only a few champions like master yi were quite broken but in general everything was decent balanced. riot now, just pulled the "if everything is broken, nothing is" card, which I think is a bit stupid, we all know that riot is bad at balancing stuff bit come on

  • Cennix

    anyone else like the old splash art for the items?

  • Craven Moorehead
    Craven Moorehead

    i think its all garbage. uninstalled, horrible game

  • Ryku Isaigana
    Ryku Isaigana

    It’s a whole new game now. Let’s go crazy.

  • Braxton B.
    Braxton B.

    I haven't even watched this yet and I can already guarantee you it's changed tremendously

  • Gexvy

    For real that gameplay sucks now

  • J

    Just now watched this video but I am so thankful for it. I now know more than before so I don’t have to go in blind when I play tonight

  • JT McAwesome-Face
    JT McAwesome-Face


  • Linas Vaičiukynas
    Linas Vaičiukynas

    Eclipse boi... Attack power, movement speed buff, and a fucki*g shield on top... Because why not... This item alone is enough to ruin the whole game, and I am not even talking about everything else they added...

  • Linas Vaičiukynas
    Linas Vaičiukynas

    And finally we really got to the "League of Retardines" "since the majority of users don`t have any skill and whats even more pathetic majority of the users do not want to become skillful, we decided to just give them unlimited power, so even if you had an accident and now are left with 1 finger on your left hand, you can still easily do 1v5 if you play as Samira, the new OP items will ensure you a satisfactory game play... " On the serious note, what I am looking forward to now is "Item ban" function before the match starts...

  • NotaPlant

    How to balance assassins? You can't gut their early damage, because they would stop being assassins at that point. Bad scaling is a good method, but it doesn't matter if they can get fed consistently and end the game early. How to stop them from getting fed in the early game when you can't make them weak early? You make them hard to play. That's how assassins are balanced and if you go from there balancing the rest of the game is the easiest it can be. Giving assassins more early damage then they really need makes them too easy, therefor broken, since once fed an assassin will snowball like nothing else does. Giving them too much sustain on top of the excessive damage negates the impact of tanks, which are meant to be strong against assassins. Well, it seems like Riot just did both of those things. And when assassins are broken and have no conterplay the whole game goes to shit. The whole idea of epic items clashes with the basics of balancing assassins. The only way to fix this is to design assassin epic items to be as strong as legendary items in the early game, but to give them some kind of upside in the mid to late game. Tldr: epic items are strong items for the early game, but assassins profit too much from such items. Solution: make epic items for assasins that are decent early but only really shine once they have bought more items.

    • Linas Vaičiukynas
      Linas Vaičiukynas

      Not really... The game was balanced OKish before this new update and it was balance very well some time ago. The balance went down ever since they introduced supporter upgrade, that moment everything started to fall apart, the ~last straw was heralds/dragons update which gave even more favor for the stronger team because if you start strong early, you get the advantages of heralds, or drakes and if you are on the loosing side of things its pretty hard for your team to fight over those objectives. So this turned the game in to a mess, which wasn`t that extremely bad, but what we got now is just utterly pathetic, the game lost its last strategic elements and became some sort of URF/summoners rift combination... I dont really understand how retarded the guys behind this update has to be to release something like this... As for assassins, they got a very specific role, they are strong vs weak targets and thats their point. They were a little OP until now, but they werent that bad, cosnidering the fact that hard CC champions are their hardest counter in TFs and zed/talon etc, couldn`t really carry the games alone even if they were fed AF, they would still struggle or would be countered really hard in TFs later on and in that way LoL still was a team game rather than one mans show... But what we have right now is just equal to giving a monkey AK-47 and sending her to the supermarket to get groceries..

  • blackklopi

    i love how riot is like: new fresh ideas every season. in reality they buffed assassins since s4 and thats kinda it xD rest in peace marksman champions botlane.

  • Spartan

    Riot becoming a blizzard copycat , mythics , haste , all the stats.

  • Besuto Et Slyver
    Besuto Et Slyver

    35:28 Me as a Irelia player angry because Irelia old passive is now a Items --'

  • disarray

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  • Jackson Crowe
    Jackson Crowe

    Changes are trash. I’m making the move to dota.

  • Closed Eye Visuals
    Closed Eye Visuals

    This is gross and unwanted. They took all the classic images away. They add new shit that i couldnt care about, they make new champs and ruin all the ones i care about. They literally dont care about this game anymore, it used to be a time suck in a good way, now its just a money suck and a creative black hole.

  • Juan Maldonado
    Juan Maldonado

    Did change in the worst way possible.

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    I'm In Love With Da Rick Roll

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    Alexis Martin

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    Just a random dude

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    Jamal Karakmazli

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    Trafalger Mew

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    Carl Miguel

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  • Huges

    All these changes and i feel like my boy DR mundo is gonna get left behind even more :(

  • Mark Poulin
    Mark Poulin

    Pov: you are a viktor main, and this video means nothing to you because you're more worthless than the midlane siege minion

  • Uno Paz
    Uno Paz

    I’m 100% sure these items will bee nerfed or won’t be put into live or reverted quickly

  • ThePrince3216

    Watching this is so fvcking therapeutic, it being over 1 hour long is a treat

  • Anthony and Sherri Hopkins
    Anthony and Sherri Hopkins

    Alright lets all be real here.... With everything that is going to change...... They gonna be like yeah this is broke....lets nerf Irellia that will make people happy

  • Junior Contreras
    Junior Contreras

    I won't play this season, im just tired of riot mindset lately

  • Gerald Greyvenstein
    Gerald Greyvenstein

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