League of Legend's Most Overloaded Champion: Kai'Sa
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Today, let's talk about the most overloaded and broken champion in league of legends, which is Kai'Sa. Let's talk about the most op champions in league of legends, and the current best meta champions. We will be covering the best champions and champions that you can climb with for patch 9.18 such as Kai'Sa, Riven, and Yasuo.
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Vandiril's Kai'Sa Muramana
XFSN Saber Caitlyn Montage
Kadeem's Channel
SnipyOCE Kai'Sa AP Kai'Sa Main Montage (KDA Kai'Sa KDA Popstar)

Phy Kai'Sa

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►U.GG for Kai'Sa Bot Lane Runes And Build on U.GG
►U.GG for Pyke Support Lane Runes And Build on U.GG
►U.GG for Kha'Zix Jungle Runes And Build on U.GG
Patch 9.19 on the PBE on surrender at 20
►New Riven Skin, New Nami Skin, New Morgana Skin, Hextech Amumu
Majestic Empress Morgana
Splendid Staff Nami
Valiant Sword Riven
Valiant Sword Riven Prestige Edition
Championship Ryze
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  • xFSN Saber
    xFSN Saber

    Time to become a Riven player.

    • Build a WALL
      Build a WALL

      I rather be a feeder yasuo

    • Th3SodaCan


    • The guy who knows things
      The guy who knows things

      With a name like FSN Saber may I suggest Garen?

    • Life is euphemism for the waiting game
      Life is euphemism for the waiting game

      Time to become a riven preyer

    • tormarod

      @Ounpcoen Aefvteerr rivershen

  • phattlan

    nah she's ok *aphelios* *samira*

  • Matúš Ďurovec
    Matúš Ďurovec

    Inagine calling kaisa the most overloaded champion now xD

  • MURDER r
    MURDER r

    Kai'sa: Im overpowered. Aphelios: Haha R goes brrrrr. Samira: Hold my beer.

  • MURDER r
    MURDER r

    Back then kaisa was said to be overpovered xDDDD

  • matteo righi
    matteo righi

    This title didn't age well lol

  • Rem

    Imagine playing yasuo, vlad hecarim and complain about kai sa hahahahahah

  • Fraser Smith
    Fraser Smith

    *laughs in samira*

  • Slimi Mohamed amine
    Slimi Mohamed amine

    he called it already G2 for worlds s10

  • Mike Johns
    Mike Johns

    Compared to the newest champs it’s kind of hard to think that we thought kaisa was “overloaded”

  • Orthane

    She's getting another Prestige skin btw. Most champs don't even have 1 and now she's getting another.

  • Nepals

    Samira and seraphine walk in

  • Fax Me Darling
    Fax Me Darling


  • Jay

    1 year later *Laughs in Samira*

  • Giacomo

    You missed the point at the start. People were not getting at Moe because he mains another champ, but they were doing it because he mained a champ that they deemed unbalanced. There is a big difference. Even thought I also think it's immature replying like that and I think yasuo is actually balanced (except for some times when items made his build cheap and op), I think the start of this video is not accurate and deep enough. Low elo players complain about people that main champs that they struggle against. If a main zilean was to say that kai'sa was broken, nobody would have replied like that. Also Moe is not the most calm and agreeable of the streamers, so he gotta accept that people will have the same behavior with him, and I think he knows that (in fact acting arrogant and overly exaggerating is beneficial to views in the short-medium term)

  • メリMøbb

    Exil : Kai sa is the most overloaded champion Me : Laughs in 200 years

  • Tetraxenon x
    Tetraxenon x

    people be like : kai'sa too op 200 years guys : hold my beer coin giver yas kat like gurl : u silly

  • Amesyst Butterfly
    Amesyst Butterfly

    As a Kai'sa main im honestly surprised no one talks about the damage on her W when used correctly

  • Lim Jenny
    Lim Jenny

    Here come samira

  • Melusi Rams
    Melusi Rams

    make a video about aphelios

  • N1K0

    I like how this video was made and then riot introduced senna, aphelios and now samira like „no, we weren‘t done yet“

  • Alexander Erwin
    Alexander Erwin

    Samira comin in like

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler

    Sometimes conquer feels Mike extra made for Yasuo Camille urgot and yone

  • On a Journey
    On a Journey

    Introducing, Samira.

  • Amara Kromah
    Amara Kromah

    Samira? ...

  • faraj hassan
    faraj hassan

    Being from 2020 boi is this simple.

  • bozy0

    remember when we thought this champ was broken... now we got aphelios and samira!


    And then these happened - Aphelios, Senna, and Samira

  • Lucacu

    Has anyone heard about a lady called Samira?

  • Hanson Hoang
    Hanson Hoang

    then they released samira

  • Travis Fawver
    Travis Fawver

    This video aged like fish flavored milk.

  • Final Boss Monokuma
    Final Boss Monokuma

    Then Samira said "Hold my beer." after watching your video.

  • Mamiko_031

    You think kai'sa is "Overloarded" You haven't seen shit. Samira is the new op

  • The Great Nobby
    The Great Nobby

    "Names samira, try to keep up"

  • Holy Doggo
    Holy Doggo

    Wait people think Vayne is hard to play?

  • Noah Leach
    Noah Leach

    aAaaand then samira

  • André Luiz
    André Luiz

    Oh boy, samira is here now

  • Stephen Bernham
    Stephen Bernham

    You should look a samira. NOw xD

  • Şiar ATAN
    Şiar ATAN

    I talk from future, none of these matter cause adc’s suck.

  • Giacomo Meattini
    Giacomo Meattini

    And then Samira was added to the league

  • yobe 555
    yobe 555

    And then Samira came by

  • Questionable Object
    Questionable Object

    PrOfIt MoTiVe Is BaD fOr EvErYtHiNg

  • Andres Fregoso
    Andres Fregoso

    Wait till you see Samira

  • Emerson

    Ah the good old days

  • Alpha KaiDom
    Alpha KaiDom

    I like the part where the Muramana comparison was with and without empowered q

  • John Burke
    John Burke

    *Girl says the truth* "Followed by nonsense" Ok why did I get this video in recommended when dude doesn't know what he's talking about

  • xMooney

    this is funny now that kaisa sucks lmao

  • Peter

    Oh boy this vid didn't age well...

  • Hai Nguyn
    Hai Nguyn

    Me when I beat Kai'sa with Tryndamere: what did you say to me ?!

    • FashionSuckMan

      Its hard not to beat an adc

  • toadstool/terrarialord9013

    samira: hold my 3 passives

  • rodolfo bonfil
    rodolfo bonfil

    vayne is suposed to be a "hard champ" but anyone can play her at an "ok" level without knowing much about her, her free damage on w and r, her ability to kite easier due to her q and qr and also she has 0 skillshots, one of her abilities is entirely pasive and her r is just clicking on it... ¿how is that hard? i am sick of wathing vaynes, kai´sas or aphelios(es)(?) getting on a bad position during tf, splitpushing in a dumb way or generaly commiting dumb mistakes where ANY other ADC would get killed on instants but those 3 get to escape and kite you to death, that is just dumb.

  • KatLogic

    Who's watching after Samira got released?

    • Cody Tesch
      Cody Tesch

      well, she isn't released yet as of my typing this

  • General Draco
    General Draco

    this didnt hold up well

  • Devlin Bondy
    Devlin Bondy

    Oh this video hasnt aged well.

  • Rares M
    Rares M

    Samira: Hold my S style

  • Andre Martins
    Andre Martins

    Garen is the most difficult champion in the game, if you disagree with me you are just a filthy yasuo main.

  • Josh Shepherd
    Josh Shepherd

    Essence reaver, serrated dirk, Nashors, berzerkers Greeves, rabadons, hex gunblade, then finish dirk into edge of night or w/e you want/need really

  • Josh Shepherd
    Josh Shepherd

    I don’t think people expect kai’sa damage. The plasma stacks just don’t seem to be respected as much as it should.

  • Ghabriabdou

    nothing is as overloaded as camille.

  • youtube name
    youtube name

    Akali and Sylas

  • Skarner Gaming
    Skarner Gaming


  • Connor Graves
    Connor Graves

    Except yasuo -is- overloaded.

  • Makemedinner 0
    Makemedinner 0

    Kaisa making daddy proud. But not nearly as broken as daddy.

  • higheloguy

    She "was" broken.

  • Jiro Weiler
    Jiro Weiler

    Most overloaded champion... -Laughst in Azir and Aphelios

  • Hei Blackreaper
    Hei Blackreaper

    The first words remind me of those Darius-Haters that go like "No Counterplay at all" while Rushing Triforce with 0/5/0 and no bramble vest or even Tabi

  • Hei Blackreaper
    Hei Blackreaper

    Well... Now we have Yone

  • PrismaticSeal

    Me 12/0/7 Teemo *Dies to 1/10/0 Yasuo when he built death dance and a single doran blade*

  • ChickensofDeath

    Misspelled Riven, buddy.

  • O verdadeiro Felipão
    O verdadeiro Felipão

    The skin part is funny, considering even senna already have 2 skins and orrn still have only his launch skin

  • mega dude
    mega dude

    KaiSa is bae, and my favourite champ to play. So much fun

  • Lucy T
    Lucy T

    That completely reminds me that I need to re-learn riven.. She and Illaoi were my most played champs toplane for a while, and as a scrubby gold-noob, I enjoyed the everliving heck out of them. By now, on both of them I don't seem to be able to hold my value anymore at all.. Well, guess there's only two things I can do: Play and make mistakes, and then look at why I got smacked in the face x)

  • l thetuerkgamer
    l thetuerkgamer

    Well this certainly aged well

  • Mooshieblob

    this video didn't age well.

  • MEDG0

    Cough cough cough cough, any champion now these daysv

  • muhammad Osama
    muhammad Osama

    riven main talking

  • Eclaire Lightning Farron
    Eclaire Lightning Farron

    before winning: "Another skin like, G2 Kai'sa"

  • Fod Zensei
    Fod Zensei

    looking back at this video, i rather prefer Kaisa than Aphelios.....

  • Mahin Rehman
    Mahin Rehman

    Exil: Kai'sa is overloaded Aphelious: imma bout to end this mans whole career

  • Xiarn

    Aphelios enters the chat

  • Benjamin Saban
    Benjamin Saban

    200 years

  • dragonslair951167

    Exil: Kai’Sa is the most overloaded champion in League. Yasuo: Am I a joke to you?


    I still dont know why people think kaisa and vayne are hard Like you said, adcs need to kite and kaisa and vayne have abilitys that help her kite, so they are ez to pick up I mean vayne has actually only 2 abilitys, thats it

    • apkhbmb gamlkbh
      apkhbmb gamlkbh

      @krobeN yeah i get that and vayne is definitely more on the harder side but imo she isnt that hard compared to champs like riven, lee sin or leblanc

    • krobeN

      cuz you can easily punish a vayne (dont know about kaisa, never really played or seen her). vaynes earlygame/laning phase is below avg and she only shines when she has atleast botrk and rageblade. Plus so many new champions are overloaded with mobility and cc its pretty easy for them to fuck up a vayne in late game.

    • apkhbmb gamlkbh
      apkhbmb gamlkbh

      i agree imo hardest adc is ezreal

  • Salty Dog
    Salty Dog

    Aphelios sends his regards

  • Erwin van der Leest
    Erwin van der Leest

    Now aphelios is most overloaded

  • kys

    g2 kaisa, well that didnt age well lol

  • Lubos Šimko
    Lubos Šimko

    the power creep is real - for example tristana - attack speed, normal ability, jump, disengage, this is sorta standart for most adc, now kaisa - she has huge range poke (jhin has it too) but it deals hell more dmg, she has huge teleport with shield, invisibility, attack speed, huge wave clear

  • Neil Sims
    Neil Sims

    this didnt age well

  • Historia

    Like father like daughter

  • ssbbSephi

    remove her stealth or her Q dmg. balanced.the problem is not that her w is a long ranged poke abiltiy. nobody cares about this easy to doge skillshot. the problem is her passive.

  • Internet Trash
    Internet Trash

    Aphelios: "Hold my beer."

  • Ermin Dedic
    Ermin Dedic

    coughs in aphelios

  • Yordy Martinez
    Yordy Martinez

    I think jhin is even more overloaded

  • saturnystars

    I felt love at the first time when i entered the game for the first time and i saw this girl. It was a long time learning kai'sa, getting better with her and it was hard. Just now, as an otp and main kai'sa i can say she is easy. And what is hard on her is the right form of maximizing your damage and positionate with your ultimate. Im sad that everyone who wasnt the same train as mine can easier have a great performance with her

  • Michael Reidy
    Michael Reidy

    This aged poorly

    • Doot

      Especially G2 Kai'sa

  • Hirotrum

    This premise has aged terribly...

  • Dwarov 1
    Dwarov 1

    Not our fault she is hot

  • Khang To
    Khang To

    I like Kai'sa looks,lore,role and effect,but i extremly HATE her Kit,how can a ADC build Ap but still a ADC,if some one ask if she Ap she can't kite right,i said wrong,guinsoo and Nashor Tooth and her E evolve,then She become Corki but more nonsense,how i will be fine if Aphelios Flame gun and turret gun are broken but he hard to kite,Kog'mar can buy Ap and Guinsoo but he lack of Mobility,Ezreal depend on his Q and Q,but i will never accept a Kai'sa full crit and a Guinsoo and a Deathcap,i will never accept Kai'sa full Ap but the mobility even faster than a Kalista,i will NEVER,EVER accept a Kai'sa with a Half Ad Half Ap but more broken and quicker than a Ezreal,NO!That's not creative,that's bull sh!t,oh they can't nerf her because she have beutiful skin??Did Zoe get buff when she have Star guardian Skin?Did Xayah/Rakan get buffed when they got a Star Guardian Skin???If anyone dare open their fkin mouth said they already strong then i will say:Then why a motherfucker Kai'sa got a buff when She got a Arcade Skin and that patch,SHE IS STRONG,SHE DON'T NEED A BUFF. Conclution,i HATE Kai'sa Kit,if i work for the balance team,i will remove her Qs Ap ratio but buff her Ad ratio a little bit,remove her Ws Ad ratio buff her Ap ratio a little bit,Passive should be deal Ad/Ap damage when her Ad is more than her Ap/her Ap is more than her Ad,and her Ap will not deal Crit when she buy Crit item,E and Ult i think is normal

  • Wisper Abbandon
    Wisper Abbandon

    This Video Didn't age well.

  • S Y X
    S Y X

    there are some others that are even more overloaded , certaintlyt champd to be exact