Meet The League of Legends Rank 1 Player Who Is BANNED For 1000 Years - Apdo/Dopa Documentary
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Today, let's talk about the best player of all time, apdo or dopa, and him in league of legends history. From a star who was known for outplaying his opponents in challenger, to now being banned from the korean server for 1000 years. This is a video covering the history of apdo, the history of dopa, the history of league of legends, and Season 10 League of Legends, Rise of the Elements League of Legends.
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Season 10, 10.1, 10.2, Patch 10.1, Patch 10.2, Patch 10.3, Patch 10.4
Patch 10.1 Tier List, Season 10 Patch 10.1, Season 10 Patch 10.2, Patch 10.3, Patch 10.4
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Midbeast video talking about Dopa hitting rank 1 on chinese super server League of Legends
Apdo/Dopa Montage by DeoNade
Awesome Score eSports video about Apdo
Thoorin on Apdo

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Patch 10.4 on the PBE on surrender at 20
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    BTW thank you for the feedback, I will make sure to not use 21:9 aspect ratio anymore. That's my bad I thought it was okay because if you go back and watch my Ivern video, I used it there and a lot of you guys did leave compliments and said that you liked it. But it turns out that maybe I overlooked those of you watching on mobile ETC. This is my fault I am sorry I will make sure it's always in 16:9 from now on.

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      Nyoo... There goes my perfect tv resolution

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      Kosmas 173

      21:9 is nice tho

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      Gabby Roda

      Hello im from october 2020. 21:9 is so good at smartphones nowadays

    • Bart


    • nfc14g

      Faker has better micro, dopa has better macro. Micro looks flashy and makes all the highlight reels, but macro wins higher % of games. Dopa is the best overall player we have seen, so far. Faker is the best pro. You missed dopa actually made a team and entered competitive play. Bit of a funny story behind that too.

  • TwistAnd Shake
    TwistAnd Shake

    Also that legendary throw at the end of season 3 or 4 where he trolled Smeb which made Faker gain rank 1 only because he thought that a midlaner deserved to be rank1 more than a top laner. Also his pro team was appropriately named Team Dark.

  • rosinante donquixote
    rosinante donquixote

    It's true that talent can catch up faster than hardworking grinders. Maybe he is just bored, maybe he already comes to the point where the game is not really fun for him anymore. Maybe he feels it isn't competitive for him anymore. I know this is irrelevant but i've played dota 2 and hitting high rank is really hard, and its not only the players are changing, also the game is changing, different strats to play, positions, and items to utilize. Maybe dopa chose PUBG coz he feels like he has a lot more freedom on the game. Being too good on every role is okay but unlike dota which you can be countered easily that you dont have be so complacent and be cocky that you dominated early games. I think he needs to get out of his comfort zone and let him try other competitive games.

  • my personal account
    my personal account

    Even Riot balance team's collective experience isn't enough to pay this

  • xXDolphinXx6014

    At least he isn't banned for life

  • Kazuhiro Shoji
    Kazuhiro Shoji

    Did you guys discover something you're really good at and just dominates everyone without much effort? Hard work pays off, yes. But man, having a talent on something is just like a cheat.

  • Cyan - Kun
    Cyan - Kun

    *Did they just sealed his power? 🤣*

  • Parker Hazlebeck
    Parker Hazlebeck

    Mark my words: Riot will be the downfall of Riot.

  • Amatsu Kami Mikaboshi
    Amatsu Kami Mikaboshi

    he got banned for not being a simp??? *People ignoring he is running a Boosting service*

  • Zack Hendrix
    Zack Hendrix

    Heaven's are jealous of him

  • That guy who hate weebs
    That guy who hate weebs

    Is twitch a youtube channel ??

  • Jeremy Hill
    Jeremy Hill

    The legend ABDO, Slayer of Simps.

  • adam 1
    adam 1

    I II never saw an ad for Twich

  • Onii-chan no-baka
    Onii-chan no-baka

    I want him as a couch

  • Lucas Cabral
    Lucas Cabral

    You should search for Jean Mago, a brazilian challenger LoL player. He's 16 years old, and took challenger since he was 14. This year, he finished the season as the Top 1 from Brazil.

  • Jimer Talaman
    Jimer Talaman

    Petition to unbann apdo

  • Jimer Talaman
    Jimer Talaman

    There's tea in him being banned I can smell it

  • Shiro Aihara
    Shiro Aihara

    hes just built different

  • OscarXMod GT
    OscarXMod GT

    Abdo aint simp Mad respect 🔥🔥

  • Michael Sese
    Michael Sese

    Inb4 he freezes himself until 3013


    Apdo is trash

  • Annoxx

    That bitch really got him banned and how many people know her name?

  • mal

    no toxic people in lol is no fun..that what makes lol more interesting😂get easily offense is such a baby

  • Gat Fingaz
    Gat Fingaz

    lol imagine thinking these LoL Esport teams are the best of the best, the real top players are banned or ignored because they dont adhere to metas or cant take time away to play games across the world when bills are due. These are just the best of the unemployed or school kids

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover

    Imagine not having mandatory conscription. You’re vote should be a privilege not a right. You’re birth means nothing. You’re sacrifice gives you privilege otherwise life is meaningless.

    • DrVurruct

      @Ben Dover Yes, our cultures do differ, which is really interesting in my opinion. In that case, would you consider yourself a burden if, you say, lost the ability to use your legs after fighting in a war? Although I suppose in that case you might be considered some sort of a hero, at least I would. I personally don't really like South Korea's governmental set up, especially with how they use social security numbers, but North Korea is definitely FAR FAR worse and I absolutely HATE China (the governments and their politicians, of course. I don't blame the people for having been circumstantially born into a shithole). I don't know, I guess our cultures just differ. The U.S. was essentially founded upon taking in different people from all walks of life and integrating them into our country. The U.S. is less one whole culture, and more a melting pot of many.

    • Ben Dover
      Ben Dover

      @DrVurruct People with disabilities are burdens to societies and should be treated like that. In order for a culture to survive you need to be strong. I’m Korean you see. We are constantly threatened by China and the northern separatists. I want our traditions to survive the test of time. This can only be done if we actively protect our culture. A government is a representation of the society. Survival should be the number one priority. Otherwise you would just be immature. Trusting nations like China is self destructive. Their only goal is to control all there is. I and my society own it to my ancestors and future offsprings to safe my culture. Sacrificing myself doesn’t matter in the long run. This is the only way to survive.

    • DrVurruct

      The problem with that is that everyone under that who was voted for are affected by their policies. For example, the military doesn't allow people with certain medical conditions to enter. What if then, in that case, those who have entered the military vote in someone who is going to heavily affect the healthcare coverage of that person with a medical condition in a negative way. That person who had no way to change their future, despite trying, is going to get fucked over for no real reason, and where there is one person, there are bound to be several thousand more people in the same position. Of course, that is a very specific example, but it is one that would exist in that kind of voting system. Now personally, I don't even disagree that much with the idea that you have to sacrifice something for your country in order to be given the right to vote, but your life? I think that may be too far. I actually tried going into the military (I live in the U.S.), but after the gas chamber I wanted to kill myself, so I ended up quitting. I would assume I wouldn't be given the right to vote, but I also have been left a much different person with new knowledge and a more depressed existence overall. At this point I'm terrified of real life guns (NOT people WITH guns, I have a coworker who owns guns and goes hunting and I trust him totally and vice versa since he told me about the weed he smokes, which is illegal still in the state I live). The sounds they make and they reverberate through your body; scares me to death, but I trust most people who would own them cause most people who own guns aren't fucking retarded. They might have different political views, but they aren't maniacs. Anyway, you can just buy votes now anyway. The richest people just lobby for what politicians are gonna do anyways, so your vote kind of doesn't matter in the end. Yeah, sure, the U.S. president does SOME things, but he is more of a figurehead in comparison to the Senate, or the House, or literally any other part of the government. Even those at lower positions like school teachers affect the future of children FAR more than the president does. Then, that begs the question from me: How far does this privileged voting go? Is it just the top top? Like a president or minister or whatever? Or is it everything, including your mayor or village elder or whatever you may have? (the village elder thing isn't an insult, it is a legitimate position in some parts of the world).

  • Irwanto Dwijaya
    Irwanto Dwijaya

    Why did he got banned?

  • Jeoffrey Sibayan
    Jeoffrey Sibayan

    ...and then he created a wildrift account.

  • min muhaimin
    min muhaimin

    13:32 😱😱😱 didn't expect that.....

  • Shahryar Mishra
    Shahryar Mishra

    It's from this vid that I learnt of China's Super Server 😦😦😦

  • Touch Me
    Touch Me

    this guy would be competing with Magnus Carlsen now if he chose to enjoy chess instead of league.

  • O Fenómeno
    O Fenómeno

    Even if talent is only 10% of your skill, a 10% skill edge at that level means you win every single time

  • Bishesh Shrestha
    Bishesh Shrestha

    He finally is going to the millitary :(

  • Nikko Logdat
    Nikko Logdat

    I thought this was theScore Esport video 😅

  • David Eaton
    David Eaton

    ive had like 5 accounts perma banned says i can play in 3244 lol

  • Ethistic 0
    Ethistic 0

    A player who can play all roles are rare and very reliable

  • Sergio Vicente
    Sergio Vicente

    I can kill him easy with Urgot!!! Im the best!!!

  • Marvin Raymund Popioco
    Marvin Raymund Popioco

    he never proven anything in professional play so how can he? anyone can be number one in challenger if you focused and play hard everyday. unlike professional players. besides professional play is different from solo queue

  • Reim Estella
    Reim Estella

    When people are jealous 🤣🤣 Why would you even do that?

  • Mitke 420
    Mitke 420

    Y sure banned for 1000 years. I bet he can play when ever he wants

  • Moonlight Cipher
    Moonlight Cipher

    *Now we just need to find Shiro and BLANK will be complete.*

  • Venixuro '
    Venixuro '

    I just want to say, WTF.

  • Ian al AbAjar
    Ian al AbAjar

    this is basically naruto where apdo is sasuke and faker is naruto. Faker has friends/team to play with and improve his skills while apdo has improved mostly by himself.

    • jean otus
      jean otus

      Is his name is Apdo or Dopa ? Im sorry im a lil bit confused right here..

  • Herbert Waller
    Herbert Waller

    i disagree. i think being oen of the best at anything is mostly a genetic thing. sure, you have to put in a lot of work to be competitive on that high of a level, but most people woulnd't be that good even if they put in that much work. i would never be able to be as good at league even if i put much work into it since my reaction times and overview of team fights/game states isnt good enough. i simply can't process so many imputs fast. i reached low diamond last season by playing mechanically easy champs and i could prb improve to get to high diamond if i had put in a lot of work, but i could never be as competitive especially on mechanically intense champs. and putting in a lot of work is also something that is due to a huge part genetic. some people are simply not that competitive or motivated to begin with.

  • Brodie xBeard
    Brodie xBeard

    Well his account will be pass down from generations 😂😂😂😂

  • tableditor

    Legendary A$$hole

  • Ken Martinez
    Ken Martinez

    this my longest Goosebumps ever, omg

  • Nathan Nathan
    Nathan Nathan

    No he is not better than faker but the gap is faker might just be little bit better than Apdo and everyone knows it

  • Matcha Ch.
    Matcha Ch.

    Atleast its not permanent

  • XanXus -sama
    XanXus -sama

    so he's like an Uncrowned King

  • I am Everywhere
    I am Everywhere

    dopa doesn't need pro team, unlike faker, he relies on himself

  • oOKenduOo

    what a bitch this "female fan" was.

  • JB Ronquillo
    JB Ronquillo

    He is technically the whole server

  • asian bowl of rice
    asian bowl of rice

    0:50 Sykkuno had 822 viewers in february

  • Ony

    "faker is a well liked respectable pro" hah, good joke mate

  • Wency L. Del Prado
    Wency L. Del Prado

    He might got different performance on a competitive mode he's playing peacefully in his own computer without people around him or pressure to keep him playing hes just play lol

  • CazaPatos

    they need unban this guy and put on a pro team!

  • Valkyrain

    video starts at 1:40

  • COVID-19

    People really hate toxic players eh? For someone who's participated in small tournaments i can tell it's good to get toxic a lil bit to lower the mental power of your opponent it also boost your team morale making them in high spirit which is good, i too called my opponents noob when i trashed them in tournaments... So just sit down and don't whine if people are better than you at playing games

  • Elmakhfi Hamza
    Elmakhfi Hamza

    I can't wait year 3013 to see this guy in the pro scene KEK


    0:50 rare photo of sykkuno having a below 1000 viewers

  • zoop

    0:12 u can see tenz with 68 viewers damn

  • Scrimper

    built different

  • Sakamichi -
    Sakamichi -

    His story should be made into anime

  • Kayd Zeal
    Kayd Zeal

    I would rather give those 100k money to someone to pay a visit to that girl that ratted him out. She was totally fine by boosting until she got rejected, what a pos.

  • CW Soh
    CW Soh

    Tbh this guy reminds me of the prodigy Ana, from dota 2, though the difference was one wasnt banned and participate in tounaments. Ana himself barely joins tournaments, but ended with two ti trophys

  • Yosua Martin
    Yosua Martin

    Apdo = rank 1 in Korea and Chinese server for me it means nothing Faker proof to use he is the greatest But imagine if apdo/dopa step in the big league maybe faker isn’t the greatest Faker still won this because rank 1 in every server ≠ World champion

  • Shwelpz Justice
    Shwelpz Justice

    I wanna see apdo climb in NA....

  • Skinny Pee
    Skinny Pee

    Refuse to be a simp and end up banned :'( so sad

  • Arsenal Arsoona
    Arsenal Arsoona

    Meanwhile after 3013 Apdo: MISS ME MOTHERFKER

  • OneSaintAutumn

    It means that the only one who can defeat him is himself.

  • alif farhan
    alif farhan

    imagine buying boost from him to finally hit rank 1 and he log in his main acc and steal it back 😭😭

  • Rusting Gold
    Rusting Gold

    bro imagine apdo and faker in the same team

  • edgar Alonso
    edgar Alonso

    Not going to lie he’s not near the best but he’s the only person I seen that can get to a good elo in any role also tyler1

  • Emmanuel Luz Fabricante
    Emmanuel Luz Fabricante

    Hehehe potang babae yun, di lang pinatulan, nireport na. Pahamak!

  • WiseWeeabo

    Take a talented player, make him practice every day. Take a talentless player, make him practice every day. The difference will be more than 10%.

  • Yourven Parianen
    Yourven Parianen

    of course it was because of a salty bitch lol , what else is new in this world.

  • BlackSheep

    Dose this dude still stream?

  • BlackSheep

    Wow didnt know they took games that seriously

  • Kyuretso

    Imagine getting banned because a boosted girl rat him out

  • Fais Faizal
    Fais Faizal

    Oh hey, I boost accs too.. Just in reverse. And i pay them money

  • Alex Rowe
    Alex Rowe

    Apdo getting banned was part of the plan. The entire world brands you as the best player in the world, but no one can challenge you since you are banned. Check-Mate. Imagine how mad his competitors are. No matter what they do their entire lives they will never reach that glory.

  • prolz

    wtf is the resolution

  • whatwhat3432523

    Dopa is the classical matchmaking kid that grinds out the highest ranks, really good in matchmaking and online play.. but just dont cut it in competitive play.

  • Electronic Gaming
    Electronic Gaming

    you can watch dopa here

  • Josh Lee
    Josh Lee

    CHOCOLATE MILK + Q&A! 😁 The dirt in these floor mats was almost hard to comprehend....but besides the filthy mats, I'm also going to do a bit of a Q&A in Friday's video so if you guys have any burning questions, ask them below and I'll answer as many as I can in the video!

  • Alex A
    Alex A

    Fakver vs Dopa, the endless argument that'll last until this inevitably.

  • Dr Zero
    Dr Zero

    1000 years later: one of his descentdant took his legacy and became a top 1 player too

  • Noodles

    I really want APDO to play in a major

  • James Cabasag
    James Cabasag

    Woman moment


    Sooo just like 99% of bullshit in life... a bitch caused it

  • Ingo Skate
    Ingo Skate

    i think for dopa it´s realy just hard to explain how he see and approach the game he was kinda the first one who understand minion movement and managment even before any coach and the crazy thing is he is from his knowledge like an entire coach staff with analyst and so on and beside that he can use this knowledge while playing the game and using it to the fullest potential something that even the greatest coaches of all time cant do i think thats why he said its just natural cause he probably doesnt understand by himself why he understand everything that fast, lern every new strat on mid in like 2 games and showed everyone u can win every game with wave managment and u can have the biggest mechanics u will still loose and that the current "meta" doesnt care that much even in challenger if you are just that good

  • Grox44

    Dopa, Apdo is right about the born with it and aptitude part. That goes for everything people have different innate talents and strengths. Too bad our current world and education system isn't set up to nurture and help that. Makes us learn and waste our time with pointless shit instead of putting us on the right path.

  • Miku meow
    Miku meow

    He's so good looking too without even trying. Imagine it with make up. He'd be beyond those k-pop boy band status.

  • Rondo

    This guy is basically the Madara of League. Edit: Dopa said that Faker is the only one who is a match to him.. Just like what Madara said about Hashirama.

  • Daniel Baldaia
    Daniel Baldaia

    When Riot tries to protect Faker, but they simply can't.

  • Sapphire Ashes
    Sapphire Ashes

    I can't imagine having to use my social security number to play LoL.

  • Mr M.
    Mr M.

    Sad story, he never played pro :/

  • Mr M.
    Mr M.

    Why he was banned?

  • Dani Cacior
    Dani Cacior

    I agree with apdo...lets say i start playing basketbal...and another more athlethic kid starts playing...and i start training hard...but he does too...i thrully believe he will get not saying that he is only this good because of the natural talent...but with that talent and the hard work he is that goos

  • 1sonyzz

    stupid girl came down crying to public, that's the worst