Meet The League of Legends Rank 1 Player Who Is BANNED For 1000 Years - Apdo/Dopa Documentary
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Today, let's talk about the best player of all time, apdo or dopa, and him in league of legends history. From a star who was known for outplaying his opponents in challenger, to now being banned from the korean server for 1000 years. This is a video covering the history of apdo, the history of dopa, the history of league of legends, and Season 10 League of Legends, Rise of the Elements League of Legends.
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Season 10, 10.1, 10.2, Patch 10.1, Patch 10.2, Patch 10.3, Patch 10.4
Patch 10.1 Tier List, Season 10 Patch 10.1, Season 10 Patch 10.2, Patch 10.3, Patch 10.4
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Midbeast video talking about Dopa hitting rank 1 on chinese super server League of Legends
Apdo/Dopa Montage by DeoNade
Awesome Score eSports video about Apdo
Thoorin on Apdo

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Patch 10.4 on the PBE on surrender at 20
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  • Exil

    BTW thank you for the feedback, I will make sure to not use 21:9 aspect ratio anymore. That's my bad I thought it was okay because if you go back and watch my Ivern video, I used it there and a lot of you guys did leave compliments and said that you liked it. But it turns out that maybe I overlooked those of you watching on mobile ETC. This is my fault I am sorry I will make sure it's always in 16:9 from now on.

    • winxphantom

      What is 21:9?

    • Poggers Egg
      Poggers Egg

      fake just steals secret meta and idea from solo queue and youtube lmao don't @ me

    • PlatyMoose1

      21:9 is objectively better. Black borders top and bottom is ok and used in movies constantly to simulate 21:9. Tons of people on RSloft also use a faux 21:9 that has black borders on top and bottom on native 21:9.

    • Tobias G
      Tobias G

      watching on 21:9...

    • David Green
      David Green

      2:08 Shako admitted to him.Top best Kill LOL Montage Highlight. Watch Here:

  • noodlebot

    im baked and tried figuring out why the video looked like that for 5 mins before i realized it was the aspect ratio

  • Mhayz


  • Gianluca Dell'Anna
    Gianluca Dell'Anna

    is incredible how many views this video has (all deserved) but whenever i read that "45 games winstreak" i can't stop thinking about full L9 doing like 70 wins straight in soloq when they were eloboosters

  • Red Dot
    Red Dot

    Riot should be ashamed

  • Jaiden zhu
    Jaiden zhu

    Dopa should be unbanned

  • Danny Goats
    Danny Goats

    Btw its not hard work, its just nothing better to do for him

  • Louis Robitaille
    Louis Robitaille

    15:25 "Only a few exceptions, most notably height, are genetically prescribed." Intelligence is also genetically prescribed. So is memory and all the stuff related to the brain. If you're a normal person, you *can* work hard but you'll *never* catch up to someone that both works hard *AND* has innate abilities in the field he's trying hard in.

  • K1ra

    Why do I think he is getting a Strike for saying "Twitch"

  • PATh

    what's the problem doing boosting business ? i mean only noob players will say he is a cheater, the good one will eventually beat his customers

  • Ella Gage
    Ella Gage

    Apdo really said "I'm just built different"

  • Antoine Boquet
    Antoine Boquet

    Imagine a team wity faker mid, shy guy top and dopa jgl that would be terrifying

  • death taco
    death taco

    I think he deserves the bann sure he's good but if you go out of your way to ruin games like that you don't deserve to play online games it doesn't matter who you are

  • Maxim with no e
    Maxim with no e

    ta yeule

  • Midnight

    As a girl, we don’t claim this bitch.

  • Mantheon

    Imagine going against a team that’s full of apdo

  • nearzero12

    A thousand years? Are you serious? That's so fucking dumb. Lol

  • Sam Samurai
    Sam Samurai

    well, ill just say it, boosting is cheating, skilled or not, cheating is exactly that, especially when youre making a lot of money from it. ban is deserved.

  • Billito

    His acc and password will be passed down for generations so that one day his super great distance grand child will log into his acc and continue his legacy.

  • SlanaBanana

    u are trash use your tools better

  • Michael Lehner
    Michael Lehner

    All Men want to be him, and all simps fear him.

  • Benjamin Hausmann
    Benjamin Hausmann

    btw how is the super chinese server looks like in iron bronz i would like to see that super chinese bronz elo

  • Benjamin Hausmann
    Benjamin Hausmann

    he whant to gave riot 100 k riot say no and let him still band i hate riot i hate season 11 they ruind a carrer of a guy who could be the guy who is betetr then faker and so on riot you ruining the best people

  • Adrian Protasiuk
    Adrian Protasiuk


  • WPPaw

    Gynocentric simps from Riot Games

  • Desm 0708
    Desm 0708

    He’s a good player that is also a major asshole and contributes to a bannable, garbage service yet players still like him? I’m not surprised by any of that

  • Gimli 21
    Gimli 21

    Faker Vs Apdo is such an anime rivalry and I’m all about it!!!

  • Slices of SIB
    Slices of SIB

    Well Riot lost money nonetheless from banning this guy and they know it XD. Billions.

  • Eclipsae

    -Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t want put in hard work, BUT Hard work won’t beat talent if the talented also puts in hard work

  • werts

    When Apdo gets reincarnated around year 2997-3004

  • Brandon

    One punch meets one click

  • Itheboss1738 Itheboss1738
    Itheboss1738 Itheboss1738


  • Zachary Smith
    Zachary Smith

    I still have 4995 years to go

  • Casey Jones
    Casey Jones

    qSnake, но забанен

  • Jean Marchell
    Jean Marchell

    Apdo, the missing legend

  • Shiljamannn

    He should've switched to Dota 2 and flip off RIOT...He could've turn the masssive tide of fans and players towards the LOL's biggest rival..

    • Hamudy Thabet
      Hamudy Thabet

      Wait, lol and dota has the same game designer, guinsoo, why would dota be lol's rival?

    • Shiljamannn

      @Super Nintendo Chalmers Why for? Saying that DOTA is the biggest rival to LOL?

    • Super Nintendo Chalmers
      Super Nintendo Chalmers

      Dota players still delusional

  • Кирилл Орлов
    Кирилл Орлов

    как всегда все пошло по пизде из-за одной бабы

  • Zygiskul Kulikauskas
    Zygiskul Kulikauskas

    but statiscly 57% win ratio faker and apdo only 43 when they face off. its one thing to play solo q all day long and other is to play competetive. what works in solo q its a diferent story in competetive play. the performences faker did in some seasons will never be outshined by dopa. faker basicly single handly won worlds with very weak roster. full bans on faker constantly and that kid still performed at his best. apdo basicly played his few champions since the start of his career in mid faker played em all profesionally. having few trick champions will always benefit more then playing big pool. atleast back in the day now its more team orientated game

  • Nightsong

    strange i dont remember apdo ever beeing...... dopa......when i first watchd this..

  • jkie lacague
    jkie lacague

    Just imagine apdo being an league coach.

  • Kody

    fcking hate the resolution

  • Joshua cueto
    Joshua cueto

    Apdo is the best in underground But Faker is the best around the world So Faker still the best player

  • Madao

    8:00 lmao why can i relate xD

  • Peace

    Legends never die

  • Renomix.-

    I guess 1000 years are over. He is streaming on twitch

  • Double Vision
    Double Vision

    I've gotten banned for 1000 years on multiple accounts, he's an amateur

    • Double Vision
      Double Vision

      @Musso it's a joke, clueless

    • Musso

      You're proud of you ?

  • Xellos Kaczor
    Xellos Kaczor

    When athletes say "dont disrespect my hard work" they disrespect hard work of #2

  • ItsMeJP

    He's the former shadow monarch who arises an army of shadow warriors that he fought with and then he cancel extraction them to make room for a new shadow warrior.

  • İlter Arıkan
    İlter Arıkan

    14:04 me

  • Rocshaa Jenkins
    Rocshaa Jenkins

    Apdo probably sees his "born this way" level of talent as the difference between himself and the next top-tier Challenger player, not himself and the average Silver 3 player. He doesn't strike me as the kind of person who compares themselves to average people, only to those around his skill levels. At that level of skill and competence, the 10-20% of natural-born talent is the deciding factor; everyone at that level of play puts in the full day's work to be excellent at League.

  • Justceez

    F that girl all my homies hate that girk

  • snapshock mine
    snapshock mine

    dopa sucks he didnt play in pro leauge almost all of his enemy is not pro player stop debating faker is goat dopa is trash💩💩

  • Ze TheGame
    Ze TheGame

    In any competitive sport, as long as the competition is large enough, talent always trumps hard work in the sense that you have absolutely no way of reaching elite level without elite level genetics. LoL is no different: no matter how hard you work, if you were not born with tremendous talent you will never make it very far. In low skill regions like NA where competition is rather weak, you might get very high in solo queue without being extremely talented, but that doesn't work like that in places where players are actually good.

  • A. K.
    A. K.

    1:15 ok, i'll do that and i will start with my favorite streamer magifelix :D

  • Darth Fikus
    Darth Fikus

    For 1000 years i lay dormant...

  • Last Prophet
    Last Prophet

    My grandfather was also banned for 1000 years. Tomorrow his ban will lift.

  • Jared

    of course it'd be a girl who got turned down

  • MiraclzHD

    The hateful clam separately grab because shelf coincidently program among a puzzled age. friendly, sweltering gander

  • Moon L
    Moon L

    he just good because he never laned against ME (jglmain)

  • Can Erkin S.
    Can Erkin S.

    So if i understand correctly, the girl tried to induce a romantic relationship with the guy, which she apparently has done to multiple people (suspiscious). He refused and after she reported him and got him banned? Well I guess her blackmail failed...

  • Lofi MVE
    Lofi MVE

    200 years btw

  • Noe Apodaca
    Noe Apodaca

    Why’s the video wide

  • Raymond Wen
    Raymond Wen

    Other players get banned for having messy relationships with girls, this man got banned for refusing to

  • D-Blue

    I'm top 1% of players in Rocket League, that's all I got going for me

  • David B
    David B

    I feel you, my $ account got banned just after RIOT sold

  • Val Hypenoz
    Val Hypenoz

    I like to see ppl hating the girl and defending him. Right she was a bitch, but remember that if he didn't so something bannable, he wouldn't have been banned. Toxic + elo boost, he knew this could happen. Do not be fanboys enough to forget that.

  • TheyCalledMeT

    Imagine it as a sum .. the talent you're born with PLUS the practice you put in puts you on a position. A severe lack of talent can't be practiced away, a severe lack of practice can't be replaced with talent. Even he needed practice and spend time to mimic good new ideas to be amongst the absolute top

  • TheyCalledMeT

    Fear nothing more than the wrath of a rejected woman

  • kri4o

    Absolutely stopped watching and turned off at 8:10. Not because I don't like your video (

  • Herculean

    What was his main champion?

  • mixedtruth EQlies
    mixedtruth EQlies

    99% are luck tho...

  • kurome 05
    kurome 05

    boosting is now illigal in S Korea though.. you might found yourself behind the bars if you get caught..

  • Shawn Thornton
    Shawn Thornton

    video on xj9 :O ?

  • Prashanth Ralph
    Prashanth Ralph

    Is this paid promotion till 2min into the game. Cause all he does is promote Twitch TV.

  • Nokiya

    All this shows is how pathetic of a company riot is. A lifelong ban due to relatively minor first time offenses. Contrast this to valve that still allowed pro player who threw games (to win $ because he bet against himself) to continue playing.

  • Banana Kun
    Banana Kun

    I think he can hit rank 1 in just a month

  • Shoresy 69
    Shoresy 69

    Last time I played LoL was in 2014. This channel is interesting.

  • Anditv Reas
    Anditv Reas

    Wait a minute you got a product placement for twitch that's nice dude

  • Vance Askance
    Vance Askance

    This is like the story of The King's Avatar. That Ye Qiu. Because of identity issues he has to use someone else's name

  • Derp Ataur
    Derp Ataur

    Moral of the story: Don't fuck with dramatic e-girls.

  • Salman Abdulkathem
    Salman Abdulkathem

    This why i dont trust bitches. Respect for this men

  • Felipe Terranova
    Felipe Terranova

    He was sealed away for being to dangerous, he is the true Daarkin

  • Lilitha11 a
    Lilitha11 a

    Everyone blames the girl, but it was probably just a matter of time before he got permanently banned anyway. He wasn't really hiding all the stuff he did and he doesn't seem sorry about doing it either.

  • Damon Cole
    Damon Cole

    You play the game and you're good.Top best Kill LOL Montage Highlight. Watch Here:

  • Nancy Logan
    Nancy Logan

    It's just a real dog lol.We recommend watching this video. View more Highlight Montage of T1 Team:

  • Mr. Grey Wolf
    Mr. Grey Wolf

    The more I live the less motivated I feel to have someone by my side.

  • Luis Silva
    Luis Silva

    He was so good he got banned

  • Mezcon

    Yeah, even today he could have been the Tiger Woods of LOL Esports.

  • Jaxir Raywhisper
    Jaxir Raywhisper

    I hope that the bitch snitch got banned too. For being boosted.

  • ZxChrono

    Regardless of who people *think* is better Faker is the proven one. Faker is the Michael Jordan/Tom Brady of League. I do think Apdo would have been up there with Faker, but he has no proven professional accomplishments so you can’t factually say he’s better.

  • Iván Quintana
    Iván Quintana

    Faker is the main character of the story but this guy is like an anime villain/demon who has been sealed (banned) because he was too powerful.

  • Sleep Time
    Sleep Time

    He knows how to dodge any think while playing.. but the biggest bullet he dodged was that girl.. she is crazy.. it's not something you would do to someone you like.

  • Zincc

    10:05 Yuan*

  • AmazonsBestBangForYourBuck

    What a biznitch that girl was for selling him out for not liking him.

  • Bailey West
    Bailey West

    rip dopa

  • Lucas Shirley
    Lucas Shirley

    Sykkuno had 600 viewers hahahahahaha

  • Erik Pearson
    Erik Pearson

    talent vrs hard work. Hard work doesn't make for fast reflexes. Age destroys that.

  • Erik Pearson
    Erik Pearson

    how shit a company riot is is evidenced in this. They'll allow countless trolls, afkers, obvious feeders, and toxic players to turn this game which was once great, into a the pile of shit it is today. They have no idea what they are doing, and intentionally fk everyone up by leaving broken champs broken to make a few bucks off skins. apdo/dopa is unbelievably passive and nice compared to midget shitbags like tyler1 who got the same treatment and was later unbanned.

  • Parth Sarthi
    Parth Sarthi

    This guy is a legitimate legend.Love him.

  • Cubone

    1:40 for the actual video :/ 10% of the video is an ad lol...

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