Q&A With Kellen (Exil) | 200k Subs Celebration
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Patch 9.21 on the PBE on surrender at 20

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  • Exil

    Wanted to say thank you to all of the people over the years who have supported me - Marie, my Mom and Dad, and of course you guys! We wouldn't be here today without all of the support structure and the love that you guys have for the videos, so thank you.

    • aTocan Boi
      aTocan Boi

      @Dalton Wood look at Vandiril

    • Derwskers

      The real question is, do you have 99 mining.

    • aTocan Boi
      aTocan Boi

      could you make a video about champion concept you may or may not have?

    • Carl Abelsson
      Carl Abelsson

      Thank you too. Your videos are amazing and i am always exited when i see a new video from you. Keep up the awesome work

    • Matteo Mazzucconi
      Matteo Mazzucconi

      Watch jojo's bizzare adventures, it's fantastic

  • Ohko Ohko
    Ohko Ohko

    Damn, Your voice sexy af .. Every single video u sound sexier xD NO HOMO!!

  • Parker B
    Parker B

    History of Teemo

  • Has Saan
    Has Saan

    You dont know JoJo ? NANI ??? Unsubscribe

  • Faded Gravity
    Faded Gravity


  • Raye Bchiny
    Raye Bchiny

    u said u love dumbs ... and u don t know whats jojo u deserve a bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh

  • Raye Bchiny
    Raye Bchiny

    go now watch jojo

  • Jacob H
    Jacob H

    dont feel sad this cid didnt do good, its not that we dont want to see it just that youtube doesnt want to recomend it, it took til not to even find it

  • OP Ground Zero 2.0
    OP Ground Zero 2.0

    Been here since your ingame name was German Import lol

  • Sergio Ruiz
    Sergio Ruiz

    I came back to League like a month ago or so after a 3 year break. The Ivern video is how I came to your channel. I had Ivern unlocked altough I dont remember playing him even once. You acomplished your goal with the Ivern video, I have been playing him this past couple of weeks and I honestly had a blast. So, thank you very much!!

  • Harkabeer Singh
    Harkabeer Singh

    Thanks steve

  • Bear

    2.3k like and 23 dislike lol

  • Noraway

    Thanks Steve!

  • Dorians

    I hate *the most* to play against Teemo and i ban him every single time(except when im supp i ban thresh and in URF i ban shaco)

  • Kyojin, desu
    Kyojin, desu

    Watch Life of Boris for Slavic accent

  • Rebuild

    I save your videos till I'm at work. They are a great escape. Love the docs, best in yt

  • Trần Mạnh Trí
    Trần Mạnh Trí

    tks Steve

  • testaccount8q25

    Thanks steve

  • ShadowCrystallux

    Are a lot of your videos unlisted or deleted then? You don't have a lot of videos but they are really high quality :o

  • Senpai Chris
    Senpai Chris

    "...pronounciating things more clearly..."

  • jz

    Thanks steve

  • Suicidal music addict XDXDXD
    Suicidal music addict XDXDXD

    I would like you to make something like to The history of Akali.. I know she used to SUPER OP so like "The champion that broke the game" or something like that, anyway enjoyed this vid

  • Asger Nyeng
    Asger Nyeng

    Wait, how is this channel only 200K subs? Easily one of the best Leauge of Legends channels out there.

  • Suicidal music addict XDXDXD
    Suicidal music addict XDXDXD

    Eyyy :3

  • Andre Kröger
    Andre Kröger

    Kurzgesagt? A german channel? Are you from germany or do you speak german? Anyway, you and i share the same interest in this channel.

  • 1997lordofdoom

    Modern Warfare game of the year just for the campaign, lmao this is the worst take I have ever heard.

  • tran quang linh
    tran quang linh

    then make a documentary about Udyr , the champion u hate the most

  • Yamahi_XI

    well done dude, i dont even play LOL, but im subbed to you, the history of videos are so amazingly made, and even for a non player super interesting

  • Timoshi Itsuka
    Timoshi Itsuka

    I saw Mr.Beast on the Thumbnail preview or something

  • MircoDHD

    Great videos I love to learn something about the history and the game I enjoy lately. I share your opinion, 1 video per month with this quality is enough. Keep up the good work. PS: I'm always happy to see a new video from you. Actually I enjoy this channel more than any other channel right now.

  • Lucy ter Horst
    Lucy ter Horst

    Hey dude, congratz on 200k. I still have a question though, why did you leave mobalytics and go to proguides? I never heard anything abut it and just suddenly found you in proguides videos instead of mobalytic ones xD

  • Solitude

    I haven't been a fan for long (a few months) but god damn ur conent is really really good and u seem like a great human being + i've played league for 3 years and ur videos have been a great ''history lesson'' ... Looking forward to more of ur content

  • Who's Joong and why is he cooking?
    Who's Joong and why is he cooking?

    Thanks, steve

  • Chad Grendell
    Chad Grendell

    How to trigger JoJo fanboys. "Whats a jojo?"

  • AOE on Taliyah Q
    AOE on Taliyah Q

    Congratulations on 200k! I personally would enjoy to see a documentary on the other champions you never see where ivern has a bit of a meme status around him champions like ornn, a,sol, and Taliyah (my personal main) I know these champions are being ripped apart by rito and the mains have to sit and watch kaisa, Akali, Eve, and ahri getting skins back to back while we have to sit and watch as rito ignores our champions and reflect our skin requests. But ranting aside I will be happy with any documentary you make

  • Collamus

    I think you and gbay99 should do a collab.

  • Tomas Rodriguez
    Tomas Rodriguez

    The next video will be the history of Aatrox? Pre-Rework Aatrox?! Shit, I think it'll be depressed on christmas again.

  • church of the tea
    church of the tea

    Yeah wanted to ask what made you main riven?

  • FL Y
    FL Y

    This videos make me super happy and let me chill out! I like the musics in the background.

  • charlie gahan
    charlie gahan

    thanks steve baby

  • james ferguson
    james ferguson

    At some point can we have kai’sa ap/ad freelow or forfeit

  • Derwskers

    Show us the osrs stats pls

  • Fonts

    nidalee video pleasee

  • Omri Nagar
    Omri Nagar

    Did you try The witcher 3? What so you think about it?

  • Joaquin Mourelle
    Joaquin Mourelle

    Jojo is one of the most famous anime (not like dragon ball which everyone knows about but fanbase-like) which has a very good lore and funny too. The most importnat reason why you should watch is because it is essential to memes and internet in general this days so yeah you should watch it or at least read something about it. Great vid!

  • Jeremy McCoy
    Jeremy McCoy

    NANI? u dont know JOJO!!!

  • LoL Fr3nkl1
    LoL Fr3nkl1

    Hey sup exil could u do a story of katarina jax yi or zed

  • au zip
    au zip

    yea people go to school for years to get a job too , not only youtuber , there is good youtuber and bad youtuber. you are good youtuber. there is a lot of job that people dont get credit of it, not just youtuber

  • Kolton Rasmussen
    Kolton Rasmussen

    For your Aatrox vid, I mained him from season 5 to s7 before leaving the game for a couple years. His old passive that was buffed was great. I feel like the revive should still be in his current kit. The mini rework s7 was a bit of a learning curve but oh so strong and I think that was his best moment. He went from worst 5 champs to top 10 top laner. I heard he was great with the rune changes but I wasn't there for that. Came back to the rework and it's a whole different animal. Not as fun or powerful for me but seems to be pro viable and it sucks that riot nerfs him just to shake stuff up.. Just my experience. Thanks for the vid!

  • Masoud Shairzadeh
    Masoud Shairzadeh

    Congratulationsaruuu exilruuuu I knew u gonnaruu achievearuuu

  • More Chromosomes than IQ
    More Chromosomes than IQ

    Thx Steve

  • Jermaine Francis
    Jermaine Francis

    Congratulations Exil on the 200k subs, I always will support your well made videos (I mean they all are well made).

  • Hansel Law
    Hansel Law

    So After bricky we're concewrting exil into a joestar

  • zandrom ex
    zandrom ex

    Thank you Steve! Also, wp on watching Kurzgesagt 👏👏👏

  • Bob Đukić
    Bob Đukić

    Whos "jojo"?

  • Doomer Time
    Doomer Time

    Does Marie play league?

  • Xeusmen

    In my opinion your videos are one of the best in the lol youtube communtiy. Your voice is really relaxing, the editing and all i just love it. Thank you for ur videos and keep on going!!!

  • Wolfearent Muunlite
    Wolfearent Muunlite

    Thanks Steve

  • JEAFlashSword

    14:49 Jojo Adventures?

    • Thomas the Tank Engine
      Thomas the Tank Engine


  • Tomás R P de Paiva
    Tomás R P de Paiva

    thanks steve

  • Teemo

    1:13 When you use flash to do more dmg

  • Oksolotti

    Thanks Steve! Also thanks Exil for the quality documentaries. Would there be any idea about making documentary about Teemo as one of the most hated champion of all time (at least on the meme level)? #global_taunt

  • 1nfex

    thanks steve

  • Thomas the Tank Engine
    Thomas the Tank Engine

    This is my gift to you rsloft.info/loft/video/nMpe257HqanZhKA

  • Szauron

    Thanks Steve ^^

  • Zorathos

    you made a mistake fool saying whats is jojo. the weebs will attack

  • Arek Bilski
    Arek Bilski

    Thanks Steve :D

  • Ivailo Ivanov
    Ivailo Ivanov

    Love ya

  • Crystal Castle
    Crystal Castle

    thanks steve

  • Zaky

    Thanks Steve.

  • James Ekholm
    James Ekholm

    Imagine being a Riven main xD...

  • Cedric Bombam
    Cedric Bombam

    would you like to make a streamer guide? love the vids bro

  • jfa

    Gratz ma buddo! U deserve more!

  • Incendious

    You gotta talk to Hashinshin about the Aatrox video. Tho, I recommend you not to ask which one he prefers.

  • Bianca Durandal
    Bianca Durandal

    Ty Exil

  • tuen craft
    tuen craft

    Thanks steve lol

  • Laparo Veila
    Laparo Veila

    Heya Exil, usually I don't comment much and I'm just one of those silent watchers who watches the stuff I enjoy. However I got really excited to hear of your intention to make a larger Aatrox commentary. I really liked the 9.10 video you made of him so I'm really excited for it. I've played Aatrox almost exclusively since I returned to the game about a year ago and learning of how you acquire the info of your documentaries it'd be awesome if I could help out and give another perspective as someone who played him throughout every patch of the year, including the nerfs of 9.3 and 9.18. I don't mean to sound cocky or whatever it's just I really like this champion and since I deeply respect your content I'd love to share my takes on him. Anyways cheers if you end up seeing this, have a great following day!

  • FlailoftheLord

    I love food too, btw have you watched jojo?

  • Catfishpoptart

    I'm Kellen...

  • AubertMasson François
    AubertMasson François

    I subscribed when you made the story of the toplane, you deserve this success so much, all your vids are insane, imagine if you weren't a riven main...

  • Gala xer
    Gala xer

    The new Star Wars game is rly good try it you will love it

  • Vinski Backman
    Vinski Backman

    Thanks Steve.

  • Oguri Hatshuharu
    Oguri Hatshuharu

    I have to re-watch the first question because I thought you were talking about the champion... "She kinda looks like a German Shepherd" "WHAT?"

  • matthew talbot
    matthew talbot

    History of shyvana the half dragon, full time useless jungler until s10?

  • Adrian

    Are you planning on making a video for Azir, Rengar or Ryze in the near future? Really looking forward to the Aatrox one right now, and i know it will be a quality video as usual. Thanks for doing what you do.

  • Pantelis Michael
    Pantelis Michael


  • Jojo Ghyczy
    Jojo Ghyczy

    YOU DONT KNOW WHAT JOJO IS??? me neither

  • Im A Big Black Duck
    Im A Big Black Duck

    Alright man, next video is for Aatrox, my ol friend. I’m excited yet ready for sadness. The true darkin is not forgotten. Thank you for all of the great content over the years man, it really has been a minute hasn’t it. Also now that halo is on the pc, thinking about picking it up?

  • Why

    thanks steve.

  • Simon Förster
    Simon Förster

    Thanks Steve

  • Basil X45Gr
    Basil X45Gr

    14:30 after watching the ivern video I tryed him and now he so my most played champ I finally have a champion that I never bored playing thank you about this video

  • E C H I L L A O I
    E C H I L L A O I

    Thanks steve

  • Michael Estie
    Michael Estie

    I can only imagine how proud you are, but being here along the way, i really feel like a part of this channel thank you for every amazing video.

  • Pedro Carvalho
    Pedro Carvalho

    you owe steve a beer

  • Vasko Uchiha
    Vasko Uchiha

    Ivern is popular cuz he is unpopular but skarner is idea fot new video

  • Atem

    Came for the riven guides stayed for the documentaries

  • Jae-Hyung Chung
    Jae-Hyung Chung

    Thanks Steve!

  • mohd eshtiwi
    mohd eshtiwi

    U have cute voice

  • UnknownMyths

    Hey Exil, can you do history of mage junglers? Like karth, nida, or ekko.

  • Isaac Wilcox
    Isaac Wilcox

    Thanks Steve