Riven Is Getting Buffed And A New Skin On The SAME Patch!
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Today, let's talk about the Riven buffs on the PBE planned for league of legends patch 9.19. Riven will likely be S tier on the League of legends Tier List for Patch 9.19, and she will be on the Top Lane Tier list and the Jungle Tier List. Let's talk about the Riven buffs and what makes Riven OP and compare Riven to other OP Top Laners in League of legends and on Patch 9.18 and Patch 9.19. Expect to see Riven at the Season 9 2019 League of Legends World Championship.
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Side by Side Prestige Edition and Normal skin
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►U.GG for Riven Top Lane Runes And Build on U.GG

Patch 9.19 on the PBE on surrender at 20
►New Riven Skin, New Nami Skin, New Morgana Skin, Hextech Amumu
Majestic Empress Morgana
Splendid Staff Nami
Valiant Sword Riven
Valiant Sword Riven Prestige Edition
Championship Ryze
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  • Exil

    Just remember, in case of emergency, Buff Riven and make a new skin :)

    • Mc Queen
      Mc Queen

      Hahaha same with Braum in 9.24

    • Joshua Pineda
      Joshua Pineda

      honestly i just want them to balance their game. i feel that making everything equally feel a lot more fair, fun, and exciting to play compared to one another will definitely rake in more players.

    • Tachibana Kisaragi
      Tachibana Kisaragi

      typical on riot games, buff skins

    • Pavel Srp
      Pavel Srp

      Hey man, i love your videos. Its just amazing. I would like to hear in your video something about armor, magic resist and magic penetration, lethality. Just how it exactly works and some history about it. Love you

    • ZiviorHD

      @Skyilex reported for inting

  • goku gohan
    goku gohan

    in every single video you cry how something is not balanced, as a game developer let me tell you the moment you have 2 different champions that do different things the game will NEVER be balanced, all you can do is patch it to infinity. lol has 100+ champions, thats MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of variables, if they had the entire industry working for riot they would never properly calculate the balance point. The game is as balanced as it can be and its free and you talk sht for them trying to make money? In what world do you live in?

  • よしなつ

    Of cause it's for money That's why they keep the game unbalance and make those flashy champion op

  • Franzores

    Nerfing pyke and buffs to blitz , patch 10 ( insane pyke buffs )

  • Zane Robbins
    Zane Robbins

    I bought the valiant sword riven skin, but ended up buying the dawnbringer skin when it was in the "my shop" thing for 975 to xD

  • Beesafree

    The jungler should always camp riven, regardless of what team she is on, yours or theirs. Rivens tilt easily and constantly ganking them will tilt them so hard they will sit in their chair upsidedown. So make them rage if they are on the enemy team, or help prevent them from raging if that are on your team. Regardless, Camp the Riven.

  • Mc Queen
    Mc Queen

    Same deal with Braum and 9.24

  • Timeless

    Kind of wished that you made a video on Akali and how the balance team keeps nerfing her while the design team keeps giving her skins. I love Akali, but she really didnt need the True Damage skin and I wish it went to other champions like Taliyah or even Zyra who only have like 2 or 3 skins. I was really close to getting the True damage skins, but instead just got the Qiyana one, because I already have the K/DA Akali skin. I wish Riot would stop neglecting so many champions and also try to work on balancing out their champions.

  • Xertaron

    Funny right? My boi Veigar got buffed 2 patches after Elderwood Veigar got released (after being untouched for 2 seasons). Though to be fair that buff doesn't do much since it only buffs his late game, not getting to late game. That problem with Arcade Riven i have with Final Boss Veigar skin. Particularly his auto attacks feel much less reliable than short and simple animation of his base skin. I always have a problem csing with this skin and almost never play it in ranked games.

  • Ar Go
    Ar Go

    Fk riven, fk riot

  • 咲くもぬと

    "the ult looks pretty cool though" _shows a picture of her q_

  • John Malvent
    John Malvent

    They probably knew they were getting rid of spear when they buffed her, not saying it's a justified buff or that they didn't also do it for money.

  • Christopher McCutcheon
    Christopher McCutcheon

    @2.55 what the fuck was that 2 shot to yasuo!? "lol fuck your shield and fuck your life! "hasagi" this you lil' butch"

  • Leon Shirogane
    Leon Shirogane

    another chinese fairy tale/fantasy skin

  • Adamanthus Zeraxis
    Adamanthus Zeraxis

    great.. so League is giving some champions "Mobile Legends" treatment? If you are a former ML player, bothered reading patchnotes, you'll know 😂

  • Hadouken OCX
    Hadouken OCX

    dude you are rly a dusch bag did you not know how hard to play and master is riven ? wtf is wrong with you go play sona bot lane stop do youtube videos.

    • Nash Snyder
      Nash Snyder

      fucking roasted LMAO hold this W

  • Ramón Padilla
    Ramón Padilla

    fuck riven

  • tim X
    tim X

    To be fair spear of sojin is getting removed soon so many champs will need to be changed

  • TheExiledMeriler

    Good thing is that she didn't get this buff. But instead she got revert+lesser nerf which is fine

  • Yuruloki

    I thought Phreak was talking

  • Sakuya Izayoi
    Sakuya Izayoi

    "She is overall weaker after a single or two patches and got a 48% winrate now, a buff is due" *Laughs in Kalista*

  • NeoDoomBot

    Instead of "Better Nerf Irelia," it's "Better Buff Riven."

  • Neo the Loof
    Neo the Loof

    Exiiil i hope you make a vid about legends of runeterra like you did with tft! Cheers bud

  • Nihility

    new video when? :(

  • Laxus Dreyar
    Laxus Dreyar


  • Kim Strong Un
    Kim Strong Un

    This is the same always. Riven skin, riven buff

  • TinKan

    please exil-san its been 2 weeks

  • Eduard Liehn
    Eduard Liehn

    RIOT GAMES:We need to sell as many skins as possible so we are just gonna buff riven. Riot employee that doesn't agree: I don't think... Riot Games: you're fired.


    Welp. That's it. They've finally gone and rectified the only issue in Fiora's kit. Now she's gonna be even more of a pain to play against. Yikes, my dude.

  • GattlingCombo

    Anytime there's a character who is over or undertuned through its release or from a patch, there are always quite a few people who defend these bad balance changes, essentially saying "it's really not that bad, you just need to get better." This happens CONSTANTLY and it's only gonna make the game worse and more toxic.

  • MrSonicKeith

    so riven gets a skin with her buffs but ekko doesn't, while still getting massive buffs??????????

  • Narchivere Zenclaitt
    Narchivere Zenclaitt

    Looks like I'm quitting ranked again. Riven tower dived our top-laner at level 6, burst him to death before he could react, and then snowballed the rest of the game.

  • AsgerLöfvall

    you should make a video about zed, he literally changed how people played the game at the time

  • Simon Seal
    Simon Seal

    profit. growth. grofit.

  • YOUB Ahmed
    YOUB Ahmed

    S T O N K S

  • Kaiern9

    This isn't true you fucking sheep. www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/bm31i0/an_analysis_on_the_question_whether_riot_buffs/

  • aowibldk

    thank god for the buff because fiora and riven almost hit 49% wr

  • InvalidName

    yo guys lets not buy the skin as an act of rioting against Riot because of this immoral way of gaining profits.

  • konto 13524
    konto 13524

    1350 is like 10$... is it worth to destroy the game and gather (even more) hate from players for this rito ?

  • derrick huang
    derrick huang

    maybe ill start playing riven after they buffed her back after nerfing her and perma ban me twice hmmmmmm

  • Teemo

    Spectator Mode got buffed.

  • Wexor Wexor
    Wexor Wexor

    Riot will never balance the game because they want to have game unbalanced all the time to give every champion „time to shine” everyone knows about actions like buff a champion then nerf him in the next patch. If riot would balance all champions there would be no need for new balance update. So every patch you will see bugfixes, new skins and sometimes new mode added to the game. And actually i would really like if riot would just stop being assholes that do everything for pro scene and doesnt give a shit about bilions of players out there with a lot of good ideas that Riot will never use.

  • FBI

    Boxbox: me: >unzips< *sigh, here we go again*

  • Avraam Phylactou
    Avraam Phylactou

    Nah. I'd agree at any other time. This is the World's patch. They don't care that much about SoloQ as much as they care on other patches. Riven is a fun champ to see in pro play, but she just wasn't good enough, even though she is strong at SoloQ. This applies to more champions, such as Mordekaiser or Fiora. He/She was fine but they buffed them. They will nerf them all after worlds. I accept that they aligned the skin to the buff (not the other way around)

  • Spunde

    I am honestly starting to think that Riot has no brain. Wtf? Shes been buffed and buffed, and fuck the skins, no One cares anyway, if you do you dumb

  • Petrikillos petri
    Petrikillos petri

    So why is this title written as if the buff didnt have anything to do with the skin at all? Like this happens 90% of the time a new skin is released...


    Yeye, but nerf Irelia please :cccc

  • Player_1

    It should be a clean 5s at 40cdr

  • Jake

    Riot "riven is pretty weak rn sporting a 48% winrate in high elo" I just fucking watched Adrian who is top 10 fuck up solo q with riven

  • erich moller
    erich moller

    I quit this piece of shit game when they started peddling skins for champs who are popular

  • Merkuree

    the skin isn't even that great IMO

  • Andreas Alatsei
    Andreas Alatsei

    @Exil you should talk about Twisted Treeline. :^)

  • Faclox

    Can we get ornn skin?

  • GoutIsBacc bb
    GoutIsBacc bb

    48% win rate? More like 84%

  • antoan petrov
    antoan petrov

    Riven has 48% win rate Riot: Riven is weak af we needto buff her Akali has 45% win rate Riot: WHAT THE FRICKERY FRICK NERF AKALI

  • Deminus

    Riven, the reason why 99% of my S2 friends quitted the game.

  • Vessalius

    Can riot pls buff every champ that has a decline in win rate and make a skin for them too?

  • RS Z
    RS Z

    "its only been like 3 weeks not 6 month ago." Yet bot lane get hot fix 3 days into patch sometimes. Riven drop from 52% WR to 47%. If any ADC drop from 52% to 47%, the whole Reddit would explode, and Doublelift would be shtting Riot 24/7 until there are fixes.

  • ImPrettyDecent

    oh no they are pulling an Akali again Buff Akali Release Project Akali Nerf Akali __________________ Buff Riven Release Valiant Sword Riven ***Nerf Riven***

  • doenfoamfow018484

    btr nerf irelia

  • Brandon

    Umm this is fish person-erasure, stop this humanwashing

  • Cris Valdebenito
    Cris Valdebenito

    They could have increased the shield and decreased the ratio of the shield, so riven can survive more in early and not be so powerful in late game

  • Chad

    buys 1 25% crit item crits for 100% yeah Riven is broken

  • Tyrvana

    Her new standing "position" is extremely chinese so it's nothing out of the ordinary. I've watched a lot of chinese animes and hell it is beyond similar.

  • Posthumor

    are you seriously making a video about pbe stuff and then complain if they change it?

  • hexagon1phoenix

    this was the same when we got project akali skin ... riven might join the nerfed gang in a brand new looks

  • Todd Williams
    Todd Williams

    So we get a sweet Nami skin with no accompanying buff... must be a well-balanced champ

  • Olivier vdB
    Olivier vdB

    the ultimate of nami looks pretty cool tho shows her Q lol?

  • Kotso Blyet
    Kotso Blyet

    So every , "lets call em new players", in the game are ok with kled having healing reduction and rene shield breaking mechanic but a 1 sec cd reduction on riven's shiled is the end of the world just because people cannot punish her while her shiled is down for 10 sec. Hmmmm, thats reasonable...

  • Paronax

    that's why i stopped playing this garbage game. let it die, once and for all.

  • aR0ttenBANANA

    yup doesnt even surprise me. its why fuckin jinx, Fiora and veigar have like 10 skins but then champs like Kalista, Gragas or Jax are just there waiting.

  • Sir Ezreal
    Sir Ezreal

    yet ezreal getting nerfed despite of having lowest winrate of all adc last 3 months but hey he was picked in pro play so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ᶜʳᶦᵉˢ ᶦⁿ ᵃⁿᵒᵗʰᵉʳ ᵃᵘᵗᵒᶠᶦˡˡᵉᵈ ᵉᶻʳᵉᵃˡ ᵈᵉᵃˡᶦⁿᵍ ˡᵉˢˢ ᵈᵐᵍ ᵗʰᵃⁿ ᶜᵃˢᵗᵉʳ ᶜʳᵉᵉᵖˢ

  • Sebastian Aurum Solaris
    Sebastian Aurum Solaris


  • gamertodamax

    'BUT THAT SKIN THO DUDE.' -Riot, for the past 4+ years

  • Crushd I
    Crushd I

    It's the characteristic Riot Games money move, they buff the champion they are introducing a new skin to, there's nothing special about it Although very nice vid :)

  • hello world
    hello world

    *RIOT* : My mind's telling me no. But my bank account, my bank account is telling me yes!

  • eNSamity

    Love your videos man, could you do one on Nasus

  • Arti

    I just love how Riven has had a 54/55% wr for almost one full year, then she stays balanced for three weeks and rito's brain starts to malfunction into "muh weak! Muh skillbased! Need buff!" when literally half of the champs have negative winrate and they simply don't fucking care at all about everyone that isn't over 500 porn pics on lolhentai

  • Stephen Rueff
    Stephen Rueff

    Remember when Rivers would just start redpot and ignite and cheese the hell out of the other top laners? Ah, it twas a simpler time.

  • The Pirate
    The Pirate

    Riot games is dead, stupid kids, stop playing this trash.

    • Omeeglul


  • IlIlI IlIlI
    IlIlI IlIlI

    did u said that singed counters riven in laningphase????????????????????????

  • Miharu Sakazuki
    Miharu Sakazuki

    Fiora potentially become the best tower sieger in the game Yorick and Sion : Allow us to introduce ourselves

    • Elias Warkusch
      Elias Warkusch


    • Zeekar

      No, fiora is better. Not biased, she is blatantly better.

  • Grzesuav94

    Balance is so shit last few months that I'm not even surprised anymore. They drained all the fun from the game in a matter of one season.

  • Joseph Michael
    Joseph Michael

    Tbh I'm just waiting for them to release an URF champion that looks like 4:12.

  • Florent Luquet
    Florent Luquet

    i'm slowly but surely switching to dota 2, i'm having a better experience than on LoL.

    • Celia Paredes
      Celia Paredes


  • Rusty Viking
    Rusty Viking

    ...you made a 12 minute video just for this? How do I block a channel? Fucking disgusting riven main.

  • vetleice39

    Bruh, those champions you mentioned are the meta op picks, not riven counters.

  • 7runeLejes

    More proof for why they need to balance the game separately for pros playing competitive. I'm tired of them balancing the game around tournaments for .001% of the playerbase and say fuck off to everyone else playing solo queue.

  • MâySon

    nobody Hashinshin: am i a jokle to you RIOT ?

  • Jack Morris
    Jack Morris

    in the meantime wukong is unplayable in toplane anymore. the role that he always used to be played in apart from jgl sometimes. got trashed and forgotten.

  • Bryce Nolen
    Bryce Nolen

    "Singed was buffed serveral times, and that guy is 1v9." Ohhhhh ok. Except all of the other champion buffs that you discribed also heavily counter Singed. ESPECIALLY that klepto Kenenn. But then again. This logic is what Riot runs off of. 'well all the other champions got buffed, so we need to buff riven too.' No... Just stop over tuning champions. Then you won't have to buff the others to keep up.

  • Nikola Radić
    Nikola Radić

    I'm sorry, Riven players. I main Kled and Poppy.

  • Vincent Tran
    Vincent Tran

    i don't even play riven but that skin though...i can't even blame them, it looks good( the prestige one that is, the red one looks meh)

  • Vincent Tran
    Vincent Tran

    for me riven is not a problem in lane, because i play fiora, so its a skill matchup, however riven posed a threat for my team midgame due to all the plays she can force, she can move around the map too quick and she has the tool to survive my split if she is not behind, and her teamplay is so good. so riven is def worth a ban depending on team comp

  • Peter Geramin
    Peter Geramin

    What tools do you use to edit videos? You're only Gold but have a successful RSloft channel! You inspire me

  • S

    who even cares?

  • Azurawr hate group
    Azurawr hate group

    Riven has 48% win rate needs buff Akali has 46% win rate needs nerf :(

  • ChidsterXD

    its just annoying because Irelia just got a prestige skin and the entire time still sat at below 45% winrate. Like the marketing strategy makes sense, but the fact they skipped over it for irelia is so irritating.

  • Captain

    It doesn't look anything like her because it was originally meant to be Fiora lmfao

  • Angel López
    Angel López

    How many stacks on nasus per death

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