Riven best tips for carrying in season 8
Season 8 riven best plays and tips
season 8 riven tips and tricks best guide for riven season 8
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  • Mansur Ali Bilgiç
    Mansur Ali Bilgiç

    Finally, a youtuber who credited the thumbnail artist! My browser: no

  • Mr. X
    Mr. X

    In need that for s10

  • Skrub6SLAYER9

    is that hentai in the thumbnail

  • Johnny V Online
    Johnny V Online

  • Im Sorry
    Im Sorry

    Too much info but my english is very bad)

  • Olav Pettersen
    Olav Pettersen

    Yo he said Jizz

  • One Two Three
    One Two Three

    mobafire is a good site

    • One Two Three
      One Two Three

      @Brady Rewell haha well then it's a alright site ;)

    • Brady Rewell
      Brady Rewell

      Kiara Tupara Haha it's really only good if you're new to the game

  • Zer0w0Two Darling
    Zer0w0Two Darling

    If I had a riven buff for everytime I heard someone's bullshit like "RIVEN IS SO OVERPOWRRED JAHFJCJEJCJKDKFJGJ" my main would be meta

  • Allison

    i dont think you can do this trick anymore double cast

    • Brady Rewell
      Brady Rewell

      Geek In Your Pocket You can always do all of the Riven combos and wall hops. Nothing has changed

  • Irelia Blade
    Irelia Blade

    Liked and subbed ty for tips

  • Dirk

    Scrub tips in the house.

  • John Abellera
    John Abellera

    8:36 damn that animation cancel lets you go that far???

  • Dimas

    what is TIAMAT??

  • Daniele Ventriglia
    Daniele Ventriglia

    Summary for quick reference Tips 1-3: Basic *1. Check Builds:* on Lolanalytics / op.gg / mobanalytics, viper and gtt streams or generally high-elo riven playes *2. Use flash wisely:* because it is needed in combos. Avoid using it for montage plays / lasthitting dead targets. Unsealed spellbook and cosmic insight can be situationally picked in winnning matchups *3. Find your own playstyle:* stick to it if it works, drop it as soon it doesn’t. Don’t look for streamers validation of your build. Tip 4-7: Medium *4. Understand matchups (bans and dodges):* against ranged or hard matchups start doran shield and second wind in resolve path. Ban what you can’t play against, not necessarily textbook riven counters. Dodge in hard matchups *5. Double cast importance:* allows you to use 2 abilities instantaneously. Can be done with or without E. Many variant, E-R-Q and E-W-Q allows you to cancel W and Q animation. Just wait half a second after E cast and cast them together. Procs electrocute easily *6. Hard Wall hopping are easier when repositioning with E:* raptors wall hop is easier with E redirect towards the wall you want to jump over before using third Q to actually make the jump *7. Use tiamat properly:* In combination with W to cast them almost instantaneously. You can also combo tiamat with Q and R without wasting animation time. Easy practice tip is to get tiamat before completing first item to learn how to trade in lane properly with it. Makes it also easier for jungle clear Tips 8-10 Expert *8. Throw a flash between E and double cast combo:* very hard mechanic that significantly cuts off animation time (W cast) *9. Don’t be afraid with windslash use:* throwing windslash before E flash double cast increases combo damage since it will be the last part of your combo that will damage enemies (more execute damage). This also allows to stun first enemies with W and then the windslash damage catches up. Increases oneshot potential *10. Advanced wall hops:* first one is from raptor camps to midlane, second one is from right of the tribrush to drake (from blue side perspective, can be done both sides). Wall hopping over drake from that spot (usually not warded when doing drake) allows easier engages and dragon steals. Aim for the third outer ring from the dragon.

  • geobro

    Where’s box box

  • Lord Commander
    Lord Commander

    How bout Adrian?

  • RiceAndCat

    i just hate darius or garen. their just insanely tilting

  • Denis B
    Denis B

    11:50 i wanted to be a riven main, i wanted... That's not like fucking kata, holy shit, so many buttons to press.

  • Maricchi Chie
    Maricchi Chie

    For I second there I thought I was watching a reworked aatrox guide So you can reposition your Q with E

  • Daisuke

    Old video but if you're trying to learn tiamat, just grind AA>Tiamat in practice tool until it's frame perfect (It will look like one attack) then add abilities after the tiamat. This helps with other combos + auto timing and carries over to other tiamat champions which will make you a better player in general. Should take maybe 5-10 minutes a day for a month.

  • Mondaay

    me: I want to start playing Riven me at the animation canceling part of the video: EXcuSe Me, WHAt thE FucK?

  • GamersNow Argentina
    GamersNow Argentina

    I think BoxBox is best than Viper. I know how to play that for BB.

  • E1x

    were is box box in reccomendations?

  • Florent Vllasa
    Florent Vllasa

    League is not complicated.

  • Lars R Johansen
    Lars R Johansen

    this is not a guide....thi i just a guy talking about riven and himselfe

  • Shark Soup
    Shark Soup

    I got the riven champion skin and i dont Even play Riven, so i need to learn

    • Witch Cas
      Witch Cas

      same i got the dawnbringer so i must learn again

  • Syed Shaheer
    Syed Shaheer

    sry i am new to this game, what in the world is teamet??

  • Daniel Koynov
    Daniel Koynov

    I didn`t understand half of the things...

  • KnellosaurLP

    1-10 Don't play Riven in Season 8.

  • KzDM

    So many champs counter her. It’s frustrating!!

  • Mikusi Mikusiewicz
    Mikusi Mikusiewicz

    lol who's watching 2018/20/7

  • Lun Lun
    Lun Lun

    box box is best riven wdym

  • Song ChIa SeN
    Song ChIa SeN


  • Thedankwizard

    is this phreak?

  • Sámuel Áron Urbányi
    Sámuel Áron Urbányi

    You don’t think boxbox is better than viper?

  • Shakeel

    okay now im really late and i doubt anyone will respond but anyway i agree that we should play riven according to our playstyle because i see most players going with conqueror rune and having success and decided to try it out as well... some of my games was a success but not as much as i had trouble farming and trading so i decided to go back to electrocute and stick with the lethality riven.... but what if my whole team are squishies? should i go tank tank/off-tank riven? would i have to learn how to at least play in that style? and what if i decide to build lethality but end up going up against a really tough tank what should i do?

  • Joshua Balmores
    Joshua Balmores

    I've been practicing in practice tool and you can jump ove a thicc wall on the North side in mid lane

  • alfred ibrahim
    alfred ibrahim

    season 8 here

  • Ivan Raguž
    Ivan Raguž

    Box box?

  • N E L S 0 N
    N E L S 0 N

    BoxBox is better than both Viper and that korean dude

  • hey Beter
    hey Beter

    I believe my problem is the ping, i do combos like you tell us to do but its so slow lmao

  • Ronin GX
    Ronin GX

    Boxbox is still The best Riven in The world

  • ReviTsAn DNSEA
    ReviTsAn DNSEA

    Anyone June commenting now? 🙅

  • Jiří Terber
    Jiří Terber

    That Gnar noob :d

  • Cryppl

    i think that R-E-R- WQ combo is better than the one u did

  • Rafael Freitas
    Rafael Freitas

    ANyone there trying to do the Drake wall hop ? I did it twice and that's it I can't repear it xIUHAiuHAiuhA

  • Hubert BubiQ
    Hubert BubiQ

    Hello there 6 months later ;D

  • OnlyGoodVibe 22
    OnlyGoodVibe 22

    This video got me subscribe and a like for you :D

  • Jordan Holleman
    Jordan Holleman

    1:22 I'm watching this video 5 months after it came out, good call :)

    • Pokedoodle

      im replying to this comment five months after it came out, good job :)

  • yanaa

    167 Players rekt by a Riven Main disliked this guide

  • FatTimmy

    Thanks this helped a lot so I've subscribed :)

  • Hompf

    That video really helped me thanks a lot!

  • Luiz Brambati
    Luiz Brambati


  • M O L L
    M O L L

    wheres box box

  • sweetchaos Fox
    sweetchaos Fox

    i went 11-8-15 with riven and im still watching this video lol

  • Hax Gaming
    Hax Gaming

    you talk too much side topics

  • Tae Her
    Tae Her

    Riven players are those old school Junkies that used to play street fighter ;-;

  • Oppai God
    Oppai God

    Came for thumbnail Asker for full thumbnail sauce

  • Kauê Bairros
    Kauê Bairros

    your voice is so annoying

  • Badger

    Wow i am watching this 4 or 5 months later

  • EVS


  • Master V2.0
    Master V2.0

    wtf was that fps drop dude. :(

  • Michael Akinlade
    Michael Akinlade

    its called animation canceling

  • てぃいえ無形

    "If this is 6 months down the line and this is season 8, well you might not be able to check back to this build because a new i̶t̶e̶m̶ 𝐛𝐮𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐫𝐮𝐧𝐞 𝐜𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐫𝐨𝐫 𝐜𝐚𝐦𝐞 𝐨𝐮𝐭"

  • Shatter Master
    Shatter Master

    Tip #7, it's because Riven's W has no cast time, its instant plus I use that R E R wait Flash W Q. Just watching this for extra Riven tips.

  • Віталій Ілюк
    Віталій Ілюк

    I'm playing riven for 2 days and now i can how over big dragonwall, ty so much!

  • Red link
    Red link

    is this guy seriously encouraging people dodging q?

  • HaKo

    꿀탱탱 !!!!!!!! GTT!!!!!

  • Nich Gorman
    Nich Gorman

    I can't fking do it for the life of me 03/14/18 ... seas 8.6

    • Nich Gorman
      Nich Gorman

      Drake pit hop and the middle turret hop

  • Jacob Repasy
    Jacob Repasy

    You misspoke, I think you meant to say Dekar173 is a great resource for learning Riven, as he is the best Riven player

  • Mika Geisen
    Mika Geisen

    Tip 11: Don't Play Riven in my Ranked.

  • Saif Eddine Mahmoudi
    Saif Eddine Mahmoudi

    plz the name of backround song , cuz i checked the channel in link descp but i kcouldnt find the right backround song u used

  • necronomicion00

    Is necessary to play with unlocked cam?

  • neyrox

    What about box box ?????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Tonqu Magic
    Tonqu Magic

    Im plat 5 and played riven 12 times. I always do Q-E-W-Q then q away if needed during lvl phase before lvl 6. Works everytime for me.

  • AscendancyLF

    4:35 some salty stuff there ;) jk great video.

  • Shadow Star
    Shadow Star

    Just gonna have to pause this until I learn what a riven is. The double casting segment of the vid would've been more useful, if you repeated the same combo as you talked about, instead of repeating all of them at once. At least for a beginner

  • Leon Yu
    Leon Yu

    LOL box box best riven NA thats funny thats like saying Tobias is best GP NA

  • kingstar

    "There's a lot of things that go into her". Go on. I'm listening.

  • Mar -
    Mar -

    4:!3 a lot of things that go into her -lenny face-


    holy fuck I did the last wall hop thing Edit: Nvm can't do it anymore. It was a one time thing.

  • Ares5121

    Thanks m8

  • juan Gallegos
    juan Gallegos

    this is a lot of information to take in. I want to learn riven but damn I'm so shit at her and my team/enemy team keeps telling me shit and "reporting" me for feeding her so I stop. I might try to pick her up again.

    • Chris

      juan Gallegos same with fiora xd

  • sosouthern985

    fastforward to 3 minutes to get to the point

  • Theodore Lindsey
    Theodore Lindsey

    Exil out here creating an Army of Rivens

  • stobill the dill
    stobill the dill

    Hah my keyboard doesnt have antigosting so ....

  • lmao lmao
    lmao lmao

    Where's box box huh

  • kappaman kappa
    kappaman kappa

    did the drag wall hop get fixed or am i just bad?

  • Demoniize

    talking about viper could "probably go pro if he wanted to" well he just did LUL

  • Andreas Alatsei
    Andreas Alatsei

    Where can i message you? I have couple of questions what i would like to ask from you.

  • Andreas John
    Andreas John

    Viper is pro

  • SA!DON PureRiven
    SA!DON PureRiven

    bro can u do a tutorial how to jump the wall 14 50?

  • Cookie

    Can u do a video how to jump the wall 14:50?

  • Yugioh Limburg
    Yugioh Limburg

    teemo hard against riven? You have no clue how to play riven do you?

  • oreolightning

    What about Box Box?

  • Mees Hoogenboom
    Mees Hoogenboom

    How can i beat champs like garen or Darius or nasus

  • Stræy Dåg
    Stræy Dåg


  • El Urabe
    El Urabe

    I can use E R tiamat W Q i dont understand why nobody do that

    • AJP123

      Alex Tintor bc ur canceling the double cast of wq by casting tia w and tia w locks u in place so after that they can outrun u

  • Miele

    Any way I can get an invite to xD? I'm on NA IGN: Miele

  • CdogZelda

    does BoxBox approve?

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