The Aftermath Of The Riven Changes On Patch 9.10
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Today, let's talk about the Riven changes on patch 9.10, the riven nerfs, and the riven buffs. League of legends players right now dislike playing against riven, even though she has been nerfed recently. Rivens win rate has shot down a lot, but that hasn't stopped her from being talked about still. Riven mains are complaining, and the rest of the community is outlashed.
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Adrian Riven gameplay:
Patch 9.11 on the PBE and riven changes on surrender at 20
Outro Pulsefire Riven Animation (Fan Made) THIS IS REALLY COOL
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  • Exil

    wats ur weebs favorite anime?

    • Igor Demenech
      Igor Demenech

      Joe Joe's extremely weird adventure

    • Quốc Việt Đỗ Phú
      Quốc Việt Đỗ Phú

      Jimmy Neutron

    • Mani E.
      Mani E.

      Mob Psycho 100

    • Braxton Barnhill
      Braxton Barnhill


    • Deagle Weeb
      Deagle Weeb

      Florin Popescu yes it’s very good isn’t it?

  • Thomas the Tank Engine
    Thomas the Tank Engine

    And now the nerf are reverted because Riven is riots special princes.

  • Shootoutthefusion

    Thank god she got nerfed.

  • Beef 1982
    Beef 1982

    I think i have played her.... twice........

  • taserrr

    Why do people say riven is a difficult champion? She really isn't. Sure there are some tricks with her q hop that you can master but I would not even put riven in top 20% difficult champions, she's just above average at best. Aatrox is way harder than riven is for instance. It's not like you have a lot of options with riven outside of retreating/juking which most champs face, her kit is pretty straightforward.

  • Mid Night
    Mid Night

    i..I clicked because i thought this was a Warframe video.. im sad now.

  • Mortak

    Today's stat's Challenger - 53.81 % GrandMaster - 54.98 % Master - 53.93 % Diamond - 53.37 % Platinium - 51.19 % Gold - 49.90 % Silver - 48.09 % Acording to

    • Hex 37
      Hex 37

      53% wr plat+ if her ban rate was high she will be instantly nerfed

  • unbreakable footage
    unbreakable footage

    Maybe you should actually show the changes? I now know something happened to her Q and E... But what??

  • Matiszcz

    Yo fuck riven and akali both aids champ i hope they will be gettint nerfed till they get 30% wnmr

  • Kyle DeMariano
    Kyle DeMariano

    would aftershock riven be more viable now?

  • Bernie Tong
    Bernie Tong

    Buff for good rivens nerf for bad rivens I like it

  • Bee Ong
    Bee Ong

    Ughh riot says rivens balance while looking only at numbers while players says rivens op like tf blade due to expirience i am on tf blades side the thing is Riven is not punish building damage and health while having no armor items and have too much mobility like seriously she has too much mobility

  • T Jack
    T Jack

    WOW! hecarim's hands is as fast as his legs

  • Taylor Lor
    Taylor Lor

    I just moved to jg riven, as I never was able to consistently win duels against skill match ups that are mostly skill oriented. And focused more on macro early with micro later when I do have items.

  • monster2slayer

    I see you are also a man of culture. I also hate zoe from the bottom of my heart

  • bafana Mhlamvu
    bafana Mhlamvu

    Between Riven, Fiora and Camille, who would you recommend a newbie to learn for hard carrying? Those are my three favorite champions...

    • Ammar Munawwar
      Ammar Munawwar

      Fiora is goos, she's not too hard + she's fun... Riven and camille will take so fcking long time to learn how to play them, it took me 1 and a half year to learn playing Riven + I still can't do animation canceling in a good way

  • Clark Pineda
    Clark Pineda

    quality vids man

  • Drake Crimson
    Drake Crimson

    You know what dropped significantly jayce 9.11 nerfs stop complaining riven mains, u have it easy.

    • John Dugan
      John Dugan

      Chris Bruschinsky how? Both champs are super broken rn.

  • Dmitriy Poot
    Dmitriy Poot

    fuck her

  • What Now You Fan Gays
    What Now You Fan Gays

    then people will complain because the win rate is below 50% lol

  • Aldozzy

    Riven definitely needs more changes to be kept in line, I think this change will do for now though. Aatrox is a bigger problem at the moment anyways

  • Andre Remigio
    Andre Remigio

    Do you guys think bloodthirster is good on riven?

  • The 1st Angel
    The 1st Angel

    good. screw your stupid champion

  • DilutedSkiff

    Thank fucking God shes bad again

  • honed hero
    honed hero

    akli got nerfed again, i bet her win rate is gonna go down to 40% or at worse 30%

  • Doctor 3vil
    Doctor 3vil

    Its not Riot fault Riven players are trash not gonna lie, just like ppl who call Yuumi trash cos they don't know how to use that cool cat😂😂

  • Poncio powa
    Poncio powa

    Gj Riot now do the same to Yasuo

  • xSoulEateer

    5:51 That's not true, i just don't like when champions are broken tier for 4-5 month (like Riven was)

  • xSoulEateer

    I don't understand why Exil sucking Riven soo bad.

  • Woodrow .Hanners
    Woodrow .Hanners

    "sometimes you just hate certain champions" funny how 90 percent of those are champions riot reworks or has released more recently

  • Hollyballsinhell

    I mean.... finally.... I'm tired of looking at the same "plays" over and over again

  • Alex9er

    5:00 could someone link me the stream of this dude? i cannot find it

  • Maximum Valkyr
    Maximum Valkyr

    As a riven player the changes make me happy, I'm M7 silver so it's not even like I'm crazy good as her

  • Senmaroll

    I'm sry but why is the Hecarim using Lethal Tempo? 6:02

  • TheGreat Jedi
    TheGreat Jedi

    nice now i can die for beind bad at riven

  • BattleFrog

    all they gotta do is give her mana so she cant spam everything constantly and actually having to think about a resource.

  • Nandor Nagyilles
    Nandor Nagyilles

    Riot: *gives Riven the highest scaling Q in the game* Riot:*gives Riven the highest scaling shield in the game* Riot:*gives Riven 4 dashes, including one that can go over walls* Riot: *gives Riven an ult that massively increases all her scalings and also has a nice scaling* Riot: *gives Riven infinite mana sustain and a higher health sustain than most top laners* Riot: damn we just can't figure out why Riven is strong

  • BadatStuff

    So now a Champion that is supposed to be High Skillcap now requires skill to play and isn't faceroll enough for pretty much anyone to pick her up and stomp but she is still fully capable of carrying? Me like. Just like how it should be...well maybe not entirely, but at least closer and just enough to tip away the people who got carried by her broken status Before I get blindly called a hater, this is coming from someone who hit M7 with her pretty much out of spite to prove how even I could faceroll my "scrubby" Plat 2 ass to M7 with her Goodbye FotM Riven players who don't know how to actually play her I will ALWAYS dislike Riven, she remains one of the most snowbally champs in the game and still has one of the best comeback potentials with her stupid high mobility, AoE stun, and super high AoE damage But thank god that at the very least she isn't faceroll ezcarry mode anymore

  • David Tafoya
    David Tafoya

    Here for the Dekar173 Fleet Footwork shout out.

  • GlazedS0n

    i dont like this one

  • AnOrdinaryDay

    Riven mains had their artificial LP enhancer taken away, which means to win games they actually have to use their brain to win, instead of relying on how absurdly powerful Riven was. This is why the best still perform well, while everyone else falls. The Challenger Rivens are good Rivens, and good PLAYERS on top of that.

  • Yasser Fawal
    Yasser Fawal

    Yeah, people, that's an opinion from biased Kid Riven is a hard champ to play? the fuck, are you talking about the same Riven ? or just because you call AA canceling fantasy names like animation cancel make her automatically harder? Riven is hated because she has everything a champ wants, Damage, mobility, and tankiness (compared to other champs ofc) no one hates her because she's a female it's just because she's beyond broken .at then end I want to say smth to Riven mains out there yo mofos stop crying fuckers your champs was only getting buffs the whole time and when they touched her finally they fucking buffed her in another way tbh if you are a Riven main go kill yourself a worthless piece of shit hope you have a good Day (Riven main excluded)

  • Hey VSauce Michael Here
    Hey VSauce Michael Here

    The thing "riven mains" don't understand is that now they cant just press e to avoid EVER taking harass in lane. I know what a shocker, now they have to play like any other champion in lane.

  • Velkoz Games
    Velkoz Games

    can i get a link to this lethality taiwanesee rivens opgg or something? or how to find that guy somewhere

  • Alchemic Punk
    Alchemic Punk

    Bad Rivens having a harder time is exactly what I need.

  • Shadow Sphinx
    Shadow Sphinx

    riven isnt bad now, just with a less spamy e makes it so she dies easily unless you know how to playe her

  • Zek


  • oswaldo padilla
    oswaldo padilla

    Tyler 1 got auto filled top and first time rivened the other day . Even while going 0/2 he was still able to almost 1v1 with no items no1 cares about riven lmao

  • saberx

    riven is one of the least skillfull champs in league edit; I like riven, I main her, but shes too easy still... compared to some of these new mechanics in champs especially... maybe 3 years ago yeah... but not anymore

  • Big_Brain_Kai’sa_Main

    Well guess I’ll never visit top lane ever again, she was kind of the only top laner I ever really played. I guess I still have my jungle Riv

  • Jim Adler
    Jim Adler

    random viper ryze clip at the end?

  • Greensabr200 | HCF & MineZ 2
    Greensabr200 | HCF & MineZ 2

    if I was on the balance team I'd just delete the bitch.

  • vetleice39

    A lot of riven abusers would rather run into an ability with their E and tank it, than dodge it with the insane Q and they're just taking some time to adjust. Don't let winrate drop bait fool anyone. Champ is still busted.

  • Yama

    "A Refusal to Nerf Riven" "Bad riven players will suffer." Ladies and gentlemen... WE GOT EM.

  • Caden Bertke
    Caden Bertke

    As a shen main, I'd love to hear something, (anything) about him some time

  • Ken Ne
    Ken Ne

    I fucking hate Riven, i wish she never putted into the game

  • Fii

    Just nerf Death Dance.

  • baseballfan4877

    Dw just build whatever you want on riven! it doesnt matter!

  • zoeyzo3y

    Mhahaha i main zoe >:3

  • Catface

    Daddy Dekar!

  • キラちゃん

    Good, I'm glad retards can't abuse this shitty champion anymore. I can finally play the game without worrying about a riven one trick as much and start focusing on other stupid strong champions like vlad. These rivens who are complaining about how the nerf made her too hard just need to "git gud", because after all that's what they like to say to everyone when they get hyper fed and steamroll.

  • Semilamist

    Good,nerf more she is way overloaded with that kit

  • Esse San
    Esse San

    That's not actually anecdotal evidence it's just evidence of a small sample size

  • Clab

    Good. Fuck Riven and fuck the people that depend on her for a crutch

  • The Dragon Knight
    The Dragon Knight

    Do you think it’d be possible for you to redo a video you made a while back? It was something along the lines of things to do if you’re stuck in silver.

  • wxcv wxcv
    wxcv wxcv

    riven mains should be executed IRL

  • Gunplanatic 96
    Gunplanatic 96

    Why the win rate drop? Cuz every time some changes happen to a champion, people that don’t play riven wants to try it out. Just like when kayle first reworked.

  • Ghostyzz

    3:27 the man himself, supertopshinshin

  • DayDaGreat

    No one ever accounts for the fact after people hear nerfs they stop playin the champs

  • markus

    riven are just one hell crap champ like garen but well whe know riot they go all time ass up trees and wall down in face just off topic garen are JUST TO PUFFET mean insane dmg ult insane hp regen mm what more oh now l remembe insane start armor and mage resist + w boost that NICE hole shit are just well dump like shit just remove event that fucin insane hp regen if they mean keep garen shit like that something punisment something how to play again that shit mean da fuck Q give you move speed SILENS and huge dmg champ NO MANA there you topic next video ps riven can nefet that dam stybit mobility boost its only what need fix it when its so balancet l not see why do enything els then him if his need more speed just build something what give speed not just q e q q and shit keep going

  • Pride909

    Riven is good in high elo in masters...

  • Abyss Privé
    Abyss Privé

    Yeah conqueror got nerfed aswell this isn't all about the champ itself, don't forget that..

  • Big I Coteaz
    Big I Coteaz

    let her continue to drop in win rate. fuck riven

  • Ambargooo

    "Sometimes you just hate certain champions." Jokes on you, i hate every single champ in this game xD

    • Length Feature
      Length Feature

      Notice his Udyr profile pic - yeah that probably explains why

    • Black note
      Black note

      even mordekaiser?

  • A O
    A O

    3:10 i never lost to those champions except quinn (Plz remove her from the game) (Quinn)

  • lordnachof

    In a few words, you want Riven to be invincible... like the other patchs

  • Imperial Guardsman
    Imperial Guardsman

    "You will always have haters" Hashinshin footage Yes

  • KindWinds

    I cant believe people think playing riven is hard jesus how delusional can you be?

    • KindWinds

      @kay 0 whatever man

    • kay 0
      kay 0

      Its hard to play her well, not key spamming. but ok go off

  • Angelo Angelis
    Angelo Angelis

    E nerf will only fuck her up once fervor gets removed, till then she's still as strong, it's not her that's good it's the fucking rune

  • Sailent GR
    Sailent GR

    Cry me a Riven

  • Yannily

    You can't nerf riven mains!

  • David Chen
    David Chen

    Evry Exil vid sumed up: " Only time will tell what these chages would do but good player will do good."

  • luuk groot
    luuk groot

    League players are just kinda autistic and can't adjust like fucking bumblebee. Riven as a character just plays the laning phase very differently now. Give the boys some time to adjust.

  • EL. Pepo
    EL. Pepo

    only thing im bothered about is not being able to max W second anymore cause othervise shield CD way to big

  • Tundag Stev
    Tundag Stev

    this is tragic and my god fuckingg hellr riven is the reason i get back to the league and now she's nerf i play like quitting league and play dota 2

    • John Dugan
      John Dugan

      Tundag Stev why quit? She’s still broken tier.

  • Asian Thomas
    Asian Thomas

    Well looks like I'm gonna have to lose a lot until I get better at riven. R.I.P new riven user :(

  • ICT-1 Mark Bryan Adante
    ICT-1 Mark Bryan Adante

    Why you guys still says its a good nerf that she got nerf, it so bad that you cant dodge or sustain some skills shot. Especially when she had an opponent like Panth. This video is so useless shes dead on the meta much bteernif they nerf the 3rd barrier ratio rather than nerfing its cd. LoL is a competitive game, i dont dispise riven but she needs that 3rd backnagain. Playing strategical is needed rather than mouth.

    • John Dugan
      John Dugan

      ブライアンマーク riven? Dead in the meta? But she’s like super fucking broken?

  • Sappy

    Tbh I think the main issue with Riven is just the fact that no matter what passive nerfs you do (Reworking then Nerfing conqueror for no type of reason since everyone could abuse it equally) or whatever champion nerfs you do, the main issue is her kit over all is insanely overtuned. I dont think anyone that mains Riven actively looks at that champion and says to themselves "This is absolutely fine." I mean ffs even with the reworking of conqueror to become more combo based (and thus not just GoDU for bruisers) Riven still managed to abuse it [Q-aa-Q-aa-Q is the standard Riven combo I believe]. Lets see here. She has got: >A triple-dash that results in a knock-up >An on demand stun >A shield (everyone's been complaining about this one) >A ranged execute ultimate that scales with AD and ALSO gives you AD. Fun.... To me her kit is the overall issue here. She kinda reminds me of how certain outdated champs like Garen, Dr. Mundo, Shyvanna, (insert more here) feel so overpowered because of their items synergizing was too well with their outdated kits. Like you top laners out there we've all faced that one Volibear player who made you go "Wtf is that damage???" When they've only built like health and beefy items. Well that's because his kit is so bad and outdated that he can essentially rush you down and beat you up with a *bonus-health* scaling execute. Yet he's still a bad champion. My hot take: Riven needs a VGU

    • Giovanni Da Silva
      Giovanni Da Silva

      the champion is ok the problem is that riot basically buffs her several times indirectly 1-buff on DD 2-conqueror rework (that synergize with DD buff and is perfect with riven) 3-shield bash 4-shojin spear yeah so u can't give all these thing to a champ he will be op no matter what

  • OverTone CA
    OverTone CA

    “Ok so riven is getting flak.. what do we do? People are saying her constant shielding is a pain we should nerf that.” “BUFF THE Q!” “Wait- wha-? Why? We’re taking about nerfing her?..” “BUFF THE COOLDOWN ON HER MAIN DAMAGE COMPONENT!” “But won’t that make players dislike her more?..” “Ughh fine add the E nerf but buff her q”


    fuck riven

  • Danî

    oh the buffs helped out Jgl riven alot ...

  • Danî

    Z omegalul E...

  • Imperiom

    if a guy is hitting RANK1 or heck, RANK 1 TO 10 ONLY PLAYING RIVEN ... ITS BECAUSE THE CHAMP IS O.P.

  • Chef Marnie
    Chef Marnie

    all wee need is a yasuo nerf now to balance league completely

  • Uncanny Cancer
    Uncanny Cancer

    good, that champ deserves to be deleted

  • Imperiom

    SHE IS STILL SUPER STRONG AND NEED MORE NERFS ! :D (and YES she is buffed with the Q) hehehehee

  • Gavin

    kellen come back bby

  • Mircea Ionita
    Mircea Ionita

    I don't like the "Riven has a poor winrate now" statement, since it's too early to use that argument.... the previous winrates were probably compiled from a significantly longer period of time, while right now it might take people some more time to get used to the Riven changes...

  • Nick Patouxeas
    Nick Patouxeas

    lol the fact is i was always using E way to much i even comfused at first 2 games i had with her with the old cdr i even maxed E to some matches where i though i cant play aggresive and try to rise in mid late game but whatever i will just have to get usual again even though i liked that way

  • MGM Grand Buffet to the face man
    MGM Grand Buffet to the face man

    Riven mains can fk off hahaha

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