The BEST 'Off Meta' Champions Of All Time In League of Legends History
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Today, let's talk about the best off meta champions in the game of all time. This is a list and a tier list talking about the most op champions that are not in the meta otherwise known as off meta, and looking at the all time best champions to climb with that are Off meta. Let's talk about the most op champions in league of legends, and the current best meta champions. We will be covering the best champions and champions that you can climb with for patch 9.18 such as Thresh LeBlanc Rengar Shen and Jax.
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Vandiril's AP Irelia
Twiger's full AP Sejuani mid!
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►U.GG for Riven Top Lane Runes And Build on U.GG
►U.GG for Pyke Mid Lane Runes And Build on U.GG
►U.GG for Kha'Zix Jungle Runes And Build on U.GG
Patch 9.19 on the PBE on surrender at 20
►New Riven Skin, New Nami Skin, New Morgana Skin, Hextech Amumu
Majestic Empress Morgana
Splendid Staff Nami
Valiant Sword Riven
Valiant Sword Riven Prestige Edition
Championship Ryze
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  • Exil

    Let me know any off meta picks I missed! I wanted to include things that people don't really know or that never reallllly hit main stream (AP Master Yi doesn't feel like it was "off meta" since it was so op it had to be nerfed, etc) But what's your favorites or anything I didn't cover!

    • Sean Tabuzo
      Sean Tabuzo

      Attack speed bard?

    • Simon

      I really liked Tank Akali a lot and even played some pre-rework ap Irelia with Nashors, Lich Bane

    • Tomás Cid
      Tomás Cid

      AD malzahar top when the voidguys were his passive was pretty fun to play!

    • Beyond Divinity
      Beyond Divinity

      @Olavo Santos ap yi wasn't off meta it was completely broken

    • Olavo Santos
      Olavo Santos

      you completely forgot a death on Ap Master Yi

  • Yazid Xury
    Yazid Xury

    I came here for river shen

  • Mauri B
    Mauri B

    Full AD twisted fate. Max his card stack and go into runans hurricane first lol. I went 18-0 first time I did that lol

  • Mauri B
    Mauri B

    Lol i remember AP rengar haha

  • Ca l
    Ca l

    DID I miss AD AS Lulu?

  • aids

    Jokes aside river shen seems terrible, enemy can far your jg

    • Mc Jethro Pov Tee
      Mc Jethro Pov Tee

      Worlds 2020 rivershen

  • Luke Mifsud
    Luke Mifsud

    River Shen music?

  • etxii

    i tired leblanc ad.. 2-17

  • Mieser31er

    Videotitle: shit u see in Aram

  • Sai Surisetti
    Sai Surisetti


  • Cephalon Bob
    Cephalon Bob

    Am sad Inthing Sion is not in this list

  • Dzeppetto

    I was kinda waiting for Full Crit TF

  • bulma12345678910

    digging the combat evolved music

  • Fenixia

    Omg its a river shen

  • protencya

    15:52 and then samira came through

  • D S
    D S

    AP trynd missing

  • Bob Dickens
    Bob Dickens

    I'd say every tank that has AP ratios and can go AP would be a good off meta pick

  • WiseWeeabo

    I think support shen is being slept on

  • Pwnage

    am i hearing halo bgm?

  • Dorothea winters
    Dorothea winters

    You forgot about hecarim mid, A hard counter to yasuo,zed,talon yone, Basically any ad assasin

  • Kaktusownik

    Ap rakan bomba es

  • Xyzen

    Ap mastery yi... Gone, but not forgotten

  • Project X
    Project X

    I came back here when I watched worlds and saw suning use river shen

  • Dominique Wong
    Dominique Wong

    river shen is on worlds semi-final and final 2020. it is fun to watch it in the highest level.

  • Akatsui

    Double brusier cc chain bot... I just had a game with Alistar and Leona bot. Great fun

  • Melker Hällström
    Melker Hällström

    What about ap Yi tho? If ap rengo counts as off meta, then so does ap Yi in my opinion

  • Craven Corvid
    Craven Corvid

    Backdoor Alistar, the meme build so terrifying they had to give the champion a mini-rework to stop it. Stack attack speed, use his bonus AD on his ult and %damage increase to towers, and Mobility boots. You'd just run up to a tower, pop ult, and wail on it until it or somebody else came and killed you. You weren't worth gold, since you never fought other champions. You could kill a tower in 2-3 attempts, depending on how well you did in lane, so at least one person had to be on the watch for you at all times. It was terrifying and hilarious.

  • Cnovsky

    Some of the build that weren't on the video (Old) poppy full crit (Old) Alistar full ad top lane Regeneration garen (9 potions) Anything jungle, with the red lizard (soraka, Alistar, etc...) Ap Trynda Anything ap with deathfire grasp (caitlyn, corki, etc) Zed tank

  • Kevin

    AP Tryndamere (Spin to WIn) and AP Xin Zhao. AP Xin could solo lvl 2 towers at 12/13 because the self heal procs from auto attacks on the tower.

  • The Vanni
    The Vanni

    "Tresh E passive has the highest AD ratio" Samira: "Hold my 200 years"

  • Miguel Duran
    Miguel Duran

    AP Yi

  • bruno maresi
    bruno maresi

    River shen

  • Mano Sayon
    Mano Sayon

    Small league server where you can invite your random SoloQ teammates so you can all voice-chat, improving communication and shot-calling ! Everyone is welcome! Regardless of rank, region, or role!

  • Beyond Divinity
    Beyond Divinity

    And now they play rivershen in worlds semi finals 😂

  • Lawrence Ly
    Lawrence Ly

    Thresh and blitz bot lane is fun

  • StarfieldDisarray

    River Shen sounds like a pos4 roaming support from dota lmao.

  • neo enrile
    neo enrile

    Darkkmanne did the leblanc thing hahahaha

  • DatolyaPalma

    Garen mid?

  • Jay Kalinka
    Jay Kalinka

    I have a river, i have a shen... *UH.* RIVERSHEN!

  • Mrklein

    god i miss old yorick

  • Luna The confused catto
    Luna The confused catto

    Kinda wanna try full lifesteal Lux now

  • Leonardo Pacheco
    Leonardo Pacheco

    smurfs should die

  • badratp

    8:55 - It was one of the most exciting matches in my LoL-history book

  • DutchM

    18:19 eh prerework ap irelia was better imo. The old ult and stun just did more damage and were easier to hit consistently.

  • Verysour

    Pyke is always in the meta

  • Ashes

    500 % ad scaling on samiras ulti :P

  • Giacomo

    Aaaah the tank meta. Back to when the nexus was tank too 8:50

  • Creep

    Master Yi midlane OP

  • Waszka G
    Waszka G

    100 % true. ad lb and ap rakan are good

  • 1960s American Boomer
    1960s American Boomer

    Btw AP Alistar was invented by Fanatic Shushei in Season 1 World Finals... he also invented AP Gragas... At least for me he was the first known player to pull that off! Remind yourself.. it was a WORLD tournee he played this on.. And it was the world first...

  • 1960s American Boomer
    1960s American Boomer

    Guess 2015 LoL was in his absolute prime.. Before all of this busted reworks... (Also liked the old pro players better because from the old streams on the website this wasn't twitch... they were VERY much more personal than the new player)

  • Dude Guy
    Dude Guy

    Imagine making a 24 minute video only to have all the comments be about an obscure sub lvl 30 meme playstyle. Also not enough River Shen.

  • Negswer 19
    Negswer 19

    i have actually seen Garen jungle and he was 6/2 in 20 minutes so it's ok

  • Skye Azura
    Skye Azura

    Where’s Soraka full crit ad build?

  • ivaldi13

    >LeBlanc's kit is so busted that she can be an ADC without any AD scaling in her abilities and still do crazy bullshit. >People still think that this game is playable. Pick one, people.

  • Arnethiel Marsh
    Arnethiel Marsh

    14:27 you gotta love seeing Twiger here 😊

  • Jonny Topside
    Jonny Topside

    Rewatching that OG 2015 Game from UOL against Fnatic made me cry

  • TheEmperorOfDrifts

    River Shen

  • TheEmperorOfDrifts

    Oh there is a thresh. Not a threat. Thresh: *Oneshots you with one whip autoattack crit :)*

  • Solis

    8:14 this sound I know it... does it come from halo’s OST????

  • Nugget Milk
    Nugget Milk

    Where is Ad shyvana?

  • Me Neither
    Me Neither


  • Alex Waff
    Alex Waff

    Ad Thresh works even better because of this one fact: When you play against a Thresh, you've trained yourself up to sidestep and worry, subconsciously, about him hook - instead of trying to make distance in a straight line which if he wanted to hook would be a bad idea.

  • Shiberry _Fresh
    Shiberry _Fresh

    The best Borland is pantheon jax double stun jump

  • dendy

    u missed zilean pantheon

  • Mystic Dragon
    Mystic Dragon

    Where's ap yi tho?

  • Nick Cipolla
    Nick Cipolla

    this guy has never heard of ap malph thats the true best aoe assassin ever

  • romain

    i am sad you didn't talked about the first season of worlds where alistar ap mid won and the triforce alistar toplane we saw a bit in pro plays

  • Deycall

    Why all your videos like 24 fuckin minutes long for no reason

  • Impío

    Waiting for zac to show up because he was a KILLER before they started showing his landing circle

  • Oscar Medina
    Oscar Medina

    Riot tries to have “off-meta” recommended item builds and I dunno why. Like if you try to make off meta a thing then it’s just meta and gets nerfed lmao

  • Mike Hess
    Mike Hess

    You missed attack speed newly-reworked Kog in the jungle. You could solo shred dragon and baron in seconds. It was insane.

  • Armani Nguon
    Armani Nguon

    I remember rengar ap I hated the game afterward

  • Matt Campos
    Matt Campos

    Loving the background halo music :)

  • dunessanful

    18:50 AP Rengar "the strongest ap assassin of all time as he can aoe teams down from 60% from stealth".... AP Yi "laughs in untargetable alpha strike"

  • Adam Schulte
    Adam Schulte

    Love the Marty O'Donnell music in the vid.

  • DJ Corpus Defectus
    DJ Corpus Defectus


  • Mashine

    No ad sona :(

  • nie mam pomysłu na nazwe
    nie mam pomysłu na nazwe

    River shen is off meta cuz he is meta

  • k o t o
    k o t o

    All i can thnk about is the halo soundtrafck in the background

  • Mathias hansen
    Mathias hansen

    You forgot pre rework AP Aatrox! :D

  • Eskild Vollertsen
    Eskild Vollertsen

    no ap ezreal ?

  • Igor Porfiírio
    Igor Porfiírio

    "You could burst enemies from stealth, what is extremely unfair" I introduce you: Evelynn

  • Fisheryboi

    HoB rek'sai mid using a yasuo build, zed can be a bit bothersome but you win absolutely every 1v1. Just don't forget to but titanic hydra first item.

  • Felix

    Actually, im a jungle main, who often plays garen jungle ( ghost, nimbus cloak, celarity, phase rush ), because its just fun

  • Josiah Thieme
    Josiah Thieme

    how can you forget commander Karthus, smh


    What about the blitz punch? Double the ad and can Crit, has ult and grab but less range

  • Leandro Riquelme
    Leandro Riquelme

    River Shen

  • PackuMira

    rip full Ap Rek'Sai with double morrelnomicon

  • Tsugu

    River Shen is a lifestyle

  • Ferdzor

    Nautilus does 'decent damage'... in what terms? Rain drops?

  • Kaite Kante
    Kaite Kante

    Till this day, RIVER SHEN!!

  • David Amato Mantegari
    David Amato Mantegari

    Why ap master yi wasn’t in these video :,(

  • Paulo Martins
    Paulo Martins

    Are you also know as CGP Grey?

  • Power Play
    Power Play

    River Nunu is quiet powerful as well with w first.

  • Yonne 1
    Yonne 1

    I really liked when inting Sion was meta before they removed zz rot

  • Ethan Villaluz
    Ethan Villaluz

    We're just not going to talk about the old AP Taric?

  • Noah NGC
    Noah NGC

    So we just forgetting sun fire cape rat

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache
    Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    They had River Shen We have inting Yasuos

    • Eddy B.
      Eddy B.

      @Username but yone also ints, wdym

    • Username

      Lmao so true. My last champ select our mid asked whether we wanted yas or yone, and everyone at the same time said "yone, we don't want you inting" 😂😂

  • Carolina _
    Carolina _

    And here we are a year later... River Shen in pro play

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