The Champion So Broken It Doesn't Belong In League Of Legends | A League Of Legends Movie
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Today, let's talk about one of the most broken league of legends champions of all time, the old quinn, and her place in league of legends history. From a champion who was known for being terrible for ADC or Bot Lane, to being a top tier top lane meta champion, to now being a champion who has a problem finding how to be OP again in league of legends. This is a video covering the history of quinn, and the history of league of legends, and Season 10 League of Legends, Rise of the Elements League of Legends.
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Patch 10.12 on the PBE on surrender at 20
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  • Dumbs

    14:47 mom I'm on TV

    • Anderson Kao
      Anderson Kao

      I played Quinn top when she was released. She was op when you rush home guard boots and roam lanes from fountain.

    • Quilt失恋

      no you arn't

    • Brett Charles
      Brett Charles

      Hey I know that chicken with it's head cut off!

    • Lyxorian

      @Dandevaster How much of a dick do you have to be to paste your videos on someone else's video.

    • Xx_SGTMCPro98_xX

      Dumbs... He uploads like once a year... Dumbs more like... Shit-

  • Yummi main because no mouse just trackpad
    Yummi main because no mouse just trackpad

    Can't wait for the day when willump will turn into a taxi

  • J. Jr
    J. Jr

    Love to see you make a seraphine video about your thoughts. That’s the real champion that doesn’t belong in League.

  • Benel Kal
    Benel Kal

    "quinn is the only champion that can play 4 roles" Ahem pantheon can play 5, ahem...

  • Jaxx

    Just like seraphine she doesn't belong in league

  • Dar Kunor
    Dar Kunor

    *Belle Seraphine has joined the chat*

  • Articxuno Dorseggnej
    Articxuno Dorseggnej

    I wonder what you think of seraphine

  • LilBonsai

    If you ask me, Rumble is the most out-of-place champion in League. Not because it's hard to find his place in the game, but because his whole aesthetic just seems wrong for League. He feels more like an Paladins-type character.

  • Chalcids

    I just want another Quinn skin, like its been years

  • luke chillin
    luke chillin

    I'd say with the new items Quinn sucks

  • DickEnchilada

    I'm a Vayne main but Quinn is fast becoming my true love. Her constant map presence is INSANE and she can dominate top lane

  • I am the father
    I am the father

    All ranged top champions have no identity and should be removed from the game one way or another. Cringe champion at best

  • Ducky

    these exil style vids are like my favorite videos on all of youtube

  • Winson Wen
    Winson Wen

    The character that doesnt belong in league... Seraphine...

  • FiberOpticz

    I love her passive and vault but. What I'm the auctuall asbestos is with her ult.

  • D4 L0N3
    D4 L0N3

    The latest patch made quinn op again

  • Mary Saotome
    Mary Saotome

    Is that a steraks on Quinn?

  • Daniel Main
    Daniel Main

    The golden era really was just that, I miss it

  • DogeTSN

    this did not age well

  • Soosen Krieger
    Soosen Krieger

    Damn im gonna play Quinn midlane know, I think it's actually very nice

  • Kdn

    Actually it is the Quinn mains fault, they play a disgusting champion and cry about her sucking 90% of the time and then justify it by 1v9ing every game when riot fucks up. It is riot’s fault for having 200 years and it is the Quinn mains fault.

  • Halojt360

    The issue isnt quin its Riots desire to pin champions in one role and control the meta. Like how they banned pros from playing mages bot instead of a ADC. They dont know how to let players figure out and mold the meta. Allow diversity and players will adapt and make more interesting counter picks even.

  • Gabriel De Pinho
    Gabriel De Pinho

    Then seraphine came out

  • Lee Richard
    Lee Richard

    I use quinn to climb to plat4

  • Yamadahitomy

    Quinn is the only "adc" i like to play she was the only one and still is with who i'm good =")

  • knast trast
    knast trast

    Quinn is pretty hawkward :D

  • Juan Daniel Soto
    Juan Daniel Soto

    Hello seraphine, that champion really doesnt belong to league of legends. See her at the rift with that stupid platform flying around dancing is sooo cringe to watch...

  • Zeracan

    For a sec thought it was lore. Kinda had a bitch fit thinking why wouldnt Quinn be allowed in the League, they allow Brand to fight for some reason.

  • Nikola Jokić
    Nikola Jokić

    still people who play quinn top 🙄

  • Undead clone
    Undead clone

    I hate Quinn plan and simple honestly happy no one lokes her not even the ppl whi main her

  • Mark Darren Oandasan
    Mark Darren Oandasan

    Seraphine go brr.

  • Snurbox

    This video was for seraphine

  • Hector Coronel
    Hector Coronel

    man, 2013 huh. I still remember quinn as a recent champion today.

  • shademan224

    Here before he gets 2m subs at least.

  • Vasa Ladački
    Vasa Ladački

    i mean this guys is should work for a movie company, his production quality is insane

  • alain marroquin
    alain marroquin

    Why can't we just, I don't know, eliminate champions that don't work well?

  • TheGreatNavi

    Exil I know this is a stupid request, but I wish you could talk about Shaco men, I love your videos and always wanted to hear the story of this particular champion. I left league a year ago because a lot of things happen and I realize league change so much from the days when I had the dream to be one of the best. Its sad to see when league just has this champions that no one notice, and no one cares. Pinkward is one of the most famous shaco players but man, Pink is a ap top laner thats the true. I dont know, I was the best Shaco jungler at the time, and I just have this nostalgia to see a video of you. Quinn was one of my favorite champions and I felt she had a similar feel to all this unique champs, not the yasuos the lee sins the zeds Idk..... Anyways I love your videos bro keep it up ^ ^ !!!!!

  • jelle de bruin
    jelle de bruin

    I just want quinn and valor back

  • Different

    quinn is really good in urf, she needs no change :P

  • Benjamin Ngo
    Benjamin Ngo

    I used to play Quinn alot too. Now I am afraid to play her because no one likes her :(

  • Yoobi

    Should've just focused on OG Quinn and moved her over to an assassin. The mangled rework we got is because they couldn't just admit 'marksman' wasn't the right role for her.

  • fi34

    If any champion need to be removed from the game that is Quin. Her kit is literally a legal cheat program. Press EQ and your opponent just basically got the game shut down for almost 2s. Her R make her into a no CD Hecarim so it impossible to escape from her unless she played by a 10 years old mind and you out smart her. And if she have a Yumi, then good luck having fun with that game.

  • JadedGrey

    ur a douche

  • Rhayn Y OpsimAr
    Rhayn Y OpsimAr

    Riot games : Gives Udyr The Super Meta Riot games 2019: releases a 5 formed adc called the 200 yrs

  • Giocommentary

    20:42 so... about that new item rework...

  • Erdamon The Owl Sniper
    Erdamon The Owl Sniper

    I came from the future to tell you that the title of "the champion that doesn't belong in League" now belongs to Seraphine

  • Kaká

    I'm really looking forward to seeing how Quinn will be with the item changes in season 11

  • Peaceflower

    S11 Quinn with Eclipse is nutty. If you’re in bird form and E someone, it immediately procs the item. Glad to see my girl is back

  • The Night Owl
    The Night Owl

    Make video about master yi

  • Gunter X hunter
    Gunter X hunter

    This is actually great league of legends content

  • Burrito Juice
    Burrito Juice

    He should upload another video with the same title, but have it be about Seraphine...

  • Samo lagano
    Samo lagano

    I once have 3 penta kills in one game with old Quinn!

  • Powerate

    2021 will mark the start of the Futuristic Era or something, the game is gonna change a lot

  • give my ur fifa account
    give my ur fifa account

    Seraphine dosent deserve to be champion not quinn

  • miniNE

    you should consider making a doc about thresh! i think he's the most well designed character in the game !

  • Jason Yang
    Jason Yang

    I played Quinn like an assassin,I was afraid of Zed or Yasuo cuz I could simply blind them and kill them

  • SerratedBeanstalk

    Seething cos riven main

  • Brad Potter
    Brad Potter

    Samira : Hold my beer

  • DreamersOfTheDay ReX!
    DreamersOfTheDay ReX!

    Or just remove the champion from the game bcs its fucking broken and has too much to offer

  • tauaoe

    quinn broken? she has so many counterpicks that make her useless only she is picked in top to counterpick toplaners without movility

  • Random Shit
    Random Shit

    The best quality of life change was being able to trigger passive when it appeared while the shot was already flying

    • Kyle Joseph Crespo
      Kyle Joseph Crespo

      ...and to think that it only took Riot like, half a decade!

  • Random Shit
    Random Shit

    Quinn has a special place in my heart as the first champ I brought to lvl7 when that feature was released

  • Ruder9

    Totally disagree. In competitive or high elo when anything less than optimal is seen as trolly, obviously the case will be different but I don't think Quinn fluctuates between unstoppable monster and useless so easily in solo. I've been playing her a long time, and the only time I'd really agree with that, was during the mass ADC rework when she was on the PBE. Her Q was an execute, her E always put her a fixed distance away, it was a weird setup. But as is, if you're going 0/5 against her, it's because you're messing up. So many top laners tunnel vision into her, trying to run you down and dive, but thats just straight up wrong. Just farm, yes she'll auto attack you. She is a marksman. But her passive will proc on minions so she won't be dealing full damage, and her range is low so if she tries to harrass and you don't respond, minions will lay into her, and like you said, her base stats are terrible, she 'will' get shredded if she just tries to harrass early. And if she does fall behind, her vision, movement speed and wave clear gives her options to come back. Her Q affects camps, she can move fast enough to farm multiple lanes without missing cs, and she can always default to a team scout if things go wrong.

  • Isaac Dickinson
    Isaac Dickinson

    Season 11 lol

  • TheEmperorOfDrifts

    You can seriously build anything on Nidalee :)

  • O' Gaci
    O' Gaci

    Return old Quinn and stop trashing. Since they reworked Quinn the champ is unplayable but we play Quinn cose we're addicted. Who said that Quinn was bad adc? You ? Why you ask quinnad for Quinn she plays Quinn since she got reworked. Quinn was the best champ in all roles even support.

  • Richard Bright
    Richard Bright

    a Champion that does not belon in league ? Riven , Zoe , Aphelios , Yasuo


    Now How about having her W counter Invisibility in S11?

  • Mason

    mate league is fucked don't even bother

  • HexTech

    Lol been a Quinn one trick since season 7. She feels busted and OP to me. Only champ I can get diamond on

  • Nepals

    I thought this was about Seraphine

  • Alex A5ylum
    Alex A5ylum

    0:59 I reached Diamond 2 (for now) in just one season, starting from Silver 1 and hardstuck in Silver for 2 seasons, with Quinn in this season and, god, I felt tears! I'm mastery 7 with Quinn and I'm spamming her in Top. I don't know why but I've got emotional! I cried! I love this champion so much! Previously, I was main Yorick but then I tried Quinn, I liked her so much and I reached this goal! It means a lot for me! Maybe I sound crazy but I'm talking with open heart.

  • Christian Guzman
    Christian Guzman

    Being able to play more than one role was my favorite thing about LoL. Shoehorned supports, Juggernauts, and whatever else really made the game unsurprising. If you pick Soraka or Braum, that is the support champion. Strategizing was important in champion select, and not so much now. If you had Quinn top, you moved the ADC Top to win that lane because she couldn't do it. If the ADC went top, the Jg gave that ADC special treament. If the Jg is hanging out Top lane all game, they're open to counter-jg. It highlighted the need for teamwork to be good, not the individual achievements. I haven't watched the LCS since 2016 because it devolved into the same group of 25 champions with some Asian team winning the tournament.

  • TheFrog

    Shaquin represantando a comunidade

  • Bilto Mohammad
    Bilto Mohammad

    At this moment Quinn has almost 54% winrate

  • Jonathan Dee
    Jonathan Dee

    I used to play a lot of quinn before the ADC rework. Back when she was one of the few ADCs that had somewhat of an engage and self peel with her vault, she could turn into a fast, melee Assassin that could shred an enemy ADC, and shred the frontline since she was one of the few ADCs that benefited from Black Cleaver.

  • Anime4 LaijFuh
    Anime4 LaijFuh

    Lol my first penta was with queen in kate 2013, one pf my favorite champion during the time

  • Stephen Arellano
    Stephen Arellano

    3 months later Samira released

  • GamerWord

    With her kit honestly i think quinn (with an extreme buff) really belongs in dota

  • Spartan92758

    People complaining about other champs Me and other Aatrox mains: “First time?”

    • Udorino

      Getting buffed in 10.20 :D

  • Max Mad
    Max Mad

    why does it feel like all the videos in your channel are the same one?

  • Ternisien Hellian
    Ternisien Hellian

    C'est juste un des champ les plus broken du jeu, à vrai dire, c'est le 1er champ que je recommande à un joueur débutant, en combo avec maokai. Ces 2 champs permettent de couvrir absolument tout ce que dois apprendre un joueur sur LoL. Quinn permet d'apprendre à trade rapidement tu en étant sûr que la zone est safe. Maokai permet de maintenir le contrôle du zone et de contrôler les flux de mouvements des adversaires. En d'autres termes, Quinn est un excellent perso pour apprendre la macro et maokai est un excellent perso pour apprendre la micro, les 2 perso couvrent tout les spectres du jeu (tank, carry, ad, ap ect.), et peuvent couvrir tout les rôles, main ces 2 perso est le meilleur moyen de toujours avoir une réponse à chaque situation du jeu, ey Quinn est le seul range du jeu à proposer cette couverture, la ou maokai est le seul mêlée du jeu à la compléter aussi bien.

  • a un
    a un

    lmao i remember one of the dev talks from 2016? 15? about how quinn's design rubbed the wrong way and diana being their absolute masterpiece

  • Henrique Alves
    Henrique Alves

    Whenever I see Valor carrying Quinn I can only imagine how many leg days where spent to be the taxi. They could've simply made valor a skillshot which marks it's enemy and attacks, like trained eagles do IRL.

    • GrillTheThunder

      But thats what the q does

  • Sixela Arkone
    Sixela Arkone

    Sometimes I forget bischu was a LoL pro before OW

  • Doctor Senpai
    Doctor Senpai

    *Laughs with nasus who has 900+ stacks who played against quinn.

  • ClaytoniusDoesThings

    For a while i had issues dealing with Quinn top. But then you get accustomed to what the strat employs. So you pick one of two toplaners: A bruiser with CC or a brawler with gap closers. Maokai and Jayce were always good picks. But my favorite thing to do was either go Darius (and suddenly turn everything around w/ Black Cleaver) or Pantheon (poke her back, and more often. Plus the stun and passive shield block. Old panth, btw)

  • Viket

    play quinn top back then was trolling and reason to dodge now quinn adc is trolling wtf

  • Boris Bogdanovic
    Boris Bogdanovic

    Have you seen udyr?

  • Clem Rossi
    Clem Rossi

    Next quinn spike? Quinn AP i guess since she went through everything else

  • Ryan Neil Trencio
    Ryan Neil Trencio

    At one point I played her in the jungle and suprisingly enough she's doing very well.

  • RuN Gaming
    RuN Gaming

    ever heard of Sett, yaSuo and yone?

  • Maximilian Rossmann
    Maximilian Rossmann

    11:38 isnt that what aatrox was like before his rework??

  • Mike

    4:10 Riot 2013: it's very risky to make an assassin adc, so we must be very careful about her kit and balancing all-together. Riot 2020: ADC KATARINA GO BRRRRRRRRRR

  • Find the Beauty in Everything
    Find the Beauty in Everything

    I really loved the old Quinn and Valor. It was my pocket pick bot against most ADC’s. Hitting 6 then coming flying out of a brush at double speed, instantly blinding and AAing super fast was NOT healthy gameplay, nor was it viable competitively; but it was SO fun! Her current gameplay isn’t healthy either so I dunno why Riot changed it 😂

  • Peter Picasso
    Peter Picasso

    She belongs to the streets

  • Fake

    I played Quinn 30/9 and still manage to lose bc 4 other teammate have 1 brain cell left

  • Chris Pirillo Is Eboola
    Chris Pirillo Is Eboola

    T1 clip bruh I member

  • RossW

    I'd rather play against a thousand Marksmen top's than one more fucking Shen.

  • Christoffer Rasmussen
    Christoffer Rasmussen

    0:43 imagine being so dumb you think her E is an escape.

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