The Champion So Broken It Doesn't Belong In League Of Legends | A League Of Legends Movie
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Special thanks to the whole Quinn community and QuinnAD who helped me out with this video. Go check out their stuff
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Today, let's talk about one of the most broken league of legends champions of all time, the old quinn, and her place in league of legends history. From a champion who was known for being terrible for ADC or Bot Lane, to being a top tier top lane meta champion, to now being a champion who has a problem finding how to be OP again in league of legends. This is a video covering the history of quinn, and the history of league of legends, and Season 10 League of Legends, Rise of the Elements League of Legends.
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Patch 10.12 on the PBE on surrender at 20
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  • Dumbs

    14:47 mom I'm on TV

    • Pyke

      Dumbs? He uploads like twice a year, Dumbs more like... Shit

    • Chancellor Brubeck
      Chancellor Brubeck

      holy shit i didnt even recognize it, i just saw rengar doing rengar things

    • Anderson Kao
      Anderson Kao

      I played Quinn top when she was released. She was op when you rush home guard boots and roam lanes from fountain.

    • Quilt失恋

      no you arn't

    • Into The Wind
      Into The Wind

      Hey I know that chicken with it's head cut off!

  • Melcan Ean
    Melcan Ean

    Dude, the opening is epic.

  • Plant

    inb4 kraken slayer...

  • Pual Liek
    Pual Liek

    what if her R worked like a clone/pet an acted liked zeds shadow? R: pass bonus ms 70/100/130% (reduced based on valor hp). active: Valor will separate from quinn removing his bonus ms, and becoming a targetable. if pass would proc valor will move to target dealing dmg and marking them. while R act Q : quinn will fire bolts(stopping on collision) dealing 80+80%AD+35%AP (increase dmg by 1% based on missing hp) phy dmg in target direction and valor will swoop up then down dealing (Q rank) dmg in a aoe of targeted direction (if both hit same target blinds instead). while R act , when act W valor rises up both granting increased vision from both points, then back down marking 1/2/3/4/5 enemies, when a mark is consumed both get bonus. While R act E will cause valor to dash in target direction, if both hit same target valor will carry(knock up) them dealing 40+80%bonus AD then drop them slowing then by 50% decaying over1.5 sec. at end of R both do skystrike 40/50/60%AD from quinn position, 20/30/40%AD from valor position. maybe charge cast to send valor back to base, when healed returns.

  • Prot

    I don't know what you're talking about. Ranged Rengar is fine.

  • immaruinu

    When he means "broken", does he mean bad or good?

  • Marek Prokop
    Marek Prokop

    Man, I am watching your videos and you have 100% same oppinions as me

  • Josh Hsu
    Josh Hsu

    17:18 lmao why is Irelia so fat and stubby

  • Swelackattack

    inb4 kracken katarina


    Remember when she used to be Quinn and Valor?

  • nv

    Nah old Quinn was fine, she was perfectly viable in top and even mid/bot. Just because a champ isn’t broken or meta in pro play doesn’t mean a rework is required. New Quinn is also fine though, works best in bot lane now. Worst designed champ ever? Not even remotely, hahaha

  • Skull Greymon
    Skull Greymon

    She belongs to the streets

  • Hoodie

    14:49 fun meta

  • j s
    j s

    i miss old quinn with attack valor ngl..

  • Ev0ltion

    Meet Seraphine! The unfitting one.

  • Aptal Sandviç
    Aptal Sandviç

    Quinn looks like a npc, not a important leader figure in runeterra. Also, her hair is PURPLE? It's pretty confusing to me.

  • Senses

    Quinn gang rise up

  • T Bone
    T Bone

    And then came Seraphine... the champ who literally doesn't belong in league

  • M1m0o

    Yeah at this point I feel like Seraphine takes the cake as the "Champion that doesn't feel like they belong in the game"

  • jm castelo
    jm castelo

    999k views after 9months. What a lucky numbers do we have right here

  • Martin Arandia
    Martin Arandia

    9 months later and it’s Yummi The campion that shouldn’t exist in league

  • Cancer Kidney
    Cancer Kidney

    S11 items s*ck on quinn

  • Giorgos P
    Giorgos P

    Laughs in kraken and collector

  • Anthony Gg
    Anthony Gg

    I play tank Quinn, so op

  • IceStarDragonHC

    This video motivated me to pick up Quinn way back when it was released. I'm not maining her but she is my niché pick against ranged toplaners or when team comp allows it and she's fantastic and a lot of fun. My first penta on summoners rift was on her (I started in 2018 and SR hates me concwrning pentas). Thanks for this video!

  • Edy

    lol i had 90% winrate back in the days with quinn dark harvest(old) lethality got gold very ez

  • Stouphs

    Hey bro, I have been playing league since release and I am really enjoying your videos. Very well researched and well made and I appreciate them. I would like to add that I got to platinum back in the day with Quinn ADC SOLELY because my enemies didn't know how to play against me and didn't know how much burst quinn had early game so I was really happy that you mentioned that in your video. Keep up the good work!!

  • Julia Morawiec
    Julia Morawiec

    me, who lost lane as quinn and still oneshot fed enemy adc listening about how shes weak if not ahead :/

    • trulyinfamous

      Tbf this was 8 months ago A lot has changed I feel

  • Wessley Chabot
    Wessley Chabot

    Fell off late game? Valor could destroy towers, dragon, solo baron, yall just didnt understand her

  • Adgeifc ¿
    Adgeifc ¿

    Exil: most runes to pick Orn: am i a joke to you?

  • Adgeifc ¿
    Adgeifc ¿

    Exil: He I know im late

  • T. Mager
    T. Mager

    What about kassawin?

  • Rect1fy_

    I love watching this video in the year after, in Season 11 Having quinn has my highest mastery champion and main, I've had alotta fun with her. She can build so many things Duskblade Prowler's Kraken Immortal Galeforce Her build can change literally every patch just cause of how versatile she is, like legit I build her with Ionian boots now cause bersekers just overcaps her attack speed with Harrier Procs Runes are just funny. Shout out to QuinnAD for showing me the true way of playing Quinn. Maxing W is poggers

  • Future Skywalker
    Future Skywalker

    the problem with quinn is that you deal no dmg after early

  • Yanis Agodor
    Yanis Agodor

    Jesus love you, he died on the cross for you, accept him as your lord and savior he can change everything. For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life" (Jn 3:16" But you must repent too. From that time Jesus went about preaching and saying, Let your hearts be turned from sin, for the kingdom of heaven is near. (Matthew 4:17).

  • Heber Nicolás Fernández
    Heber Nicolás Fernández

    If they bring back the old Quinn she would be perfect for the meta now. I'm saying this since... Idk 6 years now she would be extremely perfect for the meta dude...

  • Heber Nicolás Fernández
    Heber Nicolás Fernández

    Old quinn was broken as F.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • e

    so it aint seraphine?

  • Frunka

    you mean aphelios?

  • Absolutely Kumot
    Absolutely Kumot

    21:56 when he keeps saying Quinn I heard it has “SanQuinn Blade”

  • Retro Sunset
    Retro Sunset

    That should be about illaoi

  • yingda wang
    yingda wang

    play 4 different roles? Sett would like to know your location

  • MrShamaki

    and now they want to rework her because her kit doesn't have valor enough, they literally reworked her like that lol

  • Constant

    And they wanted to rework her

  • Mike Chatfield
    Mike Chatfield

    Eyyyy PAWNCE stream footage

  • Moreau's Island
    Moreau's Island

    Wow, im getting back into League after five years or so and hearing my time playing this game is now a part era, especially one that is seen as the 'golden era' is heartbreaking. I took it all for granted.

  • Med wethek khochteli
    Med wethek khochteli

    A video about xerath please , you are doing very good jobs

  • Rule 34
    Rule 34

    what i get from the marksman update is; adc going mid, top and jungle, all fine, but when bruisers and mages goes botlane crybaby adcmains cries because their role isnt broken beyond belief anymore. i feel bad for junglers that goes thru this constantly, i do not feel bad for adc's that went thru it once and then get a toddler meltdown because they got treated like everyone else lol. edit: and the worst part of it is, that the amount of crying actually worked...

  • SCAR aw
    SCAR aw

    i mained her as top/adc

  • rrett44556

    quinn not even that good... ~shrugs~ i liked when she was 2 champs... valor was actually stronger than quin with the right build

  • GaGamba

    my older brother started playing lol when quinn was new, i started when zac came out, quinn was my first "main"... i miss playing as valor

    • GaGamba

      i used to play her mainly as valor when i get 6, getting close and personal and switch to quinn mode when enemy was running away or i had to dash from them with E

  • Dullahan

    Yasuo is op, not Quinn

  • Joe

    "quinn is a toxic top laner" I'm confused, is that because she's ranged? or because she only has 2 abilities that do damage? orrrrr.....?

    • Chàng Rể Gangnam
      Chàng Rể Gangnam

      No wonder why pro player pick her to counter Renekton. Her kit goes insane againt bruiser.

  • tempest

    Quinn Mains, the two most terrifying words i have ever heard.

  • Der_dritte_Ingenieur

    "Quinn is an assassin, ranged, with mobility and AD" Quinn = Samira

  • Drectan BnS
    Drectan BnS

    Yeah i is riots fault. They reworked her to have one identity. Fuck over melee champs in top, and roam to get kills. Most champions that roam you have some counter play against. Is no real counter play against a quinn that is always going to win lane priority, and then run down bot in half a second kill them, and then ult back to top missing literally nothing for it. They created her to be toxic. The quinn mains you are talking about are not the people playing her when she was seen as weak they all started playing her for one reason take her top where you pretty much auto win lane unless jg comes, or take her bot when bruisers where going bot, you talk about them like they stuck with a champion through thick and thin even when they where trash and that was never the case.

  • Masterman 222
    Masterman 222

    What about every champ since qijana?

  • Rob Bruno
    Rob Bruno

    Boris Johnson

  • Erik Pearson
    Erik Pearson

    riot not being brain dead is the problem. They've outgrown their own skill level.

  • Daryl Serrurier
    Daryl Serrurier

    Quinn should just be a jungler makes complete sense

    • Future Skywalker
      Future Skywalker

      have you tried to farm with quinn jungle, tou will get outscale and gain no xp at all

  • Ze WX
    Ze WX

    Gotta be honest, havent seen anyone play qiunn in years..

  • Vex

    Play her toplane -> no tank and bigger chances of full ad comp. Play her botlane -> sucks against any other adc when they have R Play her midlane -> build full lethality and pick a lane to kill Play her toplane (with a duo jungle) -> enemy top unstalling the game. She is so fun to play tho, just situational. or a duo is needed if you want to pick it into impossible matchups.

  • Kyle J
    Kyle J

    I haven't watched the video, but based on the comments, I don't think I want to...

  • Akame

    22:08 laughs in Jax

  • Grivalodon's Top Plays
    Grivalodon's Top Plays

    My best LoL game is against a Quinn as Darius. I dominated and carried with a score of 25/9/16.

  • Tyler Zeb
    Tyler Zeb

    Quinn and Valor

  • Truth Goad
    Truth Goad

    Pls can you do something on shaco?

  • Zer0LifeNegi

    Quinn is back ruining games with her broken kit and S11 just makes her another hyper carry again. Long live Riot and their shitty balance team that never fix anything.

  • Ionut Daniel
    Ionut Daniel

    Yes, another stupid useless video exile, well done

  • Sunset Saint
    Sunset Saint

    Wait, you didn’t touch on Quinn having the 3 highest win rates on 3 separate roles at the 3rd spike? Weird that you’d leave that out, feel like it was a pretty big deal.

  • Snake Plissken
    Snake Plissken

    tWo hUnDrEd yEaRs

  • Quinn

    Hey that’s me

  • Kankles the Sloth
    Kankles the Sloth

    583 mains ain’t happy

  • Spencer Christian
    Spencer Christian

    I thought exil and phreak were the same guy lmao

  • Christian Rojas
    Christian Rojas

    20:00 uhhh fiddle p didle just here like

  • Rei Ryghts
    Rei Ryghts

    This is stupid

  • Julio Dechert
    Julio Dechert

    The history of Queen

  • Ironic pfp
    Ironic pfp

    Bet you fell like a clown now once seraphine is out

  • epic green
    epic green

    15:30 Actually Exil, that's Samira.

  • Mhamed Zitouni
    Mhamed Zitouni

    i need an euw account bronze or iron idc i get it to gold or plat myself plz pm me

  • Ortiraas

    If you are a Quinn main, fuck you. If I could delete ONE champion it would be Quinn. Riot deleted Aatrox, my champion, WHY ME ?!?! WHY RIOT, DELETE QUINN GIVE ME MY AATROX BACK

  • bannanagrams

    Everytime u show an old champion spotlight by phreak I get some crazy nostalgia

  • Tarald Rafoss
    Tarald Rafoss

    It feels like i'm watching a movie every time i click on one of your videos... I like it!

  • Cristian Campos
    Cristian Campos

    Can you please do fiddlesticks

  • Charyxard

    Quinn ❤️😍

  • Hannavosart Vlog
    Hannavosart Vlog

    Where were all these winning Quins when I played? If I’ve seen a top lane Quinn I was almost certain we were going to lose

  • gattayosha

    So have currently passed 6 months after this video was released, and the situation is changed again. New items gave quinn different builds she can abuse in the top lane, bringing her once again but without a proper spot in the meta. Prowler's claw and collector into letalithy? Immortal shieldbow into crit? Electrocute? Press the attack? Hail of blades? I'm so disappointed cause i do love this champ but even if the new items gave her quite a buff imo, she STILL lacks an identity. Hope riot shows some love to this poor champ and either rework her, or balance her out around ONE specific gimmicks.

  • TheEnziio

    Me (quinnmain) seeing the video after pre-season 11 item changes: *laughs in new duskblade* On a serious note tho, really appreciate the video man, I’m one of those rare breed quinnmains and this video hit home

  • Nikola

    Do these people know about crowd controL?

  • defective pikachu
    defective pikachu

    searphine: what was that about not belonging?

  • danneltheflannel

    Welp Quinn is pretty strong now lul.

  • Gackt

    watching this after the big item rework... she is top 10 top tierlist atm in the world, in all leagues

  • Mustard Mission
    Mustard Mission

    Can we keep nerfing Quinn? Every game I've gone against one it ends up being bad no matter what.


    I hope her twin brother will join league too

  • You're Dad • 10 years ago
    You're Dad • 10 years ago

    Quinn is so op now

  • bqing87

    Thought this was gonna be a Kayn video.

  • Allen Tayoto
    Allen Tayoto

    Exil: She basically dumpster mellee champions in the toplane Me after watching Pianta's Top Lane Blitzcrank Video: .....

  • Gabriel Baima
    Gabriel Baima

    If you think quinn doesnt belong, imagine seraphine

  • AW W
    AW W

    The champion so un-league of legendsy that she better could've stayed on social media Go away Seraphine.

  • Wissi W
    Wissi W

    Laughs in seraphine