The Champion That League of Legends Forgot - Fiora Rework Documentary
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Today, let's talk about a league of legends champion that has a very interesting history, Fiora. She is really the only champion that was ever removed or deleted from league of legends. Even though she was broken and an op champion for season 10 to climb ranked, that doesn't mean she deserves the treatment to be removed. I love the Fiora rework and I think Fiora is one of the best top laners to climb with in season 10, but not everyone feels that way in league of legends...

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  • Smoxy :3
    Smoxy :3

    I love your vids man, the fact u spend so much time on research and editing and still pumping out those vids nearly every week is insane. Love the content keep it up

    • jaybo356

      Re you re for for checking as As as soon Z m me to be is V last as soon as the car it day on as a see far as v x Dfrqwqffw fee j k we

    • Aws_ Smog
      Aws_ Smog

      @Poke Poke You are just bronze and dont know how to play

    • Uvindu Abeysekara
      Uvindu Abeysekara

      @Poke Poke nah u jus don't understand how to counter her

    • Mason Cross
      Mason Cross

      @Rhine x Exactly, I remember playing her in Season 3 and her being incredibly busted. If you finished ravenous hydra on her she can basically heal to full health with one ultimate. She wins most skirmishes she fights. The poke on her Q early game was crazy, it was a guaranteed double poke. Just Q, step back to kite, Q. It made her impossible to flash away from too. I remember her dominating every solo que I fought her in, or if I played her.

  • Loius Abalos
    Loius Abalos

    From not being pick to having a pentakill in worlds 2020


    Fiora: irrelevant for one season Fiora mains:

  • O Soul_bolt O
    O Soul_bolt O

    And fiora isnt noskill

  • Undead clone
    Undead clone

    i wish she was never released

  • Godooable

    My wukong play always beats fiora

  • Cheri

    Watching this after Bin Fiora in Worlds Finals

  • Nicholas Chen
    Nicholas Chen

    Hi, came from the future. Fiora got a pentakill in Worlds Finals

  • Joseph Joestar
    Joseph Joestar

    im sure she wont be forgotten after the first ever pentakill in the worlds finals was fiora’s


    bin got a pentakill with fiora last week

  • Kat

    One might even say she is Riot Games' "Forgotten Project" ;)

  • takosan87

    Old Fiora was the first champion that i could carry with in Bot games as a noob playing a game with my buddy who can get more kills until the others end the game. So she was a noob friendly fun carry and not the travesty of a champ she is now. I miss her so much. I was a Fiora main but the rework killed her for me. The ultimate is pure bs the q is a minigame in itself and the w is whatever, mostly used to slow than to dodge or reposte or whatever. Fiora is another example of rito "fixing" an easy to learn carry for noobs into a pro players carry for no reason. Fu### rito who ever that is, but people alway blame him for anything in the ingame chat so igues he also messed up fiora. gg wp rito, gg.

  • Bautista Duarte
    Bautista Duarte


  • LolitaGaming

    I loved her old ult.

  • Roger Sosoban
    Roger Sosoban

    Old fiora does not care if you are under the tower if she hits lvl6 😂

  • Bob Dickens
    Bob Dickens

    Fiora is literally one of the most busted top laners and has been for a year. It’s insane how many buffs she’s gotten and how she’s held up by so many crutches

  • pinkmercy uwu
    pinkmercy uwu

    The reason I played top back in the days was because of old fiora and old akali and then they were all changed....:’)

  • Kacper Roszczak
    Kacper Roszczak

    Gosu AI 0:18 : "If your opponent is low HP, make an attempt to kill him"

  • Md joy
    Md joy

    thank u

  • RedLuigi235

    I'm pretty sure Fiora is the best top laner in the game right now, having been buffed the last 3 straight seasons. It's insane to me that Renekton is getting picked over her.

  • Nate Wennergren
    Nate Wennergren

    What's the music at 4:12, chief?

  • Verysour

    Fiora is a very strong champ may I will do fiora.exe soon

  • liquid_Scienc3

    i fucking wish they forgot about it, if fucking only they did

  • Maxim h
    Maxim h

    20:54 The flash xD

  • Jaksfiftv

    As a Darius one trick 12:18 this triggers me and the fact that this man performed like that in pro play

  • blue gamer
    blue gamer

    fiora was poopry designed *still is*

  • DennisLottig

    bro i know ur pretty good but man.. you whine and complain so much and ask for change in such an unhealthy way.. honestly im considering not watching ur videos anymore cause ur always talking about forgotten champions and how the game's dying. so annoying and unhealthy. hate to sound toxic but i didn't wanna sugar coat it. riot doesn't forget about champions they're just doing something else. i just wish you would stop being so negative and be more hype.. either that or just make your arguments in a more healthy manner. the game isn't dying, we love it. Sure it could use some change but people who genuinely love the game don't talk about it that way.

  • lucca Pastorino
    lucca Pastorino

    Little sad you didn’t reference TheShy at all when talking about her use in pro play.

  • Kisuke323

    Fiora, the overgrown minion

  • Hugo Boss
    Hugo Boss

    Starting w and getting more than 100 ad level one... good times...

  • it meme
    it meme

    bruh i am a main fiora top with a 89% win rate in 162 games

  • Jonathan Dee
    Jonathan Dee

    I was one of the early adopters of rework fiora and I didn't understand my friends why they would hate new fiora when new fiora was much more interesting. I always hated that "Press R to Win" Fiora from back then. New Fiora had assassination capabilities still but it was much better. She had a fucking auto reset combo that the only She, Sett and Lucian have that could literally 100 to 0 a squishy. Yeah I get the nostalgia for old fiora but she wasn't that good for the game. If tanks are in the top lane, you pick Fiora.

  • Clairebearist

    Old fiora was better

  • Varun Reddy
    Varun Reddy

    Something I just realised after this video, the biggest difference between league and dota is melee carries are the strongest carries in dota while they are non existent in league and this took me 2 years to understand, lol

  • L M
    L M

    She’s a mosquito now

  • Waffel

    Still have fiora otps 1v9 in normals

  • The Lonesome Wanderer
    The Lonesome Wanderer

    i loved the old fiora her ult was awesome

  • L. Dexter
    L. Dexter

    Being the absolute "best" at so many things and being uncounterable really emphasizes good balance, does it not?

  • Thor C.
    Thor C.

    As much as I miss her old ult, it doesn,'t fit her as she would be like an assassin much that of yi, than a fighter. Her old riposte, was lame as it has even no animation. Her new ones, just fits her right. The riposte, has to have a counter attack movement, but also gives the target to react in a split second with its delay, as well as her only kind of range ability. Her new ult is actually kind of lame but actually kind of hard to execute which makes it more satisfying if sucessfully executes due to numerous rules applied to it. Also it justifies her title as the grand duelist, as the healing reward is not only would benefits you in a couole of seconds but all your teammates.

  • Rodrigo Leon Gonzalez
    Rodrigo Leon Gonzalez

    Enemy Garen: now that i have Bramble Fiora can't beat me Me going 80% lifesteal: HOW BOUT I DO ANYWAYS?

  • Michael Ladror
    Michael Ladror

    countless hours researching. countless hours recording and video editing. Hours spent researching pronunciation: 0. Great vid as always, but the pronunciation is really cringy xD

  • Mikhail Foster
    Mikhail Foster

    Old fiora was an absolute gem. Having 100+ ad level one and walking straight up to your laner and snacking him 😂 and that Ultimate was SO satisfying!! Nothing was better or is better imo it just felt cool af. RIP one man army fiora

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke


  • Aleksander Szczepanski
    Aleksander Szczepanski

    I really loved old Fiora. She was extremely fun to play and her ultimate was something I was hoping to return with other champion release ever since her rework. I undrstand that people like new Fiora,but those who played the old version never really got close to what they used to have. And people who say it's basically yi probably never have played her.


    _"Fiora is now the best split pusher in game"_ Yorick: *So, what's my purpose?*

  • Sami Nahas
    Sami Nahas

    This video is so biased against old fiora . Her ultimate back then was one of the best ulties ever. For me , she was way more balanced . They turned her into another yasuo , master yi broken champ. It gets way worse when she is played by a pro. So if pro don't play old fiora ? Let's remove the champ(rito logic). Pros are about 5% of player base ( if not less) , but because of esports they adjust the game so it's more playable for professionals. Esports = money. Rito in a nutshell.

  • side line
    side line

    I like the old fiora

  • Matias Moreno
    Matias Moreno

    They ruined base skin and splash art :( . W is what i always wanted to be on old fiora. Im ok with all his playstyle but for me the old r was the most impressive att , i miss his r, the new one doesnt fit on a duelist character, i mean, is a janna r but without pushing away enemies.

  • C4T4

    lets be honest the most uniq champion in LOL is and will remain UDYR .

  • Whimsy

    You pronounce riposte like the Brits.

  • Saya Sasamiya
    Saya Sasamiya

    I had 2 games I played as fiora and hard carry a 4v5.

  • Mr. Reese
    Mr. Reese

    Bad design is more subjective than most of the other things that were mentioned in that segment.

  • Alin

    I will never forgotold her from when I was 8 and I just discovered lol

  • Danius

    8:53 The battle of reworked fighters

  • Ekx0

    Fiora is so broken now

  • OnlyAGinga

    There was nothing funner than using old fiora w to make a crit gankplank 1 shot himself though.

  • Julius Edal
    Julius Edal

    if the old fiora used ult to a solo player man thats a gg

  • Joãozinho _
    Joãozinho _

    Now a days every patch is a fiora buff, holly shit miss the good old days where she was shiet

  • Vinnie Gret
    Vinnie Gret

    I forced to permaban Fiora as an Aatrox player, i hate the counterpick meta. And im still gona be cheesed out bu somesing as mobile as riven or as cancerous as Vayne.

  • Henry Tik
    Henry Tik

    I quit league for a year because they reworked Fiora. Came back later because of Azir. And then Azir was nerfed to the ground and now Yone is my hope :'(

  • rusoX

    Can you do a video on Ziggs and Zyra? I think those would be interesting to know about, especially Zyra

  • ScarletSc

    I want the new Fiora with her old ult.

  • tzajc2

    I had my first penta on Fiora, jsut because of her pre rework ulti

  • Rozalind Aria
    Rozalind Aria

    the only thing that was bad about the reword was her base splash art face

  • chargestone96

    Hadnt thought about it byr yeah all my least fave champs to play are melee carries, yi, fiora, jax

  • Huemaster 565
    Huemaster 565

    I still remember my first pentakill it was on old fiora and the final person I had to kill was graves who didn’t give it to me but offered me a chance to kill him.RIP old Fiora ult

  • Gus Entertainment
    Gus Entertainment

    While watching this im playing aram and get....guess who? Fiora! xD

  • Rionevier Zamora
    Rionevier Zamora

    who is the champ that has the flip hard cc?

  • Jacob Wilske
    Jacob Wilske

    Idc how much you miss old Fiora, you’re wrong go away. Champ was awful and poorly designed and her rework was probably one of the best Riot has ever done.

  • Joel Sommerhalder
    Joel Sommerhalder

    I think fiora is one of the worst champion designs ever. She is either broken or useless. I mean the buffs of this season made her op bit before these buffs the champ was useless for 3 whole years.

  • Der Krankenwagen
    Der Krankenwagen

    That feels like a friend, because you don't have any. 🤣

  • Allen Bao
    Allen Bao

    Diamond Fiora main from season 3-4, as soon as she came out until season 5, I quit before the Fiora remake, and I’m glad I did.

  • Prot

    I can't watch Fiora walk. Who thought it to be a good idea to make this walking animation?!

  • Thunderbug

    Fiora rework = the single biggest reason why i stopped playing. They turned her from a champion i was happy to play and play against, into an easy to play annoying POS and i lost all faith in Riot being able to do anything well, and personally looking at the word soup overloaded kits that is 2020 LOL it seems i was right. I also remember the rework blog thing they put out with the objectives of the rework and they failed at every single one.

  • Ec Aea
    Ec Aea

    I see juggernaut

  • Frank Alviar
    Frank Alviar

    No one talks about Kat. Please do a history on her.

  • David Hogins
    David Hogins

    I dont really get that circle jerk about a champion being or not picked in competitive, how does that change our lifes/games?

  • cyrlon ian Cayabyab
    cyrlon ian Cayabyab

    I remember the days when an enemy blitz hook my fiora =(press"R") free pentakill

  • Mal

    as an Irelia main, I absoultely hate Fiora

  • Sett, A Ring Királya
    Sett, A Ring Királya

    just make Royal Guard Fiora completly black! Congratulations! You have got: "Chariot Requiem"

  • Anthony Piotrowski
    Anthony Piotrowski

    Pretty sure pre rework Yorick had less updates than Aatrox.

  • Raaven The Red
    Raaven The Red

    Fiora: One of the biggest troll and most retarded champs in League EVER.

  • Uncanny Cancer
    Uncanny Cancer

    "irelia and riven arent true carry champions", youre either joking or completely stoned out of your mind to have the gall to say that

  • Xyzen

    i miss old fiora... especially her old ulti...

  • Antoine A.N
    Antoine A.N

    for 4 years i've mained fiora, after being insulted for picking a shit champ now i get insulted by the ennemies for picking a "braindead" champ, how the turntables have turntabled

  • Iron Warrior
    Iron Warrior

    The most fun? Definitely not to play against. In lategame if you are playing tank, if she procs her ult it deals 75% of your max hp as true damage, meanwhile she has 3 lifesteal items, spirit visage, parry and tons of movement speed. Interactive gameplay btw

  • Yabaiですね

    Still angry that Fiora's face has been nerfed. I hate fio without a skin.

  • Von Sakamoto
    Von Sakamoto

    I never raged in my life after they reworked fiora

  • Theodorus Tobing
    Theodorus Tobing

    the vaatividya of league

  • Vlad Ventura
    Vlad Ventura

    Yo I just realized that Teddy, MKLeo and the drummer from Polkadot Stingray all look alike. Sorry its 3 am in mass and my head just rambles on i cant sleep

  • Br0sk1e

    Man prerework fiora was so strong though Maybe not for competitive play, but I ran that shit with a 70% wr Her ult did sooooooooooo much damage with tiamat and damage items

  • Boomer

    I dont have any friends So i can try that app

  • Ogglie Ostrich
    Ogglie Ostrich

    12:12 nothing pisses me off more than the caster saying "what an outplay" after all she did was flash q e tiamat. Not a hard a champion

  • Odyss K
    Odyss K

    To be honest, I got my first pentakill with the old fiora so so she has a special place in my hear. I don't know, I just loved playing the old fiora so much.

  • zatty

    gosu *is* bonzi buddy

  • Fiirow1

    Whenever I watch any of these "forgotten" or "OP" champ videos... I start feeling old... Having only really played from late beta to early S4, all these "forgotten" champs were constantly played when I played this game.

  • Vee

    i swear this dude puts out a forgotten video on every champ if i see yasuo or teemo in these im gonna snap

  • D3struktor

    Now fiora sucks and she is called fiutora which means she sucks.

  • Ethribin

    Who cares if a champion is male or female? It doesnt matter.

  • Cris's Thoughts.
    Cris's Thoughts.

    Let's make champs that have true damage, mobility and health% damage in their kit: *Laughs in fiora and Vayne*