The Champions League of Legends Can't Buff | A History of Hard Carry Junglers in League of Legends
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The legacy footage for Jungle and Shaco was actually recorded recently, on the alpha servers of the Chronoshift Project.
If you are interested in what you saw, check out their website here!
This is a video covering the history of Jungle, Feral Flare, Jungling Metas and overpowered junglers, and the history of league of legends, and Season 10 League of Legends, Rise of the Elements League of Legends.
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Season 10, 10.1, 10.2, Patch 10.1, Patch 10.2, Patch 10.3, Patch 10.4
Patch 10.1 Tier List, Season 10 Patch 10.1, Season 10 Patch 10.2, Patch 10.3, Patch 10.4, Patch 10.5, Patch 10.6, Patch 10.7, Patch 10.8, Patch 10.9, Patch 10.10, Patch 10.11, Patch 10.12, Patch 10.13 League of Legends
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League of Legends History
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Patch Rundown Patch Guide League of Legends - (SaintVicious)
Why It's Overpowered in League of Legends - (JeremyGC)
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Warwick 4.20 League of Legends
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Patch 10.13 on the PBE on surrender at 20
Pool Party Syndra, Pool Party Jarvan, Yuumi, Yuumi Nerfs
►U.GG for Graves Jungle Runes And Build on U.GG
►U.GG for Riven Top Lane Runes And Build on U.GG
►U.GG for Master Yi Jungle And Build on U.GG
Concepts: Best ADC 10.12, Best support 10.12, best mid laners 10.12, best junglers 10.12, best top laners 10.12 patch 10.12 rundown, 10.12 lol, 10.12 changes, Cloud rift 10.12, Infernal rift 10.12, Dragon changes 10.12, Elemental Rift changes 10.12, Ghost 10.12, Ghost buffs 10.12, Guardian buffs 10.12, Predator buffs 10.12, Unflinching buffs 10.12, Taste of blood changes 10.12, Approach velocity buffs 10.12, Varus nerfs 10.12, Yasuo nerfs 10.12, Cassiopeia nerfs 10.12, fiddlesticks nerfs 10.12, Trundle nerfs 10.12, Volibear buffs 10.12, Volibear hotfix 10.11, Akali buffs 10.12, Senna buffs 10.12, Xayah buffs 10.12, Brand buffs 10.12, Viktor buffs 10.12,
Concepts: Best ADC 10.13, Best support 10.13, best mid laners 10.13, best junglers 10.13, best top laners 10.13 patch 10.13 rundown, 10.13 lol, 10.13 changes, Conqueror nerfs 10.13, Deaths dance nerfs 10.13, Yuumi nerfs 10.13, Syndra nerfs 10.13, Ornn nerfs 10.13, Cassiopeia nerfs 10.13, Aphelios nerfs 10.13, Kalista nerfs 10.13, Nocturne jungle buffs 10.13, Yorick buffs 10.13, Gnar buffs 10.13, Vi buffs 10.13, Lucian buffs 10.13, Rakan buffs 10.13, Kog'maw buffs 10.13, Nunu buffs 10.13,
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  • Exil

    Support video next? Janna - The Most Nerfed Champion Ever?

    • alen tesija
      alen tesija

      Lets talk about maybe old soraka, she could heal herself with spell a d give mana back to herself or enemy, she was prolly most op champ

    • Wraith

      Most of this still applies to s11.

    • Richard Parker
      Richard Parker

      I used to solo mid with Janna season 3. Stupid champ back then. Much love to her.

    • Aryan Kumar
      Aryan Kumar

      What if we do 1,1,1,1,1? top, top jg, mid, bot jg, adc? Seems interesting. How about a video?

    • Alejandro Azevedo
      Alejandro Azevedo

      Samira in a couple of patches: Pointing and laughing at the other champs while sharing a nice beer with Akali

  • C N
    C N

    “Udyr will never be meta” Welp this aged poorly

  • Rennan Fabricio
    Rennan Fabricio

    RIP Chronoshift :(

  • kawaiiempoleon

    Oh is this why my main is shit?

  • Ace Healer
    Ace Healer

    It's cool learning about this game's history

  • Galva boy
    Galva boy


  • Corfex


  • victor Alvares
    victor Alvares

    And here we are at 2021 with udyr powerfarm meta again

  • Robert Bagacay
    Robert Bagacay

    Bring back Spear of shojin

  • Tyson Gregory
    Tyson Gregory

    Omfg feral flare

  • Bryan Tiu
    Bryan Tiu

    Lvl 2 Dragon with Pantheon was fun All chat was very funny

  • crisisASP

    udyr: *does good for 2 weeks* riot: get back in the closet ye demon your rework isnt ready

  • 6O66Y Beats
    6O66Y Beats

    I ate a pound of cupcake batter

  • Joey Flowers
    Joey Flowers

    V4.7. I carried a game as jungle vayne.. pretty much everything you need to know about feral flare right there.

  • DuncanIdaho1980

    Well, season 11 baby ^^

  • Lucas de Andrade
    Lucas de Andrade

    Finally, I watched an entire video of yours. Great video, good job!

  • Luigi Vidal
    Luigi Vidal

    February 2021 Turbo Chemtank Udyr becomes so broken that Udyr atually gets a nerf, without powerfarming

  • Gustav Kolind
    Gustav Kolind


  • John Mckinnely
    John Mckinnely

    The gaudy fibre clearly nail because text immunochemically wish from a sophisticated propane. longing, lazy apple

  • Jasper Vermeer
    Jasper Vermeer

    Except Karthus...he's the only one played in high elo...but he's been directly and indirectly nerfed now so RIP

  • Ðraconas

    Ah the good old days when jungle camps actually did damage instead of heal you. I miss those times

  • WhatSupp

    Imagine watching this is 2021 KEKW

  • Joe Helland
    Joe Helland

    There were a few champs that wriggles was absolutely busted on.

    • Joe Helland
      Joe Helland

      Also, the way to beat those feral flare junglers was to play lee sin or another early game powerful jungler like alistar, and crush down the enemy team before feral flare happens. I agree tho that it was a pretty toxic era due to that item.

  • G Brookes
    G Brookes

    Wow and then 6 months later power farmers became meta again WITHOUT a stacking jungle item. Props to riot I guess.

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy

    I miss my teammates shouting:GANK!, when I was 20 min farming for feral flare:D

  • GW

    19:24 Ah, the day TSM actually let C9 win on purpose so C9 wouldn't get relegated. They were like, "Quick, everyone line up on the wall so Gnar can fuck us! Make it look good!"

  • Arda Menekşe
    Arda Menekşe

    I remember trick's 100 stack feral flare video

  • XeroKimo

    I remember back in season 2, I'd rush wriggles on Fiora top. 1650 gold for life steal, ad, armor, ward, and easier farming. It was a no brainer

  • FeelkStuff

    It's so nice to remember all these things

  • Henrik H
    Henrik H

    And now in 2021, Udyr is back, after item changes and direct buffs.

  • RolyPoly

    Ahh Wriggle's Lantern. I remember when it was released. They made a short story and lore regarding its discovery in-universe. I think Ezreal found it while randomly wandering the jungle doing his explorer thing.

  • Internet Savage
    Internet Savage

    Well they buffed udyr and it's a fucking nightmare. Full tank running at max ms to oneshot me, it just shows that riot has no limits on how bad they want to fuck up this game.

  • Paul M
    Paul M

    Udyr never played? This aged well

  • ReyRey9752


  • Michal Ježek
    Michal Ježek

    Laughing in Udyr RN... :D

  • Jandipopo_art

    I love watching your videos, it kinda shows how clueless riot is when it comes to balancing haha.

  • Anthony Ly
    Anthony Ly

    The unbecoming swordfish focally amuse because ticket proportionally hum but a frightened frightening full fumbling functional girl. wet, womanly perch

  • Dauth Eldrvaria
    Dauth Eldrvaria

    Oh god... Old WW I remember insta banning or insta picking him always. Early league I was Diamond lol. Now after quitting. I feel like they’ve done good things, u can’t be brainless that’s for sure.... Post edit... then he mentioned the shyvanna shit xD

  • SDMittens

    Shyvana got buffed

  • Zois Antonopoulos
    Zois Antonopoulos

    What happened to risk and consequences? If i want to power farm i risk losing the game early but know that if the enemy doesn't end i can win it. What's so wrong with that? Kayle and Kassa are literally lvl 16 gods. Are they toxic too? Kayles ONLY job is to survive and not feed until 11 or 16. How is this not the same with a power farming jungler.

  • Warhead Todd
    Warhead Todd

    reminding for sated devourer shyvana almost made me cry, my baby has never been even close to that level of power ever since. i might be dumb, but to this day i still main ad shyv

  • Paul Anderson
    Paul Anderson

    Anyone remember Devourer Vayne?

  • Julia Winkel
    Julia Winkel

    the true jungle diff

  • SupStePer

    the reason i stopped jungle.... removal of devour... rip

  • sartaj Sandhu
    sartaj Sandhu

    Other than stacking champs, sated devourer jax most op shit ever

    • sartaj Sandhu
      sartaj Sandhu

      Or double hitting rage blade

  • Hoai Le
    Hoai Le

    Give me my doggo, i carry you

  • Matthew K
    Matthew K

    Ah yes, the old smite effects. I remember Cassiopia strat where she’d take smite to get the gromp buff and would start E, meaning you couldn’t auto her ever or else she’d machine gun you down.

  • D Burris
    D Burris

    Season 11 is here. Let’s scrap this and try again boyos!!!

  • George LU
    George LU

    seeing how fucking hard the shaco jg clear is now I am completely okay with the fact that some old players just decimates my ass. When I started playing jg(or league in general) in mid 2018 pretty much anyone can solo clear

  • Jay Weezy
    Jay Weezy

    y’all forgot bout ap yi at worlds.... one of the plays that started it all

  • Ryan

    Rest In Peace, Feral Flare. You will be missed dearly.

  • Darien Forney
    Darien Forney

    “And it was all thanks to one thing...” Me: Sated devourer. “Feral flare” DAMNIT

  • Sr. Boi Olla
    Sr. Boi Olla

    At the second half of S5 Riot also increase the jungle camp's spawn timings, which forced junglers to always gank and that was also awful for some junglers in solo q, like Udyr (which i main). Thankfully they changed it now in S11, so powerfarming can be viable again when there are no good ganking opportunities.

  • Hiệu Nguyễn bá
    Hiệu Nguyễn bá

    Whenever riot neft a champion’s movement speed they indirectly buff udir

  • Kyan Edgar
    Kyan Edgar

    damn that intro hit hard...

  • Xingyu Zhang
    Xingyu Zhang

    I think we are not at an okay spot. Master Yi is still recommended to new comers to the jungle role and we have Kayn whose own form mechanic forces him to fight.

  • Gigantyczne Jabłko
    Gigantyczne Jabłko

    One mistake: Power farming is not unique to jungle. - A person who plays decent Singed.

    • Joe Mit
      Joe Mit

      Nasus and Veigar exist.

  • MeldrickCz

    Good old jungle, where leach was rocket science for itself. Oh the memmories.

  • Jorge Chávez
    Jorge Chávez

    damn i love playing shyv

  • Jorge Chávez
    Jorge Chávez


  • Blaze The Bass Man
    Blaze The Bass Man

    Watching your videos bring me back to my time playing League in high school... nostalgic

  • Vesper Pratt
    Vesper Pratt

    I in fact; Still miss Feral Flare. But not as much as I miss old Aatrox

  • Nolan Beck
    Nolan Beck

    Back in my day, the birds were ghosts and gromp was still a bad name in someone's head

  • Joe Usakowski
    Joe Usakowski

    Maybe I'm the odd one out, but I legitimately miss the old "feed till full build then 1v5" champions from the early days of League. Going 1/18/0 in lane, farming to full build, then strutting down mid lane, big dick swinging to 1v5 the enemy team and crush the nexus was way more fun to me than the current state of the game

  • Aryan Kumar
    Aryan Kumar

    3:12 when ever I see this type of intro, II check if I ma subbed to you or not xD

  • Joshua Lee
    Joshua Lee

    The enchanting trial histologically suspect because blizzard parallely glue a a awesome market. zippy, drab watch

  • Sava Kirilov
    Sava Kirilov

    10:40 feelin like the titanic is sinkin

  • Collin Hunt
    Collin Hunt

    How ya gonna miss runeglaive ezreal, those few patches were insane

  • One does not simply
    One does not simply

    It was so much more interesting when the game took finesse. Today they give everyone the tools to succeed.

  • RamenWithMayo

    can we talk about how broken shaco is tho

  • InsaneWind

    Madreds Razor had always been a thing since 2009 and has always had a version of the same passive of wriggles lantern. I used to Jungle back then and i loved it because it was a challenge i stopped jungling when they took away the challenges of knowing the timers.

  • setthegoldenboi

    Yeah I remember doing dr at lvl3 using nidalee is ez af

  • Nacho Bear
    Nacho Bear

    The first sentence in this video really does hold true in light of the recent jungle item rework.

  • Gardner

    Lvl 15 Ap shiv a _poke_ champ while she 1 shots an Ashe through a wall with 1 e.

  • Balthazar228

    I miss Feral Flare Rammus. You could 1v1 the enemy ADC, at any point, all game, and the attack speed was so useful on him back when he didn’t get attack speed from his e and got armor pen

  • Márton Malárik
    Márton Malárik

    After nearly 11 years of playing I finally left the game. But man it feels good to look back at the old times.

  • Nicolas Hambursin
    Nicolas Hambursin

    Damn knowing every damn item he speaks about made me feel like i migth have played league for too long 😂

  • Nolan Boehme
    Nolan Boehme

    I miss Shyvana lol I'm a Shyvana (and heim) main

  • Therealjetpilot

    Fkn ryze ult is garbage. Such a great champ gimped by usless teleport

  • Valentin Reinhardt
    Valentin Reinhardt

    so much bullshit talk about the first jungle games. you go cloth 5 pots and you could stack 3-4 boxes on top of each other who would instan kill blue buff ..... Leaching wasnt a thing most of the times nobody thought about that.

  • Thotaro Joestar
    Thotaro Joestar

    1:34 "... And graves is the best jingler in the game for 4 years now"

  • Jose Silva
    Jose Silva

    NA just destroyed the game because constantly whining. Mimimi not fare, teemo jungle crying all game not fare, singed suporte mimimi not fare

  • josh h
    josh h

    I started playing slightly before feral flare, man that thing was fun

  • Call me Orca
    Call me Orca

    Feral flare love. I miss you.

  • Pine

    15:45 dunkeyyy

  • Monsieur Marteau
    Monsieur Marteau

    It was the good old time, I remember playing udyr and absolutely wrecking every single games thanks to the feral flare

  • Sunny Macwan
    Sunny Macwan

    When I started out, I followed a jg guide from FoxDrop. Did not realize it was outdated. Had teammates raging at me. Good thing I was playing Yi and teammates were able to hold their own and not feed. After a couple purchases was able to deal Yi damage and win the game.. Quit playing jg after that.

  • Chapmonster

    its a shame shyvana is now an AD bruiser in s11

  • Chapmonster

    rip feral flare. my favourite item that gave me so much joy in jungle

  • Holo Simp
    Holo Simp

    Ah yes, I remember the days of Devourer Master Yi Shit's broken in the late game

  • Ducks

    They have been buffing udyr so this is now a lie

  • Mink Tanker
    Mink Tanker

    As a person who has never played league, I wonder if you can have a stacking jungle item that grows only if you attack the enemy teams champions but only benefits you when farming In the jungle? or at least benefits you a lot more in the jungle than it does while pvping.

  • Joe Upham
    Joe Upham

    I love these videos. So well put together.

  • Podrick is Azor Ahai!
    Podrick is Azor Ahai!

    this is just so much nostalgia

  • Arky

    The good old days of devourer

  • Matthew Showalter
    Matthew Showalter

    Imagine still playing league lmao. Not sure why this is in my recommendee

  • _Marluxia

    Honestly, I miss being able to power farm to god-status on jungle. It was the role where you could legit say "Fuck my whole team, I'M doing my own thing because they're being toxic and feeding."

  • Leon the Nice
    Leon the Nice

    I remember when I started playing league. Had four games of Heimerdinger and then played Shaco once. Bought Devourer, built full AS plus Hydra and let me tell you I was HOOKED! Got to 120k Mastery points before it was nerfed into Sated Devourer, with stacking to 160 in one of my all-time best games was so much fun but I‘m glad it was removed tbh :P

  • Tanner Shean
    Tanner Shean


  • Lax&Load

    teemo gaming