The Champions League of Legends Can't Buff | A History of Hard Carry Junglers in League of Legends
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The legacy footage for Jungle and Shaco was actually recorded recently, on the alpha servers of the Chronoshift Project.
If you are interested in what you saw, check out their website here!
This is a video covering the history of Jungle, Feral Flare, Jungling Metas and overpowered junglers, and the history of league of legends, and Season 10 League of Legends, Rise of the Elements League of Legends.
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Patch 10.13 on the PBE on surrender at 20
Pool Party Syndra, Pool Party Jarvan, Yuumi, Yuumi Nerfs
►U.GG for Graves Jungle Runes And Build on U.GG
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Concepts: Best ADC 10.12, Best support 10.12, best mid laners 10.12, best junglers 10.12, best top laners 10.12 patch 10.12 rundown, 10.12 lol, 10.12 changes, Cloud rift 10.12, Infernal rift 10.12, Dragon changes 10.12, Elemental Rift changes 10.12, Ghost 10.12, Ghost buffs 10.12, Guardian buffs 10.12, Predator buffs 10.12, Unflinching buffs 10.12, Taste of blood changes 10.12, Approach velocity buffs 10.12, Varus nerfs 10.12, Yasuo nerfs 10.12, Cassiopeia nerfs 10.12, fiddlesticks nerfs 10.12, Trundle nerfs 10.12, Volibear buffs 10.12, Volibear hotfix 10.11, Akali buffs 10.12, Senna buffs 10.12, Xayah buffs 10.12, Brand buffs 10.12, Viktor buffs 10.12,
Concepts: Best ADC 10.13, Best support 10.13, best mid laners 10.13, best junglers 10.13, best top laners 10.13 patch 10.13 rundown, 10.13 lol, 10.13 changes, Conqueror nerfs 10.13, Deaths dance nerfs 10.13, Yuumi nerfs 10.13, Syndra nerfs 10.13, Ornn nerfs 10.13, Cassiopeia nerfs 10.13, Aphelios nerfs 10.13, Kalista nerfs 10.13, Nocturne jungle buffs 10.13, Yorick buffs 10.13, Gnar buffs 10.13, Vi buffs 10.13, Lucian buffs 10.13, Rakan buffs 10.13, Kog'maw buffs 10.13, Nunu buffs 10.13,
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  • Exil

    Support video next? Janna - The Most Nerfed Champion Ever?

    • Somoko Animations
      Somoko Animations

      @Metalslave94 Yeaaaaah, I know it's supposed to be about keeping your laner at the same level as you if they back or something but it's actually very useless. Usually when you want to level them up they level up before you can deposit the exp. If Riot could be creative for more than two seconds, maybe make it so Zilean can 'death's dance' allies and allow them to take the damage over time.

    • Metalslave94

      Zilean "fix my passive"


      Azir : hi

    • Tylor armstrong
      Tylor armstrong

      Lol the most unloved one gotta be yorick all reworks

    • Somoko Animations
      Somoko Animations

      @Boltok95 Also how Riot builds against off-meta instead of allowing it to be.

  • TSG KiLLem Twice
    TSG KiLLem Twice

    Bruv.. his last description of that afk farming yi was literally how it was! I would just farm, hope my team wouldn’t throw too much and come out of the jg and big dick the enemy all around the rift.. my team would flame me the entire game, the enemy would catch me running round in their JG and I’d get a triple and my team would stfu for a bit.. I’d keep farming and sometimes my team would just wait for me lol there’s times in norms where there are two yi’s😈 then we just wait to see who come out of that jungle first🤣 or who can Q dodge cc better.. or who used their Q too early or who had that 1 different item that would give them that edge if it came down to it. It’s funny because it was all true.. what he said🤦‍♂️ and that was League of Legends for a little bit.. now there are mythic items🤷‍♂️this game is dope, forever changing, still remaining true.. I love it. Hate it and hate to love it. This is the game we play❤️


    Green potion jungle Chogath, start golems. I started jungling when a Warwick jumped put of a bush and scared the shit out of me.

  • DR Frogo
    DR Frogo



    When my boy aurelion gonna get that limelight ;-;

  • Jeffrey Crouse
    Jeffrey Crouse

    I used to play fizz jungle with devourer, hextech gunblade, and nashors tooth. My highest winrate of season 5 was with that build.

  • Your local Trash panda
    Your local Trash panda

    You could talk about paint drying and make it good enough that I would watch a 20 minute video

  • EarthmeisterIndigo

    And now Yi and Udyr are back to running ammuck over low Elo

  • ElvisTek MINECRAFT
    ElvisTek MINECRAFT

    How do you make this vid so epic?

  • O Fenómeno
    O Fenómeno

    Why does Riot have such an obsession with fixing what ain't broken?

  • O Fenómeno
    O Fenómeno

    Don't you think that having different teams with a different number of players on each lane would make the game more interesting?

  • Trashloot

    Old jungle was mainly warwick. And you had to talk your team into allowing you to jungle. xD Good times.

  • Para0234

    Well, now that the neo-duskblade exists, you build yi as an assassin and permaganks the adc until he disconnects.

  • Luis Lopez
    Luis Lopez

    Yoooooooo, I haven't seen any of your videos before and I f love it. Wish RSloft recommended your chanel before.

  • MeinKingLP

    58% win rate on WW, ROOKIE NUMBERS, Amumu would like to have a talk with you!

  • Ababei Robert Petronel
    Ababei Robert Petronel

    With s11 i gotta say master yi looking more viable then ever offering after first return gud ganks and he can 2v 2 bonus you have a high chance if gancking after scutle or half clear jungle

  • mako wako
    mako wako

    *Cries in Kindred*

  • kotsifis250

    sated devourer....i miss you

  • Justin Harding
    Justin Harding

    This didn’t age well 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • OneManWolfPack

    Ah yes the Feral Flare and devourer meta, the good old days. Also, AP Shyvana is even more boring and frustrating to deal with than the on hit Shyvana, Change My Mind.

  • Daniel Longhin
    Daniel Longhin

    really good

  • SystemDemon

    10 years of poor gameplay, and riot mediocer ideas

  • Penguin Jesus
    Penguin Jesus

    Yep, another masterpiece

  • Dingus Dong
    Dingus Dong

    I remember these days. The worst. For soloqueue. So infamous even Jeremy I’m dogshit at explaining anything correctly and accurately curios got this one right.

  • Frizzophobia

    Is this FitMC but LoL?

  • Chester Bunglay
    Chester Bunglay

    Fiddlesticks lvl 2 DR was op!

  • Mantaforce

    I remember 1 game where the enemy team got their shyvana to over 100 stacks. It hurt. We had already basically lost way before they reached that point but they kept stacking and I didnt even care anymore ^^ It was just funny to see an op dragon ripping you apart.

  • Iebbek

    Xin zhao, the forgotten god

  • zack

    4 months later: Riot: the jungle camps now spawn much faster, making the farming junglers best junglers!

  • Mansur Ali Bilgiç
    Mansur Ali Bilgiç

    Why is udyr wearing sandals on his 3250rp skin. Why. Like he's a cut guy with something close to a dream beard, but he wears sandals. Just why.

  • Gabriel Castañeda
    Gabriel Castañeda

    Who would've guessed. Powerfarming Graves is the most picked champ in the 2020 worlds

  • Noe Bautista
    Noe Bautista

    cried a little when he said feral flare

  • Ohini Anahi Uhki
    Ohini Anahi Uhki

    I LOVE THESE VIDEOS! RIP Feral Flare, RIP Phoenix Mc'Rapey Udyr with it!

  • Fak A Yu
    Fak A Yu

    Wait WHAT?!? Chronoshift project? You're telling me i'm going to ba a league addict again? FFS...

  • Handsome Longshanks
    Handsome Longshanks

    I remember when anyone could dominate with jungle udyr. Great but bad times lol

  • lorenzo maddox
    lorenzo maddox

    I subscribed just because of how good your introductions are!

  • lorenzo maddox
    lorenzo maddox

    I subscribed just because of how good your introductions are!

  • Rory Mac
    Rory Mac

    Madreds bloodrazor was the original jungle item

  • Alexander Phan
    Alexander Phan

    No wonder the enemy top laner is getting ganks and I'm not, they are running the 2 1 2 strat while we have a farming jg.

  • Ventus

    Case in point. NA Server rates Master Yi as the most annoying champ to deal with, yet he isn't played too much in higher elo because they all know his weakness and a lot of people generally like using a different champion like karthus instead. The only ones that are loud about Master Yi tend to be low elo. Every other region chose some other champion that was considered annoying. In higher Elos like Gold or Platinum, he isn't picked as much.... or use wierd strageties like funneling that got nerfed.

  • Wojciech Kozak
    Wojciech Kozak

    Saying Riot cannot buff and mentioning Master Yi, wtf

  • Malvatoss

    J4 jungle with spirit of the lizard elder was my pocket pick

  • Zerou Vermillion
    Zerou Vermillion

    I once used Bloodrazor and Rageblade on shyvana season 8. She steamrolled 1v1s... Oh, and she had little to no armor items and still 1v1ed a nasus of equal farm.

  • Taro's Tavern
    Taro's Tavern

    they ruined the game by buffing assassins for flashy plays...that's why it is a shell of what it was

  • Kemar Easington
    Kemar Easington

    Lol feral flare soo long ago

  • XxevilgoatxX

    The beginning of this video will not hold up after season 11

  • JPG

    Udyr is a huge problem. My favorite character in the game. His kit is outdated by now, he might either need a dash or a way to ignore walls and he always had one problem: Change his numbers and you make or break him. He always has to be slightly underpowered or he will dominate.

  • Orthane

    Master Yi, Warwick, and Udyr Devourer was fun.

  • Moekofi

    All you had to say was jungle from 2014 to early 2015 for my PTSD to start kicking in

  • jior6

    I love how throughout Leagues history a few broken champs ruin the state of jungle for everyone else, and instead of nerfing these handful of champs, they nerf the whole jungle, making your champion weaker everytime. Good stuff, Riot. Fun game. (Oh, and 90% of the time it's always Yi's fault. Remove this stupud fiucking outdated champ.)

  • Crim son
    Crim son

    Watching that old school Shaco Jungle gameplay was painful. Shaco was one of the best old school no leash junglers, why would you start Wolves and instead of Blue? It's like you're intentionally making it look bad to setup a strawman argument

  • YouTube Profile
    YouTube Profile

    In Season 11 everything will be op except afk farming junglers :P

  • James Fitzgerald
    James Fitzgerald

    Honestly, I wasn't around during the era but old League looks SO much fun and a lot more, stylistic, I guess is the word, Riot should release a classic mode or something.

  • x DeathCon
    x DeathCon

    I enjoy yi a lot but playing that type of jungler just makes my team have a bad time, so I don't play him

  • Noodles

    I am and still am a Evelynn main, man I miss her damage

    • Noodles

      @fidjdbdj ficbfk it felt that her damage is weaker noe

    • fidjdbdj ficbfk
      fidjdbdj ficbfk

      lmao u joking

  • Verysour

    Jungle is on of best roles

  • Jay Mon
    Jay Mon

    Ah Wriggle, from my favorite anime

  • Adam Daw
    Adam Daw

    All these jg’s you were talking always did that before them items came in

  • One does not simply
    One does not simply

    Back when just clearing the camp required finesse. Game was so much more appealing back then.

  • Trevor Reddell
    Trevor Reddell

    I’m confused this is Phreak narrating , correct? Am I just dumb? Seeing Phreak notes... in the video 7:09 made me laugh

  • Tristan

    Haha remember when laners would leash buffs by hitting them then pathing back in forth so the jungles never took damage?

  • Donik Sama
    Donik Sama

    I just cried cause I remember every jungle change

  • Stedysteel Sted
    Stedysteel Sted

    Totally forgot spirit jungle item

  • matheus antonio fontolan
    matheus antonio fontolan

    Shyvana ap more dynamic = Shyvana Press R+E and procced to kill your Adc . Good video, I played during Feral Flare and Devourer, was quite interesting.

  • Diego

    I used devourer in Diana, it empowered all her autos with the fulgor once it was sated.

  • Onslaught on sight
    Onslaught on sight

    Lmaooo I recall trying jungle fizz back in the day 😭

  • Fighter Lm
    Fighter Lm


  • masterbory

    cool vids man,

  • Kosmischer Kauz
    Kosmischer Kauz

    Better buff irelia

  • Drue Kees
    Drue Kees

    this video is too dated thanks to Lillia lol

  • Christian Galo
    Christian Galo

    All the champions are has the same strength but have different skills

  • Frank Reed Maravilla
    Frank Reed Maravilla

    No body ever mentions poppy. Poor poppy

  • Yousor0

    Trick be already limit testing

  • Skystrike70

    Can you do a video on Tryndamere, the most ignored champion? Legit had like 3 patch notes mentions in like 7 years

  • Benjamin Sutton
    Benjamin Sutton

    I played shaco poppy jungle and had 20 kills almost every game

  • Annie Bot
    Annie Bot


  • shurimaballer

    What’s funny I’ve seen all these champs get abut over 4 years but zilean

  • TheEmperorOfDrifts

    Lets see it from this point. Your master yi was farming all game long for flare and the enemy Jingles was fanning all the time. But then master yisus ran to enemy team pressed Q and everything was dead KEKW

  • Sonja Kostic
    Sonja Kostic

    I Still remember good old days

  • Jonathan Dee
    Jonathan Dee

    Oh spirit stone items. We've only danced for a short while but I did love you oh so dearly.

  • Diego Brando
    Diego Brando

    What about jungle pantheon? Isnt that a popular melee jungle?

  • Gerardo Treviño De Cima
    Gerardo Treviño De Cima

    i miss you mah dragon lady :(

  • alfred paz
    alfred paz

    Wrigglers lantern-magic damage and lifesteals infinitely stacking is the best times of league.

  • Mike Miller
    Mike Miller

    Dude you just brought me down memory lane

  • Michael Stockdall
    Michael Stockdall

    Why can no one who makes videos pronounce Xin Zhao's name correctly?

  • Pip Is Flank
    Pip Is Flank

    Will they ever buff teemo :(

  • Faiz Sufrikhan
    Faiz Sufrikhan

    Oh! So the lantern WAS a real thing... here I was coming back to league after a year off and thinking I must have been stepping on too many Teemo mushrooms. Not to mention how confused I was when I saw teemo throwing bonemerangs and turning into a giant house throwing dinosaur

  • carlitos el cubanito
    carlitos el cubanito

    This man offends the boomer ur talking about the god dyr

  • ClaytoniusDoesThings

    This vid seemed to be more about the jungle items than the actual jung power farm champs. As a player, I’m getting the sense that the nature of the kits of these champions makes them difficult to adjust. It makes the gap between being a playable minion to essentially hacking extremely small.

  • Shahzad Khan
    Shahzad Khan

    200 Years

  • fernando ribeiro
    fernando ribeiro

    i dont know bro, for me its healthier to play against a power farm jungler than hard ganker one, i mean atleast i can play the lane phase without being perma ganked and i have a chance to carry if i did everything correctly, but when i play against hard ganker champions they camp your lane kill you 1-2 times if they are not that good, the enemy get cs advantage e the gold from the tower, while the hard ganker jungler has the same xp and gold or more compared to a hard carry jungler

  • HelpQuarantineMadeMeAWeeb

    I miss the days when I can still fill the roles of a jungler just fine when I'm with my friends. After stopping for 2 yrs (2018-2020) I got dumbfounded and got gapped easily 😢😂

  • mariana gomez
    mariana gomez

    I KNEW the feral flare was coming and still wasnt ready im crying. Return the feral flare 2020

  • Waffle

    Old aatrox and warwick.... dude i miss season 3

  • Camilo Nicolas
    Camilo Nicolas

    Title: champions riot can't buff Video: talks about items that doesn't exist anymore

    • Toastbr0t1337

      yea this dude doesnt even talk about what champions they cant buff or why he just goes on about items LOL

    • Ventus

      Riot has been nerfing Yi here and there, for example, they nerfed his R because people were complaining about not being able to run away even though one o fhte primary functions is to move fast to get to people...

    • Umbra Ghosts
      Umbra Ghosts

      @Camilo Nicolas I mean they buffed the phoenix stance again

    • Camilo Nicolas
      Camilo Nicolas

      @Umbra Ghosts like... Again again? After phoenix buff?

    • Umbra Ghosts
      Umbra Ghosts

      And udyr just got buffed again

  • EniSikee

    Why this made me sad

  • Mortifer713

    By the way, trick2g is hard stuck platinum trash lol. I've lost so many games because of that bitch teaching people to be useless trolls

  • Mortifer713

    Spirit of the elder lizard and the wraith one on some mids / junglers op

  • Mortifer713

    Aye July 13th my bday!

  • Austin Richard
    Austin Richard

    He just got buffed

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339 хиљ.