The Champions That Riot Will Be Removing From League of Legends | Stat Sticks Documentary
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Today, let's talk about a league of legends champions that have a very interesting history, Dr. Mundo, Shyvana, Renekton, Jax, Master Yi, and Tryndamere . Even though they have been broken and an op champion for season 10 to climb ranked, in the past these stat stick champions in league of legends were even stronger. Let's take a look in todays league of legends documentary, about the history of the stat stick genre of champions in league of legends.
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  • Exil

    Hope you enjoyed, have a great holiday season and be sure to tell the people that matter most in your life that you love them. I will try to upload 1 more video before the end of the year, but if not, I'll see you guys in 2020! :)

    • Ivan R.
      Ivan R.

      Even then league was much balanced then today.

    • P D.V
      P D.V

      Nice video. But can you or have you created a video on all of the oldskool items that were remove?

    • Janusz

      I miss 5x Sunfire + boots on old Evelyn you was just invisible moving dot :)

    • Đăng Hải Nguyễn
      Đăng Hải Nguyễn

      @ФИО наFidd? Nearly more than Half of his kit stay. And he now much better thank to his jungle clear speed faster than most of other Jungle champion (while full heath)

    • ФИО на
      ФИО на

      *Liked or not bet...* Modern or also called "reworked" champs end up like this... RIP - Aatrox (Sion v2.0) RIP - Irelia (finger-toe mechanics killed her as a toplaner) RIP - Fiddlestick (yes it's dead as a red by now) ...and many more. The only success rework was... Warwick. And yes, "hasagi" is a most toxic champ in this game due chained mechanics.

  • Razvan frogga
    Razvan frogga

    rip udyr thought he looked fun until it went meta so i won t miss him bye bye

  • RetroDec

    Just you wait till they buff rumble

  • daniel paxton
    daniel paxton

    I miss frozen mallet

  • Sleepy Hollow
    Sleepy Hollow

    i understand the reason of why reworking, All online pvp games should give yoou a chance of couterplay by skill thats for a fact, but i just dont think it will be healthy for league to Eliminate the stat Champs.

  • K

    I like Mundo but Ezrael I don't understand with like 3 pokes and a teleport. The pokes don't even kill minions fast enough lol and it's been a while but I don't think w kils minions. Some people even use his ult to clear minions lol

  • Eleos

    If they changing mundo in the future cleaver should stay and ult maybe. Other than that they can play around giving him insane movement speed like rushing animation or running like a wild man he is for gap closers much like olaf's ult where he cant be cc'd then there's the passive is good sustain for staying in lane,

  • Jimbo Shrimp
    Jimbo Shrimp

    Now for Trynd to be removed

  • h3nder

    It's been a year Exil, the cancer is still there.

  • Vincent Fdr
    Vincent Fdr

    Yorick is still here lol

  • Kaloqn Velinov
    Kaloqn Velinov

    Stat sticks are healthy and are needed. Why? Cause lol player aint all that weak. When you release an insane champion like Samira what do you think is gonna happen? Is she really all that hard to play? No. A Gold player can easily pick her up and ruin games cause she is overloaded. I feel a lot cooler and am i a lot more happy when i win with Annie or Malzahar or Velkoz cause my only dash is called Flash and it takes a lot of skill to use it efficiently, unlike 1 sec cooldown dashes that can just be spammed and nothing wrong ever happens.

  • Tiogar

    8:30 doesn't titanic hydra still do that today?

  • Tarik Blekic
    Tarik Blekic

    I like Stat Stickd, better than modern overloaded champs.

  • Online Alias
    Online Alias

    I'm good with a tryndamere rework. He's super annoying to play against and not very fun to play.

  • Kaleb Davis
    Kaleb Davis

    Yasuo is just a more mobile stat stick tho...

  • Mateusz Kucharski
    Mateusz Kucharski

    I don't agree that this type of champion is unhealthy for the game. I would rather say it's the healthiest one and it's sad how they are going to extinct to be replaced by this new overloaded abominations. New champions requires way more micro than macro. This is changing a strategy game for a people which used to play another strategies, to game for an idiots which used to wasting time for shooters, and they started playing lol cause they bored.

  • MerlinCross

    Looking back at this when Amumu and Udyr went nuts due to the stats on the Items getting crazy is kinda funny. And to me that's why I'm not gonna come back to League. They keep making overly complex kits and hyper info chained champ/skills/items. I haven't played in like 5 years, who the hell do I play to get back into the game? Who's the basic character to relearn the game with? At the rate it's going, no one. Sometimes I just want to sit back, turn the brain off and play easy rather than keeping track of thousands of interactions. Yeah it's easy to kite Voli. Now it's not gonna be cause I need to worry if I'm near a wall, minions, turrets, bush, wind direction, does the day have an E, what's my tax return and all that jazz because his new kit is gonna do too much. And I have to remember what the other 120 or so complex champs can do as well. Maybe my mind can't process that all anymore but I liked league more back when it was simplier. Yasuo was the warning, Azir was the coming, and Kindred was the final straw before I got out. I like Mundo cause he's easy. Zoe onward? WTF. Everyone wants the skill ceiling to rise. Skill floor though, show this game back to me 10 years ago and I'd call it a complex mess of numbers.

  • Neil Lasrado
    Neil Lasrado

    I don't want trynd to get reworked. Plz god no

  • RolyPoly

    Rammus main here (Obvs). Anybody have any ideas how he could be reworked not as a stat-stick and keep his base gameplay elements? Part of me thinks they'd have to change almost everything about his kit....

    • Matthew Anderson
      Matthew Anderson

      I mean, they already showed you how they're changing your ulti soon (this season)

  • Kristopher Hirabara
    Kristopher Hirabara

    I miss old galio, and Cassiopeia. OG galio was unkillable lol

  • ImRengar OTP
    ImRengar OTP

    02:05 As a Rengar main i cant talk for everyone but when i get killed by a yasuo he doesnt have to do anything at all, he survives my burst and rightclicks without any chance of me doing anything bcs when his 3 shields run off he already lifestealed to fulllife against antiheal.

  • ImRengar OTP
    ImRengar OTP

    18:10 You wanna tell me that you couldnt do the same with every other champ? Some like Rengar have a clear that isnt that easy for first time jgl but there are a ton of champs that can just gank easy af, imagine a nunu pressing w or a udyr pressing e or an elise pressing e a nocturne pressing e a ww pressing e a heca pressing e a shaco pressing q an walking behind you, a vi pressing q, a jax pressing e q,a yi pressing q, a twitch pressing q, a kindred rightclicking you,a rammus pressing q e etc. Maybe im just not good enough to see my mistakes but i dont see the hard part here. And "even" with "hard" champs like lee you can just walk behind them and press r to kick them whereever you want them to be.

  • ImRengar OTP
    ImRengar OTP

    04:40 So what champs are there that you can outplay? Mundo may only have his cleaver you can dodge but what about e.g. 200 years aphelios? He can press R for a penta or rightclick you for different dmg, what is the outplay here? Or is an outplay something like grouping against Rengar so he cant kill you? Or maybe pressing Zhonyas when Zed ults you?

  • Centuros Productions
    Centuros Productions

    Ah, I remember building Metagolem on literally every champion. The memes...

  • Gabriel De Pinho
    Gabriel De Pinho

    i like how volibear is still a stat check, he has 2 auto resets, an aoe slow and a slow dash that isnt even used for the dash, but he is still mostly a stat check

  • Alex Wade
    Alex Wade

    Holy shit I forgot about wriggles lanterns. Haha you just made my day!

  • Dragon Marked
    Dragon Marked

    Honestly if 7 windwall will be created i will sue riot xD

  • Jared

    fast forward to the future and volibear post-rework is still an op stat stick lol

  • C H
    C H

    The Voli rework was a nerf, and he got the Boris treatment. His Q and passive ahould be put back to how they were.

  • Odin Çetin
    Odin Çetin

    lots of people will disagree with me on this one but I think stat stick champs are far more fun to play than others in my opinion ofc

  • TrojanSalesmen

    to the people that wanted the Mundo rework... I hate you all. Stat check champs are fine..also seasons 0-5 were

  • Hipsterghost

    Meanwhile in 2021 no one has been removed.

  • Wospy
    Wospy This data shows champion winrates for players with 50+ ranked games, champion overall winrates, and the difference between the two. If you believe that the difference is a good measure for skillcap, then you'd expect simple stat-check champions to be at the bottom of that list. However, Tryndamere is 5th Trundle is 8th Master Yi is 9th Dr. Mundo is 18th Udyr is 31st And for the new champs, Viego is 50th Rell is 110th Seraphine is 143rd Samira is 85th Seems to fly in the face of what was said in this video.

  • Evan Kraft
    Evan Kraft

    They better not touch trynd's ult and spin You can take my q. You can take my fury. You can even take my chicken. but you can never take my AAARRRARHGHGHGHGHHH!!!

  • Carson Patterson
    Carson Patterson

    I absolutely love these videos. The saddest part about them all is that I've been through almost every stage of this game. And to have nostalgic feelings for it sinks in that... I'm old... And these vids just give me the feels haha. Never though league would be that to me.

  • Venaterox

    Idk why I felt so mad for Mundo at 3:36

  • Jake Walsh
    Jake Walsh

    I hate that riot are making league more complicated in order to make it “better”. Justice for stat sticks.

    • Jake Walsh
      Jake Walsh

      If people want to play complicated champions go play aphelios, but don’t try and change mundo to fit a certain aesthetic that riot wants to appeal to the koreans.

  • SuperiorGo

    They need a damage cap on windwall. Like make it scale of AD and be breakable.

  • Majd Halumi
    Majd Halumi

    you talk so much fukin bs, just for the sake of talking and making a video.

    • Majd Halumi
      Majd Halumi

      @the dezzy dez lul

    • the dezzy dez
      the dezzy dez

      i think your just mad cause bad.

  • DrFcku 2350
    DrFcku 2350

    nope voli is the same you either kite him or die no real counter play

  • Sam Legendre
    Sam Legendre

    Mundo is problematic because he's unstoppable all game, volibear fell off hard late game so IMO he was fun and fair and needed no change

  • Nursultan Tulyakbay
    Nursultan Tulyakbay

    I hate the "modern standards", like man, the old stat stickers and old kits are way better and fun than all the new champs

  • Guillaume

    The fat mordekaiser who destroyed the rift for a long time full tank morde was really hard to deal with

  • Daniel Morales
    Daniel Morales

    that awkward moment when towers don't pass the stat check

  • Agustin Sansierra Gerosa
    Agustin Sansierra Gerosa

    Glad tank meta doesn't exist animo.... oh wait, S11 did it again

  • Uthael Kileanea
    Uthael Kileanea

    I rarely play Mundo (or any melee champion for that matter), but I do hope he stays as that one dumb champion.

  • Joker 760
    Joker 760

    missing the good old days. everyone who joined lol after s4 cant understand what im talking about. IMO the game nowadays is garbage compared to what it was back then.

  • đụt láo nháo
    đụt láo nháo

    league of tank

  • Fritzgar der Hexenkönig von Angmar
    Fritzgar der Hexenkönig von Angmar

    Delete Garen, just delete Garen.

  • Wat Simp
    Wat Simp

    metagolem is league's exodia

  • Drage

    I remember building 4 warmogs on ryze

  • Christian

    WAY to long, slow and boring intro. Video starts at 00:33

  • Jlc Jlc
    Jlc Jlc

    Ohhhhh so thats what Immortal Shield bow is... Its a stat stick. For damage you get 50ad 15%as and 20%crit chance. And for survivability you get a flat 12% lifesteal +15% more lifesteal and a shield if you get low hp.

  • i really dont care
    i really dont care

    2:17 dude morgana pre rework didn't have any legs and that become a meme for a short while many years ago. the funny thing morgana post rework will take any to chance flash her legs at you best inside joke ever

  • J.Karlos P
    J.Karlos P

    I remembered playing against mundo. Theres really no way this champion is playing fair

  • Snake Plissken
    Snake Plissken

    Jfc talking about stacking warmogs back in the day. You know who did that shit? Wood division VI players and fights took forever because nobody did any damage because they all built tank. Build all tank items with a little damage today and the results are the same.

  • Thus


  • SEC_medo ِ
    SEC_medo ِ

    "riot did not like the idea of the tank that also did damage" also riot: Amumu with sunfire can 1v9 and solo baron

  • Modh Khan
    Modh Khan

    Master to is already op even in wild rift ,don't touch my boy.

  • Iname Come Unico
    Iname Come Unico

    Yo can we add sunfire aegis + demonic embrace Amumu in the video? :^

  • Evbb Jones
    Evbb Jones

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the counter play in actually maintaining the distance required to live? Haven't played LoL in many months, but when I do I find myself a Mundo fan. Thing is, I find tons of utility in him with those cleavers, especially when you're trying to find a 5 v 5 or a pick. It's on the victim to evade and escape, and not find themselves in compromising positions, just as its on me to position well and flank to try and catch them. I guess if ultimately, it leads to more champions being viable at the pro level, then I'm for it.

  • Zilean Icath'un
    Zilean Icath'un


  • Nromau Cv
    Nromau Cv

    Everyone: Oh, mundo or volibear me, an intellectual: Udyr never going to be reworked

  • Mystery Man
    Mystery Man

    I don't hate it lol.

  • Adrian Francisco
    Adrian Francisco

    Well this didnt age well

  • Laszlo Neumann
    Laszlo Neumann

    All ADC's are stat sticks, lets remove them all k?

  • O Fenómeno
    O Fenómeno

    I kinda like the simpler champions. Games with them are more about understanding the game rather than about knowing all 50.000 ways in which each of the 200 different champions can kill you. I'd rather see a more strategy-based game rather than one based rather than use based on "mechanic skills"

  • Gercho-San Andrade
    Gercho-San Andrade

    I remember 2 champions, 1 that doesn't exist anymore the other one just can't do it now, that could 1v1 a full hp tower and go out with half hp. One was ad Alistar, back when his passive gave him extra damage to structures, he was the best split pusher that ever existed. The other one the old Taric, when his passive gave him healing aura and increased ap and ad; this is what I mean when I say he doesn't exist anymore, he is a totally different champion back then. You could build a nashor's into a tank build, and laugh in the towers stupid face.

  • Cennix

    personally I think Morgana is kinda broken

  • Rudski

    If an item has a useful passive it's not a stat stick by the very definition....

  • Kris B
    Kris B

    Would love for you to take a look at League's moving away from carried over Dota dynamics in the older days. Dodge chance, denying, etc.

  • ඞ

    Why am I here? I don't even play whatever thi game is!

  • NinjaKat

    Why'd they rework Xerath though :( His W was OP af and nobody knew it, hahah

  • Gilad Fadel
    Gilad Fadel

    20:20 "There's nothing like a 5 man Yasuo ult" Umm how about a 7 balls Syndra ult, one shotting you from 100 to 0 in a point click nuke ability???

  • Anthony Arias
    Anthony Arias

    dr mundo literally just runs at you and thats what i love about him, there should always be a couple stat sticks in the game because sometimes you just feel like turning off your brain and running at them

  • Mansur Ali Bilgiç
    Mansur Ali Bilgiç

    I don't hate to play Mundo but when I face one I am disgusted. That's my view against stat-sticks

  • simplyapollo

    I think League would be a better game with stat sticks. Champs were you can't miss their abilities require a lot more strategy to play as, with, and against. While champs with skillshots makes the flowchart of gameplay be: land skillshot -> win, miss skillshot -> lose. And personally I find champs with less skillshots more fun to play from a strategic sense. While I find champs with more skillshots more fun to play from a casual perspective. From my perspective when I play against an Udyr, every Udyr feels different. You can feel when your playing against a good Udyr player vs a bad Udyr player. You can even feel the difference between two really good Udyr players. Because Udyr requires a more complex from of strategy and having to buy your favorite items items to support your playstyle. While other champs like Yasuo feel more or less the same no matter how good you are (yes I know when Im playing against a good Yasuo) but the strategy from Yasuo ultimately boils down to land your QR combo win, or miss your QR combo lose. Which personally makes the champion feel less expressive. TL;DR if we compare 4 players with 1 million mastery points each, 2 are Udyr mains, 2 are Yasuo mains. The Udyr mains will have more complex differences in their strategy than the two Yasuo players.

  • Dominik Szigedi
    Dominik Szigedi

    that lee Q at 17:26


    the only stat stick i enjoy is annie because she has some kind of skill expression, though most of it involves flash. one fun thing many people do is q with 3 passive stacks then e while its flying to get a crafty stun

  • PootLoops

    Any Shaco Sunfire Stackers?

  • Sigma Male
    Sigma Male

    Is it just me or did you also thought that mundos tunge was his nose. And still think it is his nose everytime i see him even though i know it is his tunge

  • Sigma Male
    Sigma Male

    Please whats up with this afk arena, i i want to play a game im going to play it and not not play game

  • NanashiAlfarr

    Enchanters already have been removed with the new items.

  • Ian Swanson
    Ian Swanson

    Mundo goes where he pleases. that is all you need to know

  • Chainrayen

    Rammus still exists on 2020

  • Kenshiro(XIII)

    I find tryndameres kit extremely unhealty to fight against, because if you don't have long or low cd cc you really cannot do anything

  • Duran Sok
    Duran Sok

    Sona apparently 🙄

  • Cain Suzuko
    Cain Suzuko

    ...And that's why they're gonna rework Udyr after Mundo's rework gets released.

  • Miguel Manuel
    Miguel Manuel

    New champs passive: complex Mundo: more regeneration

  • austin wilcox
    austin wilcox

    Ah yes volibear is definitely not a stack stick champion after the rework.

  • Nandha Visakan
    Nandha Visakan

    Wow this guy is annoying Af! Get to the fcking point already ugh!

  • Verysour

    bro they wont remove any champs

  • Challenjour

    Sorry, but fuck mundo

  • Corwin Amber
    Corwin Amber

    You forgot garen. He hits abilities sure but largely his entire kit just revolves around outstating the enemy and relying on infinite sustain like mundo.

  • Celwenil Eran
    Celwenil Eran

    To some degree, I play Neeko in support role as a stat stick. Because her overall kit is very cheezy and with incredibly high AP ratios, it's rather easy to stick as much AP possible. Then snowball out of control because you have more stats than them. You pressure them. You kill them over and over due to advantage you have and they can't do anything about it.

  • Darkness Dash
    Darkness Dash

    jokes on you volibear is still the same stat stick garbage, but this time he can dive you better and works as an assassin while building tank! how nice :)

  • Orange PhatBoi
    Orange PhatBoi

    After playing PBE's items I can confidently say Riot's "Self-Awareness" and "Excellent Knowledge of their own Game Design" may be literal horse shit. All the tank items are awful compared to the stats and scaling on the ADC and APC ones. Essentially it'll be a horrible meta of EVERYONE is a stat-stick of purely Damage. Whoever does their burst first wins. Whoever decided to flip the order on who gets to be stat-sticks at Riot games needs to be fired. That.Is.Not.Fun.Or.Good.Game.Design. Seriously. When I see a anyone with high attack speed, range, burst and mobility go from 10hp to full from just a few life stealing auto attacks despite being inflicted with GRIEVOUS WOUNDS. I think there's problem. I have tried multiple tank builds, multiple tank characters etc etc etc etc. The only things that work are High Damage, Sustaining, Burst. Essentially. The new "Tank" is now called "Sustain." and that ain't much better. I say let tanks be stat sticks. They are easily countered and easily deal-withable outside of low ELO and they're fantastic ways for newer players to get into the game. Also at higher skill caps these characters rely far less on "Rawr I mundo I rawl garble garble garble in your face" and far more on clever plays. Mass wardings, soloing objectives, Being the Engage for your team, split pushing etc. Even with all that though they fall off against higher skill cap champs and players. Arguably the single best way to beat them is this. Roflstomp them into the ground so they can't build items. It makes them literally useless as they NEED their items to be especially good. They get stronger the longer the game goes on and most higher elo games don't last that long. Not usually. Eventually if they wanna try and reach a higher ceiling then they should play high ceiling champs and focus on their Micro and Macro plays. Riot has absolutely no idea what they're doing based off the current PBE items and they better figure this stuff out before the next Patch because it's not going to be fun.

  • scottarn96

    I loved old volibear ( now I miss his Q so hard...) also tank reksai, old attackspeed xin,

  • Zer0LifeNegi

    Lost all credibility when he said "Yasuo has engaging gameplay."

  • Emerald Knight
    Emerald Knight

    Rework only please those champions are full of our memories

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