The Champions That Riot Will Be Removing From League of Legends | Stat Sticks Documentary
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Today, let's talk about a league of legends champions that have a very interesting history, Dr. Mundo, Shyvana, Renekton, Jax, Master Yi, and Tryndamere . Even though they have been broken and an op champion for season 10 to climb ranked, in the past these stat stick champions in league of legends were even stronger. Let's take a look in todays league of legends documentary, about the history of the stat stick genre of champions in league of legends.
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  • Exil

    Hope you enjoyed, have a great holiday season and be sure to tell the people that matter most in your life that you love them. I will try to upload 1 more video before the end of the year, but if not, I'll see you guys in 2020! :)

    • P D.V
      P D.V

      Nice video. But can you or have you created a video on all of the oldskool items that were remove?

    • Janusz

      I miss 5x Sunfire + boots on old Evelyn you was just invisible moving dot :)

    • 10 - Đăng Nguyễn Hải
      10 - Đăng Nguyễn Hải

      @HE' LLTAKE'RFidd? Nearly more than Half of his kit stay. And he now much better thank to his jungle clear speed faster than most of other Jungle champion (while full heath)

    • HE' LLTAKE'R
      HE' LLTAKE'R

      *Liked or not bet...* Modern or also called "reworked" champs end up like this... RIP - Aatrox (Sion v2.0) RIP - Irelia (finger-toe mechanics killed her as a toplaner) RIP - Fiddlestick (yes it's dead as a red by now) ...and many more. The only success rework was... Warwick. And yes, "hasagi" is a most toxic champ in this game due chained mechanics.

    • Patty

      .... You talking a lot of crap with that mechanic stuff... The important factors for new Champs are literally... Dash, reach, easy to play, high damage... Doesn't matter if tank or adc... On top, you can literally check the new releases since season 6... And over 90% of the Champs released since than have either 3s+ cc, excessive reach, at least one dash, way too high scalings and low mechanical requirements... In fact combos stand atop of micro rn...

  • Adrian Francisco
    Adrian Francisco

    Well this didnt age well

  • Laszlo Neumann
    Laszlo Neumann

    All ADC's are stat sticks, lets remove them all k?

  • O Fenómeno
    O Fenómeno

    I kinda like the simpler champions. Games with them are more about understanding the game rather than about knowing all 50.000 ways in which each of the 200 different champions can kill you. I'd rather see a more strategy-based game rather than one based rather than use based on "mechanic skills"

  • Gercho-San Andrade
    Gercho-San Andrade

    I remember 2 champions, 1 that doesn't exist anymore the other one just can't do it now, that could 1v1 a full hp tower and go out with half hp. One was ad Alistar, back when his passive gave him extra damage to structures, he was the best split pusher that ever existed. The other one the old Taric, when his passive gave him healing aura and increased ap and ad; this is what I mean when I say he doesn't exist anymore, he is a totally different champion back then. You could build a nashor's into a tank build, and laugh in the towers stupid face.

  • Cennix

    personally I think Morgana is kinda broken

  • Rudski

    If an item has a useful passive it's not a stat stick by the very definition....

  • Kris B
    Kris B

    Would love for you to take a look at League's moving away from carried over Dota dynamics in the older days. Dodge chance, denying, etc.

  • MICheeHL

    Why am I here? I don't even play whatever thi game is!

  • NinjaKat

    Why'd they rework Xerath though :( His W was OP af and nobody knew it, hahah

  • Gilad Fadel
    Gilad Fadel

    20:20 "There's nothing like a 5 man Yasuo ult" Umm how about a 7 balls Syndra ult, one shotting you from 100 to 0 in a point click nuke ability???

  • Anthony Arias
    Anthony Arias

    dr mundo literally just runs at you and thats what i love about him, there should always be a couple stat sticks in the game because sometimes you just feel like turning off your brain and running at them

  • Alyssa Richardson
    Alyssa Richardson

    "Shiny new reworks" I absolutely despise the reworks, the only one that made any sense was the Yorick rework for obvious reasons. *RIP old Sion... soooooo much more fun than the reworked Sion...*

  • Mansur Ali Bilgiç
    Mansur Ali Bilgiç

    I don't hate to play Mundo but when I face one I am disgusted. That's my view against stat-sticks

  • simplyapollo

    I think League would be a better game with stat sticks. Champs were you can't miss their abilities require a lot more strategy to play as, with, and against. While champs with skillshots makes the flowchart of gameplay be: land skillshot -> win, miss skillshot -> lose. And personally I find champs with less skillshots more fun to play from a strategic sense. While I find champs with more skillshots more fun to play from a casual perspective. From my perspective when I play against an Udyr, every Udyr feels different. You can feel when your playing against a good Udyr player vs a bad Udyr player. You can even feel the difference between two really good Udyr players. Because Udyr requires a more complex from of strategy and having to buy your favorite items items to support your playstyle. While other champs like Yasuo feel more or less the same no matter how good you are (yes I know when Im playing against a good Yasuo) but the strategy from Yasuo ultimately boils down to land your QR combo win, or miss your QR combo lose. Which personally makes the champion feel less expressive. TL;DR if we compare 4 players with 1 million mastery points each, 2 are Udyr mains, 2 are Yasuo mains. The Udyr mains will have more complex differences in their strategy than the two Yasuo players.

  • Dominik Szigedi
    Dominik Szigedi

    that lee Q at 17:26

  • Sarah Schauer's left toe
    Sarah Schauer's left toe

    the only stat stick i enjoy is annie because she has some kind of skill expression, though most of it involves flash. one fun thing many people do is q with 3 passive stacks then e while its flying to get a crafty stun

  • PootLoops

    Any Shaco Sunfire Stackers?

  • Anime4 LaijFuh
    Anime4 LaijFuh

    Is it just me or did you also thought that mundos tunge was his nose. And still think it is his nose everytime i see him even though i know it is his tunge

  • Anime4 LaijFuh
    Anime4 LaijFuh

    Please whats up with this afk arena, i i want to play a game im going to play it and not not play game

  • NanashiAlfarr

    Enchanters already have been removed with the new items.

  • Ian Swanson
    Ian Swanson

    Mundo goes where he pleases. that is all you need to know

  • Chainrayen

    Rammus still exists on 2020

  • bbtootall

    They definitely gave Voli all 200 years.

  • Kenshiro(XIII)

    I find tryndameres kit extremely unhealty to fight against, because if you don't have long or low cd cc you really cannot do anything

  • Duran Sok
    Duran Sok

    Sona apparently 🙄

  • Given Blythe
    Given Blythe

    ...And that's why they're gonna rework Udyr after Mundo's rework gets released.

  • Miguel Manuel
    Miguel Manuel

    New champs passive: complex Mundo: more regeneration

  • austin wilcox
    austin wilcox

    Ah yes volibear is definitely not a stack stick champion after the rework.

  • Nandha Visakan
    Nandha Visakan

    Wow this guy is annoying Af! Get to the fcking point already ugh!

  • Verysour

    bro they wont remove any champs

  • Challenjour

    Sorry, but fuck mundo

  • Corwin Amber
    Corwin Amber

    You forgot garen. He hits abilities sure but largely his entire kit just revolves around outstating the enemy and relying on infinite sustain like mundo.

  • Celwenil Eran
    Celwenil Eran

    To some degree, I play Neeko in support role as a stat stick. Because her overall kit is very cheezy and with incredibly high AP ratios, it's rather easy to stick as much AP possible. Then snowball out of control because you have more stats than them. You pressure them. You kill them over and over due to advantage you have and they can't do anything about it.

  • Darkness Dash
    Darkness Dash

    jokes on you volibear is still the same stat stick garbage, but this time he can dive you better and works as an assassin while building tank! how nice :)

  • Orange PhatBoi
    Orange PhatBoi

    After playing PBE's items I can confidently say Riot's "Self-Awareness" and "Excellent Knowledge of their own Game Design" may be literal horse shit. All the tank items are awful compared to the stats and scaling on the ADC and APC ones. Essentially it'll be a horrible meta of EVERYONE is a stat-stick of purely Damage. Whoever does their burst first wins. Whoever decided to flip the order on who gets to be stat-sticks at Riot games needs to be fired. That.Is.Not.Fun.Or.Good.Game.Design. Seriously. When I see a anyone with high attack speed, range, burst and mobility go from 10hp to full from just a few life stealing auto attacks despite being inflicted with GRIEVOUS WOUNDS. I think there's problem. I have tried multiple tank builds, multiple tank characters etc etc etc etc. The only things that work are High Damage, Sustaining, Burst. Essentially. The new "Tank" is now called "Sustain." and that ain't much better. I say let tanks be stat sticks. They are easily countered and easily deal-withable outside of low ELO and they're fantastic ways for newer players to get into the game. Also at higher skill caps these characters rely far less on "Rawr I mundo I rawl garble garble garble in your face" and far more on clever plays. Mass wardings, soloing objectives, Being the Engage for your team, split pushing etc. Even with all that though they fall off against higher skill cap champs and players. Arguably the single best way to beat them is this. Roflstomp them into the ground so they can't build items. It makes them literally useless as they NEED their items to be especially good. They get stronger the longer the game goes on and most higher elo games don't last that long. Not usually. Eventually if they wanna try and reach a higher ceiling then they should play high ceiling champs and focus on their Micro and Macro plays. Riot has absolutely no idea what they're doing based off the current PBE items and they better figure this stuff out before the next Patch because it's not going to be fun.

  • scottarn96

    I loved old volibear ( now I miss his Q so hard...) also tank reksai, old attackspeed xin,

  • Zer0LifeNegi

    Lost all credibility when he said "Yasuo has engaging gameplay."

  • Emerald Knight
    Emerald Knight

    Rework only please those champions are full of our memories

  • Emerald Knight
    Emerald Knight


  • Lipbeat

    really you aren't making very good points like other pointed out already. You just sound like someone who doesn't like tanks. I agree there have been metas where tanks were too strong, but there have also been ADC metas, an assassin meta, double AP meta, Kassadin meta(and other champs with (too) high mobility) etc. You could make a whine video about each type of champion, for views. Doesn't mean you have a good point though. The problem with all the champions you are complaining about is this: they are IMMOBILE. They have no gap closers, only short move speed buffs (or on ults with long CD) and they can't blink over walls. you have to respect them, and that's the entire point of the champion design, they have pressure, but they don't do much as long as you don't engage them. PS. Sett release seems to prove Riot doesn't want to get rid of juggernauts.

  • Gopher Lee
    Gopher Lee

    Have we ever seen a player solo baron in a Professional game of league of legends? Relegation League/Promotion League games do not count.

  • G30rg31415

    Imagine using anything else than the assault rifle aiming at the infestation spore and using three shots to kill a flood

  • Ethan Obetz
    Ethan Obetz

    yeah honestly i dislike stat stick they are the worst to fight but unlike them i LOVE fighting akali who dashes 4 time 100 to 0s me while in invisible as darius the game play is so much better, it's not like win or lose based on distance, it's like lose or lose or maybe win if she is shit

  • Hapmaplapflap gap
    Hapmaplapflap gap

    I feel like garen is a very good modern version of the stat stick, and new voli is't far off eather. I think riot keeps this type in mind when reworking, just not enough when making new champions.

  • Carlo Maples
    Carlo Maples

    I friggin love mundo.

  • Kylo Rën
    Kylo Rën

    its cool cause among all the mentioned champions, 2 out 4 have already recieved a rework

  • Wipeoutninja

    There needs to be a champ that stays as the original version for a window back to the old days of league

  • Yukimura

    8:57 every new juggernaut...

  • MrSramozz

    What does Mundo do ? Simple. He goes where he pleases.

  • Sun Goddess
    Sun Goddess

    I still have nightmares from shyvana chasing me in S3 😭😭😭

  • Sun Goddess
    Sun Goddess

    Garen and Talon need to go ive yet to see them get played good

  • irish potato
    irish potato

    kinda like yummie lol

  • ClaytoniusDoesThings

    Not every champion has to have a complex kit my dude. Let us have our smol brain champs. Let mundo be a rundown champ.

  • Cluncked

    I remember going tank Janna, always fun

  • Lemuel Ting
    Lemuel Ting

    I ike it back then where i can increase all my stats and be a tank at the same time dealing massive damage, Im so use to playing alone thats why my lane is top and i like battling multiple enemies alone This became my biggest flaw in the current league since stats heroes are no longer that effective and gameplay depends on teamwork which i lack, im so used to playing solo and alone that 5v5 became a hard game for me since im struggling to synergize with teammates or when or where to engage

  • Astr0n

    9:30 'riot did not like the idea of this tank who also did damage'... kappa

  • Shr00b

    As a nunu main, I hope they don't rework him. Because all there really is to nunu is running outta jungle with my snowball then hitting E until they're rooted, hitting my Q, and either using my ult or letting my teammate finish them off. If they rework him Imma be sad.

  • Rafal Bastek
    Rafal Bastek

    This is one of those videos which needs button to play at speed x3 Maaaan, this video feels slow even at x2 wtf

  • Ora Mous
    Ora Mous

    Dr. Mundo main here I do think he is healthy for the game. You want to support a wide range of playstles to capture as many players as possible. I'd agree if there were no easy counters for him but in masters games if you miss cleavers you will lose 100% of ur fights, so ur argument that at least yasuo had to land a bunch of abilities doesn't really resonate with me, mundo will not beat you to death with just his auto attacks, even if can just walk away from him. He has all the same stuff characters like riven do with auto attack canceling, cleaver throwing, and trying to maximize damage potential. With the ability to push lanes and get away with his survivability. I'd say with the mobility creep the game exhibited in the past few years, it has acctually made this playstyle even more challenging to achieve, so i'd expect them to do more with his re-work to enable this playstle once again. In addition i think he may be one of the easiest champions to counter in the game due ignite/grevious wounds being so easy to access, he has clear weaknesses, and can super easily countered with the right champion pick. I agree he probablly needs an update, but i think the overall play-pattern of him is fun and provides unique challenges to opponents, id be upset if they removed this, as games are already feeling very samey, let there be room for other strategies please.

  • Teren

    The new Volibear is even more a stat stick than the old Volibear, this champ literally destroys you with simply his life total and life steal

  • McGlubbin Fishworth
    McGlubbin Fishworth

    Literally Grasp, slightly magical, deadman’s Garen. Will out run you, out heal, out health, and did I mention outrun? Busted AF

  • kidrenato

    09:30 Riot: I don't like the idea of tanks dealing damage Also riot: Sett, Volibear rework and buffs, buffs freaking garen,

  • kidrenato

    As a tryndamere main, a really don't know why people cry so much over him. His macro play is kinda complex, He suffers a lot for high mobility champions that riot keeps releasing. Anyone who asks a trynda rework just doesn't know what they are saying. And I also like the fact that he's an off-meta champion who's strong, has a lot of flexibility in builds and runes, and is fair. If they rework they'll just force him into a competitive scenario, breaking him and them giving a shitload of nerfs, killing the champ, as they did to Aatrox.

  • Shane Klein
    Shane Klein

    Rito then we don't like tanks doing DMG Rito now here's a tank assassin ( ekko)

  • Azukus

    i remember a few years ago when i would complain about champions that were TOO EASY to play and took little to no skill. braindead crutch champions. champions that were so easy and so meta that you could be absolute garbage at the game and pull off the win. you could put in not even half as much effort as im putting into a champion and win because they were that easy (tank ekko and tank fizz) but now? champions have so many tools that they're easy when you learn them. every new champion is an azir counter at this point. im tired of this constant point and click philosophy, but im also tired of too much complexity going into these kits. how many "recent" champions came out BROKEN at release and are now seen as basically dead? i dont see zoe, aphelios, rakans (not nearly as much), pyke, yuumi, etc not even a fraction as much as i used to. it's DUMB that pyke's ult ignores shields. zoe is the exact opposite of what riot thought balance was. rakan had essentially alistar's entire kit in one button. aphelios doesnt even need any explanations. now these champions are just shells of their former selves. they're just a walking stupid ability (although i do like rakan now). think about sylas. how many times have they had to gut him? i will ALWAYS think sylas is stupid. i hated the idea that he can just take ults for free. he just needs vision and a lenient distance from the enemy to steal an ultimate. does that not sound insane to you? he SHOULD HAVE TO WORK FOR IT. sylas's ult should have been a skill shot and if it landed, he steals your ult. you could balance around that so much more. it makes the champion take much more skill and they have to work with what they get. instead? he just picks the best ult on their team and that's it. i have to invest an insane amount of time and effort to have fun on a very lackluster ap ashe. he just gets it for free.

  • TheOriginal Hakman
    TheOriginal Hakman

    congrats rito, you reworked voli from stat check into stat check and he's just a better sett now

  • LolmenX 4
    LolmenX 4

    Wait, didn't vayne exist in the warmong meta? She should one shot the tanks didnt she?

  • Clayton Brutger
    Clayton Brutger

    Id like to see riot release another basic champion. One without ridiculous movement, skills, and mechanics. Part of the glory days of league I feel was the simplicity of the champions in a complex game. As far as reworks why not release a new champ instead of removing old ones some players enjoyed (Aatrox, poppy, yorick, and mord)

  • Leon Reinhard
    Leon Reinhard

    Hey, im from Argentina and i think yours videos are unique and i love it, but my english is not so good to understand it from only hear so i got to activate the auto generated subtitles, i can understand it very well but sometimes just miss some words that make it a little bit hard to comprend but how i got a good english level i can do. So i very like if you can make subtitles for the videos or get somebody to do it, even i could do it, even if my principal lenguage is spanish i understand perfectly evrything, also i can translate and make spanish subtitles for some videos if you want, if you are interested on that contact me. And for ending shut out from Argentina and i love your content.

  • Felipe Useche
    Felipe Useche

    Is that a new champion? the bird one. Never seen it.

  • Conner Subbert
    Conner Subbert

    Metagolem, the entire bruiser class in a nutshell

  • Hexany

    9:30 Meanwhile 2020 Hi i'm shen let me 3 tap u

  • ShinzuXTruth

    i refuse to believe they used MSpaint to draw skin splash art. Even in the old school art spotlights the artists used photoshop. lol

  • ShinzuXTruth

    master yi..a bigger stat stick than mundo.

  • Jhaersn Castaneda //tgcHAI
    Jhaersn Castaneda //tgcHAI

    Please do not change Zealian,He’s the only one I know who is allowed to Kill Steal aside from Pyke

  • Jericco Pilande
    Jericco Pilande

    My boi Singed still toxic in the wild rift and riot ain't changing nothing lol

  • Evan Jordan
    Evan Jordan

    Can we just agree that while some champs are outdated and simple, they need to be that way, so that new players can learn. Two of my friends are learning and I’m going to recommend all of these champs to them.

  • Aka' Kda
    Aka' Kda

    people can whine about stat sticks all they want, but its the same thing as any other type of champion in the end of the day, you can use the "they either win or they dont" argument for any other type of champ at all. assassin: they either oneshot you before you can step out of their skills or they're minions waiting for the adc to poke their health away adc: they either kite and drain the whole team's health or they take a cc and get dogpiled by the whole enemy team tanks: they either sit thru an hour of turret shots and all of your team's resources while his team kills yours or you kill his team you see my point, you can say that any other type of champion "unless you do this, you'll lose to it" "oh no there is a fed master yi coming for our asses" do you have at the very least 2s of stun on your team? if you do you can dogpile him and kill the fucker no matter how high his dps is, stunned yi cant lifesteal either. "ohno mundo has built visage and 5 warmogs, how will we ever kill him?" you know adcs? you know executioner's calling+bork? yea... a regular adc should have at the very least 1.5 AS by the time a mundo is being a problem with too much regen, that's over 10% of his current health as damage per second(pre armor mitigation), not to mention the healing reduction, and that's considering only one of the 5 champions that can be dealing damage to him. stat sticks are not a problem, if they were, so would be "headbutt the keyboard and delete the adc" style assassins, or "click auto attack and go prepare pasta" adcs, its not a fighting game where everyone plays with the same exact kit, different champions exist for a reason, and deleting stat sticks will acomplish nothing, people will always complain that "there is literally no counterplay to champion x, they just y and its gg", yet it for some reason people who say this refuse to simply pick the champion and go to challenger with it, its the same nonsense as people talking shit about hungrybox's puff on smash, its a way to play the game, get used to it.

  • KingSpoderMan

    Mundo will get reworked :(

  • Shan StaR
    Shan StaR

    And then Sett happened.

  • Alexander Rutter
    Alexander Rutter

    Next one that needs to be fixed: Mundo pls

  • stedelerine

    Mundo goes wherever he pleases 🤷‍♂️

  • Mr. Reese
    Mr. Reese

    Many reworks should just be new champions as some reworks change every ability and sometimes even the theme of the champion. They should keep the old ones for all the people who like them as they are usually not OP or anything that breaks the game.

  • Yorick Westendorp
    Yorick Westendorp

    i miss voli he's Q :(:(

  • HANS-san

    I feel like singed is the literal loophole to this

  • frostysean99

    I don't think they're healthy for the game but to one aspect is league has been out for a long time. Mundo is an only champion (this is an example) he's also one of my favorites I love Mundo but not that I'm not some beginner pleb I can play more advanced and better champions and while being a beginner simple champions help it's nice after all these years one of my favorites might be good and complex and fun to play and not just me hitting a cleaver and running at my opponent. Btw TPA Mundo best skin

  • Jonas Kircher
    Jonas Kircher

    I am surprised that Garen was not mentioned in this video, for me he is the ultimate stat stick champ, he runs at you, silences you, spins and ults when the spin runs out. Either he has the damage and tankiness to do that, or he is absolutely useless, it's all up to his stats, because his gameplay cannot change.

  • Jonas Kircher
    Jonas Kircher

    Dude I remember build atmogs on Ashe in a lot of games because it was just so broken. I was actually a really early adopter, at that point I had never seen atmogs anywhere and just build it because I thought it would be good and I would die less. The damage was lackluster but I had winstreaks of up 10 games without deaths all of a sudden. With the old Ashe Q slowing up to 45% you could literally stand in the middle of the enemy team and slow down anyone that tried to leave the fight because they got low. It was for a long time my highest winrate Ashe build, way stronger than panthom dancer infinity edge. To be able to scale quicker you would max e build philosophers stone for the regen and gold per 10 and play mid lane, as this way you reach level 9 faster to get +5 gold per minion plus the passive gold from philosophers stone and just by last hitting well you could have atmogs plus zeal at 20 minutes, at which point you become useful. This worked so well because Ashe back then was the champion that could reach the 2 item atmog spike the fastest and most reliable. If ever Atma's Impaler is back in the game and Ashe gets her gold on the e again I would probably still build it even if I do not get the 3k hp needed for the new warmogs with the 2 items. :D

  • Milky Water
    Milky Water

    'Riot did not like tanks dealing damage' is not a phrase that aged well

  • The MBC
    The MBC

    I like when they add things and balance things instead of removing them, but removing an unbeatable stat monster, who doesnt even need skill is okay

  • Jackyll Huy
    Jackyll Huy

    When you stay in the jungle as Yi for 20 mins and just click others to death

  • Piotr Żwirowski
    Piotr Żwirowski

    I think these are the best type of champions every moron who clicks fast can pick up zed and mindlessly do one combo after another, but does he know how to actually play the game? No, a garen or tryndamere mostly have to understand how laning works if they want to win.

  • J Mag
    J Mag

    Rito is removing/reworking all the champs from when the game was actually fun. That should tell you something.

  • Ayden Ross
    Ayden Ross

    17:25 I DIED laughing, but honestly tho i wish there was more talk about the s6 tank ekko phase that was one of the most extreme things ive endured as a league player and i joined near the end of season 3 but didnt play consistently till around s4 and 5 but having played this game for roughly 6 years nothing has come close to the death of the adc these last 2 seasons and the tank gauntlet sunfire and titanic build.

  • 王Gabiew

    Riot doesn't like tanks that do damage? LMAO

  • Basilhs T
    Basilhs T

    you are being one sided here, the answer to mundo has always been vayne (or literally any item that you bought with % hp damage), the answer to yi/udyr has always been CC, they have "few" counterplays but also "few" plays they can make, unlike new champions that have damage + mobility + defense

  • Random name
    Random name

    Cant kite them if they all have like 2 forms of hard cc, usually one of them also being a gap closer, as well as having slows.

  • Justo Alvarez
    Justo Alvarez

    When all of these "Stat stick" champions dissapear, literally none of these new kids will even understand the game anymore... League will become scaling MarioParty pretty soon...

  • meGhOsT666

    i hope they'll rework Sinjed

Sol Yanım 1. Bölüm
2,4 мил
Sol Yanım 1. Bölüm
2,4 мил