The Complete History Of League of Legends' Poster Girl - Riot Games' Favorite Champion
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Today, let's talk about one of the most popular league of legends champions of all time, Lux, and her place in league of legends history. From a champion who was known for being terrible for Mid and Support, to being a top tier champion in competitive play, to now being a champion who always gets new skins, new themes, and has become the poster girl for league of legends. This is a video covering the history of Lux, and the history of league of legends, and Season 10 League of Legends, Rise of the Elements League of Legends.
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Patch 10.12 on the PBE on surrender at 20
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  • Exil

    I am really sorry that there are 2 mistakes in this video. 1 - Lux W is not the only Skillshot Shield in the game, Senna R is a global skillshot shield and new volibear as well as Ekko kinda drop an AOE so it's basically a skillshot too! 2 - Old Quinn did have an AOE blind and yes I literally just made a Quinn video so there's no excuses for that at all I am just an idiot and didn't realize I said that in the script for some reason. Super sorry and I will make sure that doesn't happen again..

    • Ken Wilder
      Ken Wilder

      @Alessandro Mariani bro to each their own but like. she was ugly, objectively, and horribly designed. Her colors clashed and her outfit was just downright terrible. this comment just like, really reaks of misogyny in, like, a 1920s kind of way

    • WarMaster Games
      WarMaster Games

      @Exil i would also need to add that in seson one or on start of seson 2 lux had global ult or at least rly long one so she had nerf before season 3 :)

    • Ivan Georgiev
      Ivan Georgiev

      man when you see your dedication it feels so satysfing to subscribe

    • Pontes

      I hated to play VS lux in S2... I was so mad... That o decide to start playing her 😂😂😂

    • Xavier Staals
      Xavier Staals

      Shilds dont do dmg or stund ppl🙄

  • knowvoid

    Speaking of skins helping, Hecrams gamer skin allowed you to see when your E is at max speed easily.

  • Temeos

    Anybody know what the song is at 2:07? I cant find it in the description. Thanks!

  • The_Ugly_Man

    You should make a video about the scuttler... I mean, he looks like a nice guy, just minding his own business

  • Benjo Suron
    Benjo Suron

    30 bucks skin and i got for free with hextechs 😂👌

  • marilize it
    marilize it

    is it cus she looks like a basic white girl

  • Sylvester Dark
    Sylvester Dark

    16:30 This is personally what bugs me the most about League. It's the same map, same objective, every time, which gets boring for me pretty quickly. Imagine what could be done with procedurally generated maps, different game objectives and game modes, pve single player, maybe story mode, etc. But instead, you're playing basically the same thing every time. I mean, Riot is trying to experiment with introducing new game modes, but it's still very very limited and stale.

  • Abraham.____. valdez
    Abraham.____. valdez

    Lux has a secret skill to where if you alter at 4 in a match You completely lose a match for sure

  • riking_099

    "she's a fun.." Q R Q R Q R Q R

  • LucidShady

    Poster boy:Teeno

  • lerbronk 1
    lerbronk 1

    if lux-marisa ghost blade-youmu navori is sakuya?

  • Star Gun
    Star Gun

    Lux sux

  • Just Me
    Just Me

    I thought old lux literally looked like riku

  • sam g
    sam g


  • FlakeyPudding

    That’s gonna happen to Seraphine

  • Abby B
    Abby B

    No! Keep giving us luz skins, RITO pls!

    • Renzo Arganda
      Renzo Arganda

      shh quiet

  • Pierre Daoud
    Pierre Daoud

    Your intro are really good You're a talented guy

  • Shualaba labashua
    Shualaba labashua

    No but like i agre but at this point it feels like senna is becoming the poster girl becauze her lore is so important right now

  • John Rome
    John Rome

    The fact that Lux got 3 military themed skins in a row is so weird in hindsight

  • Donald Faturoti
    Donald Faturoti

    Love how you start your vids. So beautiful.

  • abee

    i hate lux

  • Hawzhin Muhamad
    Hawzhin Muhamad

    I do hate lux her Q is bullshit.

  • Obscure Reflections
    Obscure Reflections

    Wait, I just realized I loved playing her before she was popular. I'm kinda proud.

  • Matias Santos
    Matias Santos

    Heimerdinger old granade also gad AoE blind

  • Tafiki Jr
    Tafiki Jr

    Wouldn't be a League video without Dyrus getting ganked

  • M e m e
    M e m e

    Im a lux main and honestly I would by all her skins I for I weren't broke....

  • baby girl
    baby girl

    here i am i cant stand that fuckign demacia shit champ so strong and annoying

  • Leighton Morris
    Leighton Morris

    Give ornn skin and no one gets hurt

  • ObeyObay

    So basically lux got plastic surgery and then riot simped for her until she got famous

  • ThatFlyAlex

    26:54 sorry man but go to PH we fucking hate that disgusting champ

  • Demo0

    I sorrow for my sister

  • Kouji Tsukagoshi
    Kouji Tsukagoshi

    This might be the first video of you I've ever watch, and the way you make your intro feels like I'm in the cinema 📽️ about to watch a very interesting movie. :)

  • Artemis Willhelm
    Artemis Willhelm

    best skin in the game until riot release Burgot ^^

  • anna ro
    anna ro

    Nah dude lux is the worst but still great video

  • Floyd Kavanagh
    Floyd Kavanagh

    I hate lux

  • Master long
    Master long

    Lux main here

  • ChronoWolf

    "We will never see an ability like that" ha, im sure season 16 will give us AoE ally stealth

  • Gamefurr

    Can we just appreciate the music throughout the video

  • rebbhy

    i always thought jinx was their poster girl

  • Chillin' Survivor
    Chillin' Survivor

    I became a Lux Main after buying her Elementalist.. That's just the most Beautiful skin i ever have

  • Ev0ltion

    7:48 NOT TRUE!!! SENNA R!

  • Ali Mohssen
    Ali Mohssen

    what a great intro

  • TeaMasterSen

    "Yasuo had a dash on his ultimate." Yone: "Hold my beer."

  • Aoi Yuma
    Aoi Yuma


  • Eric Rivera
    Eric Rivera

    Great video and worthy of my fave champ! Although, I’m surprised you didn’t mention her maniacal laugh!

  • Cyto Kirigawa
    Cyto Kirigawa

    And this is why i main her

  • AoffyDosy

    And she was the first champion in LoL that came with Japanese modern cartoon culture while the game was like western cartoon style. (Big foot models , weird character design , ugly face , most of them are monstrous , these were the first concept of LoL that day.)

  • Hibara

    lux and ahri are my favorite champions 💕

  • FluffyAF

    Lux, specifically bad lux players, are the most tilting type in the game. In lane, they spam abilities then stand under tower till enough mana has regenerated for another, then step up, shit it out then rinse and repeat. I hate them on my team I hate them on the enemy team

  • Robert Bagacay
    Robert Bagacay

    2:04 what music did you put ?

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy

    When I first started and saw Lux quadra kill in pro play, I thought she was guy :D

  • barsilanaaa

    TBH it's lux's voicelines that made me main her. Like she would mock enemies while she is speaking positivity to me is just so satisfying. Queen it is

  • Giorgos Agamonashvili
    Giorgos Agamonashvili

    In what world elementalist lux is better than dark cosmic lux.

  • ɹolop sǝ ɐzǝllǝq ɐl
    ɹolop sǝ ɐzǝllǝq ɐl


  • Fatboy Rebel
    Fatboy Rebel

    Bruh. Lux mains be complaining about her ult’s CD???? Are yall serious? 1 that shit one shots even at lvl 6, 2 this !AOE! spell has 40 SECOND CD! What else do you want ? By the time I’m back to lane, I get 2 shot again

  • jimbo baso
    jimbo baso

    watching this all vid while doing chores not bad i enjoy it very much, help me cope being alone cleaning at night

  • Cameron Smiljan
    Cameron Smiljan

    As a Lux main.... Aftershock was never broken on Lux support. Comet was always better, and now Dark Harvest is better. Idk why people say it was broken when it actually made her easier to kill cause as soon as it pops and is on cooldown, you go in and murder her. If you had to play her with tank runes, Grasp was the better option cause it was way more consistent, provided really nice sustain in lane, and it gave your autos that proc passive a much higher damage output. Aftershock was never good guys, sorry.

  • N o
    N o

    9:21 yup She sure was just gotta keep moving in the music

  • Aleya Julias
    Aleya Julias

    So is it bad that I liked your vid and subbed to you from just watching your intro to this story? Cos I did. You're amazing.

  • Jòseph Gee Hipolito
    Jòseph Gee Hipolito

    High Noon Lucian is the best skin for me.

  • Nozomi Kaminashi
    Nozomi Kaminashi

    Level 7 lux here After 3 years that i am waiting riot to give ke a lux skin. Riot give me a new skin the dark cosmic lux Thx riot I cant buy a skin bcuz i dont have my own monney and riot give me dark cosmic omg omg i am so happy

  • Henny

    Oh. Now I get why I became a Lux main. Her release was on October 19, 2010. That's my birthday. Not the year but.. you get it. Coincidence, or was I destined to be a Lux main? LOL.

  • El Cid Dragneel
    El Cid Dragneel

    The nostalgia when I bought Elementalist Lux, I feel so powerful and even the people in the computer shops revered me 😂


    Lux is a company in Greece (they make carbonated juices)

  • Enrique SGGM
    Enrique SGGM

    Here I am, I hate to play against lux :3

  • Christian Brylle
    Christian Brylle

    This won't make any sense but I just noticed that LOL isn't just league of Legends as well all know it. It can also be Lady Of Luminosity. Idk forget about it bye hahaha

  • Nicolai Danielsen
    Nicolai Danielsen

    her ultimate skin couldn't be more boring if it tried and to be honest the champion as a whole isn't really interesting either.

  • Tuğkan Berk
    Tuğkan Berk

    Wait why her ultimate doesn’t have infinite range lol

  • Ze TheGame
    Ze TheGame

    Lol favorite Champion has to be Leblanc. Super easy Champion to play, easier than most of the so called stat stick Champions (Yi, Tryndamere, etc.). She has almost no counterplay if fed, especially if you do not have stuns, crazy strong and has almost always been very strong. Her kit is very simple and toxic. You are either gonna love playing against her because she cannot do anything or hate it because she already has more items than you. There is no middle ground and that is because of the design. It is like creating a Zed but that does not require skill to play at all, except that the Zed actually came later. She needs to be reworked again, because what the past rework did was basically just nerf her early game almost nothing and drastically increase her late game damage. It was a straight buff to a Champion that was already at least above average. She always has to be borderline broken in Solo Queue in order for Riot to be happy.

  • Mark Riel Orozco
    Mark Riel Orozco

    make a video of my main please, Janna :)

  • Mark Riel Orozco
    Mark Riel Orozco

    LOL, and I thought I was the only one who noticed this since then :)

  • Nokiya

    Really badly done vid. You blabber so much about lux skin but you end up showing ezreal one instead. Also "no p2w at all" is just blind fanboyism.


    This video literally made me wanna play Lux

  • yes

    the girl who originally designed lux streams on twitch! “Leaflit” is the name :)

  • ButteryGames

    The best change they ever did to lux was when they reduced the E range. Hot damn i hated the champ when that was a thing.

  • Thunder Strike
    Thunder Strike

    Finales Funkeln

  • Dinh Minh Quan
    Dinh Minh Quan

    "The Effort to sell Seraphine is unmatched by anything" - A guy from the future

  • Moe Gewily
    Moe Gewily

    None of this looked unfamiliar to me lol. I started playing League when it first came out. Still Silver btw :) Peaked Plat 4 S7 though :P

  • Automatiic

    0:45 Lux Mix

  • God Of Trash
    God Of Trash

    Lux must be living at a capitalist dystopia world

  • Калоян Георгиев
    Калоян Георгиев

    Чакай малко българин ли си??

  • Kirito ken
    Kirito ken

    Me watch this... Who don't even played league of legends even once nor did I played wild rift...🤷🏻‍♂️

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    Frederik Kofoed

    Hehe someone doesnt know about Emo Jaina xD

  • Xayah The Rebel
    Xayah The Rebel

    "WHERE are the Riven skins?!" *Tahm Kench, sitting at a fabulous number of 3 skins.* Not only that, his most "recent" skin was released on January 28th of 2019;;; thats two years now, man, cmon. Riven can go away.

  • Ranger 120
    Ranger 120

    good editing

  • MK

    6:20 Quinn had an AOE blind and also Corki Q used to blind everyone it hits.

  • George Indestructible
    George Indestructible

    The only time i am glad to see Lux is when she gets banned.

  • E06 Ivan Benedict Garcia
    E06 Ivan Benedict Garcia

    I'm really wondering how in the world does this channel still have only 332k subs? Fr tho, you deserve more recognition

  • 마인큐버

    Guardian Keystone made her OP again.

  • Michael Poorman
    Michael Poorman

    Too bad lux suxs

  • AyeAye Rawn
    AyeAye Rawn

    7:22 ..........XD

  • Just Asy
    Just Asy

    Man, you always make me hit like with the intro's music. xd

  • Bug Pug
    Bug Pug

    heh i got the skin free

  • Hunter Isaac
    Hunter Isaac

    Senna: -exists-

  • jason lin
    jason lin

    The outstanding paperback pertinently steer because kendo generally match near a blue-eyed barber. five, easy bathroom

  • Lancynical

    If Lux was LOL's poster girl, why is she not in KDA?? -its a joke-

  • Squid man
    Squid man

    I think you spelled riots second favourite champion wrong

  • SebbeBruh

    Step aside Elementalist Lux, we have pajama Guardian Urgot now :^)

  • Time Flies
    Time Flies

    A Seraphine story would be good just based on all the hate she got when she was announced and released.

  • HappyfeetHS

    god i thought i was insane for remembering her ult as final funkeln