The Complete History Of League of Legends' Poster Girl - Riot Games' Favorite Champion
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Special thanks to the whole Lux community they helped me out with this video!
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Today, let's talk about one of the most popular league of legends champions of all time, Lux, and her place in league of legends history. From a champion who was known for being terrible for Mid and Support, to being a top tier champion in competitive play, to now being a champion who always gets new skins, new themes, and has become the poster girl for league of legends. This is a video covering the history of Lux, and the history of league of legends, and Season 10 League of Legends, Rise of the Elements League of Legends.
Check out league of legends new cinematic, Warriors - Lux Cinematic!
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Lux Support
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Pobelter Lux Snipe
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Spirit Of The Ages - Jo Wandrini
Need You Back (Instrumental Version) - Milva
May You Have - Bonnie Grace
Life on Venus - Sun Chime
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Patch 10.12 on the PBE on surrender at 20
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  • Exil

    I am really sorry that there are 2 mistakes in this video. 1 - Lux W is not the only Skillshot Shield in the game, Senna R is a global skillshot shield and new volibear as well as Ekko kinda drop an AOE so it's basically a skillshot too! 2 - Old Quinn did have an AOE blind and yes I literally just made a Quinn video so there's no excuses for that at all I am just an idiot and didn't realize I said that in the script for some reason. Super sorry and I will make sure that doesn't happen again..

    • Petr Cech
      Petr Cech

      @brysonszy y i tought of graves

    • taco facefart
      taco facefart

      She is a proud symbol of European imperialism!

    • Pink Daruma
      Pink Daruma

      touhou's Final spark is actually called Master spark

    • LCDC Azuralie
      LCDC Azuralie

      Dw, still really nice videos and we learn a lot thanks to them. Everyone makes mistakes

    • Lautaro

      Fun is now lux i fucking op in bot with sona xd

  • Wizzz Gin
    Wizzz Gin

    The first time i ever install LoL in 2015, lux is the first and ONLY character i choose in co-op until i uninstall again because im sucks playing league after 3 or 4 matches. Here in wild rift, i choose to play lux right after i obtain the character lol.

  • Anthony Lucero
    Anthony Lucero

    wait, is full map ulti lux a wild rift only thing?. I have not played any LOL pc, and haa only played a WR laat month

  • Royal Pain In The Ass
    Royal Pain In The Ass

    It's called master spark not final spark :(

  • brain freeze
    brain freeze

    Because it makes sense for a giant light beam to not blind anyone and giving her w to Senna later even thought its "insane" ...

  • Zachary Chong
    Zachary Chong

    Alright that senna joke was super good. Well done Exil!

  • Sebastian de Wolfe
    Sebastian de Wolfe

    I dont even like or play league but i love ur vids

  • Adgeifc

    Bruh the price is not even compare how cheep this skin just look at ml skins it can take you 150$ its not even high qualty xd

  • 一舊鐵 One piece of Iron
    一舊鐵 One piece of Iron

    The origin ult have blind was a great idea, people always get blind by light

  • DickEnchilada

    Riot didn't understand the simplest thing about their community of gamers. We all want fenale champions we can fap to

  • Blytz

    10:00 is that an akali-kog'maw vs lux-garen lane??

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover

    If I would win worlds I would ask for a Lux skin. Just to troll

  • Chit Ko Ko
    Chit Ko Ko

    Her lore with Galio make me feel for whole day XD

  • Maria

    9:17 "the release of lux will go down as one of the most chaotic and probably stressful releases ever for riot" Seraphine : hold my shitty hoverboard

  • MagiaKart

    7:25 *laughs in s11 Duskblade of Draktharr*

  • Haley Woehrle
    Haley Woehrle

    Lux was on the free to play champ rotation my first day playing. I think I played one game with Ashe, then next Lux. She's been my favorite ever since. 10 years later, I've taken long breaks (6 months-a year) at a time. But I start to miss Lux and come back. Even games I get destroyed because of squishy-ness are fun for me. In my dreams I sometimes am lux running from a Rengar in the jungle, lol. So fun

  • Nguyen Nhon
    Nguyen Nhon

    Lux's old model is when Sonic the Hedgehog and an oompa loompa make out and they got Lux.

  • Rainier

    The only reason i started using lux was i got her elementalist skin in a lootbox. Super fun

  • Anas Iftekhar Ahmed
    Anas Iftekhar Ahmed

    25:08 what’s this music?

  • JOYCON-HasNaX - I miss you Reckful
    JOYCON-HasNaX - I miss you Reckful

    Diese Kommentarsektion gehört nun der BRD.

  • Ohm Mygod
    Ohm Mygod

    2:34 wild rift's animation made a reference to that splash art

  • Rusting Gold
    Rusting Gold

    i mean the blind on the ult makes sense cause its light and u know

  • Lüx Bõt
    Lüx Bõt

    They need her original texture as a Chroma

  • Sairan Alberto
    Sairan Alberto

    I hate Lux, she represent the downfall of League in my opinion...

  • Nico Carrillo
    Nico Carrillo

    I got elementals lux out of a skin reroll xD

  • בועז בר חיים
    בועז בר חיים

    u should work for riot

  • Adrian Perez
    Adrian Perez

    After the Wild Rift trailer you can bet that Lux created even more simps.

  • Gwydi

    If i remember correctly the root on the 2nd target hit by q was shorter than the first one, sometime back in the day 🤔

  • Farael Willdabeast
    Farael Willdabeast

    Plot twist: lux is part of the royal family that imprison and kills magic users. The real hero is in chains.

  • Alpine Skilift
    Alpine Skilift

    I am watching this and I only think: who gives a fuck about skins? They just ruin visual clarity. The new dragon lee sin thingy looks so little like lee sin, that I sometimes missed a few milliseconds of reaction time when he popped up. All skins do is forcing me to focus more. There is literally a malphite skin whose splash looks like zed. Riot has gone too far with this shit. A skin should still fit the theme of the champion and abilities should never be changed. If the enemy runs heavily modded skilllines, it actually is an advantage. The flashy animations mash with eachother and force you to focus harder

    • d4s0n yo
      d4s0n yo

      I mean, its literally a different way a hero is felt like, its boring if every game is alike and is litterally the same thing, although I do agree it sucks when you face a skin you have never faced and it sucks ass

  • Deus In Vitro
    Deus In Vitro

    I never understood why everyone thought she was so ugly I think she looked good then and now

  • someone u hate
    someone u hate

    I was never happier to see a lux video *crys in lux main*

  • jossieboy9e

    Lol at 7:40 I received an add that started with a guy that pushed in the power button of a computer. The first seconds I thought it was part of the joke...

  • Zachary Kazemzel
    Zachary Kazemzel

    I really like your videos, but those music fades irritates me as moviemaker that makes audio for movies

  • Mark Lanters
    Mark Lanters

    Duuuuude, 30:04 is not Lux at all, it's Inquisitor from DA:I

  • Nicholas Chen
    Nicholas Chen

    "An ability that could make your allies stealth." Dota be like: "oh yeah, we got a cheap item for that and you get 2 of them"

  • John Iv
    John Iv

    This was hell of a video! Great job man, I truly enjoyed it and now I feed a greater respect for our beloved champ!

  • Bruno Guilherme
    Bruno Guilherme

    "Riot's most effort to sell a skin" Fastfoward a few months and we have Seraphine

  • b a n y a n i
    b a n y a n i

    *talking ab how much effort rito made to sell elemental ist lux and how this skin redefined her* and then, ladies and gentlemen, kda seraphine was created.

  • Ahsoka Tano
    Ahsoka Tano

    Where are the Quinn skins!?

  • Tiberian Fiend
    Tiberian Fiend

    I opened an Elementalist skin in the first random chest I ever bought.

  • ragnarok1984p

    So Lux a daughter to high-standing noble family in a kingdom that hates mages has a more developed Q-bind than Morgana who is something in a line of demigodess ? Morganas Q should still hit as hard as it does just go through and bind everyone in its path like Neekos bind and her W should additionally to damage have same slow and debuffs as Singeds :)

    • ragnarok1984p

      @Ohm Mygod i know it would be OP broken but lore friendly xD

    • Ohm Mygod
      Ohm Mygod

      no, it woud be broke as f cuz 3 seconds bind :)

  • allan agaPIE
    allan agaPIE

    When u have elementalist lux but your pc cant handle the effects 😂😂😂

  • allan agaPIE
    allan agaPIE

    I cant play lux anymore coz im not used to the plain skin but I've got the cosmic skin i always outplayed enemy

  • allan agaPIE
    allan agaPIE

    Lux: *blinding lights*

  • Magdaline

    I like how this made me feel like I was watching Lord of the Rings

  • Marcelo HomenxMacaco
    Marcelo HomenxMacaco

    25:55 what is the name of the music? ;-;

  • Someone Something
    Someone Something

    I actually like old lux's art hair. I dont know what it is. I think it's the bangs.

  • Strahinja Trajkovic
    Strahinja Trajkovic

    Hating useful Lux in your team is like hating puppies. Also I think Lux is prettiest female character in LOL

  • ҉K҉N҉I҉G҉H҉T҉F҉I҉R҉E҉6҉6҉

    That video totally summarises why I left lol ... They constantly change champs. I learn one. And the next day I have to try over and over again. For every fucking champ...

    • d4s0n yo
      d4s0n yo

      but that is literally the point of lol, if there was never changes the game would have died so quickly

  • Teejay drp
    Teejay drp

    Riot I want lux skin like dragon ball Her ult is like kame kame ha

    • d4s0n yo
      d4s0n yo

      OMG YES, I will kill for this skin lmao, that is amazing

  • Kevin Wong
    Kevin Wong

    I remember having Lux as my main long before Riot made her a desirable champion. Her utility and laser cannon that could reach half the map had me sold.

  • Mike Redd
    Mike Redd

    I literally always ban her. I play shaco support and she's a nightmare to lane against. Oh and I hate her damn ult, it's always up I swear to God!

  • FreekyPower

    I watched videos called "All league Cinematics" like 5000000 times how can it be that i dont know elemental lux cenemetic wtf

  • sleimi 47
    sleimi 47

    I hate lux it is so frustrating to play against her Her poke has such a big range and seems undodgeable

    • d4s0n yo
      d4s0n yo

      its not undodgeable, its honestly really slow compared to a lot of others lol

  • Macabre Art
    Macabre Art

    players : we will never see an enchanter that can't be focused . That's just broken Rito : are you sure about that . players : we will never see aoe stealth 7:26 Rito : YES

  • Aziz Abdul
    Aziz Abdul

    The only moment Lux is broken is when it's done indirectly. She probably nowhere as broken without Aftershock but still very strong.

  • Milan Thomas
    Milan Thomas

    Never played this game before still watched the whole video cause I love the way you presented it.

  • Kate M Mr
    Kate M Mr

    I’m so glad they ditched that skimpy skirt. Who approved this?


    Trash champ made for typicall egrils and trash g ay players

  • Cotite Crashtek
    Cotite Crashtek

    Best skin ever: Curling Veigar

  • Damian lure
    Damian lure

    allways amazed me as vetran that they changed the R from german to english lol

  • VVuulven

    Exil was right Bout never having an ability that could stealth other we have the new duskblade that stealths assassins on kill.

  • wnxdafriz

    ??? i remember my friends and I played lux normally as a mid when she came out also... we did a crazy ryze combo with her as well... not sure if its viable as i havn't really played league in like 5 years also... i liked when the game started and everyone kinda just chose a champ and then divied up where they wanted to.... i remember just doing 2top 2bot, 1 mid --- and the top/bottom and the damage would normally go to jungle to get extra xp also, mid cho'gath was fun, or 2v1 cho with 2 junglers... so many choices

  • Breakfast Kids
    Breakfast Kids

    lux main since 2013. silver 3 right now

  • Soy Man
    Soy Man

    having gotten elementalist lux through rerolls, u get bored of it in like 10 games max

  • DramaEx

    Oh god old lux. Why did you have to make me remember. W h y

  • John Bascos
    John Bascos


  • Mostafa Awad
    Mostafa Awad

    Wait I have my birthday on October 13th. Great now I have to play lux.

  • Cat Without A Name
    Cat Without A Name

    The amount of skins she gets still makes me depressed. I'm including her skin with many skins.

  • KingJH 0510
    KingJH 0510

    2 days after seraphines abilities got announced I thought that sera was basically lux 2.0, their next poster child. But then i thought of how lux's release was also a fluke (this video talking about it) Riot is not the same as they were when lux was being made, but with all the negativity going towards sera's abilities and her ultimate skin, maybe, just maybe, they will truly pull a second lux Side note: i have nothing against sera i really want to play her. But i do think she will outshine sona in lane, but also will have great synergy with her

  • Sejdr

    stop saying Lox. it's Lux !

  • Verysour

    I love playing vs lux supp because most people cant play her so it often ends with a free win

  • Transparent Assasin
    Transparent Assasin

    True Damage Ekko go brrr

  • N1K0

    Just wanted to point out, „Finales Funkeln“ literally translates to final spark, so basically the ult IS just straight up copied from that other game including the name.

  • ClaytoniusDoesThings

    There are so many damn Star Guardian skins, its not hard to see why its the most purchased/used skin line. Though I think the Project line is a close second.

  • Csongor Gál
    Csongor Gál

    6:55 Senna has a team stealth and the champs even stay stealthed/ untargetable after they leave her side Edit: 7:37 nevermind...

  • Commander Cross
    Commander Cross

    meanwhile me, playing on the russian server and buying 3k rp for 10 dollars

  • Dinar

    I know I’m probably alone in this... But I hate all Lux skins. I’ve been playing Lux since Season 3-4 and I love playing her. I just really dislike the visual effects of her skills in all of her best skins (Elementalist, Cosmics, Star Guardian) Elementalist is cool for the models. I think base Lux VFX are one of the best effects in the game and her model started to look pretty after the polishing update few years ago. I have Sorceress, Imperial, Star Guardian and Lunar Empress Lux skins and I use base Lux and Sorceress Lux the most. I just don’t really enjoy the visual effect artstyle they’ve been using on Lux since Elementalist. Oh, just remembered Battle Academia existed. Prestige Battle Academia Lux also has good VFX, I like its style. But I wish there was a skin with Elementalist model quality and base Lux VFX artstyle. I wanted to buy a new Lux skin a few times since last year but I just couldn’t find one in my taste. Especially Lunar Empress’ VFX looks very cheap.

  • Mansur Ali Bilgiç
    Mansur Ali Bilgiç

    I wanted to comment but I have nothing to add sooo

  • JonnyBoy h
    JonnyBoy h

    I mean people thought jinx was ugly and look at alllllll the porn

  • Lazar Savić
    Lazar Savić

    Heimerdinger had AOE blind on his e ability.

  • Nepals

    Lux is a Tht

  • Alibabah

    Holy shit is that a mother fucking Touhou reference?

  • Yolo Cat
    Yolo Cat

    Lux is so broken though people say she’s “balanced” but in reality she is more broken than yas (since you deal with yasou so much you beat them as asol) P.s aurelion sol is definitely the best looking champion am I wrong?

  • Xelan Tono
    Xelan Tono

    Thank god i got the skin for free in the hextech box.

  • KathiaFur

    2:03 that red buff steal tho

  • Bennyyy

    Finales Funkeln Sounds rly strange

  • JBSE

    Lux would've been the poster girl in our younger years. But we grown too. Evelynn looks mighty convincing.

  • Garrus Vakarian
    Garrus Vakarian

    I used to hate her, because i´m a Leona main and hate to lane against her. Then I got the cosmic skin for her and hat to try her out and I fell in love with her gameplay. The q and e are easy to hit, but its still really rewarding to bind someone and finish him off with the ult. I found her really refreshing, her being the polar opposite to my favourite champion, which is Leona. Also, its really cool that she can deal damage herself and can fight on her own if she is fed enough, which I find lacking in Leona, due to her dependance on ally champions.

  • B J
    B J


  • YumeNeDai

    Lux League of Legends 15.2m results Ahri League of Legends 16.5m results Akali League of Legends 19.2m results wut

  • Popsicle Blues
    Popsicle Blues

    Elementalist lux is literally why i played and am still playing lux. I literally bought the skin on release without ever even having more than one game of lux. The main thing i remember is i used to play katarina in old SR and in one game i was getting bodied by lux and was losing my mind lmao Now shes my literal defacto main no matter what. Theres no champion i feel comfortable and confident on like her, though because shes kinda vulnerable im still spooked half the time lmao

  • Kélia

    Exil making a documentary on Exil would be interesting

  • Convergeman

    Careful who you dis in secondary school I guess. I wish I could've had my 'art direction' discussed internally T_T

  • David Evans
    David Evans

    31:25 where are the Riven skins!? Nah.. our boy Ornn, how about skarner or Corki. They need some love

  • Action Jackson
    Action Jackson

    Why are so many German words used in Japanese popculture? Like Finales funkeln.

  • xXimakidXx

    noone hates lux like they hate yasuo? i've been banning lux for weeks straight now every single game:) One Q on any single champion i ever played and she E-Rs u to death. Nthx

  • kiriakos tsorlinis
    kiriakos tsorlinis

    "Yasuo at one point (in development) had a dash in his ultimate" So, basically YONE

  • Virtual Waffles
    Virtual Waffles

    i honestly raelly dislike playing against or with a lux. against because no matter how hard you try to underfed the lux she will always come back from just ulting in the middle of teamfights and ks every single kill with her ult. and that also lead to the point that if i am playing with a lux she will probably most likely... always ks all the kills, specially if you are playing adc and i hate it, i hate it, no matter what rank i played bronze to gold to diamond and i always had a lux support that would take all the kills with her ult, i even saw my best friend playing on challenger and he had a lux support that took all his kills and then they lost because he had no money as an adc to carry. so yeah i just really dislike how you can play like your max health is 10 hp and you can still get fed out of just ulting stunned targets.