The Complete History Of Top Lane And The Top Lane META
This video will be covering a complete history of top lane, and the META around top lane. Recently, top lane has been the subject of a lot of debate due to hashinshin making the front page of reddit. Bruisers not having a keystone. Wickd, Adrian Riven, Dekar, ICU debate over bruisers and top lane. And I wanted to make a video covering the League of Legends history of the top lane role and the champions.
Thank you all who helped me research this video:
Psyklone, Dekar, Gbay99, Multiple people on twitter, and my discord server.
Source videos and Credit:
Riot Games League of Legends LCS, World Championships, World Cyber Games
Dyrus, Keyori, Hashinshin, Voyboy, Gbay99, Gosu, HotshotGG
Research and Source Links:
Music is from Royalty Free Planet, Timecop1983, and Runescape 3 Soundtrack. All credit for the music goes to these sources, I did not make the music.

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  • Rafael Ito
    Rafael Ito

    Dude... This took a bunch of time and effort to make, didn't it? Much respect. Great content.

    • Nicolas

      which cham is dyrus playing at 5:00 ?xD mundo or wthell?

    • Jacques Marneweck
      Jacques Marneweck

      I loved going Quinn top but that only works with an tank in jug or bot with ap mid. Always did good but adc's tend to complain that you somehow are making them preform bad in botlane by having an range ad top.

    • Andres Perez
      Andres Perez

      Riot just need to bring back Atmas to make Bruisers strong again!

    • neimi911

      @Exil can you please let me know the music used at 8:30?

    • lu zelazny
      lu zelazny

      @b0sse so basicallu from what I understand of the game rn and from what I have seen past and present currently tanks are basically bruisers. That whole class is konda getting merged with things like mundo and ornn getting increased damage. But then bruisers are becoming tankier thanks to riot reworking conqueror and buffing sustain on champs like darius and renekton bruisers are starting to become drain tanks. The only way to stop a fed renekton is with shit tons of cc. Which is actually stupid easy because every other champion has at least 2 forms of cc rn. Especially mages who can also 1 shot and thx to busted amounts of scaling and spell pen pretty much 1 shot everything. Adcs are also getting cc (which is bullshit because jhin top rn can face tank a full darius combo level 3 with no items and still win)and they have so much damage tanks aren't actually tanky after they grab ie (more bruiser evidence) and basically in summary tanks are bruisers bruisers are drain tanks adcs are bullshit that can cheese any lane they wanna mages 1 shot everyone with tactical nukes from under turret (hashinshin was right plz nerf mages) anything unviable is just chucked in the jungle and 90% of what wins lanes is based off of who gets the better/most ganks (unless you are morde darius or illaoi because fuck 2v1's you are about to get 1v2'd. Yeet skeet have a good day.

  • O Fenómeno
    O Fenómeno

    Teemo: am I a joke to you?

  • Alyssa Richardson
    Alyssa Richardson

    I miss old Sion 😭 he only needed a visual rework, his old kit was actually fun...

  • Mustafa Alperen BEBEK
    Mustafa Alperen BEBEK

    Actually every single lol player started to learn game with the help of applications programs ane yt videos. And this changed the fun game to automated factory

  • Santiago

    Is this summiningsalt??

  • The Definitive
    The Definitive

    I've come from the future in 2020. Top lane is now the only lane that matters. There is hope

  • Luke Jarvis
    Luke Jarvis

    Any top laners except tanks and split pushers will have an easier time going jungle now with the new items, watching top will be so boring

  • Zane Grauel
    Zane Grauel

    Tryndamere top is pretty good

  • Eason Tu
    Eason Tu

    Now it's lucian top

  • Theo

    Top in 2020 has the most limited champion pool out of every season. There was a time a lot of things were viable top Nidalee,Jarvan,Nunu,Jayce,Katarina Odd picks but viable Nowadays you gotta pick a teamfight champion,someone who can tank and deal dmg Shen,Ornn,Sett otherwise theres a big gap. Its not fun anymore.

  • Not Dross
    Not Dross

    23:08 Riot: Why if Blade of The ruined king does 12 percent in melee.

  • Not Dross
    Not Dross

    2020: Soraka Vs Sona toplane meta

  • Kontansuperu

    Two years later and I really fucking wish it was a tank vs tank toplane (but then again I main tanks)

  • Find the Beauty in Everything
    Find the Beauty in Everything

    I agree... I think bruisers aren’t BAD inherently, but why would you pick a bruiser when a true tank can do everything they can, with more disruption? Tank meta isn’t JUST a meme, tanks in the current game (and for 6 years) have been overwhelmingly overloaded. A tank champion built for top is designed to go toe to toe with a bruiser, and they are often highly successful vs even the ranged champs that bruisers struggle to deal with. Things in tank kits like heavy disruption, high armour/MR scaling, higher hp scaling, and % max health damage scaling on abilities just make bruisers fundamentally worse picks. It is very uncommon that a bruiser champion would be able to take an ADC or Mage out of a fight, because they don’t burst and they don’t disrupt well enough. A majority of tanks very easily and consistently can.

  • Chair

    I’m 2 years late but I sometimes play ad Crit LeBlanc top

  • Bambus Björn
    Bambus Björn

    Oh boy I miss my Athmogs+Black Cleaver, Trinity GP.. Never had this much fun since than

  • zel

    can anyone tell me the music in the beginning of the video like the link of it please please

  • Max

    HEY Black cleaver, yeah I remember how fun it was to see Jarvans with four of these, deleting everyone with a single R. *F* *U* *N*

  • Max

    The climb and fall of Brofresco. - Soon Dec 2020.

  • Almighty Viper
    Almighty Viper

    I've been watching your vids for a bit now, but I have a question.. WHY THE RUNESCAPE MUSIC? I love it, been playing RuneScape since 2004, but WHY?

  • Great Big Lummox
    Great Big Lummox

    Tahm kench better be here

  • Fredy Gallegos
    Fredy Gallegos

    I miss brutalizer

  • Olivier Damacena
    Olivier Damacena

    17:52 Nice vídeo my guy, keep up the good work

  • miko

    Imagine a reality where people abandon top lane, there are two junglers. Mid lane is always tanks and bot lane is always 2sup Vs 2sup

  • Sty }
    Sty }

    I hate the way the game used to look like in 2010 cuz i dont get anything from whats happening in those footages except greem grass and ramdom characters and sparks and lights

  • Kruger Savage
    Kruger Savage

    You help me sleep bro, thanks

  • Mike

    24:58 omg mana manipulator i forgot about

  • James Pink
    James Pink

    Any chance you could do a video on one of the almost forgotten champs.... Tryndamere, my man

  • Strazziya Bochnov IV
    Strazziya Bochnov IV

    Rewatching this and I just feel nasty watching hashinshin after everything that happened

    • Chris Cross
      Chris Cross

      What happened to Hash? I haven't followed any LoL stramers in recent times

  • LonelyWulf

    Anyone here when is bruiser meta?

  • Redly Poison
    Redly Poison

    That Runescape song tho 15:20

  • John Osburn
    John Osburn

    And now it’s just a game of “Did you pick/ban Darius? No? You lose.”

    • Hoocy

      @Umbra Ghosts Yeah...

    • Umbra Ghosts
      Umbra Ghosts

      @Hoocy Now he’s a monster again

    • Hoocy

      The new update didn't help lol

    • Umbra Ghosts
      Umbra Ghosts

      Darius is not that bad actually

  • Hokopoko

    RIP Hashinshin

  • Zy

    Dude the season 3 black cleaver meta was so accurate. I remember some asshole building 2 or more black cleaver and just proceed to one shot everyone. Having brutalizer within 7 minutes means you almost win any lane. Respect for the effort.

  • Circle Walker
    Circle Walker

    Update plz

  • Speenta

    Why do video game historians love that song I mean look at summoning salt

  • existingdark

    "bruisers could never succeed as full damage assassins" Isn't that... the point? Assassins are full damage, Bruisers are a 2-3 or 3-2 item split between damage and tank, and tanks are usually 1-4 in terms of damage and tank items. It's like the entire point of calling them a bruiser, they don't succeed without a healthy mix.

  • Michał Pranszke
    Michał Pranszke

    I trust only 1 meta pressing ghost as darius=free lp+pentakill

  • gcavaresi

    4:36 is wrong and I think you should rectify that information if you ever make a follow-up video. That forum post you mentioned is full of inaccuracies and misled a lot of people. It can be proven wrong very objectively. A bot lane "comprised of a support and a ranged AD carries (sic)" was neither "something never seen before" the Worlds nor a strategy mostly used by Europeans. In the very first match of the tournament the NA Epik Gamer picked Vayne+Janna. The other American teams, CLG and TSM, debuted with Ashe+Sona and Caitlyn+Sona. So it's obviously wrong that "after this tournament, NA teams picked up the strategy". This meta was already strong in NA in the qualifiers. They are available on the RSloft (search "Dreamhack NA Qualifier Riot Season 1) and they show how established the ADC+support meta already was and even show hints of playstyles that people seem to think were only invented so much later, like powerfarming and counterjungling. Rarely would a team not pick an ADC and most of the times they would go bot alongside a support, though they went solo top or mid sometimes. These are all the bot lane carries played in the tournament: Ashe (16), Corki (14), MF (8), Vayne (7), Caitlyn (3) and Tristana (2), Lee Sin, Blitzcrank, Jarvan IV (Gamepedia has it wrong as Irelia, that was played mid/top by Chaox that game), Teemo, Garen and Poppy. So it means that ranged AD carries were picked 50 times out of 56 possible. The only fragment of truth in the aforementioned post is that Europeans were very sure about the ADC+support bottom lane meta, because only Epik, TSM and Pacific eSports picked differently. Even so, every team except for the 0-3 representative from the Philippines picked mostly ADCs bot, as they were already doing before the Worlds. Epik played ADCs bot in 5/7 games, TSM in 7/9, CLG in 7/7 and Xan (from Singapore) in 3/3. The support situation was simpler: in every game each team, American or not, picked either Janna, Sona, Taric, Soraka and Alistar, in the bottom lane. If every game had a support bot, then in every game with an ADC bot there was an ADC+support combo. The fun fact here is that Doublelift played support for Epik in 5 games. In his only 2 games as a bot lane carry, he played Lee Sin and Blitzcrank. And Epik actually managed to beat Fnatic at the Lee Sin match, in the only instance of a non-ADC bot winning the game.

  • marios garipis
    marios garipis

    1:31 right? WRONG #vsauce2

  • Wesley D
    Wesley D

    As a former top laner myself, it's great to see this history. I played right up to the release of the Black Cleaver, not long enough to see the insanity it would cause, as a Riven main. Tons of fun, tons of damage.

  • Cody Saunders
    Cody Saunders

    To be fair old GP had a lot of weird builds

  • rai

    Now to update it to 2020 and add soraka top lane..

  • Drackand

    putting hashinshin lmao. That guy is fucking trash

  • Taef_TTV TTV BTW
    Taef_TTV TTV BTW

    i am using ad irelia rushing boark i think that helps with the top lane tanks

  • John 3:16
    John 3:16

    You can see heaven through the webcam at 3:37

  • marcell valoczi
    marcell valoczi

    when exil said 'anything' at 2:02 he switched to an Annie clip o.o

  • MrCatling

    The Intro song is Home-We're finally landing and yes its the one from summoning salt

  • Justin Prince
    Justin Prince

    What is the music at 16:02?

  • K LOL
    K LOL

    you should look at toplane now, it's disgusting

    • Thomas The Tank Engine
      Thomas The Tank Engine

      And beautiful at the same time

  • Varg Smexernikernes
    Varg Smexernikernes

    ok i need someone to clear this up for me, as a somewhat beginner i cannot wrap my head around why certain heroes are played top or bot, like what is the difference beetween those 2 lanes and why are there 2 bot 1 top and not the other way around

    • Varg Smexernikernes
      Varg Smexernikernes

      @Son Thx 4 explaining man

    • Son

      And bot is perfect for ADC's since they are paired with a support to keep them alive at their weakest point in the game (Early game)

    • Son

      Pretty much anything can be played on Top lane There are 2 on the bot lane because of the *dragon* so they can contest or defend the dragon when its being taken

  • PreBCFan1

    I actually thought I was watching Summoning Salt Videos...

  • Yuri Lopes
    Yuri Lopes


  • GTXBlade

    I just started maining sett and he is so retardedly op but he is so fun

    • GTXBlade

      @Son yep

    • Son

      Yeah that's why he's getting nerfed like shit, man like every patch there's a sett nerf kinda sad to watch


    Did the maths, Annie Tank toplane is a intersting idea in tue current time. You play defensively until lvl 6 after which you can push tower. Once you get your first Item (building: Trinity, Sorcerers, Raba, Ludens, Void and either Zhonya or Banshee)

  • Tommo Hunt
    Tommo Hunt

    please do this for support

  • Sam Eddy
    Sam Eddy

    Is it just me or is there runescape music playing in the background?

  • GameWithAdam

    They don't even list bruisers as a class in the game anymore, only fighters.

  • Sbaffland

    2020 : Soraka top, Sona top, Janna top x')

  • Trema Gon
    Trema Gon

    17:38 RIP Kobe

  • eternity cosplay
    eternity cosplay

    Community top laners : please fix top lane Riot: just play ornn.

  • James Miles
    James Miles

    I miss Atma's so bad

  • Max Berg
    Max Berg

    best part of the video was hearing runescape music throughout the vid!


    Ahhhh season 2

  • Bill Zou
    Bill Zou


  • CrazzyJokerr

    I'm gonna destroy a tank on top lane with Heimerdinger now

  • Bruhman

    give this man a medal, great content every video

  • Winny

    "Why it a tank versus tank every game?" Riot: were nerfing soraka top next patch Me: idk you tell me why.

  • Dy .Dam
    Dy .Dam

    All people are doing nice summoning Salt videos now :D

  • Peyton

    This man the Summoning Salt of League, oml

  • - MightiestShrimp -
    - MightiestShrimp -

    Lol, top lane in 2020, fucking hate it, i feel useless

  • Silver Roveri
    Silver Roveri

    And now Soraka top is a thing

  • Makar GMZP
    Makar GMZP

    Is it the mic, or is it his voice that changed?

  • Gerson C. dos S. Netto
    Gerson C. dos S. Netto

    the real need a 2020 update, top lane impact lul

  • Ryan Slattery
    Ryan Slattery

    Is that runescape music i hear?

  • HSC9000

    Who's watching in 2020 after the new patches and comparing the differences back in 2018??

  • VictoorStaHursky

    i miss seson 5 hecarim top :((

  • TheRileyss

    Wriggle's Lantern was also huge for lane sustain back in the day.

    • burglemy Head
      burglemy Head

      This on olaf top free ward to go agro with rip

  • Shukijo

    Why'd you end your video about top lane by talking about mid?

  • Katen Kyokotsu
    Katen Kyokotsu

    0:37 in my games, its more of a yasuo vs yasuo game AHAHHA

  • Ezyrem

    Ahh yes... I remember it... Those were the days Yasuo didn't exist

  • DelvunShadowheart

    bring back to top lane ap sona plox.

  • Jokul Haupz
    Jokul Haupz

    i know atmogs was broken af, but it made season 2 fun to watch

  • Michael Thomas
    Michael Thomas

    Now- Top lane? What's that.

  • complainer

    Loved the runescape songs lol

  • Mister KnowHow
    Mister KnowHow

    Top laners are by far the most toxic in lower skill brackets. They also are the least likely to group for objs despite having teleport. Too much ego.

  • Jake Stewart
    Jake Stewart

    No one going to mention the fable music in the video lol

  • Andres Perez
    Andres Perez

    Bring back Atmas!

  • Franzores

    This video started with hashinshin so you know it's gonna be good ..

  • Ace Granby
    Ace Granby

    So much respect for the Runescape music

  • Myldias

    Tanks shouldn't deal dmg

  • Ornn

    hashinshin complaining about the game while abusing aatrox and jax

    • Thomas The Tank Engine
      Thomas The Tank Engine

      Drunk Ornn

  • Every Man
    Every Man

    back then, i used to main garen top with warmogs now, i'm mainly support top scares and gives me nostalgia

  • Temporium


  • sdfg512

    Loved the runescape music lol

  • blabla truc
    blabla truc

    Does someone remember AP Yi Top

  • bash1

    Where is the history of the jungle?

  • Kronos

    8:24 Please what's the name of the song? GREAT VIDEO

  • MMM

    I miss Top Lissandra

  • Amber's Hangout
    Amber's Hangout

    Sion Atmogs I miss it so much, Atma’s impaler 4 phantom dancer and warmogs 1vs5 with ulti

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