The First Ever Tank META In League of Legends History | Force of Nature Item History BETA - SEASON 3
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Today, let's talk about one of the most overpowered items to ever exist in league of legends. This item broke the balance of the game, broke the patch notes, and broke op champs into being impossible for league of legends to balance. Many low elo players could win with these champions and tanks such as Dr Mundo Singed and Shen were the perfect top laners for climbing and showed how to climb in low elo. Let's talk about Force of Nature, otherwise known as Two Spatulas on TFT.
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U.GG for Mundo Top Lane Runes And Build on U.GG
U.GG for Shen Top Lane Runes And Build on U.GG
U.GG for Singed Top Lane Runes And Build on U.GG

Patch 9.16 on the PBE on surrender at 20
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    • Kamikaze Ursu
      Kamikaze Ursu ;)

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      James FireEater

      Did go down? I can't get in, it keeps saying access denied, and yes i understand that they changed to ikon

    • Dominik Mišo
      Dominik Mišo

      Man, your choice of music in this video is G.O.D.L.I.K.E.

    • Clone149

      @Zed Shadow how though?

    • Rikatan

      If this "free skins" nonsense works, it would be the first time in internet history, lmao.

  • A.R.Genix 01
    A.R.Genix 01

    7 years later , force of nature is back

  • Gufo280 Ita
    Gufo280 Ita

    Oh look, now we have the same problem, but you take sunfire and force of nature

  • Lucas Cusanelli
    Lucas Cusanelli

    And it’s back baby

  • SsButerbal


  • Diddy Melone
    Diddy Melone

    Guess whos back!! xD fon ftw

  • Arseniy Polezhaka
    Arseniy Polezhaka

    11:52 chances of force of being added back into the are basicly zero. Say hello to season 11

  • Souls Food
    Souls Food

    You young whipper snappers dun know what a full tank team loooks like on s3 Mundo rush warmogs lvl 6 can tower dive two towers at the same fucking time bois I miss meta mundo T.T i miss him to be played

  • Abgie

    Chances of Coming back is nearly 0? And Now it will come back. Funny to see it in Preseason 11

  • rip june
    rip june

    fuck your ads

  • Dradonie

    Meanwhile in Season 11 Everyone: I have tought you died Force of Nature: I did....But I lived

  • Howling Dawn
    Howling Dawn

    What is the name of the song that starts at 3.53

  • Elton John Tubola
    Elton John Tubola

    And its back. Sad that its not Mythic but still happy its back.

  • Benamor Ahmed
    Benamor Ahmed

    hey guess what

  • ultratog1028

    "Basically 0 chance of being readded" *Laughs in preseason 11*

  • Mono_MoonHo

    And then season 11 happened and force of nature came back

  • Marko Vojnic
    Marko Vojnic


  • David Urban
    David Urban

    Exil: "The chances of force of nature being put back into the game are basically zero." Season 11: "allow me to introduce myself"

    • NightSky Games
      NightSky Games

      It's not the same item with high hp reg, just another bad mr item

    • frozen-shotgun

      Thats wath i was thinking xd

  • Random Random
    Random Random

    Warmog, bulwark, FON, sunfire cape, thorn mail = GG

  • Eden Holsapple
    Eden Holsapple

    Welcome back Force of nature. Welcome to Ionia

  • Akashi kuro
    Akashi kuro

    basically 0 chances of coming back, flew out of the window now. its back.


    I'm here from future to say that Force of Nature is back on the menus

  • Abdalaziz Alkhames
    Abdalaziz Alkhames

    It is back bro

  • Стефан Марсенић
    Стефан Марсенић

    Lmao force is back in the game this preseason

  • newworde

    Update for preseson Force of nature is back

  • Elijah Guillory
    Elijah Guillory

    Exil : Says force of nature is never coming back Riot: so theoretically what if we brought back force of nature

  • Juan Palomo
    Juan Palomo

    Unforgotten HALO 2... all the fucking goosebumps at once. I cant focus on the damn video. Time to go binge on halo osts again!

  • Holy Doggo
    Holy Doggo

    it does not have to be the same item but i think many veterans and avid fans would like to see it return in one way or another

  • Mercman1010

    I cant even take your joke at the end as a joke. Conqueror is a plague. Its like yuumi in rune form.

  • Kadasya

    I saw Force of Nature at SR in Pre-Season 11 item overhaul costing at 2,9k gold and other old items came back.

  • dino nuggets
    dino nuggets

    Tank meta is the reason that vayne exists and I fucking hate that champ

  • Romeu sabroso
    Romeu sabroso

    Someone said Force of Nature was op finally!!!

  • Cameron Smiljan
    Cameron Smiljan

    Building a Warmog's on Kog'Maw back in season 4 was actually how I got my first penta in the game haha

  • Jonas Kircher
    Jonas Kircher

    Nobody wants tanks to be overpowering but currently full tanks feel very underwhelming, just like last whisper feels underwhelming. If you don't need the healing debuff, you basically don't want to build it, an extra zeal item or bork will give you more utility and nearly the same, if not more damage depending on the enemy team. I hope we can get back to a healthier game state because ever since conqueror came out a full tank top is a very niche pick. As soon as a fighter has black cleaver you will never kill them but they win any trade, putting extreme pressure on the tank player to win lots of early teamfights because you will never be able to match sidelanea.

  • KHfan0011

    Long story short, Riot added Unique Passives. Also this conveniently forgets to mention double Rabadon's meta or Bloodthirster stack. It wasn't just Warmog and Cleaver that were bad. They may have been the worst, but there were SEVERAL reasons why Unique Passive became a thing.

  • JayBluePie

    Oblivion backround music caught me off guard

  • Dancho Stoyanov
    Dancho Stoyanov

    who's that streamer at 1:08, he seems familiar but can't remember his name

  • nah

    The Qlub,gg dosnt work for me niether does the website in general

  • Chris Jackson
    Chris Jackson

    Deadwrong. Force of nature was intended to be a direct counter to DFG.

  • fatih burak kaya
    fatih burak kaya

    Lots of people be saying that mr itemss not as good as armor items cuz mages do not have dps. Dudeee there is nashors tooth..

  • Uninvestigated

    halo and skyrim fml

  • Metalpower19

    that song in the begining is from halo 3 OP

  • Metalpower19

    This is by far the only item i miss in league. RIP Man.

  • Tiffany Maryam
    Tiffany Maryam

    Yoooo! I see Anklespankin there at the end :D

  • Nathan Nicholson
    Nathan Nicholson

    Season 6 wasn't even that bad tho like everyone reacted super hyperbolically to the "tank meta".

  • jacob lansman
    jacob lansman

    Ya know what I'd like? Take Null-Magic Mantle, along with maybe a Ruby Crystal or a Rejuvenation Bead. Stuff 4-6 of them into the same new item that ends up with 70MR and like 250 health or 150% Health Regen. We need an item that builds like Warmogs (every item is related to the same stat, in this case Health) but for Magic Resist. We already have such items for Armor and Health (Thornmail, by base items, is 4 parts Armor and 1 part Health and Warmogs is 3 parts Health and 1 part Health Regen). Otherwise, the highest MR you can get on a single item is 60 (excluding Ornn's Masterworks Circlet of the Iron Solari and Infernal Mask, which grant 75MR and 100MR respectively).

  • Art juh
    Art juh

    i do miss force of nature. at this moment the difference of armor tank items to magic resist items is just ridiculus. but same can be said bruiser items vs mage items. mage items are most versatile items group in the game with the least items to counter. Riot is and has been quite bad at balance we have enough examples of it and still people praise them after 10 years slowly degrading the game. season 10 is worse then 9, 9 worse then 8 and so on which is quite sad.

  • scottarn96

    i loved tank meta, best period in league

  • DiscoverOldSongs

    Me: remembering force of nature. Also me : it was removed in 2013?? For how long am i playing this game :o

  • szczecin

    Riot Pls Give it back Make league tanky again!

  • germmanator

    That Halo 3 soundtrack gave tears....

  • Xaius

    The only part of the tank meta I miss is tank khaziks. 5 warmogs and a sunfire cape, no boots needed.

  • LardDude32

    The thing about Force of Nature is that it wasn't just a bundle of stats that didn't work well together. It's a great anti-mage item due to the magic resistance flat reducing the damage you take and the movement speed allowing you to dodge the skillshots they shoot in your direction. I can imagine FoN being great on today's version of Soraka, it's got a lot of stats she wants.

  • Veigab M
    Veigab M

    I remember FoN and HoG on Mundo and that was OP

  • Francesco.Morricone

    Oh I 'member

  • //Algoma //
    //Algoma //

    Can we not buff conqueror? My mages get enough shit on the face from likes of yasuo and cassio already XD

  • Spiral Il Draco
    Spiral Il Draco

    i member

  • mug-o-tea

    rn force of nature or other good mr items wuled be really good, to stop mages from dominating

  • apenas um nome de canal
    apenas um nome de canal

    Make everyone happy and turn Riven into a tank

  • YumYumShrimps EiEi
    YumYumShrimps EiEi

    this sky

  • Alry FireBlade
    Alry FireBlade

    lol AD Assassins were Troll Picks in Season 6? xD That was the Season I carried me out of Silver into Gold with Assassin talon Midlane :D

  • TheNociicoN

    I hope tank meta comes back i want to see more 5 minute teamfights i had a blast in season 6 best time of my gamer life why is there no love for tanks?

  • Wesley D
    Wesley D

    As someone who played the game during those early years (2010-2013), and especially as someone who tended to play tanky supports or top laners, it was really nuts to become the most valuable and damaging member of the team just by virtue of being able to walk into the middle of the enemy team and come out the other end with a decent chunk of health left.

  • MasterXG

    Most OP Tank build: Spirit Visage, Warmogs, Thornmail, Force of Nature. Now if Force of Nature would still be around, than combined with boots and Dead Man's Plate, wou would wear 5 vest together!

  • xPredator Godx
    xPredator Godx

    as someone who really loves playing tanks, i do miss tank meta's i loved front to back team fighting in pro games and just love being this tanky little meatball in the middle of the enemy team

  • Chris Palau
    Chris Palau

    loving the halo 3 music

  • Noah Park
    Noah Park

    Now tanks melt from buffed botrk unless you're ornn but I still probably gonna die

  • Simpy po
    Simpy po


  • David Folsom
    David Folsom

    no such thing as a tank meta really, it's an ADC meta. It's always 'can we build something that stops us from being dumpstered by ADC?'

  • Daulton Coker
    Daulton Coker


  • Frosted Beats
    Frosted Beats

    The Skyrim - Street of Whiterun on the item intro made me sad ;w; not in a bad way.

  • Sava Kirilov
    Sava Kirilov

    Nostalgia hit ne in the face It was broken but it was fun too

  • Robbe

    FoN is probably going to comeback next summer for the Nexus Blitz... Be prepared for hell inside of that gamemode

  • John Ligon
    John Ligon

    The Halo music at the start!

  • Ole Morten Lund
    Ole Morten Lund

    omg force of nature on old maokai ^^ good times XD

  • HanbeiTakenakaSama

    I miss this item. No Triforce build Nasus with Bulwark-Locket-FoN was my thing, he'd be insanely tanky and almost unkillable, while still doing decent damage.

  • molycane

    going to say it before i watch this video i loved Force of nature.

  • Duran Sok
    Duran Sok

    I want FoN. Mainly because of the MR. There is no good MR item today. Imagine building adaptive or abyssal with no Mana or magic damage. Imagine building spirit with no health regen/heal. Imagine building Wits with no AS or MR reduction. Building locket as a solo top does not feel good mate

  • ThatShaunGuy

    I loved the Tank Meta :)

  • Dayton Koch
    Dayton Koch

    Great video had craziest nostalgia kick, halo & oblivion music while talking about old league

  • zero_ham

    i cant even go to the website for it denies access

  • R.I.P Chau
    R.I.P Chau


  • Marco Franck
    Marco Franck

    This was video was like 25% of Force of nature, the rest was just stuff you already talked about in your other videos, like warmongs brutalizer etc.


    And you just cant use oblivion ost on lol video 3:54 xd


    2:46 hey bro you just cant use skyrim ost on LoL video thats illegal

  • VoidKeeper

    meta golem OP

  • Npc #117
    Npc #117

    I actually enjoyed playing top when force of nature was around.

  • Bqrd UHC
    Bqrd UHC

    I legit started playing league in season 9 as a mundo singed 2 trick God why didnt I play when this was in the game

  • A. A
    A. A

    Loving the Skyrim music, unexpected but a welcome one

  • k j
    k j

    Ah the old days of 2 warmogs and atmas impaler on any bruiser tanks (garen and jarvan)

  • William Angell
    William Angell

    You really need to stop using marty's halo music on top of these league videos.

  • Erik Sanchez
    Erik Sanchez

    I forgot about FoN I miss the item sooooo much!! It bring back so many memories.

  • MrEnds

    hekin riven players

  • Ken Richards
    Ken Richards

    I started league maining AD/tank chogath summoners: Ignite/fury skill start: E core build: FoN Atma's impaler Warmogs You now have 4k health and auto for 180 ad and get free first blood by hiding in a bush lv 1.

  • Attack on Zombiez
    Attack on Zombiez

    Warmogs is broken on tenks

  • kev lee
    kev lee

    Force of nature, one of the greatest item ever.

  • Guitarmaster7272

    Did this dude just say buff Riven? What are you crazy? That's like saying buff Yasuo, Vayne, or Irelia. It's just a bad idea lmao.

  • Efe’s Stuff
    Efe’s Stuff

    Buff riven? i know an otp aatrox streamer that wont like this idea at all.

  • Dario Di Donato
    Dario Di Donato

    i played lol in 2009 - 2014.... why is singed Q poison green an not purple. it is realy hard to see on the map.... it could be the point, but i think clarity is always a better gameplay key

  • chompchain06

    bring back leviathan

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