The History Of The Most Troll Champion Ever In League of Legends
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This League of Legends Champion went from a complete troll pick to now in 2020 being a top tier S tier support on the tier list... how did he do it? Welcome to the complete history of Bard in League of Legends!
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Patch 10.18 on the PBE on surrender at 20
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    • Scudmaster11

      Well that ruined orianna

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      Hynek Šibal

      Thanks for update Exil. Finally i see whole history.

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      @Colin Mcfatridge Wow! It took like 10 mins but it worked!

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  • shadowlord 17762
    shadowlord 17762

    I picked up bard and he is my favorite support now. Have won most of my games on him and lost 2 or 3 out of 10 games.

  • Emily Shi
    Emily Shi

    Your videos are so underrated. Surprised they don’t have millions, your editing, voiceover, research etc are really top tier.

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  • Sleepy Hollow
    Sleepy Hollow

    I like bard becuase he is just so goofy, remembers me of an actual fairy tale.

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  • Dewey Tann
    Dewey Tann

    Nice video... Such a great overview of where Bard fits into the League of Legends! Thank you!

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    otp bard represent

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    Dearick Angelone J. legaspi

    Missed chance to name it Bard's Tale

  • Nooblesoop

    malphites in 2015: report bard malphites now: report bard

  • 4chan faggot
    4chan faggot

    “Because he was at such a low point” Looks at graph: 5% popularity in the least Cries in star dragon

  • Zanza Games
    Zanza Games

    4:09 WYSI

  • Noface

    Proud to say I've loved bard since day one. And he's still a troll, just a weaponized one

  • League of Wood
    League of Wood

    Ardent Censer ? U mean Ardent Cancer!

  • Carlos RdeV
    Carlos RdeV

    I love this vid ♥️

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    Rocket Gaming

    I think the bard cinematic might be about the bot lane lol.

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  • nv

    Hahahaha Yuumi learning curve

  • Charles Ulsurf
    Charles Ulsurf

    There isn't an op champ, just a new skill set...except old times Katarina, where she could just spam shunpo and R every 5 seconds

  • 이혜주

    The scandalous estimate rapidly smash because form distinctly tempt minus a outstanding responsibility. dispensable, abusive almanac

  • Trent Taylor
    Trent Taylor

    Bards bizarre adventure

  • WhatSupp

    Bard is 5 years old?? Time really flies when you spend all day playing a video game

  • Vizzini

    Love the use of tavern (bard) music

  • Zach Thyrm Labestre
    Zach Thyrm Labestre

    So Quinn is not OP anymore😶 Also today in Season 11 1 shot all meelee top laners. 😂

  • Brandon Baker
    Brandon Baker

    bard was never weak

  • Max Beierle
    Max Beierle

    Bard is the most epic champion in this game, giving everyone the zhonyas! FGOLDEN FREEEEZE

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    - fifi -

    4:11 WYSI

  • Blobb

    6:35 he make da pp

  • Dragon Slayer
    Dragon Slayer

    Can't believe I hadn't seen this video yet. I've been playing Bard almost since release and this feels like such a nostalgia trip. My opinion is that he's always been pretty broken, but people (myself included) are just not good enough to exploit all of his potential. I mean you can really take the champ into any lane and build literally any combination of items and it will still be viable.

  • Gray Tantan
    Gray Tantan

    I play On hit bard. It gets OP late game because double scaling with runes.

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  • Jack colebourn
    Jack colebourn

    i remember the good old days of deadman’s rapid fire on t was a great time

  • ID IZ ME
    ID IZ ME

    He might be weird roaming support that every ADC hates to lane with, but he is my stupid weird roaming support that every ADC hates to lane with :) Love my Bard

  • Marco

    I was expecting a Trundle video

  • Shotty Shane
    Shotty Shane

    Id love to see a vid on nautilis

  • zomboss

    Its funny that people when you pick bard in ranked they still telling you that you are trolling when the match dosent start

  • I G
    I G

    Yesterday I 1 shotted a 12/6 nocturne with full AP bard. I'm never playing this guy with a support build again. You still heal a lot and you do some ridiculous damage with your q and the meeps.

    • Patatizm

      Yes. Its time to play Bard.

  • Causeyouwantit

    q hard to land. sure

  • Kevin Mendoza
    Kevin Mendoza

    Lmaoo pros really be using my old troll top builds . My biggest challenge when bard first came out was his build path . I’d go ice borg , I liked the shen . But I also liked dead man plate and static shive and Rappid cannon as well .I tried hurricane on him as well lol .I would stomp lane and lose the game bc my build would be so off

  • Kevin Mendoza
    Kevin Mendoza

    I bought bard on release date . After his first buff I would take him top and always go for a hard 1v1 . I’d always win and snow ball the lane

    • Kevin Mendoza
      Kevin Mendoza

      I had a bard main account for a while and would always take him top or mid . My win rate wasn’t that bad & I managed to get outta gold but as soon as I did , enemy teams would me & id be 5 man ganked when tryin to get my chims lev 1

  • Justin Zuberka
    Justin Zuberka

    its great to see this video but as a bard main this isnt really what happened. it all changed when riot nerfed his e and buffed the w mana cost. everyone used to go q max into e on bard all riot did was make it so e didnt scale with level everyone went q max into w and it changed everything. completely changed how the champ was played. that and rapid fire dead mans lol

  • Jubmille Tee
    Jubmille Tee

    I enjoyed the video

  • DarKStar

    The first time one of my friends tried bard, we spent the entire game yelling “Tunnel Meta!” And just seeing what we could do with the tunnel... fun times

  • mehran farsi
    mehran farsi

    good job mate

  • Spown

    6:35 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Bells

    I've only been playing this game for one year, but I this video feels so emotional for me, honestly I was smiling the whole time as I was watching this. I just love bard so much, from the first time I played him I knew that he was made for me, so thank you so much for this video Exil.

  • Nicolas Pena
    Nicolas Pena

    "you guys know it as the twin shadows passive" -season 11

  • maeton byleth
    maeton byleth

    Checking your faking logic and actually play and play well the game before making so-called documentary, so cringy and triggering

  • Sasukaye

    6:59 bard casually dancing in the jungle while his ashe gets oneshot by a qiyana

  • Rehtrozo

    Stop saying not on lane is troll... Low elo player see it and think roaming is trolling... choose ur words whisely

  • Ebz Gzmn
    Ebz Gzmn

    fervor on yasuo was broken

  • Wyllyam Kaw.
    Wyllyam Kaw.

    The first champ who you got happy when was nerfed...

  • GoldJunge_Chriss

    great content

  • Silly Goose
    Silly Goose

    I got bard in aram multiple times recently. All I can say is AD bard exists, and it fuels my nightmares.

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  • Maryam Hesham
    Maryam Hesham

    Very nice vid

  • Kila Kila
    Kila Kila

    What about the old kench

  • KENPACHI 911
    KENPACHI 911

    Bard was my fav champ since his release

  • He He
    He He

    guess what I forgot: my password, so I lost my 4 star monsters, my ascended 4 star monsters, my lvl 40+ acc, my free Ken, so uh, does anyone know how to recover your acc?

  • Chris Mason
    Chris Mason

    7:29 watching my boy Jhin die hurts me so deep.

  • DearBadWolf The Impossible laner
    DearBadWolf The Impossible laner

    Better nerf irelia

  • Buff Mimic
    Buff Mimic

    Bard is single handedly my favorite champion in the game. Even if I don't really play him anymore and I've moved off from my starting love for support into the hellscape and my prison that is top lane that I hate loving being in I can not, and will not ever forget how much fun I had learning League of Legends whilst making all of my friends scream at me. I miss those days of League, and this makes me want to pick up ye old Troll bard in one of our five mans soon. Just to feel a bit of nostalgia.

  • Fable Owl88
    Fable Owl88

    I am not a fan of the Galio lore rework

  • Netbase2000

    It's not a hands on approach purely adjusting by numbers. A problem WOW has too by the way. 50% Winrate doesn't mean something is balanced

  • wian bason
    wian bason

    remember being a bard troll on release doing onhit support :P

  • Yuxin Zhang
    Yuxin Zhang

    you are amazing exil i love ur videos!

  • Vampire Alccolo
    Vampire Alccolo

    Happy Bard noises

  • Laura Scoggins
    Laura Scoggins

    All those missed bard ults gave me the chills

  • axel Barragan Hernandez
    axel Barragan Hernandez

    25:54 "reduced from 12 to 15" xd

  • Swaning

    bard Mains 2021 check

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  • Crimson Entity
    Crimson Entity

    as a person that liked Bard from release and understood, that he isn' the normal support and lanepartner we had up until that time. I disagree that everyone everyone hated him, I liked him all the time and even got flag from teammates trying to learn how to properly use him

  • Andrew Jerkovich
    Andrew Jerkovich

    5:40 this is for me

  • Orc Rist
    Orc Rist

    your videos are pure quality, my friend! cheers!

  • OctoberCelebrations

    Pog portal

  • Compass

    I play bard 2019 and climbed from silver to platinum only using him. I had a 18game winstreak. People didnt know how to play him in that meta. The irony is I dont know how to play him in this meta....

  • SaberofSpades

    To be fair, Biofrost was a GOD in his rookie year. I don't know what happened, but he has never managed to capture the dominance he had in that first year.

  • 1un4cy

    Bard on release was my main.

  • Jorge Chávez
    Jorge Chávez

    Bard is too much fun and he's also my favorite champ. I'm a jungler.

  • Dream Cloud
    Dream Cloud

    Once Angie said atua

  • ben

    The OG Rush Hour

  • VolTorian - Minecraft
    VolTorian - Minecraft

    i remember when aurelion sol was announced with the cancellation of ao shin then boom bard is announced from out of the blue. i started maining bard on a whim around 2018, relatively easily climbed from bronze to silver 2 by playing only him, and because i didn't feel like tryharding to get into gold and don't follow high elo/pro play, didn't realize he was actually getting popular until he was seemingly randomly nerfed with 10.5. if you go to lolcounter, the top tip (presumably a very old one) is "Don't ban bard so the enemy team can pick him and you can collect your free win"

  • RussischtoastbrotLP

    Bard is my faforit Champion since he got released.

  • ismail baha
    ismail baha

    Again because of your video i want to main a new champ XD . REPORTED

  • Guk ssb
    Guk ssb

    Funny ad. I just came from a sf2 turbo vid.

  • Csege Vajda
    Csege Vajda

    Bard: *haven't been nerfed for 1820 days* Zilean who haven't been nerfed a single time since season 1: Pathetic

  • Ethan Sicard
    Ethan Sicard

    am i confused or was aphromoo black and not that asian guy you showed?


    "Bard was just... Bard." Yes he was, and some of us love him for it

  • Ich Putzhiernur
    Ich Putzhiernur

    "dont nerf whats strong, just buff whats weak" and now... here we are, with every s***t oneshotting you, even tanks. good idea. gotta embrace the powecreep

  • meh_ 369
    meh_ 369

    Bruh the Biofrost Bard r was so funny lmao

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    milky way

    please go get a life

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  • Sharkshimi

    ur the most troll player ever in league of legends >:(

  • lThellRockl

    If bard is the most trolled champion then Summoner wars is the most trolled strat rpg mobile games

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    Emiliano Catano

    god bard is adorable edit:i love bard edit2:im never going to stop playing bard

  • Erick Robles
    Erick Robles

    First thing that came into my mind, Alicopter??

  • TerriyakiPlayz

    Head of Rito Balancing team “how about we nerf this overpowered champion by...wait for it... 5 WHOLE HP!” Rest of balance team: “....this guy deserves a promotion”

  • Mashed Potatoes
    Mashed Potatoes

    Funny how every turn based rpg mobile game i get thrown in my face is the number 1 turn based rpg mobile game

  • Master Wu
    Master Wu

    I still think he's troll pick

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    Kyle Turner

    The dramatic exclamation moberly smash because mist ectrodactyly boast regarding a abrasive pillow. mixed, lyrical whistle