The History Of The Most Troll Champion Ever In League of Legends
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This League of Legends Champion went from a complete troll pick to now in 2020 being a top tier S tier support on the tier list... how did he do it? Welcome to the complete history of Bard in League of Legends!
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Patch 10.18 on the PBE on surrender at 20
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  • Exil

    Because of how much time I put into these videos they take quite a while to make... so I am sorry to keep you guys waiting. However, to stay updated with me and to reach out to me the best way to do that is through my discord I am extremely active in there! So consider joining! Thanks :)

    • Tropin

      hi Exil, at 25:53 of the video you mispeak and say his damage was reduced from 12 to 15 damage, just a headsup. Excellent video man, I watched the whole thing, last time i played bard was at his release and he was the uber troll pick, but was actually playable if you built properly and used your journey skill correctly as an engage for your team. He also was used to mess up enemy dragons, barons or to stall objectives. But yes I remember how bad he was at the start, he just didn't have enough damage or healing, and his shrine mana costs were too high, and his meeps were kind of meh.

    • BottleCapOG

      I'm sure you've already decided who you're doing next and maybe even started on it (or a few) but i'd really love to see Xerath sometime soon, the scripter history combined with his absolute lack of updates for years on end (almost 6 years without a skin) are good starting talking points for a champion history video. :)

    • Holy_Pie

      @Exil Watching some old videos, i rly wanna watch a video about History of THE map. So many cool changes every year, why Riot do what they did etc. Ty Exil if you’ll watch this comment!

    • D L
      D L

      let me clap cheeks Exil

    • potterinhe11

      @Exil I believe you are the right person to tackle the problem of widespread toxicity and general finger pointing perspectives that are far and above too easily adoptable, and the severely under achieving means that both the player base and Riot games have taken action against the outlying members of our community who bring down not only the experience of playing, they tarnish the reputation of the game's community by being enabled to stand out above the rest. This is a topic that cannot be avoided if we are to see real change come to a vastly beloved video game.

  • Samantha Davis
    Samantha Davis

    hehe i would love to see a yuumi video as a yuumi main :3

  • WhchOneIsMe

    Really awesome video but I feel like more emphasis could have been given to when they increased the number of Meeps you could have. Bard players knew there was going to be an upswing on that patch it just took a little bit. Also I like pointing out that Bard was the first support assassin when you built him AP. No ADC in their right mind would 1v1 a Bard who was equal to them or fed.

  • nekohido251

    Maines him since release, best boi

  • Stronghold

    9:10 good old time, when lol champs actually had decent development


    Bard is godly, the first time I played him i somehow got an S+ tier

  • Dante Gomez Basualdo
    Dante Gomez Basualdo

    So I reached M7 on Bard as soon as it was possible to. Maybe because I'm a gold player and min-maxing lanes is not really a thing. But man do I love the potential. On the thunderlord meta, you were just owning the lane, proccing it on cooldown only to push till turret and roam for chimes/ganks. Damn I like this champ, 12/10 would still main him now.

  • Rabble Rabble
    Rabble Rabble

    I miss playing Bard when he sucked because I got to be the bard that my teams hates unt the realized I actually knew how to play bard. I just have an affinity for the goofy champs.

  • Micky Bass
    Micky Bass

    All should know that Biofrost in his rookie time was a fckn BEAST working with doublelift. TSM has NEVER been so strong than as they have benn with that roaster back then

  • Trung Le
    Trung Le

    Taric is dead in season 11

  • Varly_01

    As a bard main since his release, its good to see him getting some spotlight

  • Sswwaaggyy Zadar
    Sswwaaggyy Zadar

    Copy version of Raid Shadow Legend which I hate 😂

  • Nathan Cochran
    Nathan Cochran

    I love bard, his kit, lore, skins, and general feel have always been enjoyable for me. Plus, he feels like a support should, helping others excel and being a huge disruption to the enemy team if played right.

  • Majcry

    Ive been wanting to, for some unknown reason try out bard for some time now, about a month or two, but I couldnt cause I didnt have enough blue essence. He just seems like such a unique champ what would be really fun to play, so hopefully I can get him soon


    Bard ult, like anivia wall, are majorly ripe-for-troll abilities. There are very few troll abilities: alistar, trundle...Most likely reason for OP champs are avoidance of this types of abilities. Actually they anti-toll by adding Pyke-like ult abilities to their kits.

  • Peace Unreal
    Peace Unreal

    If everything is op then nothing is op best balancing ever

  • Riley Leo
    Riley Leo

    Was with him from the start. A truely magical journey

  • Dhan Tamber
    Dhan Tamber

    I'd love to see a video on Rakan :D

  • JuPoo

    my friends hate when i go bard c: (MR6)

  • Roden Diezmo
    Roden Diezmo


  • Eavan Fiontann
    Eavan Fiontann


  • RAVRICK Nation
    RAVRICK Nation

    whats funny is i started maining him as a joke 3 month ago, 3 months ago i returned project warwick for snow day bard not because hes good hes fun whats annoying is he is fine now and i dont want him nerfed then i this great video thanks for helping me learn about my main

  • ileiad

    I don't see how Bard was bad back then. I just built him as an AD carry and did very good at it.

  • Silver 115
    Silver 115

    This video is pretty high in it's quality 👌

  • Potato Dood
    Potato Dood

    Damn, I miss Magicarpusedfly's Actual Champion Spotlight

  • pedroboi i
    pedroboi i

    "Yuumi have a big learning curve" Nice one.

  • AD S
    AD S

    i played bard when he first came out i remember how trash he was lol

  • Abbachios boobs
    Abbachios boobs

    I hope they release this on wildrift

  • Thine Thine
    Thine Thine

    bard is my fav support❤

  • YukikoEx

    Bard was never bad tho :o his chime spawns are annoying but he has always been strong

  • Sal

    Me, a new player interested in the history of the game. Perfect

  • Gercho-San Andrade
    Gercho-San Andrade

    Bard main here. I loved the champion from day one, I bought it on day one and he's always been my preferred pick for ranked. .. I have a rule, never use your ultimate to save people unless you're ABSOLUTELY sure you'll do it right, because most of the time you'll just end up just screwing it up. You're better using it to set up fights. Don't use Bard just because a pro is using him, use Bard because you love him. I'm afraid they're gonna change him because people don't use him as much and I'll lose my favorite champion.

  • SirWinterFox Gaming
    SirWinterFox Gaming

    i just like bard cause hes a nice and wholesome champ in a world filled with undead demons and crazy ice ladies :p

  • ximbabwe0228

    6:33 nice

  • emman solis
    emman solis

    this was such a well structured video

  • Fernando Vasquez
    Fernando Vasquez

    4:33 We all know he is still a really troll champion and will always be that way. Not that's not effective but really troll both for the opponent, allies and even himself.

  • Gungis Grand
    Gungis Grand

    I bet those guys who mained Bard on launch are laughing their asses off rn

  • Neil Rischl
    Neil Rischl

    Dude your production quality is amazing!!!

  • Alejandro Pérez García
    Alejandro Pérez García

    Bard mid with lich’s bane 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Lukusa Kazadi-Christian
    Lukusa Kazadi-Christian

    Hey, I realy enjoyed the video

  • mrLEEMY

    We need a thresh story, think he deserves one considering how much he have changed the support

  • NotTipp

    Pyke: *gets released* Bard: PANIK! Pyke: *gets picked as an assassin mid laner* Bard: Kalm * Bard remembers that he doesn't even stay in botlane * Bard: PANIK! Pyke: *gets nerfed as midlaner and goes back to botlane * Bard: Kalm * Bard remembers that despite not staying, he still sometimes be there * Bard: PANIK! * Bard remembers he can ban * Bard: Kalm

  • Chereb Va Esh
    Chereb Va Esh

    I kinda want to play league again just to main Bard again

  • Caio C
    Caio C

    Hey you enjoyed the video

  • August Calderon
    August Calderon

    i feel happy watching this as a bard main back in 2013 before i quit league

  • Aezin Draenei
    Aezin Draenei

    Bard has always been good, people were just shit and played him wrong.

  • SomeGuyDraws TM
    SomeGuyDraws TM

    Bruh I love bard so much and I don’t even know why, help me

  • Mason Copic
    Mason Copic

    i enjoyed the video

  • Stipe Muchacho
    Stipe Muchacho

    As a main support i've played him all the time .... One of the most fun to play champ. I am not playinf LoL for a few yrs now.

  • Rami Rez
    Rami Rez

    Not noob friendly,

  • J KW
    J KW

    Main sup, since s2, bard lover - top 3 champ. building rapid fire deads mans almost since items released... :) Also tried TankGana in s7 - tank items with slows actives... literaly could have immobilized a champion for good 15sec from far far away thanks to ghost active.

  • Golden Memes
    Golden Memes

    Nashors , rapidfire rageblade gun 26:43

  • Lucas Pacheco
    Lucas Pacheco

    as a mono bard player i praise this video


    bro im a dota player and i said let me try leagues and bard was my favourite. i was really good at him landing his stuns

  • Razgriz Straitz
    Razgriz Straitz

    *Ya'll sleeping on Zilean. League has sucked ass since 2015. it's community was always on it's way to toxic no life central, with their super PC communist company Riot sitting on top worshiping Chian and banning everyone for saying anything more than 3 sentences in a game. While afkers always got away with it.*

  • Malthe Schnack
    Malthe Schnack

    When you've been a bard main since 2015, but you can't tell people, or they will hunt you down...

  • pierre117

    0:52 to skip ad

  • Kaleb Davis
    Kaleb Davis

    Showing a picture of the Galio rework and then saying not everything riot does is gold is so on the nose it hurts. (Give me the older, better Galio back.)

  • 星風アメHoshikaze Ame
    星風アメHoshikaze Ame

    Can't wait for bard to be released in WR

  • ayrin

    im still waiting for aurelion buffs

  • WinnesotaMild KEKW
    WinnesotaMild KEKW

    yay a comment

  • skullchimes

    I've always loved Bard, he's a big adorable dude. He's like a smaller size Hagrid to me :)

  • Juliusz Sedzikowski
    Juliusz Sedzikowski

    25:54 So they reduced his damage by increasing it? Sounds about right for Riot

  • JM

    Been playing Bard since his day one. I knew you would make it to competitive my boi I'm so proud of you T.T

  • Zazizuzezo

    Bard has the best voice over dialogue.

  • Thanh Thanh
    Thanh Thanh

    bard is so OP in world now.

  • David Maksl
    David Maksl

    boop. beep. meep. =)

  • HipsThor

    Try Bard tank if you get him in ARAM, he has 20% incomming dmg reduction.

  • Dakota

    his time to chime... i see u

  • screeechbud

    5:24 dom saying gaming words xd

  • An0nymous_L0gic

    my man killin the content

  • Kavai Animu
    Kavai Animu

    On 25:55 you made a naration mistake... This video is literally unwatchable...

  • P0RC41 Music
    P0RC41 Music

    you do the only 30 minutes videos i luv 2 watch fully

  • Wilbert August
    Wilbert August

    lol he was my first M7 champion when i was a junior in high school so 2016 lmfao

  • Giocommentary

    5:17 you just gave me PTSD flashbacks from something that was so far locked in my brain its a miracle i can even remember XD dayuum.. thats so long ago and yeah so tilting..

  • Si2Si2Si3

    i love playing bard because i love the noise it makes when i get the little bells

  • Si2Si2Si3

    i love bard

  • James

    1:29 the world most unnecessary rework that should have been a new champion outright, also known as aatrox

  • Orthane

    Release Bard and release Zoe are both nightmares for their own reasons.

  • Derek Condo
    Derek Condo

    I’ve been a bard main since he was released and still to this day people give me grief for it...then I win the game with a clutch ult and still get zero honors.

  • W Q
    W Q

    17:43 I remember 9/10 players in the game running thunderlords with maybe a master yi going fervor

  • Gabriel Lopes
    Gabriel Lopes

    His time to "chime". Good one, lol

  • ScarletSpiderDave

    This is crap. Bard had "Bard syndrome". Yuumi had Bard syndrome. That's not just a learning curve for how to play them, it's how everyone else learns to play WITH them. Takes forever for people to figure out that he's good, then a good while after that to figure out if he needs a buff or nerf, but you still try and frame this video about how Bard was a troll pick and got better. The people who don't bother to learn a champ they're playing with or against are the trolls.

  • Bqwhatever

    "Also became the very first player to win with Bard" I know what you meant, but it sounds like no one ever won with Bard until a playoff match 15:15

  • Grounded

    I love the one where you cut it off as he’s yelling “FFFUUUC-“

  • death king
    death king


  • apdroid geek
    apdroid geek

    One thing i learned from bard is that, save your ult until you really need it no one is forcing you to use it, bards ult is so powerful that not using it is far better than misusing it. Dont get tempted just because you see your ult is active no one is gonna blame u for not using it.

  • Darxky

    Loved the video !!

  • eagfadfa sfsdgsgsg
    eagfadfa sfsdgsgsg

    Teemo is the most troll pick!

  • Buddery

    at 10:50 , it looks like a nebula in the shape of Alistar's head, maybe giving a little easter egg about Bard's development

  • Worgmania Shenanigans
    Worgmania Shenanigans


  • Verysour

    Bard is so op

  • Taffer

    I used to play alot when Bard was released and I loved the fact that he had a stigma of "Troll champ" which would automatically give a good Bard player a mental advantage over the enemy. I don't remember exactly when the Mastery system was implemented, but during the time you could only go up to M5 so I remember grinding Bard up to Mastery 5 so that people who thought I was troll picking would at least see that I've played him a decent amount to justify the grueling task of learning him. Nowadays he's top tier and I'm glad, but I don't play him that much, but whenever I get flex picked into support I don't mind picking that cheeky brat and tooting the enemy to the high hells.

  • Corwin Amber
    Corwin Amber

    Meanwhile lissandra and reksai live in design hell because pro players can sometimes use them

  • PlasmoSpasmo

    Bard was never dumpster. People just never knew how to play him.

  • Evan Baker
    Evan Baker

    In those shit days of Bard, it felt REALLY good being known as "that one guys who is actually really good at Bard".

  • Salad Dongs
    Salad Dongs

    loved bard since day 1

  • Samantha Davis
    Samantha Davis

    1:33 C'mon, we've all been him... like, every single time they release a patch. Every. Single. Time.

  • Sr. Rumeniguer
    Sr. Rumeniguer

    From the release day i genually thougth that bardo its the best champ to use for a skillfull player, its so freestile and has so much potencial that for me was always top tier

  • Lazlum

    No champ will stay terrible for ever Mate what is the last time Azir had more than 50 %wr?

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